As October 7th 2012 is the 2nd Anniversary of the first chapter of “Rooming With My Best Friend” being posted online I thought it was only right to commemorate such an event and the achievement of Wasputz in the fact that he is still going with the story and so I offer this chapter in celebration of that.

This chapter is total fantasy and did not really happen within the “Rooming” story itself. It was written specifically to mark this occasion and in no way should be thought of as real.

Rooming With My Best Friend: Take Two

With the pounding from the music at the Frat house party still ringing in their ears, Chase and Tabor headed home, with Deer and Levi close behind them. They had all been invited to the party by a guy in one of Tabor’s classes who was pledging at the frat and it was part of his initiation to get as many people to the party as possible, since the pledge with the most guests won immunity from the next round of eliminations and came one step closer to being confirmed as a full member and brother of the frat.

The party was held at the huge frat house and had plenty of room for the hundreds of people who showed up, whether they were in one of the rooms inside or out on the lawns, sprawled out in all kinds of positions and in various states of undress.

Being a private house there was alcohol flowing freely, with almost everyone making the most of it and getting more than a little tipsy. Some guests had already passed out in different places around the house, with more still starting to throw up, often not being able to reach the bathroom in time. Neither Chase nor Tabor envied the people who would have to clean up the mess, but they were never in danger of getting in to that state themselves as the alcohol ran out when more and more guests showed up and the supply couldn’t keep up with demand.

The music at the party may not have been what they usually listened to but they couldn’t argue with their bodies when their feet started moving to the beat. It also helped that there were sorority girls all over the place, as well as girls from around campus who had been invited too. Many of those girls has also been drinking and had no problems with moving their bodies and grinding against whichever man happened to be next to her. Chase, Tabor, Levi and Deer made the most of it, feeling the heat as the girls backed their asses up against the boys’ hard cocks, which were straining to get out of their pants. Of all the boys, Tabor was the only one who made out with his chosen girl, but it was cut short from developing into something more when the girl’s sorority left and she had no choice but to follow.

Tabor was so frustrated, thinking he was going to get to go home with the girl for some fun, only to be left alone as the frat house started to empty and all four boys realised the only thing lying in front of them was the long walk back to the dorm since none of them had driven after having Colt drill it in to them that they shouldn’t. They did think about calling someone to see if they could pick them up, but it was past one in the morning and they knew what the answer would be regardless of who they called.

The air was brisk as they walked, but it was also refreshing. None of them had drunk too much so they were able to walk properly and had a clear enough head to know where to go. However, they had drunk enough to make them very jolly, and they knew their raised voices would probably be waking up quite a few people as they walked past some of the other dorms on campus, but that thought only made them call out even louder, followed by hysterical laughter.

When they finally arrived back at their own dorm building, they struggled to get in the door, not only because of the poor light, but because they were still playing around, jumping all over each other, whenever one of them tried to use their key to unlock the door.

Climbing up the stairs to their floor they all kept shushing each other, not wanting to wake any of the RAs, even though they knew Jess would be cool with them, but they couldn’t stop giggling and pushing each other.

Just as they were passing the doorway to the floor beneath theirs, a light went on and they all gasped, running as fast as they could up the rest of the stairs and quickly but quietly down their own hall, faltering as they tried to open the door to their rooms, and falling into them as they tried to get away from any possible trouble.

Chase hopped over Tabor’s body, which lay on the floor, chuckling, after he managed to get the door open. He reached down and pulled Tabor into the room more so he could close the door, but just dropped him back to the ground instead of helping him up.

Pulling his clothes off until he was fully naked, Chase fell down onto his bed and lay back, sighing with relief that they were back in their dorm, safe, with nothing happening to mean they would have to call Colt and no doubt get in trouble. He loved his brother so much, and really looked up to him, but he was so tired of having his ass chewed out for things that Colt had done himself two years earlier.

When Tabor finally got up from the floor he too stripped naked, as had become their custom when going to sleep, and then climbed up onto his bed, not bothering to cover himself since Chase had seen him naked a million times. He groaned.

“What’s wrong?” Chase asked.

“I’m so fucking horny, bro,” Tabor answered. “That girl was all over my shit at the party. When we were making out she had her hand down my pants feeling my cock. I just knew I was fucking her tonight. Then her stupid fucking sister or whatever you call them told her she had to go so I’m left with a hard on and blue balls and she just skips away as if nothing happened.”

“At least you got some playtime. The girl I was dancing with had no problem feeling up my muscles but as soon as I tried to touch her she looked at me as if I tried to rape her and then kept herself at arms distance for the rest of the night until she just disappeared. It’s shit, bro.”

“I thought girls were supposed to be easier in college…” Tabor sighed.

“I think they are if you find the right ones, but that’s the problem. It’s like with so many things in life, a few people set the stereotype and you expect everyone to follow that, but they don’t.”

“I just knew coming to college meant I was gonna get laid every weekend, but I’m getting no more pussy than I was in high school. It’s depressing.”

“Tell me about it…” Chase sighed.

“Maybe I need to get a girlfriend. At least you know where your next fuck is coming from that way,” Tabor laughed.

“Yeah, instead of never knowing who or where your next fuck will be. I definitely think it pays. You can pretty much have sex on demand then. I know Colt does.”

“That would be so awesome. I’d love to have a hot college girlfriend, with a killer body and a sex drive as strong as mine. Just go round to her dorm and take her into my arms, kiss her, run my hands all over her body and then lay her down on the bed to fuck her good,” Tabor said with his dick getting hard.

“Yeah, spend all night inside her, changing between fucking her slow and having her beg for it to really fucking her hard, pounding her pussy until she screams your name,” Chase added, stroking his own hard cock.

“Dammit!” Tabor screamed, punching the mattress beneath him. “It’s so fucking frustrating. I really just wanna fuck someone. What does your brother do when he’s not getting any from his girl?”

“He fucks Kris,” Chase laughed.

Tabor laughed too. “I still can’t believe those two fuck each other. What the hell are they thinking?”

“Colt told me when he was home for those few weeks this summer that it feels really good,” Chase said.

“You talked about it?” Tabor asked.

“Yeah. We were drinking by the lake one night, just talking about life, and somehow we got talking about sex.”

“And what did he say?”

“He said he doesn’t make a habit of fucking guys, or getting fucked himself, but that when you really trust the guy you’re doing it with, like he does with Kris, and you both know it’s just a fuck and nothing more, you can just go with it, not worry about it being gay and just help a buddy have an amazing orgasm,” Chase said, unconsciously stroking his cock, which was still rock hard.

“And he really thinks it’s amazing?” Tabor asked.

“He said an ass is so much tighter than pussy and that some of the best orgasms he’s ever had in his life happened when Kris was still inside him.”

“Shit man…” Tabor said, slowly jerking his own cock, which had never gone down. He never thought hearing about Kris and Colt fucking would turn him on but he was so horny the thought of any kind of sex made his dick throb.

“I know,” Chase said as a little bit of precum leaked out of his cock. “I thought he was kidding at first, but you should have seen how hard his dick was when he was talking about it. His eyes even kind of glazed over. That shit must feel really good…”

“Er…” Tabor hesitated, rubbing the head of his cock with his thumb.

“What?” Chase asked.

“Have you ever thought about it?” Tabor asked.

“Fucking a guy?” Chase replied.

“Yeah…” Tabor said, smearing precum around the tip of his dick.

Chase looked over at Tabor for the first time, his eyes moving down to Tabor’s cock, watching as Tabor stroked up and down it whilst using his other hand to play with his balls.

“Yes…” Chase said.

“Really?” Tabor asked.

“Yeah… Ever since I first learned about Colt being bi and fucking around with Kris I’ve thought about it. I’ve always looked up to Colt and tried to follow his example. When I was a kid I always wanted what he had. I always wanted to do what he did.”

“Even fucking a guy?” Tabor asked.

“Are you telling me you haven’t even thought about it?”

“I guess I have… But never seriously.”

“You mean you’ve never really considered doing it even if you’ve thought about it?”

“Yes. What about you?”

“I’ve considered it,” Chase said, rubbing his cock.

“Seriously?” Tabor asked, feeling his dick throb.

“Yeah… You always hear about how guys suck dick better than girls do and how ass is tighter than a pussy. I’ve kind of wanted to find out if that’s really true. Then when I heard that Colt has done all that stuff, and knowing Kris, Corey, Matt and so many of the others have done it and like it, yeah I’ve thought about doing it to see whether it’s as good as they say it is. I almost feel like I need to experience it so I can really relate to Colt.”

“So to know your brother better you’d let a guy fuck your tight ass?” Tabor asked, stroking his dick and wondering what it would feel like to have his cock inside Chase’s ass.

A slight smirk spread across Chase’s face hearing the genuine interest in Tabor’s voice. “Yeah, I think I would… If it was the right guy…”

“Yeah?” Tabor asked.

“Yeah…” Chase replied.

“What about your best friend?” Tabor asked, sitting up and moving to the edge of his bed, his eyes fixed on Chase’s naked body as his hard dick throbbed between his legs.

“You wanna fuck around with me?” Chase said, shocked that they were seriously discussing it. He never thought Tabor would ever be interested.

“If I’m ever gonna mess around with a guy then it’s gonna be with you, and I’m just horny and drunk enough right now to go through with this,” Tabor said, moaning as he gripped his cock, squeezing out a drop of precum.

“Fuck, bro…” Chase groaned. “We really gonna do this?”

“If you’re up for it, yeah,” Tabor smiled, “I’m so fucking horny I could fuck anyone right now.

Chase hesitated for just a moment before curiosity got the better of him. He moved over so he was on the edge of Tabor’s bed, sitting next to him, and reached out his hand, which was shaking uncontrollably as it got closer to Tabor’s cock. Taking a deep breath, Chase held his nerve and pushed Tabor’s hand away so he could wrap his own hand around the hard shaft, first just holding it and then moving his hand slightly so he started jerking Tabor’s cock.

“Oh fuck, man, that feels so good,” Tabor moaned, throwing his head back. “Your hand is so different from a girl’s, so strong…”

Chase kept his hand on Tabor’s cock, moving it up and down, but he moved his body so he was facing Tabor a little more. Tabor continued moaning and started humping his cock up so he was fucking Chase’s fist, but Chase’s own dick was so hard and needed some attention so he pulled his hand off Tabor’s cock and waited until their eyes met.

“What are you doing?” Tabor asked. “That felt so good.”

“This isn’t gonna be one way, bro. If you want me to jerk you off, suck your cock or let you fuck me then you had better be ready to return the favour or you can jerk yourself off,” Chase said, almost glaring at Tabor.

Tabor sighed and closed his eyes, reaching his hand out until he was holding Chase’s cock. It felt so big. Tabor had jerked off so many times he was used to the size of his own cock and didn’t really think anything about the size, only now did he realise he had a relatively average six inch dick, while Chase’s cock was easily an inch longer, maybe even more.

Looking down at the big dick standing up between Chase’s legs, Tabor couldn’t help but feel a little amazed. He had seen Chase’s hard cock before, but he had never studied it and certainly never got as close as he was now. It was cut with very prominent veins running down it. His hand moved up and down over the shaft of Chase’s cock as it usually did on his own dick, but the large head was still exposed.

Chase moaned, “Damn, you’re right, that does feel fucking good.”

“Your dick is so big…” Tabor breathed.

Chase smiled, hearing the envy in Tabor’s voice. He looked down at Tabor’s cock, which was still throbbing between his legs, and smiled. Reaching down, Chase wrapped his hand back around Tabor’s smaller, smoother cock and jerked it in time with Tabor’s movements, which made his own dick feel so good.

Moving together, they continued to run their hands up and down each other’s cocks, actually enjoying the feeling of the hard yet soft dick they were manipulating, jerking them like they would their own, using the tricks they had learned over the years to make themselves feel good to get moans out of the other.

Tabor turned his head slightly as he groaned, looking directly into Chase’s eyes. Chase saw the glazed over look on Tabor’s face and something came over him. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against Tabor’s. At first Tabor didn’t kiss back but then he opened his mouth and ran his tongue over Chase’s lips. Chase opened his mouth and let Tabor inside as they started making out, still sliding their hands up and down their cocks.

After about a minute of their tongues battling they pulled apart, leaning forward to press their foreheads together, both panting for breath as they looked into each other’s eyes.

“Fuck…” Chase breathed.

Instead of replying with words, Tabor shocked Chase again as he reached up with his free hand, put it on the back of Chase’s head, gripping the thick brown hair in his fist as he pulled his best friend in for another kiss, this one even more heated than before.

They let go of each other’s cocks and threw their arms around each other, Tabor still holding Chase’s head in one hand while using the other to pull his hips closer to him. Chase, meanwhile, had his arms around Tabor, clawing at his back as the kiss deepened.

Finally when he could take no more, Chase grabbed Tabor’s blond hair and pulled them apart so he could look into Tabor’s eyes. “Fuck me, Tabs…” he whispered, overwhelmed with passion and desire.

Again Tabor didn’t answer with words, he was too consumed by his lust, instead he attacked Chase’s lips again, only this time he moved his body and pushed Chase back so he had no choice but to recline onto the mattress with Tabor following him. As soon as Chase was on his back, Tabor broke the kiss and climbed on top of him, straddling him and pinning their hard cocks together as he leaned down for another kiss.

Chase wrapped his arms back around Tabor and left deep marks across the skin as he used his fingers to claw at Tabor’s back and pull him closer as their hips ground together and their cocks slid up and down against each other, the precum leaking from them making their dicks slick, heightening the pleasure as they humped against each other.

Tabor broke the kiss and pulled back from Chase, keeping their dicks together but giving him enough room so he could run his hands up the hard body of his best friend who lay beneath him. The hard pecs and chiselled abs that framed Chase’s body seemed so hot to Tabor now, even though he’d only ever admired them before and nothing more. He looked down at his own body, which was slightly slimmer than Chase’s but had its own defined abs, which Chase now took the time to caress.

Leaning back down, Tabor saw Chase lift his head up slightly, expecting another kiss, but instead Tabor moved lower and his lips found the skin on Chase’s neck. Chase nearly screamed at the contact, throwing his arms and legs around Tabor’s body, amazed at how good his best friend was making him feel.

“Oh shit!” Chase moaned. “Fuck me, Tabs! Fuck me!”

Tabor shivered hearing those words again, followed by the name that only Chase called him, and his cock pumped out even more precum. He pulled back and looked down into Chase’s eyes, seeing the hunger and lust in them. He nodded and slowly got up from the bed, pushing Chase’s arms and legs from around him so he could grab the lube and a condom that he kept in his desk.

Chase could only moan as he lay back on the bed and watched as Tabor rolled the condom down his hard cock and popped open the bottle of lube to spread it all over his cock, getting it nice and slick in the hope it would just glide up Chase’s tight hole.

Before Tabor could move into position, trying to just stick his dick in Chase’s ass, Chase grabbed the bottle of lube and made sure to pour a good amount on his hole before gently pushing it inside with a finger. He looked down at his own cock, which was still rock hard against his abs, and was so happy Tabor’s cock was smaller than his, otherwise he wasn’t sure he could have gone through with it.

As Tabor moved closer, stroking his covered cock, Chase kept thinking about all of the things Colt told him about what it felt like to get fucked, that he was in control and could say no at any time, that if he dealt with the initial pain there would be such pleasure at the end that it would be more than worth it.

He was still caught up in those thoughts when he felt Tabor move between his legs, pushing them up and back, exposing his hole to the cock that brushed against his opening and started to push inside.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Chase groaned as he could feel himself beginning to stretch after Tabor applied a lot of pressure to break past the resistance.

“So fucking tight…” Tabor said, almost in a trance.

“Take it easy on me, bro,” Chase said.

“I will,” Tabor smiled. “You trust me right?”

“Yeah,” Chase said, nodding his head as he looked up to see the reassuring face of his best friend above him.

Relaxing back against the bed, Chase sighed and felt himself relax, which loosened his ass a little, allowing the head of Tabor’s hard cock to slip inside.

“Fuck!” Chase screamed as Tabor’s dick sank inside him.

Tabor kept going until his cock was buried inside Chase’s ass, which was burning. Chase was so happy Tabor’s dick wasn’t bigger otherwise he might have told him to take it out. As it was, Tabor held still, seeing the pain on the face of his best friend, allowing Chase to lie back, taking deep breaths and trying to get used to the invasion.

“Your ass is gripping my dick so tight,” Tabor said, rubbing one of Chase’s legs.

“Well your dick feels fucking huge in my ass!” Chase replied, part of him wanting to laugh because he knew Tabor cock was on the small side compared to some, including his own.

“What does it feel like?” Tabor asked.

“Like I’ve got a dick in my ass!”

Tabor laughed, “No, I meant does it feel bad?”

Chase thought for a moment. “It did. I was gonna ask you to pull out, but Colt told me if I got through the pain it would go away and I might like it.”

“And has the pain gone?”

“Yeah,” Chase said, realising it didn’t hurt anymore, he just felt uncomfortably full.

“So can I fuck you now?” Tabor asked, feeling his dick throb just with the thought of fucking his best friend’s ass.

Chase moaned feeling the dick jump inside him. He nodded his head and slowly Tabor pulled his dick out of Chase’s ass until only the head remained inside and then he gently pushed it back in, hearing Chase groan as the dick sliced through him again. He knew he had to give Chase some time before he really fucked him. He didn’t want to hurt Chase and he knew if he just went for it he would. He needed time to adjust and open up, and starting off slow also meant that Tabor wouldn’t blow his load too early from the incredible feeling of Chase’s tight ass being wrapped around cock.

For the next five minutes Tabor long dicked Chase, slowly easing out before pushing back in, occasionally adding a little more lube to his cock, feeling the hole open for him so eventually he was just sliding in and out with ease and they were both moaning.

As Tabor started to pick up the pace just a little, fucking Chase harder and faster, he looked down and noticed that Chase’s dick, which had gone limp during the initial penetration, was back to being rock hard and he knew Chase was starting to like it.

Leaning forward for a little more leverage, Tabor pumped his hips even faster, building to a nice pace as he fucked Chase’s ass and heard the moans coming from his best friend change to whimpers as he fucked the sweet hole that was working his dick so good.

“HOLY FUCK!” Chase screamed, arching his back as Tabor changed up the position slightly, leaning over that little bit more and thrusting his dick deep into him, crashing right into his spot, making his whole body shake and his dick throb.

“What?” Tabor asked, not sure what had happened.

“Keep fucking me like that!” Chase demanded. Tabor did and shoved his dick back in, hitting that spot again. “FUCK! FUCK! TABS! FUCK ME!”

Tabor could barely believe what he was hearing, or what he saw. He looked down to see Chase reach for his throbbing cock, while at the same time trying to push his hips up to drive himself harder onto his cock.

Instead of fucking Chase harder, Tabor pushed Chase’s legs apart, wrapping them around his waist as he bent over and continued to thrust hard and deep in to Chase’s ass.

Tabor forced his hands under Chase’s arms and hooked them under his shoulders so he could grip him tight and use Chase’s body to anchor himself as he drove his cock in and out of the ass, pulling Chase down onto his dick.

Chase was moaning and then looked right up at Tabor, straight into his eyes, and neither could hold back as their lips collided and they started making out with Tabor’s cock still moving in and out of Chase.

As Tabor kept pumping into Chase, sliding his dick back and forth inside the tight tunnel that massaged and milked his cock, Chase’s own dick was gliding up and down between their stomachs, trapped in the ridges between their abs. The contact with Tabor’s skin had Chase’s dick tingling.

When they pulled back and looked into each other’s eyes again Chase smiled and lifted his head, softly biting Tabor’s lip. He reached up to place his hand on the back of Tabor’s head, running his fingers through the blond hair.

“Fuck me, Tabs. Drill my ass hard. Your dick feels so fucking good inside me. My dick’s been rubbing between us and I really need to cum,” Chase said, his dick twitching so it slapped against Tabor’s stomach.

“Oh fuck…” Tabor moaned. “I can’t believe how awesome this is. Colt was right.”

“Just shut up and fuck me,” Chase said.

Tabor’s dick throbbed and pulsed. He had never been more turned on in his life. He moved back a little and reached down, taking Chase’s legs into his hands and pushing them back. He got up onto his knees, never removing his cock from Chase’s ass and pulled his dick out until only the head remained inside, being squeezed by the tight sphincter. Then he drove his dick back inside and started fucking away, hard.

“FUCK!!!” Chase screamed as Tabor started hammering his ass.

“Take my fucking cock, Chase! You fucking love it, don’t you?” Tabor groaned through gritted teeth as he pummelled Chase’s ass with his rock hard cock.

“Fuck me!” Chase groaned as the intense feelings in his body grew until it felt like every breath he took was building up inside his lungs so they were constantly inflating and were getting ready to burst. His legs were tingling and shivering. He knew he couldn’t take much more.

Tabor’s skin was slapping against Chase’s so hard and fast it almost sounded like someone was giving them a standing ovation as Tabor’s dick sawed in and out of Chase’s hole.

Chase reached up and clutched a pillow in his fist as Tabor’s cock kept crashing into that sweet spot inside him that made his whole body jerk, his heart beat that little bit faster and his dick pulse and throb, his cum bubbling up in his balls as it got ready to explode out of his shaft.

When Chase’s screams turned to whimpers, Tabor fucked him that little bit harder, barely able to believe Chase could take it. He was fucking the shit out of his best friend and all he did was moan and beg for more.

Managing to lean forward slightly, Tabor moved Chase’s feet so he could hold them both in one hand while he continued to drill his cock into the tight ass that felt so good wrapped around his dick. With his free hand he reached down and wrapped it around Chase’s own throbbing cock. It was covered by the river of precum flowing out of his dick and only made jerking him off that much easier as Tabor moved his hand up and down Chase’s shaft in time to the thrusts he was making into Chase’s ass.

The whimpers then turned to yelps and Chase threw his head back, his breath catching in his throat as the tight grip Tabor had around his cock, along with the incredible feelings in his ass as his prostate was pummelled by the head of Tabor’s dick, sent him racing over the edge. Cum rocketed out of his cock, painting his chest and abs with his load.

As he came his ass clamped down on Tabor’s cock and it was too much for him to take. He pulled his dick out of Chase’s well fucked ass, pulled off his condom and got back on top of Chase, rubbing their cocks together just as Chase stopped shooting only to shoot his own load as it burst from his cock, coating both of their bodies as it shot between them.

Tabor’s cock had barely finished spewing out its load when his lips were on Chase’s, their tongues caught in battle as their chests heaved and their dicks still twitched from the most intense orgasms either of them had ever had.

Slowly, Tabor pulled away and fell to the side, still trying to catch his breath. Chase continued to lay flat on his back on the bed, trying to recover and thinking about what had just happened. Even hearing about it he never thought it could be so good. Now he understood why Colt did the same thing with Kris. It didn’t make him gay, it just felt fucking incredible.

Eventually he managed to sit up on the bed and make his way the few feet to his own mattress, which he fell down onto, his body still coated in cum, and within just minutes he was asleep.

Exhausted from the night and from the amazing sex, Tabor soon followed; happy and content.


I hope you enjoyed this chapter.   I want to thank Big D for writing this for us.
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