Scott and Jess left the plane after it landed at JFK International. Scott was still shaken by the experience having never left Texas
before, and this was the first time, he’d ever flown. The fact that there was some rocky turbulence, and the mechanical failure issues,
didn’t make him want to continue flying anymore. However, Jess had been his rock and calmed down Scott from the time the
mechanical failure announcement was heard to the time it landed safely.
From this point on, Scott would look towards Jess for guidance and direction. Jess on the other hand, was a strong person, and
didn’t let little things shake him that much; he wouldn’t admit to Scott that deep down he was unnerved by the technical issues on
the plane, but that would have made the matter worse.
"What are we going to do now?" Scott asked, after they left the jet and made their way into the main terminal. Jess calmly explained
that they would book the next flight to London and from there fly to Rome to meet the guys
They walked to the ticket agent and heard him speaking to other irate customers wanting to go on the next plane.
"I am sorry. The next flight will leave in about 25 minutes; however, it is completely booked. That is the last flight for the night. There
is 9 am available the next morning, we can seat you people on. And there is also a late evening flight. ”
The guests stared at the ticket agent, while Scott looked at Jess for a solution.
""Let's book the evening flight. Then we can spend some time here in New York. Why not make the most of a bad situation. We
are in no hurry to be anywhere. All this means is we may lose a day in London."
Scott seemed happy with arrangement and they went to get the appropriate tickets. "Scotty, we will we have fun."
"I am with you. I know we will have fun."
They rented a limo and Jess told the driver take to the best hotel in the city. On the drive, they looked around and Scott loved
seeing everything. "Let's go to the Statue of Liberty."
"Sure. Anything for my man." Jess kissed Scott on the lips. Twenty seconds later the limo stopped.
"Get out fags." The driver looked at us with disgust on his fast.
"It was just a kiss." Scott defended them.
"I don't care. I don't want that in my limo. Now get out! ".
Scott was ready to throw down, but Jess opened the door. They left with Scott giving him a finger.
They decided to try a cab. “Why wouldn’t you let me clobber that guy?”
“It’s not worth it,” Jess stated. “One little comment is nothing versus being beaten up or worse. I don’t want you to have to deal
with that.”
Scott nodded and understood. They looked out the cab driver who picked us up was friendly, and very gay. He kept commenting
about the weather, and suggested some of the hotspots that most people don’t know about.
Jess gave him a big tip as they exited the cab at the Plaza Hotel. “This is finest hotel in all of New York.” Scott stated.
The building was massive, and when they walked in through the front doors, Scott gave a low whistle indicating the how impressed
he was with the interior. They made their way to the concierge and he gave a little nod.
“May I help you?”
“We want a room; nothing fancy just a one bedroom would be fine,” Jess said very politely.
The woman looked down at them to see if they were serious, and Scott smiled and nodded indicated they were. She checked the
computer, and luck seemed to have finally shown on them, and they had vacancy. They paid the 700 dollars for the night, and went
up to their room.
“We can’t stay here.” Scott said.
“Why not? Derek gave us a lot of spending money, and this is an emergency. I want us to have a great vacation.”
“Jessie. As long as we are together, it will be a great vacation. Look at this place.”
“Yeah, it’s great. Scotty, we are never going to be able to afford anything close to this for a while now. Stop being like Colt, and
enjoy the moment.”
Scott looked around the room and laughed, “Okay, now let me strip you naked and have my way with you.”
“I thought you would never ask.”
The next morning, Jess was up bright and early and enjoying the view of the sunrise. Scott had waked up and walked naked to join
his boyfriend.
“What should we do today?”
“You wanted to look at the Statue of Liberty, and I wanted to climb the Empire State Building. Let’s go the Statue first.”
“Sounds like a plan.” They got dressed and found a McDonald’s for a quick breakfast, then hailed a cab to take them the Battery
Park to catch the Ferry to Liberty Island. The ride was quiet between the two of them. They both had been looking at the sites, and
were impressed. As they got onto the ferry, they walked up the edge of the boat, near the water and watched as the Statue got
closer and closer to them.
“Scotty, you enjoying your time here?”
“Of course, so far no drama, no excitement.”
“Are you saying you miss all that?”
“Nope, being around Kris and them, it was one interesting turn after another. Some simple relaxation with my man is all I need.”
“And?” Jess sensed there was something else.
“Some pussy would be nice.” Scott added, with Jess laughing. They made it to the base of the statute and Scott decided to make it
a workout, by suggesting a race to the top of the Statue.
Scott was sailing up the steps, with Jess following behind; he had a slight limp after all. So, Jess had an idea. By the time, Scott
made it the torch, Jess was out of breath waiting for him.
“What the fuck? How did you pass me?”
“You were straining so on the stairs that you didn’t see me accidentally bump passed you,” Jess lied. “Anyways, look at this view.”
Scott and Jess looked back the New York City skyline, it was impressive.
“Fuck, this is so cool.” Scott loved it.
After some more time taking it all in, the guys walked down the stairs and took their time. They made it just in time to catch the ferry
that took them back to Battery Park.
“I wonder how the other guys are doing?” Jess asked as they hailed a cab to Empire State Building. It was just around 11 am.
“Let see. Corey and Matt are probably on their third making love session of their trip; Kris and Colt are probably making up after
Kris said something stupid, and Derek and his group are sleeping.”
“You are probably right.” The cab dropped them up the Empire State building.
“I am not racing you.” Jess stated. “Do you know how many stairs are in this Building?”
“I thought you wanted to climb the steps.”
“Yeah, but the Statue took a lot out of me.” Jess smiled
“Of course, because it took a lot of effort to press a button to activate the elevator,” Scott said. “Don’t give me that look. You
cannot fool me.”
Jess instead admitted to using the elevator and ran up the stairs with Scott on his elbow. They jogged up them together. They
reached the top in record time. Scott and Jess took in this view as well. Not too many people were on the observation deck at the
moment, so Scott took his chances, and grabbed Jess, pulled him back and kissed him on the lips with passion. It looked like the
classic photo of the sailor kissing his girl when he returned from WW II.
“What was that for?” Jess asked after they broke the kiss.
“No reason,” Scott said. They held hands and made their way down, and noticed a sign to something called the Empire Room.
They decided to follow it only to meet a closed sign. It looked like an old fashioned cocktail lounge from the 1930s era.
They left the building looking for some cool places to grab a quick bite; we were making excellent time, as they had about four
hours until their plane. Jess was about to hail a cab and ask for a nice burger joint for them to go to.
“Jessie, I want to walk around this city,” Scott commented, and Jess thought a nice walk could do some good. Corey and Matt had
always enjoyed it. Jess decided to hit the washroom in the lobby before they headed out.
They left the building and Scott took the lead, he headed southwest on 5th Avenue towards E 33st. Jess had no idea where he was
going, but he had heard from Matt about their getting lost in Holland, and didn’t want to repeat that, so he remembered the route.
After turning left on E 33rd Street, Jess asked Scott where they were going. “I have no idea,” Scott smiled, which meant he knew
exactly where they were going. They walked a few blocks on 33rd street, and Jess took in all the people around them. There
seemed to be so many couples, holding hands. Jess took Scott’s hand as they ventured towards Lexington Avenue.
On the left was the restaurant Scott was taking him to: Murray Hill Diner. They entered the location and sat in one of the booth.
Scott ordered an amazing cheese burger that was the size of his head, while Jess decided to be adventurous with a Bison Burger,
and they ordered a huge portion of chili fries to share.
“This place is fantastic,” Jess said.
“This vacation is turning out better and better each day.” They finished with chocolate Ice Cream Sodas, before a small belch was
heard coming from Scott’s mouth.
They finished, paid and started walking towards the hotel. What they didn’t notice was two guys had been following them. As Scott
and Jess turned left on E 45th street, one of main guys tapped Scott on the shoulder.
Scott turned and stared at the knife the guy’s hand. He looked over at Jess who also was dealing a knife wielder.
The guy said to them, “Money! Now!”
Scott emptied out his pockets and gave him 20 dollars he had left from paying at the dinner, and the guy wasn’t satisfied. He turned
to his partner, and Jess opened out his pockets empty handed.
“Fine!” Plan B, gimmie your clothes.
“No!” Scott shouted. “FUCK NO!”
The guys pushed Scott and Jess into the little alley behind a Starbucks.
“Strip! Now!” The guy yelled loudly.
“Go to hell.” Scott demanded. Jess got a punch in shoulder. Scott looked over and Jess nodded, and they both stripped off their
clothes. The guys laughed and left them only with their boxers and dignity.
Scott cried. “What the fuck are we going to do now?”
“By some new clothes,” Jess smiled.
“How?” Jess put his hand in his sock, and pulled out his wallet. “Besides.” Jess smiled, now we can show your body off the New
York public.
“Yeah.” Scott nodded looking down at his abs. “I am glad all our important stuff is back at the hotel. They hailed a taxi. The driver
gave them a queer look and then allowed them to enter. They told him that they were robbed.
They made it back to the Plaza, got fresh clothes and a shower and headed to JFK. Their new problem was the Van Wyck
Expressway was crawling, and by the time they made it to the airport, they had minutes before the plane took off. They checked the
board for their 7:35 pm flight, and with had their boarding passes as they ran through security in seconds. They made it to the gate
just as the last few passengers were boarding. The women checked their tickets manually and let them board.
They sat together and looked out the window as the plane took off to London; however, when the Captain made the announcement
about the flight, he said that they were actually headed for Barcalona Spain, and not London.
Jess and Scott looked at each other, wondering what the fuck had happened. Jess calm as ever looked at the boarding pass stub,
and realized the mistake: They went to the wrong airline. Jess reviewed the last minutes in his mind, recalling there were two planes
taking off at 7:35pm.
“I cannot believe our luck.” Scott was deflated. “How did the woman not see that the boarding pass was incorrect?”
“I don’t know. She may have been preoccupied, I heard her grumbling about something, not even looking at passes correctly.”
“You are taking this slight misfortune in stride?” Jess commented.
“As long as it’s a smooth flight, I don’t care where we go.” 
Jess pulled him in close and they kissed, Scott fell asleep shortly afterward, while Jess played some music with headphones he
collected from the stewardess or flight attendant. It was then that he realized he left his phone in pants that the muggers stole from
him. He swore to himself. He knew that a mugging was a possibility, which is why he made a trip to the restroom at the Empire
State Building to put his wallet in his sock for safe keeping. Jess was going to get a new phone anyways.
Then, taking Scott’s cue, he too fell asleep. It was around 9 am local time the next morning when Scott kissed him awake.
“Morning, Jess.”
“Hey, yourself; did you enjoy yourself?”
“Yep. You?” Scott had slept most of the slight, but there was strong wind three hours into the flight that caused some minor
turbulence and that woke him up. After it passed, Scott calmed himself down, and looked at Jess’ just combed hair and kissed his
“It was uneventful.” It was about 40 more minutes before they hit the city. “What are we going to do in Barcelona? By my
calculation, the rest of the guys will still be in their first cities: Matt and Corey in Paris and Kris and Colt in Venice.”
“Well.” Jess thought for minute. “As I see it, we can try to enjoy ourselves in Barcelona, or we start making our way to Rome
“Honestly, I would prefer to make it to Rome, unless you want to spend some time here.”
“Isn’t this the city where the buffalos chase you? That sounds like fun.”
“Nah,” Scott stated. “That Pamplona, but I believe the running of the bulls happens around this time. We could get a car or
something and make our way there, when we land.”
Scott without waiting for Jess to agree pulled out his phone, and looked up the Bull Run. It was 8 am on July 6. Today was July 6.
“It happened an hour ago today”
“Wait” Jess grabbed the phone and read the entire text, and smiled.  “It says that the Bull Run is the 7th, but the festival starts today.
Do you want to go?”
“Let’s go. What could possibly go wrong?”
They landed safely and found a rental car place, and got a small energy efficient smart car, and drove all the way to Pamplona. The
conversation was light, manly making beats on how many times their friends fucked already. Sex was Scott’s favorite topic.
When they got to Pamplona, though, there were no vacancies available anywhere; so they decided to sleep in the car. The next
morning, they were both up at the crack of dawn, and moved their car to safe location. Scott talked to locals and found out where
the starting was and went to Sam Fernin. Jess located a nice place to watch from the crowd.
“You actually want to run?”  Scott nodded and Jess thought it would be fun, as they were both fit.  They found it was a hot run and
warmed up. A local found them the traditional gear to wear and they donned the white shirt and pants, and with a red sash. It was
fifteen minutes before the start and Jess looked at Scott as they both smelled victory.
Just then the first rocket was heard, followed by the second shortly after. The runners were off, Scott and Jess were at the back of
the pack, but with Scott’s running ability, he gained speed followed by Jess who kept up famously. Then they heard the bulls coming
up, one was right  behind them, Jess needed to make a quick decision and jumped off the road into crowd of people on the steps.
Scott had no such luck, he ran faster and nearly ran over two men in the process. The bull was speeding and then out of nowhere a
runner ran into Scott and they both fell on the pavement. Scott moved quickly out of the way, and got up. The bull was gaining on
him and three others that were on his elbow. He knew he couldn’t keep up that pace, so just as the bull was on his rear, he ran
towards a tree and climbed, like he did when he was a kid.  After that the third and fourth rocket were heard.
Scott walked back and located Jess who was talking to watchers. When Jess saw Scott they hugged, and joined Jess’s new found
friends for some late breakfast. Jess asked them what was best way to get to Rome from there.
They said by train, but with the smart car it made more sense to drive to Rome. So, they got directions and a map, and hopped in
the car, and started their 15 hour journey. However, luck would be on their side, not ten minutes later the car stopped working.
Scott called the rental agency and told them where they could get the car.
While Jess made arrangements to book train tickets, and catch the 11:30am that the locals alluded too. Everything was fine, and
they made the train with five minutes to spare. They loaded their bags and got some nice seats. They chatted about the bull running,
and how much fun it was, before they knew it they were at a small city in Spain, where they made their first connection.
They grabbed some food at the station and explored little Catalayud, Spain. They found a quaint open area with no one around, and
Jess made sweet love to Scott right there. Scott loved every minute of it. Before, they knew it their next train arrived and they were
on their way to Barcelona, where they had their next connection. Two hours later, back in Barcelona they had to find their way to
Barcelona Esacion de Franca. Scott suggested a taxi, and so they hailed one. The traffic was horribly bad, and the 13 minute drive
took about an hour. Scott and Jess ran all the way to catch their sleeper train. They made it as the doors were closing.
It wasn’t until Scott and Jess found their sleeping compartments that they realized they both had left their luggage in the cab. The
good news was all their important papers and money were in their knapsacks.  They had about 1200 dollars in euros. 
Jess was scared, because all this trip had been bad luck. Scott noticed Jess’s emotional state and came over and held him.
“Jessie, it is okay. Things happen.”
“But, first the plane malfunction, then mugging, and now we forgot our luggage.” Jess cried.
“Jessie, love; don’t worry about it. We have our important documents, passports, wallets, money, etc.”
“I know,” Jess said through tears. “I am sorry. I don’t know why I am crying. It’s just one bad after another.”
“It’s okay, Jessie. Let it out. This stuff happens; we had an amazing time in New York, the bull running was fun. Let’s just get to
Rome and meet up with the guys. We will have stories to tell.”
Jess was still upset; Scott just held him. “Let it out, Jess, you don’t have to be strong all the time, and calm all the time. You can be
vulnerable around me, let your guard down. That is why I love you.”
Scott kissed Jess on the mouth, and Jess returned it with passion. “Thanks, lover.”
“Anytime.” They got naked and had some more loving; they learned more about each other on this trip than they could have
possibly imagined.  It was just after 8 am the next morning, when the pulled into Torino, Italy. Jess was alert as ever making sure the
two of them get to Rome in one piece. They checked to make sure they had their tickets for the last connection that would take
them to their final destination. If Jess’ calculation was correct, all the guys would be in Rome by then.
However, as Scott was holding their tickets, a strong gust blew them out of Scott’s hand and onto the track. Jess was about to get
them, when another train came by and the tickets got stuck to train wheel.
“FUCK!” They both said at the same time. Scott just started to chuckle, with Jess joining in, and that turned to laughter. “What a
fun trip, eh?” Scott asked between snorts of laughter.
“One of the best ones I’ve ever been on.” Jess agreed. Thirty minutes later, they both recovered and went to discuss their options
with the ticket agent. She was very nice, and after Jess explained their misfortunes so far. She gladly gave them two free tickets on
the next train to Rome. As she said it would be a 6 hour car ride.
They had to wait until a quarter to 2 in the afternoon. So, they decided to have fun and find some food around the station. There
was small restaurant that sold pizza. They spent the hours talking about how wonderful this trip had been, and how much fun they
both had on this journey. They boarded the train without incident.
Arriving in Rome after 6pm, Scott phoned Derek to see where they were, and they headed to the restaurant. When they arrived at
the private room that Derek booked, the conversation stopped. Scott and Jess kissed and thanked Derek quite sincerely for their
trip. Scott then told all his friends about their experiences on how they got there, while Jess ate and had to deal with Kris and Colt’s
playful jabs.   
That night all nine of them enjoyed a great dinner, and the next day they a flew home, glad that their trip was so much fun. Well, not
all of them made it home…. THE END!

This concludes Andy's fantasy story.   Hope you enjoyed it.  
Watch for 'Junior Year' coming very soon!!!
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