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Exiting PJ’s bedroom about 9 on Sunday here in the middle of June, I heard the TV on and knew it wasn’t on
Saturday night. A head turned my way and smiled. It was Jimmy. He waved and nodded. My head was throbbing
but it was nothing too awful after a fun night. I looked and looked in PJ’s cabinets until finally finding
some ibuprofen.

“Hey, bring me some of those, Jason,” Jimmy turned and must have heard the bottle.

“We’ll all need these,” I stated and walked over with the bottle. Jimmy downed the two pills without water.
“Last night was a lot of fun.”

“It was. It ended well too, as I’m sure your night did.”

“The night ended perfectly for me and PJ,” I said and playfully slapped his bare leg, with him naked as I

“The last thing I expected was to stay here all night,” Jimmy said. “Needless to say, I wasn’t prepared.”

“I understand completely. That’s why I offered,” I said since I did given him two condoms to use. “I see
you’re enjoying your freedom.”

“Logan and I do around the apartment in the mornings when we can. I bet you don’t much.”

“Well, I haven’t been there that much except on weekdays. Last weekend I wanted to stay here but this
weekend I really only planned on one night. Boy was I wrong.”

“You and PJ seem very happy together.”

“I’m very happy and didn’t expect to be in a relationship so quickly, but that’s just how it works out. Did
you have another boyfriend before Logan?”

“I did for about four months. He was my first but I knew he wasn’t right for me. I was single for about a
year before I said what the hell I’ll try online dating.”

“It worked.”

“It’s been great. Actually Logan had met another guy on there but only went on a few dates before I saw his
ad and replied,” Jimmy said.

“Do your parents like him?”

“They haven’t met him. Ever since I came out, about four years ago, things haven’t been that great between
us, including with my older sister. We’re cordial now but they won’t admit I’m gay.”

“So no call to Dad today, huh?”

“I’ll call, but it will be general stuff like how’s Mom. Never will I mention Logan. I have met his
parents. They’re really nice people. So your parents are okay with you?”

“They are very accepting, as is my brother. Matter of fact, he’s coming here for the Fourth,” I replied.

“That’s awesome, Jason. Is he gay too?”

“No, one gay person in the family is enough,” I laughed.

It was great talking to Jimmy and really getting to know him. PJ was up next and came to join us before
Aiden and Casey emerged from their room. Logan was the last to wake up. We were one rough looking bunch of
guys with stubble on our faces and our hair a mess. 

Aiden and Casey didn’t stick around very long before they left. 

“Maybe we should go as well,” Logan said.

“You don’t have to. You’re more than welcome to stick around and lay out with Jason and me,” PJ said.

Jimmy looked at Logan and said, “What else do we have to do? We can stay unless you don’t feel like it.”

“I’m fine. I suppose you still will have company?” Logan said.

“PJ is having a family dinner tonight so it won’t be that long,” I said and knew he was going to his
parent’s for dinner this Father’s Day.

“It’ll be perfect, plus I wasn’t quite ready to put on any clothes just yet,” Jimmy said with a big smile.

After finding something to eat, we went out to the pool to hang out while we could on this nice sunny day.
Spending a little time alone talking with Jimmy was great. He was a very nice guy and someone I could enjoy
hanging around with. He and Logan looked so happy together while lying close to each other in the chairs.
PJ had been rather quiet so far but it was evident the night had taken its toll on him. I leaned over and
gave him a soft kiss only to have him pull me closer for more.

“I needed that,” he said.

“I did as well,” I said and ran my hand down his flat stomach.

The four of us hit the water and swam around a little to cool off more than anything.

“Jimmy can vouch for me on this but it’s been a long time since I’ve drank as much as I did last night. I
can see why now,” Logan said while we relaxed in the shallow end of the pool.

“Well… not for me, but it was a special occasion, graduation,” I said.

“It’s been a while for me too. Damn Casey really put ‘em away,” PJ said.

“He did,” Jimmy said. “PJ, I heard you mention drugs… Was it alcohol too?”

“Jimmy, it was everything, but more of a drug problem,” PJ replied.

“Very big of you to admit you were a recovering drug addict,” Logan said.

“I’ll always be one for the rest of my life. These last few weeks have given me a renewed vigor for life.
It is mostly because of Jason here,” PJ said.

“And the friends you’re making,” I added. 

“Jason, I can really see why you enjoy being a nudist. Once you get adjusted it’s no big deal. I’m sure
it’d be a little different when there are females around,” Jimmy stated.

“It is, but you grow accustomed to them as well,” I stated. 

“I suppose it’s settled, Jimmy. Consider us going next weekend with them,” Logan said.

“I love you so much,” Jimmy said and kissed Logan.

“That’s awesome. We’ll have a great time,” PJ stated. “I was wondering since you two seem pretty normal.
When did you know you wanted to move in together?”

“When I hated waking up without him,” Logan replied. “Are you considering it?”

“No, but a gauge, more or less,” PJ replied. “I know Jason will not at this time.”

“In my last relationship I moved in with him after knowing him two weeks,” Logan stated. “He was ten years
older than I was. I was at the point in my life where I enjoyed being with older men. For one reason, my
father left me, my mom and sister at a young age.”

“Looking for a father figure?” PJ asked.

“I was and found it,” Logan replied.

“I see it didn’t work out,” I said. “Care to say what happened?”

“I grew up for one,” Logan laughed. “We lived together for over a year. Towards the end he became very
dominating and demanding like he owned my ass.”

“Now you’re with a younger man,” I said with a big smile. “Like PJ is.”

“I’m just three years old than you,” PJ said.

“Now I’m with someone I truly care about and love. Jimmy is a very special person.”

“That’s so awesome,” I said.

We continued to be lazy for the rest of the day. When we spotted dark clouds moving near it was a signal
that our day by the pool was done. It was great timing as well to allow PJ to head to his parent’s house.

Jimmy and Logan headed out after dressing. We bemoaned the fact that we were clothed. Logan said he’d for
sure help where needed when PJ was ready to start construction on his pool house.

I left a few minutes later after a long goodbye kiss. It had been another great weekend with him but it was
time to head back and prepare for the work week ahead. 

Just after I stepped in the door with my stuff, the rain hit. Wes was in his usual spot in shorts and a tee
doing his normal thing. I said hi and carried my things back to my room. While I was thinking about it I
called my Dad to wish him a Happy Father’s Day. It was nice chatting with him for a short time until I had
to talk to my Mom since she was aching to speak with me. 

I came back in the living room with Wes grabbing a bite from the refrigerator. 

“How’d it go after you left last night?” I asked, kicked back.

“Man, it went really well, but my ass paid for it afterwards,” Wes replied. 

“Did you throw up?” I asked and laughed.

“Did I ever… My gut hurts from throwing up so much last night and today,” he replied and came back with
some chips and water. “How’d things go after we left?”

“Not bad at all,” I said. “I got pretty shitfaced, but nothing compared to what you did.”

“By the end I didn’t know where I was or what I was doing. Thankfully I have good friends.”

“Don’t we?”

“I know. Where were they in college? We’re living our college days now like we should have then,” Wes said.
“Except now we’re working full time and going balls to the wall on the weekend.”

“It is our first weekend to let loose a little bit,” I said and reached for the chips. “Man, I’m glad
things worked out for you at work.”

“You’re not the only one,” Wes said, crunching a chip.

With the salty chips I walked to grab some water. “The fridge is looking pretty bare,” I commented after
shutting the door.

“I realized that too,” Wes said. “We need to go grocery shopping.”

“Probably,” I said. “I really don’t like it.”

“Ummmm… Jason, I think you’re gonna have your hands full with PJ.”

“Why do you think that?”

“Let’s get real here a second. You know he has a problem…”

“I’m fully aware of that,” I said.

“Do you think he’s completely clean and sober?”

“I do, or at least I hope he is.”

“My point exactly,” Wes stated.

“Has Jennifer been saying stuff to make you think otherwise?” I asked.

“No, she hasn’t. I just know from my experience dealing with those types of people. For everyone’s sake I
hope he does stay on track. There’s never been even a hint of any drug use that I can tell by PJ. I’m
worried about you and what could happen.”

“I appreciate the concern. My biggest concern right now is how fast things are going. It’s been great, but
maybe it’s all moving too fast. He did ask Logan when he knew he wanted to live with Jimmy. I think he was
dropping a big hint, though he quickly covered his ass,” I said.

“Really what is too fast and what is too slow? I think we’re doing so well right now. You aren’t with him
every day so far…”

“Nor do I plan on being with him every day,” I said.

“You’re obviously attracted to him like I am Jennifer so I wouldn’t worry about it.”

“What? Did Jennifer start dropping hints like she was ready to live with you?”

Wes laughed, “It’d be a different story then. I’d be like you and freak the fuck out. One day maybe we will
be at that juncture. Until then, enjoy it.”

“You’re so right. I have enjoyed it immensely,” I said.

“You like the fact you can run bare ass there,” Wes laughed.

“One of the reasons,” I said and stood. I dropped my shorts to show my tanned ass. “See.”

“Fuck Jason! Pull up your shorts cause you’ve got shit on your ass,” Wes said.

“Really?” I asked and quickly pulled them up.

Wes burst out laughing. “I was kidding with you. You are getting tan.”

“I was about to head to wipe better,” I said and laughed right along with him.

Since it was raining we decided to head out and do some grocery shopping. When we arrived it appeared we
weren’t the only ones with the same idea. We were at the healthy grocery store that was a little pricey. It
was a nice feeling that we were trying our best to eat healthy despite the fact Wes could stand to put on a
few pounds. 

Wes and I were sitting in the living room after shopping and putting our groceries away when Wes got a text
from Drew. Within a few minutes, Drew, Cameron and Ryker were at our door. Drew was shirtless in his shorts
while Cameron and Ryker had on old college tees and shorts.

“Wassup?” Ryker asked with his arm spread. 

“Recovering,” Wes replied. Drew and Ryker started laughing while taking a seat.

“I heard,” I said with a big smile.

“You haven’t heard the least of it,” Ryker said, laughing and clapping his hands together. “This
motherfucker was wasted.”

“I was,” Wes said.

“I missed all the fun,” Cameron said. “Wes, you threw up on the table at the strip club?”

“Guilty as charged,” Wes said laughing.

“We had to get the hell out of there after that,” Drew laughed. “I had to pull over and let him and Lane
throw up on the way home too.”

“Wes, you can’t hold your liquor at all,” I said.

“These assholes thought it would be great if we started drinking whiskey before we went to the strip club,”
Wes said.

“We did have a good time. You missed it, Jason,” Drew said.

“Drew, are you that stupid?” Ryker asked. “I can really see Jason in a female strip club.”

“I can too,” I said. “In case you forget I’m a nudist, so that sort of thing wouldn’t thrill me at all.”

“You’re gay, too!” Wes said.

“That as well,” I laughed.

“I kinda forgot about that,” Drew laughed. “Even Lane and Owen commented how they had a good time around
you guys last night.”

“We had a good time as well,” I said.

“We all did,” Ryker said. “Honestly, this is my first experience around gay guys, but like they said, we
better get used to it. I’m trying like hell to accept you guys. I still can’t get used to seeing guys with
their arms around each other, and worse, kissing. That still freaks me the fuck out.”

“I’m not too keen on the kissing part,” Wes said. “Like today, so far I don’t look at Jason as being gay
but just a guy.”

“Thanks,” I said. “I hope it continues to be like that.”

“Is it hard being gay?” Cameron asked.

“It was at the beginning when I first accepted the fact I was. It ain’t something that happens overnight.
You don’t just wake up and say I like guys and I’m gay,” I replied.

“Drew, did your mom just wake up one morning and say she was?” Wes asked.

“No, but I didn’t see it coming. I think she knew deep inside she was a lesbian but never wanted to admit
it,” Drew said.

“She did get fucked or else your ass wouldn’t be here,” Ryker said.

“Wow, you’re a damn genius,” Drew laughed. “I suppose she was attracted to my Dad…”

“So many people get married to hide the fact they’re gay or… think maybe getting married will solve that
problem,” I said.

“That has to suck,” Cameron stated. We continued to talk.

Wes asked, “Jason, what excitement does PJ have for you this weekend?”

My eyes darted around a little, “Ummm… camping.”

“That sounds fun,” Drew said with excitement in his voice. “There’s something I haven’t done in a long

“Yeah, it would be fun,” Wes said.

“Well… we’re going to a nudist gay campground,” I said.

“Fuck that!” Wes said. “However, I’m sure you’re excited about it.”

“Really? There is such an animal out there?” Ryker asked.

“There is. It is young man’s weekend. PJ found it on the internet. We’re all going and checking it out,” I

“I can’t just see Aiden camping,” Wes said.

“Me neither,” Ryker said. “He doesn’t seem like the type that would go camping.”

“He wants to go,” I stated. “I’ve never been to a gay nudist campground but I have been to a family nudist

“I just don’t get what you see in that shit,” Ryker stated.

“I can,” Drew said. “I hope you have a good time.”

“I hope so too,” I stated.

“Sometime this week we need to catch a game,” Drew stated.

“What game?” Wes asked.

“A minor league game,” Drew replied. “They’re in town all week. It’d be a lot of fun.”

Ryker shook his head, “You can go, but I’d rather stay at home and watch fucking ice melt.”

“I’d like to go,” I said.

“See even a gay guy wants to go,” Drew said.

“Probably to check out the team in their tight pants, along with all the other guys there,” Ryker said.

“I wouldn’t mind going,” Wes said. 

“I actually don’t mind watching a game. The guys on the field and in the crowd are a bonus,” I said with a

“Why don’t we plan to go Tuesday night? I’ll ask Jennifer if she wants to go and Jason can ask PJ. Drew,
you can ask Kayly,” Wes stated.

Drew nodded his head, “Consider it a plan. We’ll leave Ryker’s ass here to watch the fucking ice melt.”

“I might go,” Ryker said. “I can watch ice melt there.”

We sat around talking until about 9 or so. I began doing some laundry while Wes was stretched out on the
couch with our visitors gone.

“Jason, are you really going to a gay nudist resort?” Wes asked while I was walking across the room.

“Yeah, why not? I fit both criteria of being gay and a nudist,” I replied.

“I just think it is odd that you’d consider such a thing,” he commented.

“PJ asked and I accepted. I don’t know what to expect. Some have the reputation of being nothing but sex. I
expect some but hope that’s not the main objective. Who knows, we may be back Saturday morning or sooner if
we don’t like it.”

“They’ll have to drag your ass away,” Wes said with a big smile.

“If it is all about sex and guys hitting on me, then they won’t have to drag my ass away. I’ll be ready.”

“You don’t like sex?” Wes asked.

“I love it, just like you and every other person I know. I don’t like when it’s crazy ass fucking like it’s
some orgy or something. To me, it has no meaning, especially when I’m just starting a relationship.”

“Say it does get wild and crazy and PJ wants to fuck around with other guys?”

“Hmmm… I don’t know. I haven’t given much thought to that.”

“Jason, don’t get me wrong, but you do think about what’s best for you and not others. I’ve noticed that
about you.”


“I wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t true,” Wes said.

Rubbing my stubbly chin I considering the criticism and then spoke, “Thank you very much for pointing that
out to me. I’ll remember that. Wes, I don’t mind at all little tips like that. I do appreciate it.”

“No problem,” he said and smiled. “You’re way better at taking shit like that than anyone else I know. You
didn’t get all up in my face.”

“It wasn’t needed. You’ve seen I will speak my mind when it is needed,” I smiled and continued on to my
room for a little peace and quiet.  I did get on my phone and enjoyed messing around on Twitter a little.

Monday I was back at work. With Cindy’s great help I was starting to feel like I was contributing a little.
It was a small step in helping her assess the needs and cost for many of the students. Slowly, everything
was beginning to make sense to me in my new job. It involved some of my financial background, along with
seeing how a university was run from behind the scenes. 

Monday night was working out with Wes, Drew and Ryker at the gym. There, like work, I was growing
accustomed to the surroundings and felt more comfortable with each trip. A few faces started to look
familiar but there was no real interaction between any of them. 

Tuesday night I was ready to enjoy a game of baseball after not going for so long. My day at work was
tiring but I was ready and raring to go. Now Wes was cheery and delighted with the fact he was working
close to home yet still learning so much at his job. PJ was coming over and going with me, plus Jimmy and
Logan were riding with us as well after I called
them Monday night to see if they were interested. I called Aiden and Casey but a minor league game didn’t
interest them at all. 

Wes left early to pick up Jennifer as most of the guys had dates or at least said they did. Jimmy and Logan
were early and grabbed a seat while we waited on PJ to arrive.  

“Jason, I’m getting excited about this weekend,” Jimmy said, dressed in his nice shorts and pullover shirt.

“I am as well. It could be a lot of fun,” I said, waiting and looking at my watch.

“I got us a tent and sleeping bags so we’re set,” Logan said.

“Yeah, I’ll need to buy a few things. The main thing is food and water,” I said.

As we were talking about the camping trip, PJ arrived and apologized for running a few minutes late. We
loaded up in his nice car and headed to the game. While we were going there, Wes called to ask where we
were. I stated we were a little late but missing the first pitch wasn’t the worst thing ever. Wes told me
where they were before hanging up.

The stadium looked really nice from the outside. We walked up and paid to enter. PJ had a vague idea where
the others were located. They were down the third base line closest to the beer garden at the park. We
grabbed some ballpark food and headed out to find them.

It wasn’t very hard since there weren’t that many people at the game. They were near the top of the small
minor league stadium. Quickly I could see Drew in his flat billed baseball cap with his arm around a very
good looking girl. Ryker was next to him with a different cap but was styled the same with the bill flat
and solid and a nice looking girl on his arm. Wes was on the other side of Drew’s girl with Jennifer while
Owen and Lane were seated next to Ryker’s girl.

“Gay boys in the back,” Ryker pointed with his beer.

“We were going,” Jimmy said and picked seats right behind Drew. I playfully slapped Ryker in the back of
the head when I went by. He turned and laughed.

Drew turned around and introduced us to Kayly and Ryker’s girl, Dara. They turned around and smiled with
the game just underway.

Jimmy leaned over, “Ummm… I don’t know much about baseball.”

“That’s okay,” I said.

PJ leaned across me, “Jason says he does.”

Once the home team came to bat there was a little excitement with a few hits and two runs scored. 

I sat eating a hot dog with some water. PJ said, “Well at least there are nice things to look at here.”

“I’ll say,” Logan said. “Lots of really cute guy are here.”

Drew turned around, “You’ve seen the hottest ones here and are sitting behind them.”

“Good thing we’re up here alone,” Owen stated. 

“I’m not stupid,” PJ said.

“Hey, how’s the pool house plans coming?” Drew asked PJ.

“I just finished up,” PJ said with excitement. “It may be a little bigger than I anticipated but what the

“We’ll be ready, or at least there better be a bunch of guys ready,” Drew said.

“We will,” Wes said. 

Jennifer turned, “Since you’re going out of town we may use your pool while you’re out sunning your buns.”

The game was a lot of fun to me once the home team started scoring a bunch of runs. Drew really got into
the game while the others were more interested in the beer specials they were running. 

All of us left after the seventh inning with the game well in hand. 

“So how’d you guys like it?” I asked once we were in the car.

“It was okay, but the eye candy there was to die for,” Jimmy replied. “I’ve never seen so many cute
straight guys in one place. Something about sports brings out the hotness in them.”

“I agree,” PJ said. “Even the younger guys that looked like they were in high school were fucking hot.”

“Now you see why I like going to games,” I said.


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