12:00 AM
As midnight began, Jess led Scott into Colt’s house, pulling him back into one of the rooms that were just being used as storage for storage
of the many wedding presents. Jess was so hungry for Scott that he barely waited to get him inside the room before he pushed him back
against a wall and attacked his lips in a hot kiss.
Scott was still slightly stunned from the impact of the wall and didn’t move as Jess made quick work of his jacket and shirt, unbuttoning
them and pulling them apart to expose the hot body beneath. Moving his head down, Jess ran his lips and the tip of his tongue over the skin
on Scott’s neck before moving down to kiss and lick his chest, playing with his nipples and gently biting them.
Hearing Scott’s moans spurred Jess on as he moved down over the cut abs and then dropped to his knees, fumbling with the button and
zipper in his desperate urge to get at what was trapped beneath. When he finally pull the pants open he gasped, seeing the tight black
boxers that were hugging Scott’s hard cock so tight, making it look enormous. Knowing that they might not have time, Jess pulled the
waistband of the boxera down and hooked them under Scott’s balls so he could feast on that beautiful cock.
All pretence had been dropped and Jess held Scott’s dick out and dove down on it, swallowing it in one lunge, burying it deep in his throat.
Scott had to lean back against the wall and hold on to Jess’s head so he didn’t collapse. Jess’s mouth felt so good on his cock and he was
lost in the feelings being created by his lover who was begging to bob up and down on his dick, working him perfectly. He was moaning and
groaned, bucking his hips slightly to fuck Jess’s face, feeling the cum bubbling up in his balls. He was about to cum.
“Scott?” someone called.
“Fuck!” Scott moaned quietly before calling out, “yeah?”
“Can you come outside? We need you.”
Scott closed his eyes and cursed as he pushed Jess’s head off his cock, just as it was throbbing and about to explode. He bent down and laid
the most passionate kiss of his life on his lover’s lips, looking deep into his eyes. “We’ll finish this later. I’m gonna fuck you so good and fill
your ass so full of cum I’ll be leaking out of you for days.”
Jess was still on his knees, panting, as Scott quickly rearranged himself, fastened all his buttons and pulled up his zipped, running a hand
through his hair to check that he looked like nothing had happened and then he walked back out to see what he was needed for.
Scott left the room, regretfully and looked at his watch, and he realized it was time for the wedding to end, the band was scheduled until
12:15. He reached Cord, who had called him, and he told him the band was finished after this song.
Scott went to where the band was playing and told them to play one last  slow song, to end the night on a romantic feel. They agreed. Scott
grabbed the microphone from the lead band member and got the guests attention. Matt and Corey were in the middle of the dance floor
with Corey and Colt and the rest of their friends.
“Hello, can Corey and Matt please join me up here.” They did as they were told. Jess had joined Colt and Kris in the center of dance floor
with Cord and Reese and some others.
Scott spoke again, “Unfortunately, this will be the last song of the night; and before the band plays that number. Corey and Matt had some
quick remarks to make.”
Matt grabbed the mic from his friend, and Scott hugged him.
“Well, I wanted to thank you all for making this night a true celebration. Corey and I are very happy that all our friends from the past and
present can be here tonight. Although, we were originally married in New York, Corey and I are happy to say this party was better than
anything we could have imagined, because all of you were here.”
Corey spoke next, “As well, we would like our mothers for toasting with great words, we know how hard it might have been to say that.”
Matt knew that Corey was speaking to Marie just then. Corey looked at her and the continued, “We want to thank Kris and Colt for those
thrilling speeches, and how they weren’t that embarrassing. Scott you managed to pull off this most amazing affair. And Cord, you and Toni
sang beautifully tonight. Also, words need to go out to JJ and Tanner, Parker and Yancy and everybody else who spoke during the ceremony.
Matt and I talked those comments really moved us. Well we agreed like in our marriage my husband would get the last word”
Matt spoke again with the mic, “Well, thank you all again for coming, you made to gay guys very happy.”
With that, the band leader started to play, “Here Comes The Sun,” from the Beatles. Corey and Matt, Kris and Colt, Scott and Jess and
everybody else grabbed a partner and danced through the beautiful, as Cord’s voice was heard singing the lyrics.
The wedding was reaching its conclusion, at the hospital Derek was smiling. He was sitting in a hospital bed with Derek and Rick around
“So, it was a false alarm.”  Samuel stated, skeptical about the results. Derek had just finished telling everything the doctor had told him.
However, his disease was rare, but well researched. That it isn’t uncommon for Derek to get flu symptoms, faint spells and moments of
pure energy. However, the doctors never experienced them all happening on the same night.
“Yes, love.” Derek smiled again, “The doctors said it was a false alarm; there is nothing wrong with me.”
“Then why are they keeping you overnight for observation. Why can’t I take you home?”
Rick laughed, “Dad, you do have a horrible bedside manner, not to mention cannot cook chicken noodle soup to save your life.” Derek joined
in Rick’s laugher, and after a minute Samuel succumbed to infectious laughter.

After that subsided, Derek turned to the man he loved more than anything right now. “Love, they are just taking a precaution is all. Please
don’t worry.”
Samuel smiled and showed a brave face, but it wasn’t going to help and Derek knew Samuel was deeply concerned. He brought Samuel
closer to him and whispered something in his ear. What he said made Samuel feel better and they sat in each other embrace, until Rick
pushed Samuel out of the way to hug Derek too.
Then Derek made a decision. “I think it is finally time to tell the guys what is wrong with me.” 
“Oh, I thought you didn’t want to ruin their night.” Samuel couldn’t help but be happy with this decision.
“Yeah, when they get back from their honeymoon I will tell them, but tomorrow I will have Kris and Colt brought her and give them the news
in person.”
“I think that is sensible,” Rick admitted. “Knowing Kris and the guys, I am sure they will take the news very well. Much better than I did.”
Derek nodded and then turned on the television in their room as Rick and found a seat on a chair, and Samuel curled into bet with him.
Matt and Corey just saw the last of the guests depart, and were now sitting in the couches drinking some beers and just littling the moment
sink in. They were married. Matt turned to his husband and asked: “Marie and Larry going to be okay?”
“Yeah, I think they are going to be fine. Marie needs to realize that she doesn’t need alcohol to continue her life, but with the proper help
she will be okay. Larry will come around, he loves Marie too much.”
Matt stood and took Corey’s hand and they walked through the tent, and outside the chairs and benches that surrounded the beautiful fire
pit. Matt thought he had to light it, but it was lit. The winds had died done and the felt like a summer evening.
Corey walked closed the flames and took in the beautiful night, Matt put his arms around his husband. “I love you Corey.”
“I love you to Mr. Teller.”  Matt liked the sound of that name, but professionally he will keep his own name. Matt used his hands to caress
Corey’s chest and then slowly unbuttoned the shirt. Corey enjoyed being held by his husband. He leaned back his head and found Matt’s lips.
While they kissed Matt had exposed his clean chest and started playing with it. Matt’s hands found Corey’s belt buckle and started undoing it.
Soon Corey’s pants were open and pushed down to his ankles. However, Matt’s hands were busy inside Corey’s boxers playing with the
They were both enjoying themselves they didn’t hear somebody approach. “Get a room.”
At that, Matt was started and jumped letting Corey fall to ground. They both turned to see Kris standing there with a beer in one hand and a
beer in the other hand. They couldn’t stop laughing. Matt stood up while Corey whipped off his pants and stood next to him.  Kris came up
and hugged Matt.
“I love you, bro. I cannot be more happy for you now.”  Matt embraced Kris and smiled, “Back at you brother. He shock Corey’s hand, but
Corey pulled him into a bear hug. When Kris was let go, he quickly moved his hands to pull down Corey’s boxers.
Matt fist pumped Kris, and then tackled him to ground. They both knew what they wanted. Matt was winning by having Kris’s shirt off. Then
Kris rolled him over and Matt’s pants were thrown from him, then just as quickly Kris’s pants were removed. Corey had loved every minute
of his friends little wrestling match; however it was time to help and within a matter of second all three of them were naked and laughing
through it all.
“Something’s never get old?”  Colt announced. The three guys got up and went to the benches and chairs. Corey snuggled up next to Matt
while, Kris kissed Colt hello. Colt went to Matt and cover and kissed them congradulations.
He told Corey after he found a seat next to Kris, “You Corey deserve so much happiness, and I am glad you found it.”
Corey smiled in agreement. It was almost 20 hours ago when he considered cancelling the wedding, and now he couldn’t have wished to go
off any different. Sure, there was some chaos but in the end, it was magically. Matt read Corey’s happiness in his eyes, and he too was
relieved. The nightmares he had the night before were the furthest from his mind. He turned to Kris and asked a question.
“Feel better now that you naked.”
Kris nodded, and opened his legs all the way to prove how good it felt. Colt took the cue and slowly jerked it for a few seconds.
“Hey bros.” Kris began, “Now that it’s all over and it just the four of us.”
“Six of us.” Kris and the others turned to the footsteps. It was weird because he didn’t see anybody exit the house. However, it made sense
when he saw Scott and Jess holding hands and having towels around their necks with their bodies fully exposed.
“What you feel in too?” Colt asked, remembering what had happened to Marie earlier.
“Nah, Scott wanted to swim. He always ends his weddings with celebratory swim somewhere.” Scott and Jess dried themselves by the fire.
“Yeah, and Corey was nice enough to have a wedding by the lake.”
It downed on Matt that it must have been them who lighted the fire. “Guys, you really did do fucking awesome job. I loved every minute of
“Didn’t you notice we forgot something,” Scott said with a frown.
“Scotty forget it. One little mistake.”
“What did you forget,” Corey asked.
“The fucking wedding cake, we didn’t do the cake cutting ceremony. Worse, I forgot all about serving it.”
“Um, bro.” Kris knew all about this. “Don’t feel too bad. The cake wasn’t ready.”
“What do you mean?” Kris lead Scott to kitchen, neither of them caring that they were naked. Jess sat on his towel near the fire.
“Scotty was so upset about it; I knew you wouldn’t have cared that much.”
“Yeah, that’s true.” Corey agreed. A minute later Scott came out relieved. The cake was in a horrible condition and didn’t rise at all.
“Fuck, it looked like a piece of dog shit.”
Matt laughed at Scott’s humour, “Don’t feel upset bro. you did a killer job.”
“Thanks,” Scott said making his way to Jess, who kissed him on the lips. The six of them sat in silence for some time
Matt was reliving the night, while Corey’s was thinking about his mother. Kris was not sure what to do with Melissa, and Colt was thinking
about how hot Kris was right now. Scott and Jess were thinking about the magical sex they would have when they got home. They were
both going to fuck in the water, but heard Matt and Corey come out before they could get coming.
“Bros,” Kris started. “We have come along way. And I blame myself. I broke up this wonderful group. I fought with Matt over him moving
away. I had sex with Colt that ended his marriage. Had those two things not occurred, we would have all stayed together.”
Matt shock his head, “Kris the last five years would still have broken us up even if the fight never occurred between you and me. Corey and I
would have moved back home.”
“Yeah,” Colt agreed. “Moreover, I realized I was a jackass blaming you for breaking my marriage, but it was I who fucked you.”
Matt spoke again, “Regardless, the point I was making is simple. We broke apart and moved away, and now five years later we found each
other and are just as happy as we were when we graduated. We learned that together or apart we still love each other. Scott knew how
much we were hurting and made it his mission to get us back together, and he helped Colt try to win back Andrea. Jess has always been
there for all of us throughout the five years, but more importantly, in the end we came back to each other. Our love is more powerful than
the feeling we felt at one point.”
Kris was floored, normally Kris gave the meaniful speeches in high school. “Matt is totally right the five years brought us to where we are
“Yeah, naked in front of fire talking about the good old days.”  Jess commented, and we all laughed at that.
“It just sucks that our pact didn’t last.” Colt stated.
“Pact, bro?” Kris turned to him. 
Kris was enjoying himself like he always does at a party, the beer was flowing, the talking was lively and everybody seemed happy. Kris
graduated with the best marks he has ever had. On the dating scene; however, he was still single. He was glad that his experiment with
Colt ended with them becoming better friends. They learned that their love was not an intimate love, but a friendship one, similar to his
connection with Matt and Corey.
Matt on the other hand was having the best night of his life. He made the honor roll and has managed to keep the best boyfriend ever for
almost four years. They had their fights and disagreements like all couples have, but their walking solved most of their issues. Matt was
worried that when he started school that people would hate him for being gay, but he managed to change people’s minds, and more
importantly he gathered the best collection of friends any straight person would be jealous of. As for Corey, when he began his college
years, he came from small town, where people didn’t understand him, and he was just looking for anybody to be friends with. He met Matt
in that bathroom and the rest was history.
Corey and Matt were on the couch talking to their friends, mostly about some of the good old times. Colt was sitting away from them
chatting to his football buddies and his brother. Colt wasn’t a bigot, but he was a redneck. How Kris, Matt and Corey changed him, is
something he didn’t take lightly. He didn’t understand gay people when he arrived as late joiner to the crew. Now, he loved gay sex as much
as he loved straight sex. He was looking forward to his wedding to Andrea next year. He loved Kris with all his heart, but Andrea was his
soul mate.
Now the four guys had their future ahead of them, who knows where the next five years will take them. As the crowd was thinning, Kris and
Colt started to loose their clothes, and quickly Matt, Corey, Cord, Scott and Jess, who remained, followed suit.
Cord, not the shy kid anymore, got up and started to sing.
Clap your hands y'all it's alright
Clap your hands y'all it's alright
Clap your hands y'all it's alright
Clap your hands y'all it's alright
If tomorrow is Judgement Day

And I'm standing on the front line
And the Lord ask me what I did with my life
I will say I spent it with you

Clap your hands y'all it's alright
Clap your hands y'all it's alright

If I wake up in World War Three
I see destruction and poverty

And I feel like I want to go home
It's okay if you're comin' with me

Clap your hands y'all it’s alright
Clap your hands y'all it's alright
Oh yeah

'Cause your love is my love
And my love is your love
It would take an eternity to break us
And the chains of Amistad couldn't hold us

Your love is my love
And my love is your love
It would take an eternity to break us
And the chains of Amistad couldn't hold us
The guys listened to Cord belt the song out from his heart, they loved Cord Dawson very much, and he added something to the
group. He left for Sweden, but when he returned he was missed by all. Kris was thinking about what had come in the last four
years, and where they can go.
Melissa phoned and told him that he planning a party when he gets back to their hometown. That cheered him up a lot. He knew
leaving this place will be worst part of it all. They all clapped as Cord finished.  Kris stood up and went to fridge to get some beers.
Cord sat down next to Jess and Scott; they kissed him on the cheeks. He knew Jess and Scott were still not back together as couple,
and he could see it in their eyes that they love each other.  However, they  loved him, and he loved them. Cord had slept with both
of them, and it was a great night.  Nothing, though, beat his night in his Junior year where mystery man in mask came out of the
blue at a party, ad they made passionate love that night.  Cord looked at his watch and said some quick goodbyes, because he had
an early plane ride the next day.
Kris stood up happy as could be, “Cord that was an excellent choice, and I know it will take an eternity to break us up. We have all
been though so much together, but thankfully we graduated, some more on the skin of their teeth than others. We had an
amazing four years, full of memories, full of entertainment and full of friends, games and whole lot of beer. I wouldn’t trade the
world for it. The six of us started something magical. A friendship, a family, and whatever you want to call it. We love each other, and I
cannot think of one way we were there for each other when we needed. We fought with Jess against his bully and one. We sat by and were
there for Scott during his kidney stone passing, We helped Colt deal with obsession with Ted Wilcox; but onething is certain. We are better
together than apart. We all came here looking for an education, but we leave here with an experience like no other.”
Kris rose his bottle of beer in air and declared: “To the best college experience we could ever have.”
Everybody followed suit, and toasted to each other. Matt was crying, and Corey was there to wipe his tears. Corey spoke next.
“Listen, I don’t know about you guys, but the next five years will be hard. I just hope we don’t lose each other along the way. I would really
hate if this family breaks up.”
Colt was tearing up too, “We are all leaving tomorrow to go home and be with our families. Then securing employment and moving on to
the next big thing. Let us not take the rest of this night for granted. There is more love in this room than we have ever seen.”
“It’s sad,” Matt finally stated, “I was alone when I came here, scared like shit that nobody would like mel sure Kris was here for me, but then
Kris got me out of the room, and I met Scott. By the end of my sophomore year here I had more friends than I can count. I love you all, and
hate that it has to end now.”
Jess smiled, “It’s not ending, we are just moving on to other things. We don’t know what our destination is. Maybe its not the destination
that is important, it’s journey. We found love, we found friendships, and we found heartache, but that journey of the last four years was
Scott was quiet; he couldn’t handle this. Finally, he spoke up. “Let’s pact, and all of will be keep and in touch, and keep together. Nobody if
we move away, get into heated arguments, we always be here for each other.”
“I agree.” Kris stated.
They all raised their glasses at one another; after that, they got up and hugged and kissed. Some with tongues, some without. But, there
love was there for all to see. They broke up and there was silence.
Matt whispered, “Listen, we all are going our separate ways together can’t we think of some of the best moments here.”
“Fuck that,” Colt stated. “Matt get your photos.”
The spend the next our remembering some of the best moments of their college lives. Matt and Kris’s first night in their old dorms. The
nude party in this very apartment.  The snowball fight during their freshman year. Their first summer trip Colt’s.
They remembered like yesterday, they enjoyed the adventure, and loved every minute of it.   The Holland Trip was fucking awesome, Corey
recalled. The Cruise was legendary.
Kris not wanting this night to end said: “Let’s go around the room and think our favourite moments here. “Walking into the old dorms was
mine. Matt?”
“Obviously, meeting Corey in that bathroom, I was nervous as shit. Corey?”
“Kris and Colt’s sexual journey; they were both straight when they began. Now, they are bisexuals, and they dated each other. It blows my
mind how far they came.”
Scott spoke next, “Mine is surprisingly the fight Jess and I had in freshman year. It lead to us finding out that we loved each other.”
Jess smiled, “Scotty, we broke up. Mine is the this moment right now. The six of us together and chilling naked.”
“I’ll drink to that.”  Kris admitted.
Kris realized what pact Colt was talking about and thought over how these last five years impacted his friendship with his college brothers.
He turned to his best friend and former boyfriend, “You right, Colt the pact did end rather early.”
“I beg to differ,” Scott announced. “We may have been distant, lost our path along the way; but in the end we all made it here. The pact
was never broken.”
Jess agreed, “If it were broken, then we would not have celebrated Andrea and Colt’s wedding; or been there in New York to see Matt and
Corey get hitched.”
“Jessie, we weren’t invited to that, remember.” Scott joked. “The pact in my mind is stronger than ever. I remember when Ted and Myles
and those football guys entered our crew and I felt like a third wheel. The four of you came and told me you loved me for the first time.
When, you guys were there for Colt when his dad was embarrassing him on that parent night. The love you have for each other, and for me
and Jess will stand the test of time. Sure, we fought, stop talking and kept away, but now 5 years after graduation and we are still here,
together and one extended family.
“Yep,” Matt nodded. “The pact is as strong as ever.”
“Agreed,” Jess added. “Now I do have an idea; something Scott and I had discussed recently.” Jess hit Scott in the ribs, to get Corey and
Matt their wedding gift.
It was an envelope; this surprised the new married couple, as they didn’t expect money from their dearest friends. Corey opened it, and
inside were four plane tickets. They date wasn’t there, but the location was clearly indicated.
“What’s this?” Matt asked, peering over Corey’s shoulder.
“Well, we know how much fun you had during your last Holland holiday, this way you guys can rekindle the friendship even better?”
“You guys?” Corey asked this time.
“We know how are the last five years have been on most of you. So, this way the four of you can go and have fun.”
Scott laughed, “Don’t worry bros; Jess and I will come along, so we don’t miss any action this time around.” He produced two more tickets. 
Corey and Matt stood up and hugged his two friends, this couldn’t have been a better gift from them. “Wait, how can you afford it?”
“Let us worry about that,” Jess stated. After a few minutes of Kris reminding the group of some of their amazing times in Amsterdam, Colt
spoke up
“I guess this is as good as time as any to produce my gift to you guys. I do have to give Kris credit for the idea.”
Corey and Matt’s were diffently curious now, and waited as Colt went to get a small box from his bags upstairs. He came quickly done, as
Kris was telling them how much they would like the gift. Matt and Corey specifically told the four of them, they needn’t give us anything.
Matt took the present and eyed carefully; he thought maybe this was a trick of some kind knowing Kris’s creative ideas behind his jokes.
And, after what he pulled on him with the rings.
“Open it.” Colt commanded.
They did, and inside was standard key and key ring that had an address on it. It took Corey a minute to understand the address was this
lakehouse. They both looked toward Kris and Colt, for some indication of the meaning behind this.
“Well,” Colt began; after my grandfather died two years. One of the things he gave was the deed to this house, and after much
consideration and talking to Kris over the last two months, I decided to give you guys this place as a summer getaway house.”
“It is actually from both of us, as I am putting money towards keeping the place in great condition, as well as some of the utilities.” Kris
“Yeah,” Colt continued, “In other words, this house is free, all the money and upkeep are taken care of. The condition is every summer the
six of have to spend a weekend up here.”
Corey was happy. “We cannot take this, this house has been in your family for years, and your family had built it themselves.”
Matt nodded, “this is too much, even for you Kris to help with the finances. We could never take it, it should be passed down to your family
“It is. You and Corey are my brothers, and my best friends. You well have kids before you know and it this place will be here for you.”
“So you can get away from the little runts and come and fuck your brains out.”
Matt considered this gift and then spoke, “I have a better idea. Why don’t we make a cottage for all six of us to use when ever we need it. A
private getaway, we can all pitch to keep the upkeep.”
Matt turned to Kris, “Don’t will kick you guys out, so Corey and I can fuck if we need too.”
That comment made everybody laugh. It was nearing one in the morning, and the six friends just sat and thought about the last five years,
and how close they were when they graduated; and now how far they came, and how close they still are. All the fights and seperations and
mistakes, were meaningless now.
Corey whispered to Matt and he nodded. As they Kris started telling old stories about his son, and how happy he made him, Corey went to
his discarded pants and produced his keys. There were about seven of them, but one that was labeled in tape. He took that key and walked
toward Kris. The five guys looked at the naked Corey, and he started to speak, when Kris finished his story.
“Kris, Matt and I had been thinking about this since we came back in New York, and how much we missed you in our lives. Think of this as
way of us asking you to stay in our lives.
“Is this a key to your house?” Kris asked curiously. Colt, Scott and Jess knew all about this idea, and supported Matt’s decision to do this.
“No, it’s actually a key to our neighbours house. You remember Mrs. Feldman-Borelli, our jewish-italian gay  neighbour. She is moving to
Florida to spend her golden years. When we heard, we approached about selling the place to us for you. She gave us a generous offer.”
“Fuck! I cannot believe you did this. FUCK!” Kris was beyond happy. He hit Colt in the arm, because he could see in Colt’s face he knew all
about this. “Fuck you,” he smiled, “for keeping your mouth shut about this.”
He stood up and kissed Matt with the most passionate kisses he could muster, and did the same with Corey. Colt  was happy for his best
friend, “All of us know how special Matt is in your life, and we all have seen without him there, what becomes of you. We never want a
friend of ours to go to those depths again.”
Kris responded with two words, “Group hug.”  And the guys all got up and hugged and kissed each other. It was one of the best moments in
everybody’s lives right now.
Cord was still at the house, as he was helping pack away all the stuff from his pictures and collecting the photos and other stuff from his
assistants. He was just getting the gear from the pictures he took earlier by the lake when he saw Jess and Scott light the fire pit by the
house, and then jump in the water. He was about to go inside with the his stuff when Corey and Matt showed up, followed by Kris and Colt.
Eventually Scott and Jess came out of the water to join there friends.
Cord couldn’t make out what was being said, but he did enjoy watching the six guys talk. From an outsider, it looked like these guys were
the best of friends and just enjoyed each other company. Cord was privileged to be apart of their crew and got to experience their closeness
and love for each other frist hand.  Cord teared up just a little when the gifts were being exchanged, and the recepients voices carried
enough for Cord to hear the responses, and when Kris yelled for a group hug, Cord decided it was time to make his presence known.
He was still fully clothed, but he walked closer to the guys, and by the time he reached they were just parting and sitting back down. Kris
was the first to notice Cord. Cord explained what he was still doing here, and asked if he could join them. Matt nodded.
“I just wanted to thank you.” Cord spoke without much thought to it, “I joined your crew and it was happiest of my time. I know was like a
stalker before with Matt, but knowing you guys could accept me. That was good enough for me.”
“Bro,” Kris stated, “We care for you like we care for all other college friends, we love you and are happy to see how much you grown. We
know it was hard falling for my boy Matty here, and having to live with notion of never having him, but now you have the guy of your dreams
in Reese.”
“That’s true,” Cord admitted. And he talked to the guys about Reese and how much love there was for him. After a few more minutes, with
being 15 minutes to 1, Scott announced he and Jess better get going, “you guys have a long night ahead of you.”
“Thanks, but I doubt me and Matt will be able get that much action tonight.”
“Yeah, right.” Kris smiled. He turned to Cord, “How about one more song to close the evening.”  Colt and Matt nodded, and Cord thought for
a minute a came up with a song that he thought capped the night. 

“Say good-bye to not knowing when
The truth in my whole life began
Say good-bye to not knowing how to cry
You taught me that
And I'll remember the strength that you gave me
Now that I'm standing on my own
I'll remember the way that you saved me
I'll remember

Inside I was a child
That could not mend a broken wing
Outside I looked for a way

To teach my heart to sing
And I'll remember
the love that you gave me
Now that I'm standing on my own

I'll remember
the way that you changed me
I'll remember
I learned
to let go
of the illusion that we can possess
I learned
to let go
I travel in stillness
And I'll remember
I'll remember
And I'll remember the love that you gave me
Now that I'm standing on my own
I'll remember the way that you changed me
I'll remember”
Cord finished the song, choosing it because it should not only his journey with the guys, but also it spoke to their journey and how
they were always together from beginning to end, and how he hoped that they will continue to be friends for a long time to come.
“Thanks, guys. Have a good night.” Cord grabbed the photo gear and departed quietly from the house. 
Jess and Scott stood up, and that signaled the other four guys it was really time to end this little reunion for good. They all got
dressed in their slacks, open shirts and jackets.
They slowly walked through the house and upstairs to collect their belongings. It was 12:52 when they all appeared on the front
Scott and Jess were the first ones to depart. Scott told Matt and Kris to stay in touch, and Jess hugged Corey and Colt goodbye. 
They two got in there car and drove home, letting the moment sink into their minds. 
“Where are you guys off too,” Corey asked, “ Back to the hotel? To separate rooms?”
“To the hotel, yes.” Kris answered. “Separate rooms, most likely.”
Colt nodded, “we both need to go find Andrea and Melissa and talk to them. I know I want Andrea back, but we will have to see if
we can make that arrangement work.”
Matt looked at Kris; he didn’t have to ask what he will do with Melissa. The answer was written on his face. “Come here.”
Kris went to Matt and smiled, “Bro, don’t worry I will be okay.”
“I am your brother and your best friend. I have to worry. Kristopher just do what you think will make you the most

“That would be marrying you.” Kris said with peck on the cheek.
Corey coughed loudly, “He is taken.” Colt laughed and Kris laughed at that. They both hugged Corey with a kiss on the
cheek and Colt slapped his ass.
They walked to their separate cars, but turned around and faced each other. “I love you, Kris.”
“Back at you, bro.”
Nothing more was said, they kissed passionately on the lips, like they used to when they dated. Matt watched and
smiled as his two best friends broke their kiss waved to Corey and himself and drove away to their hotels.
“Are you ready, my love?”
“Babe, you know I am.” 
Corey smiled and carried Matt to their car and they got in. As the car turned on all, Matt can do was cry with happiness
this was one of the best nights of his life.  They left the drive way on their way back to the very first hotel they stayed at
on that Valentine Day weekend. It was only 1 and half drive from Colt’s lakehouse.  What surprised Matt  was that Corey
had a tear in his eye. Matt whipped it clean and hissed his husband.  The drove off happy as can be; having no idea what
the next three hours will unfold.
It was 12: 57, Tabor was just arriving at the hotel bar. He had received a message from Britney saying she wanted to
“Tabor, I want to apologize for everything I put you through.”
Tabor was not expecting this at all. “It’s alright Britney. I forgive you.”
“I wanted tell you something else. I still love you.”
Before he could respond, Britney kissed him. He loved it and missed her tender kisses, and it brought back the better
memories of their early relationship. He didn’t think and they started to make out in the dark booth they were in.
It was 12:57; Tabor was just arriving at the hotel bar. He had received a message from Britney saying she wanted to meet.
"Tabor, I want to apologize for everything I put you through."
Tabor was not expecting this at all. "It's alright Britney. I forgive you."
"I wanted tell you something else. I still love you."
Before he could respond, Britney kissed him. He loved it and missed her tender kisses, and it brought back the better memories
of their early relationship. He didn't think and they started to make out in the dark booth they were in.
1:00 AM
Scott and Jess were driving back to their apartment. Scott was exhausted, but still quite talkative.
“That was a great night, eh?”
“Jessie, it was fantastic; although there were some problems and issues that had to dealt with. I think overall it was a success.”
“Yeah, you are right there; Matt and Corey pulled me aside and told me what a remarkable job you did.”
Scott agreed, but there were still some issues, he wished never occurred, namely, forgetting the cake and the stupid idea of
hiring that idiot to officiate the wedding.
“What about you did you enjoy the wedding? ”Scott asked; he knew as his chief assistant, Jess had minor roles to play in these
functions. Scott had delegated most of the duties to other so Jess could enjoy the wedding as much as possible.
“Of course, love.” Jess admitted, sincerely. “That whole affair was one of the funniest times I ever had. Sure, some tense
moments occurred when Corey’s idiot friends made a scene, and Chase and Tabor fighting on the dance floor, but that just
made the whole thing more real. How many weekends go by without something happening?”
“True,” Scott agreed. He went quite for a bit, and but then spoke up, “Do you think that could be us?”
“What do you mean?” Jess asked.
“Marriage.” Scott suggested. “We have been in love since our first days in college, and have managed to stay together for almost
as long as Corey and Matt, yet we never even talked about marriage.”
“That’s true,” Jess admitted, “We don’t need marriage to make our life fulfilled. We have each other, and our love. We are going
to have a baby soon, and to everybody in our lives, especially our family and friends we are perfect union. Besides, marriage
between two guys is not legal here.”
Scott agreed, “We don’t need it.” He kissed Jess on the lips as he drove. However, Jess noticed Scott’s smile turn wicked.
Knowing Scott well enough, he knew where this was going.
“Hey, Lee and I are going to attempt to be friends. I will never forget what he did to me, but I am willing to try and connect with
him on some level. I have it somewhere done in my heart to forgive him. So, that is what I am going to do.”
“That’s great,” Scott loved that idea. “Corey hired him awhile back, and if he can see a change in Lee I am sure we can.”
Scott smiled wickedly again, and this time he led him continue. Scott undid Jess’s pants and allowed Jess’s monster some air as
he went down on him. However, Scott’s phone rang.
Britney and Tabor were making out like crazy in the booth, and they didn’t seem to be coming up for are anytime soon. Tabor
finally broke up the kiss, and he tried to regain some control over this situation.
“What are we doing?”
“I thought that was pretty obvious.” Britney smiled cutely
“What about Chase? I thought you guys had a great thing going.” For most of the day Tabor had doubted this relationship,
thinking Britney would hurt his best friend, like she hurt him. And although it was revealed that that Britney had no part in the
accident that paralyzed Reese, Tabor and she had a lot to talk about before bridging the gap that was their friendship.
“We do, but Tabor I realized ever since you showed up at my house this morning to question my motives for Chase. I realized I
wanted you back. I love Chase and always will love him, but our relationship came first and there is so much there we can get
Tabor spent most of the day trying to convince Chase what horrible person Britney. “That’s why you brought Brax here, to
convince everybody you were innocent in the Reese’s accident.”
“Yeah, to explain to you that have no malicious intent towards Reese, and specifically to prove to you that I am not cold heartless
bitch you were trying to portray me as.”
“I am sorry that I went at you so harshly today.”
“You don’t have to. I know you were concerned about Chase’s wellbeing and I appreciate the love you have for Chase. Let’s talk
about us, and our relationship.”
“We can’t. I am not the kind of guy to steal my best friend’s girlfriend, even if I am still attracted to her.”
“I will break up with Chase, if you want.”
Tabor thought about that, but realized it would help. Knowing Chase so well, he would have thought somewhere in his brain that
everything that happened to day was leading towards Tabor taking his girlfriend back and that Tabor was jealous. “It would hurt
my relationship with Chase, if we pursued this relationship. Besides we have a lot to discuss about our relationship.”
“Like what?” Britney was tired of all this talking and wanted to get physical with Tabor, as she knew that would be the best way
to get him back to show him what he was missing between the sheets.
“You drove a wedge between Chase and me.”
“Yes, I did. I was looking out for your best interest. When Colt moved in with you and Chase, you told me how much closer the
siblings were getting, and how much Chase was taking your relationship for granted. I tried my best for you to understand you
don’t need Chase in your life to be happy, and successful.”
“How would Chase being excluded from my life make me happy and successful?”
Britney was getting a little annoyed, “Let me ask you this. In five ten years do you see yourself being with Chase? Don’t you see
that you need to stand on your two feet? You thought your life was meaningless without Chase in your life. When I met you on
Market Street and how depressed you were. I needed you to understand that Chase doesn’t complete you. There is more to you
that him. And, so I drove a wedge in your relationship.”
“Do you regret it?”
“No.” Britney could see that Tabor was truly at crossroads when it came to this decision, and she needed to help him. “Come on
we can continue you this in my place.”
Tabor understood neither of them had rooms here, so he nodded and they made their way to the hotel bar exit. Just then Chase
entered, saw Britney and brought her into a kiss. Tabor could see the love Chase had for Britney and decided he would not stand
in his way. He suggested the three of them headed towards to bar again.
Within in moments three more people joined their group: Trevor, Cord and Reese.
“Hey guys,” Trevor smiled, where are you friends.”
Tabor stopped and thought for a minute, “Oh, yeah Deer and Levi were gone home tonight. Deer had an early appointment and
Levi offered to drive him home.”
Chase was saddened, “Really? I didn’t know that. It would have been cool to see them here. The wedding may be over, but we
can party here.”
“That’s why I am here.” Reese said and ordered drinks for everybody. He personally handed a beer to Britney, as way of
apologizing for blaming her for his paralyses for these years.
Chase was telling a story to the group how Chase and Britney met and fell in love, and then Reese told his story about his crush
he had Tabor for a while.”
“Really,” Tabor was speechless. He had never questioned his straightness, and was surprised by Reese’s declaration.
“Yeah, you are far cuter than Chase, and defiantly Trevor.”
“Hey, bitch.” Trevor stated, obviously offended, “You seemed to like me a lot to have dated me for a year.”
Reese laughed, “We all make mistakes.”
Trevor returned the laughter. There were no hard feelings between these two ex’s. “Anyways, and when I saw Tabor’s dick. I was in
“Back up,” Tabor tried to remember when that occurred. “When was that?”
“Right before Christmas are freshman year. You got drunk and I took advantage of you.”
The whole table laughed at that. Cord was whispered something to Reese and he nodded. Tabor and Chase were curious as to what that
was about, but before they can ask them. Reese stood up. This motion made the whole group speechless, especially Britney.
“You can walk?” Chase asked.
Reese got out of his chair and walked to around the parameter of the bar and sat on one of the barstools next to Chase. “Yep, I haven’t
walked unassisted for a long, but we wanted to surprise you guys.”
Trevor went closer to Reese and felt his legs, in an unbelieving fashion. “When did this happen, buddy?”
“Seven months ago, I regained the use of my legs. And just a few weeks ago I was able to walk without Cord’s help.”
“That was awesome,” Britney spoke up for the first time since Reese, Trevor and Cord joined them. “I am glad that the damage was
“Yep,” Cord smiled. “I have quite happy, soon he will be able to walk and run like he used too.”
Britney got up and walked toward Reese. He asked to speak to him privately. They moved toward an unoccupied booth in the corner and
sat done. Reese didn’t really know what to make of this.
“I wanted to personally apologize.”
“Why?” Reese was angry at Britney since he learned she was responsible for his accident; however, today when it was revealed the
accident had nothing to do with her. He managed to let his anger go. It has only been a few hours since he learned the truth.
“I am sorry because although I didn’t cause the accident, I hate that it happened, and that even indirectly I was had some accountability to
this act.”
“No you didn’t you went to get help. I cannot fault for you for that. Besides, I should have sought the truth out long before today and I
didn’t leave the car either when I could. And all this time I blamed you without shred of evidence.”
He paused, “I am sorry for that.”
Britney nodded, “Listen, you can obviously walk and their seems to be no more damage to speak of, so let us move on.”
“I agree.” He extended his and hand Britney shock it.
The moved back to the bar where there friends and Chase and Tabor were entertaining the group with stories. It was almost 1:20. Cord
turned to his boyfriend and spoke to the group at large. “Now the truth is known. I want to test you out to see if all the pieces are still in
“Very subtle, Cordy.” With that, they got up and went to their hotel room, which they booked for the night. Just then Chase’s phone rang
and after the short message. And without thinking, he grabbed Tabor and they left Britney and Trevor alone in the bar.
Back at the lake house, all was quiet. It should be quiet after all it is nearly 1:25 in the morning, and most of house gets were asleep.
However, as much as she tried Linda couldn’t fall asleep. Vince was out like light, but Linda was thinking about the phone message she
received from Jimmy, Gloria’s son. She deceived she needed to talk this through with someone. So, naturally she took a pillow and woke
her husband up by hitting him in the head.
“Linda?” Vince said, still groggy. “What was that for?”
“We need to talk.”
“I simple nudge would have worked you didn’t need to wake me in the head.” Then, the words dawned on him. He must have screwed up
somehow. “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to do it. My your hair looks nice.”
“Relax,” Linda chucked as Vince squirmed to find reason for a conversation in the middle of the night. “I was worried about the phone
“Why? I thought Jenny talked to you about it, and you guys decided that Jenny would inform Jimmy where Matt was.”
“Yeah,” Linda stated. “I am just concerned what this whole thing could be about. I know you asked Derek to track down Gloria to see why
she left, without telling me by the way. And that’s how he knew about Derek. But, what does this have to do with Matt. What if this some
“Trap?” Vince repeated. “Someone has been watching too much soaps on television.”
Linda stared at her husband, “My son is gay haven’t you forgot, and although Texas has come along way since Matt came out there are
still a lot of homophobic lunatics out there.”
“True,” Vince agreed, “However, Matt has proven himself time and time again he can take care of himself. You remember that stalker in
his sophomore year, and how he beat some guy up.”
Linda was surprised by this, “Matt beat some guy up?”
Vince looked around, and quickly changed subjects, recalling that Linda never heard about that story. “Well, my point Gloria was the one
who helped Larry realize how much he loved Matt, regardless of his gayness. We must assume that rubbed off on her son, as well.”
“You have a point there. Now back to my son being in fight.”  Linda wasn’t about to let this subject go.
Vince sighed. He only learned about this from VJ a few years ago, when he accidentally let it slip out of his mouth. “Well, VJ told me about
when he returned from a weekend with Matt and Corey a few years back. It really is nothing. Mat and Kris were at some party, and one
of the guys was making homophobic comments or something, and Matt and Corey decided to leave before the situation got worse. But,
the guys kept it up and decided to spill beer down Matt’s shirt. Matt wouldn’t have it and he punched the guy in the face and left.”
“That’s fantastic. I am happy for Matt for standing up for himself. It just amazes me how much he has come since he left for college.”
“That is true, so love. Don’t worry about Jimmy, I am sure it is nothing that serious.” Linda thought about it offer and agreed with her
husband. “Maybe you are right.”
“I am always right.”
She laughed at that, “If you think so.” Vince went back to sleep, while Linda thought about could Gloria’s son and her son have in
Kris was back in his hotel room that he shared with Matt this morning. He was trying to play out the conversation in his head. He heard a
buzzing, but ignored it. He was concentrating on what he wanted to say to Melissa. He called her on the way back from the lake house,
and she said she would meet in his hotel room, so they don’t wake up Kevin.
There was a knock on the door, and he opened it.
“Good morning, Kristopher.”
“I am sorry I called you so early.” He said. He found he liked when she called him by his full name.
“It’s okay, it was unexpected, though.”
“I spent the last few hours thinking the last few hours about us. I doubted I would be any good.”  He motioned for her to take a seat on
the bed.
“Good at what Kris?”
“At being a husband to you and being a father to Kevin,” Kris started.
“That’s bullshit. You were a great boyfriend, you are a good man, and on top of all of that you care and protect your family. Matt is your
family, and all through high school and college you made sure he was safe. I talked to Derek and I know what you did for your friends in
college. So don’t give me that bullshit.”
“It’s no bullshit, Melissa.” Kris was a little pissed now. “When I left college I was wreck, a lost Matt as friend, and then I became a drunk,
and fathered a child with some girl.”
Melissa was aware of the last five years, “And, after you Sammi and you had Little Nathan and she left you to raise the kid by yourself,
you moved in with Jenny and Walt.”
“How do you know this?”
“Derek told me all about the last five years, but it doesn’t matter, Kris. I have known you before that from Junior High to High School,
when you were dealing with dealing with you bisexuality. I seen when you were drunk like that. I saw you when you were alone and
vulnerable. I doesn’t matter to me. I loved you. I love you still.”
“Well, I still doubt my ability to be great father to Kevin.”
“Why? You are great father to Little Nathan, you helped and listened to those kids in the hospital. You took that special needs kid, Mike
under your wing, and I bet you were like a father to those football player you coach.”
“You do have a point, I never thought about it that way. I always looked at what my life and how I was immature, sex crazed lunatic, who
had horrible temper.”
“Kris, love; you just said it right there. You were all those things. You aren’t that anymore. Besides, you are not alone. You will have me by
your side. We will raise Kevin together.”
“Maybe, but what about Matt?”
“What about him.”
When Melissa and Kris dated in high school, the reason the broke up was that he was spending more time with Matt and worrying about
his crew and not enough time with Melissa.
“I am moving next door to him in a few months. We are doing this to reconnect our lives. Are you okay with that? I know you had issues
with my relationship with him in past.”
“Kris, I love Matt as a friend, and I loved that you care so much about him. I never had issue with him being your friend, or had any ill will
toward him. My problem was you cared more about his well being that you did about me.”
“Oh,” Kris never knew that.
“I just ask you spend time with me.”
“That’s not a problem, when I dated in college, I learned from our relationship, and I made sure to give equal time to my partner as I did
to Matt, Corey and Colt.”
He made his decision, and he was about speak his mind, when the buzzing returned. It had been going off and on for the last few
“What was that?” Melissa asked. “It sounds like a phone vibrator.”
“Fuck, I forget I even put it on viberate.” He picked up the phone and listened. He hung up.
“I got to go….I’ll call you.”  Before she could reply, he was out the door still in his suit jacket and pants and no shirt.
In the car Jimmy was speeding, he needed to find Matt write away. Lauren was still sleeping in the backseat. He received a phone call
from somebody named Jenny, who was told him where he can find Matt. She wanted to know why he was seeking her son’s best friend.
However, Jimmy didn’t tell her a bleeding thing.
It was nearing 1:34 and the roads were practically empty, he should be there in about and hour and half maybe more, maybe less.
“Jimmy?” He heard from the backseat. “Where are we?”
“Relax, we are going for a little ride. I need to find some people.”
“I doesn’t matter, to you.”
“Jimmy, where are we going!”
“Just go back to sleep.”
Jimmy knew she wasn’t going to let this go. He stayed quiet for a minute, and then saw a service station coming up. He drove towards it
and parked.
They both got out and sat on the benches outside. Lauren had never seen her brother like that, and wanted to know what this all was
“Tell me!” Lauren said, when he didn’t start talking.
“Your mother lied to us.”
“I found a video of her. She most have made it before she passed away. She told us things that made no sense.”
“Like what?”
Jimmy grabbed his portable DVD player that was in the trunk and placed in near her.
“Just watch it.”
She played the video.
“Hello. Jimmy and Lauren; if you are listening to this, then I succumbed to my illness. I have not told to truth to you for some time. I need
to explain some things. Before your were born…..”
Lauren listened to her mother explained her relationship with Larry and as she continued. Lauren got just as mad as Jimmy got.
“….I hope you can forgive me.”
She put DVD player on the ground and kicked it into the surrounding field. “How is  that for forgiveness.”
Jimmy didn’t hug her or try to comfort her, he just got back in the car. “Let’s go.”
Lauren hopped into the front seat. “Where are we going. Why did she lie to us.”
“We are going to find Derek or Matt, they need to know the truth. I cannot keep this up for ever. As for why she lied to us. I have no idea.
As for as I am concerned I have no mother. That bitch is an evil person, and when I get back home I am spitting on her grave.”
“Who the fuck are Matt and Derek, and why are we looking for them?”
“Derek is friend I met years back who was trying to track down Gloria. She fleed town, and he wanted to know why. I told him some
version of the truth, and that her sick mother was ill and she didn’t have time to come back. But, that was only part of the truth. While she
looked after mother she met a guy, your father and feel for him. Eventually, Derek learned that truth too.”
“Okay, and this Matt guy.”
“That is Larry’s son.” The DVD neglected to mention that key piece of information. Lauren understood instantly, and respected to Jimmy
for locating him. Lauren dialed her phone.
“Who are you calling?”
“Dad had been in jail for seven months, you remember that.”
Yeah, I guess I forgot. Did he know?”
“I doubt it.”
The drove in silence, Lauren was wondering why her mother never told us this. “I think she didn’t tell us the truth because it would be
mean she would have to face her past, and I don’t think she could handle it.”
“Maybe,” Jimmy agreed. There of them knew that the reason she didn’t mention is because she was scared what Matt would do with the
They were both yelling in the hotel room, neither of them where make any head way. Colt’s phone has been on silence, so he didn’t know
that it had been ringing for the past half hour.
“NO! All I know is on the honeymoon you made promise not to fuck Kris.  WHY WOULD I EVER DO THAT!
“COLT! You fucked him, and we both know why you did it.”
“Enlighten me then.”
“He was alone and vulnerable, he needed to know that people still cared for him.
Colt had arrived at her hotel room wanting to calmly discuss reconnecting with her. They discussed that they both wanted to get back
together, and how it would work. Then the issue of the promise came up, and Colt asked that she not make him do it again, and that she
should trust him.
“I agree, I made a mistake, STEP BACK DOWN HERE! And talk to me.”
She did so, Andrea never seen him so angry and so driven for a cause. “Colt let’s get something straight. You must have remembered
Junior year when you broke up with me, to date Kris.”
“Yeah, I do.”
“When you and he broke up later, I took you back. I TOOK you back!”
“So,” Colt was clearly not getting Andrea’s point.
“Use your head Colt. I know you and he still have some kind of connection. You love each other, you were in love with he each now. I didn’t want to be
fuckin hurt again. I didn’t want him to come in between us. So, I made you promise me that you would get with him. It broke my heart when we broke
up, and it would have destroyed my heart.”
“You should have still trusted me, but I understand it now.”
“I did trust you, and gave you the benefit of the doubt, when Kris moved in with us after Matt left back home. I knew it might stir up any emotions you
guys still had for each other to be rooming again together. When I saw you guys together and that awful night, I hated you for the longest time, and I
hated Kris more for breaking up our marriage. My heart broke and I was alone. I sought counselling to get over you. I was heard but I tried.”
Colt never heard this from her before. “Go on.”
“Then few months ago, I received the invitation to Matt and Corey’s wedding. I knew you would be there. It brought back all the pain, the heartache, and I
talked it over with Kelly. However, in ring shop today, my brain clicked with my heart, and I know undersood that why those memories came back it was
because before somewhere, deep down I still feel for you. I broke up with Kelly and now I want to be with you.”
“Fine, and you know I want to be with you. I really am sorry, I caused all hat pain and heartache, but Andrea I will never make that promise again. This
time around it is different. Colt and I live in separate towns, more to the point, he will have Matt with him and Corey.”
She cut him off, “It’s okay you don’t have to promise, I realized that it was mistake back then, and on some level it wasn’t that I didn’t trust, but it was
more to do with the jealousy that you had connection with him, and you didn’t have with me.  I trust you, and after m counselling sessions I know that
why you slept with Kris.”
That made him happy. She continued, “I forgive you for that, and I will always trust you.”
“I wont fuck him again.” Colt made that point clear.
“I am going okay with doing that with him, as long you tell me about it. Although you and I have special connection, you and he have different one. I
cannot deny you from that.”
Before Colt respond, she pointed point to his phone that he left on table. “I think someone is trying to call you.”
In the next room, Sammie Trenton was asleep. She was dreaming about a young boy who was at the wedding. She never learned his name. But, then a
knock at the door woke her up. She put on a robe and went to the front door. She thought it was her father or worse her two annoying older brothers:
Scott and Trevor.
The door opened and VJ was standing there. He had on jeans and hoodie with the zipper opened exposing his chest. Sammie smiled, and invited him in.
This was the man she was dreaming of. They talked at the wedding for hours and danced all night. She loved the way he looked, but also what he talked
about. They arranged for them to meet at her hotel at 1 am.
“Your late.” She kissed him on the lips.
“Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you. I had to get away from the lake house without dad seeing, and then I got lost coming here.” He said between kisses.
“It’s okay, I just assumed you chickened out.” She had already had his pants down around his ankles, and he opened up the robe, to see a nude body
She put fingers to his lips and kissed him again to shut him up. He cared her to the bed, and she welcomed his touch.
As VJ and Sammie were getting to know each other better, back at the lake house the kitchen lights turned on, and Bob gave small quiet shout.
“Sorry,” Larry said. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”
“It’s okay, I could sleep tonight.”
“Me neither.” Larry was happy that Marie finally went to bed; they had a long talk that night.
“How’s Marie holding up,” Bob asked.
“She is doing fine; I guess she had a little to much to drink.”
Bob sat down at the table next to his friend; Larry and he had been talking for the last few years ever since Colt’s wedding. He knew all about Marie’s
drinking, and was aware that Larry was to blame for it a little too.
“Yeah, I am surprised you have stayed together, or you have been more forceful or her joining some kind of center.”
“I know, she was good the last half a year, it was seeing her first husband that got her started. I don’t know much about their history, but he left as
coward, and I came into fix the pieces.”
“I can imagine. So, you going to leave her. I know you had threaten to do it 2 years ago.”
“Nope, I cannot leave her. I love her too much. We did have a talk, and tomorrow morning when we drive back home. I am placing her into a center.”
“She has been in rehab before, what makes you think it will stick this time,” Bob was obviously concerned.
“I don’t but, tonight; she came to realization that she doesn’t want to be that way. It is my job as her husband to make sure she stays in the clear.”
“You’re right.”
“Why can’t you sleep?” Larry turned to the conversation to Colt’s father. But, before he could respond, Walt Stanton arrived at the kitchen door.
“Sorry, we heard people talking and decided to see who it was.” We aren’t interrupting.
“That’s okay,” Bob acknowledged. “Larry was telling me about Marie.”
Walt were there for Larry too, and before they all retired for the evening, they both checked on Larry to see how he was.
“Yeah, and Bob here was about to tell me why he couldn’t sleep.”
“It’s not that I couldn’t sleep, I was thinking about Colt and Chase and how much they have grown.”
Walt nodded, “I agree, that they have they aren’t the little guys who we used to put on our knees.”
“I never did that with my boys.” Bob admitted. “I did smack them a few times.”
Larry nodded in agreement, “Me too.”
“It’s just I wasn’t the best father in world. I wasn’t accepting of people, especially the gay community. And I had affairs with Victoria, so I wasn’t the best
husband neither; but even with my poor parenting skills Colt and Chase turned out alright.”
“You don’t give yourself enough credit,” Larry mentioned. “Colt and Chase are just like you. They swear and curse. They have learned how to treat
women right. But, there is know competition here on worse father. Let us just say nearly disowned Corey, and told him to be a man when he was being
hurt. Not mention my reaction when he became gay.”
“Yeah, but you were his stepfather, his true father was worse. But, you came around.” Walt admitted. “Bob you too came around on your son, and
eventually accepted him being bisexual. I am sure Colt, Chase and Corey think were great fathers, regardless of the past.”
“The key was they had each other.” Bob offered.
“I agree.” Larry said. “You must be happy that Kris and Colt are taking again.”
“Yeah,” Bob admitted. “They Kris impacted Colt’s life and made him a better person. He taught both of my sons that you treat everybody fairly, and he
taught them that Matt and Corey are not gay people, but people. That is something, that I happy they learned.”
Walt laughed, “My son, is good with people. Nathan was great people person, and when we lost him, Kris embodied his personality. So, to me it was like
both of my sons are there in Kris.”
“That makes no sense,” Bob laughed.
“Well I have been up since 6 am.” Walt said, and they all laughed. And Bob continued to talk about his sons. It should Larry how much he loved them,
regardless that Colt turned out to date guys.
“The one thing I am greatful for,” Bob announced. “Is that they are so close, Chase and Colt. They used to fight nonstop. But after being with sons, they
managed to develop a great bond.”
Walt nodded, “Kris and Nathan were very close when Nathan passed on.”
The conversation continued as the father’s talked about their sons and how proud they are of each other. Walt told stories about Kris and Matt the early
years, while Larry mentioned how strong Corey was when the whole town alienated for being gay. Then Bob explained how much he loved that his sons
became better human beings then he was, respecting gays as people and not as inferior mistakes as Bob believed.
In their car Matt and Corey were in backseat, naked and sweating.
“Now that is what I call honeymoon sex.” Corey suggested.
“I agree.” Matt looked over to his husband taking in their essence through his nose. “So aren’t you glad now that we stopped.”
“I just don’t understand why you couldn’t use the washroom before we left. I mean we were in car for 15 minutes barely out of the city, and you needed
to make a stop.”
“Well I didn’t want to ruin the moment. You saw how nice it was the six of us just chilling like we used too. There was so much emotion there.”
“Yeah,” Corey had to agree on that point.
“And, after Kris parted ways and you were carrying me up to the car. Would you really have me say ‘hold on I have to pee.”
“Okay you got a point there. And it did result in some great sex.” Corey responded, regarding the almost 25 minute foreplay and intercourse under the
stars. They had opened the SUV’s back trunk that had ample room for their pleasuring, and experience new levels of intimacy now that in their eyes they
were husband and husband.
“Yep wouldn’t have it any better.” Matt said wrapping his arms around Corey. “So, what does the future hold for us Mr. Corey Raymond.”
“For starters, I am keeping my own name. Corey Teller sounds better. Matt Teller has a nice ring to it too.”
“Well discuss that later, I mean we are married and have great future.”
“So, true.” Corey smiled wickedly, remembering that Kris will be there neighbour very shortly. “Are going to flip a coin on who’s going to be the Kris
Matt hit Corey in the back of the neck playfully. “Nope, you get him during the week, and I will be with him on the weekends.
“That is so not fair. I want to have child with you Matt.” Corey announced. They had discussed children before and planned on adopting when they get
more financially secure.  “I just don’t want Kris to be that child.”
“Well, babe; don’t worry about Kris; he will have his hands full.”  Matt was sure that with Kris most likely going back to Melissa he will be a father to Kevin
it makes sense that he wont have time like he used too.
“You are probably right. I wanted to be Mister Mom.” Corey said in passing. This was something new that Matt didn’t expect. It was agreed that Matt
would stay home and concentrating on writing.
“I thought you liked working in health club.” Matt assumed that was the reason for the change in decision.
“I do, but I bet I would miss the little tyke too much."
“Okay, well I am sure we will come up some kind of suitable arrangement.” Matt suggested.
Corey kissed him to show his appreciation, and they sat there for a minute.
“Babe, would hand me your phone. I want to call Derek to see if he is alright.” 
Matt got his phone, “He might be sleep right now.”  He wasn’t worried about Derek, over the years he learned not worry as much as used too; however,
that changed when he noticed there were three messages on his phone.
One pure instinct, Matt looked for Corey’s phone “Where’s your phone babe.” 
Corey felt around for his pants and fished out his phone from the pocket and gave it to Matt. “What’s the matter?”
Just as he expect, there were three messages. He listened to the first one, and Corey could see something wasn’t right.
“Get dressed; we need to go the hospital.” Matt and Corey put on their pants and closed the trunk in record timing. Matt drove back to town, speeding.
It was nearing two in the morning, at 1:58 exactly Scott and Jess racing into the waiting room. It would have taken them longer, if they didn’t get lost on
the way there. But that didn’t matter. All that mattered was the scene in front of them.
Rick was dialing his phone, and crying at the same time. Jess went to his friend and sat next to him, while Scott sat on the other side. Scott lowered the
Rick hugged Jess, and through tears he said the words that shocked both Scott and Jess. “Derek is dying. He won’t live through the night.”
2:00 AM
Samuel with Derek in hospital room, his was keeping it together as much as he could the doctors told him, that this was very rare to have the conditions
of his disease speed up like this. Derek had lost consciousness. Before, he went under he gave to instructions. He told Rick call the guys, and he told
Samuel, the second love of his life, to stay with him.
Samuel never seen Derek like this, so scared, so vulnerable and he wished he could help him, do something. He honored is wishes and for the last hour
and half Derek had lost and regained consciousness. The doctors put under to give him so rest, but Derek and Samuel said no.
“Not until I see Kris and Corey.” Derek demanded.
Samuel held his lovers hand, and he wondered if this was Derek went through when Nathan died. Derek told him all about the accident and how guilty he
felt back then. Derek was lucky, he didn’t see his lover dying like he was now.
“Are they here yet?” Derek asked in a voice barely above a whisper. His face had lost all colour and his hair was falling out.
“No, my love; Rick will text me when they show up.” 
Derek brought Samuel closer, “I am sorry, love. I should have told them when they had a chance.”
“It is okay, Derek. All will be okay.”
“I love…” His voiced stopped and head fell.
“DOCTOR!!” Samuel yelled. A nearby physician walked and checked Derek’s pulse.
“He has lost consciousness. I don’t know how many more times he will wake up.  Have you alerted his next of kin?”
Samuel shock his head no, “All his family died years ago. His friends are on their way now.”
Outside Kris arrived and before Rick could say anything, Colt hugged his best friend. “What is going on?”
Jess and Scott didn’t have to heart to speak it, so Colt said: “He is dying, Derek is dying.”
At that moment Kris went numb. “No!” Colt directed him to seat, where he continued to hold Kris. He pointed toward Rick, “Tell us what happened.”
Chase and Tabor were arrived next; the scene shocked them. They didn’t know what to expect but they didn’t see this. Their leader Kris Stanton with
head in head down and Colt holding him; Scott passing the room talking to himself, and Jess their old RA holding his former RA’s hand. When they arrived
Scott sat down next too Rick giving him the needed comfort, as Jess rose to great the new arrivals.
“We got the message, what happened. What is wrong.” The message Rick gave them no details other than get to hospital. At that moment Kris stood up
under Colt’s watchful eye, and kicked the seats so hard in frustration. “I lost my brother; I am not losing Derek too.”
He went outside, When Tabor and Chase heard the declaration, they just we went to Colt and hugged him. “I am sorry bro.”
“Guys, please sit with Jess, I need to be with Kris until Matt and Corey get here. I don’t know what he is going to do. For him it’s Nathan all over again.”
With that Colt left the room and went after Kris. Kris didn’t go far; he was at the hospital entrance. Colt didn’t know what to do. This was the first time he
friend was in need, but this was the first time he saw Kris like this. He wasn’t around when he lost Nathan. He just hugged him.
“It’s going to be alright Kris.”  Colt said into his ear. “It will be alright.”  Kris face was frozen in shock, and he was turning white.  They both heard a car
speeding toward through the hospital parking lot. Within seconds, the car was the front doors. Corey and Matt jumped of the car.
Matt took hold of Kris and helped him walk back into the hospital, he didn’t precisely know what was happening, but the message just said come to the
hospital. Colt walked with Corey, he was just as upset.
When they four guys entered the waiting, and outsider would have believed that they were had just celebrated a wedding. Chase and Tabor who were
comforting Jess stood up at the arrival of the their friends.  Rick had left to inform Samuel that everybody was here, and now they both were returning;
as Jess told them that Derek wont life through the night. 
Samuel looked out to everybody gathered in the waiting room. Scott was passing whispering to himself. Jess was seated in between Chase and Tabor.
On the other side of the waiting room Kris just sat back in a chair with sitting by his side. Colt and Corey were standing in the doorway looked at Samuel.
“What the fuck is happening?” Corey asked with anger and frustration in his house. He had been up past 20 hours and the it was shown on his face.
Samuel addressed the group, “I am sorry. Over the 5 or 6 hours Derek’s condition had started to deteriate.”
Kris looked up now, “What fucking condition.”
“Derek left specific instructions not to inform you that he was diagnoses with a rare condition called rotawazik spendula cognosis.  This disease is killing
him on the inside and out. He regains and loses consciousness.”
Corey spoke up, “Is he going to die.”
Samuel nodded, “Yes, with in the next few hours.”
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Kris blurted out. “We are talking about the love of your life dying and you discussing it like you submitting report
proposal to prospective client.”
“Kris,” Samuel said. “Shut up!  Okay, this is so hard for me.” Samuel was fighting back tears. “You of all people should know what I am going through.
You and Matt!”
“NO!” Kris didn’t know why he was attacking him, but he kept at it. “Don’t compare losing Derek, to my brother! Nathan was the most important person in
my fucking life. I saw him die!”
Samuel wasn’t going to back down, “And Derek isn’t important to me, you son of a bitch.”
“What the fuck did you call me!” Kris angered. Kris’s temper was legendary to everybody in this room. He was worried that he would strike Samuel.
However it was his husband who spoke  up next, “Why didn’t he tell us?”
Ignoring Kris for the minute, Samuel eyed Corey, “Because you were so happy and about to get married. He didn’t not what to ruin that joyous moment.”
Now it was Corey’s turn to get mad; very rarely did Corey ever get upset. “Why didn’t he fucking tell us; the man saved my fucking life and he doesn’t
have to courage to tell us!”
Corey sat down in huff next to Chase. Chase and Tabor were taking in the scene, speechless. They have never seen their friends like this, and they didn’t
know what to do. Kris on the other hand, just got up and left. Matt walked after him.
Kris roomed the halls as Matt called “Kris, Kris! KRISTOPHER!”
“Talk to me! Please!”
“I cannot do this again. I just can’t.”
“You don’t have a choice, Kris. People die; people we love. It happens.”
“I cannot lose him.”
He sat Kris down on the bench, “There is nothing we can do. Just be strong.”
“I am not you Matt. This is killing me.”
Matt didn’t know what to say; he just sat with his best friend in silence. Kris grabbed his hand, and Matt brought his head close to him. “Just let it out,
Kris cried.
Back in the hospital room Scott and Jess were comforting each other, while Tabor and Chase went to get coffee. Colt was passing back and forth,
while Corey hadn’t moved from his seat. Samuel went back to be with Derek to tell him they were here.
Colt didn’t like the quiet, and attempted to lighten the mood, he went over to Jess and Scott. “That was a great wedding huh?”
Scott appreciated the comment, but he couldn’t respond. “Colt, thanks. I…”  He just couldn’t continue the phrase.  He mind was going back to his
house, back to his high school days and seeing Derek for the first time. He had helped understand that he had to be himself, and not be defined by the
gay or straight label. That was the lesson that stayed with him to this day.
Scott found his voice, “I’m sorry, Colt.”
“It’s ok. Derek meant a lot to all of us.”  Colt began telling the story of how Derek ran into him and his brother at restaurant they worked at. It was his
advice that helped him respect Chase. It made him feel good whenever Chase and he fought.
At the hotel bar Britney had tried to reach Chase or Tabor, but their phone’s battery was died, it wasn’t on or they were ignoring it. She was mildly
curious as where they went. Trevor retired to bed a few minutes after Chase and Tabor made their exit.  She had called Brax.
“Thanks for coming Brax,” she said as he climbed into the booth next to her.
“I was waiting for your call. I was expecting it tomorrow though.”
Britney smiled and but the money on the table, “There is no time like the present.”
“I guess.” He picked up the money and counted it.
“It was what we agreed. I pay 300 dollars, and you would lie to Reese and Tabor and those guys about my actions regarding Reese’s accident.”
“I want more, 200 dollars more.”
“You want this to be kept between us. I still don’t understand why you did it.”
“Caused the accident or drove a wedge between Chase and Tabor?”
“Both,” He wanted to know.
“Simple, Reese is a smart guy and he has beaten me at everything, and he stole the job I wanted. He had it coming. And Chase and Tabor, that was
just for kicks.”
“So, you don’t like either of them?”
“You kidding, they are toys. Nothing more, I have them wrapped around my little finger.”
She laughed, and soon she will have them both right where she wants them. “Plus they are both hot in bed.”  She gave him another two hundred
“So, what to tell me what this was all about.” Brax was understandably curious.
She didn’t want to explain the entire story to him, thinking he would extract more money from her, but then she could gloat at how well that planned
“My plan had always been to get Chase and dupe him.”
Brax listened closesly to her story. 
“First I had to stage incident at the bar by paying the guys to hit on me and then made sure that I was with Reese when he left the establishment.
Having already paid another person to sabotage the car to breakdown, all was set for the attack. I had actually left the car and watched the guys hurt
Reese. However, the guys went too far, and Reese ended up paralyzed. That was not my plan. I just wanted him bruised and broken.”
This horrified him, although Reese and he were roommates and friends when he began college, and by the end we couldn’t stand each other. He
never wanted him hurt. He continued to listen to the story, though.
“I visited the hospital feeling guilty for Reese, but my plan had worked, and I secured the job, Reese had been offered, having been their second
choice all along.”
“I see, this was all about getting even.” Brax said calmly.
“Not quite, there was still Chase. You see after the incident I told Tabor who I had been dating for two months, about the accident. I told him precise
lies that offered him to be suspicious of me. However, it was until I received a visit from my sister that he began to truly distrust me. You see my sister
and Chase’s brother dated their freshman year, and he dumped Monica. Then stage two was complete with me driving a wedge between the two
friends, Tabor and Chase. It was for kicks, but also served my purpose. Tabor and I broke up. Slowly, I wormed why way into Chase’s life and
eventually secured that place as his girlfriend.”
Brax was now lost. “How is that duping Chase? From his perspective he got a girlfriend, and Tabor got taken advantage of.”
“Well, eventually Tabor would learn about how serious Chase and I got, and would put a stop it. When he showed up my house this morning telling
me to stay away it was time to put the final act of my plan in motion.”
“And that would be?”
“I had you tell your lies about what actually occurred. I never gave you enough credit for that, by the way. And that allowed Tabor to feel like an ass.
And just an two hours ago I called Tabor over and we started to make out, hinting about wanting to reconnect with him. All the while knowing Chase
would eventually catch us together, and that would break his heart and may make Chase and Tabor mortal enemies in the process.”
“There is one thing I don’t understand.” Brax stated. “Why this whole plan against Chase. What did he do to you.”
“Other than toying with him; I wanted his Chase to feel the pain and sorrow of losing someone, like Monica felt when Chase’s brother, Colt ended their
relationship.”  She didn’t explain that Monica had manipulated Colt and that was true cause of Colt’s termination of their relationship, and this was just
Britney trying to be better than her sister and manipulation. There was something to be said that she got great sex from Chase and Tabor through this
long con.
Brax smilied, “I have to give you credit, you masterfully played your part well over the year and half.”
She laughed.
Upstairs in the hotel room Cord and Reese naked; Cord had experience the love of his life, and for some small reason, he believed he was experience
déjà vu.
“You obviously are fully recovered.” Cord smiled.
“Yeah, I guess. Thanks for being so gently.”
“I would never hurt you Reese.”
The lights were off in the room, and Cord couldn’t see much, and instead of kissing Reese’s lips he kissed his eyes. “Sorry.”
Reese laughed, “Cordy it’s cool.” 
“Well, at the risk of running the romantic moment I need to use the washroom.” Cord declared. He got up, and stuck his tongue as Reese continued to
laugh. After used the facilities, he tried to navigate back to the bed. However, there was something on the floor and he tripped.
“Are you alright?” Reese asked, sincerely.
“Yep, I just tripped over your luggage.”  He used it as leverage to get up, but he didn’t rise. His hand felt something in the outer pocked. Curiously, he
opened the side of the pocket and felt a mask.
“What’s this, Reese.”
“Oh, it was something I was going to show you tomorrow morning.”
The memory of Cord’s night with this mysterious man in college was brought back to him. It was when he had just been around the time he made his
first presence to Matt, and came to the realization he would never be able to have him. So, in his despair, he went to this party and met this man. One
thing led to another and he ended experiencing the best sex of his life that night. Well, until tonight.
“Wait, all those years ago? That was you.” Cord asked putting the pieces together.”
“Yeah, that was me. I knew for a while that you were the guy I met that night. Just from how you talked and how you cared for me. I was going to
reveal that secret to you tomorrow, though.”
Cord was so happy, he never regretted his sex episode. “I am glad I stumbled on this tonight. It makes me realize we were more destined to be
together than ever.”
“I thought you would react that way.” Reese said and moved towards Cords location on the floor, in the darken room they found their lips and
“Put it on, please.” Cord asked his lover.
“Anything for you, love.”  He did as Cord requested as they both moved towards the bed. Time stood still as Cord put his lips and tongue down Reese’s
fixed body. He loved him now more than ever. Just when he was about to wrap his mouth around his cock, Cord’s phone rang.
Cord and Reese ignored it, but it rang again, and Cord finally answered on the fourth ring. “YES!”
“Hey, Cordy, we just wanted to wish you good night.” Toni laughed.
“Thanks, Toni, remind me to return the favour.” He said obviously annoyed with their planned disruption.
Before Toni could respond he hung and went back the man he loved.
The hospital waiting room was silent. Chase and Tabor were talking by the coffee machine about anything but the current situation. Matt and Kris
returned to the scene and saw Jess, Colt and Scott stand up to their entrance. Colt came over.
“Bro, I am okay. This is just a lot to take in.”
“I know. Corey has been a wreck.”
“Where is he?” Matt inquired, not seeing his husband in the room.
Jess answered, “I suggested he go splash some water on his face.” Matt understood why this was affecting his husband and best friend, so much.
Derek had saved their lives on more than one occasion.
At that moment Samuel and Rick walked in, they had just seen Derek. Samuel was crying, and instantly Kris believed that his friend was gone.
Rick held up his, “The doctors just informed us that Derek will most likely be dead very soon. He has just regained consciousness. He would like to
speak to Corey and Kris while he still can.”
“How do they know he is going to die so soon,” Kris asked angrily.
“This is well researched, but rare condition. They know what is happening to him, they just were not sure why he is rapidly going through the
Kris said nothing, but stood up. Corey returned, Matt could see he was crying. Seeing Samuel, he walked right up to his face
“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US!!! WHY DIDN’T HE!!!”  Matt was shocked by how Corey was so angry.
“I don’t know Corey. I requested he mention to you countless times today.”
“YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME!” He turned to room, who all seemed shocked by his outburst. “You all know what I went through in high school, and
how I had nobody back then. My folks would disown me, my friends made fun of me, and the town wasn’t to lynch me. I was at my the end of my
rope. There was this cliff, and before I could end it all Derek saved my life. When I couldn’t handle the pressures of living in town where everybody
hated me; I ran away to find Derek, and he told me to go back.”
Matt was aware of this but some people in the room including Colt and Kris didn’t know about what Derek did. Corey continued, whipping his head
“I know exactly what that man has done for YOU COREY!” He yelled back, “I know what Derek has done for each of you. He helped Scott deal with
sexuality; he helped Colt bond better with his brother. He helped Jess and reconnect with his friend and help deal with his issue his assault. He helped
Matt bring his best friend back together, and saved Kris from being his by a car, and YES! HE SAVED YOUR FUCKING LIFE. You think it was EASY for
me to sit by and watch him deal with his condition. He didn’t want any of you to worry about him.”
“After everything he did for us, he could have atleast told us.” Corey mentioned, finally controlling his outburst. Matt went to him and held his hand.
“He wants to talk to you, and Kris.”  Matt said quietly. Kris stood up and walked towards Corey grabbing his other hand. He turned to Rick, “Lead the
Matt kissed his husband and let him go, while Rick led them to Derek’s hospital room. “I need to warn you,” he told his friends. “He doesn’t look like he
did today.”
Kris looked to Corey, “We are prepared.”
Rick opened the door to the room, and the appearance of Derek blew their mind. Neither of they were not prepared for this. Derek laid on the bed, his
hair was completely gone, and his face was now a greyish. One eye looked swollen, and there were red marks on his gown.
“Come closer,” Derek made out with crack in his voice. He could barely speak above a whisper.
Corey walked on, but Kris needed push. Corey helped his friend towards the bed. Derek turned his head, on his face little red lines appeared.
“Corey, Kris, thank you for seeing me. I know how mad you two must feel.”
“Yes!” Corey said, and Kris squeezed his hand to get him to calm himself.
“I just wanted you guys to be happy, and knowing about my condition would made you worry about me too much. I love you…both.”
They looked at their friend, neither of them could speak, Corey’s anger already evaporated.
“Please…Corey come closer…” His voice was barely audible. Corey did as instructed. “When I met you were scared and lonely. You had so much
potential, and you were about to throw it away by jumping off that cliff. Now, you are happily married man, with a bright future with Matt.”
“I cannot thank you enough for that, Derek.”
Derek coughed and a little blood came out. “It was all you, Corey. Now, as my dying wish. Please give your father a chance. I arranged from him to be
the officiate at your wedding. I brought him to Scott’s attention. He is a good man, who made some mistakes.”
“Why should I be with that man.”
“You never had a father growing, who loved you for being you; Calvin doesn’t care that you are gay. He wants to be a father to you again. Please, for
me, give him a chance.”
Corey thought it over, and was only lightly surprised that he brought Calvin to his wedding. “I will try. Derek.”
“That is all I ask. If you can find peace with him, then he will fill my shoes. He will be a great person and will always be in your corner.”
“I will try.” Corey mentioned again. “I love you, Derek.”
“Goodbye, my friend.”
Corey hugged his hand over his. “I will never forget you Derek.”
“I am here Derek…please…please don’t leave me.” Kris begged. “I need you, now more than ever.”
“Kris, you have your friends, your family, your children. Be with them. You remember our talk this morning, I don’t want you to be alone.”
“Yes,” not knowing where Derek was going with this. Derek coughed more blood again, “Kristopher…Melissa didn’t call me. I called her and told her to
seek you out. I don’t want you to be alone.”
Kris instantly without thinking about it made a decision regarding Melissa. “Thank you my friend.”
“Oh, Kris, one more thing.” Kris was standing next to Derek, with Corey already gone. “Watch the temper.”
“Okay, Derek. Nathan would be happy for you, and everything you accomplished. You are great person, and noble person, and most importantly a loyal
and respectful person.”
Derek didn’t hear him, he had lost consciousness again. Kris saw crying more now than ever. The doctor entered with Samuel and Rick on his heels. 
“Watch the temper.” Derek said to Kris before losing consciousness again. In his mind’s eye he was sitting outside on the grass looking up at the stars.
A man was walking close to him. He recognized his scent.
“Nathan?” Derek called out to the man.
Then, his eyes opened again and saw three or four men in the hospital room. In the back by the door Kris stood watching him. Holding his hand crying
was Samuel, and resting on his stomach was Rick. “Samuel, thank you for taking me back.”
Samuel looked at Derek’s eyes, there he saw the man he fell in love with. They didn’t speak, but they both realized his end was minutes away.
Rick wrapped his arms around Derek.
He closed his eyes for the last time; his mind erased the hospital scene, and put him back in the grassy meadow. Nathan, his first lover, and Kris’s
brother was holding him. “Relax, my love it will be over soon.”
Derek breathed in and out thinking of all the great moments he had with Nathan, and Samuel. “I am sorry you to die.”
“Shh.” Nathan stated. “It was my time, just like now it is your time. Let it go Derek, my love, let it go.”
Derek stood up and Nathan held his hand, Samuel materialized and held his other “It’s your time my love.”
The three walked on and two lines of people formed. He turned and saw Noel and Kendall, they nodded to him, on the other side was Shawn and
Terra; they didn’t look at each other but nodded towards him, as three of them walked on. The people continued to nod toward him; it was every
person he helped on his travels.
He was nearing the end of the line of people that stood by as he walked with lovers by his side. Scott and Jess held hands and nodded, and then
Chase and Tabor smiled as Derek walked passed. Colt and Matt spoke “Your almost there Derek.”
Corey and Kris ended the line of people. Derek turned around smiled.
The smile was on his face as the machine monitoring made the sound. The doctor checked the pulse, “I am sorry.”
At 3:00 am exactly Derek died.
3:00 AM
Tabor and Chase were sitting in waiting room; nobody was talking to each other. Corey just returned and hugged Matt. Scott and Jess were in the
corner discussing something, but neither Tabor nor Chase made it out.
Tabor tapped Chase’s shoulder to get his attention. He really didn’t want to keep any secrets from Chase, and all that was wrapping his brain was
how Britney had come on to him two hours ago.
“You okay, bro?” Chase asked, seeing the trouble in his friends’ eyes.
“Not really, I just hate what has happened to us today.”
“Yeah, we have been through the ringer.”
“I know we made up and were friends again,” Tabor stated. He paused to put the next sentence right before he voiced it. “In that vein, I need to
communicate to you something that has happened.”
Chase wasn’t sure what to make of his friend’s statement. At 21 hours ago, Tabor had greeted him a similar type of message in his bedroom,
cautioning him to stay away from Britney, stressing to him that she is danagerous and not to be trusted. The whole day, Tabor had been trying
convince him of Britney’s horrible ways. Chase assumed it was more jealous of Tabor’s part to see him with his ex-girlfriend, but all that side, a
few hours ago, Britney brought her friend Brax to collaborate the story centered around Reese’s accident.  From there, Tabor and he had made up
and connected again as brothers should.
“What?” He said, slightly apprehensive to what Tabor was about to declare.
“Britney had called be the hotel about 20 minitues before you arrived, she wanted to get back together with, and before I could stop myself, we
made out right in the bar.”
Chase’s deamonar shifted to one of pure horror. “Why?” Why would do that when you knew that she and I were an item.”
“She came on to me, she wanted to be together with me. I tried to tell her that I didn’t want to step in between you guys. And bro, I don’t want any
part of her anymore. She is yours I respect that.”
“That’s good,” Chase admitted. “I am glad your brought this to my attention, though; I wouldn’t want this hidden from me. You are a great friend. I
am very glad we are in each other’s life.” \
“Back at you, Colt, Jr,” Tabor commented, and before Chase could respond in walked four very sad people.
Kristopher went to the middle of room, and everybody stopped whatever they were doing and looked up towards their college leader, best friend
and brother. Matt and Corey were huddled together, Scott who had been crying with Jess’s hand on his back, and Colt was passing the room. He
stopped and looked straight into Kris’s eye; knowing what Kris would say.
“Guys, it gives me no pleasure to announce this. Samuel and Rick thought it would be best coming from me.” Kris said with tears rushing down his
face. Matt wanted to go to him. Kris continued, “Derek passed away at 3 am, just about 10 minutes ago.”
Chase’s eyes went straight to Rick and Samuel who both looked a mess; however, he eyes drifted back to Kris.
“Derek was my brother’s boyfriend, and great friend to us. And now he is gone!” Kris’s voice cracked, and he fell to his knees. He started to lose
whatever composure he had and instantly Matt and Colt were by his side bringing him over to closest chair.
Matt held Kris close, like he did all those years ago when he accidentally drank that drug in their frieshman year. Chase and Tabor watched on, and
neither of them knew what to say or do next. Jess let out a moan that could wake the dead, and Corey did something nobody could believe.
Kris opened his eyes and it took him a moment to reconnect with where he was. He felt Matt’s hands on him, holding in a protective way. However,
that is not what brought him back to his senses. It was the sound of punch. He looked over to hospital wall where Corey had been standing, what
lay there was his friends hand stuck in the wall.
“I am sorry,” Corey said more to himself, than to anybody in particular. “I don’t know what I was thinking.”
Kris whispered to into Matt’s ear, “Go to him. He needs you.”
Matt wouldn’t go, “You need me.”
Kris pulled away from Matt’s hold. “Be with your husband.” He gentally pushed Matt towards Corey. Colt, Chase and Tabor that with Kris, as he
watched Jess and Scott extract Corey’s bloody hand from the wall.
“Are you okay, Corey?”
“Yeah,” Corey didn’t smile; his face had lost all emotion from it, “Considering.”  Before he could finish the statement, he thought that she just heard
Derek had died. He laughed at his immediate response to Matt’s question. A minute passed with Corey’s laugher finally ending, “No, Matthew I am
not alright.”
Matt understood completely, as the nurse came to check on Corey’s hand. She brought Matt and Corey to small first aid station, where she could
dress the minor wound for Corey. 
Kris’s mind went back to the start of the day, and how he woke up falling out his bed and helping Matt with his horrible nightmares of Corey dying;
how he tried to help make up my mind with Melissa and Kevin, and now I am pushing away from helping me. I pushed him back to Corey where he
belonged. He will always be friends with Matt, but Corey needs to be his ultimate priority. Colt looked at Kris and asked what’s wrong.
“I just wished I let Matt go 5 years ago without that argument maybe this outcome wouldn’t have happened.” Kris told him.
“How do you mean?” Colt didn’t follow, neither to Chase or Tabor.
“A year after graduation, Matt needed to move on for his financial wellbeing, I thought it was because he wanted to abandon me. Had, I came to
realize what I know now, that I needed to let him go, then this whole thing wouldn’t have happened. I wouldn’t have moved in with you Colt, it
wouldn’t have broken up your marriage, and I wouldn’t have been a father, and Derek wouldn’t have tied.”
Chase and Colt understood Kris’s point, however, it was Tabor who voiced their collective concern, “Kris that is horseshit. All the last five years
were not bad, and even if you did let Matt go without that fight then all the events would have happened Colt would have moved in Chase and me, I
would still have found Britney, and but more importantly, you and Colt would have made up, and you and Matt too.”
Colt nodded, “Tabor’s right. Regardless of what caused what, we would all be sitting here in the this room, together mourning the loss of one of
our friends.”
“Maybe,” Kris thought, “Derek is dead, and I cannot stand it. I just think if I wasn’t surrounded with my own problems I could have been there. I
was so needy on Matt that I didn’t realize how strong I was without him.”
Colt didn’t know how to respond to that. “You need to let Matt go. He is your friend, but not your slave. He has a life with Corey.”
“Colt, that neediness to be with Matt, made me lose sight of what was important, and in the process I lost Derek. I barely spoke to him in the last
five years.”
“Kris,” Chase said. “You let go of Matt today, we saw you telling to be with Corey. Now use this time. Make Derek proud, be the best Kris you can
be. Live every day like it your last.”
“Where did you here that,” Kris knew the phrase instantly from the DVD recording his brother sent him years ago. He decided to act of that wisdom
right now.
Melissa had been sitting her chair the last 2 hours, ever since Kris left the hotel room in hurry. He didn’t know where Kris went. She was just
wished he would return. Kevin was asleep, and she couldn’t sleep without that man by her side. She loved him, ever since they met in junior high
school. She saw Kristopher transform from a shy introvert to the outgoing leader who commanded a group of followers. That was the man she fell
in love with. Though they had their fair shares of fights, in her heart, she knew Kris loved her.
She dialed the number of hotel room Colt was staying at. She thought maybe he was talking to him because of some emergency, regarding
Andrea. At the wedding both she and Andrea communicated about their desire to get back with loved ones.
“Hello?” A groggy voice said. “Do you know what time it is?”  It was nearly 3:17 am.
“Andrea? Sorry I was looking for Colt. I thought I dialed his room number. It’s Melissa”
“Melissa?” She was awake, “No, Colt left sudden around half past one in morning. I haven’t seen him since. I am waiting his hotel room for his
return. Why do you need to talk him.”
“I thought maybe he was with Kris, he left hurriedly around that time too.”
“Sorry, Melissa; don’t know about him.” Andrea although she was ready to re-establish a relationship with Colt, he wasn’t ready to forgive Kris for
his part in runining her marriage. “Anyways, I’m sure they will turn.”
“Your right sorry to have woken you.”  Andrea hung up and went back to bed, hoping Colt would return to her. Meanwhile, Melissa put the phone
down and heard a noise outside her door. It sounded like soobing, or crying.  He went outside to investigate the sounds.
Not to doors downs sitting on the floor against the wall separating the saw a man. She moved closer to the figure and instantly recognised him, as
the justice of the peace of Matt and Corey’s wedding. 
Calvin looked up from his tears at the approaching stranger. She knelt down, “Can I help you, sir.”
Calvin couldn’t respond to that question at all. Ever since he was shunned from his son’s wedding, things turned bad. He left the tent and angered
with himself for blowing up at his former wife. He decided to drive around town to get some perspective. He wanted to be back in Corey’s life, but
now he didn’t know if that was possible. Three hours ago, he sat the hotel bar where he would be staying that night, and called Marie to apologize.
Her husband at the time, told him to fuck off and never talk to her again. Knowing all hope was lost, he order his first drink 25 years. However, he
couldn’t drink it; he just watched it, and took it atmosphere at the bar. The bartender offered his ear. But he didn’t want to bore him with the
details of his life. Eventually, he had to leave, without anywhere else to he walked outside on the cool morning. It wasn’t until got out of the
elevator that on to his floor to get some sleep, that he received a message.
“We need to talk - Tomorrow.  Corey.”  This sobbing began after that. After everything that happened between him and his birth son, he wanted to
talk to me.
The stranger touched his knee, “Sir, are you okay?”
“Yes, I am fine. My son just offered olive branch, and wants to talk to me.”
She didn’t know what he was talking about, but smiled anyways. “That is good, then.”
“Sorry, I hoped my tears of happiness didn’t wake you up.”
“Nah, I was awake.”
The buzzing sound erupted from her pocket. She had forgot that had that with her. He recalled she put it to silence, but I guess her hand must
slipped. Fishing out her phone, the message on the screen filled her with joy.
“I want to be in your life again…I love you….Kris.”  At that, a small tear exited her eye.
“Are you alright?” Calving asked the women, just out of curious. “Yeah, the father of my child who I am estranged with wants to talk.”
“That is good,” Calvin said as he stood up. “This calls for a celebration.” He opened the key to his room, and pulled some champagne from the bar
“I can’t sir, I am pregnant.” Mellissa admitted.
Matt and Corey were standing outside the waiting room, Matt was kissing him on the lips. He was trying to make him feel better; however the
physical attention wasn’t helping. They held hands started walking around the hospital.
Matt had just heard what Derek requested of Corey on his deathbed, and although he was aware of Calvin’s comment’s toward Marie, he
advocated that Corey follow Derek’s wishes. Corey thought about for a bit, and decided to type of a brief message to his father, Calvin.
“I think you made the right decision, Corey.”
“Me too,” Corey thought, “Derek went to all the trouble to bring his father to my wedding. The least I could his give him a chance. The message I
wrote indicated that I will try.”
“Yep,” Matt smiled, “I still cannot process Derek’s death.”
“Me neither, almost 24 hours I was thinking about cancelling the wedding because I thought something horrible would happen.”
Corey mentioned his fears to him, “I seriously thought about not going through with it because of the nightmares I was having.
Corey continued, “but now the wedding, the sex, and the dancing our fears, and concerns, they are nothing compared to the loss of dear friend of
“Agreed,” Matt stated, “with everything that occurred to us today, it is meaningless; compared to what we are going through now. Derek was so
important to us, that we need to honor his memory. We need to continue with our happiness.”
Corey kissed Matt on the cheek, but Corey broke down on the floor. “I am sorry,” he said through tears. “He is gone and never coming back.”
Matt sat on the floor next to him, “He is dead, yes; but he isn’t gone. He is still here.” He pointed directly to Corey’s heart.
“I love you Matthew Alexander Raymond, with all of my heart.”
“I love you Corey Francis Teller, more than you ever will now.”
They kissed with tears running down their faces. “Come on, let’s go back to the others.”
“Anything you say, husband.” Corey smiled slightly.  “Wait did you tell your mother?”
At the Landerham’s house, Linda was in the kitchen making her speciality cookies. Everybody else was asleep; however, she couldn’t rest. Her mind
still drifted to what Gloria’s son could have wants with Matt and Derek.  It was 3:30 according the microwave timer, when Jenny came down the
“Sorry, did I wake you with my racket?” Linda asked her friend of many years.
“No, not really I was just looking for some water upstairs, and saw the light on.”
“Okay,” Linda said, “Since you are up, do you want to help.”
“I am surprised.” Jenny Stanton blurted out. “What if we get in another fight.” They recalled the minor kitchen fiasacos that’s occurred two days
ago with them all trying to agree on a menu and how to prepare the food.
“We wont.” Linda assured her. “Besides I could use he company.”
“You miss Matt, already.”
“Well, my little boy is married and off with Corey.”
“Having wild monkey sex.” Jenny smiled knowingly. “That’s what Walt called it on our honeymoon.”
Linda laughed at her friend. “Vince and I called it making love.”
“That’s what Nathan called it too.” Jenny smiled, remembering talking to Nathan about his relationship with Derek. Walt was a little uncomfortable
about discussing sex with his son, so she did it. However, when Kris reached that age Walt made took point. Kris had confirmed he slept with men,
and subtly acknowledged sleeping with Matt.
“I am sure, Matt and Corey are in the process of that right now.”
Just as they were in the process of putting the chocolate chip cookies on the sheet pan, Linda’s cellphone rang.  She most have left in the kitchen.
She answered when she saw Matt’s name appear. “Honey, I didn’t expect you to call.”
Matt spoke calmly but with sadness in his voice. “Mom, Corey and I are not on our way to our honeymoon destination. We were called to the
hospital here in town. Kris is here too.”
“Hold on second, let me put you on speaker Jenny is here with me.”  She put the phone on the table.
“Don’t worry, Kris and I are fine, Corey too. Well, in the physical sense. Derek passed away about 30 minutes ago.”
“Is Kris taking it okay,” Jenny was aware of Kris’s connection to Derek, and how he took Nathan’s death.
“He seems fine,” Matt replied, “but we know Kris there is a lot of hurt inside.”
Linda nodded, “Do you want us to come there.”
“Nah, I think we are all going to leave soon, as soon as the appropriate forms are carried through. Then, more than likely we will come there at
some point.”
“Are you okay Matt?” Linda wanted to know.
“It was a shock, but yes. Mom I am fine.”
He hung up, and Jenny and Linda looked at each other. Linda didn’t know say anything she just put the remaining cookies on the pan and put them
in the oven. Jenny was upset. She hugged her friend. However, before she comfort her with words there was knock at the front door.
Jimmy and Lauren were outside the household; Jimmy doing some research, learned of Matt’s wedding, and found Colt’s address on the internet.
Now, he was outside. He was hungry, but determined to tell Matt the news. He knocked again.
Linda threw open the door, “Do you know what time it is?”
“Yeah, it’s 3:33 in the morning. I have been driving her for the past few hours. Is Matt here.”
“No he is not.” Linda stated and continued without thinking, “He is at the hospital.”
“Thank you,” Jimmy replied. With that, Jimmy left with Lauren and got back in their car. Linda went back to kitchen.
“Who was that?”
“Some kid looking for Matt.”  Jenny stared at her shocked, and Linda realized what she did.
Back at the hospital waiting room, Scott was sleep. He had had maybe two hours sleep in last two days. Jess walked over to Rick.
“Is there anything I can do for you.”
“Nah, I don’t think so. I am trying to stay strong.”
“You don’t have to Rick, I know how much Derek meant to you, and to Samuel. Feel free to kick something, or punch something or sleep.” He
indicated Scott.
“I can’t. I just hoped he didn’t suffer. Derek had lived a whole life of heartache, and then he went on his path to redemption, It would kill me if I
learned he was suffering in the end.”
Jess didn’t know if he was suffering, but he was optimistic. “I am sure, he died at peace.”
At that Matt and Corey entered the waiting area; Colt returned as well. Scott woke up.
“Sorry, I must have dozed off love.”
“It’s okay, love. We know how much sleep you had of late.” Jess said coming next to him.
“Where’s Tabor and Chase.”
“I am not sure, something about confronting someone.” Jess mentioned.
“Samuel and Rick are gone too.” Scott asked.
“Yeah, he needed to handle some paperwork and deal with Derek’s body; Rick went to support hi,
Kris took the center stage, “Guys, I know we are tired, sad and upset. However, Derek wouldn’t us to think of his passing as a matter of despair. He
would wont to make sure we kept our spirits up. This man has shacked our foundation. Before any of us even met,” He nodded to Scott, Corey, Colt
and Matt, “we met him. He helped us become the men we are today. He taught us to control our temper, to bring our friends closer, Matt; how to
be a brother, Colt; how to deal with our sexuality, Scott, how to be a lover and how not run away from our lives, Corey. We learned those lessons,
and now we are family. A family of friends, of brothers, or lovers, and we owe him a lot. Derek where ever you are we love you. We love
everything you have done for us.”
Colt and Corey nodded, with Matt shouting, “Here, here.”
Samuel and Rick returned and with the paperwork all complete. Samuel put a hand on Kris’s shoulder. He addressed the assembled group. “Do we
have any good news?”
“Well,” Kris answered first. “Matt and Corey are married. Sorry you are missing your honeymoon.”
Corey surprised everybody by laughing, “Kris, this isn’t the first time something interrupted my sex life.” He recalled a time when Matt was needed
to take care of Kris, and Corey was left alone to handle his desires. It made him smile.
Scott spoke up next, “Jess and I are having a baby.”
“How?” Matt joked.
“Very carefully,” Jess stated. This time everybody laughed. “Nah, we are going to adopt. Also, Chase informed before he left, that Cord proposed to
Reese, and…”
Colt picked up the statement almost on cue, “Reese can walk.” 
“That is good news,” Matt said. He believed that sitting around feeling sad would not be how Derek would want us to be. So, it felt good to speak of
some of the good stuff.
Colt continued, “I just woke up Andrea and announced that I want to re-enter and relationship with her.” Kris padded Colt on the back. “That is
fabulous, Melissa and I going to be together also.”
“Larry is giving Marie another change, and she has agreed to seek help to finally rid her of her alcohol issues, and I decided to give my father
another chance too.”
Rick spoke up suddenly, “More importantly,” he spoke directly to Samuel Ellington, his uncle and legal guardian. “Kathy didn’t come to wedding
because she isn’t sick; She is pregnant. You are going to be grandfather. Samuel. Kathy and I agreed on a name before I came here. Derek Francis
“After Derek?” Samuel asked. Rick nodded, and they hugged.
“So that’s his last name,” Kris said after a moment.
Jess recalled for all he knew Derek that nobody knew his last name, let alone his middle name. Jess thought back Derek and how he visited him the
hospital while he was recovering from Lee’s assault. Jess wished Derek was here. Everybody in the room agreed.
It was 3:50 am, and time stood still for Vince Junior. He just made love the most beautiful lady he ever seen. He was a little younger than him, but
she made him feel special. They had connection tonight at the wedding. He was standing by the balcony that over looked the entrance to the hotel
room. Sammie lay beautifully on the bed with body exposed to him.
He was about to joy her in sleep when he noticed a couple leaving the hotel. They were on the second floor. So, he could make out the two guys
holding hands. They were Cord and Reese, he and Reese were great friends in college and it hurt him inside when he heard about his accident.
But, he smiled seeing him walking with his lover. He could make out the smiled on their face.
However, after they departed another person exited the hotel she had two police officers on either side of her. The blond hair and the big breasts,
indicated to it was Britney. She had tried unsuccessfully to bed him while he was at school. He didn’t know that Brax, after learning Britney’s entire
scheme contacted the cops for her role in Reese’s accident. Just then Tabor and Chase ran up, and communicated to Brax, who told him what
Britney mentioned to him, and they all tuned and watch the police drag Britney away.
“VJ?” The noise came from his bed and he smiled.
“Come back to bed.”
“Yes, Samantha.” He wondered how Trevor would react to the news that he fell in love with his sister.
Outside, Matt, Corey, Kris, Scott, Jess and Colt were leaving the scene hospital, heading for the parking lot. Scott invited his friends to stay the
night, he extended the invitation to Samuel and Rick, but they wanted to spend it together.
They made it to parking lot, with nobody taking that much, everybody in there own heads. Scott was thinking about becoming a father with Scott;
Kris was thinking about Derek and how he made Nathan and him so happy over the years; Matt and Corey were thinking what there live would be
like now, and Jess thinking about sleep. Colt was thinking about Andrea and how he missed.
A man in his late twenties and girl around 8 approached them. The man seemed to recognize Matt. He walked towards their group. He stopped in
front of Matt.
“Are you Matt Raymond?”
“Yes?” Scott wondered what this was all about who he was, I don’t he can take anymore news good or bad.
“I have been looking for you all night. My name is Jimmy Rutherford. We met a few times when I was younger. My mother was dating your father
when he passed on.”
Matt instantly recognized Gloria’s son, “It’s really late, I really want to get some sleep. I good friend of mine just died.”
“Please, hear me out.” Jimmy spoke desperately. “Lauren is your step-sister. My mother and had a child with your father.”
Matt was speechless, in fact all six of the guys didn’t know what to say, out all the stuff that have happened to them in the last 24 hours, Scott
didn’t see this coming.
Lauren spoke up, “By the way, congratulations.”
Corey looked at the 8 year old, as Matt continued to process what she just heard.
“For what?”
4: 00 AM
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