From this point forward is fantasy.   It is how things could possibly end for the guys.  STOP NOW if you don't care to read it.   Things are subject to change as the story progresses.   We never know what the future holds.

Matt walked in the door of the house.  It was well past 7 pm when he entered and was tired from an exhausting twelve hour day at work.  He always smiled seeing his husband sitting on the couch and waiting for him.

He walked over and to be grabbed by Corey for a nice welcome kiss.

“You look exhausted,” Corey stated.

“I should be,” Matt stated.

“I know the perfect remedy for that.”

“Remember tonight is New Year’s Eve.  I want to keep our tradition of kissing each other and then having crazy mad sex to start the New Year off with a bang,” Matt laughed at his humor.

“All except two years ago when you got so drunk,” Corey laughed.

“Hey it was our first time back with the guys and before my ass knew it I was hammered…”

“Hammered may not be strong enough.”

“Corey, do you miss all the guys?”

“Every day I miss most of them especially Colt.  We were just so tight.   Imagine how you’d be if Kris hadn’t rented that house two doors down.”

“I suppose I’d be crazy… no he would,” Matt said.

“Yeah like that six months Kris didn’t live next to us.  I swear every weekend he’d be in our spare bedroom.”

Matt took off his dress shirt and slacks to find some comfortable clothes.  Corey smiled and loved how lean and muscular Matt had become.  Both watched what they ate regularly but still enjoyed a beer or two or three but only with friends usually.

“Matt, I loved being married.  I never thought I would love it as much as I do,” Corey said with Matt lying against him.

“I love it too but it’s not that much different…”

“I know but… one day we need to start the process of either adoption or artificial insemination,” Corey stated.

“At one time, I wouldn’t be for adoption but what I know now and who we’ve been around, I’m still leaning towards insemination.”

“Either one is okay with me.  We’ll need someone to watch after us when we get old.  I was thinking either sex we could maybe name it… aaaa… Chris with a ‘C’.”

Matt kissed Corey passionately, “I love you so fucking much.”

“I knew you’d like that…” Corey said with a knock.  “Who is it?”

The words were barely out of Corey’s mouth when Kris came walking through the door in his track pants and coat while carrying a 24 pack of beer.

“Bro, the cheap stuff really?” Matt asked after seeing the beer in Kris’s hand.

“Hey, it’ll be like old times when our asses couldn’t afford Bud Light,” Kris laughed and took off his coat to show off his big guns in a tight shirt.  He grabbed three beers and handed them to each one before grabbing his favorite chair.

“Kris, where’s Melissa?” Matt asked, opening the bottle.

“She wasn’t feeling so hot tonight,” Kris said and took a drink.

“Why? Did you finally get her pregnant?” Corey joked.

“Don’t say shit about this but I think she is… fuck I don’t know whether to cry or be happy,” Kris stated.

“Be happy,” Matt said. “You’ve always wanted kids. I just knew you be really excited when that day finally came.”

“I know but am I really ready to be tied down?  Life changes so much Besides we are not even married yet.”

“Matter of fact, Matt and I were just discussing about wanting a kid,” Corey said. “Embrace it.  Hell we’re not kids anymore.”

“I know that,” Kris said.  “I guess when all of us get together we’ll be showing off pictures of our kids and driving mini vans.”

Matt and Corey both laughed.  “Won’t that be funny,” Corey said.

“It will be for damn sure. I’ve already told Melissa’s ass my first boy is Nathan for damn sure and then Corey Scott or Colton Chase after that,” Kris said.  “Damn, we will all have kids one day.”

“We really hope so,” Corey said and pulled Matt close to him.

“Then you can be the coach of all them when they start to grow up.  Speaking of, how’s the job?” Matt asked.

“Great but it could be rough as hell being the offensive coordinator…” Kris replied.

“Bro, you’ll do great,” Matt said. “Last year, you said you were the mastermind of the offense.”

“I guess so,” Kris said. “Why the fuck am I so down?  It’s fucking New Year’s Eve and I know a bunch of fuckers partying.”

“You mean three,” Matt said.

“Oh hell no, Colt is on the way and should be here any minute.   Shawn is driving here with Alex.  Scott hates it like hell he can’t be here,” Kris said.

“So that’s the surprise you were talking about on the phone today,” Matt said.

“Actually I have another one too,” Kris replied.

“What is it?” Matt asked.

“Ummm… they are staying for Ted’s game against Luke’s team on Saturday night,” Kris replied. “It’d be cool as fuck if Luke got off the bench.”

“Yeah and have Ted sack his ass,” Corey stated and laughed.

They talked about Corey’s job at the gym where he was moving up quickly and Matt’s job as a web and app designer.  Kris talked about his parents and how well Walt was doing after his heart attack during February just after Matt and Corey’s wedding.

Fifteen minutes later, they heard car doors.  Kris raced to the window and was out the door.  Colt came inside with Chase and Tabor with all three having beer in their hands and ready for the night and weekend.

“I hope you don’t mind but these two assholes wanted to come,” Colt said.

“Hey, our boy is playing,” Chase said.

“No, not at all.  It’s great to see them again,” Corey stated.

Colt was bowed up as ever and stayed in shape not to catch Kris’s wrath when he did see him.  Each time was becoming less and less to their chagrin.  Chase and Tabor were both built and had followed the other’s lead. 

“Bro, how’s Andrea doing?” Kris asked.

“Okay, she’d doing great,” Colt replied. “Between us men ain’t sex the fucking bomb.”

“Yeah but we knew all that in college,” Matt laughed.

“Some of us more than others,” Kris joked.

“Hell yeah it is,” Tabor stated. “My girlfriend can’t get enough of my dick.  Hey Chase tell em what your sorry ass did.”

“Fuck you, Tabor! I found just before Christmas I had knocked up some girl,” Chase said.

“She liked that big dick of yours,” Kris joked.

“No, he liked that pussy.  Dumbass refused to wear a fucking goddamn condom,” Tabor said.

“So are there wedding bells?” Corey asked.

“Hell no, there’s not wedding bells,” Chase stated. “I barely know the girl.”

“Well… I found too I may gonna be a dad as well,” Kris stated. “I suppose I can hear those wedding bells now.”

“Hot damn!” Colt yelled. “That’s fucking awesome, dude!!” 

“Thanks Colt!  It looks like I beat ya there,” Kris said.

“Oh well, I’ll keep trying like hell,” Colt said. “Some of us don’t have to try.”

“Oh fuck you, Colt,” Chase said. “I heard enough shit from Dad and not don’t wanna hear from you.”

“We’re just fuckin with ya,” Colt said.

“Tabor exactly when are they gonna give in and hand you a diploma,” Kris joked.

“Hopefully next semester I’ll be finished,” Tabor stated.

“You know another year at college would not have been all that bad,” Colt stated.

“No but they make you take classes,” Kris laughed. “I’m surprised Matt didn’t pursue a Master’s degree.”

“I thought about it but I was ready to get out,” Matt said.

“We didn’t know how much we had it made,” Corey said.  “We were so aching to leave and now wish we were back there.”

They turned in unison when they heard a knock at the door.  Kris walked over to open the door.  He extended his arms to hug Shawn and Alex.  The others followed suit.

“Are you doing okay, Alex?” Corey asked.

“Actually never better,” Alex replied. “Sure it sucked ass getting divorced but I’ll be damned if I stick with Elise while she fucks around on me.  Hey Shawn, bring me a beer since you’re grabbing one.”

“That’s a shame after you were so faithful to her,” Matt stated.

“Tell me about it.  I missed four years of good pussy,” Alex joked with Shawn handing him a beer. “Damn this is the bomb.”

“You’re not missing out now,” Shawn joked.

“You’re one to talk,” Alex said to Shawn.  “I got to hear all about each one of Shawn’s girls on the way here. ”

“And to think I was bitching about never getting laid in college and now Terra and me have too much.” Shawn laughed.

“You know I don’t guess I realized how close you two lived to each other,” Kris stated.

“Oh about four or five miles,” Alex said. “It was a good thing…”

“Hey, that’s what friends are for when you leave your wife,” Shawn stated.

“Chase, Tabor, how’s it going?” Alex asked them.

“I’m great.  Chase has joined the daddy club…”

“I think I have too,” Kris stated.

“Damn don’t you know what causes that shit,” Shawn laughed.

“You know I’m okay with it.  You see how well Juan and Felicia are doing with their two kids,” Kris stated.

“Corey, when are you getting pregnant?” Alex joked.

“We try just about every night,” Corey laughed.

Matt grabbed him, “Half the fun is trying.”

“Hell I wasn’t,” Chase said and headed to the rest room.

They began talking about all the good times they had.  Matt brought out his computer and hooked it to his TV so they could view the pictures of them.  He had them organized by year.  The first picture was the one he took of Kris and himself on day one of college. Eventually the calendar pictures showed up. They laughed at how young they were even though it wasn’t that long ago.  With each special picture, they had stories to tell.

“You know I’m excited to see Ted face off against Luke,” Shawn said.

“We talked about it earlier but I doubt we see Luke on the field,” Kris said.

“We can still hope,” Alex said.  “Ted did get our tickets, right?”

“Of course he did,” Matt replied. “He sent me a text yesterday saying to pick them up at Will Call before the game.  I think he has about 12 or so if there’s anyone else we can find that wants to go.”

“I’m sure we will between now and then,” Kris stated.

The time was flying by so fast with them talking and drinking.

“You know what just hit me?” Alex asked the group.

“What?” Kris asked.

“This is weird that we’re still dressed.  I expected to come in here and strip down,” Alex replied.

“We can,” Kris stated. “It’d really be like old times then.”

“Kris, don’t tell me you now wear clothes inside the house,” Shawn said.

“I don’t but Matt and Corey were dressed,” Kris said. “Usually they are naked as well.”

“I don’t when we have company,” Matt stated.

“Company, hell!  We’re family… well except for our step brothers,” Kris said.

“Now we see where we really stand with y’all,” Tabor stated.

“You’re lucky you’re friends with Chase,” Colt stated.  They heard car doors slamming outside. 

“Who could that be?” Corey asked. He walked over to the door and saw Scott standing there with a bag in his hand with Trevor and Reese standing behind him.

“Fucker, you couldn’t stay away?” Kris joked and walked over to hug the very dark Scott.

“Once I heard the plan, I got the first plane out of Miami to join y’all,” Scott stated. 

Matt walked over and hugged Reese and Trevor.  “You look great together like I knew you would.”

“Matt, can you believe we’re still together?” Reese asked.

“Yes I can,” Matt replied. “Trevor, you look so happy.”

“I really am,” Trevor said with his lip and ears pierced and many visible tattoos.

Scott went to hug each one before retreating to grab a beer.

“Scott, can you have one and kill your career?” Kris yelled.

“Dude, I’m behind the camera now at the agency,” Scott replied.

“Really?  Since when?” Colt asked.

“Since I got tired of modeling,” Scott stated. “The pay is so much better too.  Alex, what are doing these days?”

“Well… I have been training to be a firefighter,” Alex said.

“I had to talk him into it,” Shawn said.  “The hours are great.”

As the hour approached, Matt pulled out the bottle of bubbly for them to toast the New Year.  When the hour struck midnight, they toasted each other with glasses ringing together.  Matt and Corey kissed as did Reese and Trevor.  Shawn grabbed Kris for a kiss.  Then Kris moved to enjoy a long one with Colt.  Scott walked around to kiss Shawn and Alex so they didn’t feel left out.  Tabor and Chase were standing.  Reese and Trevor walked up to them. 

“You know, what the fuck,” Tabor said and grabbed Chase for a kiss.  They both wiped their mouths.

“Damn,” Chase commented.

“Dude, I’m with ya there,” Shawn stated.

“I’m not and I missed so fucking much,” Alex joked.

“Bro, I can’t think of a better way to start the New Year,” Kris stated.  “I’m with the people that have meant the most to me in my life…”

“Let’s hope it never changes and we’re always this close,” Colt said.

Corey was standing in the living room watching the younger Matt and Kris sitting shoulder to shoulder watching a supposed comedy on TV that had never made Corey laugh even once, when he realized that Nate wasn’t with them.

The younger boys were so similar to their fathers it was almost scary. They shared a very special bond with each other and with their fathers and namesakes, which Corey thought was amazing, but at the same time he couldn’t help feeling sorry for Nate, who almost always seemed to get left out or would be left to tag along as a third wheel. It was something that Corey could identify with, even though he loved Kris and Matt dearly.

Years ago when Nate had just turned 10 they all went to a theme park, but the younger Matt and Kris had wanted to go on a ride that was too childish for Nate, so older Kris and Matt went with their sons and Corey took Nate to a more grown up ride. They really bonded that day and had a great time. Ever since they have always been able to talk to each other, especially as Nate grew older and matured more.

Corey also worried for Nate though because he seemed to be very withdrawn. He never went out with friends or really spent time with his younger brother. He preferred to sit alone on his computer, playing games or doing some piece of work, whether it was for school or just of his own free will. It made Corey’s heart sink because he knew that Nate was a smart, funny young man who should be out having the time of his life, but he really didn’t know how to make that happen.

Seeing that the two younger boys were engrossed in their show, Corey made his way up the stairs to Nate’s room and knocked before slowly pushing the door open. Nate was sitting at his computer, much like Corey thought he would be, only turning to see who was entering his room.

“How are you doing buddy?” Corey asked.

“Okay,” Nate said weakly.

“Why aren’t you downstairs with the rest of us celebrating the New Year?”

“What is there to celebrate?”

“Oh come on, you’re 16 now, there’s plenty to celebrate. You can drive and go off places and you’re becoming an adult.”

“Dad and Uncle Matt don’t seem to think so.”

“Nate, they’re still kids themselves. Your dad hasn’t grown up since the day I met him, he’s still a dirty minded 18 years old at heart.”

“Yeah… sometimes I feel like I’ve outgrown him.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, he always used to spend time with me when I was a kid and wanted to play around or loved just hanging out naked. That’s not my thing now though and I don’t think him or any of the others like spending time with me.”

“They love you; buddy, just like I do. You’re truly like a son to me.”

Nate looked at Corey to see if he was being serious and then a tear formed in his eye. “Thanks,” he said, weakly, “I know you’re not really my uncle but I’m so happy to be able to call you that.”

“Good. So let’s go downstairs and see in the New Year in style. Those two down there will be going to bed shortly after midnight; we’ll stay up and play some computer games or watch an R rated movie or something. I might even let you have a beer if you don’t tell your mom.”

“For real? I’m not sure I’d like it.”

“It can’t hurt to try. Toast the New Year and start it off right and as we mean to go on.”

“You don’t have to do this, you know? I’m fine being alone up here.”

“I know you are, but I want to spend some time with you, buddy. I enjoy talking to you. Those two down their drive me crazy and I need someone to keep me sane.”

Nate smiled and shut down his computer. He grabbed a sweater and followed Corey downstairs to see in the New Year with a great friend rather than spending it alone like he did for most of the other nights of the year.

Matt and Corey were holding hands waiting to meet their son. It had been a long time since he has seen him. Kris was waiting in a chair for his son’s return.
“Kris, where’s Nate?”  Kris pointed upstairs, and Corey went to check on him. Nathan never liked watching his brother and boyfriend share their kissing in front of him.  Two minutes later, Little Kris and Little Matt, who were not little anymore were standing in doorway, smiling.
“I take it you enjoyed your Christmas present.” Matt smiled at his boy Kris.
“Yep, that last week at the hotel was fucking awesome.” Kris smiled holding Matt’s hand.
“I know you would like it Corey and I spent our first Valentine’s together at that hotel. We know how much you guys love each other.” Matt kissed his son.
“I don’t know what I would do without this guy.” Matt said. Kris kissed him in agreement.
Matt and Kris have been enjoying the relationship for many years now; they seem to have a certain love for each other that their fathers could never understand. Although, both their father’s cared deeply, they never physically loved each other.
Kris and Matt told them about the happenings with their roommates: Ted Jr., who was spitting image of his father, Ted Wilcox, and Bishop’s son, Frankie.  Ted Jr. mentioned that Reese and Trevor are going to adopt twins.
Matt was thrilled with the news, since they had been debating about for years. Kris on the other hand wanted to complain the football team has been shit ever since Ted retired from the team. 
The conversation turned to Matt’s second book, called the Spring Break, it details all the adventures Matt and Kris had during spring break their first two years in college. Little Kris, mentioned that Frankie wanted to read it, Bishop’s stories about Kris and Matt and Colt and Corey were legendary in the Bishop household.
The conversation continued for a few hours, since the family was spending New Year’s at home, they all went naked.  Kris was being as entertaining as ever, with his son, Matt helping out at just the right moments.  Corey and Nate returned; Corey got naked and snuggled next to Matt, and Nate quickly said goodbye, as he going to his girlfriend’s house.
The doorbell rang; Matt’s son threw on his pants and went to see who it was. Scott Trenton and Colt Landerham showed up. Colt had stayed in the college town becoming a local sales man, and continued to show at all the football games. Scott on the other hand is happily married, and runs his modeling agency.
Kris hasn’t seen Colt in 20 years; they hugged like old time friends, with a passionate kiss on the lips. Scott went over to Matt and Corey and kissed them hello.
“The years haven’t been kind to you, eh.” Colt said to Kris who had started to develop a beer belly.
Kris slapped him.  ‘What you doing here.”
“Scott came to visit me the other night, he wanted some time with the old gang, and we both remembered how much fun we had together, so we came to visit.”
“So you missed me.” Kris laughed.
“More Matt then you, though.” Colt smiled and Kris laughed again. “I so missed you.”
Matt was unhappy, “I’m sorry guys; we haven’t kept in touch as much as we should be.”
“It’s alright, buddy; I still love yeah.” Scott hugged Matt.
Little Kris and Matt stood up to leave. “We’ll leave you guys to catch up.” They both went upstairs.
Corey whispered something to Matt and they both got up and stripped their brothers.
“There, now you can stay.”
The next three hours went by and they talked about Scott’s marriage, Colt’s job, and Corey planning on growing his health club.
“Kris and Matt, I still can’t get over the fact that your kids fell in love.”  Colt commented. “I see them at the college every so often, they couldn’t be happier.”
“I agree, have they always loved each other, or did they ever have girlfriends or boyfriends.” Scott asked curiously.
“Not really, Matt dated this girl their last year in high school, but realized three months into the relationship, he loved Kris more.”  Kris answered.
“As for you Kris, it was love at first sight, there was brief period when he thought he was straight, but that was a phase.”  Corey said.
“Matt, you and Kris; never feel in love with each other like your sons?”
“Nope.” Kris answered at once.
“Yes, when I first met him, I wanted to fuck; he had the hottest dick I seen. I wanted him.” Matt explained
“We have fucked a few times.” Kris admitted, “I do love him, and don’t know what I would do without him.”
“Wait, did Corey know you fucked.”
“I was there, for most of the times, Scott.” Corey smiled. “They are so hot together.”
The conversation continued and Kris mentioned that Melissa was okay with it, as long as he never cheats on her. Melissa actually watched Kris, Corey and Matt in a threesome once. The guys didn’t even hear the firecrackers happening outside at midnight
Kris smiled and asked where they were staying. Colt smiled in return, and they both were thinking the same thing. So, Colt and Kris went up to Kris’s master bedroom, while Scott went with Matt and Corey to their house. Everybody woke up tired the next day.
Matt was sitting in his house, he could not believe Colt give them his old farm to him and Kris as wedding present. They have been married six months and most of the nights Kris and Matt stay out watching stars. Matt loved Kris every day, they have been together since birth and every year they grew up together, they became that much closer.
Kris was bringing out a beer for his husband and smiled as he kissed his cheek. “I am glad we decided to stay in for New Year’s Eve.”
“How am I not surprised, lover.”  Matt arched his eyebrow. “You never wanted to go out; I had to drag you out most nights.”
“That is true; I am not party animal like you Matt. I don’t mind sitting at home with a good book; which reminds me Dad, sent us his third manuscript.”
“Cool. What is this one called?” Matt Raymond, Kris’s father has become a local celebrity publishing books on his college life. His first one was Rooming With Best Friend; the second one was The Spring Break Edition.
“Graduation: The End of an Era. It details some of best moments from our dad’s last two years of college, and explains how the gives went their own way. When, he wrote the last chapter Dad was in tears, and called Colt and Scott and Kris afterwards.”
Matt nodes, “Dad always told me that graduation was not the best time. Because his two best friends were off to new experiences, Colt was settling down with Andrea, and Scott went off to his forensic career.”
“I read the last chapter earlier today, and he wrote it like the Beatles breaking up.” Kris said.
“Well our fathers were like John and Paul and Scott was Ringo and Colt was George.” Matt agreed.
“Which makes Corey, Yoko?” They both laughed. Their fathers have been the best of friends since high school, and over the years there friendship has gotten stronger. Corey and Matt will always be soul mates, but Kris and Matt have relationship, that will never ever end.
It was getting close to dinner time, and Kris cooking up and wonderful meal. They were just about to sit down and enjoy it, when the doorbell rang. Matt got up and found his older brother standing there. It took him by surprise Nate and Matt never had strong brotherly bond. Matt blamed himself mostly because Kris was there to talk, so he didn’t need an older brother.
“Bro. What are you doing here?”
Kris had now entered the hall, and was waiting for Nate to respond.
“Susan and I broke up; she says I don’t understand her anymore. I wanted to talk to Corey, but he was gone.”
Kris ushered Nate into the living room, “Our Dads, Uncle Kris and Aunt Melissa went on a cruise. I’m sorry Nate is there anything we can do?”
“I don’t know what do. Matt is there something wrong with me? Do I make women uncomfortable?”
“No,” Matt said without thinking, he knew his brother had a poor track record with women, but he really believes there is nothing wrong with Nathan except some self-confidence. “I’m sorry; we haven’t spoken since my wedding, why did you come to me.”
“You’re my brother isn’t that reason enough.” He said harshly.
Kris noticed the tension between the brothers, but allowed it to continue. He believes this is the only way to fix their relationship, is through some open conversation.
Matt on the other hand knows why his brother is here, and wants him to admit it. “I’m sorry about Susan.”
“Thanks. I just don’t know what happened. I will be honest; Susan and I broke up a week ago.”
“I knew you weren’t being honest.” Matt said confidently.
“There is more. I don’t want to be alone anymore. I am 26 years old, and I can’t keep going to Corey with my problems.”
“You are right.” Kris interjected. “I know you had some bad romances, but I have confidence in you.”
“I agree 100 percent; I know you will get through this bro. Also, stay with us tonight.” Matt suggested
“Why?” Nathan asked suspiciously.
“So we can talk, and I know Kris in my life it was heard for us to bond as much, and you were always were into books, and games, and felt more comfortable with Corey then me. Let’s change that.”
Matt turned to his husband, and Kris nodded, “We want you to stay with us for a while.”
A smile turned on Nate’s face. “Thanks. I really do love you bro.”
“Back at you.” They hugged and the three of them sat down to dinner. Kris listened to Nathan talk about Susan’s breakup, and Matt spoke about the honeymoon and how hard it is find a job as writer. Matt wanted to follow his father in law’s steps in becoming a writer. Kris explained that running bowling alley in town was fun. The continued to talk, and Kris enjoyed every minute of it. He never had seen Matt and Nate sit down and talk.
It was approaching midnight, and Matt and Nate didn’t even notice the year end they were catching up. Kris kissed his husband goodnight, and went to bed. He texted his father and told Corey that Nathan was here.
Corey texted, “Does he want to talk to me?”
“Yeah, but Matt is helping him.” Kris texted him back, he wished them both a happy new years and went to bed. Around three in morning, Matt came to bed.
“Babe?” Kris asked, still awake. “How is Nate?”
“He will be fine; I regret that we never had this talk when we were younger.”
Kris kissed Matt on the lips and started nibbling his ear. “You are talking now that is all that matters.”  Matt moaned, in agreement.
Kris Joshua Stanton was lying in his bed on the cruise, while his wife sleeping next to him. He couldn’t sleep; his 56 year old body was not what he used to be.  He was still glad he can keep it up without that stuff and had wonderful sexual experience with his wife to ring in the New Year. Kris got up from his bed naked and walked to the balcony and looked at the sea. Kris has lived an amazing life. He thought back to his brother who is still watching over him in from heaven. He will never forget that his brother was there for him when he was scared of the nightmares. He thought of Tanner and Marty and his high school buddies, who helped him become outgoing person. Matt was his best friend, they still talk daily about stuff in his life. College was a long time ago, but those four years have been the most important years of his entire life. He met Colt, Scott and Corey.
Kris couldn’t be happier; he has a wife he loves more than anything in world. His first son, Nate taught me how to finally let go off the guilt over Nathan’s death, and my second son, Matt is so much in love. I just wish my sons would communicate more. 
His son and son in law are great together, and to think Matt and I could have been like that. We had some great times in sack, but we both know our friendship, is deeper than family, where Matt and Kris are truly in love with each other.
He watched the ocean in the moonlight, as he thought over his life, and the memories he had. Kristopher Joshua Stanton, had lost family, but gained so much more in his four college brothers, the hottest wife ever and two very smart sons, and one handsome son-in-law. He was lucky. He looked up into the heavens, when years ago he blamed them for his issues, now all he can do is stand there in gratitude. “Thank you, you had a plan all along.”
A few minutes went by, and Matt, who had adjoining suite, joined Kris out on the balcony. Kris put his arms around Matt, and Matt put his head on his chest. They didn’t speak, they didn’t have too. They just enjoyed the view.

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