Another fantasy story by Big "D".   His fourth in the series involving the
football jocks.

I loved my job. Working at the Athletics Department was the next best thing to
playing on the team. I had come to the sad realisation a while ago that I would
never play on such a level. Still, to be able to help the guys in their
preparation for playing their games and watching all of their hard work paying
off on the field was really gratifying.

A lot of days were lazy days of sorts. I would just be cleaning the locker rooms
and things like that or I would be helping out with the player’s workouts,
helping to push them that little bit further so they could achieve their maximum
potential. Today, however was a serious practice for an upcoming game against
one of our biggest rivals and every single player took it as seriously as if
they were in the play offs, so I was on team and locker room duty for the day.

It was my job to make sure they had everything they would need when they came
back in from practice. I had nice clean towels stacked up on two tables, one
near the door for them to use to soak up the perspiration and another near the
showers so they could just grab one and hop in the shower to wash away the sweat
and dirt. I had drinks lined up on a second table along with some protein bars
for if any of them were thirsty of hungry after such an intense work out. I had
even taken the time to mop the floor, which I knew would be a bad idea as soon
as I peeked out the door and saw the mud coating some of the guys. I would have
to wash it again later.

For the last ten minutes of practice I went out to watch the guys going through
plays. Even though it was a practice some of them got really in to it and they
went at each other as if they were the opposition. I guess that’s what you had
to do to fully prepare but seeing Ted pretty much spear one of his own
teammates, knocking the wind out of him and leaving him on the ground struggling
for breath, was still shocking.

Ted being Ted though, he stayed and helped the guy up, making sure he was
alright and then they shook hands and Ted patted the guy on the shoulder. He
really was a gentle giant. Watching him walk across the field with such
authority and seeing some of the other guys almost bowing to him out of respect
and awe brought a smile to my face.

When Coach finally gave the word that practice was over pretty much all of the
guys sprinted back to the locker room, some so fast that I barely had time to
get back there myself before they started filing in.

I picked up water bottles and handed them to any of the guys who wanted one.
Some of them grabbed a towel at the door and sat down with a bottle of water for
a bit of a rest, while others just threw off their uniform and pads and headed
straight for the showers.

Matt and Corey would have loved to have had my job. Hell, any of the gay guys
would have. I got to see those big hunks strip naked and walk around with not a
care in the word. I took the time to admire some of them. They all had amazing
bodies in different ways and I was just glad that Kris had got me to work out as
much as we did over the past year so I was happy with my body and didn’t feel

The final three guys in the door, besides Coach and his assistant, were Ted,
Luke and Myles. They were laughing and joking around.

By that point a lot of the other guys had hit the showers with only a few
remaining, stripping off their pads, so I didn’t have to worry too much if I let
my gaze linger.

Ted was the first to walk past me, with Coach just behind him. He grabbed a
bottle of water from my hand, smiled and nodded as he headed on toward Coach’s
office and went inside. Myles was next, he took a bottle of water after picking
up a towel at the entrance and as he turned away he thanked me and ruffled my
hair. Then came Luke. He just stood in front of me with the biggest grin on his
face. I wanted to look away, embarrassed, but I couldn’t bring myself to break
eye contact with him. He reached out for a bottle and deliberately let his
fingers trace along mine as he wrapped his hand around the plastic. I shivered,
which only went to please Luke more. He turned around, leaned in to me and
placed his hand on my ass.

“Are you remembering my big dick sliding between these beautiful cheeks, Colt?
Because if you are, just say the word and you can have that again any time you

The rate of my breathing increased with every word that came out of Luke’s mouth
and I found myself quickly looking around to check that no one saw him as he
moved his hand inside my pants and slid his finger in to the crack of my ass.

Just when I thought he was going to slip his finger inside me, he pulled back
and I let out a sigh of relief, which was ten times quieter than the moan I knew
would have escaped my lips if his long, thick finger had pushed its way inside

He leaned in again and gave my ear the briefest of licks, such a brave move in
the locker room, “any time, Colt, just say the word.”

With that Luke pulled his hand out of my pants and walked away from me, leaving
me struggling for breath and trying to remember to act as if nothing had just
happened. Luke quickly stripped naked and headed for the shower with his huge
nine inch cock dangling between his legs, looking maybe a little fatter than it
should have.

I turned my head to see Myles sitting on one of the benches. He had removed his
cleats and shirt and pads and was just sitting there in his shorts, drinking
water with one arm, the bicep tensed, showing off his incredible muscles, while
with the other arm he took the corner of his towel and started tracing the lines
of his defined pecs and chiselled abs, picking up any trace of sweat. It was
hard not to stare.

Just then the first of the guys who had gone in to the shower began to come out.
He walked straight towards me and grabbed a protein bar out of my left hand. He
nodded and walked away to his locker where he quickly dried himself and started
throwing clothes on as many others began to do the same.

Ted was still in Coach’s office and I wondered what they were talking about that
was taking so long. I would have to stay around until after Ted had finished his
shower so I was kind of hoping he would hurry up.

More guys were coming out of the showers and drying themselves off as Myles
finally slipped out of his shorts and walked toward the towels. In a strange way
I loved seeing that Myles had just a seven inch cock, even though that is bigger
than average. It made me feel like I was something special because this hot
football player who could no doubt have any woman he wanted, and probably a lot
of men, had the same sized dick as I did, so in that department we were totally

When the first of the players picked up his bag and headed for the door, waving
goodbye to his teammates I walked across and picked up his discarded bottle and
protein bar wrapper and put them in the trash can. Then I threw his dirty
uniform and used towel in the laundry carts. Sometimes I wondered why they
couldn’t do that themselves, well, some of them did, but most just left
everything where it was. I guess I couldn’t complain since I was getting paid
for doing the job.

More and more guys came out of the shower, dressed and then left. I cleared up
their stuff one by one until there were only about six guys left in the locker
room and showers. I heard a lot of loud laughter coming from the shower block
and knew the guys were horsing around. I knew they could be a while.

To pass the time I decided to change one of the bags in one of the larger trash
cans as it was dangerously close to overflowing. As I walked past Coach’s office
I saw that Ted was leaning over the desk looking down at some kind of huge sheet
that Coach had rolled out over the surface of it and was using his finger to
point at various parts, saying something to Ted and then turning to look at him
to gage Ted’s reaction. I assumed they were going over possible plays and didn’t
realise that Ted had so much stroke that Coach would consult with him on it
while the rest of the guys were off getting changed.

When I returned from the dumpster, the showers had been switched off and all of
the guys who had been in there were now changing. Luke gave me a strange look
when I entered and I wasn’t really sure what he was trying to suggest by his
facial expression, it was almost like he was disappointed or something.

The banter between the guys continued as they dressed and then, as they were
about to leave, they suddenly got the bright idea that it would be funny to
throw their uniform all over the locker room instead of leaving it where it was.
They were laughing hard when I started to go around collecting it all.

“Have fun, Colt!” one of them shouted.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head as I bent down to pick up a pair of shorts. I
had just taken them into my hand when I felt someone else’s hand on my ass. I
quickly stood up and was enveloped in Luke’s big arms.

“Relax, Colt, everyone’s gone and Ted’s still busy with Coach. I just wanted to
say that I really wanted you to join us in the shower. Maybe you could have
shown the guys how good you are at pleasing a man, just like you did with me.”

Luke slowly ran his tongue along my ear and then softly kissed my neck. I could
feel his big dick pressing against my ass, it was rock hard inside his pants.

“You are so hot, Colt. If I didn’t have to be somewhere I would fuck you right

I was quite shocked at how Luke was talking. Usually he was really nice to me
but the way he was talking to me today made me feel like he saw me as his bitch
or something now that I’d let him fuck me. Maybe he was just horny and that’s
what was doing the talking, but whatever it was, I didn’t like it.

He ran his hand down my body and gave my dick a quick squeeze, but I wasn’t
hard. He spun me around and planted a huge kiss on my lips, slipping his tongue
into my mouth as his hands slid around to cup my ass.

“Soon, Colt, soon. I need you again,” Luke breathed into my ear before kissing
me again, just lightly this time, and then he ran out of the locker room leaving
me alone to start picking up the rest of the laundry.

With the last piece of clothing picked up and put in the laundry cart, I wheeled
it down to the storage room where someone would then come to pick it up and wash
every single piece of it, ironing it all so it was perfect and then hanging it
up in the locker room before the next practice or game. It must have been quite
an operation.

As I was heading back to the locker room I saw Coach and his assistant leave.
They nodded their heads to me and told me I could go home as soon as I had
mopped the floors in the shower room and the main locker room. I smiled knowing
that wouldn’t take long and I could go back to the dorm and put my feet up.

I was barely through the locker room door when I froze in my tracks. My dick
twitched in my pants and I could feel it growing instantly until it was pushing
against my boxers.

Ted stood on the other side of the room putting his helmet into his locker. He
was almost completely undressed except for his tight jock strap and his shoulder
pads. He looked incredible. He may not have been as slim or muscular as some of
the other guys I had fucked but damn this guy was a total stud.

My eyes moved over his entire body, taking it all in. His calves and thighs were
huge; they were probably as big as Matt’s waist. When he moved his legs the
muscles tensed up and led the way up to his tight white jock that seemed as it
if could barely contain his thick dick that I had sucked in to my mouth just a
few weeks ago.

His arms bulged out of the side of his pads where his enormous shoulders were,
and even though he still had that extra bit of meat on him that hid most of his
muscles it was clear that he was one hell of a powerful man who could mow down
his competition and keep charging.

It was his stomach that really got my dick throbbing though. While his chest was
still hidden beneath the pads his stomach was fully exposed and as he breathed
in and out I could see his abs peeking out of the skin. Then there was the real
prize that I had rarely seen on a guy, but it got me really hot, running from
his belly button, down in to his jock, and no doubt to his pubes, was a thick
treasure trail that almost looked like an arrow pointing down to his hard cock,
inviting me to touch it.

I can only describe what happened next as going in to some kind of lust driven
autopilot. I forgot all about the jobs I was supposed to be doing and walked
across the locker room to where Ted was standing. He didn’t even know I was
there until my hands were on his back and I was pushing him against the lockers.

Before he could say a word I hooked my hands inside his pads and pulled him to
me so our lips met. For a brief moment Ted hesitated but then I felt him kiss
back and from that moment it was on. Ted’s massive hands grabbed my head and
held me in place as his tongue plunged into my mouth and we made out like crazy.
My blood was really pumping.

Ted pushed me back when we finally came up for air. He smiled at me and then
reached over, taking hold of the bottom of my shirt and pulling it up over my
head. Just as quickly he had my pants undone and pushed them to the floor. I
stepped out of them and kicked off my shoes so I was standing in front of him in
nothing but my socks and boxers, with him still in his pads and his jock.

We kissed again with just as much force and passion. At one point he actually
lifted me up off my feet and just held me up off the ground so that my face was
at the same level as his, our lips pressed together, tongues battling.

When my feet met the floor again I pulled away from Ted’s lips and sank to my
knees on the floor, quickly pulling my socks off and then running my hands up
the length of Ted’s long legs until I had my hands on either side of his crotch
and could rub my thumbs against his big balls.

He moaned as I continued to work his balls and watched as his thick cock got
even harder in his jock. It was really struggling against the material now and
was creating quite the wet spot as precum started leaking out of the tip.

I licked my lips and leaned in to run my tongue over the wet patch. I moaned
tasting Ted’s tangy yet sweet juices. Sucking at the fabric really turned me on,
but it wasn’t enough. I needed to get my mouth on the real thing.

I pulled the jock down and hooked it under Ted’s big, hairy balls. His thick
cock sprang up and slapped against his stomach, leaving precum matted in the
hair of his treasure trail.

Smiling, I leaned in and sucked one of his balls in to my mouth. It was huge. I
doubted I could have fit both in my mouth at the same time. Just focusing on the
one, I sucked on it, pulling gently down on it, which really made Ted moan. Then
I rolled it around on my tongue before doing exactly the same to the other one.

When I was done I ran my tongue slowly up from Ted’s balls right along the
length of his shaft until I swirled it around his tip, tasting his precum
directly from the source. We both moaned in pleasure as I pushed the tip of my
tongue in to his slit and sucked on the head of his cock, trying to milk more of
the tasty juices from his cock.

I gently started to move my head, bobbing up and down, taking more of his dick
in my mouth with every downward movement. His thick cock was really stretching
my lips again as I made sure not to use my teeth.

With my mouth still working Ted’s hot cock, I took my hands and started running
them over his hairy stomach, feeling his muscles and that little bit of extra
flesh he carried. I even pushed my hands up beneath his pads so I could run my
hand through the tuft of chest hair that was between his pecs then squeeze his
nipples while I continued to suck him.

Then I felt one of Ted’s big hands come to rest on the top of my head. Ever so
gently he started to rock his hips backwards and forwards and I soon got the
hint. I stopped moving my head and let Ted take over, holding on to my head and
fucking his thick cock in and out of my mouth. As he did that I looked up at his
hot body, watching as the muscles in his stomach tensed, revealing abs you
couldn’t always see.

After another few minutes with me on my knees, having Ted fucking my mouth and
then with me worshipping Ted’s cock, running my tongue up and down the length
and around the tip, slowly sucking the whole thing in to my mouth until my nose
was buried in his pubes, he pulled me to my feet and kissed me wildly. His
tongue searched every inch of my mouth, wanting to taste himself on my tongue.

“Take those boxers off,” Ted growled in his deep voice.

My body shuddered hearing the lust in his words and I quickly moved to obey what
was essentially an order. I dropped my boxers and quickly stepped out of them.
Ted reached down with his hand and wrapped it around my throbbing cock, which
was maybe half an inch longer than his. That thought alone gave me a bit of a
rush, but then his was much thicker than mine.

Ted pushed me back from him just a little bit and quickly undid the straps on
his pads, pulling them off and hanging them in his locker. He slammed the locker
door shut and grabbed me by the arm, using his strength to toss me around so my
back was against the cold metal.

He ran his hand over my chest and up to my shoulder as he leaned in to kiss me,
softly, passionately. His hands then started to make their way lower down my
body, and so did his lips. They ran over my chest and nipples, over each of my
six abs and down until Ted was on his knees in front of me, his throbbing cock
still sticking up with his jock strap tucked beneath his balls, his mouth so
close to my cock I could feel his breath on it.

I moaned and shivered as Ted’s tongue lapped at my balls, his big hand wrapped
around my shaft, slowly jerking me. The power I felt in his hand as he stroked
my cock gently gave me such an adrenaline rush. He could have been so rough, but
he knew just how much pressure to use to make me feel amazing and had me leaning
back against the lockers panting and moaning, almost ready to cum.

The next thing I knew was that he had spun me around and I was leaning forward
with my forearms pressed against the lockers and my head was resting on them. My
legs were spread wide and I felt Ted’s hands pushing apart my ass cheeks. Then I
felt it. His tongue.

His tongue was just as big as the rest of him and felt so amazing as it teased
my opening and just slightly pushed inside before pulling back and doing circles
around my puckered hole. Damn, it felt so good.

“Oh yes, Ted!” I screamed. “Eat my fucking ass. Get it ready for your fat cock.”

As soon as those words were out of my mouth Ted started kissing his way up my
spine. When he got to my shoulder he placed his chin against it so his lips were
right next to my ear. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me back against
him so I could feel his chest against my back, and his cock, still slick with my
saliva and his precum, was rubbing against my ass.

“You want to feel me inside you, Colt?” Ted whispered in my ear, so soft and
sweet, it was the complete opposite of how Luke spoke earlier.

I moaned feeling his dick twitch against my ass and just nodded my head. Ted
squeezed me to tell me he understood and then started kissing my neck as he
slowly thrust his cock against my ass, positioning it so it ran directly up my

Ted pulled back from me and gently pushed me to one side so he could get in to
his locker. He bent down, showing me his amazing ass, still framed in his jock,
and reached into a bag at the bottom of his locker, pulling out a small bottle
of lube and a condom.

Closing the locker again, he pushed me back against it so I was leaning over, my
arms crossed with my head resting against my forearms, exposing my ass to him.

I felt him moving behind me and then I felt the cold lube hit my hole as he
poured it from above so it was flowing down my crack. I heard a few droplets hit
the floor before I felt Ted’s big, thick finger sliding up and down between my
cheeks, circle my hole and then gently push inside.

I relaxed my entire body. I wanted it so bad. I wanted Ted, the star player of
the college football team and likely future pro player, to bury his fat dick
deep inside me and give me the kind of fucking that only a top athlete could.

Ted’s thick index finger pushed its way inside me, spreading my hole as it
plunged in to my depths, pushing the lube inside me to prepare me for his cock.
He wiggled it around a little and managed to catch my spot. I yelped and jumped
against him, which made him chuckle in his deep voice, sending vibrations all
through his body and straight into my ass. It was incredible.

His one finger in my ass felt like two of Kris’ when he fingered me in the
shower. When he pushed his middle finger in alongside his index finger and
started fucking me with them, really opening me up, it felt like his cock was
already inside me, the fingers were that big.

I was really moaning and started pushing back against his hand as it began to
feel really good, but just as I was getting in to it, Ted pulled his fingers out
of my ass and stood back up, kissing my neck.

He rubbed his throbbing cock up and down my crack, teasing my hole just slightly
with the head, without ever putting any real pressure on it so there was no
danger of penetration. My breathing was really quickening now.

“Are you sure you want this, Colt? We don’t have to,” Ted said.

“Fuck yeah, I want it!” I screamed, reaching around to grab his head as he went
back to kissing my neck. “I need you inside me so bad, Ted. Fuck me. Fuck me

He kept kissing my neck but his hips moved back and his dick was no longer in
contact with my ass. I heard a ripping sound and realised it was the sound of
the condom wrapper being torn open. Peering back over my shoulder, as Ted rested
his forehead between my shoulder blades to look down at what he was doing, I saw
that he was rolling the magnum down his thick, throbbing cock and was coating it
with a generous amount of lube.

The next feeling I felt was his big hand on my hip, holding me in place as his
thick cock slid back in to my crack. I rested my head on my arms again and
prepared myself for the invasion.

Ted was very gentle. He teased my hole with the tip of his cock until it started
to open and then he slowly pushed deeper until the head broke through and sank
into my ass.

“Fuck!” I gasped before biting my forearm. Ted was so fucking thick! He was
really stretching my ass and I barely had him in me.

“It’s okay, babe,” Ted said, holding still where he was and leaning over to kiss
me between my shoulder blades again. “I’ll take it slow.”

“You’re so thick…” I panted. “I’ve never had such a thick cock inside me. Sure
Luke’s is big and so is Matt’s but damn! Oh God, it feels huge.”

“Do you want me to take it out? It’s okay if you do,” Ted asked.

“Take it out and I’ll kill you,” I said through clenched teeth. “Just give me
some time to get used to it and then push deeper.

“Whatever you say,” Ted said, leaving his cock where it was and leaning in to
kiss my neck again.

I turned my head slightly and our lips met. He held me tight as we made out and
my ass started to relax as it got used to Ted’s thickness.

When we broke the kiss, Ted pulled back, “how are you feeling?”

“I’m good now, push in deeper,” I replied.

Ted put both of his big hands on my hips and very gently, almost in slow motion,
pulled me toward him as he pushed forward, and gradually his thick dick sank
inside me. I could feel every inch, centimetre and millimetre as it moved
deeper. When I finally felt his pubes against my ass and knew he was all the way
in, I also felt his forehead come to rest on my back again and we were both
panting heavily.

“You’re so tight, Colt. It feels so good.”

I just moaned my reply. He felt so big inside me and I could feel my insides
really squeezing his fat cock. The pain of the initial penetration had all but
gone and now I just had that feeling of being really full.

For the next couple of minutes Ted and I remained still, the only movement was
that of Ted’s lips, occasionally kissing the skin on my back. He was letting me
adjust completely to having his cock inside me and it was starting to feel good.
I also think he was giving his own dick time to get used to being inside
something so tight because I know if it had been me, even with my legendary
staying power, I would have been close.

My breathing returned to normal and Ted read that as his cue to continue. I
groaned as he pulled his cock out until just the thick head remained inside my
ass and then, almost as slowly as he first entered, he pushed all the way back

He repeated that move a few more times before I just couldn’t take it anymore.
“Fuck me, Ted! Just fucking pound me!”

Ted chuckled and again I felt the vibrations, only this time they travelled into
my ass through his cock. I clenched my ass around his thick dick and he let out
a big moan and sank his teeth in to my shoulder.

“Fuck, Colt! Don’t do that again unless you want me to cum.”

“Just fuck me then,” I said, lust having completely taken over now.

Ted tightened his grip on my hips and started moving his quicker, withdrawing
his cock and then thrusting it back inside. He began with long, slow thrusts,
but when he saw that I could take what he was giving me he quickly picked up the
pace until he was fucking me nice and steady.

“Oh yeah, Ted, that’s it. Fuck my ass!”

He felt so good inside me, picking up speed a bit more, but I still wanted him
to fuck me harder. Ted was too much of a lover though, he was too gentle and I
knew he didn’t want to hurt me. I had to force him to fuck me.

I placed one of my hands against the locker and then twisted my body and reached
around to grab for his ass to pull him deeper in me. What I found instead though
was better than I could have imagined. Ted was fucking me and he was still
wearing his jock. He hadn’t taken it off. It was still pulled down and hooked
under his balls as he fucked my ass. My body shuddered at that thought. I
wrapped my hand around the waistband, giving me something to really grip, and
started pulling him toward me.

“Come on, Ted! Fuck me! Harder!”

“Oh, you asked for it now.”

He tightened his grip on my hips and used his strength to pull me back on to his
cock. At the same time he thrust his hips forward with such force he almost
caused me to go crashing in to the locker in front of me. The sound of the slap
as his flesh hit mine was almost deafening.

Ted kept up the pace and he was really pounding my ass. The slapping sounds
became almost hypnotic and heightened the whole experience. The nails on his
hands were digging in my skin at my waist and I knew I would likely be marked
later, but I didn’t care. It was worth it.

Then Ted stopped with his thrusting and stepped in really close to me. He
wrapped his arms around my chest, crossing them over, with each hand coming to
rest on my shoulders, pulling me against him. Then, with my body firmly in his
grip, he pulled me back on to his cock and thrust forward, completely impaling
me. I screamed at the pleasure that surged through my body. He may not have had
the longest dick, but his good six and a half inches, combined with his
thickness speared straight through me, hitting my spot. It had me standing on
tiptoes, my entire body rigid and my breath catching in my throat.

Ted continued the deep thrusts in to my ass until my chest was heaving with the
breaths that made my whole body tremble. If anyone had heard my breathing at
that moment they would have thought I just come off the field from playing a
full game with the team. Then in one swift move Ted pulled his dick completely
out of my ass and spun me around.

I stood gasping for breath with my back against the lockers. Ted smiled and put
his hands on my shoulders, pinning me back against the cold metal and attacking
my mouth with his. His hard, covered dick rubbed against mine and we moaned in
to each other’s mouth.

With our lips still connected, Ted picked me up and wrapped my legs around his
waist. Instinctively I threw my arms around his shoulders and held on. He
managed to get his big arms under my knees with his hands resting on my ass and
then he lifted me that little bit higher so his dick was rubbing against my ass
again, sliding up and down my crack as he thrust upwards and kept rocking me
gently. I was going up and down in time with his thrusts, so that when he
lowered me, his cock slid up the length of my crack and then he moved his hips
back and lifted me up and was drawn back down until his cock was poking me just
behind my balls. It was so hot.

His dick then started poking at my hole without slipping back in and I realised
that Ted didn’t have a free hand since he was holding me up so he couldn’t
position his cock in the right place for re-entry. Keeping one arm wrapped
around his shoulder, I reached down and took hold of his dick, aiming it at my
hole. I looked Ted straight in the eye and saw his huge smile as he lowered me
down and his thick cock stretched me wide as it slid back in to my depths.

I threw my arm back around his shoulder and linked them around his neck, leaning
in to kiss him as he bottomed out in me again. I was completely off the floor,
supported by Ted’s immense strength, my body impaled on his dick.

We looked at each other again and nodded to signal that we were both ready. Ted
then lifted me up, and I helped him by using my arms around his shoulders to
pull my body up and then we both lowered my ass down as he thrust up to meet me.
Oh God it was amazing.

As I rose up it pulled his cock out of my ass until just the thick head remained
inside. Then when I went back down the whole length of the cock was driven back
inside me.

The movements started slowly, we were just testing how the position worked, but
when we both realised it was a good one we worked together to pick up the pace
so that Ted was really fucking my ass. Driving me down on to his cock as it
sliced its way through me.

Ted continued to saw his thick cock in and out of me in that position. I clung
to his big body as his cock started to do a number on me. I buried my head in
his neck to muffle the screams and moans that were escaping my mouth as Ted
pummelled me.

After another minute or two Ted started to slow down. I moved back so I could
look in his eyes and then leaned down to kiss him.

“You getting tired?” I asked.

“My cock isn’t, but my arms are,” Ted smiled.

I laughed at that. “Let’s change position then.”

Gently, Ted lifted me up and pulled his cock from my ass with a popping sound. I
felt empty without him in me. He lowered me down to the ground so I was standing
again and then pulled me in to a hot kiss.

We stood just holding each other for a moment and then I removed myself from his
arms and walked over to one of the benches, climbed up on to it on my hands and
knees and waved my ass in the air in his direction.

“Come get it, stud,” I teased.

“I’m gonna fuck you so good now, Colt,” Ted said with pure lust in his deep

I heard his bare feet slapping against the floor and then one of his big hands
pushed down on my back. When my ass was in the right position he leaned over
slightly, took hold of two coat hooks either side of him and used them to pull
himself forward, burying his dick inside my ass in one swift thrust. I screamed
and threw my head back in pleasure.

Ted didn’t pause this time. I think he knew we had fucked enough that my ass was
used to his cock and was ready for the real fuck to begin. His thrusts came fast
and hard, our flesh slapping together as Ted continued to drive forward. I was
using my position on my hands and knees to rock my ass back on to his cock for
maximum penetration.

For the first real time Ted showed a little bit of aggression when he took one of
his hands off the coat hooks and slapped my ass cheek. Damn, it made me jump and
yelp. I wasn’t expecting it, but it felt so good. It just heightened the pleasure I
was already feeling as his fat cock ploughed in to me. With his hands being so big
the spanks almost felt like they were coming from a paddle.

When the brief spanking stopped, Ted just stood still with his dick buried deep in
my ass so I continued to rock back and forth, fucking myself on his thick cock,
driving it deep inside me and arching my back when it hit my spot and sent a shiver
all the way up my spine and then back down until it made the end of my cock tingle
and pulse.

Once again, just as I was really getting in to it and feeling like I was maybe
about to cum, Ted pulled his dick out of my ass and he didn’t even wait for me to
ask him why. He flipped me over on to my back on the bench and climbed up on to it
so he was on his knees, threw my legs up on to his massive shoulders and plunged
his dick back inside me.

I let out a scream that echoed around the locker room and looked up to see a huge
smile on Ted’s face. He could see just from my expression that I loved having his
dick inside me, but my screams and moaning certainly helped.

He looked down at me and we made eye contact. It was so intense. We were locked in
such an intimate act, looking deep in to each other’s eyes, peering in to each
other’s soul. Ted never took his eyes off mine and he never let up on the deep
thrusts in to my ass.

I reached up and pulled Ted down in to a kiss. He moved on to his forearms so his
entire body was covering mine and we made out as his hips continued to drill his
dick in to my ass, though he had slowed back down, so that with the kissing it was
more like he was making love to me. This big giant of a man was making love to me.

He pulled back with a gasp, held his hand up to his lip where I had giving him a
playful bite and then a sinister grin came over his face. He leaned back, took my
ankles in his hands so I was spread eagled and started pounding me, I mean really
fucking my ass hard. His hips were crashing in to mine, his balls were bouncing off
my ass so hard it felt like someone was throwing ping pong balls at my cheeks.

“Oh shit… oh fuck…” I moaned as he quite literally fucked my brains out.

Then again before I could cum he pulled out.

“I’m close, but I want you to ride me when I cum inside you,” Ted said.

I watched as Ted lay down on the bench next to me. His big body fit on the bench
but he had to let his legs dangle over the side, which allowed him to plant his
feet on the floor. I knew I was really going to get fucked now.

I smiled and hopped up, straddling Ted’s waist as he held his glistening cock up.
Taking hold of two of the coat hooks, just like Ted had done earlier, and held on
as I lowered my ass down and Ted’s cock slipped back inside my now well fucked

We both moaned and threw our heads back. I used the hooks to pull myself up so
Ted’s cock pulled almost all the way out of my ass before I sat back down quickly,
forcing him back inside me. Ted gasped and gripped my hips tightly as I continued
to do that.

Eventually Ted got tired of me just rising up and then lowering myself back down on
his cock, softly riding him, so he used his strength to start bouncing me up and
down on his cock, lifting me off it and then pulling my back down. His dick was
corkscrewing its way inside me, especially when he started to rotate his hips and
drive them upwards.

The feet he had planted on the floor then finally came in to use and he pushed off
the ground, thrusting up that bit harder in to my ass as he drilled his fat cock up
in to me and pulled me down hard so he continued to bury himself balls deep in my

It was all too much. I started panting and moaning and then they both turned in to
screams as Ted’s thick dick assaulted my spot and finally took me over the edge. I
didn’t even touch my cock, I was still clinging on to the coat hooks, when my dick
exploded, firing a massive load all over Ted’s body, with one shot landing directly
on his lip. I groaned and came some more as I saw him extend his tongue to lick up
my cum and then visibly savouring the taste now in his mouth.

“Oh fuck!” Ted screamed during my orgasm. “Your ass is squeezing my cock so tight,
I can’t hold off any longer.”

And then he buried himself fully inside me and I felt his dick pulsing as it
unloaded shot after shot of his stud cum directly in to the condom and he continued
to scream.

As we were both coming down from amazing orgasms, I collapsed on to Ted’s chest and
he wrapped his big arms around me. I lay panting against his chest and he kissed
the top of my head affectionately as I found myself thinking that Chase would shit
himself if he knew Ted had just fucked the cum out of me.

I lifted my head and ran my hand over his strong chest, leaning up to kiss him as
his cock softened and slipped out of my ass. We continued to make out for another
few minutes and then I pulled back to look in his eyes.

“Thank you,” Ted smiled.

“The pleasure was all mine,” I smiled back.

I pulled myself up off his body and saw that I had plastered him with my cum, he
was covered in it. Then I looked down at his limp dick, which still looked damn
thick, and only now realised that he was still wearing his jock. It had been pulled
down and tucked behind his balls the entire time he had been inside me. Something
about that thought was so hot, and, had I not just shot off such an enormous load,
I may have found myself getting hard again.

Ted slowly stood up and removed the condom, tossing it in to one of the trash cans
in the locker room. Then he walked over to me, took me in his arms and kissed me

“I guess I’d better get that shower I was supposed to have forty minutes ago. Maybe
we can shower together and then I’ll help you clean this place up,” Ted said.

“Sounds great to me,” I smiled.

I quickly grabbed a towel and managed to whip Ted right on his big muscular ass. He
let out a pained yelp and his eyes went wide.

“Oh you’re gonna pay for that fucker!” he chuckled.

He pulled off his jock, grabbed a towel and raced towards me. Having no other
choice I turned around and ran as fast as I could in to the showers but I knew Ted
was right behind me…


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