“What made you come to this decision?” I asked.

“Kris and I have been talking about it for a few months.”

“YOU talked to KRIS about this? Why didn’t you discuss it with me?”

“What’s your problem?” he asked me.

“My problem is Kris,” I told him. “You don’t discuss anything with me anymore. You always talk to
fucking Kris.”

“I’ve known him a long time. I trust his opinion.”

I got pissed. “You trust him more than me!”


“MATTHEW! I have compromised a lot for Kris over the years. I love him to death, but I just want
some respect once in a while. When was the last time we had a meaningful conversation that wasn’t
about Kris or his family? When was the last time we talked for hours about our own lives? Never.
You speak to Kris about all of that stuff.”

“I talk to you!” Matt protested.

I screamed at him, “Saying Little Kris is asleep let’s have sex is not talking. Speaking of Little
Kris, we named our son after your best friend!”

“I don’t get you. If you had a problem with Kris being the first one to know about things, why
didn’t you tell me about this before?”

“I have tried. I know how delicate you are when you’re talking about Kris. I just ask that we talk

“Are you really jealous about my relationship with Kris?”

“NO, YOU ASSHOLE! I am pissed about your relationship with Kris, because you don’t fucking respect
me or my opinion anymore. I fucking let you and Kris have sex in college. I named our son after
him because it would mean a lot to Kris. ALL I ASK IS WHEN SOMETHING IMPORTANT HAPPENS YOU TALK TO

“At least I never cheated on you!”

I woke from that horrible nightmare with sweat running down my face. I cannot believe
that was in my head, I cannot believe we would behave so angrily towards each other.
Kris and I are great friends, but to think he would come in between my relationship
with Matt like that; I hope not. Then again Kris has been with us all the time; the
stupid call he had to Matt on Valentine’s Day, asking to come to my place over the
summer. Kris and I had talked last Christmas about his relationship with Matt, and I
do know they have an extremely tight bond, and I respect that. I turned over and it
was early.

I arrived home late the night before, and mom was passed out on the couch in main
room, and didn’t even notice me. Larry greeted me a curt ‘hello’ and I went to bed.
What woke me up was Mom’s screaming.

I got up and went to see what it was about. Larry was forcing a bottle out of her

“Marie! It’s seven in the morning,” he said to her calmly.


“No, you don’t, Marie. Now please give it to me.”


“Mom, please listen to Larry,” I said trying to match his calm voice.

“OH, look who decided to finally fucking come home. My ungrateful son.”

“Marie, please, you don’t mean that.”

“Fucking loser is too good with his friends and his boyfriend to visit his mother.”

“Yeah, because, why would I want to come home to fucking mess? You were passed out on
the couch when I came in last night. You smelled of booze. When are you going to stop
messing around and put your life in order?”

“SHUT UP!” she yelled. “SHUT THE FUCK UP!  Larry, give me the bottle, now!”

Larry relented, and walked outside to get some fresh air. While Mom was drinking, I
joined him there.

“Welcome back, Corey,” he smiled.

“Thanks, just how it was when I left three weeks ago.”

“Corey, since you left for college her drinking has been getting worse. I have been
doing my best to keep her sober; that time during Parents Day was an almost miracle.”

I thought back to that day, she was pleasant to be around, and even complemented me,
and defended my gay behaviour. I turned to Larry. “I thought the drinking was because
I was gay and a shame to the neighbors and the community.”

“It was at first.” Larry told me honestly. “She and I have grown accustom to your
choice; she drinks now because she is ashamed of what she’s become. How her own son
doesn’t want to be associated with her.”

She came outside. “What the fuck are you doing anyway?” My phone rang.

“FUCK!” Then I realized I was talking into the phone, “Sorry, Hello?”  It was Jess.
We talked for few minutes about his feelings for Scott. I am glad I could help him,
and escape my own problems.

I decided to go workout. Heath and Lane were there and JJ turned up after a time. I
had a meal with them. I was wondering about Mom the whole time. I do care for her. I
just wished she didn’t drink all the time. Learning I was the cause didn’t help
matters; I needed to help her. 

“I am sorry guys; I know I haven’t been good company. I have been thinking about my

“She hasn’t been doing too good. Larry has been losing it the last few months; he
thought that you showing up over the break would help matters,” Heath said. “Larry
has been drinking down at the bar where I work now.”

“Great, they are both still drinking,” I said.

Lane got caught my eye. “Larry hasn’t got drunk in long time, though. He takes a beer
or two a night, and stays sober to help Marie.”

“I don’t know what to do.”

“Intervention?” JJ suggested. It was great that JJ and I had made up from those
horrible days in high school. He then went on to discuss his plan. It was some tough
love, but it needed to be done. I phoned Larry and told him what we had planned.

I came in through the door and Mom was there with a beer in her hand. Larry was
sitting near her with the television on. Heath, Lane and JJ entered with me and sat
stood around her.

“What?” she said to me. “Corey, what do you want?”

“I want you to stop drinking.”

“I cannot. I don’t want to.”

“You must!” Larry spoke up. “Or you will lose everything.”

“We know why you drink. It is because you think I am ashamed of you. That couldn’t be
further from the truth. You are a total drunk; who would want to be associated with
such filth?”

“Let alone be married to it.” Larry emphasized.

“Let me put it plainly. I am going to leave this house and never come back,” I said,
and that was the truth. “You will never hear from me again.”

“There is only so much I can take of this. I am going to leave you. You’ll be stuck
in this shithole with no more support. Is that what you want Marie?” added Larry.

“Give me the bottle!” I stuck out my hand. “All of the booze!” She wouldn’t budge.

Ok then, I went to my room and grabbed all my shit and exited the door with my
friends. JJ offered to put me up that night, and I appreciated it. We spend most of
the night chilling with me telling the group about Spring Break and my time up at
College, while they mention the new stuff that has been going on with them. Around
midnight, I received a call from Larry to come back.

I went back home and saw my mother sitting on the couch. “Corey, please come here.”

“You are my son, I love you very much. I am really sorry for how my drinking’s
affected you. I don’t want to lose you or Larry.”

“After you left we had a long fight, and she came to her senses and realized what
would happen.”

I said, “Mom, this summer I won’t coming home.  I’ve decided I’m better off there
than here at this moment.”

“But Corey...” Mom started to say.

“Prove to me once and for all this over without me being here.   You say you’ll sober
up and do sometimes when I’m here.  You need to do it for yourself, Larry and me.  
I’ll help where I can but I feel helpless each time I enter the door.”

“Corey, I’ll show you I can do it with Larry’s help.  I’ll show you I can.  At the
end of summer, you’ll see a new me.”

“That’s what I wanted to here,” I smiled.

We hugged and I went to my room to go to sleep.  I was back in the same nightmare I
left, except Matt and I weren’t yelling at each other.

“Corey, I don’t know how many times I can say it. I LOVE YOU.”

“You love Kris too,” I said.

“Yes, I do. But not in the same way; he’s like my brother, you’re my lover.”

“But would you want him as your lover, too, if you could?”

“Are we back to this again? Does the fact that I fucked him in college still bother
you that much? You were there for fucks sake. You even talked us into it!”

“I know, I know, but sometimes I just feel like the only reason you’re with me is
because you couldn’t be with him.”

“Are you serious? Corey, I wouldn’t be with you if I didn’t want to be with you. I
love Kris, but I’m IN LOVE with you. If I’d have wanted Kris, I would have gone after
him in college when he might have been open to being with me, but I didn’t, because I
was with you and I was happy. I’m still happy being with you and I couldn’t wish for
a better husband.”

I had tears in my eyes hearing those words coming out of Matt’s mouth.

“I’m so sorry,” I said. “I’ve been such an idiot.”

“It’s okay, Baby,” Matt said, taking me in his arms. “I just want you to know that I
have two best friends in life; Kris is one of them and you are the other, but I only
have one husband, and that’s you.”

I smiled as Matt’s lips met mine. For a moment I just stood there in his arms, but
the moment I felt his tongue run along my lips I opened my mouth to accept him and we
started making out like crazy.


I woke early looking at Kris’s hot body, when Tabor called. As soon as I ended the
call with Tabor, and heard how bad a state Chase was in after his break up and how he
ran out after the prom; I woke Kris up and told him everything that Tabor told me. 
Kris and I were staying at my house since Ted and Myles couldn’t make it.

It was the late in the morning, and Chase was nowhere to be found. Kris suggested the
lake, so we grabbed one of the four wheelers and rode down toward the lake where we
had such a good time last summer with most of the crew. We pulled up just before
getting to the lake so that Chase wouldn’t hear the engine running and decide to go
off into the trees.

Kris jumped off first and ran ahead of me since he knew the way from having been
there before. I quickly followed him but I noticed that he had stopped and was
standing still, not moving at all. He was watching something.

I crept closer, wondering what he was looking at and the moment I saw it I turned
away, grabbed Kris by the arm and dragged him back toward where the quad was parked.

“What the hell, man, you couldn’t have given a dude a warning,” I said.

“He was only jacking off,” Kris replied.

“He’s my brother! I never wanna see his dick hard, especially when he jerking it. I
can’t believe you would have just kept watching him.”

“Sorry dude. I guess I was just a little shocked is all.”

“Well, you caught him jerking.”

“It wasn’t just that. When he’s naked and his cock is hard he looks just like you,
only not as built. His cock is almost exactly the same.”

“And that’s why you were staring?”

“Yeah,” Kris nodded.

“Let’s leave him to finish up. It won’t help things if he knows we caught him
stroking his cock. Let’s go for a walk up the trail a bit and then we’ll come back.”

Kris agreed and we walked off, enjoying the heat of the sun beating down on our
exposed skin as we walked for about ten minutes and then turned around, heading back
to the lake. When we got there Chase was sitting naked and when he saw us coming
through the trees he quickly dived into the water. Kris and I both looked at each
other, knowing he was washing the cum off his body, but we didn’t say a word.

“Hey bro!” I shouted.

“Little C!” Kris laughed, waving his hand in the air.

“What are you guys doing here?” Chase asked.

“We heard what happened with your girl and that you weren’t doing too good, so we
decided to come and cheer you up,” I said.

“Fucking Tabor!” Chase screamed. “I knew his ass would get involved. I told him it’s
none of his business.”

“He’s your best friend, bro. He cares about you more than anyone other than Mom. He
only called me because you wouldn’t talk to him and he was worried about you. That’s
true friendship right there and it’s not something that you should abuse or throw
away over some girl.”

Chase started to swim around in the water, but his gaze was fixed on me and Kris.

“Colt’s right,” Kris said. “Some girl nearly came between me and your bro last year
and had us fighting each other.”

“Yeah, that bitch, Monica, she told my ass that Kris had been fucking her while she
was my girlfriend for no other reason than to fuck things up between us. Luckily, we
found out what a lying whore she was before she did serious damage, but I could have
lost the best friend I’ve ever had in this guy right here,” I said, throwing my arm
around Kris’ shoulder.

“It wasn’t like that though,” Chase said.

I walked to the water’s edge. “So tell me what the deal is.”

“I love her, man, I really think I do, but she was getting too serious for me to
handle and I just cracked and really went off on one. Then she dumped me,” Chase
said, looking really pained.

I wanted to jump in the water to give him a hug, but instead I asked a question,
“What did she start getting serious about?”

“Well, we’ve been fucking for months, and like I said I do love her, but she started
talking about what we were doing after graduation, that we should move into an
apartment together between our two colleges so we can be with each other and maybe
start to think about having kids. It freaked my ass out. I’m not ready for any of
that, and I didn’t think she was either.”

“Damn bro, that shit would have freaked me out, too. Listen…” I said, kneeling down
so I could talk to him more personally, “I know you think you’re in love now, bro,
but it’s just high school love. I thought I loved my high school girlfriend, but I
realized I just loved fucking her. Okay, sometimes it can be real, and it could be
with your girl, but you owe it to yourself to enjoy college life and be free. You
don’t want to be tied down by some girl. Hell, last time you came to college there
were so many girls giving you the eye who would date you, or just fuck you in a
heartbeat, because, like your big brother, you’re a total stud and they will fucking
love you.”

“You think?” Chase asked, finding the idea interesting.

“Definitely, bro, in fact I’ll bet you right now that the next time you come to
college you’ll at least get a girl’s number, if not a lot more. Don’t let this girl
get you down. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you and, believe me, college is
amazing and there are some crazy hot chicks around who love sex just as much as we

That seemed to actually perk him up. “So what do I do now?”

“Unless you want to get serious with this girl, you need to forget about her. You
graduate soon and you’ll probably hardly ever see her. You’ll forget about her and
move on, just like she will when she sees some hot guy at her college. What you need
to do is go and talk to your best friend and apologise for being a douche.”

Chase laughed and splashed water at me, which I barely managed to dodge. Only then
did I notice that Kris was no longer with us. I looked around and couldn’t see him.

“Yo, Chase, did you see where Kris went?”

“No. He was standing behind you one minute and gone the next.”


As Colt started talking to Chase, I backed away to give them some privacy, but mostly
to escape the scene, it reminds me too much of Nathan. Nathan always helped me when I
was younger and seeing Colt and Chase just brings it all back. I found a nice rock in
the distance to sit on.

After a few minutes, I felt Colt’s arm around my body and appreciated the comfort he
provided.  He knew I was upset, but we just sat in silence for a while.  My mind was
drifting to a time with Nathan when I came home from school. I was getting teased by
a kid my class because of the geeky glasses I had to wear. I told Nathan this and he
told me the next time that boy makes funny of you, laugh it off, and even better make
fun of the glasses yourself. The advice worked. The next day instead of getting
teased, I made friends with the boy named Brad.

Other nights drifted through my head, when I helped him out of the dunk tank after
nailing a baseball on the target; him bringing me chicken noodle soup. I miss him so
much. Eventually I heard Colt speak.

“You okay, bro?”

I let out a deep breath. “I will be. Seeing you talking to Chase like that, helping
him out and being a great big brother, just reminded me of how much I miss my own

I looked into Colt’s eyes and I could see the comment affect him.  My voice sounded
like it was coming from a 10 year old boy, not a 20 year old man. He held him close
and just let him continue to reflect in silence. The images of my time with Nathan
kept moving in my head.

After another few minutes, I gently moved away from him and stood up. I had an urge
to jump in the lake. I paused and ran for the lake. Colt ran after me surprised by
the change of events.  By the time I hit the edge of the water I was down to my
boxers and jumped in cannonball style. Colt followed suit.

When I surfaced I surveyed the scene; Chase was gone. I assume he went to talk to
Tabor. Colt took my hand and got my attention

“Talk to me, Kris,” he said, gently.

“I’m sorry, Colt; I thought the water would help me clear my head, I just miss Nathan
so bad and I go days where I’m okay, weeks even, and then something like seeing the
brotherly connection you have with Chase can stir up all my emotions and I feel like
crying. I just wish I still had my brother here with me,” I said with real feeling.

“But he is with you,” Colt said, placing his hand on my chest where the N tattoo is.

“Yeah, but not physically,” I replied.

“He’s with you in spirit though.”

“I know that, but I can’t talk to him, or not where he talks back. Well, that is not
true; during the Christmas vacation I had a dream conversation with him. I had one
more right before the Spring Break. But he aint here anymore.”

“That’s what I am here for, bro. You’ve told me yourself we’re all like brothers to
you and I hope you know that you can talk to me about anything. You trusted me with
the DVD Nate made for you.”

“I do, and I love you so much, but you’ve got Chase so you know how it’s just
different with a real brother. Even when Corey and Matt and I ‘adopted’ Tabor, it
wasn’t the same thing.”

“He can be a pain in the ass and I can want to kick the shit out of him, but we can
still talk about anything and we actually get on really well now.” he said.

“I know, I’ve just been stupid, but I miss him so much.”

“You’re not stupid, Kris, not at all. I would feel exactly the same if something
happened to Chase.”

“I am so thankful I have you. I’m not sure I could have coped without you guys. But
some nights, I still lay in my bed and I want Nathan to just walk in the door and sit
in the chair, reading to me and then chatting to me about our days, until I fall
asleep. I miss him so much, Colt.”

“I know you do, and I wish I could ease the pain, Kris, but I can’t,” I sighed,
kissing him on the forehead.

“One thing I realized, Colt, is, although I have Matt and Corey as brothers, and Matt
and I have that special bond, our relationship is quite unique.  We are able to talk
about straight stuff, we have so much in common, and I feel like I can tell you

“We are brothers, it’s that simple,” Colt began, “I will be really honest, I never
thought I would find a friend I could love, like I love you.”  We didn’t have to say
any more. 

I lifted my head to look into his eyes, and then I pressed his lips against mine,
kissing him.  Just then we heard Chase and Tabor laughing.  I smiled at them and
tackled Tabor to the ground for laughing at our kiss.  “Don’t make me kiss you.” I
said.  Colt couldn’t contain his laughter after that.  So I naturally wrestled him
next.   Eventually we stopped, when Tabor pointed out the time and we were meeting
Myles and Ted to go hunting that afternoon.  It was then I had to point out that the
two had a change of plans with a football function.  Both looked so disappointed
until I said they would be here next weekend.

Instead, we hung around the lake and threw a line in the water.  It was the four of
us sitting with dips in our lips and chatting about whatever came up. I have no idea
what the topic, but I could see it made Chase feel better. Seeing that allowed to
think back on Nate how much our talks meant to me.  Catching a fish helped things as


I was sitting at home bored, I really hadn’t wanted to go back home, with Mom and Dad
gone, and Sammie with her friends; but I was stuck there with Trevor. However,
nothing was happening at school this weekend. Corey and Matt were going home, and
Kris and Colt were doing something for Colt. Which kind of meant it would be good
time for the whole crew to depart.  Jordy and I were fine and there was no ill will
in the breakup. I really think he sensed what I think Brennan sensed. I didn’t want
to commit to him.

I sat watching the television; I have been so in tune with what has been happening at
school these last two years that I completely forgot about my high school friends. We
haven’t stayed connected at all. 

I was just getting comfortable when Trevor came in the room. He was texting his new
boyfriend, Reese.

“Trevor, do you need anything?” I asked, annoyed by his interruption.

“Just coming to bug you like a normal brother should.”

He sat down on my bed texting away. I was happy that Trevor seemed to find new guy
that was better than that cheating Landon. Trevor has come a long way since he came
out of the closet.

“Are you bored?” he asked me.

“No, why?”

“It’s Saturday night and you are sitting at home. Most of the time before you went to
college, you had a hot date, or what not.”

“I am just home this weekend. Besides, you are home, too.”

“I am just waiting for my ride, Randy and I going to chill at Simon’s tonight.”

“Who?”  I remembered Randy, the guy who used to bully Trevor for being gay; after my
‘encounter’ with him, he seemed to change his tune, and actually befriended Trevor.
This Simon fellow was new guy I never heard about.

“You know Simon; I must have mentioned hm. He is one my best friends; we met in my
drama club.”

“Drama Club?”  I really must be out of touch with Trevor.

“Listen, can you put your phone away. I want to talk to you now that we have a few

Trevor did as I asked.

“We have missed out on a lot of time together. We don’t even talk on the phone as
much anymore. I want that to change.”

“Scott. We are both busy; besides its okay, not all brothers have to be close.”

“Yes, they do.  I realized that now. Matt and Corey don’t have brothers or sisters.”

“They have Kris,” he reminded me.

“My point is, I’ve missed out on your life, being away at college. When I was a
Freshman, you called me about your losing your cherry and the sex you had; I thought
you wouldn’t shut up about it. Now, I miss those calls. I MISS the closeness we had.”

“But bro,” Trevor began, “Matt and Corey have each other; Colt and Kris have each
other. They are all brothers. I know they love you as a brother, too. I see it in
their eyes. I am not blind to it.”

“Trevor, you are MY brother, and I want us to talk more.”

“Okay, we will talk more. Where is this coming from? You seemed to be too wrapped up
with your boytoys all the time, to even think about me. That is why we haven’t been
talking. I called three times over the last few months, and you said you were busy.”

He was so right. I have been neglecting this relationship, with my relationships.
“How are you and Reese doing anyways?”

“We are doing okay, but…” I could tell Trevor didn’t feel like speaking. “It’s kind
of personal.”

“Bro, if anybody you can tell it’s me.”

“Alright.”  I gave him my full attention. “Reese wants to fuck me, and I don’t want
to commit to it.”

“Why not?”  I was surprised by this. Trevor was by no means a virgin. “You keep
telling me last year about your cherry popping.”

“Yeah…I don’t know to say this but Landon and I broke up because of sex. We had it,
we both were not ready for it, and it changed our entire relationship. I was
pressuring him to do it, and he gave him.”

“I see, and you don’t want this to happen with Reese.”

“Obviously? What should I do?”

“I really am the worst person to advise you on this. Fuck when you are ready, sex
should not be the reason people stay together, sex just another way to express the
love people feel for each other. Jordy and I had a convenient relationship it was
pure sexual pleasure, nothing more; we liked each other but there was no real love.”

“Are you and Jordy still together?”


“That explains why you think we need to bond more; the problem is not our
relationship, which is fine if you ask me, it’s you. You believe our connection is
broken; you only think that way because you projected that on to our relationship,
when the connection that has been lost is with you, and your boyfriends. “

“What are you saying?” I really was losing his train of thought here.

“Bro. You have never had a steady relationship your entire life; you and Hayden
didn’t work; you and Brennan didn’t work; and now Jordy and you are over. So we need
to find you someone you can actually have a relationship with. Someone you love.
Honestly, did you love any of them?”

“I loved the sex.” I cannot believe I was having this conversation with my younger

“The sex, but not the person,” he said matter of factly. “Is there somebody you do
love; that you actually made love to?”

Made love to? “FUCK!” I cannot believe I never thought about it before. I had a spark
for him for a long time; it must have been hidden in my subconscious this whole time. 
I got up and kissed Trevor on the cheek.  He had no idea what was going through my
mind. “Thanks bro.” I jumped into my car and drove straight to Jess’s house.

I pulled up to the driveway and waited getting a little nervous to ring the doorbell.
I got up out of the car and knocked on the door; nobody answered. I guess they were
out. I sat on the steps and waited.

About 20 minutes later, the man of my dreams comes limping into view. I stared into
his eyes and he looked stunned to see me here, I am sure. We stared at each other,
eventually Jess came forward and we both spoke at the same time.

“We need to talk.”  We both chuckled. Jess led me into his bedroom, and before we sat
down on his bed, my lips were all over him. He broke the kiss.

“Before we start lusting over each other, I think we need to talk about where we
stand. I was coming to get my car and drive to your house. I wanted to see you. I
have been thinking of you a lot. Seeing you with Jordy didn’t help matters”

I smiled, the feeling was mutual. “That’s why you left my house suddenly a few weeks
ago? Jordy and I are not together anymore.”

“Why not?”

“I was talking to Matt about it on Spring Break, but two reasons that are stopping us
from having a true relationship: The language barrier.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem,” Jess interrupted "you seemed to be doing well with him
that week.”

“Even so, the other reason is you.” I smiled

“Do you love me?” Jess asked. I needed to be frank and honest with him. “Yes, I have
for the longest time.”

“I have the strongest feelings for you, too. I showed up at your house to be with you.
I couldn’t put into words, and choked up.”

“I think we can assume we both wanted each other that day.” I thought back to that
intense love making session, it was equal to the one we had the previous summer.

“Yes, but we also know my feelings for you started before that. Why else would I be
jealous of you and Hayden. Why else would you forgive me for that attack?”

“When you hit me last year,” I stated “I knew something was up. I was concerned about
you and wished I could help you. When things didn’t work out with Hayden, and without
you there, Brennan came around. I liked him a lot. There were no true feelings for him,
just lust and friendship, and that’s why we broke up.”

Jess stared into my blue eyes. “The reason Hayden and Brennan, and I am guessing Jordy,
didn’t work out was because your heart subconsciously was for someone else. That is why
you forgave me, and treated it like nothing had happened. You forgive the person you
love. That is why you were at my bedside last Christmas. You loved me”

“I still love you, Jess. I know you are right. I could never commit to them, like I
could to you. I just wanted to have fun and play around, and they were all for it. I
was waiting for your return.”

“For me, I dated a lot while I was gone from college, but my heart wasn’t in it,” Jess
began. I was surprised how easy it was for both of us to communicate like this.
“Preston and I had a connection, but he betrayed that friendship. With Brad, I wanted
to try a relationship, but when he knew of our history, Scott, he said we should not
pursue anything until I sorted out my feeling for you.

“And what are those feelings?” I knew the answer, but I wanted him to say it.

“I am in love with you, Scott Trenton. I tried to denying those feelings. I tried
moving on, but it always led me back to you.

I kissed his lips with so much passion; he returned the favor and before we got into
it, I said, “I love you, too, Jess Frampton.” That night ended with some magical love

The next day, I awoke with Jess’s head on my chest.  I kissed his forehead and he waked

“Does this mean we are going to be in a relationship now?” Jess smiled and chuckled.

“Yep, you are coming back next year, so why not.”

Jess kissed my sweet lips again. “No matter where life takes us, nothing can break us
apart,” I said to him.

“I just wanna be with you, Scott. It doesn’t matter where we are, even if we’re miles

With that, I stayed right where I belonged, in his bed. 


Sunday the dorm suites were quiet with the four occupants gone. However, around three
in the afternoon, the door swung open with a bang and Kris was smiling ear to ear.
“Bitches! I am home.”

Colt pushed him out of the way.  “Nobody’s here idiot.”  Kris made sure by opening Matt
and Corey’s room, while Colt handled the bags and put it in their room.  By the time
Colt returned, Kris was sitting on the couch.

“We must be early.” Colt said. 

“I don’t see why we had to leave at the crack of dawn.”

“It wasn’t the crack of dawn, it was noon. And, I didn’t want to sit in traffic.”

Kris made a face while he walked to the fridge to grab a beer. “By the way, an alarm
clock is a much better wakeup call than being thrown into the lake.”

Colt laughed at that. “Oh, come on, it was Tabor’s idea.” Tabor and Chase talked that
afternoon and came back to have dinner with the family.  “Do you know how heavy you

Kris relived the moment and laughed. You do know there will be some payback for that.”

“Try it.”  Without any more prompting Kris dove for the couch from his standing
position and the impact forced the couch to turn on its side; Kris just kept at it and
tickled Colt mercifully. They both started laughing up a storm; they didn’t even notice
Scott entering the room.

Scott tip toed behind the Kris and got him where he was most ticklish, under the
armpit. Kris let go of Colt that instant. Scott and Colt went after Kris.  Through the
laughter, Kris managed to speak.

“How was your weekend, Scott?”

“It was a workout.”  Scott didn’t want to elaborate that he and Jess spent most the
morning fucking like there was no tomorrow. Both wanted to make up for lost time.

“What you mean,” Colt said stopping the assault on Kris and getting up on his knees.
Kris and Scott got up as well and put the couch back up.

“I had an impulse and went to see Jess this weekend.”

Kris noticed Scott’s reaction; it was obvious the two were an item.  “What happened? 
Did Jess still find you attractive?”

“Let us just say, I invited him to join me this coming weekend so I could have some
time alone with my man.”

Colt fist pumped Scott as Kris went to grab a beer for Colt and Scott.  Scott told them
the details of his weekend, and mentioned how much Trevor and he had grown apart.”

Colt spoke up, “Kris and I learned the importance of the sibling relationship this
weekend.”  Kris nodded in agreement. “You are lucky you have two siblings.”

“Yeah, some of us don’t have any.” A voice said, and the three guys turned to see Corey
standing in the door with his bag.

Changing the subject quickly, Scott asked looking at Corey: “Where’s Matt. Isn’t  it
customary for you guys to arrive together?”

“We broke up.” Corey said seriously, and that got everybody’s attention. “I had this
horrible dream about my future with Matt; so I called him up and ended it. He
understood, and actually took it quite well.”

“Oh, my god!” Kris shouted, “He said nothing to me about it”. Scott looked surprised as
well. Colt laughed out loud.

“Idiots, Corey is just joking.”  And Corey couldn’t hold in his laughter anymore. 

“Scott, I went home to be with my folks. Mom has decided to stop drinking but I want
her to prove to me she can do when I’m not there.   She can handle it okay when I’m
there but the second I leave she’s back at it.  I dumped out every drop of liquor and
told her straight up this was it.  I’ll help where I can but she’s the one that has to
do this without me.”

“That is commendable,” Colt said, while Kris got Corey a beer too.

“Oh, JJ might show up next week, by the way. I didn’t get to spend that much time with
him this weekend, I only had a few hours with my cousin yesterday.”

Kris was happy that Corey and all his friends were gathered here.

“I learned something this weekend.” Kris began. “I understand why families are

“We all do,” Colt stated.

“Family and Friends are the most important things we have. I lost my brother as you all
know, but I have gained four more brothers here. Each of you has filled the void in
some part and made it better. The point is, no matter how hard we try, our family, for
better or worse, is the thing that keeps us going.  We just need to make sure we do
what we can to be there for them.  Whether that means helping them coping with
addictions; helping them to open up to us; helping them with girl trouble, we need to
be there for them.  That being said, the five of us are here for each other, too. We
are all in this together. We may have been different people two years ago from
different walks of life. However, today we have grown up to be a family.  Today,
tomorrow and in the future, nothing will change that. We can fight, we can argue, we
can lose our temper. But in the end, we know who are family is, and though we have our
blood relatives at home, here we five are brothers.”

Matt walked in the door.  He didn’t look so great but was holding a speeding ticket in
his right hand.


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