Noah headed back to his dorm room.  The thirty minute drive allowed him to weigh what Cameron, a fellow surfer and now friend, had confessed earlier.  Sure, Noah loved the idea of finally having a real boyfriend and a surfer at that for more than one night or weekend.  He wasn’t sure Cameron was the ideal first true boyfriend since he knew of Cameron’s slutty past now.

The second he stepped out of his car, Noah realized he had inadvertently left his shirt at Cameron’s apartment.  He climbed the stairs with his board in tow with it being well after 5 now in the spring.  He unlocked his dorm room and sat his board in its usual spot.

“Noah, what happened to you?” his roommate Gary asked.

“Nothing actually,” Noah replied.

“What hit the side of your head?”

“Oh that, I had forgotten all about it.  I got hit by a board surfing today.”

“Interesting,” Gary said. “So that’s what took you all day?”

“Not really,” Noah said. “Gary, from a straight guy prospective, does a girl’s past have any bearing on whether you like them or not?”

“Ummm… such as whether they put out or not?” Gary was mystified by the question.

“No, the other way, where they put out too much?” Noah asked.

“What the hell does this have to do with your cut on your head?” Gary looked at Noah, who then started to crack a smile. “Oh I get it now, Noah.  You met a guy.”

“Right on,” Noah said with a smile.

“Well then, there is an upside to too much.”

“I know that.  Strictly from your prospective, does their past have any bearing on you?”

“Not really Noah, if I’m attracted to them.  You know, people can change their ways once the right person comes along.”

“I know, I know, but…”

“Dude, stop worrying like your stupid ass always do and just go for it.  You always over analyze things way too much.”

“I want it to be right and perfect for a change.  I want a guy so damn bad though but not some guy who fucks around on me constantly.”

“Noah, there is no perfect relationship. None I’ve seen yet anyway.  So get the fuck over it or you’ll be here for a while and alone like usual. If I were you, I would be out that door and back to see him.  For one time in your life, throw caution into the wind and go for it if you like this dude.  You never know how things will work if you worry about someone’s past history.  He might like you so much he forgets all about fucking around on you.  Go on and get the hell out of here!!”

Noah changed out his clothes into some fresh shorts and t-shirt without a reply.  He knew Gary was correct but needed a little push.  He bolted out the door without a promise of returning.  He drove as fast as ever and was back in front of Cameron’s apartment in record time.

Noah walked slowly to Cameron’s apartment with an excuse of returning to get his shirt he had left.  He quietly knocked on the door.  Cameron opened the door and was stunned to see Noah standing there.

“I…” Noah stuttered.

“What do you want?” Cameron asked sharply.

“You really more than anything,” Noah replied.

“Excuse me,” Cameron rubbed his ears like he didn’t hear what Noah had said.

“You!” Noah sounded out.

“Well… alright,” Cameron smiled. “I see you had an abrupt change of heart.”

Noah stepped inside and sat down on Cameron’s couch.  Cameron nearly sat in Noah’s lap when he sat down close as ever. “Cameron, I’m sorry I was sort of an ass earlier.”

“Hey, I might be too if some guy told me he was nothing but a slut.  I opened my mouth too much for barely knowing you,” Cameron said.

“No, I appreciate your honesty.  It’s better to know on the front end than half way in a relationship.”

Cameron put his arm around Noah, “Bro, you are great boyfriend material.  You’re so cute and fun to be with.  I figured to see you again but not so soon.”

“You can thank my roommate.  He convinced me to come back here,” Noah said.

“Is he gay?”

“No but he’s one of the coolest guys I know.  He’s been encouraging me to find someone,” Noah replied.

“Yeah so he can have the room to himself,” Cameron laughed.

“I didn’t think of that but I don’t care if that was the reason.  Cameron, I really do like in the short time we’ve been together,” Noah smiled.

Cameron leaned over and kissed Noah.  The passionate kiss told Noah he really did like this guy and Cameron really did like him.  They smacked and sucked tongue until stopping for a breather. 

“You like kissing, huh?” Cameron said.

“Yeah don’t you?”

“Actually I do.  Most guys I’m… oh fuck it Noah, I’m with you now and that’s all that matters,” Cameron said. “Please don’t let me rehash my past history with guys ever.  I want to change out of the cycle of one sex partner after another.  Noah, I don’t care if we never… wait.”

Noah laughed, “Well Cameron, I do care but get your point.”

Cameron laughed as well, “I want a meaningful fuck not some quick random hookup.  I want to feel as though the guy cares for me not just an instrument to bust their nut.”

“Man, I got a lot to live up to then,” Noah said.

“You do but I have a feeling you might be able to do that,” Cameron said. “You wanna go grab something to eat again?  I’m starving.”

“Sure,” Noah said.

They ate at a nearby shop and strolled together window shopping at the surf shops and galleries that lined the street.  Most of all, Noah enjoyed the time he was spending with Cameron.  He loved Cameron’s personality and looks that went with it.  Noah always dreamed of having a boyfriend who was a fellow surfer but figured it was only a dream.

Back at Cameron’s apartment, Noah and Cameron cuddled together on the couch.  Once comfortable, Noah put his head on Cameron’s shoulder and felt so relaxed.  A thunderous knock came to Cameron’s door around 9.  Cameron jumped up and headed to see who was interrupting their peaceful evening.

“Cameron, wassup?” a short skinny guy asked while pushing his way in the door.

“Just chilling, Lenny,” Cameron said.

“I got some killer shit if you wanna get smoked out,” Lenny said.  “Oh you have company, huh?”

“Yeah I do.  Lenny, I’ll pass this time.  I’m sure one of our friends would love to get high with you,” Cameron said and looked at Noah on the couch.

“What the fuck? You never turn down a good smoke,” Lenny said and pushed his reddish hair from his eyes.  He pulled the bag of weed from his pocket and dangled it in front of Cameron.

“It looks tempting but I’m sure someone will get high with you,” Cameron said.

“Dude, I bet your friend there wants to hit this shit,” Lenny said still holding the bag.

“Do ya, Noah?” Cameron asked.

“No thanks,” Noah said.

“What a bunch of fuckin pussies!” Lenny said and slammed the door on his way out.

Cameron sat next to Noah and put his arm back around him, “I apologize for that scene my friend made.”

“Do you smoke a lot?” Noah looked at Cameron.

“Not a lot, but I do smoke weed,” Cameron said. “It’s so popular here and easily obtained around here.”

“Yeah, it’s everywhere at school and back home,” Noah said.

“Have you…?” Cameron asked.

“Let’s say I’m not opposed to it,” Noah smiled.  “I do it socially at parties or hanging with friends.  Honestly it beats a fucking hang over.”

Cameron laughed, “I know that’s right.”

“Cameron, I better get back to school…”

“Noah, do you have to just yet?”

“Well… I could…”

“Please stay with me tonight.  I want to hold you and cuddle up against you all night.  We can even do it with our clothes on,” Cameron laughed and pleaded. “I never thought I would say that shit in my life especially with a hottie like you Noah.”

Noah chuckled, “I can stay.  I was planning on it anyway.”

“You dawg,” Cameron kissed Noah.

“Well… I was hoping you would ask when I got up to leave.  I didn’t want to sound pushy or anything.”

They stayed on the couch for a while before walking along the beach under a clear starry night.  About one, they headed to Cameron’s bedroom for the night.  Noah stripped to his boxers as did Cameron.  They kissed a lot in bed but kept their boxers on despite both being hard.

Cameron was up early that Sunday.  Immediately he could feel the call of the ocean and wanted to take advantage of it.  He shook Noah awake.

“Yeah,” Noah sleepily said after opening his eyes.

“Bro, time to hit the waves,” Cameron said.

“I didn’t bring my shit,” Noah said and then stretched while still in bed.

“I have plenty extras,” Cameron said.

“Well, then I guess I can,” Noah said. 

Cameron leaned over and kissed Noah, “That’s for not tempting me too much last night.”

“It was hard for me but it was still so awesome just having a hottie sleep next to me,” Noah replied.

Cameron found an extra wet suit that was a bit tight on Noah.  Noah didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to catch some waves.  Cameron allowed Noah to choose a board among the extras he had stored away.  Noah grabbed one that he figured was to his liking.  They headed out and made the short walk carrying their boards under their arms.

They hit the beach that was the closest thought neither one’s favorite surf spot. They ran across the sand in a dead sprint and paddled out to the wave break.  Cameron jostled a second on one huge wave while Noah peeled off to let Cameron ride the wave to its fullest.  Noah was on the next wave but busted on the new board that was unfamiliar to him.  Cameron saw him wipe out and paddled out to make sure his new friend was okay.  Noah came up laughing and cussing after missing the wave.

After wearing out on the surf, they called it a day with their stomachs growling.  They hiked back to Cameron’s apartment.  Cameron pulled out what food he had while Noah took what was available. 

“That hit the spot,” Noah said after eating.

“I know that’s right.  I was starving,” Cameron replied.  “I feel grungy.  You wanna join me in the shower?”

“Ummm… I guess so,” Noah said.

“Noah, I’ve waited long enough not to see you naked.  My ass is dieing over here,” Cameron smiled.

“I’m the same way,” Noah said.

Without another word, Cameron stripped off his clothes while Noah eyed him.  Noah’s mouth watered seeing Cameron’s nice cut cock and hairy balls.  Noah stripped out of his shorts and boxers to expose his cut cock that hard was near 7 and half inches.  Cameron moved close and grabbed Noah.

“Noah, you’re fucking hot naked,” Cameron said.

“You are too Cameron,” Noah said and kissed him.  They kissed naked in the middle of the floor and grabbed each other’s asses while doing so. 

Cameron showed the way to the shower.  They played with each other’s cocks while waiting for the shower to heat up.  Once the water was warm, they crammed into the old shower.  It was close quarters but neither minded.  It gave them the opportunity to explore and wash each other’s tanned taut bodies. 

After showering, Cameron found two ragged bath towels to dry off.  Cameron dried off Noah and Noah returned the favor.  They headed to Cameron’s bedroom.  Cameron pushed Noah to the bed and kissed him.

“I want you to fuck my ass!” Cameron said while staring into Noah’s eyes.

“I would love to fuck you!” Noah said.

Foreplay was quick and to the point.  Both were raging hard and horny as hell to experience each other.  Cameron slid a condom over Noah’s cock and lubed it up good.  Noah spread some lube on Cameron’s ass and fingered it slightly.

Cameron spread his legs and grabbed his size 11 feet, “Fuck my ass, boy! I’m more than ready to take that dick!”

Noah slid behind Cameron, smiled and guided his rock hard cock into Cameron’s waiting and quivering ass.  He watched Cameron’s face when he felt his cock slid past his sphincter with ease.  He smiled and leaned over for a kiss.

A slight sigh then moan escaped Cameron’s mouth.  He looked into Noah’s eyes, “Go ahead, Noah! I want fucked!”

Noah went deep and felt his nuts against Cameron’s skin.  He saw Cameron easily taking and enjoying his cock.  He slid out and in to build his steady pace while Cameron’s calves rested on his shoulders.  He kissed Cameron’s chest while keeping his steady nice pace. “You’re so hot!” Noah said. “Your ass is just too hot!”

“Dude, your dick feels so good in me! Fucking perfect size!” Cameron said and squeezed his ass tight. “Fuck me Noah! Fuck my ass!” 

Noah leaned over on his hands besides Cameron and picked up the pace.  He could feel so pleasure and joy out of his first fuck in months.  Cameron was moaning while moving his head to and fro.  Noah released one leg and pounded Cameron with all he had.  His breathing increased with sweat mounting on his forehead.

“Fuck yea!” Cameron moaned. “Keep doing just that!”

Noah stopped quickly and leaned over to kiss Cameron. He smiled, “I was about to fuckin cum.”  They rested for a minute to let the feeling subside.

Cameron got on his side.  Noah lifted up a leg and inserted his cock back into Cameron’s hot ass.  Cameron jacked his cock while Noah fucking his ass at a nice steady pace.  Noah kissed Cameron’s neck and shoulders while hearing the moans of his lover.  Noah quickened the pace to a fever pitch at Cameron’s instruction.  All this did was to send Noah over the edge.  He felt the urge and quickly pulled out.  Cameron moved back to his back again and waited for Noah’s cum deposit.

“OOOOOOO fuck!” Noah groaned.  Instantly cum flew from his cock.  Cameron laughed a little as one shot hit his chin.  Noah sent the rest of his load onto Cameron’s dark cut abs. 

“I take it you needed that shit,” Cameron laughed.

“Fuck yea, I was overdue a deposit,” Noah said and gripped Cameron’s cock to finish him off.  He jacked Cameron’s cock until Cameron moaned slightly.  Cum hit his abs and the rest dribbled down his cock.

The second Cameron finished, he was met with Noah’s lips.

“Was that meaningful to you?” Noah smiled.

“Yes it was,” Cameron annunciated each word.  “It felt so right and so unforced. It was so perfect!”

“I agree,” Noah said.

“Noah, this better not be a one and done deal,” Cameron said and looked into Noah’s eyes.

“Cameron, I hope not either,” Noah said.

Still floating, the two rolled on Cameron’s bed in lip locked.  They continued to explore each other in their bliss.  Cameron collapsed on his side of the bed and spread out his arms. Noah rested his head on Cameron’s dark smooth chest and looked at him.  They fell asleep for an hour together. 

It was dark when Cameron nudged Noah.  Noah’s brown eyes popped open and looked around.  “Please tell me it’s not Monday morning,” Noah said.

“It’s just after 7,” Cameron laughed. “We were both tired and spent.  I know I was.”

“Dude, I better get back to college.  I haven’t hit a book all weekend,” Noah smiled.

“I totally understand, Noah,” Cameron kissed him.

Noah found his shirt and shorts along with his flip flops.  “I’ll be back tomorrow, rain or shine.  If it rains, we can stay inside.”

“It’s not suppose to rain but we can still stay inside,” Cameron smiled.  Cameron kissed Noah goodbye for the night. 

Noah bounced on his way to his car.  He got in and drove with his mind replaying the great experience with Cameron.  He found a spot in the crowded dorm parking lot.

He opened the door to his room and found his roommate Gary studying.  The second Gary saw Noah he slammed his book closed.  “Every detail.  I can see by the look on your face your ass got laid,” Gary smiled.

“Damn, are you sure you want every detail?” Noah laughed.

“Leave the nasty ass details about you fucking him,” Gary laughed.

“Dude that’s the best part.  My big dick slid so…”

“Enough, Noah!  I want to hear the other parts and not the nasty shit,” Gary laughed.

“Why does a straight boy really want to hear about two gay guys’ romance?” Noah asked.

“At least one of us is getting laid,” Gary laughed. “Noah, I’m actually happy you may have someone for real now.  You deserve it.”

“Gary, you’re the best roommate ever,” Noah said.

“Maybe I am but I’m all ears now.  So out with it,” Gary said.