6:00 AM
It is now 6 in the morning, and all is well in Colt Landerham’s hometown. The wedding is scheduled to take place that afternoon at
the Landerham lake house. Matt and Corey wanted to accommodate all the friends they have collected over the last 9 years of
their lives in college, and some friends they have made before that. When Colt offered this location to host the wedding, Matt’s
first reaction was to cry, and then Corey graciously accepted the offer. Scott loved the venue, because he knew it was the right
place for his two best friends to finally tie the knot. They had some great memories at Colt’s lake house. Not only did they have
some great Fourth of July fun there, but Matt got drunk for the first time.
However, most of those in the Landerham household were still asleep; one person was pacing around in the bedroom of Bob
Landerham’s son. He was waiting for his friend to return. He knew the asshole would need to sneak back there eventually. After 5
minutes of waiting, Chase entered.
“Where the fuck have you been?” Tabor asked staring at Chase as he entered through the window. Tabor knew exactly where he
was, but he wanted to hear Chase admit it.
“I was at the bachel…” Chase began and Tabor punched him on the arm.
“You were with Britney.” It wasn’t a question.
“So what if I was.” Chase looked around, “What are you doing here anyways.”
“I don’t know…there is a wedding going on here. Maybe that is why?” Tabor began. “Don’t change the subject.
“I am not.” Chase was getting aggravated with his friend. He was with Britney all night. Chase never passed up a change to have
sex. And she was the hottest chick he has ever come across.”
“Do you love her?” Tabor asked seriously.
“Yeah, I do.” Chase responded, “Just because you guys used to date doesn’t mean....”
“I realized she was bad news.” Tabor and Britney dated when he was feeling left out. Colt and Chase were bonding after the fight
between Kris and Colt, and they were re-establishing their brotherly bond. While that was occurring, Tabor was slowly losing
Chase to Colt. He didn’t blame anybody; it was bound to happen, especially after Kris fucked up Colt’s relationship with Andrea.
So, Tabor went to exploring the clubs by himself, and he just ran into the most beautiful girl he’d ever met. They talked, and
chatted, and kissed. What Tabor didn’t realize at first was Britney had changed since they were in college. She was fatter, then,
had glasses and red hair. Now, she was almost the female version of Kris. After a few more dates, Tabor realized this, and was
shocked. The relationship was short lived when Tabor realized he didn’t like Britney, as his true character started to form, and
when he discovered something else about her.
“What bad news…She was nothing but nice to you.” Chase defended his girlfriend. 
“That’s all you saw. You do realize we are talking about Monica’s sister here?”
“Monica?” Chase didn’t quite understand the reference.
“For someone who used to think the world came out of Colt’s ass, how can you forget about the bitch that planted seeds in Colt’s
head, and caused a huge fight with Colt and Kris?”
“Oh, that Monica,” Chase said with an air of dismissal. “That wasn’t Britney.”
“Chase, grow up. They are so alike; they are evil, manipulating bitches.”
“You are just saying that because of what happened to you. I admit Monica is not the nicest person in world.”
“FUCK BRO!” Tabor raised his voice. “You are so blinded by love; you can’t see what is in front of you.”
“What is in front of me, bro, is a guy who regrets blowing off Britney, and is jealous of me.”
“You are so fucking delusional.” Tabor got up and walked towards the door. “Even after what she did to Reese you are defending
“She had no part in Reese’s accident.” Chase said confidentially.
“Okay…I am going to have breakfast, come down soon. We promised Corey we would look after his mother today.”
That was one of the reasons Chase loved Tabor, they may have these arguments from time to time, but it would never hurt their
friendship. Chase knows Tabor is just looking after his best interest. Chase was aware that Britney may have had a part in Reese’s
mishap. But Chase heard Britney’s side and believes her.
“Okay bro, let me change and I’ll be down soon.” Tabor smiled and stood there.
“What?” Tabor asked at Chase’s stare. “Oh fine. It’s not like I haven’t seen your pencil dick before.”
“You know full well it’s three times as big as yours.”
“Ok.” Tabor left Chase there. He knew their discussion about Britney was just getting started. Moreover, he was also hating that
night they spent in the hotel the weekend during spring break their final year. Chase can be so persuasive, and he was that drunk.
He left thinking about what had occurred, and hated him for it coming to that.
In another part of town, a small kid of 4 years was watching TV in the family room. He was smiling having no care in the world. He
attempted to make a breakfast, but the result was a messed up kitchen. His mother came down.
“Kevin, sweetie, its 6:25 in the morning, can’t we turn the TV down a little?”
Kevin smiled at his mother’s entrance, and got up from the couch and turned the TV down as requested. “Sorry Mommy.”
“It’s alright, baby. I take it you couldn’t sleep too good.”
“Mommy, you know I am always up this early.”
She smiled at her son. She had loved him since the day he was born. Although, he was not planned, he was certainly cared for.
The problem was she never told the father. Today was the day it was going to happen. She needed to finally find the courage and
tell him. Her mother, Francine has been suggesting it for some time now.
“Mommy?” Kevin asked excitedly. “Are we finally going to meet Daddy?”
“Yeah, baby.”
“Cool!” Nothing would make Kevin happier; his mother always mentioned how great his dad was. He had seen pictures of him,
when his dad was super young.
“Mommy? Why have you waited so long?”
His mother had been dreading this question. It was hard to admit she was scared to confront his father. Even though her courage
was not up to the task, there was a more realistic excuse she could make.
“Honey, you know Daddy and I haven’t seen each other for many, many years. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I learned he
was going to be at the wedding.” She, like many of their friends, was invited to the big day. She thought about declining, but
realized she had to face him eventually.
Kevin nodded, and watched as her mother poured some coffee. “Mommy, will he like me?”
The mother turned back to her son, who was making small frown. “Of course, he will. What makes you think he won’t? “
In honesty, she didn’t know how his father would react. He would be pissed at her for keeping him away. But from what she
gathered, he hasn’t had much luck in recent years. This news may be what will cheer him up.
“Son, he will love you as much as I do. Now go get dressed, we have some errands to run.”
She knew Kevin would take an hour or two to get ready; so while he went to do so, she used the quiet time to read the paper. All
the while, thinking if she was making the right decision.
The alarm rang; the noise startled Kris so much that he hit Matt, who had fallen from the bed to the floor. Kris, having only been
asleep for a short period, looked at the clock; it was 6:45 am.
Matt shook his head. “I guess it’s time to wake up.”
Kris stared hard at him. “Why the fuck did you make us get up so fucking early.”
It had been a long time since he had slept with Kris. He forgot Kris wasn’t exactly a morning person.
“Kris, we both have a lot of stuff to do today. And, I don’t want to leave anything to chance.” Kris remembered what almost
happened an hour ago.
“Matt?” He said gently. “Do you regret it?”
Matt was already naked walking into the bathroom get his toothbrush. He walked out with it in his mouth. “Regret what?”
“What we did last night?”
“No, of course not; Bachelor parties are supposed to be fun, sex and alcohol.”
“Not that Matt. How you wanted to fuck and I said no.”
“No, why would I want to regret that. We had a great conversation.” Matt stared at his friend. “Anyways, come get in the shower
with me. We can save half the time.”
Kris could only thing about that they almost had sex. It had been nearly a year since they’d fucked, and it was pure fun then. Kris
got up and joined his friend.
They didn’t talk much as they showered and cleaned each other off. There was no sexual tension, but Matt picked up on Kris’s
silence as he was washing his back. “Talk to me, Kris? Do you wish we had fucked an hour ago?”
Kris thought about it. “No, I was right. We don’t need sex in our friendship. We experienced that many times. It doesn’t define us.”
“That is true. Are you okay, then?”
“I am. I just don’t know. I never turned down sex before.”
Matt laughed at that. “There is a first time for everything.”
They got out of the shower and it was almost 6:50 AM.
“Fuck, we are fast,” Matt said as they both dressed in shorts and shirts.
“Still worried about the nightmares?”
“Yeah, but I don’t regret marrying Corey.”
“Good. Now let’s go.” Kris said and they were out the door. They both headed down to breakfast. As they were getting on the
elevator, the second elevator opened and out came Corey. He had just finished breakfast in the small restaurant.
Corey tried to get a little more sleep, but he was just too nervous to sleep. He got up and tried to eat. A small bowl of cereal and
some cold milk helped him a little. When he opened the door to the room he and Colt shared, he heard the water running.
Colt was obviously awake too. The bathroom door was open so Corey walked in to pee. “Corey?”
“Just checking it was you. I take it you couldn’t sleep.”
Not really.” Corey said honestly.
“Me neither, I hope you are not still worried about the shit we talked about earlier.”
“Not really.” Corey lied. He was fucking nervous something was going to go wrong. Something went wrong when they in New York.
He doesn’t want it to happen here.
“Are you going to call it off?” Colt said jokingly.
“Yeah right after I take a picture of your ass naked.” Corey retorted in kind. Colt just pulled back the curtain and smiled. “Go
Corey laughed and went to see what the weather was like; he really didn’t want to use the tent today. It looks like it was be a
clear sky with no clouds. He was just about to turn on the news when a knock came on the door.
He turned to the clock; it was 2 minutes to 7. Who could be knocking the early?
“Hey, Colt did you order room service.” He called the bathroom.
“No, but that’s a good idea,” he yelled back.
Curious, Corey got up and opened the door. Staring back at him was a man with grey hair, blue eyes and a goatee. He was
wearing a pale blue suit and white silk tie. Corey didn’t recognize him.
They talked for a brief minute, and before he could process this information, his instincts took over. “GO AWAY!” He slammed the
door in the man’s face and went to the bed.
Colt heard the door slam and ran into the main room. “What is it? Who was that?”
Corey looked down at his feet. “My father.”
7: 00 AM
“What do you mean that was your father?” Colt was perplexed with what had just occurred. He wanted to know what happened,
what was said, and why Corey slammed the door in his face.
“Colt. I really don’t want to get into it.” Corey began. Corey never knew his father, and more importantly he never needed to know
who he was. Larry was a rough stepdad to begin with, but now they were okay with each other.
“You got to give me a little more than that, buddy,” Colt said and sat next to him on the bed.
“What more needs to be said. That guy, who looked like an older version of me, knocked on the door. Said he was Calvin Rork,
and he was my father. I told him I didn’t have a father, and didn’t need one.”
Corey stopped. Colt knew what the guy was thinking, his own father may have been homophobic prick, but deep down Bob loved
him and Chase. “Corey, do you want me to go after him?”
Corey stared into Colt. “Colt did you hear me? I don’t want to see him. How the fuck do I even know he was really my father? Why
would he show up today of all days?”
“I don’t know, bro,” Colt said, “but I am sure curious to know the answers.
“I don’t.” Corey was honest with himself. “Marie in one of her sober moments told me what had happened with my father, and I
believed her. I have no reason to believe this guy.” Corey may have had days when he wished he had a father, especially during
the darkest days of high school life, but now he okay with the way it is now.
He looked at Colt. “Bro, I really have no need to make contact with him again. He is just a guy from my past.”
“Matt felt the same way about his own dad, and they had a rocky start, but by the end they repaired the damage.”
“Yeah, but that was different, Matt knew Larry in his youth. This man is a complete stranger to me.” Colt thought of what more he
could say when his phone rang. It was Chase.
“What’s up bro?” Colt said.
“We need you now,” Chase said desperately. Colt wondered what shit they were up to now. They may be college graduates, but
they were still clowns.
“What happened?” Colt asked, and Chase spoke quickly.
“Fuck.” Colt whispered and told them he would be there in ten minutes.
Corey looked up at Colt, prompting him to speak. “Well?” he said after Colt didn’t say anything.
“It’s nothing, some minor chore Chase asked me to do before the wedding.”
Corey knew he was lying, but his mind was still on the idea of his father just being there. “Do you need my help?”
“Nah.” I will see you for the pictures later.” With that Colt got dressed, and packed up his shit and headed for the door. “Corey,
don’t worry, today will be memorable.”
Corey smiled, “So far, it’s one for the record books.” Colt left and Corey paced in the room wondering if he needed to find him
again. He stared at the clock it 7:10 am.
At that same moment back on the Landerham property, the guests of Bob and Roberta Landerham were just starting to wake up.
It took a long time to get over his homophobic attitude, and to make the first step towards that end was to host the Kris, Matt and
Corey’s family for the weekend of the wedding. Bob had been programmed to think that gay people were different than them. All
that changed two years ago when Colt let it slip accidentally that he and Kris had slept together. Bob was shocked and speechless.
However, over time with Roberta and Chase’s help, he was able to accept that and move on.
Now, in one of the guest rooms Kris’s parents were just rising when a knock on the door was heard. Walt went to check on it and
Bob had brought them coffee.
“You really shouldn’t have?” Walt suggested. Ever since Bob proposed the idea of them staying there, Walt thought it was good
idea. He could bond with him, seeing how close their sounds were anyways. “We were more than happy enough to come down
and get it.”
“Nonsense.” Bob began, “Think of it as a peace offering.”
Walt laughed at that. “I was talking to Jenny about that last night.”
“I’ve never seen three women fight like that.”
“We weren’t fighting; it’s just that some people need to learn how to cooperate.” Jenny spoke up from the dresser.
“Honey, you and Linda are good friends, but what we had to do was come and referee.”
“It wasn’t that bad.” Walt gave Bob a knowing glance. Matt and Corey wanted home cooked meals, and a cake that was specially
baked for them. So, Scott asked Matt, Colt and Kris’s mother to come together and develop a cake that spoke to Matt and Corey.
At the start, things were moving great, the three women talked on the phone and developed a plan that Matt and Corey believed
was right. It was when the mothers finally met last week that it started to fall apart. They didn’t agree on how the divide up the
cake duties. Jenny looked to Linda for direction, as it was her son’s cake after all. But, when she made questionable decisions on
the preparation, her voice was heard. Roberta just listened and sided with one or the other depending on the issue at hand.
The guys thought it was funny at first, but last night there was so much screaming, they thought friendships would be ruined.
“That wasn’t fighting.” Jenny reiterated, “It was me making a point.”
“Potato, patato.” Bob suggested, and Walt laughed.
“Becides, all the work is done. All we have to is make sure Linda stays out of the kitchen while Roberta and her head caterer deal
with the last minute details.”
Walt thanked Bob for the coffee and ushered him to the door. He whispered. “No, they weren’t fighting at all.”
Walt was about to speak, and thought better of it. He was just about to put on his shorts for a run around the lake when Jenny’s
phone rang. Walt listened to the conversation; he couldn’t help smiling when Jenny hung up.
“I could tell it’s good news.”
“You could say that.” Jenny smiled.
“The adoption was finalized, Little Nate is ours.” Walt jumped up and hugged his wife. They had been wanting another kid for a
few years now, ever since Kris came to live with them. They missed having children there, and thought they were too old to start
fresh. It was as good a time as any to adopt. So, with Kris’ blessing, they put the events into motion.
They kissed at the happy news, and Jenny, regardless of the current kitchen nightmares, called Linda to tell her the news. Linda
was exciting and so happy for them.
Linda had never seen the need to have another kid. After Matt left the nest, VJ, Vince’s son from a previous marriage moved in. At
first it was rocky with VJ’s inability to make meaningful conversations with her. He just gave small short replies, and kept to
himself. Vince had given up on trying to get him to open up with him. Linda being a nurse, and Matt’s mother, knew a few tricks
and, after months of patience, VJ opened up to them. Even Matt when he visited noticed many changes. VJ was on the verge of
moving now, so Linda was looking forward to some time alone with Vince.
Just then as then at time turned to 7:21 am, the front door slammed opened and Linda greeted Colt with a friendly hello.
He smiled back. “How’s the war going in the kitchen?” Well aware of the kitchen events of late.
“Fine.” I am surprised you are here so early. Aren’t the pictures happening soon?”
“Yeah, around 10 am.” Colt responded, and excused himself to locate Chase. He found him at the back entrance.
“Where is she?” Colt asked.
“We have no idea.” Tabor who was with Chase responded, that’s why we called you.”
“Has Larry seen her?”
“No, he’s a little worried though; he woke up and she was gone. He came and alerted us,” Chase stated.
“Fine, she can’t have gone far.”
Marie Teller had been drinking a lot the night before during the rehearsal dinner. She continued to drink throughout the night.
Larry had told Colt when he arrived two nights ago, that Marie had started the habit of walking around at night, especially after a
she consumed a lot of alcohol.
The guys split up, Tabor went on foot through the trails, while Colt and Chase walked around the perimeter of the lake, both
hoping she didn’t fall in. As they were nearing the middle of the lake, Tabor texted them both, and said he’d located her.
They both grabbed the 4 wheeler, so they could get to her faster. They found her in her nightgown asleep with her head on a
“Now what do we do?” Colt asked them.
“You’re the older brother.” Chase responded.
“You handled me many times when I came back drunk. What did you do?”
“I picked you up and brought you to bed, and kept an eye on you until the early morning.”
“So, that’s what we have to do. Bring her up to the bedroom without anybody noticing, and let her sleep it off.”
“How do you suggest we do that? The house is flooded with people preparing for pictures.”
“Obviously we will do quietly,” Chase stated, hitting Tabor playfully on the head. “Tabor, pick her up and put her on the 4 wheeler,
Colt you drive her to the backdoor.”
“Why do I have to pick her up?” Tabor moaned.
“Because you’re the one who always smells like booze,” Colt and Chase said together.
“Oh.” Tabor with Chase’s help got her on the back, and Colt drove quickly to the backdoor, with Chase and Tabor following close
“Now what?” Tabor asked.”
“Shut up, I am thinking.”
“Why don’t we hoist her through the window?” Tabor suggested.
“Don’t be stupid,” Colt said. “Besides I am not sure which room is hers.”
“I thought we’d put her in the basement room. That way she wouldn’t embarrass Corey too much.”
“Then, how did she get out.” Tabor asked.
“Shut up.” Chase responded. “Wait! That is a good question.”
Colt thought for a minute and thought of the answer, “Through the old doors.”
“The old doors,” Chase said, knowing what they meant. When the lake house was built by their great grandfather, the basement
had old cellar doors that were put there so that when tornados or severe weather came around they would be safe.
“Those doors don’t work though.” Chase commented to his brother. “I mean, we never used it, and Grandpa Craig never
mentioned it.”
“Stop being an idiot,” Colt began. “When we were kids, and we played cowboys and Indians, where was cowboy’s main
“The cellar!” They rushed to the old doors and found them open so they carefully carried Marie down the ladder to the bed. Larry,
who had been sitting there worried, thanked them for finding her.”
“It’s all part of the service at The Landerham House,” Tabor joked.“ Chase, let’s go make your hangover drink.”
“Good idea.” They had perfected it in their junior year. They left Colt and Larry talking down in basement.
It was now 7:46 and back at the hotel. Kris and Matt were finishing their breakfast. Scott woke up to their alarm clock. He may
have only had a few hours of sleep, but that rest let him focus better.
Scott turned and looked back at Jess. He was a picture of perfection. Jess’ brown hair was cut short again and, while there was no
product in it, he still managed to keep it combed away from his deep brown eyes. He was taller than most of his friends which
gave him more of a lanky frame that made it hard for him to add muscle. He was slim, but he had been working out more and had
managed to get some real definition to his abs, while his pecs continued to grow. His body itself was etched in many ways,
including the big snake tattoo on his side and the many scars he now wore as a badge of honour, though those were rapidly
fading. His boxers were more loosely fitting, preferring to let his cut cock hang free rather than confining it in a tiny brief. The
boxers also hung loosely around his ass so it wasn’t showcased as much as on the other guys but there was still a big enough
bulge there to tell you that what lay beneath that fabric was one incredible ass.
He went over and pulled Jess’ boxers down to stare at that amazing cock. He was about to wake up Jess  his favourite way. He put
his teeth around the head and gently pushed up and down the shaft so Jess’ dick could feel a slight pain. Scott smiled when Jess’
eyes opened and looked down at his cock. He now brought his tongue around the shaft and gently bit the cock. Jess moaned with
Just when he started sucking on the dick, Scott’s phone rang. They let it ring a few times before it stopped without being
answered. Jess was urging Scott to get harder and finally five minutes later cum went down Scott’s throat.
“Good morning, Jessie.”
“I love when the mornings start out like that.”
“Me, too.”
“Thanks for making me go to bed last night.”
“Scotty, you needed your rest. I could tell your brain was fried.” Scott knew Jess was right. After few minutes of holding each
other, Scott went to grab a shower. “Jessie” Scott called out “Who phoned me?”
Jess rolled over and looked at the phone. The time on the clock said 7:58. Jess played the message and got up and barged into the
bathroom before Scott got into the shower.
“What is it?”
“Oh, nothing. I just wanted to stare at your naked body again.” Jess stated and hopped in the shower with Scott following.
“So, what was the phone call?” Scott asked.
“The photographer can’t make it and we need a replacement,” Jess said seriously.
“FUCKING SHIT!” Scott exploded. “I knew things were gonna fuck up.”
Jess stared at his lover, his face spoke volumes. He started laughing at Scott. “Gotcha.”
Scott laughed at him, and spanked his ass hard. “You deserve that.”

Thanks to Andy for writing this fantasy story about Matt and Corey's Wedding day.   Hope you are enjoying it.

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