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Not long after we returned to our chairs on the beach, Wes, Casey, Aiden and I decided we’d had enough sun
and fun for the day. Before leaving, PJ asked for my number. I gave it to him and got his number as well.

We threw our things in the trunk. “Guys, I have to apologize for today,” Casey said.

“It was fine,” I stated.

“Maybe for you,” Wes said.

“I’m sorry,” Aiden said. “Austin said it would be fun. However, it wasn’t a total loss, huh Jason?”

I smiled, “I did meet a nice guy.”

“We got the lowdown for ya,” Casey said, getting in car. Again, Wes and I were in the backseat.

“Yeah Jason, PJ is a reformed party boy, you might say. Kyle was telling us how wild he used to be but now
he’s the exact opposite,” Aided said as we drove off.

“Kyle said PJ has his own house. It’s a repo that he fixed up. He hears it’s pretty sweet. I bet you’ll
find out,” Casey said. “Seriously, the rest of them were dicks. Austin’s boyfriend Bracy was the fucking
worst. Aiden, what does he see in him?”

Aiden threw up his arms, “Beats me, but I agree. Kyle is cute, but damn he was cocky. That Joe was just
weird, but then again they may have thought the same thing about me.”

“Y’all didn’t know them?” Wes asked.

“We knew their names from going out, but that’s about it,” Aiden said. “I’d really like to hang out with
Austin more, but we’re not if we have to be around the rest of them.”

We headed back to our place about 15 minutes away. Wes and I thanked them for taking us and they promised
next time we’d go it alone rather than meeting up with Aiden’s so called friends. We headed inside the

“Wonder how much sun I got?” Wes asked and pulled down his shorts just a little. “A bit, huh?”

“Maybe a little, but you’ve got a ways to go,” I said and checked out my tan. It was okay. “Wes, before we
go any further we need to get something straight…”

“I’m sorry I pissed you off in the water.”

“I was pissed, but stop trying so hard. Be yourself. I can see how much you want us to be better friends
and make this experience fun.”

“I am being myself, Jason.”

“Just let things happen naturally and don’t force shit, okay? There’s nothing worse than when someone goes
overboard trying to win a friendship. When you’re you, everything is just fine, but when you try to do shit
you go too far,” I said.

“Okay, I’ll try,” he said, heading to the fridge for some water. 

“Good. Let me know when I overstep my boundaries too,” I said.

“I will. So you think I’m trying too hard? I was just trying to show you I have nothing against you being

“I saw that when you insisted we room together. I had it in my head I’d be alone,” I said and went to get
some water as well.

Wes took a big drink, “Honestly Jason, if there had been anyone else I’d have asked them, but there wasn’t.
Nothing against you personally, but…”

“I know what you mean. It’s just odd that we’d basically be stuck together. Like I said, we could have
roomed alone,” I said and took a drink.

“I thought of that as well but I’d get bored and do stupid shit,” Wes said.

We had to change out of our swim attire and change into something more comfortable and drier. Just as I
finished my phone started to ring. I looked at it and didn’t know the number. It hit it could be PJ so I
answered and heard his voice. He began saying how great it was to meet me and then proceeded to ask if I
was busy this Saturday night. He wanted to invite me to his house for a small cookout with Wes invited as
well. I left my room and headed out to find Wes. He popped out of his room in his shorts. I told him what
the deal was. He smiled and agreed to go with me. I told PJ we would be there, with PJ saying his sister
and a few of her friends were coming as well. My only problem was I didn’t know his address. He would text
me after we finished so I could input it in my phone’s GPS. He did tell me to bring swimming stuff since he
had a pool as well. 

I finished and informed Wes what PJ had told me. “Jason, tell me his sister is single,” Wes said.

“PJ didn’t say one way or the other, but now we have to find where he lives,” I said.

I got PJ’s text and mapped it out on my phone. It didn’t look like the hardest place to find. A few minutes
later, he called to see if I needed any help finding his place and gave me a couple of landmarks to go by.
While he was on the phone he said that I could ask Casey and Aiden to join us if I wanted to and to bring
what we wanted to drink. I said goodbye and told Wes the added news. Wes rolled his eyes but said it
wouldn’t hurt, plus they might be more familiar with the area. I headed next door and found Casey and Aiden
watching TV. They said they didn’t have plans and would be happy to go. 

Within the hour, the four of us were off to PJ’s house for what he said would be a small cookout. 

“Jason, if I didn’t know better I’d think PJ wants some of your ass,” Aiden said and laughed.

“You think?” Wes laughed, driving. “He barely knows Jason and already has invited him to eat.”

“Maybe he’s being nice,” I said.

“Jason, are you attracted to him?” Casey asked.

“Ummm… I am, and I would like to get to know him better. The last thing I imagined was finding someone on
my second day here,” I replied.

“Lucky son of a bitch,” Wes laughed.

“Be happy for him,” Aiden said. “From what I gathered PJ is a nice guy. In the gay world sometimes those
are hard to find.”

“How’d Casey find you?” Wes asked and laughed.

“Turn right here!” I shouted. Wes slammed on his brakes and nearly sent me through the front glass, even
though I had my seatbelt on. We turned right and continued until finding a store to buy some beverages for
the night. 

We continued on and turned into PJ’s subdivision. It was easy to see how most homes looked the same with
very little difference between them. We made a left and went to the end of the cul-de-sac. Wes parked on
the street with two other cars in the drive. The house looked nice from the outside when we got out.

“Whoa Jason, you may have scored big time,” Wes said.

“It looks pretty nice. How in the hell does he afford it?” Casey asked.

“It was a repo so he must have got a good deal,” Aiden said.

We rang the doorbell and waited. 

“How funny would it be if this was the wrong house?” Wes commented.

The door opened. We were at the right house, with PJ standing there with his shorts sagging low and showing
the top of his underwear. He greeted us and thanked us for coming. The front doorway opened up to a nice
size living room. It was easy to notice the very intricate tile work on the floor. 

“Nice place,” Casey said. “You live here alone?”

“I do. I moved in about three months ago,” PJ replied. “It shredded to hell when I bought it. That happens
when you get a repo.”

“Damn nice kitchen,” Wes said with his head and eyes looking all around.

“Thank you,” PJ said.

“Man, this is impressive,” I said. “Look at all the nice tile work.”

PJ laughed, “Well, it is what I do for a living for the most part.”

“That takes some talent,” I said.

“I would show you my bedroom but it’s a wreck right now,” PJ said.

“Oh, I’m sure Jason will see it soon enough,” Wes said.

PJ laughed while I shook my head.

Out the rear was the pool area. There were already four people there. PJ slid open the glass doors with
their heads turning. The smell of the grill hit my nose along with more great detailed tile and stone work
surrounding the pool and hot tub. The pool was really nice, set in a large area since the home was at the
end of the street. There were only woods behind it, though there were homes on both sides of the high
wooden fence.

PJ proceeded to slowly introduce us rather than quickly ramble off names and point. His sister Jennifer was
cute with short blonde hair. Her two friends were Sonia and Lea, with all three in bikinis. Lea’s boyfriend
Travis was there with them. It left Sonia, a brunette, and Jennifer to fight over Wes. 

Travis extended his hand and welcomed us. He had brown hair and was a big guy with broad shoulders, hairy
chest, goatee and a large tattoo on his right upper arm. “I hope you guys brought something to drink cause
we don’t share,” he said with a beer in his right hand.

“We did,” Wes said. “Speaking of, I could use one about now.”

“Me too,” Casey said. They headed inside while I stood with PJ. 

Jennifer and Sonia walked up to us. “PJ, if this is the guy, you did okay,” Jennifer said.

“He’s just a guy I really just met. So leave it at that,” PJ said.

“You must like him or else you wouldn’t have invited him over,” Jennifer said. “Now is your friend gay or

“Girl, you are desperate,” Sonia said.

“Wes is straight,” I replied.

“You and Sonia can fight over him,” PJ said. “See, I was thinking of you gals too.”

“No fighting since Sonia has a boyfriend,” Jennifer said. “All you were thinking about was how cute Jason

PJ began walking to the grill with me right behind him. He opened it to turn the burgers and chicken. Wes
and Casey walked out with Wes handing me a beer.

Wes pulled off his shirt to show his thin body and walked over to the grill, “Need any help, PJ?”

“Ummm… I didn’t invite you over to help, but it would be great. I need to get inside and finish up with the
other stuff for the burgers,” PJ replied.

“I’ll man it for sure while you and Jason head inside,” Wes said.

“Don’t worry. Wes loves to cook,” I said.

PJ and I headed back in the house while the others were either in the pool or sitting on the edge. PJ shut
the door and went to his kitchen. “Jason, thanks for coming over. I really hope you don’t think I’m being
too forward with you by asking you over so soon.”

“I don’t mind at all and you’re not being too forward. It is a nice way to get to know each other and see
if it could lead to something more.”

“Okay then,” he said and began pulling things from his refrigerator. He let me help by cutting up a tomato
while he did an onion. 

The door opened. Jennifer stuck her head inside, “Can we play some music out here?”

“You could if it was hooked up. I need to have it worked on,” PJ replied.

“Wes says if you want cheese then the burgers are pretty close,” Jennifer said and shut the door.

“If nothing else, Wes is happier now with two girls here,” I commented.

“Jennifer is happier too. We both need good men in our lives,” PJ said and reached for some American
cheese. “Jason, her last relationship was shitty. I don’t know if the dude ever hit her but he was so
abusive to her.”

“That’s a shame. I don’t think Wes is like that, but I don’t know him that well,” I said and took the
cheese. I headed out the door and handed the cheese to Wes, with Jennifer and Sonia sitting near him. Casey
and Aiden were in the pool, swimming with Travis while Lea sat on the edge.

“The burgers should be done in about four minutes, but it takes longer for chicken,” Wes stated.

“PJ should have everything ready by then,” I said and headed inside.

We opened the chips and began carrying things out. Wes took the buns and put them on the grill to toast
them a little. He cut into one burger and saw it needed a few more minutes to be fully cooked. PJ pulled up
chairs and found a table to put everything on. 

Wes finished off the burgers and announced they were ready. We waited a few more minutes until the chicken
was finished. We got our plates and fixed what we cared to eat. 

“Man, these are fucking perfect,” Travis stated after one bite. “Jennifer needs to latch on to this man
that can grill.”

“And cook too,” I added after swallowing the first bite of the juicy burger. “Wes, these are fire.”

“I know where we’re eating from now on,” Aiden said. “Casey’s cooking sucks.”

“So does yours,” Casey said.

Travis laughed, “Funny how we have four gay dudes yet the straight guy here is the one that can cook.”

“Because it was either learn or starve my ass off,” Wes said.

“He looks like he did starve his ass off,” Jennifer said. “All you guys need to put on a little weight…
well all but you Travis.”

“This shit right here is well earned,” Travis said hitting his stomach. 

“More like from shoveling so much food into it,” Lea stated.

We laughed and continued to eat. It did taste great and really hit the spot along with the chips PJ had for
us. Wes, Casey and Travis went for another since there were extras. It was a nice night out with the bug
zapper working in full force. I finished up and headed towards the bathroom. PJ directed me to the guest
one. I returned and grabbed another beer to sip on while we talked. So far, things were going great. I had
really enjoyed being around PJ but didn’t want to get too far ahead of myself. He was different than any of
my previous real boyfriends in that he was rather normal. One was really feminine acting yet crazy about
sex, while the other one was freakish with lots of ink and piercings. It could have been they were
attracted to me and I yearned for their attention, or at least that’s what a few of my friends told me.

I returned and sat around, mostly listening to them chatter with PJ next to me. The door opened while we
were sitting around. A black guy walked out and headed towards Sonia. We were promptly introduced to David.
He grabbed the last burger and took a seat. 

Shortly thereafter, PJ motioned with his head and asked, “You wanna swim a little?”

“Sounds good to me,” I said and stood. I took off my shirt and tossed it on the tile with Aiden following
us. I dove in and felt the warm water. I swam to the shallow end and watched PJ dive in. He was a great
diver and emerged right next to me. Aiden followed up with Wes and Jennifer coming to get in as well. Wes
stood at end and dove in, or at least that what he called it. His legs were spread apart and almost did a
flip. He came up laughing.

“Okay, I suck at diving,” Wes said.

“That’s an understatement,” Jennifer said and dove in. 

“Man, if I had a pool, I’d be out here 24/7,” Aiden said, wading next to us.

“You say that, but this is only the second time I’ve been in here,” PJ said. “I have lay out, but not
jumped in.”

“That’s why I called and said have this, little did I know what else was in store,” Jennifer said. “PJ has
been a hermit lately.”

“It’s better than going out and fucking up like I used to,” PJ said. “There comes a time when you just have
to get stuff in order.”

“PJ, you were a party boy?” Wes asked even, though we had heard he was.

“Yes I was. My sister can very well attest to that,” PJ said.

“I can. He was a mess but he’s straightened his life up and got a really nice house now,” Jennifer said.

“I’ll say,” Wes said.

We stayed around in the pool and talked more before Casey walked over and joined us. Soon, Travis, Lea,
David and Sonia were leaving while we were now out of the pool. We said goodbye to them and they thanked PJ
for having them. We got out with daylight now gone. Instead of beer, I grabbed some water seeing how Wes
was on his fourth or fifth one.

“PJ, we need to go sit in that hot tub,” Wes said.

“That ain’t a bad idea,” PJ said. We headed over and found it was plenty big enough for the six of us. 

“Damn some people have all the luck,” Casey stated.

“Ain’t that the truth?” Wes said. “PJ got a fucking sweet ass house, nice pool and a kick ass hot tub. This
is the life if you ask me.”

PJ snickered, “I guess it is, but it is better with people around to enjoy it with me.”

“Just say the word,” Aiden said. “I told ya I’d be here.”

“PJ, you’ve bitched nonstop about not having any good friends. I think you might have just stumbled on to
some by sheer luck,” Jennifer said.

Wes put his arm around Jennifer while we were soaking in the warm water. He motioned with his head at me. I
discretely slid my left arm around PJ and felt my hand hit his shoulder. He turned his head and smiled at
me while sliding his right arm around my waist.

“You know this is kinda romantic, even though there are six of us in here,” Wes said. “How do the lover
boys like it?”

“If four people would leave, it’d be a hell of a lot better,” Casey replied.

“Jennifer, what’s it like having a gay brother?” Wes asked.

“It’s cool with me that he is. I’ve never had a problem with it,” she replied.

“She knew first,” PJ said. “I told her my senior year of high school.”

“Funny, but that’s when I came out, too,” Casey said.

“That’s really awesome,” Wes said. Jennifer leaned over and kissed him. Wes cut his eyes in my direction
while kissing her.

I took the clue and turned to kiss PJ. PJ was a great kisser and really seemed to want me to do it. It was
hot as hell, even though we weren’t alone. We broke the kiss and looked around to see four people staring
straight at us.

“Way to go, PJ,” Jennifer said.

“Look who’s talking,” PJ said.

We sat around just a little bit longer before taking a seat outside. We let our swim stuff dry a little
while Casey, Wes and PJ had another beer. 

About 10:30 or so, we decided to head home for the night. I grabbed Wes’s keys from him and knew he had a
few too many. 

“What a fucking night?” Wes asked loudly.

“How about day?” Casey asked. “Jason, were you expecting this shit when you got up this morning?”

“Oh of course I was. I fully expected to meet a really hot guy at the beach, go to his house and kiss him.
Doesn’t everybody?” I replied.

“Thanks for meeting him,” Wes said while I navigated his car. 

“I can just see it now. Jason is in one room fucking the brother while Wes is in the other fucking the
sister,” Aiden said.

“We can damn sure hope. Can’t we, Jay?” Wes said.

“We can,” I replied. “Let’s not get too far ahead though.”

“Jason, he wants that dick,” Casey said. “I know when a gay dude wants dick.”

“When’s that, Casey?” Wes asked while I was driving home and trying to remember each turn.

“I’ll answer that. When the dude whispers in your ear he wants fucked,” Aiden said and laughed.

“You know then without a doubt,” I said.

“Jason, tell me no dude has ever said that to you,” Wes said.

“I’d be lying out my ass if I didn’t,” I replied and laughed.

“Gay guys are the horniest motherfuckers on this planet,” Wes said loudly.

“Tell me you wouldn’t have fucked Jennifer if she’d asked,” Casey said.

“I would have, but she didn’t,” Wes said.

We made it back safe and sound to our apartments. Wes and I said good night to our new friends and went
inside our cool apartment. Wes quickly turned down the air.

“So how’d I do tonight? Was I trying too hard?” Wes asked and walked up to me. He put his arm around me so
I knew he was feeling great.

“You did great. Hell, we both did great,” I replied and could smell the beer on him. “However, I don’t want
to go too fast.”

“You know buddy, I agree. No sense in falling for the first piece of ass that comes our way,” he said and
started laughing, taking a seat. “I guess that does apply to both of us. More you than me.”

I laughed, “It’s just an expression that does apply to gay guys more than straight guys.”

“I guess it’s better than saying piece of pussy,” Wes laughed. “Jason, tell me you’ve had pussy before, and
I don’t mean boy pussy either.”

“Yes, I’ve fucked a girl, and more than once to make damn sure I didn’t like it,” I said. 

“I don’t see how any guy can say that,” Wes said.

“That’s what makes us fucking gay more than anything else,” I laughed.

“I guess so,” Wes said.

“Wes, I’m calling it a night,” I said.

“No problem. I’ll see ya in the morning.”

I headed to my room and threw off my clothes. So far, things were moving rather fast, but I had to remember
the purpose for being here, a new job. Thinking of it reminded me that I needed to grab a few more pairs of
slacks and dress shirts or I’d be wearing the same combination very often. I had waited until I was here
since I knew there was an outlet mall within five or ten miles of my place and even closer to work.

Just before falling asleep I got a text from my younger brother, Nick. “Hope you’re doing okay in your new
place. Call me when you can.” I smiled and was glad to hear from him. I returned the message, “Good to hear
from ya. I’ll talk to ya tomorrow.”

After a nice night of sleep, I was up about 8. I hated being up so early and knew it was my last day to
sleep before beginning my job. I threw on my shorts and tank top and grabbed my iPhone this time to listen
to music while I jogged/ran. It was a fairly nice Sunday morning with a few scattered clouds floating
above. Running was a nice way to get my blood pumping, even though I did prefer bike riding but didn’t have
one at the moment. There were a few others like myself running along the back streets to begin their day.
Near the end I remembered there was a bakery so I had my wallet as well to get breakfast. I disliked being
sweaty but had no other choice. After grabbing a few pastries, I jogged slowly back to our apartment a few
long blocks away.

I opened the door and saw Wes sitting on the couch watching a movie in his plaid boxers. He saw I had a bag
in my hand and smiled. “Tell me you didn’t go in hot and sweaty?”

“I did and remembered that right when I walked in the door,” I said.

He took the bag and liked what he saw inside. “Man, I looked to have never got to sleep last night.
Jennifer called me and wouldn’t hang up.”

“I’d say that was your own fault there,” I laughed.

“I know, but I didn’t want to be rude,” Wes said. “Damn, we made one hell of a first impression on her and

“You think?” I asked and smiled. I threw off my sweaty tank top before diving into a pastry. I grabbed some
juice from the fridge and poured some for us. 

“Jason, she wants me to go over to her place this afternoon,” Wes said while taking the glass of orange
juice. “Is that cool with you?”

“Of course.”

“Maybe you and PJ can do something together as well.”

“Maybe. I do need to go shopping…”


“I need some clothes for work. I was waiting until I got here to buy some more,” I replied.

“Call PJ and ask him to go with ya. Gay guys love shopping.”

“Some, not all,” I stated. “I might do that so we can be alone and get to know each other a little more.”

“Someone wants some dick,” Wes said.

“Someone wants some pussy too,” I said and laughed.

“Fuck yeah!” Wes said.


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