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The big day was finally here.  It was time for Corey and me to buy our first house together.  It didn’t come without a few obstacles but Jeff our agent was able to steer us in the right direction.  One of the biggest problems was the fact that our state didn’t recognize our marriage so we had to do some work to get around that.  One important thing which we had to do was make out our wills so in case of one of us died.  Jeff was able to make that happen very easily and got everything in place before we closed on our house this Tuesday, the second week of  December.

It was my duty to pick him up from work after we had worked it out earlier in the day.  He came out and had the biggest smile across his face.  He got in and leaned over to give me a big kiss.
“Our day is finally here,” I said.

“I know.  I’m both excited yet nervous,” Corey said.

“There’s really nothing to be nervous about.  It will be us signing away our life,” I said, winked at him and drove away.

We arrived at the title company with Jeff waiting on us.  He greeted us inside the door and said it would be a few minutes before things got going.  A nicely dressed gentleman greeted us and allowed us to follow him back to his office.  The man began explaining things in short order before Corey and I began signing.  We had wired our down payment earlier so we wouldn’t have a large cashier’s check in hand. There was paper after paper to sign with our signatures getting progressively worse with each document. 

After about twenty minutes, I wrote a check for what we owed as our part of our closing and handed it to the man.  He in turn handed us a prepared packet which was every document we had signed.  Jeff finally held up the keys and the garage door openers.  Corey took the keys and held both arms high in the air.  He reached over and took my hand to join him. 

We left the office with Corey letting out a big sigh of relief.

“Before you leave, I have a small present for you,” Jeff said before we walked out the door.

“That’s nice,” I said and followed him to his vehicle.

Jeff reached inside and handed us a bag.  Inside it was a nice bottle of champagne.  “I hope you enjoy it.  You have every reason to celebrate,” Jeff stated.

“We do!” Corey said.  “I’m so happy right now I could scream at the top of my lungs.”

“Your faces tell the story,” Jeff said.  “You should be so proud.”

“Thanks, Jeff.  You made things very easy for us,” I said.

“That’s my job.  If I don’t see you before, I’ll see you two at the next meeting,” Jeff said.  We did make it to the meeting the Saturday before and enjoyed our time with the club.  Starting next month, we’d be full-fledged members since everyone paid their dues at the beginning of the year.

“You will for sure.  You know how much Matt and I have enjoyed it,” Corey stated.

“I know.  Are you heading over to the house?” Jeff asked.

“I guess,” I replied.

“Hell yeah we are,” Corey said.  “It is dark but I still wanna go there.”

“We will for sure then,” I said.

We shook Jeff’s hand one last time before I got in our car to drive us to our new house.  Deep inside, I was so excited but had kept things in check. 

I drove to our house and found with ease since we’d been there a few times now.  I drove up the driveway and saw there were a one light on in the house and wondered if it had been on the entire time.  Earlier, I had transferred the power into our name but had to go to the water department in person and would wait until Friday for our satellite TV to be installed.

“Corey, you do the honors,” I said and handed him the garage door opener.

He hit the button with the door raising.  My hands gripped the steering wheel tight and drove into our garage.  Emotions began flooding my body with me barely able to put our car in park. 

“OOOO Corey!” I cried out.

“Matt, we’re home!”

I leaned over the console and felt his big arms take me.  Tears began streaming down my face before our lips touched.  We broke the kiss with tears running down Corey’s face now.

“I’ll go unlock the door,” he said and jumped out of our car.

I opened the door and saw him opening the door into our house.  He came and grabbed my hand.  “Matt, did I tell you I love you? If I didn’t, I fucking love you so much, babe!”

“I love you so much too!”

We held hands with Corey entering through our ‘mud/laundry’ room.  I stepped inside.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I shouted with my hands thrown in the air.

“What?  What’s wrong?”

“I forgot all about needing a washer and dryer…”

“Add it to your list.  We said there would be things that we needed after today.  It’s not the end of the world,” Corey said.

“I know that but I feel so stupid,” I said.

Together we walked into the kitchen where the one light was on.  My mind was going like crazy trying to make mental notes of the many things that we needed to do.  We were both off the rest of the week but now that seemed like a short time to get everything in place. 

“Has it hit ya yet that this is really our house?” Corey asked me while we stood looking from the kitchen looking into the family room. 

“No, it hasn’t.  It still feels like we’re just looking but this is now really ours… all ours!” I said.

Corey grabbed me and spun me around.  He stopped and put the hottest wet kiss on my lips.  We were in our kitchen sharing a great exchange of love.

“Matt, none of this would be possible without you.”

“It did take a sad event in my life to make it possible.  I hope Dad is pleased,” I said still in his arms.

“I know he is very pleased,” Corey said.

We walked out into the living room while testing the light switches to see which ones turned on which lights.  Holding hands we walked back to the master and view it before going into the bathroom.  There we staked claimed to which side was which as far as the closets and sink.  It felt like I was in a dream.

We explored the rest of the house to get a good feel of what was needed to be done before we moved our furniture in on Saturday. 

“Now I wish we could stay the night here,” Corey said with us leaving and getting into our car.

“We will on Saturday,” I stated.

“We did find the old air mattress.  We could blow it up and stay here tomorrow and Thursday night,” Corey said getting in.

I got in, “Well… let’s see how things go.”

“We’ll be really tired and won’t be in the mood to drive back,” Corey said with me backing out of the garage.

“I’m not staying if the paint fumes are bad,” I stated with Corey shutting the garage door.

“I see where this is going.  Just forget I even mentioned it,” he said. “I thought it would be good idea but I can see that you’re not going for it.”

“Does it mean that much to you?” I asked and began driving away.

“Well… I’m just excited and ready to start living there.”

“Ummm… maybe we can one night and get a good feel of the house,” I said.  “As I said, let’s see how things go.”

“Fair enough.  How about we grab something to eat since we’re down to the scraps back at the apartment?”

“Good idea,” I said.

We drove to a nearby Mexican restaurant to eat.  We sat talking about the house and all there was to do while eating fajitas and having a Corona.

Coming out, I spotted a big box home improvement store just down the street.  “Corey, we need to stop in there for a while.”

“You won’t be happy until you get that damn washer and dryer.”

“We can buy other stuff like things we will need for the yard.”

“Okay then,” Corey said positively.

We pulled in the lot and parked.  “So what’s my limit on a washer and dryer?” I asked before we got out.

“It’s your money.  Spend what you want.”

“Stop it right there and now.  Do you need a fucking tattoo on your forehead to remind you it is our money?” I asked. 

“It is your money that you got from your dad!”

“No, it is our money.  We are married so everything that I have is yours and vice versa,” I stated.

“Still you’ve contributed so much more than I ever have or could,” Corey said.

“Does that really matter?” I asked with us sitting in the car.

“It does to me.”

“Well, it doesn’t to me.  We agreed on the house together and will now pay the mortgage together out of our money.”

“Matt, let’s just go in and buy what we need,” Corey said.

“I’m not buying a thing until this is solved once and for all.  I hate that you even think like that now.”

“I was stating facts.”

“If so, then stop calling it our house and say it is mostly mine then,” I said.

“I will then,” Corey said.

“Dammit Corey, this is so stupid.  I thought you were past this macho bullshit.”

“I was until it hit me today how you had contributed so much more than I had.  I feel so fucking guilty not giving my fair share to the house and everything,” Corey said. 

I banged my fist into the steering wheel.  “Corey, answer me straight.  Did you marry me because you knew that I had some money?”

“Of course not.  That’s really stupid of you to ask.”

“We married because we are in love.  Thus, everything is now ours and ceased being mine and yours.  I was happy that we had the money so we could buy such a nice house now.  I never ever consider things like this car mine or yours but ours.  Corey, the happiness, joy and love that you give each and every day is worth a million times more than that money that I got.  You contribute things to me that not one person can put a price on.  If you weren’t in my life and I was single, I’d be fucking miserable.  I couldn’t share the joy of so many things in life without you.”

Corey lowered his head.  He lifted it up and smiled at me.  “Kris was right.  How do I live with someone who is always right?”

I smiled, “I’m not always right.  So is this settled once and for all?”

“It is.  I love you.”

“I love you too,” I said and leaned over for a kiss.  “Now are we ready to go inside?”

“We are,” Corey replied.  “Back to the original question.  I’d say we go for something in the middle and that will last.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said and got out.

We headed inside the big store and grabbed a basket.  Immediately in the door, there were Christmas decorations.  “Corey, we need a Christmas tree.”

“I think we will need a lot.  I’ll go get one of those flat beds,” he said.

I looked at the Christmas trees and was shocked to see how expensive they were.  Together we picked our favorite and flipped a coin to see which one was the winner.  Corey won and got to have his pick.  We grabbed some ornaments while we were there along with some other decorative Christmas items.  We thought about outdoor lights but agreed that we didn’t have time to put them up.  We passed the lawn equipment where Corey burst into life.  He was going over all the different items until I told him to concentrate on a leaf blower.  He picked out a name brand that did mulch the leaves as well.  Eventually we made it back to the appliances.  I was in heaven in that department with the variety.  We did choose a nice pair that was in stock and could be delivered on Thursday. 

By the end of our trip, our flatbed was packed.  We had some solar lights for the front yard, a big trash container, shovel, rake, hot tub supplies and other items we would need.  We also bought some paint and the supplies while we were there.  Our total was the most that I’d ever spent in a shopping trip but it was so needed.

The car was packed so we made the short trip back to our new house to unload everything rather than do so the next morning.  Our plan was to start bringing boxes so we needed as much storage room as possible.

We returned back to our apartment just after 9.  Now almost everything was packed but just a few sets of clothes.  There were boxes in about every part of our place.  Corey and I stripped down and went to set on our couch.  Together, we mapped out a great game plan on what needed to be done and the order in which things should be done. 

Corey took my hand and led me to our bedroom after we had finished.  “It’s make up time,” he announced.

“Oh boy!” I said.

It was time for us to show our love to each other and put everything else aside.  With Corey as my husband, it was easy to do so.  We cherished this time together as two married men.  We enjoyed kissing, touching and sucking every part of our naked taut bodies in our bed. 

Corey put his legs high in the air and pulled them to his chest.  It was my invitation to make love to him.  My wet throbbing hard cock slid easily into his hot waiting ass.  It was such an incredible feeling and one that never grew old.

Corey’s eyes rolled back while my hard cock went deeper inside of him.  My cock was rubbing the walls of his tunnel probing deeper and deeper.

“Oh fuck yeah, baby!” he moaned with me looking at his face while perched over the top. 

We started out slowly with lots of kissing with my cock sliding in and out of his ass.  With my hands behind his head, his hands found my ass and began pulling me deeper inside of him.  We were moaning and groaning in each other’s mouth while I continued to slowly thrust my hard eight inches inside of him.  His cock grew hard and was trapped between us.  Our bed was rocking with the motions of two married men having sex.

I leaned up with his muscular legs wrapped tightly now around me.  “I fucking love my hard dick buried in your hot ass,” I said breathless.

“I love it so fucking much,” Corey said before I leaned back down to nibble around his neck.  He slapped my ass while I was fucking him harder.  “OOO keep that shit up… oh fuck me… fuck me.”

Again I rose with my hands propping me up next to him.  The sounds of our moaning and grunting were echoing off the walls as was the sound of our skin slapping together.  Sweat began building on my forehead with the body heat that we were generating.  Corey was rubbing his hands all over my sides while I continued to thrust into him. 

After slipping out a few times, we changed positions to lay side by side.  My throbbing dripping cock went back inside of his ass slowly.  My arms reached around him with my hands rubbing the muscles in his torso.  I turned his head so our lips could meet with my cock moving in and out of him.  I reached down his body until finding his thick hard cock. 

“OOO Matt… fuck yeah…” Corey moaned constantly.

“Fucking love you so much,” I said.

We were in great rhythm and were as one.  I needed to slow the pace and stopped to kiss him again while stroking his cock. 

Corey pulled away, “Fuck the cum out me… I’m so close.”

I pushed hard and began ramming my cock in his hole.  He began shaking and quivering. 

“OOO fuck!!!  I’m cumming!!!” he screamed with his body tighten and his ass clamping down around my cock.

“Cum for me, baby.  Fucking shot that load,” I said in his ear.

With my cock lodged in him, it was easy to feel every burst from his cock.  His breathing was ragged until he calmed down.  My cock escaped his hole.  Corey rolled over with cum coating his torso.  He grabbed my cock and stroked it.  I groaned loudly with cum busting out of cock.  Blast after blast of milky white cum mixed with his until my cock was spent. 

We took turns scooping up our cum and feeding it until there was very little left.  We lay quietly next to each other with Corey’s big arm around my shoulder.  We were enjoying the moment with soft touches of each other’s body.

“We make such a great pair,” he said.

“I think we do.  Damn, I’m exhausted,” I said.

“Me too.  Let me go clean up,” he said and got up.

He was quick about his clean up and returned.  We kissed with passion before I rolled to my side like always where we could spoon while we slept. 

We were up early before seven as it seemed that we were ready and excited to tackle a big day ahead of us on this cloudy chilly Wednesday.  We packed as many boxes as our two vehicles could hold before setting off.  My job to start the day was to go to the water department and get service while Corey began tackling our front yard.

Being early, the line was short and was done with relative ease.  The lady who I dealt with said that we’d have water before the day was finished.  Corey did call me while I was driving to our house and told me to pick up some big lawn trash bags. 

I did so and picked up a few more things while I was at the store.  I drove up and saw Corey in the front yard manning the leaf blower.  He dropped it seeing me pull up but I told him to continue.   I unloaded my old car before going out to help him.

“Matt, I’ve got this in complete control.  You start unloading the boxes in the kitchen,” Corey said with his face red from being out in the cold.

“Okay but I wanted to help,” I said.

“You’ll know where you want stuff in the kitchen,” he said.

“I do but I need to wipe out the cabinets first.   I can’t do that without water,” I said.

“Alright then, I guess you can weed out the flower beds,” Corey suggested.

I began my quest to weed out and take out all the leaves from the nasty flower beds.  In my head, it was easy to vision how it would look in the spring with colorful flowers.  About halfway completed, the guy from the water department pulled up and turned on the water.  I had to go test it inside and reported that we had water.  It signaled the end of my outside work.

While I was scrubbing the every cabinet, Corey came walking in the door.
“Hey Matt, I need to run and get a hedge trimmer.  Can ya think of anything else we need?”

“Errr… water hose to fill up the hot tub,” I replied.  “While you’re at it, bring us some lunch.”

“Will do. Call or text me if we need anything else,” Corey said and shut the door.

I continued to clean the cabinets and saw how many there were.  Being alone for the first time in our new house was nice.  I could only imagine all the great memories that would be made.  It was large enough that we could grow into it with hopefully some young ones one day. 

I went to the bathroom just off the living room and realized that there was no toilet paper.  It gave me the chance to text Corey this important need along with some Pine Sol, mop and a bucket.  Since I was walking around, I glanced out the front door.  It was amazing and so clean with no leaves anywhere to be seen. 

I headed to the mailbox just in case any of mail had been forwarded since I had done that earlier in the week.  There was some old mail but wasn’t addressed to us. 

“Hi, how are you doing?  Are you cleaning up the house for your parents?” a lady yelled at me while she was in her yard.

“I’m doing great.  Actually, it is my house that I just bought,” I replied.

“Oh that’s nice,” she said.  She walked over and introduced herself as Kathy.  She looked to be older and possibly retired.  “Are you living alone?”

“No, I’m here with my husband,” I answered.

“Oh, I see,” she said and looked surprised.  “He’s that big boy that was out here cleaning up the yard earlier.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said.

“You don’t look old enough to be married,” she said.

“We are.  We’re about to 24,” I stated.

She laughed.  “I was younger than that when I got married to my late husband.  He passed away about a year ago.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I said.

“That’s what that damn smoking will do to ya.  I stayed on him for years about it,” she said. “Matt, do you happen to know my grandson, Jason Hibbard?  He’s gay, too.  He’s about your age.”

“I don’t believe that I do,” I said.

“I thought you might since you’re gay like he is,” she said.

“Well… this is a big town,” I said.

“You’re right.  It is.  He’s really a sweet young man,” Kathy said.

“I guess I need to get back inside.  I’ve still got a ton of work that needs to be done.  Just so you know, we’ll be moving our things in Saturday,” I said.

“That won’t be a problem.  Glad to meet ya,” she said.

“You too,” I said.  “By the way, what day is trash pick up?”

“Tomorrow.  Yard waste is every other Friday and recycle stuff is every other Monday,” she said.

“Thanks,” I said and walked back into the house.

Corey returned with the items and our lunch.  We stood and ate while I told him about meeting our neighbor.  My plan after eating was to start prepping to paint while Corey trimmed the hedges with the new hedge trimmer. 

I found the tape and headed to the spare bedroom near our master that really needed painting.  I began taping along the baseboards and stood. I busted out laughing knowing that I couldn’t reach the ceiling and we didn’t have a ladder.

Out the door I went to find Corey trimming the hedges and debris flying in all directions.  “It’s my turn now to head to the home improvement store,” I said once I had his attention.

“What now?”

“I need a ladder unless you know some eight foot tall guy who wants to paint the bedroom,” I said laughing.

“I swear they are going to know us on a first name basis there before Saturday gets here.”

“Maybe by tomorrow,” I said.

I headed back to the home improvement store to get a ladder that would fit in our SUV.  I found one that was perfect and got it quickly.  As I was about to turn out, I spotted a factory furniture store and turned to go there.  I was really interested to see what they had and the prices.  I did see what they had and ended up buying a queen bed for the one of the bedrooms and a love seat that would go well with our existing sofa.

I came in the house with it now dark outside.  It appeared as though Corey had finished trimming all the hedges.

“Were they out of ladders?” he asked while standing in the kitchen.

“No.  Corey… I went and bought some furniture,” I said and hoping that he wouldn’t get angry.

“Awesome.  It means that I won’t have to go.  What did you get?”

I was relieved.  “A bed and a loveseat.  They’ll deliver it tomorrow.”


“About staying the night.  I don’t foresee us finishing up very soon so I see no other choice,” I said.

“Great!” Corey said.  “I may not even need a mattress and just collapse right on this floor.”

“You did an awesome job outside today,” I said and gave him a kiss of appreciation.

“Actually I really enjoyed it.  Owning a house is hard work,” he said.

“Ain’t it,” I said.

“Oh, the gas is now turned on and working like a charm.  I filled up the hot tub and poured a ton of shit in it like you said.  We can get it in tomorrow night…”

“And enjoy our champagne,” I said.

“Yes we can,” Corey said.


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