9:00 PM
“I am not your son,” Corey stated. “I understand where you been, but now I don’t want to be apart of your life. You should go.”
“Why?” Calvin was surprised by this turn of events. “I thought we could start fresh.”
“I heard you earlier this afternoon about what you have to say and where you been. Now it is your turn to listen. I had a shitty life. I was abused
when I was younger, my fucking father abandoned me, and an entire town hated me. I had nowhere to turn. Derek helped me. You should have
been the one to help me see the light. I don’t blame my mother, she, like most people was stunned to realize that she had a gay son. In time, I
forgave her.”
“That is big of you,” Calvin said sincerely.
“I am talking right now. You don’t seem to grasp that my mother was good mother; she was great to me over the last few years. She accepted
me. She loved me. You were not here, you don’t exist to me. I mean it; I don’t want you around me, my life or my family. I don’t want you to
treat my mother unkindly like you just did. We don’t know what kind of father you would be. All I understand now is two things. You hated leaving
me. But more important: you are a coward.”
Calvin was shocked by that label. “Excuse me.”
“You heard me,” Corey stated seriously. Marie was listening to the conversation and was equally surprised that Corey was defending her. She
was so consumed with conversation taking place right now that she continued to drink her vodka.
Corey continued, “That guy who left, who I toasted earlier. He is a better man than you will ever be. He thought for years that he caused his
lover’s death by letting him drive home while drunk. He left like you did: a coward. However, in the meantime like I mentioned Derek travelled
and did good. He helped so many people. He found a second love and in that relationship he was given a second chance. It was a hard journey
for redemption, but he managed to stop drinking, he managed to find love and be accepted. He did the unthinkable. He returned to face his past
where he learned his family died. That was courageous. You ran away because you were scared to be a father to me, worried that your drinking
would hurt me. But all you did was cause more harm than good. Marie continued to drink, and my sexual orientation didn’t help matters, but you
were the cause of her drinking.
He turned to Marie just as she finished her glass, “As you can see, she is at it again. I thank you for being there to marry me. I thank you for
accepting me as a gay man, and for loving my husband. But, your deed is done. Go home and never return to my life. Ever again.”
Calvin was speechless at this dismissal. He really thought that if he just came clean about his reasons for leaving, it would be the starting point
for a new relationship. He was wrong.
“Listen, I will be honest, Derek instructed me to give you a chance, but after that little argument I over heard with you and my mother, I couldn’t
stand there with you saying that to my mother. I don’t owe you an explanation. So, now I told you why I want you gone. Don’t make me remove
you myself.”
Matt had come over to see what was happening. He saw Corey’s state and held him for support. Calvin was about to make a plea to stay.
“Do what my husband said,” Matt ordered. “Thank you.”
With that, he took Corey and Marie over to the bar, leaving Calvin Rork alone, just like he has been most of his life.
Before Matt could address Corey’s concern, Scott was at the podium calling Matt and Corey to the stand to make their thank you speech.
“Are you okay, babe?”
“With you here husband, of course I am.” Corey smiled and walked to the podium, holding Matt’s hand. He looked over and was happy to see
Calvin leave through the tent.
As Matt was about to speak and address the crowd, Corey took the microphone out of his hand and spoke from his heart.
“I can honestly say now, that I appreciate all the friends and family that have come to celebrate this day with me and Matt here.  You have been
great friends to us over the years and have accepted me and my husband for being great guys, and not just gay guys. Colt you are my best
college buddy that I can be open and honest with, and Scott you have made my wedding into a great event. I was worried about the little dance
number during the ceremony, but it paid off.”
Scott smiled as he held Jess’s hand. As Corey passed to breathe, Matt took the mike back from Corey, and continued. “I want to thank all the
families who made it here. We can choice our friends, but not our families. And I can say that both me and Corey appreciate the support you
have given us of late. And we both know we can always come home again. Jess you are the rock that beat incredible physical odds and academic
obstacles and now you are one my best friends, and Kris your the heart and voice of every crew I ever belonged too, from high school with
Tanner and Johnny to our college brothers. Everyone here made us whole, so thank you for making this night a true celebration.”
With that, a standing ovation was seen and heard, and the guests cheered and applauded with glee. Corey nodded to Lee who was giving them a
thumbs up. Corey was so glad that Lee had changed so much. When the crowd subsided, Scott took the microphone back and made his closing
remarks. “Thank you all, it was a pleasure to be your master of ceremonies tonight, I hope you all enjoy the booze as the night continues.”
Kris listened to Matt and Corey speech and was pleased with their remarks. He had been thinking about what to do with Melissa and Kevin, and
their speech allowed him to forget about it for a brief period. It was almost 9:15, and he about to join Colt on the dance floor when Melissa
stopped him to dance.
It was a slow song, so against his better judgment, he escorted her to the dance floor.
“Kristopher, I want to apologize. I know I should have told you about Kevin sooner.”
“It’s alright, most of the night I had been trying to figure what to do with that information. I am glad you finally told me. I am sorry about my
initial reaction. It was the shock of the announcement.”
Melissa laughed, understanding. “Yeah, it must have been a blow. I tried to give you as much time to think it over. I just am happy that we can be
civil about this.”
Kris smiled, “Melissa in our whole relationship, the one thing that remained a constant was: we fight, but eventually make up. I will never forget
what you did for me when I was alone during high school after my fight with Matt, and how you got me to see how much Matt truly meant to
“Regardless where our relationship is going, I know deep down we are still friends.”
“That much is certain. My question is what is your goal? Do you really want me to raise Kevin with you? Or was that said in heat of the moment.”
“Yes, I want you to be his father, and yes I want to reconnect whatever remains of our relationship.”
Kris smiled, “I guess you haven’t found anybody better between the sheets?”
Melissa laughed out loud, “Oh, Kris. Plenty of people, but you were my first true love. There have been other guys and girls, but you are the one.”
“Wait a second,” Kris said stopping them in the middle of the dance and pushing to an abandoned table. “girls?”
“Yep,” she acknowledged. “At college my roommate and I experimented, and even dated some.”
“That’s awesome,” Kris admitted, not lost on him the fact that he and Colt dated in college.  Her dating girls added to the plus column for re-
entering a relationship with her. “As you guessed I am bisexual also. I dated Colt, although in the past few years I had some other encounters
with other guys.”
Melissa didn’t say anything; she nodded for him to continue.
“Back then I had only the love for you, Melissa Rogers.”
She checked her watch, “Kris I love that we were able to talk about this, and I want you take your time, so give me your answer in couple of
“Stay, let’s catch up.” Kris suggested eager to continue this conversation.
“I can’t. Kevin needs to go to bed.”
“Okay,” Kris stood up and kissed her hand. “I’ll call you in a few days.”  However, he was sure the answer would come to him sooner than that.
Matt approached Kris as she said a quick goodbye to Melissa, then Matt put a hand on Kris’s shoulder.
“You and Melissa seem to be getting along.”
“Thanks bro. I just don’t know about her. The last few minutes, the loathing I held for disappeared and I staring and my first love.”
“I see. I believe it’s just you realizing that maybe, she was the one who got away.”
“Maybe, brother,” Kris turned to look Matt in the eye. “My fear isn’t going back to Melissa, the moment we started dancing, I forgave her.”
Matt was surprised by this, “Then what is it?”
“I am not father material. I left Little Nathan with my parents.”
“To make sure you could properly support him.”
That was half true, he loved Little Nathan so much, he remembered when he was two and he smiled when Little Nathan’s first word was bro, and
not fuck, which was probably an easy contender. His worst day was leaving him in the care of his parents as he went to secure a position at his
old high school. It took a few weeks, but eventually Kris found a place for him to live. He decided to let Little Nathan stay with his parents though.
He believed he couldn’t succeed, just like he couldn’t now. His parents loved having the child in their house and didn’t want him to leave either.
Matt remembered this period differently. He remembered receiving the call about them getting back together after being separated way too long.
When he learned that Kris was a father, Matt was disappointed initially, but happy that they could finally re-establish their bond after their fight
about Corey and he moving away to secure better jobs.
Quickly, Friday night dinners were arranged with Linda and Vince, Jenny and Walt, Little Nathan and Kris, and Corey and Matt. The dinners
allowed Matt to see Kris interact with his son, he was quite blown away with how good a father he really was.  The nightly chats started once a
week when Matt and Kris began their jogs. However, as the months continued. Corey and Matt’s lives were getting more complicated with Corey
managing the health center, and Matt preparing to move into the world of novels. Matt regretted that their work meant their chats became
infrequent and soon stopped altogether.
Kris loved his position as a high school football coach, and treated those players like his own high school crew. He led his team to numerous
victories, and at the end of his first year, was given the reward for teacher of the year. Kris was alone, but was happy.
“Yeah, I needed to provide support for him, but I realized it was more that I wasn’t ready to be a father. I wasn’t ready to have that level of
responsibility. I am glad how that decision panned out. My mother and father just officially adopted Little Nathan.”
“Kris that is wonderful.” Matt announced and kissed on the check to show his feelings. “Are you ready to be a father now though?”
“I talked to Colt and he told me with time the response would come to me, and frankly brother. I have no idea if I am ready, but I know in my
heart of hearts it is the right thing to do. To be the father of Kevin he never had.” Kris paused to collect his thoughts, “That seems to be a running
theme. Your father abandoned you, Corey’s father disappeared and I did the same thing.”
“With one small difference,” Matt offered, “Your turnaround was the shortest of them all. Larry waited a handful of years before he came to me,
and it was just a coincidence at that. As for Calvin, Corey’s dad, Twenty years passed without at any appearance. Moreover, you were there for
Little Nathan, just not a full time parent.”
Matt continued after a minute of thought, “Bro, seeing you with Little Nathan, and how you were like a father to your football kids, allowed me to
think I could be a good parent, and how much I want to be some guy’s dad.”
“Have you and Corey discussed children, yet.”
“Not seriously, no.”
“How’s your sex life?”
Matt laughed at that, “None of your business. It’s great actually. Corey and I fuck once a week, or more if we get extra horny.”
“I just wish one thing, Matty.” Kris stated. “That I can just take off these clothes and relax.”
“I promise bro.” Matt assured him, “You will at midnight okay.”
Kris smiled knowingly as they continued to talk about Corey and Matt being parents.
Meanwhile a boy in his late twenties was searching for something. Jimmy Rutherford had been looking for this piece of information all night.
Jimmy was so full of emotion, anger being the most notable. It began three nights ago when he and his sister Lauren were watching one of her
favourite cartoon movies. He plans cancelled, so he was able to be there for her.
“Lauren, we really don’t need to see this scene fifteen times.” Jimmy ordered her. Lauren, being all of eight gave Jimmy a dirty look and stormed
out of the room. Jimmy was used to this behaviour, and didn’t go after her. He just got up and ejected the DVD out of the machine, but he
dropped it. It slid under the TV stand. He got on his hands and knees and pulled the DVD out. That when he noticed another older video there.
He picked the video without any label, and put it in the machine. What he saw made him scream, but not too loudly.
“What the fuck was that!” Lauren screamed.
“Nothing, Lauren.” Jimmy said and turned back the TV. There was his mother. She was talking, but he couldn’t hear anything. He turned up the
volume and listened to her talk. Every word she spoke made him madder and madder.
That was three days ago, now he needed to tell people. His mother passed away quite suddenly, and the video he accidentally found was the will
she prepared. She directed the conversation to her son, Jimmy. It revealed some alarming secrets and one simple request. He hated his mother
for doing this to us.
Jimmy was searching all over the house for that piece of paper with a phone number on it. He had been searching for it ever since that video.
Lauren was being her nosy self but he told her to mind her fucking business. Swearing was very common in this household.
Jimmy was not the best person to look after Lauren and in five months since his mother’s passing, the child services attempted to locate and
remove Lauren from his custody. He couldn’t put his sister in a foster home. So, they evaded them as much as he could.  It was 9:33 when he
finally found the paper stuck to bottom of a drawer.
The paper instructed to call in only an emergency. Jimmy located his cell phone and dialled the number. “Derek you better pick up.”
Derek’s phone was silently ringing. He was enjoying Samuel too much. They left the party early because he was sick. Derek got a second wind in
him, so on the way he took great pleasure in undoing Samuel’s pants. Samuel parked the car and they both hoped into the back seat for some
After they made love, Samuel asked him. “How are you feeling?”
“Better much better, I really think it was false alarm.”
“You can’t fool me love.”
“Yeah, it’s over. Samuel, let’s forget it.”
“I cannot forget it Derek. I hate this.”
“Did you tell Rick?”
“Yes, I couldn’t hold the truth from him. You know that.”
“I just wanted to tell him. I wanted to give him the news.”
“Rick is a smart guy, he knew something was up.”
“Maybe, but the point is right now I feel fine. I have no issues, and I just made love the hottest guy in the world.”
Before Samuel could comment, Derek took Samuel’s naked ass outside in the nearby field and got ready for the second round. It was a nice night
for sex, and Derek wanted to show Samuel his love. Back in the car, the phone continued to ring.
Back at the wedding Larry was watched Marie closely; she was on her second drink of the night. Marie told him about the encounter of her ex
husband, ad how she was happy that Corey defended her. That being said, he was quite worried that Calvin’s appearance would hurt her more
than help her.
Then again, she drank a lot at the rehearsal dinner the night before. Larry was concerned that having her near alcohol would be bad for her in
the long run.
“Honey, it is getting late and the official wedding has ended. Maybe we should think about retiring for the night?”
“No, Larry. I am not ready to leave just yet.”
“Why not?” Larry didn’t want to push the issue too much, but he also didn’t want Marie to run off like she did earlier this morning.
“I am not ready. I want to enjoy this day.”
“Okay, but let me get you some coffee.”
That did it; Marie stared at him with daggers. “You really don’t think I can control myself tonight?”
“No, I just don’t want to tempt you.” Larry stated. “Ever since your husband’s reappearance you have been holding that glass in your hand.”
“I know when I have enough. No, let us just sit here and watch the dancing.”
“I have a better idea,” Larry offered. “Let’s dance and show these young folks up.”
“Yes,” Marie smiled, “Why not.”  With that Larry escorted her to the dance floor.
“Do you love me Marie?” He asked.
“Then please stop drinking once and for all.”
Instead of continuing this stupid conversation, she ran out of the tent and left him standing there alone. Marie drank to get away from her life.
She tried the sober route, it made her feel worse. She needed to drink.  Larry didn’t know what to do.
It was around 9:40, and Kris was dancing a storm with Matt and Corey. When another slow song started, Kris bowed out for his friends to enjoy
a song together. Kris loved Matt more than anybody else. However, Corey was the right man for him.
He moved towards the bar to get a beer; however, there was no beer being served, so he went to the kitchen of Colt’s house to find some. As he
was exiting the tent he saw Mike and Aaron in lawn chairs. Mike was great friend he had met during his freshman year in college Mike always
found him at the football games. He was special needs kid, but Kris treated him fairly. Mike’s father, not liking the fact Kris was drinking underage
forbid Mike to see Kris, and even called the cops about the drinking. Kris was surprised Mike came. Because of his own problem over the years he
had little contact with his best buddy. Aaron was Mike’s best friend.
They waved him over, and Kris couldn’t help but notice they were holding hands. “Hey buddy, how’s life?”
“Great, Kris. I missed seeing you.”
“I am sorry buddy.” Kris smiled to Aaron. “Are you guys causing trouble?”
“No, sir.”
“Why not?”
Mike just laughed and then kissed Aaron the mouth. “Now I am not interrupting?”
“Nah, sorry,” Mike stated, “When you feel its right, you have to do it.”
“Who taught you that?”
“You did, Senior year.”
Kris laughed and left them to their fun. He was surprised that they got together. However, it made him think about him and Matt and what would
have happened if they ever crossed that threshold. He realized long ago that he was never going to find a relationship with a guy satisfying. He
and Colt were close to bliss, but that ended too. He was so into his thoughts that he accidentally walked right into the Cord who was also in the
“It’s cool, bro.”
“I must say those numbers were really good earlier.”
“Thanks, Kris. And that speech you made about Matt made me cry.”
“I am sorry. Any regrets on you two not getting together.”
“Nah, Reese is the hottest guy around.”
“Colt is strong second.” Kris suggested.
“I never did thank you for that Christmas trip two years ago.”
“Oh, it was nothing. We were both doing nothing. Corey and Matt were away with Corey’s family, so a trip to Vegas was in order.”
“But the sex we had was good.” Cord smiled.
“Yeah, it was. Two lonely soles making the best of things. Yeah, I was surprised how it went down.”
“I wasn’t.”
It was nice night in Vegas with Kris and Cord playing blackjack. It was close midnight and Kris was on winning streak. He was up four thousand
dollars. He had never seen so much money. Cord and he agreed two more hands. On the last hand Kris doubled his money to eight thousand.
Cord hand accomplished to earn three thousand dollars. They took their winnings to cashiers and she apologized for not having bigger bills.
They went to their hotel room, having decided to share one. Kris got naked the moment he entered happy as could be. Cord laughed at the sight
of it. Cord just threw some of the bills at him. Kris got on the bed and rolled in the dough. Cord just through more money at him, until the bed
was covered in money. They were both tired and little horny when Kris singled him to come on the bed Cord didn’t resist. They fucked on the bed
on the money all night long. The morning after Cord seriously asked Kris if he wanted to try a relationship.
Kris pondered it, but let Cord down easily, saying he tried dating before and wanted to be with a girl. He explained how he and Jordy tried dating
and he wasn’t good. The conversation turned serious when Cord asked him about Colt and his feelings for him. Kris although not really speaking
to Colt at that time, admitted he still loved him, their dating experiment ended, but the love was still there. Cord took the rejection well and they
parted their trip as better friends. Kris and Cord took there 11 thousand dollars and put it on red at the roulette table. They lost, but it didn’t
matter. They had a great time anyways.
“You are amazing in the sheets.” Kris winked.
“Better than Colt?”
Kris smiled and walked out, leaving Cord to ponder that response.
Corey was sitting at the head table eating some dessert. He loved Linda’s recipes and these cookies where her best, she ever made. Matt was off
talking with Linda and Vince and his grandparents. Too guys strode up to him, with both them producing and envelope in hand. Corey smiled and
took the gifts.
“Thanks Corey for the invite.” Preston stated. He was little tipsy.
“It’s no problem; he turned to his former enemies and now great friend, “Lee did you like the ceremony.”
“It was a little too gay for me, but I am happy if you are happy Corey.” Lee was very sincere with this remark.
Corey took their envelopes and asked them to sit for a minute. “I was meaning to thank you Lee.”
Lee was stunned by this. He left prison with a new found understand for peoples sexuality and how his actions towards Corey were wrong. He
sought him out hoping to make amends, especially when he discovered that Corey needed an accountant for his health club. It took him many
months for them to bury the hatchet of their past and move forward; however, when that left and trust was reached there relationship grew. Lee
was able to see Corey as a great manager and formidable leader, and not some fag. Corey taught him to accept Preston as his brother, and not
as homosexual.
“Why do you want to thank me? I am just the guy who makes sure your business succeeds.”
Corey laughed at how modest Lee was, and Preston joined in. Corey and Preston had an interesting relationship, as Lee and Corey’s friendship
grew; he met and instantly became great friends with Preston. His story about hiding his feelings in a homophobic household was touching to
Corey who had to deal with a similar upbringing.
Preston hit Lee in ribs. “I think he was referring to what you did earlier.”
Lee was not sure what he did to warrant a thank you. Corey sensing this: clarified his reasoning. “When those guys Ben and Josh couldn’t keep
their homophobic comments to themselves and you came to defend Matt and me that touched my heart. It proved to me where your heart truly
lies. Thank you.”
“Oh that,” Lee said modestly. “That was nothing. I will not stand by and let people speak ill of gays and homosexuals.”
“But you will just stand by and have your cronies assault them, and get others to stalk them. I cannot believe they let you out of jail.” 
They all turned to see Jess standing there.
Seven minutes until 10 pm struck and Jimmy was getting annoyed. Derek was supposed to help him. His mother left him a stupid mission and
Derek was one of the few people who could help. Lauren had gone to be with her friends. He paced in his room, smoking, and thinking of what
else he could do.  The way his mother left their lives was horrible. He tried not to think about it. He thought back when Lauren was born, and he
was disgusted that too old people could have a kid. From the get go his mother was gone all the time and so I was left to raise his sister.
He hated his mother for making him care for her child. And now to be told the truth and how she lied to for eight years, he wanted dance on her
grave and spit on her. Then it clicked he knew where he needed to go. He found the boxed with his mother’s stuff in it and found and old dusty
address book.
He opened it and dialled a number. After four rings, he heard answering machine pick up, “You reached the home of Linda and Vince Raymond-
Stroller, we are not home right now please leave a message.
10:00 PM
Jess could not believe that Lee was invited to the wedding. When Scott showed him the invitation list, and Matt wanting to make it a kind of reunion
slash wedding, Jess was surprised Lee became Corey’s financial advisor. He heard the story from Corey, but it was hard to keep an open mind about
someone who ordered his attack. He still remembered that day in the construction site like it happened yesterday; those crimes will never leave his
Before Lee could reply to his comment about being out of jail, Jess took him aside for a word.
“Lee, don’t talk.”  Jess ordered.
“I am sorry for what I did.”
“Fine,” Jess threw the comment aside. “I want to talk to you about what you are doing here and how you manipulated yourself into Corey’s life.”
“I didn’t do that.” Lee began, but Jess wouldn’t let him finish.
“I want to apologize, that was what I came over here to talk to you about is that. However, tonight I released you have changed so much. What you
did for Matt earlier showed me how much changed.”  Jess was speaking about Ben and Josh’s comments and how Lee stood up for Matt and got the
two to leave.
“Like I said to Corey earlier that was nothing. Those guys were making stupid comments about Matt and I wouldn’t have it.  What I did to you is
something I know you will never forget or ever forgive.”
“Forget no.” Jess smiled, “Forgive, possibly.”
Lee treaded carefully, “How can you forgive me for what I did to you? I mean, you must still have some resentment towards me after that comment
about how I can’t stand around and order someone to attack you.”
“I said I possibly forgive,” Jess stated. “It will take some time. I hated you for a long time. Our immature Home Alone antics, although funny, were just
a way to get back at you and your cronies. In the time I spent since then, I learned to accept what has happened to me and grow from that.”
“I see.”
“Yeah, when I saw you defend Matt it showed me without a doubt that Corey put his trust in the right guy. I can tell that you have learned from your
“Yeah,” Lee agreed, sincerely. “I take this whole new me seriously.”
“Can I ask why did this happen. How did you change?”  Jess heard the story from Corey before, but he needed to here from Lee though.
“It was in jail that I befriended this old gay man named Brooks. It took some time to understand where he was coming from. He showed me that
gayness is just a way of being. It doesn’t change a person. By the time I left, Brooks showed me that my actions can destroy people. People I care
about. My brother, Preston is gay and seeing what I forced him to do made me realize how sick I was. How I changed, I don’t know. I just listened to
Brooks’ stories and tried to improve myself.”
Jess was well aware of Preston, in junior college Preston manipulated himself into my life under Lee’s orders, and when he realized that Lee was
behind my beatings, he couldn’t forgive Lee. It took time, but the time I graduated college, Preston and Jess became friends again.
“Well, like I said, it will take time for me to forgive you for what you did to me. But, I see how much influence this Brooks had on you. Maybe in a few
weeks, when this wedding is over, we can talk and try to build a friendship the right way.” Jess offered.
“I would like that. Thank you.”
“Don’t thank me; you became a better person, thank yourself for changing.”
With that, Jess walked off happy that he could finally make amends with Lee.
It was a little after ten o’clock and Matt and Corey were exhausted; they both didn’t have a lot of sleep last night. Matt had been having the
nightmares about Corey, and Corey was having reservations about the entire wedding going wrong. Corey who understood, his thoughts were moot
because they had already married.
Matt came back with a gin and tonic for Corey, while he had an interesting fruit cocktail that he couldn’t remember.
“Are you ready Corey?”
“What for?” Corey said laughing at Kris and Colt dancing stupidly on the dance floor.
“Time to make the rounds to all the tables, it would be rude not to talk to them.”
“I guess I could be persuaded to do that.” Corey smiled and accepted his drink.
They stood and went to the first table with Corey and Matt codenamed: high school. Most of these characters they haven’t seen in two years, even
though Matt and Corey talked with via social media with them.
Corey hugged his cousin Heath, and they chatted with Lane joined them. Johnny and Brady brought me into this conversation. “Matt, how’s married life
treating you?”
“Brilliantly, thank you. Corey and I have been together for years, although, we have fair share of disputes, we love each other more than ever.”
“More than Kris?” Brady asked.
“Kris and I are great friends. Johnny is it true that you are on your way to be an astronaut?”
“Yep,” Brady answered for him. “He has been at NASA the last five months training.”
Tanner piped up, “I still don’t know how he got pass the psyche testing.”
“Luck, I guess.” He padded Tanner on the pack, “At least Tanner gets to see you guys a lot more now.”
Matt was curious about this comment. Tanner with a small level of modesty spoke up. “Well, I have been appointed the superintendent of schools in
Kris’s district. So, once or twice a year I will be visiting Kris’s school. It is only temporary and I have been angling for the principal’s position at our old
high school.”
“Kris will be thrilled at that,” Don thought. Allison smiled at that comment. She had seen Kris the night his brother died and helped him through this
fight with Matt in high school.
She asked Matt, “Has Kris stopped drinking, I heard about the breakup you guys had a few years ago.”
“Yep, Kris is healthy as can be. He knew you were having your own issues with your break up that he didn’t want to bug you. Anyways, you two look
like a lovely couple.”
“Thanks,” Don smiled.
Corey interrupted and told JJ’s news. “JJ that is fabulous. I cannot believe they choose you to do that.”
JJ laughed, “Yeah, I was one of three applicants, and when they saw at how well I managed them, I was in.”
“How did you even get to be the head of the local newsroom anyways?” Matt asked.
“Well, it is kind of a group effort. Phillip and Teague keep me in the loop of all the goings on in the home town, and when there is a big story near by I
get in my truck and cover it. Then, one of the stories revolved around the leading anchor man’s inability to keep his dick in his pants, and that brought
me to the attention of the chief. He ran the newsroom before. When he retired, some time ago, he tested me with the other two guys, and I won the
position. I brought in Phillip and Teague and researchers. I can tell you this, when I leave her Teague will be reporting about Ben and Josh’s action’s
Matt was happy for JJ and told him so. “We really need to head down your way some time.”
“Anytime guys; I just hate that I haven’t found the write girl for me yet.”
“Lane smiled at that, “I told you. That secretary you have has a killer body, and you both would have a great relationship.”
Lane had taken over his local gas station, while Heath played Mister Mom. His wife was a flight attendant and was always away. Matt was not always
happy that Corey’s friends didn’t have a lot of money, but loved how they were all happy nonetheless.
“I told you, she is twenty four and fucking Teague.” JJ smiled at Lane’s comment. “Besides, I do love single life.”
Corey thanked the table and they moved to the next one which was full of people they haven’t seen in years. These were all friends of Matt and Corey
from their freshman year in college. Noel and Kendall looked amazing in their suits. He wasn’t surprised they both made it in the stockbroker business
in New York. Robert’s career choice in the production of pornographic films was very surprising to Corey; however, recalling his porn collection in
college, it didn’t shock Matt at all. Michael and Brianna were on dance floor enjoying themselves with Grayson and Stephen.
“How’s it going Corey?” It such a great party.” Juan smiled cradling his sleeping son in his arms.
“Thanks,” Corey replied. “I am glad you could make it.”
Felicca nodded, “It is hard with our schedules, but you came all the way to Las Vegas for our wedding. This was the least we could do.”
Felicca was owner of small marketing company in her hometown, with Juan was commanding his own car dealership. Alex loved his work as model
and actually attempting to be actor, while Elise is on fourth book. She is writing a children’s fiction series called:  The Two brothers. Matt was glad
that that Alex came to his senses about Kris and Colt dating eventually. And, his friendship was with Kris was as strong as ever. Although, it did have
something to do with Kris and Colt’s break up, Matt was sure.
“So are we going to see Joel and Ken running into mischief again soon?” Matt asked about Elise’s book. Elise and Matt had been bouncing ideas off
each other for years. Elisa loosely based the stories of her series of Matt and Kris’s earlier childhood days.
“Actually, Matt, Joel is going to be playing baseball, and Ken well be training him. Joel is not exactly the best sportsman.” Elise smiled. “What about
your book?”
“I am still on the fence about it. I have been keeping an active journal since junior year and have all our pictures; and I do use the Room Kris made for
me on my twenty-first birthday for inspiration. But, I am not sure writing about my college years will be entertaining for people, especially when it is
gay oriented.” Elise was well aware of the Room Kris had created for Matt and his best friends.
Elise shrugged, “You don’t know until you try. Just go use the Room, and I am sure stories will come to you.”
Juan and his wife got up and made their goodbyes at that moment. Corey loved Juan and wished he could see more of him. He still remembered how
proud he was when Britney was born. Juan left to say goodbye to Scott and Kris who were making Colt laugh on the dance floor.
Matt and Corey moved to the Footballers table and laughed at how Cody and Ethan were still giving him Ted a hard time like they did during their
spring break sophomore year. “I still cannot believe you did that.”
“I am not the coach of the team, Cody.” Ted stated.
“But still. I lost five hundred dollars because of that fumble.”
“I didn’t” Ethan piped up. “I always bet against the Dallas Cowboys.”
Myles was offended at that. “Why would you do that?”
“Hey Matt,” Ted stated, seeing them for the first time. “You really know how to throw together a great wedding.”
“Tell Scott that,” Matt mentioned. “He did most of the planning.”
“Corey, when you back from the honeymoon?” Luke asked. Corey was their fourth for the monthly poker game.
“Uh, Matt?”
“The 12th, but he still will be recovering from all the sex.”
“He better be.” Ethan said, “That’s the only good thing about a honeymoon.”
“You’re the expert.” Ted said, “Three times already.”
“At least I am not a virgin?” Ethan shot back, indicating that Ted was still single.
Instead of firing back, Ted turned to Matt and asked him about what he thought about Reese and Cord.
“They look like a great couple, Cord has always been a nice guy, and I really think Reese loves him a lot. They haven’t been apart since the accident.”
“Yeah, earlier today I caught them making out.”
“He can walk now?” Cody asked seriously.  Ted answered them. After that Corey and Matt moved on as Ethan gave Ted a hard time again.
Corey walked up to what was the sophomore table and noticed Brennan and Bishop were alone at the table.
“Where is everybody?” Matt asked.
“Well the slut is over there with his boytoy.” Brennan said indicated his ex-boyfriend Garrett and Austin. Brennan had been dating Garrett for a long
time, and it was three months ago that he caught Garrett cheating. Brennan was the owner of the Tavern a little bar that was geared toward the gay
public. He and Garrett had opened up a night club near their old college. It failed, and Garrett took it out on Brennan, which lead to Garrett cheating on
him. Shawn was regular at The Tavern with Joe and Antonio. The three of them had decided recently to try the night club again.
“Brennan, are you okay?” Corey asked.
“I will get over it in time. We didn’t make any conversation at dinner tonight, but we both didn’t want to get into a heated discussion and Bishop was
nice enough to be keeping me company.”
Bishop nodded, “Brennan and I had been close since that summer senior year. You remember what happened.”
Matt nodded. “It was horrible night. That was the camping trip from hell?”
“Yeah, Brennan showed me gay sex, and it was horrible experience. No offense.”
“None taken; you are straight and anal sex is not for everybody.” Corey admitted.  Matt told Brennan to call him if he needed some comforting and told
him to stop by whenever.
Brennan thanked them for inviting him and went on to the bathroom with Bishop heading to the desert table. They went to other tables of workers,
and neighbours and friends and family; and everybody was nice and enjoying themselves. They turned towards the nosiest table.
Matt laughed out loud when he saw Chase and Tabor holding court telling stories. Deer and Levi their two best friends were enjoying themselves.
Corey turned and tapped his adoptive brother on the shoulder, “Spreading more lies.”
“Nope, this story actually happened.” Tabor laughed. “You remember when we came over with our friend Paul and Quinn, the cousins, and you got
them to strip naked, because in the morning in Kris’s place nobody gets dressed. VJ doubted me.”
“I didn’t say that. I just said I wouldn’t be caught dead doing that. I am straight.”
“What does that have to do with anything?” Trevor and Reese piped up at the same time.
“Just never liked show off my dick. Trevor you now that you were my roommate in college.”
Trevor acknowledged that comment. Matt remembered that due to some issues VJ was assigned quarters with Trevor when they began going the
“You have nothing to ashamed of V.” Trevor stated, “You have massive dick, the biggest I ever saw. He was worried that people would be jealous or
think him a freak. But eventually V. You got into it.”
“Yeah, I did; the little trip at the motel with my stepbrother and Kris helped a lot. Besides, my dick is just slightly bigger than Matt, Trev.” VJ admitted.
“Tabor threw a party with alcohol and most of us were naked at the end of it. It was blast.”
Deer entered the conversation, “You showed my little sister respect, which I was grateful for.” Corey and Matt were listening and adding comments
here and there. What impressed Matt the most was how well Trevor was making sure Sammie, his and Scott’s sister was part of the conversation.
Levi on the other hand was quite quiet. Matt was about to ask what he was thinking when Corey beat him to it.
It turned out that Levi was passed out and Deer assured Corey and Matt that he will be okay soon. This had happened a lot. They wanted to stay and
listen to the conversation some more but Corey wanted to continue our rounds, so as it was 10:23 they moved to the parents table and talked to them
Matt loved how all the parents were interacting so nicely. His mother kept looking over toward him, with a smile so wide. Her husband, Vince was
talking to Corey’s stepfather, Larry about his business and how profitable he was this year.
“Mom, how are you enjoying the night?”  Corey went over to his mother, and she engulfed him into a hug.
“I want to thank you for what you said before to that asshole father of yours, with all the shit I put you through, I am glad you are my son.”
Corey was blushing, while Walt was talking to Colt’s parents, Bob and Victoria about how proud they should be about their son. Matt was still amazed
how far Bob had come since this affair, and more importantly how he accepted Colt as his son. He really thought it was a lost cause after that hunting
trip Colt told them about. “His speech,” Walt stated, “was one of the nicest things I ever heard from him. It was short and to the point.”
“We are proud of Colt.” Bob offered. “Chase and he are so close because of the friends he made at college. When Colt was growing he had horrible
influences, namely me. After talking to you guys over the years. I know that Colt has become a better man, and Chase loves him for it.”
“It was nothing,” Taking full credit for Bob’s transformations from a homophobic jerk to a father any kid would be happy to call their own. Walt and
Bob had been good friends when their sons stopped talking to each other. They bonded because they were concerned about Kris and Colt’s wellbeing.
Walt never understood until then how much love he had for Colt.
“Yeah, take all the credit, Walt.” Bob laughed. Gail was Jacob’s mother and was so ashamed of her son’s outburst during the wedding ceremony, that
when it was over she gave him the riot act for his inappropriate timing. Gail was conversing with Jenny and Linda. Matt appreciated Jenny and Linda’s
relationship, and how over time they had brought Victoria and Charlene into the fold. Charlene was so unlike her son, Scott that Matt thought he was
adopted; he was glad that Charlene beat the breast cancer that infected her years ago during Matt’s freshman year.
Matt remembered how Scott was studying for an upcoming test and juggling his emotions for his mother’s operation that he learned about that night.
Corey was beside Matt again pointing toward the end of the table, at Frank and Sarah, Jess’s parents. They were playing with Kris’s son Little Nate. 
Joe, Jess’s uncle yelled from across the table toward Walt and Jenny, “You better watch it or my sister Sarah will want to take this little guy home.”
Sarah laughed, “Well, Jess hasn’t brought us any grandchildren yet, so I got to make due with what I got.”
“I thought Jess and Scott were thinking about a baby,” Darren, Joe’s husband piped up. Joe turned to Matt and Corey for confirmation. It seemed the
news was new to them as well.
For the next few minutes Little Nate was getting the attention of the entire table of parents. Kris and Colt returned towards the table, and they were
glued to Nate’s antics. Corey whispered to his husband, “Remind you of anybody?”
Matt commented back after a nod, “You sure about our decision regarding Kris?”
“Yep, I think given the last five years and our broken friendship, it would be beneficial to move forward with this.”
“Wow, someone swallowed a dictionary.” Corey laughed in response and let Little Nate continue to entertain the crowd, as he led his husband to
another table. They moved toward Jess’s table as Corey called it. They were Jess and Scott’s buddies, and they were all resident assistants at the
college at one point or another. Their conversation was more relaxed and mellowed. They were exchanging horror stories of during their resident
inspections. Jess admitting to catching three people having sex at the same time.  
Moving on, they sat down next to Trey and Townson. Matt and Corey had continued their relationship with their favourite older gay couple. Trey had
taken over managing duties with Corey’s health club. Corey loved Trey, they had worked at College Rec Center for years, and still remembered when
Matt and Corey went over to their place for a date night in their freshman year. Townson was happy eating some cake, while Trey was taking pictures
of all the action on the dance floor.
“How are our favourite gay couple?”
“We are doing great; this month is our 15 year anniversary.”
Corey was shocked at this statement, “You never did mention when you guys got together.”
“It was in high school and very long story.” Townson suggested.
Trey laughed, “He was my first friend in high school and my first date, and in turn my first love.”
Matt loved the sound of that, although he had a variety of boyfriends in high school, Corey was the first love in college. “Many of our gay friends
looked up to us as an example of a perfect union between to people. However, our models were always you and Townson. You seemed so in love
when we went to your place in our first year in college.”
“Thanks, bud.” Trey said, “Thanks for the invite. It has been a blast.”
With that Corey helped Matt up from his chair and they went to back their table to have some desert. On their way two figures caught there eye. They
were not even on the invitation list. Corey turned and walked toward their old Holland friends, and was quite surprised to see them talking Cord and
Cord thought he would have to introduce Jonas and Frederick to Matt and Corey. But Corey shook Jonas’s hand and Matt did the same with Frederick.
The last time they saw these guys was during their summer break before junior year when Matt won a trip to Amsterdam. “How are you doing? This
is quite a surprise.”
They pointed to Cord who spoke up, “Corey and Matt, I invited them. I thought it would be perfect idea as this wedding is more a reunion. You see
Frederick is my cousin from Sweden.”
Kris and Colt also must have noticed Frederick and Jonas as they were making their way to join the group. Kris hugged them, and before anybody
knew it, the table was listening to Kris tell a story how Frederick made the mistake of giving him the directions back to their hotel from the market they
were at, and they got lost.
Toni and Timmy laughed at the end, and Toni asked Matt quite seriously, “What I don’t understand is how you guys got so lost. Didn’t you tell me that
most of you got new phones over the Christmas holidays, and I am sure they have a map on their GPS.”
Kris smiled at Toni, “Where were you then.”
Frederick told a story about how Colt enjoyed the gay bars they went, Cord who was sitting there pulled Matt aside and asked for a moment.
“Cord what’s up.”
“I just wanted to make sure you were happy.”
“Of course I am, I wanted to say your singing at the ceremony and that routine with Toni was fabulous.”
Cord nodded, “Thanks, I thought it might have been too much.”
“Nope.”  There was awkward silence, and Matt could sense Cord was trying to figure out how to word his next comments. However, Matt spoke first.
“What you said at the reception was also very moving. I mean I was aware of your feelings for me. I just wasn’t sure how deep they ran until now.”
Cord gulped, his ears were red. “I never wanted you to know how much I cared for you. I never even knew you back then, other than what you looked
“Yeah, and wasn’t very receptive to you.” Matt was always thinking how creepy it was that he knew so much about him, even before they even met.
“That’s true, but I knew I didn’t have a chance, but as my brain moved on, my heart didn’t. It was a horrible position to be in. I went to this college
party around that time, and against my better judgement I slept with someone in mask. I don’t know who he was.”
“Really?” Matt knew Cord for the last five years, and they kept in contact through email and everything, but this was the first time he told him about
this event. “No idea who it was? Do you regret it?”
“Not really, I just had this small inkling that it was meant to be and that I was happy.”
“You never found out who he was.” Matt asked with intrigue.
“Nope, but now it doesn’t matter, I guess. Reese and I are doing so well together.”
“I noticed. Honestly, how is Reese doing?”
He told him, and Matt smiled. There is one thing Matt wanted to ask him.
“If I were single, and not with Corey, would you have had the courage to talk to me. I will admit you are definitely hot.”
“Probably,” he shrugged and he smiled wickedly as he told Matt in detail of some fantasies he had back then and how he fuck him, and how it would
hurt with pleasure. Matt laughed at his creativity.
It was 10:43
Derek had a fever, and Samuel worried. Derek kept saying he was fine and that it was nothing.
“Love, we had sex; the most amazing sex I had with you. And now you are sick as dog. We cannot escape the fact that it is time.”
Derek laughed. He was tucked in bed, while Samuel was now watching him. “Samuel, we are no where near that time. It is just the flu.”
“IT’S NOT THE FLU!” Samuel was taken aback by his outburst. “Sorry, love. We both knew this was coming.”
“It is not that. The doctors said, we are no where near that stage. It is the flu. That is why I didn’t tell Kris or the others.”
“You should have.”
Samuel got up annoyed at his lover. He walked into the kitchen to make soup. He needed to do something, and that is what his mind came up with.
Derek got out of bed and walked the kitchen table.
“Samuel, please; I think I know my body.”
“Derek, we have known about this for two years.”
“Yeah, but I think I know…..”  Derek’s stopped talking and just went faint, he fell to the ground. Samuel had loved Derek ever minute they had been
together and he hate to see him like this.
The moment he fell, Samuel was by his side and helped him to the sofa in the main room. Derek was coming around, but was weak.
“Samuel, what is happening to me?”  The fear in Derek’s voice was unsettling to Samuel. He kissed Derek on the check.
“I don’t know babe.”
“I am…scared.” Derek admitted. Samuel had never seen this side of Derek before. It frightened him even more. Derek was the one who was the rock.
And now, his rock was breaking.
Just then the front door opened. Samuel barely acknowledged Rick’s presence because Derek fainted again. Samuel looked at his sweet lover’s face
and his own tears were falling from his. Rick didn’t need an explanation and called an ambulance. He held his uncle, Samuel closely; they both knew
this may not be good. They waited in silence, never letting go.
Jimmy had left a message with Linda’s answering machine, and he even tried Derek again. He was getting no response. He was just deciding what to
do when there was a knock on the door. He didn’t know who would be bothering him at this time of night.
He answered it and there was police officer and Lauren in handcuffs. “Are you the parent to this one?”
“Yep,” he lied, “What did she do?”
“Well,” the police officer said, “we captured her and her friends throwing rocks at a greenhouse nearby.”
“Was anybody hurt officer.” Jimmy asked.
“No, but we managed to catch her while her friends ran off somewhere.”
“I see; I am sorry that happened. If you leave her with me, I will make sure she is punished.”
Lauren walked inside up to her bedroom, while Jimmy thanked the officer. Jimmy didn’t really need this right now. He had his own shit to deal with. He
ran up and slammed Lauren’s bedroom door open.
“What were you thinking?”
“I was just playing?”
“Yeah, maybe you should try learning how to run, obviously, you suck at it if you got caught.”
“Leave me alone, brother. You aren’t fucking mom.”
“You are right. Mom’s dead, and all you got is me. So don’t be stupid anymore.”
Lauren loved her mother deeply, and to hear the truth spoken like that hurt her to the core. Jimmy didn’t register or didn’t care for Lauren’s emotional
state. He just slammed the door again.
Jimmy went down stairs and tried calling Derek one last time, and he got no answer. He made and decision and went upstairs to tell Lauren. She was
not happy at all.
“Listen, Lauren. I don’t like the situation anymore. I cannot leave you alone so you are coming with me. She crawled in the backseat and ignored her
brother and the car drove off into the distance.
At 10:59, Linda had left the parents table; she was expecting some news and went to check her messages. When she heard the recording, she didn’t
know what to do. 
11:00 PM
The night was young with the stars were out, and the reception was nearing its conclusion. Scott had been working hard to make sure the requests for
the band was getting through. Cord and his team were taking many pictures. There was a videographer going around the table getting people to say
nice things about the grooms. All was going well.
However, Linda was not feeling that good, the phone message she received off her answering machine said: “Hello, Linda. I have some information
that your son needs to hear. Can you please call me and let me know where he is thank you. I am Gloria’s son by the way, Jimmy. If you can tell where
Derek is that would be helpful also. ” He left a number too.
The voice was not familiar, but she knew of one Gloria in her lifetime. Gloria was her ex-husband’s girlfriend. She met her only a few times before
Larry’s death, and she met her son only once. Gloria had disappeared years ago. She never known what had become of her. Now, her son calls out of
the blue with information regarding Matt. She went to sit back the table, unsure of how to proceed.
The parents were still watching Little Nathan. Vince noticed his wife’s return and the look on her face. Linda waved her hand that it was nothing.
“Jenny, Kris’s son seems to have his sugar quota for the day,” Rod Trenton, Scott’s father, suggested. Almost of cue, Little Nathan walked away to
cause mayhem with his father who was dancing with Matt in a slow dance. Walt winked and Linda.
“Our sons do seem to love each other,” Walt offered her. Linda nodded, still trying to process the phone message. Vince piped up, “Walt I am surprised
that they never did get together. I know Kris is bisexual and all, but I would have thought they would have made an excellent couple.”
Marie on third drink of the night shook her head, “I really think Corey and Matt are better suited for each other. They were at my place, what seven
weeks ago. And they seem so in love with each other then.”
Jenny offered her own opinion, “Besides, I really thought Colt and Kris would end up together.” That time Bob spit out his soft drink. The table laughed
at that.
“Excuse me,” Victoria said, while her husband was cleaning up his chin. “If it wasn’t for Kris, my son would still be married. Say whatever you want
about Kris and Colt being a nice couple, and I do agree that they are so much alike, Andrea and Colt were soul mates.”
Walt spoke up next, “My son didn’t break Colt up with Andrea. If I recall, she kicked Colt out of the house.”
“Because they slept together,” Bob acknowledged through gritted teeth. Linda noted how this was making Colt’s father uncomfortable. “Cheating is a
horrible thing, I did it and it took Victoria a lot of time to get past that.”
Linda nodded in agreement, recalling what Corey did during his freshman year, and how that almost broke them apart. Vince noticed Linda was still
preoccupied. Rod pointed over to his son who was running around the bar. “My son seems to be doing an amazing job.”
“I agree,” Frank stated. “Scott is doing a magnificent job. Charlene, do you think our sons will tie the not any time soon?”
Charlene looked at Jess’s father and thought for a minute, “Nah, my son is not marrying type. That being said, I would be happy if they were.”
“I will drink to that,” Joe, Jess’s uncle agreed. With that Jess waved his parents and uncle over to him to dance. It was one they all danced to with Jess
when he was a little boy. Rod and Charlene grabbed their children and they joined them. Victoria and Bob went to go the sign the big photo of the Matt
and Corey, while Marie got up and left. Larry was returning from the bathroom.
With most of the people gone, he turned to Linda and asked what’s wrong. “Nothing, I just got a disturbing phone call from Larry’s ex’s girlfriend.”
“Larry’s ex?” Walt asked for clarification.
“Yeah, her son has some information for Matt, and he wanted to know, if I could tell him where Matt was.”
“Why would he call you and not Matt directly?” Walt asked.
“I am not sure; I bet he doesn’t have Matt’s number.” Vince offered. “But, love, why does this trouble you? Just tell him where Matt is.”
“I don’t think I should. I have feeling it is bad news, and I don’t want to spoil his night.” Jenny nodded in agreement.
“So, don’t. Call him in morning with information.” Walt suggested.
“I don’t know what do. What could this information be? Why wouldn’t she contact Matt?”
Vince tried to calm his wife down, “It could be anything. My question is why does he want to talk him now?”
“I have no idea.  It gets stranger though. The message wants me to tell him where Derek was too.” Linda replied.
“What does Derek have to anything with this? How does he even no Gloria? Sure he gets around.”  Walt asked.
“I think I have the answer to that.” Vince gulped. All eyes turned to him.
“When I heard from Linda that Gloria skipped town without telling Matt anything. I was surprised. She was so nice to us, and to Matt. She told Linda
that she turned Larry around on Matt and his gayness. Anyways, my curiosity got the best of me. I found Derek’s number and dialed it. I asked him if he
could help me out.”
Linda wasn’t surprised by Vince’s admission. Vince had always had a curious spirit which was the main reason she fell in love with him. Larry was only
driven by money and power and was workaholic. He never stopped and smelled the roses.
“So, Derek went on a little travelling. He met up with me when we all went tailgaiting at college Matt’s junior year. He told me that he couldn’t find
Gloria. He found her son, and she mentioned that she had run off from him too. Derek tried to help Jimmy, but it didn’t hold up.”
“Well that explains the Derek connection,” Walt summed up, “But what does this have to with Jimmy wanting to talk to Matt, and what type of
information, he could have more him.”
Linda was nervous that she didn’t want to give her son any bad news tonight. Seeing Linda state, Jenny offered to take her to freshen up. With the
ladies gone, Walt and Vince got up and searched for a beer. They located some in the fridge at the main house.
“I think Linda will be fine,” Walt began, “She always had Matthew closest to her heart.”
“Yeah,” Vince agreed, “I still cannot believe all the stuff that had happened already today?”
Walt looked at his friend in the eye, “Like what? It seemed like I normal wedding so far. Speeches, dinner, desert. No stupid party games.”
Vince laughed at that, “Common, Corey’s real father shows up and offiates the service. Jacob, Matt’s ex-boyfriend stops the service to admit his
undying love for him.”
Walt nodded, “That was weird, and then Melissa, Kris’s ex-shows up with kid in tow, and it turns out to be Kris’s. Not mention Andrea being invited.”
Bob entered looking for a beer. Walt popped one open, “Bob don’t you think a lot of stuff have happened today that made this wedding seem unusual.”
He thought about it for a minute, “Yeah, that fight with Chase and Tabor was interesting. Then, there was that guy who stud up for Matt and Corey
when those idiots were calling them names.”
“I forgot about that. Lee has changed a lot.” Vince admitted. He knew all about Lee’s antics with Corey and Jess. “What about Derek leaving earlier?”
“That was shocking to say the least.” Walt admitted. “Tonight has been very odd indeed. Now add Linda’s phone call.”
“Well,” Bob thought out loud. “It is a full moon, and a lot of strange and irregular things happen on full moon.”
“I wouldn’t be surprised if our three sons have sex tonight.” Walt offered. Bob spat out the beer, and Walt laughed at that. “Strangers things have
Well back at another table, Tabor and Chase were sitting with their college friends Deer and Levi. Matt was nice enough to allow their friends to join
the party. However, something was troubling Deer, and Chase noticing this, asked him what’s wrong.

“What’s the story with you guys? First you were at each other’s throats and now you are happy again”
Chase looked at Tabor, and he answered the question.
“Basically, Britney dated me long ago as you remember, and this morning I was waiting for Chase to come back, knowing full well he was with Britney.
We discussed the merits of continuing a relationship with her.”
“Which Tabor was totally against, by the way,” Chase added. “Tabor thought she was crazy like her sister, and that she was trying to drive a wedge
between me and Tabor; I know it was more to do with jealousy.”
“Then, I went to visit Britney to stay away from Chase, and instead of following my instructions, she did the opposite and the guys got into a fight,
because we all believed, she was the one behind Reese’s accident. Jealous because of his intelligence, and the fact that Reese nabbed a job she
wanted when school ended.”
“Wait!” Levi spoke up, “Are you saying she was not behind that attack. I thought everybody knew she was behind it. Chase, even you believed at some
“Yeah,” Chase admitted. “But, after Tabor and the guys confronted her over a screaming match to discover what she did, I asked her for her side of the
story. Anyways, afterward she went home. I was quite convinced, but Tabor here wasn’t.”
“Honestly,” Deer said. “I wasn’t there, but I have to agree with Tabor on this one. We all know about the story of Reese’s accident, and I would have
sided with Tabor on this one.”
“Thank you,” Tabor began. “You see during the time we were seating the guests and during the ceremony neither me nor Chase would speak to each.
We wanted to end our friendship, and he gave me an ultimatum. Either I leave him and Britney alone or we part ways.”
Levi remaindered that neither of them were quite right when they lead them to their seats, and he cannot forget the little fight he and Chase had on the
dance floor. “Y’all went at it after that I take it.”
Chase smiled, “We are brothers, just like Colt and Kris, so every now and then we come to blows. Anyways, I had a good talking to with my brother
and eventually, we came to an understanding.”
Deer nodded, “I agree, after you came back from the tent after the speeches, you seemed more at peace with each other.”
Tabor put his hands around Chase and kissed him on the check, jokingly. Chase hit Tabor in return and whipped the kiss off.  Levi laughed and then
asked the question what happened next
“How did y’all change?”
“Simple. Britney brought Brax by, and explained how she was innocent in the entire affair that caused Reese’s paralysis. We are still trying to digest the
whole story.”
“But basically, we talked and came to conclusion that Tabor was looking out for me, and that was all, and Britney wasn’t as evil and mental as Tabor
made her out to be.”
“Reese and Trevor believed Britney was evil too.” Tabor said defensively.
Larry came over, he seemed beside himself. “Boys, are you busy?”
“Nope, why?”
“I need you guys to help me find my wife. She ran off again. She said she wanted some air, but hasn’t returned and she had a few too many” 
“Don’t worry sir. We will locate her,” Chase told him. With that, the four guys jumped up and went out the tent.
“Where do you think she could be?” Deer asked. “I have never known someone to run off like that.”
Chase decided to take the lead and turned back, “Marie was lost earlier this morning. Nearly twelve hours ago. When she drinks, she walks off.”
Tabor thought they should look where she was that morning, and told the group so. They travelled quickly to the location where Marie was this
morning, and she wasn’t there. Levi turned and heard a noise. He asked the boys to stop talking and they all heard the noise.
“Help!” The voice seemed old, and Deer lead them into the direction of the voice. They made it to the parameter of the lake. “Help me.”
They realized she was in the lake, and she most have slipped in the dark night. Chase didn’t wait any longer and dived into the lake. Tabor and Deer
jumped in after him. “How deep is the lake?”
“Very deep,” Chase admitted trying to triangulate the noise that was now a whisper, his hunting skills coming to bare. The problem was the wind was
rough outside and it was pushing the water into small waves. Chase heard the noise and swam after. They heard another splash, and Levi was in the
water with flashlights, and threw them to everybody. They saw the body splashing, and they all swam towards her.
The hands stopped moving and they all swam closer, and Chase and Tabor dived done and saw Marie underwater. Levi and Deer provided light as
Chase and Tabor grabbed the unconscious body. They swam back to the edge of the lake and carefully put her on the grass. Chase quickly provided
CPR, and she came too.
“What happened?” She asked after the caught her breathe. Then she remembered she was walking and saw a beautiful bird flying in the air and
followed it, not seeing the lake and fell in. The wind was strong to pull her from the lake’s edge. Deer ran inside the house with Tabor and grabbed
blankets, as Levi got Larry and brought him to the scene.
Chase waited for them to return offering her his dry jacket that he threw off before he jumped in, in the meantime. Within a few minutes Tabor and
Deer were back and brought her blankets, and Corey and Larry showed up with Levi on their tail.
Corey was worried about his mother, and Larry was equally concerned, Levi explained what had occurred. They both accompanied Marie back to her
bedroom, so she can get into dry clothes. Larry thanked the guys as he left.
“Well,” Tabor “just another day at Chase’s.”  The lights around the lake turned on. Tabor was contemplating who did that, but was distracted by
Chase’s response.
Chase laughed at that. “It’s not over yet.”
Levi and Deer looked at each other and then at Chase who had already moved and pushed Tabor into the lake. Levi and Deer laughed, then nodded to
each other and picked Chase up and threw him into too. Tabor smiled, happy to have a little fun.
“Guys,” he called out. “First who strips Chase wins a hundred bucks.”  With that Chase was ambushed.
Back in their bedroom, Larry and Corey waited as Marie got into a robe. They both knew what they had to do. They needed to put their foot down on
Marie’s drinking once and for all. They decided and intervention was in order. Larry had been worried about her drinking for years, and now two nights
in a row she drank to excess. Corey and Larry knew what choice they would make.
Marie exited the bathroom and saw her husband and son standing there with serious faces. “What?”
“We need to talk about what has happened.”
“Larry, I am fine, I slipped into the lake.”
Corey spoke sincerely, “Mom, I care about you so much, and I don’t something to happen to you.”
“I know sweetie, I am fine.”
Larry had enough. “NO YOU ARE NOT!”
“Execuse me.”
“YOU ARE NOT FUCKING ALRIGHT. We have been married four over 20 years, let me ask you. How many of those years were you actually sober.”
“I slipped. I am sober right now.” Marie thought. Corey could smell the alcohol.
“No you are not, you had, what 10 drinks.” Corey asked.
“No,” she lied. “Even if that were true would you blame me with your father showing up?”
“Yes, he did and I kicked him out,” Corey admitted. “Mom, this has to stop. We cannot keep chasing you. Please for me. Stop drinking.”
“I am not a drunk.”
“YES YOU ARE. GOD DAMN IT. Honey, I love you. But I am at my wit’s end. Three times in the last year you didn’t come home and you were out
wherever. Twice you came home with the cops.”
The truth hit her. She was a drunk. She had blamed her first husband for leaving her, her son for being gay, and humiliating her. However, she was
drunk, an unhappy idiot drunk. A tear fell from her eye. “I am sorry, Larry.”
“I DON’T WHAT TO HEAR SORRY!” Larry was fed up with Marie. He turned to Corey and told him to speak.
“Larry wants to leave you. He cannot waste his time worrying about you. I don’t blame him.”
“Why haven’t you left me then?” She asked her husband.
“I believe in wedding vows, and I love you for ever.”
“I was going to leave you before Mom,” Corey admitted, “You remember in college how I asked you too fix yourself up, and you made real progress.
Now you haven’t. Are me and Larry important to you?”
Marie loved them both than they ever knew, she doesn’t know what keeps her drinking. “Yes! Please don’t leave me. I will get better. Please stay.”
“I cannot speak for Larry, but Mom I am not leaving you. I couldn’t leave you then, and I will not leave you now. I dealt with drinking too much my
entire life, and I know the struggles and pain that go with it. I love you very much.
Larry thought for a minute and they came to her, “Marie, if you get help I will stay with you.”
Marie was crying hugging Corey and now Larry, “I love you both, and I will get better. I promise.”
Larry was weary about this declaration, but Larry’s love for Marie was strong enough to give her one more chance. When the wedding is over, he will
talk with Corey about setting her in a special group that can help her, even if that means sending her away to some other location. He knew to save
this marriage, she would need to commit to these changes, and Larry hoped with all his heart that she will.
Back in the tent, Kris was trying to have good time. It was already 11:30. He replied today’s events in his head over and over again, and he cannot for
the life of him understand how Melissa could bring Kevin into his life on this day. Matt was rounding the corner, as happy as can be.
“Kris, your ass is getting on the dance floor with me.” Matt stated. Kris looked around for Corey to bail him out, but he was nowhere to be seen. He got
up and moved to dance floor, ready to forget his problems and enjoy the wedding. Matt was laughing at his moves, but then the song change to a slow
“Where’s Corey?” Kris asked, not feeling uncomfortable dancing with his brother and best friend to this type of music.
“He is with his stepfather and mother; she accidentally fell into the lake. We believe she was drinking all night.”
Kris thought and smiled, “At least when you were drunk bro, you never went that far.”
“I think I recall you mentioning me stripping naked and asking Corey to make love to me in front of everybody that was embarrassing enough.” Matt
“Yeah, Corey nearly left you that time.” Kris said.
Kris really was still thinking about Melissa and Kevin and what to do, and he already communicating the pros and cons to Matt and Colt and Derek. But it
was still frightening prospect either way.
“Kris, I want to thank you?”
“What did I do?” Kris was focused on his best friend again.
“We have been friends for almost 15 years, and although we had our issues and fights and blow-ups, we always came back to each other. I want to
thank you for being the brother I never had.”
That comment touched his heart, although Kris had long ago realized that Matt and he shared this comment bond, hearing Matt say this type of stuff
always made him happy. Kris went with the moment and kissed Matt on check and they danced.
“Do you still regret our talk this morning?” Kris asked, thinking about how Matt wanted to get physical to prove their love each other.
Matt didn’t reply at first, but Kris knew the answer. Silence feel between the two best friends as they continued to dance. Kris was thinking about the
good moments he shared with Matt: The night they had their very nightly chat, the night Matt looked after him after their six month fight, The first night
together as college roommates, their time Holland with Corey and Colt; the night the spent alone at Walt’s cabin during their Christmas break, the
cruise they went on, and the night they had sex for the first time. The last memory that stuck in his head was the day they first met.
Matt asked me, “Hey, are you okay?”

“I really doubt it. My dad is going to kill me if I get suspended. Worse could be if I get booted off the football team. I know my parents won’t be happy
at all. They told me to watch my temper at all cost. Dude, I couldn’t.”

The door opened with the balding principal looking at us both. “Mr. Stanton, I need to see you.”  Matt waited a minute, and then launched into a story,
Kris almost believed to occur.

“Sir, I maybe out of place but it wasn’t his fault. I saw the whole thing. He was standing up for a friend was all after they jumped him. He was acting
pure self defense after he tried to talk to them.”

“Mr. Stanton?” The principal asked for clarification.

“Yes sir, I was. I know I shouldn’t have done it but I did. The kid they picked on was way smaller than this dude than thought they could take me,” Kris

“Hmmm,” the principal said rubbing his rounded chin. “So I take you two came up with this lame story.”

“Sir, I don’t even know his name.” Kris noted

“I only know him since he’s in my class,” Matt stated.

The principal left and returned shortly. Kris was looking at Matt wondering why he was doing this for me. Matt wasn’t sure why he did it, but it felt
right.  “Mr. Stanton today is your lucky day. You leave with a stern warning about fighting even if it was self defense. We can’t have students fighting
here. The next thing we will have guns and everything else here. Do I make it crystal clear to you?”

“Oh yes sir, it is very clear. Thank you, sir. It won’t happen again.”

“It better not or else you’ll be suspended. You got me on a good day,” the principal said and went back into his office.

“Hey thanks a million, dude. I know you lied a little bit,” Kris said, and the rest was history.
The song ended and Kris needed some air. He told Matt to go check on his husband, as Kris really had some thinking to do. He left the tent and noticed
someone laughing on one of the chairs outside. The wind was picking up, but it wasn’t that cold. Colt was there.
“What’s so funny bro?” He pointed toward the lake and they could see four guys swimming around; they all appear to be naked, but from this distance
he couldn’t make it out.
Kris laughed with Colt and he sat down. “I think they are coming out.” Kris said.
A minute later Chase, Tabor, Levi and Deer were walking up to them, all four of them in soaking wet boxers. Chase’s had little hearts on his. In the
light, Kris noticed that Deer actually had a small deer tattoo on his chest. They were all laughing and talking about who knows what. They gave Kris and
Colt with a nod of acknowledgement and went inside the house to change.
Colt turned to Kris. “I don’t say it enough, but I do love Chase.”
“You guys always had a close bond?”
“Like you and Nathan had?”
“Yep, I will always cherish my brother; he meant the world to me. However, I am not a religious man by any stretch of the imagination, but I think if
there was a god. He is looking out for me.”
“Why you say that?” Kris noticed that Colt had beer bottle in his hand. “Your brother was killed in a horrible accident.”
“Yeah,” Kris smiled, “but that doesn’t matter. He gave me four more brothers in his place. You, Matt, Corey and Scott are my college brothers. I cared
about you guys almost every day. So, I don’t know if there is a god, but I thank myself lucky to have you all in my life.”
“They have been the best 10 years though,” Colt admitted. He remembered a few instances in their past they really stood out. The fight about Monica,
their first year; the stupid ripped t-shirt in their second year, and the stupid fight their third year where they came to blows, and of course their almost
three years were they wouldn’t talk to each other. Andrea left him for sleeping with Kris and in turn Colt kicked Kris out of his life.
“Maybe, but that’s part of the challenge, the little obstacles brought me here to the happiness, I currently enjoy.”
“You have a point there.” Colt got up. “I am going to see if there is any desert left.” He stopped at the entrance to the tent.
“However,” he said. “You are missing one thing.”
“What’s that?”
“A wife.”  With that, Colt went inside.
And with those to words Kris was back to contemplating what he should do with Melissa. He looked out on the lake and thought for long time. He really
loved Kevin and found him to be a cute and energizing kid, but Melissa and he had a relationship history. She always wanted him to have time for her,
and not spent time with Matt and all his buddies. So, every time, Kris leaned toward starting a relationship with his high school girlfriend, something
else in his mind brought a negative to decision that made him stay away from her. The big one is, the lying. She lied to him about his son for years.
Then again, in his heart, he always made his decision, but his brain hasn’t caught up with it.
Colt was just grabbing a piece of chocolate wedding cake when someone walks up to him. He could smell by the scent of her perfume, that is was
Andrea. She kissed on the lips. That excited him too no end.
“Andrea, we need to talk.”
Andrea frowned as Colt led the way to an abandoned table. “I am sorry, I have forgiven you and you have forgiven me. I gave it a lot of thought over
the last few hours. I don’t know if I want to continue a relationship with you.”
Andrea was shocked by this reaction. Colt and she had barely spoken since they kissed right before the reception began. She had been on the phone all
night, trying to explain the situation to a pissed off Kelly. That was her fiancée that she broke up with a chance to be with Colt.
“Why?” Andrea asked, not sure she wanted to know the answer.
“I have been thinking it through all night. The reason we broke up is not want Kris and I did. We broke up because you didn’t trust me.”
Andrea didn’t follow. “What are you talking about? Trust?”
“Our honeymoon, of all nights, you made me promise to give up on Kris. I love Kris as my brother and as my friend, but you I love you more than
anything. You must have realized that or else we wouldn’t have married in first place.”
“Yeah, your point is.”
“If you trusted me be faithful to you. You wouldn’t have me make that stupid promise to begin with. You have to know I wouldn’t cheat on you. And until
that day, had Kris and I ever even kissed.”
Andrea shook her head. “Of course not, but Colt I trusted you. However, we cannot escape the issue at hand. You slept with Kris.”
“Andrea, you remember you high school buddy, Blaine. The one who everybody thought you were cheating on me with. You asked me to fuck him.
Anyways, she was your best friend for many years. When developed his addiction to drugs, and we visited him. You saw how depressed and how alone
he was. He was losing.”
Andrea nodded; he didn’t like to think about Blaine. “Come to point.”
“Well, when Kris lost Matt, he lost his well to continue. He got drunk every night; he came home more depressed and alone than Blaine was. I couldn’t
sit back and do nothing. I loved him too much. So, in that moment we both made a mistake and we made love. I needed to show Kris he was not
alone. I cheated on you, yes. But it’s not like there wasn’t a real reason for me to do it.”
Andrea had always blocked that night out her mind, and she never heard this explanation before. Had she known that then, things might have been
different. “Colt, I never realized how powerful your friendship with Kris was then, and still am surprised how you could be.”
“What are you talking about?”
“You fucked around all of college. Slept together more times than not. And I was okay with that. There is nobody I know personally who can have a
friend like that, and not develop intimate feeling for that person.”
Colt sighed, “The truth was there was brief time I had feelings for Kris. It was small period in my life, and I never acted on them for two reasons. One,
I was with you and my loyalty was to you, but more importantly, I came to realize that the feeling I had for Kris was friendship, a great and powerful
friendship. It was equal to the relationship Kris and Matt had. I loved Kris, but was never in love with him except for that brief period.”
Andrea and Colt had talked at length about various stuff while they were dating and engaged, but she never once asked about what drove Kris and
Colt’s relationship, she was fearful of the answer. Now, knowing the genesis behind, she wasn’t upset at all. Colt asked the question.
“Why were you okay with Kris and I sleeping around and even okay with me sleeping around during the Holland trip.”
“The Holland trip, I knew it was one time thing, and I wanted you to experience everything there was in Amsterdam. As for Kris, I believed that was
just fucking, and I thought it was nice that you can relieve yourself, when I was on my period, or wasn’t in the mood. I knew back then, you loved me.”
“Then, why did we make the stupid promise to begin with.”
“I didn’t want you to be tempted.”
That reason was so stupid. “Andrea, my father was cheater. I know what that does to a marriage; luckily my mom and dad were able to get passed it.
Andrea wouldn’t let him finish. “Colt! You cheated, you admitted you cheated! I was right and Kris being in our house tempted you and you succumbed.”
Colt knew she was right, but instead of admitting it he left his cake that he didn’t touch and walked away.
It was 11:52 and Rick was pacing in the waiting room at the Hospital. They had arrived there 35 minutes ago, and still there was no word from the
doctors. Rick was well aware of Derek’s condition; however, and Samuel knew it was in its early stages. They were both hoping it was something else.
Samuel was beside himself, not speaking and just taking the coffee, Rick brought for him. The last time Samuel looked like this was when Derek ran
away to continue his travelling. Samuel gained weight and became a mess. Now, he was secretly praying Derek would be okay, and this was some
false alarm.
“That was an amazing wedding?” Samuel asked out of the blue.
Rick looked at his uncle, and nodded. “It was. Back when I was an RA at the college, I could tell that Matt and Corey were meant to be.”
“That’s true, and ever since Corey entered the Rec Center that I managed, he surprised me in so many ways. He was hard worker, and a caring soul.”
“Which is why you gave him and Kris that training program, eh Mr Ellington.”
“Don’t call me that,” Samuel smiled. “Do you know how long it took for Corey to call me Samuel?”
“Never,” Rick answered. It was good to be chatting, and forgetting about the reason they were there. “I had to admit though, knowing the guys, it was
surprising how calm it was.”
“Calm?” Samuel asked. “That was calm. Some kid standing up and telling the crowd he loved Matt still; another fight on the dance floor and two people
being kicked out.”
“Yeah,” Rick smiled, “knowing Kris and his crew, that was an uneventful day. In college, every weekend, something happened. I broke up fight after
fight; I almost had to kick Kris out more than once; not to mention the nudity.”
“You got a point there.” Samuel paused then, and stood next to his nephew who stopped pacing and looked at him.
“We need to tell them.”
“Tell who, what?” Rick asked.
“Kris and the guys; they should know.”
“Derek didn’t want them to worry, and I have to agree with him. For all we know this could be something completely different. You saw him all day; he
was showing no signs of anything. For all we know it could be the flu, or something.”
“Rick, I know you are trying to comfort me, but please don’t. I am convinced I had my last intimate contact with him.”
“Dad,” Rick began. Rick had lost both of his parents when he was younger and his uncle had raised him like a father. “This is not the end; his condition
is not life threatening, when the time is right, three or four years from now, he would have to administrate a few pills and that it.”
“You did not see his eyes when we left the house. He was more scared then I am right now.” Rick nodded, and tried to think of way to cheer his uncle
up. They sat for another minute, and then both of their expressions changed instantly. The doctor who was tending to Derek was smiling.
“We have some good news.”
Back the tent, as it turning 11:58, Jess had been watching Scott work for a bit and there was something about seeing him in a position of power, telling
people what to do and where to go that made Jess so hot for his lover. That Scott looked amazing in his suit only made Jess want him more, knowing
that as incredible as Scott looked fully dressed he looked even better naked, with his slim waist, hard abs and hot uncut cock being the image of what
Jess saw as perfection.
After another few minutes as he watched Scott directing different people he suddenly saw that Scott was standing around, alone and watching other
people as though he didn’t know what to do with himself now everything was being sorted.
Jumping to his feet, Jess quickly approached Scott and reached for his hand, linking their fingers together as he pressed his other hand over Scott’s mouth,
telling him to be quiet and to just follow him.

This concludes Andy's hour by hour story of his view of Matt and Corey's wedding.    I hope you enjoyed it with all the time and effort he put into this story.
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