I have been here for a while now, but I’m getting used to it. I have left my family in such a horrible way; I just wish I could go back and change it. I know I can’t, so I sit and watch and enjoy everything that occurs around me.

Heaven isn’t that bad a place, I was more surprised that I got in here, with all my vices; but I managed to convince them that I belonged here, which was a hard battle to gear up for. When I arrived it was like being a witness on trial, but maybe it is because of my past that I was given this type of orientation, others with a cleaner past had to declare themselves and they were a lot to enter.

So when I arrived after some time of reflection, I was put on the witness stand.  My soon to be friend, Benjamin, was questioning me in front of a board of peers. It was a little intimidating at first. Ben asked my name, and I told him: Nathan Michael Stanton. Then I had to describe my childhood, which was easy to explain.  It easy to relive those moments because I loved every minute of it, I was the perfect child. Mom loved showing me to the neighbors, and the rest of the Stanton clan.

Then things got a little harder to explain, because Benjamin asked me what occurred on February of my sixth year. My brother Kristopher Joshua Stanton was born. I never wanted a brother; he would just take away from all the attention I was getting. After he was born, I needed to try harder to get people to like me again; I started misbehaving and acting up. Dad was losing patience with me every day. When I was ten years old and Kris was four, I did the unthinkable by one of Dad’s beers. The next six years went by very quickly; I ditched school a lot and smoked with my friends. In high school, I was failing Math, and when Dad found out he made me see a tutor.

Benjamin went to ask me about this tutor, and I told him everything I knew about Derek. However, the panel of my peers didn’t like my story so far. However, Benjamin was on my side, I believe, and asked me about Kris’s nightmares. I told him that one night he had visions of horrible things that were occurring to me, he even envisioned my accident. So, most nights I would sleep with him until the nightmares went away.  Then, I discussed how the nightly chats began, and how Kris and I became great friends, and how Derek and I became lovers. That seemed to soften the board’s hearts.

Next, I had to explain my gayness, and my relationship with my father, because for me that was the reason I acted out continually. Dad and I never saw eye to eye on anything. When he found out I was gay, at first he seemed okay, but when he met Derek and saw the relationship, he knew he’d lost his straight son, and he couldn’t have that. We started getting into arguments, which led to shouting matches, and that led to me leaving the house every night. I took Derek with me and we escaped and went off and enjoyed our nights together. I started enjoying these nights and I would go further and further on the deep end. I drank one bottle, then two, then three. I smoked and did many drugs to escape my father.

Benjamin asked how this impacted my relationship with Kris. I told him and the board the truth, negatively; Kris has been a bright guy, and saw where I was going most nights, and during our chats he would try to convince me to stop. I knew I was heading to the deep end, but at this point, I couldn’t stop myself. The addiction was too much, and I kept going. Before I totally lost my senses, I made a DVD to my brother and hid it in the one place he would look; under a lose floorboard in his room. It sat waiting to be watched.

That little DVD was what kept me here, and not down below. The board believed that even with the crazy actions I committed, that one sparkle of humanity and that life lesson that I gave my brother in that DVD was enough to keep me heaven.

After the orientation phase things got better, and I was given a nice room, but I was sad all the time. I walked around the place and did some exploring talking to some of the elders and even speaking to my grandfather. Nothing was able the help my sadness.   However, things got better as I watched my little bro deal with his pain, and I see Derek doing a lot of good with their life.

I will always hate dying the way I did, but I was happy that the effects were small. Benjamin walked into my room while I was watching some amazing porn; I am not giving up my vices. After I finished, I went to locate him, and he wanted my help with a new arrival just past the orientation phases, and wants me to talk to him.

I told him, I had no qualifications to help people. He smiled at me and told me I need to do it. He went on explaining paying it forward, he helped out of my sadness, now I need to help another.  So, I went over the see the new arrival. He was just in the library staring out the window.

“Hey,” I said being my most cheerful self, “What’re you looking at?”

He rudely snapped at me. “Nothing, now fuck off.”

He walked off and sat on a bench outside the building, I thought about how I could help him and sat next to him.

“Sir, first off that type of attitude will send you to other places below.”  We both knew what I was talking about.

He interrupted, “Maybe that is where I should go.”

I didn’t let him think about that, “Nah, you passed your orientation. So, you’ll be fine.”

He turned to me and didn’t look fine, but he spoke all the same. "How did you do it? How did you overcome the pain of leaving your family before your time?”

I smiled at that, and told him quite frankly. “It wasn’t easy; however, a friend of mine here actually got me to deal with my feelings about the events and then I watched my family and how they grew up, seeing them do well, able to cope with my death, and how they prospered.”

“What do you mean?” The guy asked again.

“Take my brother, he was about 13 when I passed away, we had an extremely close relationship; he had no friends, and was stuck on the computer all day and all night. He met this one guy in elementary school, Brad. They were good buddies, but he moved away around the time I died.”
He nodded, and motioned for me to continue; I wasn’t sure if this was helping him, but I carried on.”

“Anyways, after my death, he made some bad choices, he beat up my boyfriend who was just there to comfort him; he stopped talking to his buddy, Brad, but more importantly he went into seclusion. He wouldn’t talk to anybody, he punched holes in the walls, and he yelled and broke windows. Mom and Dad didn’t know what to do. They were mourning a lot. Dad was taking it the worse because he felt more guilt than anybody.”

“Why?” he asked. I told him about the fights we had about me being gay and Dad not understanding it.    The guy nodded, and smiled.

“So, he didn’t get it that you were gay; I had similar experience.”  He stopped talking after that, and I let it go.

“Yeah, Dad took it hard, nobody would speak about me for an along time. Eventually, though like all things, life continues.”

“Huh?” He asked.

“Kris got better; he realized after some soul searching of his own, and took my advice and made something of himself. I don’t know how or why he changed, maybe it was to get over his guilt. Maybe it was to have me live through him. I don’t know. However, in high school he was a popular kid and had command of a crew of his own.”

“That is great to hear. Can I ask you something, though? Did your dad ever come to accept you?”

“You mean being gay? Not while I was living, but I watched over him, and he admitted to Mom how bad he felt for not accepting me, and that he resolved to change. He changed too. So, yes he eventually accepted me, and all gay people. Why?”

Instead of answering the question, he asked another, “So what happened to Kris, are you proud of everything he accomplished.”

“In the last 8 years, I think it’s been since I died, he has changed 180 degrees. He has made some of the best friends ever. He passed high school; he made it into college, and has one of the best friends anybody could ever ask for. I told him about Matt how much Kris brought so much out in him.

“What did he do for his friend Matthew?”

“Kris was a shy kid and always stayed at home, unless he was with his friend Brad; anyways, after Brad left and I departed, he made friends like I mentioned, including Matt; over the course of four years in High School and the two guys bonded. Slowly Matt came out of his shell; he made friends with Kris’s high school crew. He finally got Kris to open up about my death; but when the high school learned that Matt was gay, he stood by him and never ever looked back. Though they had some rough times, one huge fight nearly destroyed their friendship.”

“Obviously, they repaired it?” he man said, seemingly knowing this story.
“Yeah, my boyfriend Derek who left town after Kris beat him up in the hospital; he redeemed himself by travelling the countryside looking for people in distress and helping them out. He met some important people that would later be a part of Kris’s life. All of them dealing with their own problems, but Derek helped each one of them out, while others left him with his guilt over my death. Anyways, Derek met someone and found love again. However, he wasn’t satisfied until he fixed his relationship with Kris. Derek entered the picture just when Kris and Matt were destined never talk again. One minor car accident when Derek saved Kris’s life changed all that, and that night Kris and Matt became friends for ever.”

I reflected on that moment, and loved how much Kris and Matt were able to find the true love that Kris and I had. “That moment, Kris found a second brother, and I couldn’t have been more proud. Not only did he change Matt by making him come out of the dorm every night their first year in college, but he was there for him when his boyfriend cheated for him, and was protected him from anybody who had a problem with his gay life style.”

“I sense that Matt was a good kid, though.” The man committed.
“Matt is one of kind.”

The man asked me another question that had me considering my response carefully. He asked me how well Kris turned out.

“Well, there will always be things that annoy people. Kris has developed a temper ever since I died, that temper has caused him to get into fights and problems; however, that temper caused a fight that brought him to the principal’s office, where he first encountered Matt. That temper of his is his major problem. As time progressed he discovered what was causing his temper, so that allowed him to mellow this recent semester. He might still get into fights, but he’s so much better now than he was back then.”

“I see,” the man spoke, but I held up my hand and continued, “But what made me smile the most was the day he got a tattoo over his heart with a big N on it, and I cried. He was a rebel, he was a leader, he was strong, and he was brave. Kris was the best brother I could ever have.”

“What about Derek? Did he ever get over his guilt?”

I thought about that, “I really don’t know, he found true happiness, and found love after searching a long time, so I’m happy about that. And his contribution to people he talked to was a great accomplishment. Had I known that most of the people he helped would end in the same college, I wouldn’t have believed it. Derek helped Matt’s boyfriend, Corey from jumping off a cliff; helped Kris’s second best friend, Colt deal with his brother; helped Matt and Kris’s friend Scott with his sexuality, and helped Matt and Kris reconnect their friendship. That is something, I will always be grateful for.”

“Did you say Corey?”  The man looked at me again, as I nodded.

“My son had a boyfriend of the same name; I just want to thank you for telling me that great story about how well your brother has coped, it allows me to put myself in some ease.”

“How so?” I was intrigued by this man.

“Well, my son and I had had rocky history; ever since he was little I was never there for him, or for his mother. Eventually, I separated from his mother because I was spending too much time at work. She warned me I couldn’t keep breaking Matt’s heart. But, I was a stupid man; I was more concerned about my business and about being the breadwinner, than the father or the husband. Anyways, I stayed away. At first I had important things to attend too, but later right around the time Matt was in his third year of high school, I moved to a new town, and met a nice girl named Gloria. I quit the job that was not fulfilling me anymore and took a smaller role in the new town that paid equally well, but allowed me to free myself.”

“What was missing from your job?”

The man looked around, “I don’t know. I felt lonely, and when Gloria entered my life, it allowed me to understand that there was more to life than just work. Maybe the powers that be work in mysterious ways because one Saturday afternoon going to a college game, I ran across from my son, Matt. I had no idea Matt would ever come here; I assumed a kid as smart as that would entertain schools abroad or one of the big name schools. It caught be by surprise completely.”

His story seemed interesting, so I let him continue. “Well, before when I was asking about your father’s acceptance about being gay, I had to deal with Matt’s gayness. I will admit it; I couldn’t at first. However, Gloria told him that I was just a closed minded freak like my father. She said that this would be the opportunity to reconnect with Matt. So, over the next two years, we had dinners together.  It was just this last Christmas that I realized I was having this health problem. I wouldn’t do anything about it. I didn’t tell anybody.

Eventually it got so serious that I had to be hospitalized, I was in so much pain, not just because of the physical issues, I had to contend with; in my sleep I was reliving all the mistakes I made, and how much time I lost with Matt. It hurt me so, that one day in the hospital, I made him talk about every year, every hour, every minute I missed. To me the gay aspect disappeared, and I just saw my son, who was losing his father. I couldn’t bare it. I couldn’t look at him suffer like that anymore. Now, I am here and all I can think about his how much I fucked it up, that I could have been there for him.”

I teared up at that. “Come here.” We hugged, “I am Nate Stanton, and we will get you through this.”

“Larry Raymond, thank you,” he said, introducing himself, and I motioned him over to the TV room and watched Kris and Matt grow up some more.

“Today’s Nathan’s 26th birthday,” Kris said somberly.

“Oh I see,” Matt said.  “Happy Birthday to Nathan…” Matt began to sing and had Kris singing with him after he started.  Kris reached over and hugged Matt after they finished. 

“Exactly what I needed plus to have other distractions around me to keep me from thinking about it.”

“I see it doesn’t get an easier.”

“Well… now that I’ve accepted it, it should, but I still wish he was here with me…”

“He is with you every step of the way, just like Dad is with me.  I know Dad’s not proud of some of the stuff.”

Kris smiled, “Nathan wouldn’t be either, but a few things he would laugh and say I was following his footsteps.”

Matt leaned over and kissed the tattoo on Kris’s big chest.  Kris kissed his hand and moved it to the tatt after Matt finished.

“He’s with you.”

“Yes, every time I look in the mirror, he’s here with me.” 
I turned to Larry, “see although we may be gone, they have each other.”

“Yep,” He said, “They are wrong though, I am proud of Matt, and I know you’re proud of Kris.”

We sat and watched their lives continue in silence.

I smiled at Jordy as we waited for our boyfriends to arrive. Jess phoned saying they would be here soon.

He signed, “You seem happier now than you were with me.”

I nodded and signed back, “Yeah, I am.”  I laughed, and he joined me, after punching me in the arm.

“Do you regret our decision?” I asked seriously.

“Nope, not one minute, we were just playing around, we weren’t in love.”
“I agree.”  I hugged Jordy just as Jess’s truck pulled up. Jordy read my lips and kissed me as I grabbed his butt.  Jess and Brad were looking at us, bewildered.

Jess smiled, two can play at that and he kissed Brad with more passion than I was putting into Jordy’s kiss. We both broke our kisses at the same moment and all four of us laughed at my joke.

I went to my man, and kissed him ‘hello’, while Brad and Jordy locked lipped also. I led them into the dorm suites, while Jess filled us in on the news of the day from home. He mentioned that Trent had visited last weekend and that they had a great time. Jordy signed a quick goodbye and they went to Jordy’s dorm.

“I guess they wanted some alone time.” I smiled.

“They are not the only one.” With that, I opened my door, said ‘hi’ Garrett and Brennan, who were engaged on the couch, and went to my bedroom. Neither of us spoke while we made beautiful love. I hated being away from Jess,  but know he will be an RA here, and I, being right around the corner, will allow us to make up for lost time.

When we finished, Jess kissed me softly, as I traced the scares around his chest. “I have a confession to make.”

“What’s that, love?”  I stopped for second; I loved seeing Jess so happy.

“When you were in your coma, I had to see what damage occurred so lifted up your gown and stared at your dick; I was even going to try and wake it by blowing on it.”

“I see.”  His smile never escaped his lips. “I would have done the same. Scott there is some good news. There is surgery that I going have this summer, that if successful will stop me from limping.”

I kissed him, to show my approval. We just stayed in bed most of the afternoon exploring each other’s body and just chatting about our lives. If somebody saw us, they might think we were Matt and Corey with the way we looked at each other. I can honestly say, I love Jess more than any other boyfriend I ever had.

Garrett knocked on the door and told us some were gathering in the big room; so we went to join them all.  I made the quick introductions to the guys I knew, whom Jess didn’t know, and he went around chatting with everybody like old times. I loved seeing him this happy. He turned to me a few times during the night; he had a weird face on. However, Rick entered and pulled Jess aside. Jess frowned a moment, then later smiled. He grabbed me and pulled me into one of the best kisses he could muster, as whispered the news into my ear.

I was thrilled for him, of course.

“What’s wrong, Scott?” he asked, and I told him we will talk later. Before he could say anything more Colt and Kris wanted to challenge him to game of beer pong.  The night ended and we went back to the dorm suite and the moment I closed the door to our room, Jess stared at me.
“Scott, what is it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Something is bugging you, so tell me what it is?”

“It’s nothing.”

“Bullshit. This entire night with your friends you were upset about something.”

“Yeah, fine. Ever since you left, me and the guys haven’t been the same. I feel like I don’t belong in their group anymore. I mean, the four of them are the best of friends, and most of the time I feel like the third wheel.”

“Of come on, that isn’t true,” Jess said while giving my shoulders a massage.

“Yes, it is, you haven’t seen the clique those four have made, and I really feel like an outsider most of the time.”

“Scott, they are roommates, of course they would bond.”

“They are more than roommates, Matt and Corey are boyfriends, Matt and Kris are brothers; and Colt and Kris best friends with benefits, and I don’t feel that close to them anymore.”

“I remember hearing about this before when the footballers joined your big group. You felt this way, and didn’t all four guys come into your bedroom admit that they loved you like a brother, and felt bad about how they treated you when Ted and them came into the picture.”

“Yeah, but that was like ages ago.”

“And did you tell me on Colt’s birthday that all five you joined in some kind of orgy.”

“Yes, but. . . . .”

“Scott, this is just in your head, because you aren’t roommates.”

“You are right, I think, I just feel left out.”

“Make yourself known, how about Sunday morning we go there and spend time with them.”

“What are we doing tomorrow?”

He smiled and stripped off my clothes. “Don’t worry, just relax and let Jessie take care of you.”

The night ended with so much passion, I couldn’t believe I could feel so good. Hayden was more tender with his touches, Brennan was more rough, and Jordy had a way of making me squirm; with Jess the feeling was all that and so much more. I really believe this is what Matt feels like when Corey makes love to him.

The next morning I awoke with Jess stroking my hair out of my eyes.

“Hey, Love.”

“Hey yourself,“ I said with smooth soft kiss on my mouth. “I am going to hate you leaving tomorrow.”

“Ah, don’t worry about that. I will be here so often in the Fall, that you will get sick of me.”

“That will never happen.” I smiled and we showered and dressed and found a secluded place for a quick bite of breakfast. We took a stroll around the grounds.

Jordy and Brad joined us on the grounds outside, and I, with Jordy’s help, acted out how Matt clobbered that Jason guy who had stalked him. It was turning out to be a great and beautiful day. It was then I noticed Jordy was smiling a lot more than usual.

“What is with you?” I signed. He smiled wickedly.

“Did it hurt?” Jess asked knowingly. I should have realized that last night was probably the first time they experienced each other.

“My god, it was the best feeling in my life. But it killed us for a long time.” Brad interpreted for us. “Personally, I loved every minute of it. I am sorry, Jess. Jordy is so much better than you.”

“I beg your pardon.” Jess laughed.

“It’s true.” I replied.

“I didn’t hear any complaining last night, Love.”  Jess smiled.

“I was too busy faking an orgasm.” With that, everybody laughed, until Jess came up on top of me and tickled me. I had it coming, because Jordy and Brad were all over me too. I gave in and we rested, I couldn’t believe how good life was. I got my man, Jordy and I are still great friends, and he has found the love of his life.”

Making conversation I asked Brad: “So, you going to let Jordy play around on the side.”

“Maybe,” he nodded, “if he behaves.”

That was news to Jordy as he made a huge smile. Brad turned to him in eye. “Only if I get to watch, of course.”

I laughed at that, while Jess asked Brad if he caught up with Kris while he was here.

“Nah, he had his hands full last night, with his girl, and his friends.”
I could tell on his face, Jess didn’t buy this at all. “Spill it,” he commanded.

“I don’t want to get into a position, where he, or I, may ruin our friendship again. I lost him for a long time, and it was pure fluke, we found each other again.”

“Last time was different.” I spoke up, knowing the situation. “Kris lost his brother, and you moved away, it would have been a hard time. Now you see he is same guy you had known all your life. Didn’t you see that on our Spring Break?”

Jess looked at me and whispered something I didn’t catch. “What?”
Jordy who had been reading his lips signed. “He said, ‘what about his temper’?” 
“Yeah, there is that,” I conceded. “You cannot hang your head like that. Just talk to him; if you guys aren’t friends so be it. You have us.”

Everybody nodded in agreement. Brad picked up his phone and called Kris. “You guys are right. “  As Brad talked to Kris, Jordy told me of an interesting idea, and the four of us, after a quick dinner, went to Jordy’s room with all his roommates gone. I decided to let Jordy take the lead on this one, and I would go with the flow. I knew this would work well with all of us being great friends. 

It started off innocent enough with us just cuddling each other in our couples, but when Jordy pulled Brad’s hard cock out I was mesmerised. I had never seen one so big. I looked over to Jess who just nodded and smiled. He knew I had to get a closer look at that cock.

I walked the short distance across to where Brad and Jordy were sitting and dropped to my knees. Jordy had a huge smile on his face as he reached down to stroke it. It was a fucking monster. The next thing I know Jordy was taking my hand and wrapped it around Brad’s huge dick. I immediately started stroking it, using both hands on the incredible length.

Jess came up beside me and reached his hand over so we were both jerking his cock at the same time. Brad was moaning as we continued to work his cock, sliding our hands up and down the shaft. Jordy moved up to kiss Brad when I felt Jess put his hand on the back of my head, pushing me forward until Brad’s dick was almost touching my nose.

Since Jess was encouraging it I opened my mouth and sucked Brad’s cock into my mouth. I felt him jump and then Jordy’s hand came down to rest on my head, pushing me down, wanting me to take more of his boyfriend’s cock into my mouth.

“Come on, Scott. I managed to deep throat this fucker, I know you can,” Jess whispered.

Hearing that had me so hot and I knew I had to try. I started slowly, bobbing up and down, taking more of him into my mouth with every down stroke, but I just couldn’t take it all. I got to about nine inches, longer than any other cock I’d ever had inside me, and then started to gag.

“I can’t do it, man,” I said, pulling off and feeling defeated. “I could take all this cock up my ass but I can’t swallow it.”

“You think you can take all of me?” Brad asked.

I looked up and saw him signing to Jordy, who replied, “no way,” and then got up going over to one of his drawers to pull out some condoms and lube. I thought that was like challenge and Jess must have thought so too.

“Go on, Scott, ride his big cock. I’ve taken it so I know you can,” Jess said.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yeah, besides, if you’re getting what I got on Spring Break, I think it’s only fair I get what you got.”

I smiled at Jess and turned to Jordy. “Jess wants you to fuck him,” I signed.

Jordy smiled and quickly opened a condom, rolling it down his dick. He lubed it up and threw the bottle to Jess. I couldn’t believe it was all happening as they moved over to one of the beds. Then I realized I was still between Brad’s legs so I turned back to look at his cock to see that he had rolled a condom down it. I smiled and just thought ‘what the fuck?”

What happened next was almost a blur. It started with Brad fingering my ass while I watched Jordy do the same to Jess and then mount his hot ass from behind, driving his cock deep into Jess’s ass and then just fucking him and fucking him.

By the time Brad thought I was ready Jordy must have been nailing Jess for about ten minutes, with Jess screaming and begging for more, not that Jordy could hear him. Brad pulled his three fingers out of my ass and I straddled him, sitting down on his big cock. The first few inches went in with almost no problem but then he started going deeper and deeper until I just couldn’t believe it. He pulled me down so I was impaled completely on his cock and he felt so far up inside me it was unbelievable. He was fucking me deeper than anyone else had.

Brad then started bouncing me up and down on his hard cock, fucking up into me with hard deep thrusts. After a few minutes he threw me off his cock onto my back on the bed and then plunged his dick back into me. God it hurt at first but then it felt amazing and he just pounded me and pounded me until I shot my load all over my stomach.

By that point Jordy had been nailing Jess for almost half an hour, with Jess now in a similar position to me. Brad didn’t pull out of my ass after I came and he just kept drilling his cock into me, attacking my prostate with his cock and bringing me to my second orgasm.

Only then did Brad pull out, leaving me an exhausted heap on the bed. He walked over to Jordy and without so much as a second’s hesitation he drove his cock up Jordy’s ass, sliding deep and fucking him hard as he still fucked Jess.

It was Jess who came first, his ass clamping down on Jordy’s cock, making him cum, while his ass did the same to Brad’s cock, creating a chain of orgasms. I watched as Brad pulled his huge cock out of Jordy and then Jordy pulled out of Jess. They collapsed onto the bed as Jess crawled over to me and we spent the rest of the night in each other’s arms.
Around two in morning as Jordy and Brad were sleeping peacefully, Jess touched my shoulder. “That was amazing bro.”

“Yeah, it was. Get some sleep, Baby.”

“I will. I wanted to say, you may be a fifth wheel with your main friends; but you can be the leader of our band of four. You and Jordy seem to be great friends after you broke up.”

“I will take it under advisement. I just wanted to say, I know your past with Brad, I don’t mind if you fuck him, or he fucks you.”

“Really? Same goes with you and any of your friends here.”

I thought about it; the only one I would consider was Jordy, maybe Kris or Colt again. But that was it. I was going to respond, but Jess had fallen asleep. I held him until sleep took me.

We woke up after a brief sleep and I tried to wake up Jordy and Brad, but they wanted stay, in knowing they only had a few more hours until Jess and Brad left.

Jess and I decided to kick it at Kris’ place for a while. Jess and I pulled Kris aside for a minute to talk about Brad, and Kris mentioned that yesterday they arranged to spend some time this summer together, maybe a camping trip, just the two of them.  Soon, we were enjoying everybody’s company, when Colt and Matt arrived back from saying goodbye to JJ and Teague.

Soon it was approaching the time for Jess and Brad to leave, when Brad called him and told him he was waiting by the car.

I walked Jess out and he smiled, “See, you aren’t a fifth wheel, everybody accepts you.”

“Maybe you’re right.” Jess stopped me right there.

“Fuck them then. Listen to me Scott, Even if you are not part of their inner circle; you are a part of mine. I love you so much, I care about you so much, and I am your man, okay? I know they respect you. If they don’t, you’ve got me, and Brad and Jordy.”

“You are fucking right. I love you, too.” We kissed again, and finally made it to the car, where Brad was waiting impatiently.

I said my goodbye to Brad with a kiss on the lips; and Jordy did the same with Jess. They waved goodbye and Jordy and I smiled at each other going back inside. I told him about Kris might want to hook up with him, but we both agreed we had the men of our dreams. At that moment, both Jordy and I got a text message, it was too funny. We showed each other the message.

“You better take care of him, while I am gone,” with an evil smiley-face attached it. We went back to my room and watched TV while we chatted about our weekend, and the weekends to come.

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