Kris and Colt: At Last, Maybe?. Chapter 4

Another fantasy chapter written by TMitch... Hope you are enjoying it.

After our great break through with communication, Dontay and I went into his apartment to
watch a movie. It was the latest Transformer movie. We were lying in his bed, shirtless with
just our jeans and socks on.

I thought it was hilarious when he would try to emulate some of the stunts. The movie went
off at about 12:30. At that point, we were close and Dontay had his arm around me, playing
with my right nipple.

Then he asked me, “Hey Kris you want a little something to drink?”
“Sure.” I said.
We got up and went to his kitchen, which was connected to his living room and small dining
“What you want?” he asked while opening the refrigerator.
I said, “What do you got?”
He chuckled before giving me a response, “I got water, pop, juice. Any thing suits you?”
I said smiling and gentle slamming my hands on his open counter top, “Where’s the booze?”

“We finished them off the other day. Haven’t had time to buy any more.” He said, bringing
us two Pepsi’s.

We did a nice little toast and we both took a sip.
I noticed Dontay had a look on his face as if he wanted to ask me something.

I asked, “Are you alright, Dontay? You got a certain look on your face.”
He was hesitant to respond, “Um… never mind.”
“What?” I said with a slight smile on my face.
He responded leaning up against the countertop perpendicular to the one I’m sitting at, “I’m
a little surprised at how close you and Matt are.”

I responded, “Why are you surprised? You have a best friend just like I do.”
“Yeah, but Rob and I are different from you and Matt.” He said.

I responded to his statement while getting up from his bar stool and walked over to him to
stand next to him with my arms folded, “Remember how I told you that Colt and I were
close, best friends?”
He nodded.
“Well, Matt and I are different.  We’re more like brothers. Been through a lot together.”

He said, “Oh ok. It dates back beyond college?”
I said walking away toward his couch and sat down, “Yeah, back to high school actually. He
lied to the principal to get me out of trouble and that was before he even knew me.”

He responded with him now walking towards where I was sitting, “Wow, Matt is a loyal
“Yeah, he is. And on one of our Christmas breaks, I fainted when I witnessed a minor
fender-bender with a friend of mine in the car. When we came home, Matt was there for me.
He made me talk about my brother.”

Dontay is now sitting next to me when he asked, “What was he like?”

“Nathan, he was a great guy. Back when I was ten and having nightmares, he would let me
sleep in his bed so I could fall back asleep. On times when I was sick, he would bring me
chicken noodle soup and shit like that. I loved him with all my heart.”

Dontay said, “So, is Matt sort like a stand in for Nathan. Not a replacement, but a stand in?”

I said, “Um, not really. You see Matt and I never really talk about Nathan, not in depth
anyway. Matt doesn’t even know that I witnessed his death. I was the reason he died.”

Dontay responded, “What you mean?”

I sighed then responded, “You see, like everybody we all have our vices, Nathan’s was drugs
and alcohol. I tried to get him to kick the habit, but wouldn’t listen to me, at all. So, one night
he went out on a date and I tried to talk him out of going but…”

I started to feel uncomfortable and got up and began pacing in front of Dontay. I also was
fighting back the tears.

Dontay said, “Go on. You can talk to me. Trust me.”
“I don’t know. I… I haven’t talked about the accident in years, not, not to anybody.” I was
using emotional hand gestures as I made my statement.

Dontay then stood up and walked over to me. He kissed me on my lips and said, “Kris, baby.
It’s all right. Accidents happen sometimes”

I pulled away from him and walked over to the window and look out of it. “You don’t
understand, Dontay. I could have saved his life.”

Dontay said, ‘Sometimes, people do what they want. If Nathan wanted to go out, there was
really nothing you could have done to stop him.

I responded while still looking out of the window and slightly turning my head to look at
him with a small tear falling from eye, “Are you trying to tell me that this was his fault?”

Dontay walked up behind and put his arms around me and kissed my neck and said, “No,
not at all Kris. It’s no one’s fault.”

“No, I wasn’t the one who got in the fucking car, drunk as shit and smashed into a tree with
my brains gushing out of my head. Do you have any idea what it is like to go sleep and see
that image?” I said while banging my fist on the wall near the window.

I continued on, “I tried to blame it on his boyfriend, Derek, but it’s my fault.”

He turned me around to face him and Dontay said with concern for me in his eyes, “How
long have you been thinking, feeling like this?”

I while the few tears from my face and sniffled, and said, “Every day, every time I think
about him.”

Dontay took my hand and led me to the couch and I sat down and he knelt down in front of
me and said, “People die, Kris. And I know it hurts, especially for those we love.”

I started speaking more calmly after having a small emotional break down, “Why did it have
to be him?”
Dontay said, “I don’t know why. There is no right answer to that.”

I said, “You’re right there isn’t.”

Dontay got up from his position and sat next to me on the couch and he looked at me a
smiled. “Now, Kris tell me this, would Nathan want you to feel guilty for his death?”

I thought about it and responded. “No, he would want me to live my life. He would want me
not to waste a minute of my life.”

I began smiling.

He said, “Ok, now there goes that smile I love. Feeling better, babe?”


“So stop feeling guilty for his death and remember the better moments. Most importantly
keep in your mind that his is your brother and he will always love you.”

I kissed him after he made his statement. Then he had his right hand on my head gentle
playing with me hair and said,

“And I’ll always love you”

I looked at him and smile and said, “I love you too.”

We soon shared a deep, passionate kiss.

“Mmmm, that was hot.” Dontay said.
“Yeah it was.” I said,
“Um, are you ready to go back to your dorm?”
“No, I was actually planning on staying the night like you suggested before.”
“I was hoping that was still on the table.”

I took him by the hand and led him to his bedroom and got completely naked. We both got
in the bed and got close with my arms around him, I kissed him on his neck and cheek.

He said, “I love you Kris, I really do.”
I said, “I love you too. Never thought I could feel this way.”

The morning then comes and I look over and Dontay was nowhere in sight. I stretched and
got out of his bed and walk to his living area and he was bowl of cereal.

“Good morning, babe.” He said.
“Morning. What time is it?” I said.
He took the cable remote to look at the time and it read 6:30.

I said, “I got to get ready to go back to school so I can get ready to go to class.”
He said, “Alright.” As he continued to watch the morning news.

I was in the bedroom getting dressed and I turned around and saw Dontay standing in the

He said, “You are sexy as hell. I just can’t get over it.”
I said blushing, “Thanks, babe.”

We walked over to me and I saw that look in his eye. That same look he had the first night
we met.

“Alright, Dontay. I’ve got to get back to the dorm to get ready for class.”
He said, “I know, I know. I just want to say. I appreciate you opening up to me like you did. It
shows how fast our relationship is progressing.”
I said, “Yeah, it does show that.”
I kissed him, while adding some tongue.
After the kiss, he said,
“Hey baby, sit down.”
“What for?”
“Sit down, let me take care of you.”

He pushed me down on the bed and kissed me passionately and deeply.
He moved directly down to my crotch area and undid my pants and pulled down my boxer
briefs and went straight for my semi-hard dick.

His head was bobbing up and down and a steady pace. He was slurping and everything. He
then came up and started playing with my piss hole with his tongue as my moaning

He then went for my balls and sucked them with straight passion mixed with aggression.
This whole thing was hot as ever.

He went back to my cock and continued sucking it hard. I put my hand on his head as his
continued his sucking. I was moaning louder and louder as he continued on.

He then came up for air after deep throating my cock and was lightly jerking it when he
said. “I love your cock.”

I moaned loudly in response since he went right back to work after saying it.

I then came to, to say I’m about to cum.

He lifted up one more time and said, “Give it to me baby, give it to me.”

I then laid back on the bed and let him have his fun.

I then cried out after about another 40 seconds and said, “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit I’m
cumming. I’m cumming!!!”

Dontay took all of my cum in his mouth and swallowed it all.

After his swallowed it all he came up to and kissed me and I could still taste some of my cum
in his mouth.

After the kiss, I said,
“Mmm, you want me to get you off before we leave?”

He smile with a slight laugh and said, “I would love for you to but I, uh, already got off.”
I looked down at his dick ad saw that long black cock dripping cum on my jeans. I said,
“Were you jerking off?” I chuckled.
“No, my dick was just that hard and when you came I did to.”

He pointed to the floor and I saw a huge puddle of cum.

He said, “Ready to go now?”

I said laughing, “Yeah”

He threw on some sweats and said that he only had two classes today and said his first one
wasn’t until 12:30 but had to finish a paper.

He got me back to the dorm and walked in with me.

We made it to my dorm and we walked in and saw Corey and Matt sitting naked with Corey
jerking Matt off.

I looked back at Dontay and he was somewhat shocked but also turned on.
He said, “Wow, y’all just walk around naked in here?”
I said, “Yeah.”

Corey then said, “Yeah, sorry about that. Kris started it.”
Dontay said, “No need to apologize. I should have known Kris started it. He made us sleep
naked last night.”

Dontay then walked over to me and kissed and said, “See you later, baby. At the Rec Center.”
I said. “Alright.”
He walked out the door.

I said to Matt and Corey, “Kind of up early, huh”
Corey said, “A little. We just had an early morning fuck. I was just finishing Matt off.”

I said, “Finish him off. I’ll be in the shower.”
I signaled for Matt to come closer as Corey was walking into the room and I said, “Did Colt
come back last night?”
Matt said, “Nope, he’s still down at Scott’s.”
“Oh. I can’t believe he’s acting like this, though.”
Matt said, “Give him time. It will be all right.”

“Matt!” Corey called from the room.
I said, “You better get in there. Your boyfriend must need something.”
Matt said walking away and shaking his ass with his hands. “He’s already got something.”
I laughed and got in the shower.

When I got out of the shower, I chilled and watch some early morning television since my
class wasn’t until nine.

I heard from Matt’s room him moaning. I said to myself while smiling that they must be at it
again. And it got me a little hard, but Corey and Matt was not on my mind, Dontay was.

I remove the towel from waist and let it fall on the couch and started playing with my cock.

I reached for some lube that was on the table and lubed up my dick. I was jerking my dick
and going to town on it and I was calling Dontay’s name with him on my mind.

I was moaning and moaning then I hear the door open. It was Colt.

I said wrapping the towel back around me and stood up said, “Hey, Colt.”
He responded dryly, “What’s up, Kris?”
I said, “Nothing. You know just the morning tug.”
I was trying to be playful while gentle punching his arm.

“Kris, save it. I hear you calling ‘Dontay, oh, Dontay’.”
“Colt, I can’t believe you’re still fucking mad at me”
“What would you expect? I broke up with my girlfriend for you and you go and fall in love
with someone else.”
“I’m sorry Colt, but what can I do?”
“I don’t know, Kris. The right thing. You know me, you don’t even know this guy.”

“I know I love him and his loves me.”
“Yeah right, Kris. Sure he loves you, but what I about me I love you too. I’ve loved you
longer than I’ve known myself.”
“Colt, I love you too but not in the way I love Dontay in a different way.”

“Kris, we’ve had sex. Made love. Multiple times. Now you tell me it’s just a thing of the past.”
“No I’m not but we’re on a deeper level than that.”
“Deeper than this?”

Colt gets down on his knees and goes right for my oily dick. I will admit it felt out of this
world but it just didn’t compare to Dontay.

He continued sucking me ways I did not know he could do, but he did. About two minutes
later I was cumming all through his mouth leaving some dripping down.

Colt got up and said, “How do you feel now?”
I said, breathless, “I feel great. But I love Dontay. I can’t change than right now. I’m sorry
Colt said while walking away and licking his lips and whipping them. “Yeah, you are sorry.”

I started getting ready for class and I started feeling strange for some reason. In my heart I
felt like I just cheated on Dontay. I knew that I had to tell him when I see him later at the Rec


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