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After a great game, there was so much excitement all around our apartment complex. It was as
crazy as it got. I was wrapped up in the excitement as well and delighted in having Corey by my
side. We were out in the parking lot and just talking, with Colt pulling down the tailgate of his
truck. It was a clear night with a half-moon shining above. We started talking about the game
with all sorts of people around us after Chase and his friends had left.

“Matt, I’ll make Chase and Tabor buy you a new frame for your picture,” Colt said.

“Oh don’t worry about it,” I said and flipped my wrist.

“Corey, you better keep an eye on him,” Kris joked.

“I cheated at the end and didn’t drink mine, especially after Luke’s last touchdown,” I

“I didn’t,” Colt said.

“Chase and Tabor weren’t bad at all,” Corey said.

“Their friend Deer was a cool guy,” Tom said with his shirt off. I don’t know how he was managing
all of this while keeping sober.

“They were. Colt, you should be proud as fuck of them,” Kris said.

“I am. I know they had a great time with us,” Colt stated.

The smell of marijuana hit my nose. I turned around to see Scott and Jordy standing there. I
leaned over to Scott, “I can really smell you.”

Scott laughed, “We just hit the pipe.”

“No shit,” Corey said.

Jordy signed to Scott. “Jordy said there’s more left.”

“I’ll pass,” Corey said.

Ethan and Cody came walking up, or more like stumbling up. “Fucking great game, huh?” Ethan asked
loud as ever and grabbed the side of the truck.

“It was,” Kris said. “I can see y’all enjoyed it at Scott’s place.”

“Fuck yeah,” Cody shouted with his shirt off, showing his hairy chest.

After we sat around a while, talking to any and everyone who walked up, Colt suggested we head
off and find something to eat. It was a great idea, but the only trouble was finding enough sober
people to drive us to eat. Tom was available, naturally, and we continued looking until we saw
Brennan walking out. We got him to go since Garrett was passed out. We piled into two vehicles
and drove off to find somewhere to eat just past twelve thirty. The first place we stopped was
packed so we continued on and found a Denny’s that had room. As we were waiting to get seated,
Chase, Tabor, Reese and three others came walking up. We had to tell Reese congratulations for
Ted’s great game. 

They seated us first and seated Chase’s group right across from us. 

“Crazy night, huh?” Chase asked.

“It is. So what went on in the dorm?” Colt asked.

“We got back and I’ll be damned if there weren’t guys streaking up and down our hall,” Tabor
said. “Chase and I joined them.”

“That’s my boy right there,” Kris said and walked over to give Tabor a high five.

“Yeah, Jess said something like you’d be proud of us,” Chase said.

“I am. Jess wasn’t around when we did it last year, right before Thanksgiving, up and down our
hall two times,” Colt stated.

“Yeah, we had everyone watching,” Alex stated.

“Reese, were you?” I asked.

His face turned red. Tabor reached over and rubbed Reese’s thick hair, “He was showing his shit.”

We waited and waited until we got a server to wait on us. She commented on how crazy it had been
before taking our order. I ordered pancakes and sausage, since it sounded so good, along with
water. She finished up and went to Brennan’s table to wait on them.

“I have to say, I think y’all must have really enjoyed your time in the dorms,” Tom said.

“We had a blast, but it was time to move on,” Kris said while Chase and his friends were getting
louder. Colt had to say something to them to get them to lower their voices since the entire
restaurant didn’t want to hear them. The thing was, everyone was loud and drunk as well.

Tom started laughing, “This reminds me so much of my crazy days. I used to get so stoned and
drunk with my buddies back at State. Then we had to go out and eat every fucking time. We had a
blast like y’all are having.”

“Bro, we thank you for putting up with us,” Kris said. “I know it’s hard.”

“I can handle it, but I don’t envy you in the morning. That’s one thing I don’t miss, the hang
overs and waking up in weird places,” Tom said.

“Did you ever wake up next to a girl and wonder what happened?” Corey asked.

“Oh did I… It sucks not remembering how good her pussy was,” Tom replied.

“Do you have any kids?” Kris asked.

Tom laughed, “It’s a miracle, but none that I know of right now. It’s crazy the shit I did with
girls and women. You find a girl that wants some coke and shit and they’ll get freaky up on you.”

“Tom, what’s your major if I can ask?” I asked.

He smiled, “What else? Addiction Treatment. I heard this place had a great program so I came.
Once I got sober I knew without a doubt what I wanted to do.”

“Bro that’s so fucking awesome,” Kris said. “Now where’s our food?”

“Chill,” Corey replied. “They’re busy so it may take a while. I hope not too long though. I know
two guys that have to work tomorrow.” 

“That’s gotta suck ass,” Colt said. “Tabor, you know you’re working tomorrow?”

“Hey, don’t remind me, but Corey, I won’t be late again,” Tabor yelled to us.

“You better not be,” Corey said.

Our food did arrive, but it was confusing who got what. We sorted it out and felt sorry for the
lady having to put with not only us but everyone else. I ate most of it and had Kris and Corey to
finish what I had left. 

We headed out and left a good tip. “Take care,” Kris said and waved.

“We will,” Chase said throwing up his hand.

We had to wait a minute outside since Colt stopped to talk with Chase. He came out smiling.
“Chase is just like me,” Colt stated.

“Bro, what took you so long to realize that?” Kris said before we got in the car. 

I was never so glad to see our complex since Kris and Colt were acting like little kids in the
back seat the whole way back. It must have brought back sad memories to Tom but he didn’t
complain and got a kick out of them. We got out and headed into our apartment. Corey and I said
goodnight as it was about 2 now.

Corey shut our door loudly and grabbed me for a good smooch. His hands were all over my back and
ass while we kissed. He quickly came out of his clothes and helped me get undressed. 

“How about a quickie?” he asked. “Last night was fucking great and all but I don’t have an hour.
If it comes to that, oh well, but I need to get to sleep.”

“Corey, we don’t have to.”

“Matt, I want to get fucked by you again.”

I smiled and kissed him. “Just fucked, huh?”

“Yes! I feel that is when we are at our finest and really sharing our love. Plus your hard dick
always feels so damn good in me.”

“Sounds hot to me.”

He jumped on our bed, spread his muscular legs and grabbed his ankles. I was stroking my cock and
reached for our lube. I kept stroking to get it hard and moved to lock our door so no two pairs
of eyes would be watching.

I leaned over and had to suck on his cock that he was stroking for just a minute. I threw his
legs on my shoulders and moved to insert my cock in his waiting ass. I felt it slide in with
ease. At times, it seemed as though my eyes rolled back in my head when my hard cock penetrated
his hot muscular ass. “I fucking love you.”

“God, I love that feeling when your dick slips inside of me. Fuck that ass!”

My cock sunk deep until all I could feel was my balls on his ass. My eyes were connected with his
and saw pure joy in his big blue eyes. I leaned over while pulling in and out and nibbled on his
neck as he kept clenching his ass to squeeze my cock. He squirmed a little but held my head down
while my hips were moving, fucking him deep. His moans were soft at the beginning and growing
louder with each push.

He threw his head back on our bed, “OOOO boyfriend, fuck me… yes, fuck that ass… ooo yes baby,
that feels so fucking good.”

I leaned up and slapped his ass before driving my dick back inside him. “Like my dick in you?”

“OOOOO yes, I fuckinnnn looooove it.”

“I love my dick fucking your hot ass.”

He leaned up and pulled me in for a kiss. We kept kissing while our skin was slapping together
and he tried to hump his hips up to get more of my cock inside him. On a backwards thrust I
slipped out but just rammed it back in him. He groaned and reached for my ass. I pulled back out
and rammed it back in him as hard as ever. 

“Fuck yeah!” he screamed.

After I was balled deep again I stayed in him and started pounding his ass. His head was going
side to side while we were both breathing hard as ever. I slowed down so as to not end too soon
as it was exciting me to no end. 

When I slipped out again he used the chance to jump off the bed and lean over it. Doggie style
wasn’t my favourite but it was what he wanted and I was going to give it to him, hard. After
adding more lube, I slipped back inside him and reached around to grab his hard cock. As I began
nailing his ass, fucking upwards to drill my dick as deep as it would go, our skin was really
sounding off. We were breathing hard as ever with sweat building on my brow. I leaned on his back
and kissed his tattoo before he turned for us to exchange tongue. 

Soon the feeling was overwhelming inside of me. I pulled out and began shooting my cum on his
ass. Before the last shot left my cock, I shoved it back inside him and deposited the last of my
load deep inside him. I collapsed across back still buried in him.  

Corey pushed back and was eager to get off so I eased my dick out of him and he sat down on the
bed as I dropped to my knees between his legs. I started licking his nuts and playing with them
while he stroked his thick hot cock above me.  

“‘Bout to cum,” he signalled.

My face was inches from his cock. He grunted and shot across my cheek with his cum. The next shot
hit my nose. His cock forced open my mouth and finished off. 

With the taste of cum in my mouth I let him pulled out and watched as he collapsed on our bed
with his arms spread wide. I got on his right side and joined while we relished in our bliss. 

“Good night, huh?”

“It really was,” I replied, stroking his side.

We cleaned up and got in bed. His big arms wrapped around me before we drifted off to sleep. 

Corey was off to work and was a real trooper for doing so. He had to be exhausted from our late
night and little sleep. I woke just before ten and lay there for a minute. In a way, it was hard
to grasp the excitement of the last game. All I knew was we had defeated a very good team that
was what they called ranked. Coming here, football was more or less something to do, but it had
grown on me since I knew a few players and understood more. Growing up here, football was a way
of life in my area. From large cities down to the smallest, it was a passion that many had. Now I
was beginning to grasp its importance and saw the large revenue streams it brought to many

As I was in my thoughts, my phone rang. It was Mom checking up on me and catching up with me. As
we were talking, I got another call. It was Ted of all people, asking if I was free to go grab
something to eat. I hated telling Mom I had to go but she understood as always.

Exiting the apartment with Kris and Colt not making an appearance, I came out in my shorts and
tee. I spotted Ted across the way, coming out of his apartment. I walked briskly and got in his
small car. 

“Great game,” I said.

He smiled, “Thanks, and thanks for going with me. I may drive a little while before we stop since
I have this feeling I could be spotted.”

“I understand,” I said and had noticed he was wearing a hat. “Things were crazy around here last

“It was a crazy ass plane ride home. Winning a close one sure beats losing.”

“Especially after you were the big star.”

“I guess. The press nearly wore me out after the game.”

“They should have,” I commented with Ted driving.

“I know, but it is a team game. Honestly, on that last play, as smart as you are you could have
done the exact same thing…”

I laughed, “Ted, I seriously doubt that.”

“No, you could have. They ran the same exact play but with a different formation. I saw it as
soon as they lined up. I deked out the quarterback and knew where he was throwing the ball. In
the air, I just hoped I wouldn’t drop it…”

“You didn’t,” I said. “Ted, you’re smart as well to recognize the play was the same. They didn’t
catch on TV.”

“They should have with all the technology they have. I want to get away and clear my head for
just a little bit, which is why I called you to get my mind off football for just a little

“I won’t say another word then,” I said.

We drove and drove until Ted spotted a restaurant on the edge of town. We pulled up and headed
inside. The waiter seated us quickly and took our order of two waters. 

Ted put down his menu after deciding what to order. “Matt, I think maybe I’ve found someone.”

“That’s awesome. I know she’s a total knockout.”

“Well… not exactly. I want to date a great girl who is way more than looks. Luke has shown me
that looks aren’t everything, but I knew that. She’s really sweet and would be great for me. She
does know who I am.”

“So have you asked her out?”

“Ummm… we’ve just talked. She’s not the skinniest or prettiest girl on campus though.”

“All that matters is that you like her. I’m very happy for you.”

He pulled out his phone and showed me a picture of her just as the waiter came to take our order.
She wasn’t what I pictured, but she was cute. The waiter took Ted’s order first and called him by
name when he finished. I gave my order before the guy left.

“I had planned on going home this weekend but I think I’ll stick around and ask her out. What do
you think?”

“I think that would be great.”

Ted smiled at me, “So did you see Reese this weekend?”

“Matter of fact, I saw him last night, or early this morning, when some of us went to eat. He was
with a bunch of guys from his dorm, including Tabor and Chase.”

“Was he drinking? Please tell me he wasn’t.”

“I really couldn’t tell if he was.”

Ted shook his head. “He and I are going to have a long talk. I have plenty of time this week. I
get how he wants to blend in, but I think he’s trying to do it the wrong way if you ask me. Matt,
I’m worried about him.”

“Tell him that you’re worried. He is trying and seems to really like it. I think last night’s
game helped out… sorry for mentioning it.”

“That’s fine. How did it help?”

“From what I heard he was the center of attention after the game. They were watching it and Reese
was there to tell them all about you. I think the guys finally got the fact you’re his uncle.”

The waiter returned with Ted’s toast and jelly for his meal. He pushed back his long blond bangs,
“Good game last night, Mr. Wilcox. You’re totally awesome.”

“Thanks. I appreciate that.”

“Is there anything else I can do for you? Your food will be out shortly after I told them I had a
celebrity at my table.”

“We’re good,” Ted said with the waiter walking away. Ted shook his head. “It’s really starting to
get old and the season just started.”

“I’m sorry, but most would flaunt it.”

“I don’t mind every now and then, but damn, not everywhere I go in this town.”

“It’s a good thing you’re a nice guy.”

Our meal arrived shortly thereafter. Ted and I ate in peace while I told him about my night and
weekend. He really could devour some food and ate everything on his bountiful plate.  

We left after Ted paid for my meal and drove back to our complex. I really enjoyed talking with
him, while I think he enjoyed his time with me since it wasn’t all football. He really did sound
determined to begin dating again and thought he had found the right one. I wished him well and
said goodbye after our time together.

I entered the apartment and found Kris sitting on the couch naked. 

“Where have you been?” Kris asked me sharply.

“Ted called and wanted me to go with him for breakfast.”

“I see.”

I went and sat next to Kris. “Did you have too much to drink last night?”

“Fuck off!” Kris yelled. “Who gives a fuck if I did or didn’t?”

“Excuse me for asking,” I said and moved to the very end of the couch since he didn’t seem in a
great mood.

“Does Corey know you and Ted go off like that?” Kris turned and asked me.

“Seriously, bro…” I said throwing up my arms.

“Excuse the fuck out of me for asking,” Kris said and stormed off to his room. He slammed the
door hard.  

“Fucker, be a little quieter!” came the yell from Colt’s room.

Kris opened his door, “Come on bitch! Your ass has been cruising for an ass beating all fucking

I jumped up and stood between their rooms. 

“Are you and Matt going jump my ass?  Huh, bitch?” Colt yelled, standing at his door.

Kris darted from his room. I did the best to get between them. Kris reached around me and punched
Colt in the side. Colt swung back and caught Kris in the arm. Now they were screaming at each
other while I was caught between the two naked, angry big guys with the veins in their necks
bulging like never before.

“For God’s sake, stop it!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “This is crazy!”

Then the finger pointing started with one blaming the other. I summoned up my strength to push
Kris back away from Colt. 

“Good thing Matt was here fucker or else your ass would be in the goddamn hospital!” Colt yelled
as I tried pushing Kris away. It was like trying to push a bull away.

“Damn right it is, ‘cause it’d be your ass in the fucking hospital! You think your ass is fucking
tough but I’ll take you on any day of the week!” Kris yelled.

Colt pushed me aside and the fight was on. I tried for a second to stop it but it was useless. I
stepped away and felt tears welling up in my eyes seeing my two best friends fighting. I called
Ted and told him it was urgent. Within a few minutes, Ted was in the door as Kris had Colt pinned
on the floor. I watched with my heart pounding as Ted used his muscle and pulled Kris off Colt.
There was blood everywhere with Kris’s lip busted and Colt’s nose bleeding. 

Colt went to the bathroom and slammed the door with blood gushing down his naked body.

“What the hell?” Ted asked as I wiped away some of the tears that had started to run down my

“Go ask his fucking ass!” Kris said red faced and bloody.

“What is going on here to make you two go at each other?” Ted asked again.

“Fucking shit started when he woke my ass up this morning with some music,” Kris stated and
wiping his mouth. “Then he thought it was funny to come pester me while I was still in bed. He
jumped on me and damn near knocked the breath out of me. I took it as a joke and him playing
around. Then I returned the favor and started messing with him.”

I wiped my eyes again and was able to stop crying, “It’s probably because they were hung over.”

“Man, I just hate this,” Ted said. “You two are so close.”

“Shit happens,” Kris said.

“Kris, I’ll hand it to ya. You’re fucking strong as hell,” Ted said. “It took all I had to pull
you off him.”

“Colt’s damn lucky I didn’t beat his ass to a pulp,” Kris stated, still angry.

A few minutes later, Colt came out of the bathroom, going straight into his bedroom and slamming
the door before any of us could say anything. Maybe another minute passed before he came back out
dressed with a bag over his shoulder. “I’m going to Andrea’s.”

“Fine!” Kris said. Ted stood and put his hand on Kris shoulder.

“Don’t worry, I’m leaving,” Colt said. “Don’t look for me any time soon either.”

I wanted to run and talk to him. They did need to cool off in separate places. 

“Guys, I hate it but I have to run watch film. Matt, holler at me if you need me,” Ted said and
stood to leave after we sat around for a few minutes after Colt left. 

“Thanks. I don’t know what I would have done without your help,” I said.

“Any time,” Ted said, walking to the door. 

With Ted gone, Kris sat on the couch and looked a wreck. He was staring blankly across the room. 

“Kris, I’m disappointed…” I said.

He stood and left me in mid-sentence. Yes I was disappointed in him and Colt for really fighting.
I could handle the arguing and bickering, but when they started hitting each other it was sad for
me to witness. As much as we had been through as roommates, and more so as close friends, it tore
me up. 

While I was sitting and watching TV, Kris came out dressed in his shorts with his gym bag thrown
over his shoulder. “I should be back, but I too need to get out of here.”

“I just wanna talk…”

“We’ll talk when I get back,” Kris said and left.

I headed to my room and scanned my calendar on my computer. Panic struck me seeing I had two
tests upcoming for the next week. Thankfully they were both towards the end of the week so I
could begin studying for them immediately. I had already taken one test for the semester, but
that was rather easy for me and to the point. These two would be more challenging and would
require me to buckle down.  

As I was studying for the first one that was coming up, I heard the door open. Corey came and
found me in our room.

“I heard the shit that went down here today. I wanna hear your side of the story,” Corey said.

I pointed at my books and computer, “Let me get to a stopping point.”

“I’m sorry. I need to hit the books as well, but man am I tired as hell. My ass dragged all day
long, but it was nothing compared to Tabor. He was there on time but struggled all day long.”

“Okay, how about I move out to the table and you can get some rest? That way it’ll be quiet for
both of us,” I suggested.

“Sounds good to me, but first I wanna hear all about the fight,” Corey said.

I told him what I saw and how greatly it affected me seeing them go at it. It was a welcome break
but did bring back the memory after suppressing it while I studied. I finished up telling him my
viewpoint of the bloody fight before moving out to the table. 

Once finished studying I looked up and saw it was well past 7. I went and found Corey still
asleep and knew I had to wake him up or else he would be all out of whack with his sleeping. For
dinner, I threw something in the microwave and had it ready for us to eat in a flash. It was some
frozen dinner we kept around for just these moments. 

“Man, I really hate to hear Kris and Colt were fighting,” Corey stated while we were eating at
the bar.

“It really tore me apart. I know Colt thinks I sided with Kris, but it takes two. Kris really
disappointed me in that he could have just walked away. Here he was doing so well at controlling
his temper.”

“We just never know when it will come now. Maybe by tomorrow things will be back to normal.”

“I sure hope so.”

We tossed away our stuff. Corey grabbed the bag and headed out the door to deposit our full bag
in the dumpster. 

I was wiping down the counters and heard the door open and close. “That was quick,” I stated.

“I think five hours isn’t what you call quick,” I heard Kris’s voice.

I turned and saw him standing there. “Corey just left to take out…” Corey came walking in as Kris
was standing at the bar. 

“Where’d you go?” Corey asked.

“Oh, I went walking alone around campus,” Kris said with little emotion. “Matt, I went to your
hillside by the soccer fields. That’s a great place to sit and think.”

“Are you over it?”

Kris shrugged, “I guess so. You were right earlier, Matt. Hell, I disappointed myself more than
anyone. I thought my temper was under full control. I guess I was wrong.”

“Now we need to get Colt back,” Corey said.

“I tried to call him but he wouldn’t answer my call. It was a good fight but it’s over. I hate
the fact that I was trying to hurt someone that means the world to me,” Kris said and took a
seat, as did Corey.

Corey found his phone and tried to call Colt but didn’t get an answer. He left a message before
hanging up. “I really have to hit the books,” Corey said.

“I do too,” Kris stated. “Matt, I’m sorry about today. Now I need to apologize and make up with

“Oh yeah?” I said trying to make light of things.

“Not like you and Corey. It sucks that I lost my temper and hit Colt, but I’ll be damned if I let
anything take a swing at me and not fight back,” Kris stated.

“I’m with ya,” Corey said. “We all say walk away, but when someone hits you then that shit is out
the door for sure.”

Corey headed to his room while Kris sat there. I could see it had really got to him, unlike other
times when there was a fight. He sat on the couch for a few minutes before jumping up. “I’ve got
shit to do or else I’m in trouble in class.”

“Try to put it in the back of your mind.”

“Bro, I’ll try, but it’ll be really hard.”

“If nothing else, think of all the great times we had, and will have in the future. Focus on the
positive,” I stated with Kris standing and leaving.


I hope you enjoyed this chapter that goes back to the regular point of view.   Sorry that some of
you didn't care for the last chapter from a different point of view.

OCTOBER 7, 2010 I posted the very first chapter of "Rooming with my Best Friend" on this website.  
I've said it before on here but I just put it up there after starting it probably a year before
posting it.  I was stuck what to do after Matt and Corey's breakup but decided to see how people
liked it.  WOW!!!  Two years later and I'm still writing their story.   It wouldn't happen if not
for all the great support.  LOVE YA!!

I was going to let it pass quietly and just say what I did above.   Andy and Big 'D' are too
sharp and remembered it as well.  They have written two extra stories, TAKE TWO-REDO  and
TAKE TWO.   I appreciate them doing it.  I didn't even mention it to them.  They mentioned it to
me.   They are different stories with one being current and naturally the other one being a look
back at what might have happened.
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