After a good fifteen minutes of soul-searching, Scotty came to me with his shirt off and blood-shot eyes.  I heard him in there talking and knew he was talking to his deceased boyfriend, Beasley, like he always did.  It was his therapy and his way of getting over the tragic lost.

“What do ya say we just continue like we are?” Scotty asked standing at the doorway.

“Fine with me, then,” I replied. “In the end, we will be right at the same place between lovers and family.”

Scotty dropped his head, “Seth, what do you want then?”

“Whatever conclusion you arrive at is agreeable with me.”

“No Seth, I don’t want some wishy-washy answer.  I wanna know how you feel about this too.”

“Scotty, I’ll just go along with whatever you decide.”

“Why don’t we just fuck and then decide?”

“I can handle that.  I’m rather use to meaningless sexual encounters.  Here sit down,” I patted the cushion next to me. Scotty sat his skinny body next to me.  “What’s harder for you, letting go of Beasley or that we are third cousins?”

He looked at me with his big green eyes.  “I don’t know,” he said with tears now rolling down his thin red face. 

“Scotty, you’re still so emotionally attached to Beasley, aren’t you?” I asked and wiped the tears from his face.

“Yes… I… am,” he cried.  His head hit my shoulder just then.  He looked up at me, “I really thought I was just about over him.”

“I think I see what’s goin’ on here.  You’re subbing me for him and you’re living your life as though I am him,” I said.

He sat up and wiped his nose, “Seth, I don’t know.  I’m as fucked up emotionally now as I was 6 months ago.  When we had sex two weeks ago, all I could think of was that you were him.  I made love like he was you.”

“Seriously Scotty, this isn’t about us now. It’s about you now,” I said.  “So exactly when do you think you’ll finally be over with him?  I don’t want to rude or insensitive, but Scotty, he’s long gone and is not coming back.”

“Fuck you!” Scotty bolted off to the bedroom and slammed the door shut.

After waiting a few minutes for his anger to dissipate, I tried the door knob.  I opened it slowly and saw my cousin curled up like a ball on top of the bed.  He looked up at me and returned to his fetal position. I went and lie next to him. “Seth, just hold me, please!” he sobbed.

I held Scotty tightly from behind like a mom does a sick child.  I wanted to show both family and romantic love towards him.  “Scotty, I know it still hurts.  I have grown to care a lot for you and hate to see you like this.”

Scotty rolled over and looked at me, “Seth, I killed Beasley.”

“You said he died in…”

“He did.  The reason he was home because we had a big fight two nights before he was killed.  We both solved our problems by drinking.  He was drunk the night he was killed and all because we were fighting.  The last thing I told him was I hated him.”

“Not be nosy, but was the fight anything of importance?”

“Well, I think he was cheating on me so I just manned up and asked him about it.  He denied everything.  I wasn’t man enough to listen at the time.  Seth, he was cheating on me with a girl from work I found out, oh, two months ago.”


“He told he was bi but I’ll always said it was bullshit.  At the time, we first got together; we were both searching for someone.  He always held the threat over my head of finding a girl to marry.  He was in love with the idea of having kids while also having guys on the side.”

“Scotty, I’m very disappointed in you.  You have been letting a two-timing son of a bitch literally control your life for what 7 or 8 months if not more.  He probably controlled you like a damn dog with threats.  When he saw you were devoted to him like a dog, he fucked around on you, knowing whatever he did you would be there eating out of his hand.  Did he ever get abusive with you?”

“Ummm… not really.  He used to like kinky sex by tying me up.  He made me wear panties a few times but it was just sex play was all.”

“Scotty lay here and think about it.  He treated you like total shit and you took it.  The reason he made you dress up in panties was so he could think of you as some woman he probably couldn’t otherwise get,” I said.  I headed to the nice bathroom to do some business. 

While washing my hands, I heard Scotty screaming, “Fuck you, you sorry motherfucker!”  I quickly headed out the door and saw him holding both middle fingers skyward and repeated it again.  He was releasing months of pent up anger in his own fashion and style.  He quickly grabbed his wallet and took out his old worn pictures of Beasley.  “I need to take a shit too.  I’ll use his face to wipe my ass off!”

I wanted to laugh but waited patiently on the bed.  Returning from the bathroom, Scotty fell on top of me.  “It’s over now, Seth.  I’ve washed my hands of him. I can’t wait to get home and burn the rest of his pictures.  I’m more than ready to be in relationship with you even if you are my third cousin.”

“I’m ready too.  Fuck what anyone else thinks Scotty, I’m in love,” I said.

Scotty crawled seductively his skinny inked body on top of me.  His lips touched mine again and really meant a lot at this time.  I never felt this way about another guy the way I did at this moment.  I wanted to touch him, feel him, hold him, kiss him and make hot sweet love to him all night if we are able to do so.

His desire for me was the same that night.  The moment his big long cock pierced through my ring and into my ass, I was in heaven.  I had never experienced real love making until this night.   I did my best to return the love I felt he was delivering.  Scotty never got rough with me and was gentle as he could possibly be.  My throat was sore from constantly moaning and screaming while feeling Scotty so deep in me.  I never had someone be in me as long as Scotty was that night.  After Scotty pulled out, I felt so empty. 

We just held each other after making long hot sweet love to each other.  We both petted and caressed each other for quite some time.  Time didn’t matter to us and passed so quickly.  Scotty fell asleep on my chest while I was stroking his dark hair.

Saturday morning we woke with a long kiss involving lots of tongue.  He pulled me out of bed and led me to the shower.  Our romance continued in the shower for we gently washed and cleaned every part of each other’s body. 

“Seth, I’m so fuckin in love with you, it’s crazy!” Scotty said.

“I am too!  Scotty, nothing comes close in my life what I experienced last night.  It wasn’t fucking; it was love making at its finest by the hottest guy I know,” I said.

We dried each other off and still worshipped each other’s different bodies.  I sorted through my clothes and found some shorts and a t-shirt for another day back at the nude beach. 

Scotty laughed, “Seth, you brought way too many clothes.”

“I know but I figured we would get dressed some time,” I laughed as well.

We each grabbed a cup of coffee on our way out to my car.  Off we headed again and this time I knew full well what to expect.  We stopped for Scotty to grab some brews on the way along with multiple bottles of water on another hot, muggy day in Central Texas.  Now, both of us were anxious and excited to return even though I could have spent the day in our room with him naked.

When we arrived about 10:30, the parking lot was already beginning to fill.  We grabbed the cooler and tossed our shirts in the car.  If not for the rule of no nudity in the parking lot, our shorts would have been there as well. 

Once back in the entrance, we quickly removed our shorts to enjoy the full experience of this little oasis. Being gay was no big deal here either.  We walked hand-in-hand down the pathway.  People were friendly and generally smiled seeing us.  I looked to my right to see the main part was fairly crowded with both sexes enjoying this hot day naked and without a thought of it either.

Dave and Joseph were there waiting on us when we arrived at our spot.  They graciously saved our area for us.  Both just smiled when we arrived.  Heavy amounts of sunscreen were definitely called for with our total bodies exposed. General small talk was in order for us to start our day out.  I mostly just scanned across the small cove where we were situated to take in the view of mostly older guys with all-over tans enjoying the day.

Getting in the water was so refreshing to all of us after standing the warmth of the sun as long as possible.  Scotty and I were like little kids back home and enjoyed splashing each other and the occasional dunking. 

By mid-day, I dozed off on my stomach lying on a towel.  It was strange waking an hour later and actually took me a few seconds to get my bearings.  Scotty just smiled when he saw my eyes pop open.  We decided to walk around and explore the further reaches of this environment. 

On our trek, we saw a few younger guys but it was still mostly the older ones who took full advantage of this naturalist setting.  If not for Scotty, I doubt I would have ventured here but now could see this was almost addictive.  Of course, everyone checked out the other but I was proud of my body and even more proud that Scotty was with me.  Guys and girls, too, did their best not to lock in on Scotty but it was pretty obvious what they were looking at.  Scotty enjoyed the attention and looks from both sexes and took it as a compliment rather than taking it the wrong way. 

The walk was very refreshing and enjoyable as well.  We never came across anything lewd in our short walk.  When we returned, Dave and Joseph packed up and left us alone there.  It was past 5 by the time they were gone.

“You ready?” Scotty asked me.

“Not really.  I don’t know when I’ll ever get the chance to return here,” I said.

Scotty just smiled and kissed me.  “Someone really likes this, huh?”

“Yeah, I do.  I really don’t see anything wrong with being out here nude.  There’s nothing sexual at all.  Sure there are some strange folks here but that’s anywhere you go now.”

Scotty laughed, “I’m sure so people think I’m a freak.”

“I did at first at the reunion.  Now I hardly notice the tatts and piercing.  I just see the same if not better Scotty I’ve known my entire life.”

“No one in our family would believe this much less see there’s nothing wrong with what were are doing out here.”

“I know my family would laugh just knowing I was here and not understand one thing that has happened to us.”

We stayed and enjoyed each other until around 8 again that night.  We both hated leaving and took our sweet time walking down the path.  Dressing in our shorts was just awful but necessary for the rules of the park.

On the return trip to the room, we stopped and just had a fast-food meal to ease our hunger pangs. 

We barely got inside the door before we were naked once again.  We examined our bodies and saw a few red places where the sunscreen missed.  We fell on the bed with Scotty’s thin body on mine.  Our lovemaking lasted the rest of the night well into the morning hours.  We had anal sex in every conceivable position.  My asshole felt so stretched but it was worth taking Scotty all night.  I felt so loved as did Scotty after it finally finished.  We slept with his cock still deep in me.

The next morning we woke and went at it again.  Being gay, I never thought I would enjoy the experience of a true honeymoon but I doubt many newlyweds fucked as much or as long as we had.  After we climaxed on each other, we showered together and took our time.

After we dressed, reality hit us.  Shortly, it would be time to go our separate ways and return to our respective homes.  It would be hard for me and Scotty to part but it was necessary.  Our hardest part would be maintaining our silence about our deep love for each other now.  In the parking lot, we both bawled like little kids and hated to see the weekend come to a close. 

As a cover, I stopped by a few stores nearby to shop.  I bought some nice looking shirts and shorts for my upcoming year in college.  I detoured to the downtown area and saw the UT campus and surrounding area.

On my way home, I glanced in the mirror and saw my tanned face.  I just busted out laughing and knew it was well worth it.  During my drive, I called Scotty to coordinate our stories for we knew our moms would compare and contrast each once they were on the phone again with each other. 

When I returned home, I greeted my parents with small talk about the trip.

“How was Scotty?” mom asked.

“Still the same ole Scotty.  We really had a great time together,” I said.

“Son, I see you got some sun,” Dad said.

“We went to the spring there in town for the day yesterday,” I said.

“It was sunny yesterday,” Dad smiled.

I headed to my room and just collapsed on my bed.  I took off my shirt and pulled down my boxer briefs.  I looked in the mirror and saw my tan ass with my stretched hole.  It was a weekend I wouldn’t soon forget but one I hoped to relive many times again with Scotty.


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