Posted:   September 30, 2009


On an overcast Sunday, Adam woke around 9 or so.  He rolled out of bed, went to the bathroom first and then headed to the kitchen to start his day dressed in his shorts.  He took out the trash that was filled mostly with beer cans from the night before and was amazed how much his four guests/friends had put away the night before.  He was even more amazed at how under control they stayed the entire night and showed a little maturity even though they were a little older than Caden.  He grabbed the paper and read through it, a favorite thing to do on a Sunday even before the arrival of Caden.  He thought about eating but decided to wait in case the others wanted a full blown breakfast to start the day after a night of drinking.

At 10:30 or so while watching television, Adam heard and saw the first signs of life out of the sleeping group when he caught a glimpse of Troy going to the bathroom.  What a fine glimpse it was since he did get to see Troy’s nice ass.

Troy?” Adam asked seeing him come from the guest bathroom.

“Yea, Adam,” Troy stopped and stood naked near the bathroom without shame.   Adam could see Troy’s brown moppy hair was a mess along with the nice cock hanging down between his legs.

“Do you think you and others will want breakfast soon?” Adam asked.

“I dunno.  Ian and I were about to get up and leave.  That sure sounds great now that you mention it,” Troy said and returned to the room.

Within a few minutes, Caden made his first appearance of the day.  He came naked and sat on Adam’s lap and kissed him.

“Don’t you think a little clothes would be nice?  In case you have forgotten, there are others here,” Adam said.

“I guess so,” Caden stated not happy and walked back into the room.

Ian and Troy appeared with Ian in his boxers and Troy in his low rise briefs.  “What’s this about breakfast?” Ian asked.

“If you want to, I’ll be happy to fix something up for you guys.  Caden’s up as well,” Adam said.

Caden appeared in his boxers.  “Breakfast, huh?  An omelet or some pancakes would be fire, Adam.”

“Guys?” Adam asked.

“Pancakes would be great,” Troy said.  “Want us to wake up Rob and Mark?”

I will,” Caden volunteered and practically raced like a little kid to wake them.  Ian and Troy laughed when they heard Rob cussing at Caden for waking them up.  His tone lightened when he heard about breakfast.  It seemed pancakes were the order of the day.  Adam went to the kitchen and started.  Rob and Mark showed their faces for the first time.  Adam could see they looked a little worse than the other two.

Within a short time, Adam had whipped up a nice breakfast to feed his hungry guest.  They sat down and started eating.

“Next time, could you dudes be a little quieter when you have sex?  Damn we could hear you guys in our room,” Troy commented to Rob and Mark.

“Sorry but Mark lets it all out when we fuck.  Sorry about that.  It’s not like you weren’t doing the same shit though,” Rob said.

“At least I wasn’t going screaming and going Oh fuck me Rob.  Fuck me Rob,” Ian mocked Mark’s sound of sex.

“I couldn’t help it last night.  I was drunk, alright.  We get wild after we drink,” Mark said. 

“I wonder if there’s not holes in the wall.  You were making that fucking headboard pound that wall.  We never did think you were going to stop,” Troy laughed.

“We did rattle and shake that bed.  Damn that was a great bed to fuck in with the mattress squeaking and that head board hitting the wall,” Rob laughed.  “Caden was that your room?”

“Yeah,” Caden said.  “You don’t know hard it was to get some action in there when Adam and mom were home.  I know exactly what you’re talking about.  That bed does squeak but it adds to the excitement when you’re getting that ass pounded.”

They laughed a little bit while eating.  “Adam, you never knew, huh?” Mark asked.

“I didn’t have a clue.  I was too busy with his mom I guess to ever notice or hear it,” Adam replied.

“In high school, I was fucking the hell of out this chick I knew in the middle of the night.  My old double bed was making all kinds of noise.  The next thing I knew my dad was knocking on the door telling me to keep it the fuck down.  You talk about busted!” Rob laughed.

“I was getting head from this girl once in living room.  It was late at night when my brother walked in on us.  He just laughed and went to his room.  We really had a good laugh over that when I came out about 2 years later,” Troy said.

“Next,” Adam laughed.

“I’ve never been caught in the act, just my Mom asking what was all over a t shirt I nutted on one night,” Rob said and busted out laughing.  “At least she never caught me spanking my meat like she did my younger brother.  You could hear him scream all over the damn house.  He didn’t come out of his room for days after that.”

“How old was he?” Caden asked.

“Oh like 15 or so.  He was so embarrassed but man did he ever get some pussy.  Every time our parents were out the door he’d have a different girl banging the living shit out of here.  It’s like he wanted me to hear him,” Rob said.  “He paid for later and got some girl pregnant at 17.”

“That shit happens,” Mark said. 

They finished up eating.  Caden, Troy and Ian helped clear the table and put everything up.  They talked about what was going on that day.  No one had plans or was up for much.  The four all left at the same time after thanking Adam and Caden for being good hosts.

With the four gone, Adam said to Caden, “You know what the first thing we’re doing today?”

“Ummm… what?” Caden replied.

“Stripping all the beds, our bed included,” Adam stated.

“Sound like they might need it.  I’ll get their beds while you do ours,” Caden said.  He went to the first room where Rob and Mark had slept.  He saw the big cum stain on the sheets and inhaled deeply to smell the dried cum.  He expected the same and found no obvious stains on the next room.  He met Adam at the washer and handed them to him.

“No big plans on your day off, huh?” Adam asked.

“Nah, I just want hang out with you some,” Caden replied with a big smile.  “Besides, I’m off tomorrow as well.”

Adam loaded the first load of sheets into the washer.  He turned to Caden, “You know I really like your friends.”

“You mean our friends.  You are part of the group too Adam,” Caden said.

“I guess so,” Adam said.

“You are,” Caden said quickly.

“Just I feel like at times I’m barging in on you and your friends.  They are younger than me and all,” Adam said.

“I appreciate that Adam but we’re a couple now or at least I consider us one just like the some of the rest of them,” Caden said. “Now, I want you to be there with me while we grow together.  I don’t ever want you to feel like you’re the old man of the group.  All of them are over the fact you were my step dad for a year, too.” 

“Thanks Caden,” Adam said.

“You’re more than welcome.  I thought you were holding off for some reason.  Now I know what it is.  All the guys think you are cool and have told me how lucky I am to have you.  Adam, I really love you so much.  You’ve shown me so much love over the past few days.  Mom picked a good guy.”

“More like I picked her.  I know how she felt now.  She was sometimes the oldest in our groups.  It’s come full circle now where I’m the oldest in a group.”

“You can ask your friends to join us.  I’m sure none of the guys would mind,” Caden said.

“Actually I can’t think of any that I would even consider asking.  I don’t have what you call any close friends.  Caden, most times after your mom was gone, I was here alone.  I wanted it that way though and didn’t mind being alone.  Now, with all the people around and interaction, I see I was missing a few things that made life good such as good friends outside your relationship.”

The two engaged in a long make out session there in the middle of the kitchen.  Caden felt so good in Adam’s arms.  Adam knew it might be a while before he was left alone again.  

“So much for you getting back on your feet and leaving, huh?” Adam said.

“Who said that shit?”

“You did when you came here last week,” Adam replied.

“Maybe I did but I’m not going anywhere unless you’re ready for me to leave,” Caden said.

Adam smiled, “Not any time soon.  Since you might be around a while, let me show you some ideas I had or should I say Anna.  I was sitting on the patio yesterday and was just dreaming of a good project that could turn the back yard into a place we and I mean we could enjoy.”

“Well let me see,” Caden said with a little excitement in his voice.

Adam walked into his room and found the sketch Caden’s mom had done for the backyard.  Adam had the sketch in his hand and walked out with Caden to show him exactly what and where she was dreaming of doing this project.

“Fucking bad ass!  You should do it!” Caden said with even more excitement.  “We could have people over all the time especially if you put a pool right in the middle.”

“Caden, let’s honor your mom’s wishes first.  It can be our own little tribute to this dream of hers that she held a secret,” Adam said.

“That sounds great.  Just make the hot tub fucking huge,” Caden said.

“Let us first see how much it will cost before we get to dreaming to big.  She did say she wanted it to beyond the fence back.  There is about 200 feet or more that is our property.  See where the Swenson’s cleared off to,” Adam pointed at the neighbor’s yard.

“Yeah, it’ll give me a little project, huh?”

“Only if you’re up for it,” Adam said.

“I will do it if you will make sure the other gets done.  I know you have the money.  You told me Mom set your ass up like she did me,” Caden said.

“I suppose I could use some that money she left.  I’ve been waiting for the right thing to come along and not go spending it like a damn fool,” Adam said. “I really could justify the cost that way.”

“Damn, you’re so fucking tight.  Wait til I get my money,” Caden said.

“I’m worried then,” Adam smiled while they looked and dreamed.

“My ass will have real diamond studs, not these fake things,” Caden said concerning his earrings.  “Then spending good money on tattoos will be nothing.  My ass will look like some form of art then.”

“Now I’m even more worried,” Adam said.  “I think you have enough as it is.”

“First pay check is going towards another one, bitch.  I’m getting one right here,” Caden said and pointed at his lower back right about his waistline.  “A tribal thing with the gay triangle in the middle so everyone will know I’m gay and fucking proud of it.  That way you can see Adam when you’re fucking my hot ass.”

“I bet two weeks ago you weren’t thinking that,” Adam said.  “Being gay and proud of it.”

“I was out and proud just not to you,” Caden said. “I was going to tell you or let you figure it out the first night I was in bed with another guy.”  Caden started to laugh. 

They headed inside and did another load of sheets.  Adam found their swimsuits that had been worn over the past few days and decided to hand wash them like the labels called for. 

“Caden, you looked great in this new bikini yesterday,” Adam commented while washing it.

“I did, didn’t I?” Caden snickered.

“I’ll say.  I’m starting to notice a tiny effect in your work outs too.  Keep up the hard work,” Adam continued to wash the suits.

“I plan on it.  I want to get ripped but not all bulky and shit like some guys at the gym.  I know they’re shooting steroids to look like that,” Caden said.

“You think, huh?  It’s as plain as day.  One guy who I know is my age took off his shirt near the other day in the locker.  His back was covered in zits.  Now that’s a very tell-tale sign he’s doing em,” Adam said. “I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing.”

“Was his nuts shrunk up?” Caden asked.

“I didn’t see that part,” Adam laughed.

“I bet they were.  I would hate that shit,” Caden said.

Adam finished hand washing the swimsuits and had them set out to dry.  Next they both agreed to take a bike ride and did so on their usual route of about 4 or 5 miles.  On the way home, they spotted Noah getting out of his car and waved.

Once home, they showered together and enjoyed a lot of lip time under the warm water of the shower.  The temptation to have sex right there was too much for them.  Adam reached around and found Caden’s wet hard cock.  He leaned over and placed it in his hole.  Adam felt Caden’s cock in him.  He was leaned against the tiled wall and taking all Caden offered. 

Fuck yea, this is hot!” Caden said with his hands wrapped around Adam’s waist and fucking him good in the shower.

AAHH, Caden! Ohh Caden!” Adam repeated in heat.  “Fuck me!  Your dick feels so good in me!  I love it!”

“Your ass is so hot!” Caden screamed with it echoing off the tiled walls.  Caden kept giving Adam his cock.  They moved together and found the seat at the back of the shower.  “Ride me, bitch!”

“I used to tell your mom that shit all the time,” Adam moaned.  He grabbed his cock and jacked it off while going up and down on Caden’s long tool.  He was moaning with increased breathing until he unloaded on Caden’s neck and chest with Caden buried inside him.  Caden pulled out and let his load hit the tiled floor.  Their lips met half way.  They just started kissing when they heard the doorbell ring.

“FUCK!” Caden shouted at the top of his lungs.

“Dammit,” Adam said.  “You dry off and go answer.  It’s probably one of your friends.”

“Our friends, remember?” Caden said and grabbed a towel.  The doorbell rang again and sent Caden racing to the door with the towel wrapped around the door.  He opened the door and saw Noah standing there with a big smile across his thin face and in low hanging shorts.

“What the fuck do you want?” Caden asked.

“Dude, Corey is the fucking shit!” Noah said.

“Let me throw something on.  You have to spill the beans,” Caden said.  “We just finished showering and what a great shower it was.”

“I bet knowing you,” Noah stated and had a seat. 

Adam came out dressed in a tee and shorts.  “Hey Noah, how’s it going?”

“Fucking awesome dude,” Noah said. “I spent the night with Corey and was just getting home when I saw you guys pass by.”

“That’s great, Noah!” Adam said and patted Noah on his bare shoulder.  “Was he what you expected?”

Noah practically swooned, “Oh…”

“I’m back! Now spill the beans.  I want it all since you basically interrupted us,” Caden said in his shorts.

“Dude, we fucked our asses off now!  My skinny ass is worn the fuck out, dude,” Noah said.  “First he took me to eat then back to his place.  It wasn’t 10 minutes at his place we were naked and on the floor.  Corey gives great head, by the way.  We fucked right there in his floor.  I thought alright we’ve done our shit.  Next thing I know he’s pulling me to the shower.  We showered and got rock hard again.  We barely made it out of the shower and he’s nailing my ass in the bathroom.  I was so overwhelmed then and knew he would drop the big hint for me to leave.   We curled up in his bed and kept going.  I know he fucked me 4 times before we fell asleep.  We woke up and went at it again.  We were like possessed gay fucks.”

“How big is he?” Caden said and so into Noah’s tale of his night of sex.

“Maybe 7 inches if that, but damn he sure as hell knows how to use it,” Noah said.  “I’m waiting on him to call me right now.  I stopped by here because I just had to tell someone.”

“Why not Josh or you guys not speaking?” Adam asked and he too was just as interested.

“Ahh shit, I forgot that part about Josh.  We were going to Corey’s place and passed the porn store there on Victory.  I swore that was Josh’s car in the lot,” Noah said.

“Wow!” Caden said.  “You think he’s…”

“Caden, maybe he was buying stuff there,” Adam said.

“Adam, he’s bragged about getting head lately.  Knowing him he’s getting it from old guys who see a young guy.  He’s probably sucking their dicks too,” Noah said and was talkative as ever.  They could see how excited he was with Corey.

“I’m glad you guys came out.  By the sounds of things, they would have known for sure after this weekend,” Adam said.

“Yea, Mom told me it was okay to stay with Corey tonight if I wanted to and just go to class from there.  She said she couldn’t stop me.  Now Tim wasn’t too happy with it,” Noah said.

“You said he wasn’t real happy with Josh.  Is he handling it better now?” Adam said.

“Who knows?  Caden, I guess you heard about us yesterday,” Noah said.

“I heard you got pissed,” Caden said.

“I was ready to start swinging.  I’m so sick of his shit,” Noah stated. “I maybe skinny as fuck but I wasn’t backing down.”

“What size waist are you since you mentioned it?” Adam asked Noah and could clearly as always see his boney hip bones sticking out.

“I wear 28’s but they are big on me.  I can wear boy’s clothes but they are too short,” Noah said and was totally out of his shell especially around Caden and Adam. “Believe or not, it’s hell being skinny and finding clothes that actually fit you.  Caden, you are really looking hot these days.  I absolutely loved that bikini you had on yesterday.  I was hard lusting after you until Corey started hitting on me.”

“Thanks dude,” Caden said. “I’m glad you may have found…”  Noah’s phone started ringing.  He answered it and quickly hung up.

“I hate to run but Corey’s waiting on me,” Noah smiled.

“Good luck and hope it continues,” Caden said.

“If it was close to last night, I won’t be able to walk,” Noah laughed. “See ya.”  He left out the front door.

“Now he’s a trip.  Once you get him talking, he can spill em out,” Adam said.

“He’s always been like that even like in the fifth or sixth grade.  He never said a lot but when he did he was cussing up a blue streak,” Caden laughed.

They found clothes after Noah was gone and headed to grab a salad nearby since Caden didn’t want fast food for a change.  He started talking about eating healthy and really wanted to see if that would get him ripped like he wanted.  He did have a great start as it was and wanted to make it better if possible.

For a change that night, they kissed a lot and ended up jacking each other off to end the weekend.  Caden or Adam didn’t mind the change and enjoyed it to its fullest.


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