“You’ve let a dude suck you off?” I asked with my curiosity very high after Nick, my brother, stated it
like he had had his dick sucked by a guy.

Nick threw up his hands, “Tell me who here wouldn’t let a dude suck on their dick?”

“He’s wasted,” Cameron stated. “I wouldn’t.”

“Me neither,” Ryker said. 

“You don’t know what you’re missing. Ain’t that right, Jason?” Nick asked.

“Don’t push this off on me. Nick, you’re on your own here,” I replied.

“I think he’s just saying that,” Cameron said, with all of us gathered around at PJ’s house.

“It’s not something I’m really proud of but shit happens. You get wasted at a party and some guy says
he’ll go down on you…” Nick said.

“I know where he’s coming from,” Drew said.

“Drew, you cocksucker!” Ryker said.

“I didn’t suck a dick! But I did have mine sucked by a guy. Close your fucking eyes and you can’t tell
the difference,” Drew defended.

“I agree,” Nick said.

“Me too,” Austin said. 

“Getting your cock sucked by a guy doesn’t make you gay,” Jimmy said. “If it did there’d be way more than
there are today. Now if they sucked a cock, I might feel differently.”

“Never!” Nick said. “No offense Jason but one cocksucker in our family is plenty.”

“I bet Drew did,” Ryker said.

“Fuck your ass!” Drew shouted.

“Chill,” Cameron said. “We’re all different here.”

“I agree,” Wes said. “Y’all chill and don’t ruin shit here.”

“My curiosity is running high over here. How did you get to the point where you got your dick sucked?” PJ
asked. I shook my head and was hoping this would die.

“Mine was last year at this party I went to. I was drunk as hell and some dude kept hitting on me. My
drunk ass just up and asked if he wanted to suck my dick. He said he would so we found a bathroom and
went from there,” Nick replied. “Is that enough detail for you?”

“For me it is,” Wes replied.

“I’m not saying a word,” Drew said with his jaw clinched tight.

“Drew, if it makes you feel any better I’d let a dude go down on me just to see what it’s like,” Ryker
stated. “It’s just fucking human nature to be curious about the difference. Any takers?”

“No thanks,” I said with my hands up. “I know some gay dudes get off trying to turn straight guys…”

“In my day I’d tried like hell,” PJ said. “I’d be the one down on my knees at that party. Now there’s no
way I’d do it.”

“At least one gay guy is honest here,” Austin said.

“It’s just something I don’t get off on. You’re straight for a reason, and I’m gay for a reason,” I said.

“For the most part I agree, but there are some like Ryker that are just curious. I’ll admit I’ve sucked
off a straight guy and went even further,” Logan said.

“Fucking a guy up the ass is going a little far,” Nick stated. “Thankfully I’ve never been at that

“Let’s just change the subject. We’re not really here for everybody’s deep dark secrets,” I said.

“Fuck that. We want all the dirt,” Nick said. “Maybe a few more beers and no one will give a fuck what
they say or do.”

“I agree with Jason. Let’s drop it and move on to other stuff. All of us have things in our past we
regret that should remain a secret, whether it be sexual or what we did when we were shit faced,” Wes

“Like what?” Cameron asked and laughed. “I’m kidding, Wes.”

“Alright, y’all are no fun,” Nick said. “I’m hitting the pool. Who’s joining me?”

Jimmy, Drew and Austin took him up on the offer. A few of us went to use the bathroom while the rest went
for more to drink and eat. Returning, PJ sat with me in the lounger. I leaned over and kissed him on the
lips as a show of my appreciation and love. Some continued to swim but got near again when we gathered
back around to socialize and swap stories.

Just after midnight our guests claimed they were ready to call it a night. I wasn’t going to say anything
but I was rather tired from a very long day. Drew and Wes decided they’d stay thanks to the urging of
Nick and Austin to continue the night even though the drinking had subsided. 

PJ and I said goodnight to the four after the others were gone. I had no idea what was on the cards for
them but I didn’t care. I shut PJ’s door and looked at his gorgeous naked body before me. A combination
of lust and love shot through my veins seeing him standing there for me. 

“PJ, once this is all over with I promise you we’ll get away alone for a weekend,” I said.

“Jason, this has been great. I haven’t minded one bit,” he said. “It does sound enticing.”

I grabbed him for a kiss to get things moving in the right direction. Our hands were all over each
other’s dicks while we kissed. PJ broke the kiss and pulled me down onto his bed. We continued with me
moving my hips while staying lip locked.

“Top or bottom?” I asked with my dick raging hard.

“Fucking bottom baby for me every time,” he replied, going down my body. He reached my hard dick and
began licking it slowly like he was savoring the taste. I relaxed on his bed with PJ between my legs. Now
he was playing with and sucking my nuts before moving his mouth to take my dick. With one hand on the
lower shaft, he started sucking me off. I just took it until my desire to have his dick in my mouth
overwhelmed me. 

I moved around to get his hot uncut dick between my lips while having his lips planted on mine. While
taking his down to the base, one finger moved around to slide inside his ass. He jumped a little and
stopped for a moment.

“OOOO fuck yeah, Jason. Feels fucking good,” he said and returned to my dick.

We sucked and licked. I was so horny now after feeling his mouth and the anticipation of taking his ass
again. It was so awesome that we were sexually compatible even though I’m certain he’d have sex with me
every time we were together. It was building a bond between us and getting better each time. 

PJ stopped just in time. He reached into his bedside table to grab a condom and some lube. He ripped open
the condom and unrolled it on my hard, throbbing dick. I smeared lube all over it while he prepared his
ass for sex. 

He straddled me with his knees bent. Slowly his tan body started descending on my waiting dick. He
reached back to find my cock and put it at his hole. His head tilted back upon penetration with a soft
groan. My hands were on his sides while he moved to take all of my 7.5 inches inside him. 

“Fucking love this,” he moaned. 

“I do too,” I said and leaned up. 

He threw his hands on my shoulders and began fucking himself on my dick. We stared into each other’s eyes
while he rode me. My hands were moving all over his back until he leaned forward to kiss me. My dick
slipped from his ass while we kissed. I reached forward and put back inside while we continued to make
out, with his rock dick lodged between our naked bodies. 

He broke the kiss and leaned back on his palms while I started pumping my hard dick in and out of his
ass. He was moaning and screaming with his bed shaking. 

I flipped him over, re-lubed and stuck my dick back in his ass with his feet pressed against my chest. I
grabbed his legs and started hammering his ass.

“OOO fuck yeah! OOOO yes! Fuck me!” he screamed. He licked his palm and reached for his hard dick to jack

“PJ, your ass is on fire,” I said looking in his eyes.

“Keep fucking my ass, Jason! I love it sooooo fucking much!” he said with his head back but his hand
stroking his dick.

My breathing was so labored with the intense fucking. I slowed the pace down just a little to extend the
moment. He started moving his ass on my dick to fuck himself again on my cock. 

“You close?” I asked.

“Very close,” he replied. “Fuck me ‘til I bust!”

I picked the pace up again. Our skin was violently slapping together with his moans so loud. “OOOO fuck!”
he screamed with his ass clamping tight around my hard dick. His face showed the delight, with cum
pumping out of his dick. Feeling it and seeing it left me with no choice but to cum in my condom deep
inside of him.

I pulled out and collapsed next to him while both of us were breathing hard yet fully satisfied. He
pulled the condom from my flaccid dick before heading to clean up. I was about asleep when he returned
for a good, long kiss. 

Waking up on Saturday, I shook my head and knew I must have been worn out seeing that it was almost
eleven o’clock. I headed out the door and saw one person, Austin. I glanced outside and saw no one.

“Where is everyone?” I asked.

“Hey Jason,” Austin said. “Nick and PJ went to the store to grab some stuff for tonight and Wes and Drew
just left.”

“Boy, I overslept,” I said and grabbed a bite to eat before moving to sit with Austin. “Austin, I hope
you’ve enjoyed your stay here.”

“It’s been so great. I hate that we have to leave tomorrow.”

“That’s great to hear,” I said.

“What’s not to like? Yeah we haven’t seen any girls, but then again we don’t have to make stuff up when
we see ours back home,” he said. “Everyone is so fucking cool it’s unreal. The mix here is unlike any
I’ve seen or been around. I see a little segregation between you gay guys and us but not much.”

“It’s just worked out that way. We have made quick friends. I’m thankful they’ve seen me for who I am and
not just a gay guy.”

“This is rare. We talked after you two went your way last night. I don’t see myself hanging around too
many gay guys after I leave but this has shown me you are guys that are just attracted to other guys and
not much else. If I did find any as wicked as y’all, I’d be down with it.”

“You and Nick really just met, huh?”

“That’s what’s crazy. In four weeks, we’ve become like best buddies so I see how it can happen. Nick is a
trip and so fun to be around,” Austin stated.

“He’s a trip alright,” I laughed. “He never fails to amaze me.”

“I know. He’s just crazy enough not to give a shit what he says, but then he knows not to say too much,”
Austin laughed.

We talked about college and Austin’s plans in software engineering. Without a doubt, he was very bright
when it came to the book end of things in this world. He had chosen an excellent field and should do very

I left to shower and at least throw on some shorts. As I was about to leave PJ came in his room. He
smiled, approaching me, and kissed me softly on the lips. 

“Your brother’s crazy,” he said after the kiss.

“Crazier now than ever,” I laughed. “Everything ready for the big night?”

“Boy, I sure hope they are. I’m worried the fish won’t turn out as well as I think.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll love ‘em, or at least I hope we do.”

We walked out just to see two bare asses heading out the back door. I smiled and saw how much Nick and
Austin were enjoying their stay. We followed them just as Nick was diving in the water. PJ made a U-turn
to head to grab some towels he already had in the dryer. Once Austin was in the water, Nick yelled and
gestured to me to toss them the two rafts near the pool. I tossed them in and watched the two climb on

“Damn, this is the life right here,” Nick said with his hands behind his head, showing his hairy pits.
“Jason, you and PJ need to join us while we have the chance today.”

“I’m good,” PJ said. “Just as soon as I hop in someone will arrive.”

“I’m with him. We’ll just lay out a little here,” I said and pulled PJ close to me.

We relaxed and recovered by the pool for quite some time until my phone started ringing. It was Wes
asking what time things were getting under way. I said about four with us eating maybe at five thirty. 

Nick and Austin didn’t press things and put on shorts with Nick sporting a tank top while Austin had on
an old tee. About four, the first guests arrived, with Wes, Jennifer, Jimmy and Logan showing up at the
same time. Jennifer had put together a salad that looked great with strawberries. Jimmy and Logan came
with chips and a sour cream dip made with cheese and bacon. PJ pulled out the fish and began seasoning
them with exactly what his dad told him to. 

It was another twenty minutes before Drew, Kayly, Ryker and Cameron showed up with an ice chest and bags
of stuff. 

“Ryker, are you single again?” I asked.

“Maybe for a while. I bitched Janie’s ass out good when she said she had no interest in coming here,”
Ryker replied.

“We got to hear about it all the way here too,” Drew said.

“So who’s ready for some punch?” Cameron asked.

“You delivered?” Nick shouted.

“I said I would. You caught the fish so I’ll do this. There’s beer here too for Logan’s ass…” Cameron

“I still can’t believe he beat us last night,” Austin stated with Jennifer and Kayly talking alone.

“I just have one question. What the hell are those two doing dressed?” Ryker asked and laughed.

“Don’t tempt us,” Nick said.

“I heard about last night,” Kayly chimed in.

“I did too. My brother is influencing you guys something awful,” Jennifer stated.

“I really can’t believe straight guys would go naked around each other,” Kayly said.

“It’s easy. We want shit the other guy has,” Nick laughed.

“Good point,” Wes said with Aiden and Casey coming to the door with Ford and Cole. It was nice to see
Ford again and that he was still with Cole. They got to meet my brother and Austin before everyone went
out back. Cameron started making the punch, which was just a bunch of alcohol, fruit, punches and ice. I
did taste it and thought it was pretty good in fact.

PJ and I headed inside and began preparing what was needed while Wes naturally volunteered to man the
grill. Nick came back inside and quickly changed to PJ’s shorts so he could swim even more. 

Things were going great with PJ and I frying up fries followed by hush puppies to compliment the fish. I
stepped out and saw Wes and Drew had things under control, with the fish smelling great. 

Finally everything was finished and ready to be gobbled down. I got some fish, which there was plenty of,
some of Jennifer’s salad, fries and hush puppies to begin. The fish was perfect and so good. Not much
could be said other than sending Wes and Drew compliments on how well they had done. 

Once things were finished, PJ and I began carting things back inside to cover up for later.

“Wow, we pulled that off,” I said.

“We did. Wes is great at the grill, but what can’t he cook?” PJ said.

“I know. The fish was perfect, especially the snapper,” I replied.

Wes came in and was grinning ear to ear. “I pulled that shit off, huh?”

“I’ll say,” PJ said. “Man, you did awesome.”

“Everyone loved it,” I said. 

“I was worried they wouldn’t get completely done but damn they turned out perfectly,” Wes said.
“Everyone’s ready to party now with their guts full.”

Going back out, it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves. There were lots of laughs and loud
talking with Nick and Austin being right in the middle of everything. The nice thing too was being able
to be with your chosen one without anyone batting an eye or saying a word to you. Having friends is great
but having accepting friends is awesome. 

The only downside was various ones going in and out of the house. It was a problem soon to be resolved
now that Drew had the plans. We had a schedule of what to expect with Drew mapping things out for us. It
would take two weekends to complete since once the framing was done, the electrical work needed to be

Just after midnight, all of our guests had left. Nick, Austin, PJ and I sat around the living room for
one final night together. We all had had plenty to drink over the course of the night but weren’t
staggering crazy drunks.

“Fuck, I hate that we’re leaving tomorrow,” Nick stated. “No doubt, I could live here.”

“Hell yeah,” Austin said. 

“I’m glad to hear that,” I said with my arm around PJ. 

“Bro, I’m happy that you’ve found someone who is a fucking awesome dude. I can see how happy you are
together,” Nick said.

“I’m very happy,” PJ said.

“I bet you are,” Austin said. “Jason’s a fucking stud.”

“You know it,” I said and laughed.

“He is,” PJ said, grabbing my dick. “I love this cock but I love him even more.”

“Show us how much you love that dick. Suck it! Hell, Cole sucked my fucking dick earlier,” Nick said and

“Damn! So that’s what took you so long to take a piss?” I said.

“It wasn’t my intention. Shit just happened. I was in the bathroom taking a piss when he barged in on me.
He said he’d love to give me head. I said I’d love to let him. He pissed too before we went to the
bedroom. Jason, are you pissed at me?”

“No,” I replied. “You’re 20 years old and can do what you want.”

“Austin let Ford suck his dick too,” Nick said.

“I’d say you two have something to remember the trip by,” PJ said.

“We do, but that’s not at the top of the list,” Austin said. “It was nice, but meeting y’all and getting
to know one great group of people is better. I loved fishing, going to the beach and enjoyed being naked
like we are right now.”

“I agree,” Nick said. 

“Maybe this will help,” PJ said and leaned over to take my dick in his mouth. I threw my head back and
enjoyed feeling his wet mouth taking my dick despite my brother and his friend watching this. 

“OOOO PJ,” I moaned.

“Fucking shit!” Nick shouted and stood with his dick semi hard. He walked over and was standing close to
us. “Maybe you need to see if my cock is like my brother’s.”

“Go ahead and see,” I said.

PJ moved his mouth from mine and took Nick’s dick in his mouth. I looked over and saw Austin’s dick
getting hard with the skin retreating. 

“Oh fuck yeah, PJ!” Nick yelled with his dick in PJ’s mouth. “Jason, we can’t leave Austin out.”

“I agree,” I said. This was so unlike me but things were going so fast at the moment that I didn’t want
it to stop. It didn’t hurt that I wasn’t fully sober either.

Austin came walking over with his dick hard as ever. I moved a little on the couch and put my mouth on
the exposed head. With his nice dick in my mouth, I started using my tongue on the underside while PJ was
really working over Nick’s dick. With Austin’s dick in my mouth, I could see Nick and Austin smiling at
each other. Austin put his arm around Nick and then leaned over and kissed Nick on the lips. Nick’s eyes
grew wide but he took the kiss.

“Damn. Austin, are you trying to tell me something?” Nick asked.

“I’m bi as fuck, dude,” Austin replied while I went deeper on him. I pulled off and waited for PJ to pull
off too. He did and met me for a kiss.

“That’s cool, dude, but I’m not,” Nick said.

“I didn’t figure you were,” Austin said. “Jason, can I suck your cock now?”

“Better yet, why don’t you suck Nick’s hard cock while I take care of PJ’s?” I asked.

“Sounds good to me,” Nick said.

Austin dropped to his knees to take Nick while I leaned over to take PJ. 

“Don’t nut in my mouth,” Austin said after sucking Nick for a minute.

“PJ, you can,” I said.

I went back down on PJ while he was laid back on the couch. Austin was bobbing his head up and down on
Nick. A big smile was on Nick’s face while he pushed on Austin’s head a little. The sound of slurping and
groaning was heard while the manly odor began filling the room. My dick was so hard with all the visual
stimulation around me. 

While PJ’s dick was deep in my throat, I saw Nick pull back.

“I’m gonna fucking blow,” Nick announced.

My brother’s body tensed up and displayed every muscle in it. The veins in his neck were bulging while he
stroked his hard dick. He grunted loudly just before his cum began hitting Austin’s neck and chest. At
the same time, my mouth felt a flood of cum from PJ’s dick. 

“OOO fuck! Oh fuck!” PJ screamed filling my mouth

“Goddamn!” Nick yelled after turning his head. “Take all of that nut, Jason!”

My mouth was full so I swallowed hard and let PJ’s dick out of my mouth. I leaned up and kissed him. 

“Now we need to get Jason and Austin off,” PJ said. “I’ll finish what I started so Nick you finish off

“MMM, okay,” Nick said.

PJ moved and went back down me while Nick tentatively reached over to stroke Austin. It didn’t take
Austin very long before he shot his nice thick load. The load hit the floor and a little landed on Nick’s
hairy legs. I followed and deposited my load in PJ’s warm wet mouth. 

“Now maybe that shit right there goes to the top of list,” Nick said with the room reeking of cum.

“Fuck yeah it does,” Austin said. “Nick, do you feel any different about me?”

“Hell no,” Nick replied. 

“That’s awesome,” I said. 

“That was a great way to end our night,” PJ said.

“For sure,” Nick said. “I just hope we didn’t do any damage here.”

“Nope,” I said and grabbed PJ. I kissed him and rammed my tongue in his mouth. Our hands were all over
each other while we made out.

“I don’t think it hurt a thang, Nick,” Austin said.

PJ broke the kiss, “No damage as far as I can tell.”

“No shit, Sherlock,” Nick said. 

“Is everyone ready to call it a night?” I asked.

“Yep, I’ll see you cocksuckers in the morning,” Nick said and laughed.

“Appreciate that, Nick,” Austin said laughing.

We stood and exchanged very solemn hugs with a few kisses here and there. PJ and I walked to his room and
shut the door. He pulled back the comforter and sheets for us to climb in together. Once in the bed and
under the covers, I pulled him close to me. 

“Are you okay with what just happened?” he asked.

“I’m very okay with it.”

“I was wondering since you aren’t or don’t seem to be the type that likes to play around,” he said.

“I’m not. It showed how fun sex can be with others. PJ, I’ve been in a threesome before but… it was just
pure sex at the time. I know you have. Maybe we can be more open in our relationship unless you’re not

“Like wide open where we fuck different guys when we’re not with each other?” he asked.

“No, I wouldn’t go that far. If you want to, I can’t stop you, but maybe if the opportunity arises again,
we can enjoy it,” I replied.

“I don’t wanna be that open. If we were, then it would be like we were fuck buddies or friends with
benefits. I love being your boyfriend. It’s nice knowing that I have someone that cares and loves me as
much as I care and love them.”

“I believe we’re in agreement then,” I said and kissed him. “I think we took another step in our
relationship. I’m not yet sure it was one forward but just another step.”

“I think we did too,” he said.


I'm very sorry for the massively long delay in posting anything.   I had intentions of posting it while
gone but the internet service didn't work so that was out of the question.   It also gave me time to
think about things such as this story.  As most of you know, I write for enjoyment and nothing else.  I
know for a fact, this story won't be the same as Rooming or will it pretend to be.  Undecided how much
more I want to write this story or any other.  Some days I love it, others I loathe it.

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