Written by Andy... Posted:  Jan 7, 2012

The wedding went by too fast for my liking, but then again I wasn’t in the best of moods for some of it. Ever since I told Matt about my feelings for Colt I was beside myself. Matt was blown away by my realization. He just nodded and held me until I stopped crying. I did appreciate he didn’t try to talk me out of it. We just sat there in silence.

Throughout my time in Vegas the feeling that I might actually be in love with Colt gnawed at me, yet I did quite well at hiding it, though I think Scott may have sensed something when we were fucking around; however, I was drunk at the time.

The drinking that night along with horniness Scott and I were feeling allowed me to just go with the moment. When Scott almost ripped of Colt's pants and I saw his hard cock throbbing, I knew I wanted him inside me. I just didn’t know if it was my cock thinking it, or my head. I just needed to have Colt in me. When his condom covered dick entered me that feeling never left me. I never thought in a million years I would be sandwiched between two guys. Fuck, that feeling was so amazing. No matter how good I felt at the time, fucking Scott, I felt so safe and content with Colt fucking me. Then after the eruption occurred I must have blacked out. In all my sexual experiences that was a first. The next morning I woke up and it was scary because I didn’t remember much of what happened except Colt giving me the most pleasure I ever had in my life. I thought I would try to talk to Colt, but I was too scared to hear what he had to say. I thought about talking to Matt about it, but he would just say he wanted me to be happy.

During the long ride home from Vegas, we all shared a ton but never mentioned what happened in the room.  It did make the long ride pass faster plus lots of sleeping in my folk's SUV.   Each time I looked at Colt he would give me the biggest smile.  Maybe he was feeling the same way I was.  I never got the chance to privately discuss my feeling with Colt.  Even home, I was scared what he would think if I called and admitted my true feelings.

Four days later the thoughts of Colt were turning my head to mush. I needed to get away, to do something to occupy my thoughts, so I packed all my stuff up to return to the College early. I called Matt to tell him I needed to clear my head and that I wanted to work out some more. He offered to go with me but I told him I needed to be by myself.

I said goodbye to my parents and drove to Nathan’s grave. He was the first person I could ever talk to about anything so venting out my thoughts felt like the best place to start. I sat by his tombstone and spoke to Nathan as if he were sitting there chatting to me.

“Bro, I don’t know what’s happening to me. For the longest time I thought I was totally straight, then Matt and Corey opened up my eyes to experiencing the other team, and then when I met Colt my life became so much better.”

“I was antsy and looking for something to do, while Matt was studying one night. I came across a guy sitting by himself, so I walked over and sat next to him. I introduced myself, and he mentioned his name was Colt.

“‘Hey, can I help you.’ I said.

“It’s nothing really, my roommate and I are not getting along right now and I wanted to get out of there.’ He replied.

“‘I understand that, if you want you can come chill with me, I am going to work out.’ I mentioned.

“Then Colt and I talked about his roommate Bryan and how they were the best of friends in high school and now they fight over the stupidest things.

“As the days and months passed we became better friends, growing closer to the point that me, Liz and his girlfriend at the time all fucked in the same room.

“Nathan, I don’t know what to do. Do I tell him I love him? When did the love begin? I realized after the Monica fight that I couldn’t lose him. We eventually got over it and became even closer. The ski trip was amazing; Colt and I were inseparable almost all the time. When we went away from Spring Break we crossed a bridge I never thought I would with another man, except maybe Matt, but even then I was doubtful. When we fucked it was so enjoyable, that’s when I realized we were going to be friends for a long time. We are so much alike and we laugh at the same jokes. When we made love in the tent I think I subconsciously knew what I was doing.

The more I think of it the more it makes sense. I think when we had talked over the summer we were trying to hold back from our lust, but maybe it was more to hold back on to our love for each other. I have no idea. All I know is I am so confused. All the images that jump into my head are of Colt. I think about the people I care about the most; it’s Matt, then Colt. It all makes sense now. I think we wanted to hold off on sex because we didn’t want to surrender to our feelings, however, we still fucked after that, and each time I felt closer and closer to him. The time in shower before my blow up was just a great experience. I think we both felt something then. My fantasies were of girls still, but lately, especially the last three nights, all I could see was me and Colt fucking.

I really didn’t know what to do. I talked for about three hours at Nathan’s grave; talking about some of the best moments I had with Colt and how being close to him made me feel better. I got back into the car drove to the college. On the way more thoughts entered my head to prove I have deep feelings for Colt. First, was the apology I made to Colt, compared to Matt and Corey’s apology… 

He was peeing and I put my arms around him and held him dick as he peed. I kissed him and it made us feel good inside, by me kissing his neck and playing with his dick. I caressed him all over and I knew he enjoyed every tender touch I applied to his body. Eventually we moved into his bedroom and after the blow job we slept together naked, his arms around me, and although we still don’t remember what happened, I woke up in the arms of somebody I love deeply. When I gave Corey his blowjob we just did it on the sofa and had some fun in the shower. There wasn’t the same level of affection there as there was with Colt.

The night Colt came over, before the Christmas break, was probably the most magical night of my life. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I was with one of my best friends in all the world, someone I loved, someone I was attracted to, and he was making love to me, showing me with his actions that he felt the same as I did. I felt so close to him in that moment, maybe closer than I’ve ever felt to anyone.

That settled it. The moment I saw Colt Landerham, I was admitting to him that I loved him. I arrived at the dorms; Rick said he was going to meet me to let me back into the dorm suites. One thing that was troubling me was how could I love Colt and still want to be with girls? My head was still screwed up. Rick was waiting outside our building talking to two guys I had never seen before.

"Hey, Rick." I said trying to be my normal self.

"Hey, Kris, did you have a good holiday?"

"For the most part I did…" Changing the subject, I said, "Who are these guys? More people from Derek's travels that may be connected to us?"

I thought back to the time when Rick got me, Corey, Matt, Colt, Scott and Hayden together last Christmas as we learned that at some point in our past Derek has helped each of us out.

"Nah, This is…" Rick started

"Antonio Jocobi. It’s nice to meet you,” he said, trying to be nice with his hand extended in my direction.

Antonio was dark headed, around 6 foot 1 with a bump in his big nose. I could tell from his greasy hair that he could be Italian.

"Hey, I’m Kris, are you moving into the suites?" I said trying to be nice.

"Yeah, my family moved here last year. They’re investment bankers and move around the world quite a lot. What does your family do, Kristopher?"

"Actually. It’s just Kris…”

"Most of the people I met in dorms last semester had parents who worked in pretty pedestrian occupations; nurses, tellers, mechanics. You know simple minimal manual labor type jobs?”

"My father is a simple bank manager in my hometown, while my mother is a teacher at the local community college. In fact my father, grandfather and great grandfather have all come to this very college."

"I see… My father was a good friend of the President of the School and has wide connections with most of the Universities’ key people in America. I basically was allowed to write my own ticket. I guess they let anybody into this school."

I eyed Rick. Not really in the mood to engage with the annoying guy. Instead I looked at his seemingly best friend, he reminded a little of Garrett, though he was black, but quite handsome.

"My name is Joe Flannigan," the tall black guy said with his hand extended. "Dammmn... you have to play football or some shit like that… Your arms are arms are so big."

"Nah, I just enjoy working out," I said after shaking his hand.

"Antonio, we know now who we can't fuck with here," Joe said to his friend.

I watched as Antonio rolled his brown eyes. "Maybe one day I can hire him as a body guard."

Joe laughed, but I wasn't amused. Rick could see how disturbed I was and spoke up, "So Joe, how'd y'all meet?"

Joe chuckled, "Last year, this dude came walking into the room. It took a little time for us to click but since we both like white women and drinking a little, we clicked. We heard about this place and wanted to give it a try..."

"It’s better than those fucking dorm rooms, though it's still not perfect," Antonio stated.

"We’re just glad to get way from those annoying ass freshmen," Joe said. "They have lots to learn in this world."

"I guess I'll see ya around, bros," I said.

"Do we smell that bad?" Joe asked.

"Nah, I got a few things to do," I replied and walked away. At least one had a decent sense of humor. Alex now might have a deeper appreciation of Drew and Justin, especially after he meets Antonio. Walking to my car Rick offered to help me bring my stuff to the suites. During the move, we had a nice conversation.

“So Justin and Drew flunked out?” I asked Rick

“Oh no, they just moved out to a different dorm. It was nothing anybody really did. They wanted to be closer to the people they hung around with, plus it’s a little cheaper. It’s a shame since Justin gave better haircuts than any barber here.”

“I wouldn’t know,” pulling at my shaggy blond hair. “I didn’t use his services all that much.”

“I can see that.” Rick paused in thought, “it’s kind of interesting that people who stayed close friends have a deeper connection.”

By this time we were unpacked and sitting on the sofa. “How do you mean?”

“Derek met most of you guys on his walk of redemption, and in the end you all ended up at the same school and developed some kind of friendship with each other, especially you, Colt, Matt and Corey.”

“Yeah it is quite interesting; Colt would say it’s spooky or weird, but I kind of believe it’s a higher power making sure we’re being taken care of.”

“You mean like Nathan?” Rick inquired.

“Maybe… I never did think of it that way. I have never been a true believer in destiny, but who knows? Nathan left a lot of heartache when he died prematurely. Maybe he could be fixing it from up above. He could be helping me by bringing the key people who Derek helped into my life. Derek helped Colt, Corey and Scott, and in turn, in a way, they eventually helped me come out of my shadow and develop great friendships with them.”

“You could be on something thing there, Kris. It’s more than simple friendship. I know how close you guys are, through Derek’s calls between you guys over the years. That’s why I kept my distance a lot of the time. I trust you guys, so that even when you do get in to fights, you pull through. When you punched the wall, you didn’t even have to pay for that, I personally took care of it. When Corey and you had your fight…”

I looked at him, taken aback by how much he knew.

“Yeah, I know most stuff that goes on… I knew in the end you would come to your senses, especially you. Derek and I have a special relationship, we talk about everything, he told a lot of stories about you Kris and your brother. I promised Derek to keep watch over you.”

“You have?” That surprised me more. “Fucking hell I didn’t know that.”

“Why do you think I let you get away with so much? I know all about your temper. When you had your fight with Lee, we talked and let you go with a warning. Regardless of what Lee did, I really should have given you a fine. When you fought with Colt, that would have got you kicked out, but, I knew deep down I couldn’t do that. And when you guys moved in to the suites, I didn’t care about the beer or drinking, I trusted you. I knew you would be able to keep things in check.”

I hugged him. “I wish I knew all this before, bro.”

“Why do you think I come chill with you guys sometimes?”

“Because we’re the coolest fuckers ever?”

“There is some of that,” he agreed. “Growing up, I had a bad family life, my parents died, but eventually Samuel, my uncle, took me in. I didn’t have a normal childhood. When you kicked Derek out of that hospital he ended up here and eventually entered into our hearts. I think of him as second uncle now so in a way I need to thank you.”

“You can thank me over dinner.” I was surprised the conversation was taking place. I really never thought about how much Derek had changed people’s lives. It was the one of the biggest regrets I had in kicking him out of the hospital, but then now, in retrospect, so much good has come of it.

“How about you come over for dinner? We can properly introduce you to Samuel.”


“He’s runs the Rec Center, you may have seen him around, but didn’t know what he looked like.”

We hopped in to Rick’s car and he told me about the vacation he had with Samuel, it sounded so great. I was listening and tried my best to be interested in the conversation, but my own personal dilemmas with Colt were still in my mind. However, when we got out of the car and I saw the hottest girl come up to kiss Rick on the lips it brought me back to reality and I realised she was the same girl Jess saw Rick have fun with in shower last year.

“Kris, this is Kathy. Kathy, this is Kris, the ringleader of the crew I told you about.”

“A pleasure… Rick never mentioned how cute you were.”

“Thanks, you’re hot as well.”

We went inside where Samuel was cooking chicken and roasted potatoes with some grilled asparagus. Rick called over to him and Samuel turned. I had seen him before; sometimes he was talking to Corey while he was on shift. He looked quite hot and fuckable. He had some blue in his hair and two earrings. Rick mentioned he wanted to look a little younger.

I noticed on one of his bare arms were a small heart-shaped tattoo with an arrow through it. On one side of the arrow it said ‘Derek’ and on the other side it said ‘Rick’. When Derek arrived we all sat down for dinner and enjoyed a great meal. Derek told some stories about Nathan. I listened a lot as I never knew most of the stories, it was interesting to hear. Rick looked at me throughout the night. He seemed to be trying to convey something to me.

After dinner, I got up to do the dishes. Derek and Samuel forbade me to do it so I sat down as Rick and Kathy joined me on sofa. Rick brought me a beer.

“Kris, are you okay?” Rick asked all of a sudden. “Kathy and I mentioned that you seemed a little down, in fact, you seem to be not as outgoing as I’ve seen you before. When you pulled up and came over to me today, you seemed to have a lot of your mind.”

“Have I become that transparent?” I said lowering my head a little.

“Only to people who know you,” He suggested kindly.

“If it’s all the same, Rick, it’s a little personal.”

“I understand, maybe you might want to talk to somebody. When Derek left us, it destroyed Samuel and myself to the point that I sought counseling. It worked wonders. Maybe that might help you, bro. The one of campus, Dr. Ronald Roark, stays open all year round.”

I never thought of counseling but I needed to speak to somebody and work out the feelings I had for Colt somehow. Maybe the counseling would help with my temper too.

“Can you set up an appointment?”


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