Noah threw his long board on his rack on top of his car and headed out on a gorgeous late spring day.  He was thrilled with the weather and more so about the wave crest reported at his favorite beach.  His decision to head to the West Coast for college was perfect and furthered his love of surfing and the beach. 

Born and raised along the Atlantic coast line, Noah dreamed of attending college out West to enjoy the legendary water of the Pacific Ocean.  At first, his mom and step dad were very hesitant about the move but saw Noah’s senior year in high school, he longed to be a bigger part and partake in the surf scene and culture along the West Coast.

He was thrilled when he walked out on the beach and saw the waves.  His adrenaline was astronomical when his brown eyes laid hold of the white capping waves.  He sprinted in his wet suit and paddled out among the few other surfers.  He waited and waited until he caught a ride on huge wave.  It started out perfect before Noah crashed headlong into the water.  He wasn’t the greatest surfer ever to don a wetsuit and board but his desire to succeed and improve was enormous.

Noah spent the entire day testing his ability and courage with the large waves.  He never backed down and was willing to tackle the biggest ones that broke. 

Near sunset, Noah paddled in and sat in the sand.  He pulled down the top of his wetsuit to expose his nice upper body and threw back his long brown hair he let grow out while away from home.  He watched and envied the skills of some of the surfers and chuckled at the others worse than him.

“Killer out there, huh?” a surfer said to Noah and sat near him.

“Oh yeah, the best, bro,” Noah said while doing his best not to stare.

“You aren’t scared of shit out there, are you?” the surfer said with blond hair.

“Not really.  I love it here and trying to get better,” Noah said and eyed his fellow surfer’s nice physique.

“Where you from, dude? You got a little Southern accent going there bro,” the surfer said.

Noah laughed, “North Carolina.  I’m attending school here and absolutely love it here.”

“I thought so,” the surfer said to Noah, “Cameron, here.”

“Cool, Noah,” Noah replied. “Nice to meet you.”

“I know you guys don’t have waves like these,” Cameron said and pushed his hair from his eyes and gazed out across the churning ocean.

“Not hardly,” Noah laughed. “That’s why I came here for college.”

“I bet, bro. Well, see ya around, dude,” Cameron stood and wiped the sand from his ass.

Noah watched for a little while longer and eyed a few hot guys playing volleyball down the way.  At sunset, he gathered his board and headed to his car.  He drove back to his dorm room with his music at its highest level.

Once back inside his room, he peeled off his shorts and grabbed a towel nearby.  His roommate, Gary, entered right before Noah left to shower. 

“How was it?” Gary asked.

“Freaking sweet as hell,” Noah smiled and headed to the shower down the hall.  He soaped up and was joined by a fellow student he barely knew.  He made eye contact but didn’t speak while showering. 

He dried off and tied his towel around his waist to head back to his room.  He entered his room with Gary glued to his cell phone.  Noah turned his back, dropped his towel and pulled on his blue low rise briefs.  He found some athletic shorts for the night.

“Noah, you going out tonight?” Gary asked once off his cell.

“Nah, I’m staying in, I suppose,” Noah replied.

“You can come with me and my buds if you want,” Gary said.

“Thanks Gary but those waves wore my ass out today,” Noah kicked back on his single bed with his hands behind his head.

“Get any surfer dick today while you were there?” Gary laughed.

Noah grabbed his pillow and slung at his roommate.  “What do you think?”

“Noah, I’m rooting for you to get your horny ass laid before you take out your sexual aggression on me,” Gary laughed.

Noah laughed as well, “You couldn’t handle me if you tried.”

“I don’t want to either,” Gary laughed. “I better get dressed before Mike, Jacob and Andrew gets here.”

“Making fun of my gay ass when you’re going out with three guys,” Noah laughed.

“We’re going out to find some girls tonight at this party.  I’ll send the cute gay boys your way,” Gary said.

“Do that but I’m not staying awake all night hoping for some hot gay college boy to come knocking at my door,” Noah said.

Gary pulled up out of his bed and had no qualms about changing there in front of his roommate.  Noah threw on his Ipod and tried not to watch Gary dress.  Gary was a little thick around the middle but possessed one nice thick cock and hairy pubes.  Noah really was waiting to lay eyes on Gary’s friends.  Noah knew if any came on to him, he would be game for any and all since they were great eye-candy to Noah.

Gary left without his friends arriving since Gary was the designated driver for the night.  Noah kept his ears glued to his Ipod and knew how lucky he was to have such an accepting roommate in Gary.  Noah kept his sexuality hid for months from Gary until Gary blatantly asked.  Noah was shocked yet relieved to hear Gary had no problem with him being gay and accepted him as a friend and roommate.  Noah could sense this area was a lot more accepting than the Carolinas and made it easy to admit he was gay.

The next morning, Noah woke and looked to his left to see his roommate sleeping like a log.  It was early still but Noah intended on taking advantage of the waves. 

It was past 9 when he arrived to the beach.  He raced like a little kid into the water with his board under his arm.  He paddled out and recognized Cameron from the day before.  Noah smiled at Cameron and treaded water until catching his first wave of the day.  He was pumped as ever after riding the wave to its dieing end at the sandy shore. 

Noah was about to call it a day when he was paddling out to catch one last wave.  He looked up as Cameron was riding the end of a wave.  Noah did his quickest move but felt Cameron’s board clip the side of his head.  Noah grimaced and thought nothing of it.  He reached up and felt blood oozing from his head.  He looked up and saw Cameron racing towards him.

“Dude, you okay?” Cameron asked.

“I think so. I’ll be fine,” Noah said.

“Dude, you’re bleeding,” Cameron noticed.

“I know, maybe a little bit.  It’s a little scratch I think,” Noah replied.

“No, No, come in and let’s take a look at it,” Cameron suggested.

Noah paddled on his board until coming upon Cameron.  Noah tilted his head for Cameron to examine the scratch or cut, whichever it may be.

“I’ll live,” Noah said.

“Hey, I live a few blocks from here.  Get your things.  You might need stitches,” Cameron said.

“You think it’s that bad?” Noah asked.

“Who knows?  Worse it could be infected in this nasty ass water,” Cameron said.

Noah got ashore and came out of his wet suit while Cameron found a towel and pressed it to Noah’s head.  “Here get in my car,” Cameron instructed.

Off they went in Cameron’s Nova for a few blocks.  Cameron opened the door to his small apartment and escorted Noah inside.  The smell of the musky apartment hit him right as he entered.

“Noah, let me find some spray or cream for your cut,” Cameron insisted.

“Thanks, but seriously, I’ll be fine,” Noah said.

Cameron found some antibiotic ointment in his cabinet.  He showed it to Noah while Noah resigned to the fact that Cameron was going to treat him.  Cameron pushed back Noah’s drying dark hair and found the cut on Noah’s scalp.  He applied the ointment.  Noah flinched at the coolness and initial sting caused by it.

“I’m so sorry, dude.  I never saw you out there,” Cameron said.

“It was totally my fault.  I know better than to be where I was.  It was stupid on my part,” Noah said.

“If you don’t mind, sit there a minute while I change out of these wet shorts,” Cameron said and headed to the back.  Noah looked around at the sparsely decorated older apartment but loved the feel and vibe of it since it was relatively close to the beach.

Noah smiled and tried his best not to stare when Cameron came back in wearing just shorts that hung low on his hips allowing Cameron’s boxers to shine across the top.  “Ummm… I better head back to school.  I’ve disrupted your day enough,” Noah said.

“Oh you’re not hurting a thing.  Stay as long as you want.  I enjoy company when the opportunity arises.”

“Thanks Cameron, I appreciate that but you’ve been plenty nice to me,” Noah said.

“You’re cool bro.  Besides I love hearing that Southern accent you’re trying so hard to lose.  Seriously, I dig it,” Cameron smiled.

“Okay then,” Noah smiled. “By the way, I love your place here.”

Cameron snickered, “You’re totally flipping.  This is nothing but a shithole of an apartment.”

“Still, a place like this is my dream.  It’s close to the beach and looks like you’ve got some rad shops close by.”

“Well…maybe but I’m paying for it too.  Seriously, I do enjoy it here.”

They talked a while longer and got to know each other better.  Cameron enjoyed hearing tales of Noah’s life in North Carolina since he was raised by his aunt nearby.  Noah envied Cameron’s stories about growing up on the West Coast.

“How about some lunch and we can get your car?” Cameron asked.

“I could do that,” Noah said.

Cameron drove Noah back to the beach and noticed Noah staring at some incoming surfers when Noah exited his car.  Noah got in his car, threw on a shirt and followed Cameron back to his place and walked to a nearby taco stand for lunch.  Noah enjoyed the beach front scene along the coast and eyed the shops while they walked.

“Cameron, I really appreciate all you’ve done for me but I seriously feel as though I’m keeping you from something,” Noah said while they stood near Cameron’s apartment.

“Noah dammit, you’re fine unless you need to get back to school,” Cameron said.

Noah smiled, “School can wait plus I’m in serious need of your pisser.”

Cameron laughed, opened his apartment door and pointed the way to his bathroom.  Noah did his duty and found Cameron kicked back on the couch.

“Bro, can I ask you something?” Cameron asked while pushing his blond hair from his face.

“Sure go ahead,” Noah said and sat in an old chair across from Cameron.

“Are you gay?”

The question shocked Noah at the moment.  His eyes darted around Cameron’s place and his stomach turned flip-flops, “Ummm… why do you ask that?”

“Well… I can see you eyeing all the guys as we pass.”

“Well Cameron, I am.”

“Hey don’t be shy about it.  I’m too,” Cameron smiled. “When’d you come out?”

“Well… I’m not to my parents but everyone knows at school.  How about you?”

Cameron laughed, “I really don’t have anyone to come out to but I don’t keep it a secret.  You know Noah, you’re very hot!”

“Thanks, you’re too!”

Cameron got up from the couch and approached Noah.  Noah sensed what was about to occur.  Cameron leaned over and kissed Noah squarely on the lips with a loud smack. Noah rose from the chair and continued to allow Cameron’s soft moist lips kiss while he embraced Cameron.

Cameron stopped and ran his hand through Noah’s dark messy hair, “Damn you’re a great kisser.”

Noah smiled as broadly as ever, “Thanks!”

“Maybe we should go for a walk along the beach or something,” Cameron said.

Noah looked at Cameron, “Why?”

“I’ve got a feeling we’ll be naked together in no time.”

“What’s wrong with that, Cameron? I can tell we both want the same thing.”

“I know but Noah, you have great potential.  I want a boyfriend for real now.  My entire life has been nothing but hookups.  I shouldn’t complain, bro, since I have been getting laid quite a bit.  Noah, I want us to take this slow and easy.  In the short time, we’ve been together I can see we might have something going that could be for real.”

Noah smiled. He grabbed Cameron’s hand and then kissed him on the cheek, “That maybe the sweetest thang I’ve ever heard.”

“Either that or the fuckin dumbest thang, as you put,” Cameron mimicked Noah’s Southern accent. “Bro, I’m 23 years old.  I think I have gotten things in reverse.  I have sex with guys in hopes it will turn into something.”

“Ummm… Cameron, I guess you’re right there.  I know exactly what you’re talking about just the short time I’ve been with guys.”

“Nice, so how about the two of us just chill and take in this nice afternoon,” Cameron suggested.

“I can sure handle that,” Noah said.

Cameron pulled off his t-shirt and tossed it on the couch.  He looked at Noah.  Noah took the hint and did the same.

Cameron hesitated at the door and looked back into his apartment.

“What’s the matter?” Noah asked.

“We better start walking,” Cameron laughed. “I was thinking… let’s go before I do something really stupid.”

Noah laughed while Cameron drugs him out the door.  Cameron put his arm around the waist when they began to walk.  Noah looked down at Cameron’s hand.

“Will this be alright?” Noah asked.

“It better be or else I beating the shit out of someone,” Cameron said.

Noah discretely put his arm around Cameron’s waist.  Cameron kissed Noah on the cheek as they started in the direction of the beach.  Noah would occasionally glance at Cameron to make sure this wasn’t a dream.  They walked arm in arm and did have a mean stares but no one said anything to them.

Once at the beach, they found a soft spot in the sand. 

“I come here sometimes and take it all in,” Cameron said.

“Bro that must be so freakin sweet.  This is the life,” Noah said and leaned back to expose his body to the sun that afternoon.

“What is sweet is having a cute young guy next to me,” Cameron said so softly.

They sat there and observed the events in and around the beach.  Cameron and Noah critiqued the boarders and enjoyed a few good laughs at their expense. 

“Hey Cameron, wassup?” a tall tanned older man asked.

“Just chillin here with a friend,” Cameron replied.

“Great, bro.  Holler at me sometime later,” the guy said. “Maybe we can get together again.”  The guy grabbed his crotch and walked away.

Noah sat there silent.  “See what I mean.  It’s like I’m some piece of fuckin meat to these guys.  What’s worse is that dude has a wife and two kids,” Cameron said.

“I see.  He’s got a lot of nerve, huh?” Noah said.

“Yeah but I’ll give the guy credit, he’s hung like a mule,” Cameron laughed.

“So Cameron, you hook up with a lot of different guys,” Noah said.

“Noah, I would be lying if I said no.  I’ve got a notorious reputation around with a lot of the surfers and regulars here,” Cameron said.

“I see,” Noah said and did his best to hide his true feelings.  He was disappointed.

Cameron picked up Noah’s chin, “That’s about to change.  Noah, I get fucked a lot if you want to know the truth but I sleep alone most nights and feel like a used whore.  The sad part is most of the guys I’ve been with claim to be straight.  Sure there are the occasional gay ones but I’m sick of it all.  I’m still alone every night and have no one to love or have the love returned to me.”

Noah sat there and took what Cameron said in.  He could feel a desperate call for love but unsure whether the occasion pain would be worth the moments of pleasure to be enjoyed.  “Are you about ready?” Noah asked.

“Yeah I guess so,” Cameron said.  They held hands while walking this time back to Cameron’s apartment.  Cameron did most of the talking and talked about surfing more than anything. 

“Cameron, I’ve really enjoyed being with you.  I seriously need to get back,” Noah said.

“Yeah, I figured that,” Cameron said. “I’ll see you around.”

Noah grabbed Cameron and kissed him on the lips. “Dude, I do like you.”

“Then why are you leaving then?” Cameron said defensively.  Noah had no reply.  “I scared you didn’t I?”

“No, I really got things to do at school,” Noah said.

“Okay whatever.  I’ll see you later,” Cameron said.  Cameron left Noah standing on the street.  Noah got in his car and headed off to college.