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It was just a regular Tuesday at our nice house in the suburbs.  Mom yelled to me that dinner was on the table.  I threw on a shirt and headed out my bedroom.  The smell of fresh grilled salmon hit my nostrils when I got near the kitchen/dining room.

I sat down with my Dad and Mom to enjoy a rare meal together.  Being in the middle of the summer, one of us always had something going.  I waited for patiently to start until Mom was seated.

“Now isn’t this nice, John,” Mom commented to Dad.

“Yeah, we better enjoy this while we can, Glenda,” Dad replied.  “Seth, I assume you’re ready to start back at College Station.”

“Yes sir!” I said quickly. “This year will really be a challenge for me.”

“Knowing you, Seth, you’ll fly by and make it easily into to Physical Therapy school,” Dad said.

We ate quietly after the initial little family talk.  “Mom, Dad, I have a big dilemma on my hands,” I spoke after finishing up.

“Seth, what is it?” Mom asked.

“Scotty has been all over me since we got back from the reunion to meet him in Austin for this weekend.  I really don’t want to go but I feel sorry for him now after finding out about his best friend being killed over Christmas,” I said. 

“Seth, Vera (Scotty’s mom and her first cousin) said Scotty really enjoyed having you over.  It probably wouldn’t kill you to join him.  She says he is so lonely since his friend was killed,” Mom said.

“Seth, just go and have a good time.  Your mom’s right.  You boys practically lived at each other’s house growing up.  I heard he’s a little different now though,” Dad said.

“Different is an understatement, Dad.  He’s pretty much a freak.  I told you about all his tatts and piercings,” I said.

“Son, does he know about you?” Mom asked in a serious tone.

“NO! I plan to keep it that way too.  Scotty would rag me to no end if he knew I was gay,” I said.

“Seth, just appease him and just go with him.  I have heard you talking to him, so you must have at least gotten along,” Mom said.

“I guess I could do that.  I don’t guess a long weekend with him would kill me or anything,” I said. 

Mom cleaned off the table while Dad read the day’s mail and cussed the growing bills.  I headed off to my room.   I headed out for my nightly jog around the neighborhood in my shorts with my phone discretely tucked away.

I ran to a nearby park and called Scotty.  We laughed when I told him my scheme to make it sound like it was my parent’s idea though we already made the plans.  It was my plan if nothing else to throw off my parents so they wouldn’t suspect my longing and his to be back together.  My desire to be with him grew stronger once I returned from the family reunion just over a week ago.  We talked quite a bit since my return.  Now with my parent’s blessing, I couldn’t wait until Friday to be with Scotty once again.

After returning from the gym Thursday, I saw Steve, my brother, his girlfriend Kelsey and their 10 month old son Nathan.  I greeted them and kissed Nathan on the forehead and threw down my bag. 

“Now that Seth is here, Kelsey and I have a big announcement,” Steve stood in an unusual formal manor for him.

“Finally they are getting married,” Mom blurted out.

“Mom, Dad, we’re not getting married just yet.  You’re going to be grandparents again,” Steve said frankly.

“Damn Steve, you done fucked up again!” Dad said in his usual forward manner.

Kelsey started crying and was held by Steve, “Dad, I didn’t fuck up.  I love Kelsey and this new baby will be just as loved as Nathan,” Steve said firmly.

It was all I could do to keep from bending over and laughing.  If one time wasn’t enough, he did it again.  Any future things would almost pale in comparison to this even if they found out about Scotty and me.  My brother just proved he how red-neck he really was.

Mom gave Steve a big hug, “Everything will work out just fine.”

“Steve, it will.  You know how I just say the first thing that comes to my head,” Dad hugged both of them with Kelsey still crying. “We will love the new baby just as we have Nathan.”

I half heartily offered my congratulations and picked up my bag.  I called Scotty after Steve and his family left.  We both laughed and carried on at this latest development.  We then discussed plans for the next day before I hung up.

It was later than I wanted when I got up the next morning.  My suitcase was packed already so it was just showering and shaving.  I left my partial goatee on my chin and longer sideburns for Scotty.  I trimmed my pubes for Scotty’s approval as well.  My blond hair was perfect and gelled to the max.  My favorite cologne was the final touch.  Glancing in the mirror, I saw one hot gay 20 year old guy while flexing my muscles.

I left out with Mom and Dad long gone off to their jobs.  After tossing my suitcase in the backseat of my Altima, it was time to head out.  Nearly an hour from Austin, Scotty called me since he was already there and waiting.  I apologized for my tardiness and continued heading in his direction. 

With the hotel directions and room number, it was a challenge to find where he picked for us to spend the weekend.  After making a few wrong turns, the nice modern hotel appeared in front of me.  I parked near the entrance and got out my suitcase.  It was really a nice place just like Scotty said it was.  After finding the room on the second floor, I knocked on the door.

The door flew open.  “Bout damn time!” Scotty smiled.  I noticed his black hair was styled shorter and spiked so nicely in the middle.  He was dressed in a white t-shirt and khaki shorts.

“Sorry Cuz, this wasn’t the easiest place to find,” I said.  Our lips meet there once I was barely inside the room. After a nice kiss, my eyes took in our room. It was a suite with a living area and a nice large king size bed next to the window.  It was very impressive considering all I knew about Scotty.

“You like this place?” he asked with his arms spread wide and a big grin.

“Oh yeah, this is more than I expected. I’m very impressed.”

Scotty eyed me up and down while I put away my suitcase, “Fuck Seth, you are so damn hot!  All I’ve done is just think about being with you since you left.”

“I know the feeling,” I said and kissed him again quickly.

“Are you ready for this?” Scotty asked.

“Now?” I replied.

“Yeah, are you ready to have a good time at the nudist park?”

“Oh that,” I laughed and was playfully punched in the arm. “I’m ready and actually anxious to see what all the talk is about it.”

After gathering a few things, we headed down to my car for the short trip.  Scotty was all smiles with me there.  He did his best to contain his enthusiasm when we got in the car.

“You’re really excited about this, aren’t you Scotty?”

“Yeah, more now that this is actually happening.  Seth, I feel like myself again for the first time in months.  People at work and even Mom noticed how much happier and less…Ummm, on edge I’ve been.  Most of it has to do with reconnecting with you.”

“It probably didn’t hurt any that we had hot sex either.”

“Nah, it didn’t but I just feel better now and more excited about life in general.  You remember our cousin, Heath?”

“Ummm… not really.  You fired off names left and right at that reunion.”

“The cute one we saw playing basketball that was 16,” Scotty smiled.

“You didn’t?!” I almost hit the brakes right then in traffic.

“Oh hell no.  I was going to tell you I went fishing with him and enjoyed it again as an example of my finally getting back to normal.  He’s hot as fuck and all but fucking around with one cousin is enough,” he laughed.

I smiled and turned where Scotty directed me.  I just looked around and saw no signs of a lake.  “Are you sure?” I asked.

The sign appeared shortly.  “See, I told you,” Scotty said.

We made a few sharp curves and found the entrance.  We paid our fee and proudly displayed our ID’s to enter.  The parking lot wasn’t very crowded for a Friday afternoon.  After parking, we gathered our things and tossed our shirts in my car. 

Once inside the entrance to the wooded park, Scotty stopped and got naked.  I saw he wasn’t ghostly white anymore and had a small tan going on his tattooed and pierced body.  He looked at me and off went my shorts. We both giggled like kids seeing how each had trimmed our pubes.  We walked down some crude steps and found the main path.  I was a little apprehensive about this but saw a middle aged topless woman.  Then I saw a tanned ass of another older guy out in front of us.  This was definitely a different and unique experience even though we just got there. 

“The gay section is on the far end,” Scotty said quietly.

“I can handle the walk,” I said.  It was a very warm and muggy day in early July here in Central Texas.  We walked along the wide concrete path.  I could see naked people now along the shore of the lake.  A vast majority were older even though there were a few younger ones mixed in.  Each person that passed I knew was staring hard at Scotty.  If his cock wasn’t what they were staring at then it was his tattoos and piercings.  I think a few look at me in admiration of my firm well-built body that I worked extremely hard for this occasion.

Finally we found a spot after a short hike off the main path.  I wasn’t aware that this wasn’t a sandy beach but one filled with protruding rock ledges.  The first order of business was sunscreen for the untanned areas of our bodies.  Scotty smiled when he put it on his cock. 

“What do ya think so far?” Scotty asked spread out and taking in the sun.

“Not bad so far, just a lot of people our parent’s age,” I laughed.  We both died laughing and made jokes with the scenario of our families doing this. 

Scotty put his arm around my shoulder and I put mine around his thin waist. “If anyone asks, we’re not family,” Scotty said.

“No shit, dude,” I laughed again.  Much to my surprise, my cock stayed totally under control since we had arrived.  That was my ultimate fear but Scotty told me it would be fine.  We just sat there under the bright clear hot sun.  An occasional breeze would blow but it was still rather warm.  Behind my sunglasses, I scoped out the guys across the way and envied their nice overall tans.  They were older than us and not grossly fat.

A middle aged man walked near us and gave us the eye.  Scotty held up his big cock in pride.  “Nice!” the man mumbled and headed back.

“That was fuckin rude,” I said quietly to Scotty after he was gone.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t sneak a peek at his dick,” Scotty said. “I actually didn’t mind at all.  Beasley would get so pissed at me.”

I laughed then, “I did peek just a little.” 

With the hot sun, we both headed to the water to cool off.  We swam around for some time and enjoyed being in the water skinny dipping like two kids.  It brought back funny memories of me, Scotty and Steve doing the same when we were kids in old man Calloway’s pond when I was probably nine.  We did it on a dare but knew if we got caught, an ass whopping would have been in order.  Scotty remembered it as well and both of us had fond memories and good laughs of the swim.

When we returned, both of us noticed two guys closer to our age lying out near our spot.  They politely scooted down just a bit when we returned while we dried off our wet bodies.

“How’s the water today?” one asked.  He was very tan with a nice somewhat hairy body.  His light brown hair was receding as well.

“Felt really good,” Scotty replied.

“Is it cool we’re so close?” the other one asked.  He wasn’t as tan with a head full of blond hair.

“No problem at all,” Scotty said.  We sat back down and reapplied the sunscreen.

“You guys on vacation here?” the blond asked.

“We are.  I guess the tan lines gave that away,” I laughed. “Ya’ll must be regulars here.”

“We are when time allows,” the balding one said.

“It must be nice living so close.  I would be here all the time if I could,” Scotty said.  Scotty introduced himself and me as his boyfriend.  They did the same with the blond being Dave and the other being Joseph.  They were very friendly to us and told us a few things to watch for like gawkers fully dressed and being propositioned. Both were about my size cock wise with Dave totally shaved.

Time seemed to pass very quickly now.  Scotty and I did our best not to reveal we were third cousins.  They appeared to be very interested in Scotty’s body art and asked the same questions I had before.  Scotty had a reason or a story behind each tattoo just like Dave did on his only one on his shoulder blade.  Through the course of talking, we found out they were lovers for over 4 years now and were in their mid-20’s.  We made up 6 months not to sound like we were just beginning.  They were so nice they offered beer, which both of us took after finishing off the water we had brought along.

Before any of us realized, the sun was beginning to set.  We all packed up our things and headed to the parking lot.  Now, I actually hated putting back on my shorts.  We bid our new found friends good-bye with the promise to return tomorrow to the same spot.

“Seth, admit it.  You loved it,” Scotty said once we were in the car and headed back to our hotel room.

“Scotty, I did.  Once the initial awe and somewhat uncomfortable feeling was gone, it was actually very nice and liberating.”

“It is that.  When I came those two times with Beasley, we barely stayed two hours.  What was it like five today?”

“No more like six I think.  We got there around 2 now it is past 8.”

“I guess we were.  You really want to come here tomorrow?”

“Hell yeah!” I said emphatically. “It was fun and those guys were very friendly as was everyone here.”

“They were.  Next time, we’ll bring beer, too,” Scotty smiled.

“I just hope Mom and Dad don’t ask how my ass got tanned,” I laughed.

We stopped to eat some nice Mexican food.  After we ate, Scotty was quiet and just stared out the passenger window.  He mumbled a few things here and there but mostly stared into the dark of the night.  We unloaded my car of our belongings and headed to the room.

“Scotty, is something bothering you?” I asked. “You didn’t say one word after we ate.”

He just looked at me, “Seth, is this for real or are we just playing games with each other?  I really need to know before I get too caught up in this little game we’re playing.”

I put my arm around him.  We sat on the couch there in the room.  “You tell me, Scotty.  I was wondering the same thing,” I looked into his slightly burned face.

“Shit, I don’t know. At one level, it is two young guys possibly falling in love.  The other undeniable level is we are related.”

“Scotty, do you love me like a boyfriend or like family?”

“Fuck dude, I have no idea.  Seth, I love you but not sure which one at this moment,” Scotty said confused and really unsure.

“Scotty out there with you today, I almost forgot we were related at a distant level.  All I could see was a guy who I cared so deeply for now and dearly enjoyed being around.”

“Wow this is some really deep shit you know.  Damn, why do we have to be related?” Scotty cried out. “Why?”

We held each other close there on the couch.  So far, our relationship had been a blast but now had taken a deep introspective.  We were now at the fork in the road where we could either be lovers or remain as family.

“Seth, I really need to be alone and think this over before this gets too involved,” Scotty looked at me.

“I think you’re right.  We both need some deep soul-searching before this goes too far,” I said.  Scotty went to lie on the bed while I stayed on the couch. 

My mind was racing with every scenario possible.  All this did was confuse me even more.  I was similar to Scotty.  We both knew family ran deep in our blood and was an integral part of who we were.  On the other hand, I finally found someone who I wanted to be with after many failed attempts.  We were different on many levels from education down to certain interests.  I just decided there that this was his decision to make and would just go along with whatever decision may be, good, bad or indifferent.


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