6:00 PM
Everybody turned to hear Andrea’s comment. Colt really didn’t want to talk to her. Her feelings were made clear at the jewelry store
“What could you possibly have to say to me now that you couldn’t mention before when you were insulting Kris?” Colt asked, slightly
annoyed that she would use this wedding to corner him.
“Listen, I would prefer to talk to you in private,” Andrea said, pointing to the vacant living room.
“And I would prefer not to speak to you at all.” Colt led the way to the reception area, with Scott bringing up the rear.
Andrea didn’t know what to do, so she shouted. “I want to be with you again. I miss you!”
Colt stopped, and Corey banged right into him. “What did you say?”
Andrea came up to Colt and the others, “I really miss you. I miss everything about you; I even miss you guys.”  She pointed to the
Scott and the others.
Colt had been waiting almost four years to hear those words come from Andrea. Colt had tried numerous times to win Andrea back.
He called and told her that he kicked out Kris, and that he missed her. He tried to change his life around, but she wouldn’t respond.
He even recruited Scott to help plan a romantic night for Andrea and him, only to have her never show up. There was nothing left
for him to do but to give up on her. He gave her space, and tried to move on with his life.  He sunk so low that he moved in with
Tabor and Chase, since Andrea got the house in settlement.
Colt tried dating girls and even a few guys, but nothing helped him get over Andrea. However, something good happened: Chase
and Colt became better friends. They spent most nights talking about their lives, and Colt opened up about his love and sex life,
asking for advice on how to make both of them better. Colt expressed his regret for sleeping with Kris, and even how he treated Kris
afterward, realizing it was his mistake more than anybody else for cheating on Andrea.  While Chase and Colt were becoming close,
Tabor was feeling annoyed that Colt came and replaced Tabor as Chase’s best friend.  Tabor made the best of the situation and
went out most nights to bars and night clubs to find some new friends, and that is where Britney entered his life.
Meanwhile, two Christmases ago, Colt slowly was getting better; he moved out of his brother’s house, grabbed a small apartment
and found a nice girl in one of his assistant coaches. They hit it off, and moved in together. Scott had invited Colt and his girl, Robin,
to a Christmas party at his house. Colt decided it would be fun, since Scott and he had remained okay friends over the years. Colt
made a mistake. Not only was Andrea and some guy there, but so was Kris Stanton and Matt and Corey.  Andrea came up and
talked to Colt pleasantly, but he wouldn’t have it and left with Robin for the fresh air on the balcony. Colt went back inside to get
some drinks and he ran into Kris who was a little drunk, “Sorry, Colt.”
Kris walked off before Colt could respond, and at the bar he saw Matt and Corey, who seemed happy as can be, and Kris agreed to
go to Vince and Linda’s wedding. Colt returned to find Robin gone. He checked his phone and realized it was on mute, so he missed
her text saying that she left him for another guy at the party. Depressed, he went to the washroom to wash his face, but there was
someone in there. He waited and Andrea came out. She was crying, after some questions, she admitted to getting stood up. They
both went to the bar for some drinks, and had a long chat that lead to Andrea going home with Colt and some passionate love
making. However, the next day Colt woke with a note. “I am sorry, Colt; this was a mistake. We were both vulnerable last night. I
am sorry.”
Now on the eve of Corey and Matt’s wedding, Andrea was standing there admitting that she wants him back, “Why the fuck would I
come back to you.”
Matt, Corey, Kris and Scott watched in shock; Jess showed up not realizing what was happening, pulling Scott aside, “There is a
problem; come here.” They left to deal with it.
“Andrea, please tell me what this is all about. Two years ago, at the Christmas party, I thought we were getting back together, but
you made a mistake and slept with me.”
“Just like you did with Kris four years,” Andrea shot back. Colt promised Andrea on their wedding night no the sleep with Kris
anymore; and when Kris was vulnerable alone, Colt took pity of him and slept with him.  “Colt, after that, I understood three things.
One, I was a fool for making you promise not sleep with Kris, I knew that you loved me more. Two, leaving after we slept together
was the biggest regret of my life, but the fear got to me. But most of all, I realized I loved you still.” 
“Yeah right,” Colt said, “Complete utter horseshit. If you loved me, then you would have found me. And, I tried to contact you after
that night, but you wouldn’t return my phone calls. And, if you still fucking love me explain your engagement to Kelly Stevens, and
your anger towards Kris.”  Colt learned about the guy Andrea was seeing at the jewelry store earlier that day.
“Right,” Andrea annoyed that she had to defend herself; Colt should be apologizing to her. “I didn’t return your calls because at the
time there was a part of me that was happy that you got what you deserved. That was how I felt when you slept with Kris, and so I
didn’t return your calls. Secondly, Kelly Stevens does exist, but I didn’t love him. I was just following through with it because I didn’t
have you.  And, I was pissed at Kris because of what he did four years ago. Kris lost Matt because of his stupid temper; and then he
comes to us, and moves in with us. And I knew it would fuck up our relationship, and guess what, it did. I will always be pissed
because, Kris for all the good he did for you guys in college, and he doesn’t see the consequences of his actions.”
“That is one…” Kris began, but Colt looked at him and he shut up.  Kris thought that maybe he is right that he didn’t see the
consequences of his own actions, and that when his temper goes, which is rarely, people get hurt.
“The point,” Andrea continued, “is I love you, and when I saw you at the jewelry store earlier all those feelings returned, the good
and the bad. Twenty minutes later I broke up with Kelly, hoping that we could finally put this behind us.”
Colt had been waiting for this moment, “Me, too.”  He forgives, runs up and kisses her.
However, before that could happen, she stops him and says, “We still have a lot to talk about, Colt.”
“What do you mean? I forgive you.”
“Thank you, but I haven’t forgiven you. I want your apology.”
Colt understood, and using Kris’ way of apologizing. He kissed her with so much passion, love and emotion, more so than the kiss he
planted on her on their wedding night. Andrea felt Colt through that kiss, and could feel his emotion, his heart and his soul. She
knew with this kiss, with this level of passion, that he had admitted the mistake.
When he broke it off, Matt whistled.
Andrea smiled, “Okay, but I still want that apology.”
“I am sorry. That night was the worst night of my life, not only did I wreck our marriage with that impulse, I fucking wrecked our
friendship.  I failed as a husband, as a partner and as a friend. Like you, I couldn’t move on. I love you still, and I’m sorry for making
you ever doubt my devotion, trust and loyalty to you.”
Andrea looked and Colt and laughed, “Come here you big lug.” They kissed again, and this time it was Kris who broke it up.  “I have
one thing to say….”
At that moment, 6:19pm, a crash was heard in the reception area.  They all rushed to see what was happening. Scott stopped Matt
and Corey, he was out of breathe.
Three minutes before, Scott arrived on the scene with Jess. He saw Tabor and Chase talking very heatedly. Scott couldn’t make out
what was being said, but he shared Jess’ concern.  They were walking up and just then a punch was thrown and Tabor was thrown
across the dance floor. Everybody turned; Tabor got up, and shoved Chase into another table. Chase had had it, and they both
circled around the dance floor. Each throwing punches. Cord, Reese and Trevor wanted to intervene, but Jess and Scott beat them
to it. Scott grabbed Chase, but he accidentally hit Scott in process and he slammed into the makeshift stage where the band was.
Chase shoved Tabor, which pushed Jess to crash into another table. Scott grabbed Chase and kicked him out of the tent, literally.
Jess moved and looked at Tabor’s bleeding face. Scott ran across the dance floor and out the other side, regained his breathe, and
stopped Matt and Corey from entering.
“Colt, Kris,” Scott called them back, too. “We need to get this reception started. Please take your places and calm the guests down.
Colt, leave Chase for a minute.”
A few minutes passed and the tables were restored, Colt told Chase to stay out there and he would talk to him later. He saw Bob
and Victoria out there with Chase, but he wasn’t talking. Colt told his parents to come back to the wedding.
At 6:32 pm, Matt and Corey were ready to receive the guests. Scott, as the master of ceremonies, was at the podium. “Ladies and
Gentlemen, gays of all ages; please let me be the first to welcome Mr. Corey Teller and his beautiful husband Mr. Matthew
To a thunderous applause, Matt and Corey, holding hands, entered the tent. They nodded to their guests with smiles on their faces;
they ignored everything that had happened in the last 14 hours and enjoyed this moment of bliss and happiness.
“Guests,” Scott continued, “if you would be so kind as to rise and join our happy couple as they lead us in their first dance.”
Matt whispered to Corey, “Make sure I don’t drink too much,” he said as he assumed the position.
“Don’t worry,” Corey smiled, “no alcohol is coming to our table.”  With that, they danced a beautiful tango, which was Corey’s
idea, as the crowd watched the couple. It took them three weeks to prefect this dance. At the end, Linda, Derek and Larry showed
up with numbers from the tables: a 9, 10, and a backward six. We laughed at their humour, as the crowd applauded. The dance
was changed to a waltz and all the couples went onto the floor.
At the end of the dance, everybody returned to their seats and the master of ceremonies took to the podium again, and officially
welcomed the guest to this beautiful wedding. “I know what you guys are thinking. Not another gay wedding, this was the third one
this month.”
Derek laughed at Scott’s joke, he was kind of nervous because after Scott’s introduction he was supposed to deliver the first toast of
the evening. He was nervous because, he’d never delivered one and it was hard to put all his love for Corey in a few sentences.
Samuel noticed this, and kissed him to calm down.  Rick gave them both a look and turned back to Scott who was just about to
speak again.
“Ladies and Gentleman, I am your master of ceremonies tonight. My name is Scott Trenton, and in case you are not aware, I am
Corey and Matt’s best friend from college. We will have some fun, some food, and whole lot of dancing.  Before we move on, some
important announcements: First, the washrooms are located inside the main house, and if you really need to go we have a lake
right outside. However, that isn’t really appropriate wedding behaviour. Secondly, to all those smokers, there is no designated
smoking area. We just ask you not to do it in here. The evening forecast will be cloudy, but warm. And lastly, to all those who still
don’t know who I am. I am the guy with the microphone who will kick people off the stage if their speeches go on too long.  Tonight
will go on like this, first we will some speeches, and then dinner will be ready, after that we’ll have some dancing and more food,
followed by everybody’s favorite meal desert. In between, there will be some speeches and toasts. So, let us start the speeches off
right, with the best speech of them all. Mine!”
He looked around the room making sure everything was perfect. He took his hand-held mike and moved to stand behind the head
table where Matt and Corey were seated with Kris and Colt flanking either side. “I know I am not your official brother, but I’ve been
with you guys since day one. I saw you both mature over these ten years. From the shy guy who tried to let me beat him at Street
Fighter, to a guy who has more friends than he can count. And Corey, he began with a roommate who didn’t understand and now
Lee works for him. We all know how Corey and Matt met in the washroom of our freshman college dorms. They simply said hi and
hello, with Corey noting how nervous Matt was at this basic communication. Corey was looking for simple friendship, and Matt was
just trying to wash his hands. However, a week later the boys were in love. Sure, they had their ups and downs. Matt had to deal
with some unfortunate things that Corey performed. But through it all, their love never weakened.  Corey made sure Matt didn’t
drink too much, even though that is sight to see, and Matt cracked the whip to make sure Corey cleaned up after himself, and made
sure his grades never faltered.
“That was the past, today is a completely different story. Corey is now an accomplished business man who runs a Health Centre in
town, and Matt is starting his career as a writer.  However, now in typical wedding speeches, I would mention the joy of marriage
and all that fun stuff, but with Corey and Matt, their relationship is anything but typical. They have adventurous appetites when it
comes to their bedroom activities; instead of fighting with each other they use this old archaic device called talking to settling their
troubles.  They have been living together since the day they first started their relationship, so there really isn’t anything I can advise
them better on.
“I do have to congratulate Corey though, he managed to do something that most of us couldn’t. He was able to put up with Kris, and
understand the special bond that Kris and Matt shared. Kris may be a little rough around the edges, but for 10 years Corey kept Kris
at bay in more ways than one. Matt on the other hand, I want to congratulate you for not settling. There was a brief period in our
past when you could have had me as your boyfriend, you refused and that ended up being the best for both of us. I have my love
and you have your Corey.
“In conclusion, Corey and Matt, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You have been the best friends to me that I could ask for. 
Matt, your countless conversations allowed me to understand what it is truly like to be a bisexual, and Corey, you will never forget
when Matt forgot your birthday, and I had the honor and privilege of preparing a little tribute for you. You both know how I feel
about you, how much I love you both, and if you even think about breaking it off, I will personally take this microphone and use in an
inappropriate way.  Corey, you are the sweetest man, and Matt, you have the biggest heart. We know that is the combination to a
perfect marriage, and we know that is the recipe of your success, sweetness and heart. Here is to ten more magical years.”
Scott concluded, and Matt and Corey stood up, Matt planted and big wet one on his cheek, but Corey planted quick one on Scott’s
lips. Kris and Colt patted him on the back as Scott returned to the podium. 
“Guys, let us now have some amazing food.”  Scott put the microphone down and sat with Jess at the head table with the guys. As
the appetizers were being served, Jenny and Linda, who were sitting with Colt’s, Corey’s and Scott’s parents, were looking forward
to digging in.
“Scott really is great speaker,” Linda said to Scott’s father, Roy.
“I am surprised he didn’t add any sexual content into the speech, though,” Roy laughed.
“Nah, he wouldn’t want to spoil my fun,” Linda suggested, to which Jenny and Victoria laughed.
After regaining her composure, Jenny asked, “You are going to embarrass your son then?”
Vince nodded as Linda responded, “That’s right, it is a parents prerogative do that, and Matthew knows it’s coming. He is my only
child, so this will be my only time.”
“I will toast to that,” Walt smiled. “Kris, even with two kids, still hasn’t been tied down. And, Nathan is gone, so seeing this will make
my day.”
“Here, here,” Bob countered. “Larry, are you and Marie going to do that?”
“Marie and I thought we would speak from the heart.”
Linda was little worried about that, but didn’t comment on it.
Outside Chase was still waiting. He had already heard a mouthful from his parents, but that was no comparison to Colt. Ever since
they were kids, Colt always was hard on Chase. Chase loved the guy to death, but it was hard sometimes.
Colt was walking out to the lake where Chase was sitting. “Okay, bro. Do you want to explain why you tried to ruin Matt’s wedding?”
“I didn’t try to ruin it, Tabor and I got into a fight is all.”
“Is all…? Y’all have been friends for so long; I didn’t know you ever came to blows.”
Chase couldn’t believe this, “Colt, you are a fucking hypocrite. You and Kris have fought like that before. You always come down
hard on me, even though you have done worse.”
“That is because I learned from experience; I don’t want you to go through what I did.”
Chase scoffed, “I can’t believe this though; I thought after everything we have been through you would understand.”
Chase was right; their relationship was tight. It began three months after Andrea dumped him. He had needed to escape his
solitude, so he moved back in with Chase. Most nights, Chase and he would spend hours just chatting. At first it was difficult, since
both Colt and Chase were not very open with their lives and in the past, Colt had Kris to confide in. They talked about stupid shit
they did in the past, and after a few months, Colt opened up to Chase and explained what he did to Andrea. Chase was
understanding, and not at all surprised that he slept with Kris. Chase understood Kris and Colt’s relationship. He told Colt that time
heals all wounds, explaining that their mother forgave their father for the affair he had. And in time, Andrea would see that Colt’s
love is more important to her than his rash decision. Colt was blown away by this wisdom. And from that moment on, they talked
about everything; from Colt explaining what it is like to have sex with a gay man, to Chase’s issues securing the right girl. Chase
didn’t even notice that he was pushing Tabor away.
“Bro, I understand that something is up between you and Tabor, but that doesn’t mean I won’t get upset when you have a brawl in
the middle of the dance floor. Did you even realize that Jess got hurt?”
“No,” he asked suddenly, “is he okay?”
“Yeah, so do you mind telling me what this whole thing is about?”
Chase thought about how best to explain the situation, and then said simply, “It’s about a girl.”
Colt laughed, “I am not surprised; let me guess you’re fighting over the same girl.”
“I really don’t know what Tabor’s issue is. I am dating a girl he didn’t want; and he keeps bringing up shit he claimed he did in the
past. But, I think he is jealous that I have a girl and he doesn’t.”
“Chase, is there any truth to these claims? Tabor is a lot of things, but he isn’t a liar.”
“I don’t believe so. I did tell Tabor to choose between my happiness with Britney or end our friendship. We ended our friendship.”
Colt understood, he had walked in on that conversation when he returning from showing people to their seats. “Go on.”
“Well I thought about it and I wanted Tabor’s friendship still, so I tried to talk to him after the ceremony and he was okay at first,
but then he brought all the shit that Britney supposedly did, and then the conversation got heated and we fought.”
“I’m sorry that happened, but you do realize that Tabor is your best friend, and he cares about you.”
“Yeah,” he said.
“It is your choice to date whoever you want, so let Tabor look out for you. Listen to his advice with an open mind. The worst you can
do is ignoring it, and make your own decisions. I am speaking from experience now; never ever let a girl come between you and
your friends. Kris and I fought because of Monica.
“Yeah and then you had some great make-up sex.” Chase joked.
“That does it.” He grabbed his younger brother in a bear hug. “Are you sorry?”
“Are you going to make it alright with Tabor?”
“Yes! Let me go.”
Colt put him down, and they walked back into the tent. They hugged again. “Chase, find me later. I have some news I want to talk
to you about.”
“Okay, bro.”
“Now that Colt is back in the tent we can continue,” Scott announced from MC podium.
“Sorry, Scott,” he said and returned to his seat next to Corey.
“What was that about?”
“I will tell you later.”
Scott was staring at the two of them; he coughed and they stopped talking.
“Okay, well it is time for more speeches, and more chances for loved ones to embarrass Corey and Matt today. So, tonight we have
two special people. The first a registered nurse who is recently married, she has known Matt since he was baby. She had fond
memories of changing his diapers, and taking him out for dinner. She loves Matt, and now it is time for her revenge. Joining her is
another female from the small town. She wasn’t the hands-on type, but in recent years, she realized that Corey was one of her best
creations. Personally, I don’t see what it is about Corey that is so good.  Anyways, guys sit up straight, elbows of the tables. Here
come the mothers:  Linda Raymond and Marie Teller.
Linda and Marie walked to small applause. Linda kissed Scott on the cheek, and thanked him. Marie stood back and let Linda speak
“Matt, I am your mother; you know the one you forgot about when you moved in with Corey. I think every mother dreams of seeing
her child’s wedding day, and I was certainly no different, but for the longest time I didn’t think I’d ever have the honor of seeing my
Matthew taking that step and making that commitment. When Matt was about fourteen I walked into his bedroom without knocking,
something I never did again after that day, and found him naked on his bed looking at a picture of some actor he clearly had a thing
for. I knew then that things were going to be a little different with my son, and of course they were, but we stand here today and I
couldn’t be happier. 
“I cannot believe Matt has grown so much. I mean it was only yesterday that he was having nightmares and he asked to sleep with
me. Sorry, Matt; I mean it felt like only yesterday. When Matt was growing up I was worried that he wouldn’t make friends, that he
would be alone, but when I visited for the first time, and I saw his friends and his boyfriend, my fears were over. Sure, Matt may
not be able to play any sport, and when he does he gets hurt, catching baseball bat with your cheek isn’t the best way to play the
game. And sure he may have a cleaner house than mine, but that just means he is crazier than I am. All that being said, Matt has
the biggest heart, and always thinks of others before himself. He kept Kris sane for more years than I care to mention. My son has
found the best friend he could ever hope for in Kris and he has found and married his true soul mate in Corey, whom I can now
proudly call my son, too.
“Corey, this is part of the speech is where I want to welcome you to our family. It’s been ten years, so we can’t skip over that part,
since Matt and Corey do everything together and they seem to like it, so it’s not like when I see my son return home for a visit Corey
isn’t by his side; you have been a part of my family since day one. Now, we must consult the ancient texts for its true meaning, and
my mother and grandmother have determined that wedding loosely translated means, ‘where are my grandchildren.
“Anyways, I have seen Matt and Corey together over the decade, and all I see is true love and happiness, so you guys are perfect
for each other. Thank you, my sons.”
She ended, and not only was their thunderous applause, but a standing ovation. Corey turned to Matt, “I didn’t realize your mother
was so funny.”
“She is so full of surprises,” Matt agreed. They kissed, and Corey turned cautiously as his mother was about to speak.
“Corey, I am your mother, I am not the best mother, but I am yours. My relationship with my beautiful son has never been perfect
and sometimes I know he wishes he had a different mother. I haven’t been there for him, haven’t supported him when he needed
me, and couldn’t change when he asked me to, but I could not be happier than I am here today and seeing the love and joy in his
eyes as he takes Matt as his husband. I will admit that I had a hard time accepting that Corey was gay at first, but there is no
denying that he and Matt make an amazing couple, and I am overjoyed that my boy has found someone he wants to spend the rest
of his life with. I want to say in front of everybody present tonight: Corey, I am sorry for how I treated you in the past, and I really
do love how you have turned out, and how much happiness you have now.  You have risen up against so much and have achieved
so much, more than I ever thought possible growing up how you did. I am so proud of you, Corey, and I hope this world gives you
and Matt everything you desire. I love you Corey.”
Marie meant every word of it. She didn’t like the limelight, but when Larry suggested she speak, she knew she had to say what she
couldn’t say before. It was short, but true. After the sudden finish, Corey stood and walked to the podium. He hugged her and
whispered. “Thank you, Mom. I love you more than you will ever know for saying that.”
Corey knew it was a sincere speech, because she was crying as they were hugging. After the embrace Corey and Matt went to hug
their parents and step-parents. Scott was back at the podium.
“Thank you for being brief, and Linda thank you for being funny.”
She yelled, “Scott, I just wrote what you told me.” After some brief laugher, Scott settled the crowd.
“Matt and Corey, there is another quick little toast that needs to happen. So, instead of thinking of something funny to say, I will just
let this man, who needs no introduction, come up.”
At 6:54 pm, the Matt and Corey looked around the room for this next speaker. The man walked slowly, but confidentially to the
“Good evening, I am Derek. I was asked to give two quick toasts. Firstly, there are a few people in this world who would have
dropped everything to be here for you on this special day. So, let us raise a glass to Matt’s father, Larry Raymond.
“Now, y’all may not know me, but a lot of you have seen me during my travels. It was during my travels that I encountered Corey
Teller and Matt Raymond. They were both dealing with some deep issues. Corey was thinking about what to do with his life, and
Matt was trying to figure out how get a friend back. It was during these conversations that I saw what true spirits these guys were.
Corey managed to turn the right way, he graduated from college and owns a successful Health Center; and Matt not only got his
friend back, but that kid hasn’t left his side since. So, I’ll just remind you guys like I did back then; that life may suck for a bit, but in
the end it will be great. So, let us raise a glass to ten more years of love between the Corey and Matt.”
There was cheering, Derek held up his hand after they toasted. “Now, a little mention to the kid who wouldn’t leave Matt and Corey
alone. With them marrying, Kris won’t be that close anymore. He, along with Cord and myself, have created a way for Kris to stay
with them; Cord please come up.”
Cord held something in his hand as he stood in front of Corey and Matt. “Listen up, Corey and Matt: This is a specially designed unit
that was made here in Texas. It could be placed in any room of the house. I know you guys will appreciate this work of art. So,
Corey and Matt, a little gift from Kris to you:”
With that, Corey pulled the string from around the package to unroll a long white full length vertical poster. On it was a life-size
shirtless Kris, holding a sign saying: “I am always with you.”  Corey and Matt laughed, as Kris smiled. Cord turned the poster-like
paper to the crowd and laughed.
However, Derek wasn’t laughing and held on to the podium, but he couldn’t hold on any longer. There was a thud as Derek fainted.
7: 00 PM
It was a few moments before anybody noticed anything was wrong, but as Derek came to, Samuel, Rick, Corey and Kris were by his
“Are you okay?” Kris looked more worried than he normally would.
“I am fine, just a little exhausted; I had been so exiting about today, that I didn’t eat much.”
“You sure?” Corey piped up.
“When you get to be my age, you get exhausted rather easily.”
Kris smiled, “Derek you are only 36; only 8 years older than me.”
“I am just glad you’re alright, Dad,” Rick stated.
Samuel and Rick helped Derek to his chair and the reception continued with the next course. Samuel turned to Derek and stared.
Derek knew what that meant, but he couldn’t tell them just yet. Derek and Samuel ate in silence.
As the next course arrived at JJ’s table, he was entertaining the group about Corey’s junior spring break at his place.
Ben and Josh were listening to the story, they were friends with Corey, and they were jealous of his happiness. They really didn’t
know how two guys could ever be happy. No matter how much of an act they put in front of Corey and his friends, they will never be
truly accepting of his lifestyle choice.
“I still cannot believe this, the whole thing is fucking hoax,” Ben stated.
“What are you talking about?” Teague asked.
“Corey and Matt were married in New York, and they could have left it there, but no. They made a huge deal out of it and now we
have to sit here.”
“Yeah, I feel bad for the shit we did to Corey in the past,” Josh agreed, “but to be subjected to this show is horrible.”
“Hey,” Lane was getting mad now, “you knew what this was; why the fuck did you come then?”
“Corey is my friend,” Josh said a little too quickly.
Heath and JJ looked at each other with Heath responding, “Then show some respect.”
“I’m sorry this is just hard for me to see such a gay act. I thought I could handle it.”
“But, these fags don’t know what love is.” Ben stated with vigor. “It’s a hoax, and it’s not even fucking legal in Texas.”
“That’s why they got married in New York.” JJ countered. “More to the point, I thought you were okay with Corey and Matt.”
“If I don’t have to see these fucking queers act all gay in front of me.”
“Finally,” Heath stated, “The truth comes out.”
“What the fuck are you talking about?” Josh interjected.
“You are a homophobic prick.”
“YES! I can’t stand watching this. I thought I could handle it, but seeing those fags up there.”
JJ slapped Ben so hard he was knocked off his chair.
“I will not have you call my friends that horrible name again.”
Heath and Lane were standing up, and the people at the next table were turning.
Josh interjected again. “He is a fag, and a stupid fucking fag that will never understand true love because he likes it up the ass.”
This time Heath and Lane were about to punch Josh, but they were stopped by another.
“Violence is not the answer!” By this time the entire tent was looking over to the table.
Kris and Matt and Corey came over to see what the matter was, and Scott was nearby ready to dissolve the situation.
Ben stoke up, “It is disgusting to have to witness this. Seeing those queers kissing and pretending like they are normal is sickening.”
“What did you think you would see at gay wedding?” Lee, the guy who stopped Heath and Lane from punishing jab, asked.
“I thought it would a stupid kiss and that was it. But, then seeing them touch each other, hold hands and this whole sham of a
marriage. My god, it is a fucking freak show!”
“You stupid moron, I would watch what you say next.” Lee warned.
“Or what?”
“Get out!” JJ ordered.
“You’re going to stop us.
“No, we will.” Lee stated and came closer. Matt’s high school friends got up. Corey’s college friends got up. Then the entire tent
stood up. “No one here has a problem with Matt and Corey. If you have an issue with them being gay then you need to leave. If you
stay, there is not one person here who’ll let you stay unharmed.”
The two got the message and walked out of the tent with Lee taking them by the arms and escorting them out. Jess watched the
whole thing and was shocked by Lee’s actions.
It was already 7:31 and Matt and Kris were walking back to their seats after the altercation. “I cannot believe Lee. He has changed
from the days of college.”
“Yeah, time in the slammer will do that to you.”
“I guess.” Matt pulled Kris by the hand and out the tent to the chairs where the ceremony took place.
He sat Kris down and kissed him on the lips, softly and sweetly.
“What was that for?”
“Kris, for being a friend to me; you changed me. If it hadn’t been for you, I would never have been me. I would never have met Corey
and fallen in love. I would never have so many friends. You forced me to go with you and Scott to Juan’s place that first night in our
freshman year and I will never forget it.”
“Thanks, Matt. I just gave you a little push; you had it in you to be a good friend. You created those friendships on you own. You and
Scott were great friends without my help.”
“Okay, but when my father died and all those people showed up. I didn’t realize that many people cared about me. With Lee of all
people leading the charge to get those assholes out of here, and then everybody standing in my defense.”
“Well, more to Corey’s than you.” Kris offered, and Matt slapped him playfully.
“I was trying to make a point. All this is because we became friends and you pushed me into meeting new people. That is something I
will never forget.”
“Yeah, but I also pushed us apart,” Kris stated.
In the last fifteen years of their friendship they had four major disagreements that each time they stayed apart longer. Kris thought he
was to blame for it all. The first time when he broken up with Mellissa and he needed Matt to talk to, he wasn’t there, so he got drunk.
Matt was too busy being a boy toy to Liberty Avenue to even notice how drunken Kris got.  Then again their last year in high school,
they physically fought causing them to be separated for a few months.  In college Kris had his meltdown with Jacee and cheated on her,
and he took it out on Matt, and then a year after graduation, they didn’t speak for a whole year because Kris was mad that Matt was
leaving him.
“Kris, regardless of all the shit that happened to us in the past, our friendship, our love and our strength is being with each other. You
brought me my best friends and helped through the road blocks that Corey and I had over the years, and now, all those people respect
me and care about me.”
“You got a point there. I am so awesome. I will tell you, though, it was hard being without you that last year .I wanted to call you all the
time. I wanted to be your best friend again. I just couldn’t admit defeat.”
“Bro, I couldn’t either,” Matt offered. “I felt like I had forgiven you so many times.  That was enough.”
Kris sat down and brought Matt over to him, “And now we are repeating history right now.”
Matt didn’t follow, but Kris continued. “Melissa was here today to tell me I have a son.”
“What do you mean?” Matt was curious about this information. Kris told him that Melissa got pregnant four years ago, and a child was
born. She was too scared to inform him earlier.
“Kris, didn’t you use protection.”
“Condoms are not always perfect bro. Anyways; I don’t know what I am going to do. That is the second kid I had by accident.”
“I cannot tell you that Kris. That is something you need to handle yourself. All I can tell you is:  I will stand by your choice.”
“Matt, I know you have an opinion on what I should do. I would really like to hear it.”
Matt considered it for a minute, but nothing came to mind. “Honestly, Kris I don’t know. I think you need to get settled in your life before
you can have the commitment of another child in it.”
“But my concern is not what to with Kevin. I don’t know if I want to be in a relationship with Melissa.”
“I am aware of your history.” Matt looked over at the tent. Kris and Melissa had been boyfriend and girlfriend ever since their junior
high and high school days. They kept breaking up and getting back together. They tried a relationship twice in college, but it couldn’t
stick with the long distance being the problem.
Matt looked back at his friend, “Kris, out of all the girls and guys you have been with. Melissa is the one you had been in a relationship
the longest. She knew you before college and after. She knows how much change and growth that occurred in you. Isn’t that why you
made love to her after graduation?
“Well, you remember Mom and Dad were throwing is all a graduation party at their house, and Melissa and the rest of our high school
crew showed up. Melissa and I got to talking. And before we knew it, my dick was in her.”
“Ah, very romantic, brother.”
“Kris just thinks about it and the answer will come to you.”
“I can’t stand the silence anymore,” Samuel told Derek.
“What?” Derek said with a mouthful of food.
“I think we need to address what just happened.”
“I had got a little light headed; you know what I had for lunch.”
“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you faint.”
He coughed loudly and touched his forehead. “Maybe I’m coming down with something.”
Samuel loved Derek from the moment he met him. When he and Rick first found him sitting on a bench at the college, and realized he
had been drinking, Samuel took him in, and in the intervening months, Samuel and Derek fell in love. Rick loved the guy and accepted
him as his father. One night when Derek opened the door to tell Samuel about a phone call he saw Samuel and Rick reading stories to
each other and chatting. Derek was reminded of his previous life with Nathan and Kris. He couldn’t hurt Samuel like he did Nathan, and
ran away from them. In time Rick found him, and beat the crap out of him for abandoning them, and how much Samuel suffered from
his absence. Derek eventually realized his mistake and went back seeking forgiveness. When Samuel saw Derek return to his house, he
was instantly mad and threw something at his head. However, regardless of how mad he was, the love he had for Derek never faded,
and since then they’ve never parted.
Samuel knew what Derek was saying, “Maybe it is time to make an earlier exit.”
“Yeah, you are probably right, I am going to find Corey and say goodbye.”
Samuel sighed and went to talk to Rick and tell him that they were leaving. Rick was dancing around like an idiot. After the song ended
Samuel called Rick over.
“How’s Derek?”
“He is okay, but he seems to have the flu, so we are going to leave early.”
“Do you want me to come, too?”
“Nah, you enjoy yourself, we will call you if there is anything to report.”
Rick nodded, and looked over at Derek who was talking to Kris. Then Rick hugged his uncle. “I am sorry, you have to leave.”
Rick wanted to tell Samuel about his news and the real reason Kathy was not at the wedding, but it wasn’t the right time.  He turned
and saw Jess coming into view. “Jess!”
Jess turned and came to Rick as Samuel departed. “How is Scott doing?”
“Great, he said there was a delay with the next course because Linda and Jenny were fighting on how to plate it. Why they won’t leave
it to the chief caterer, I have no idea.”
“I see, did you notice that?” he pointed towards Tabor who was sitting alone watching the dancing.
“Do you know what that was about?”
“Not really, after their little ‘dance’ on the dance floor earlier, I tried to corner Tabor to explain himself, but Tabor didn’t want to get into
it. I was just about to try again.”
“Yeah,” Rick smiled, “it looks like Chase has beaten you to it.”
“I hope they can talk without fighting this time.”
“I agree,” Rick stated. “Have they ever come to blows in college?”
“Nah,” Jess responded. “There was this one guy who kept saying homophobic things to Reese, but they managed to turn him around.”
“Speaking of turning around, what do you think of Lee?”
“I don’t know what to make of him. If Corey can forgive him, then maybe.”
Chase was standing by the bar looking around the room. He was looking for Tabor. Colt had been right; he needed to talk to Tabor
about this. He located him sitting by himself at one of the far tables, watching the dancing. He ventured over there. Tabor got tense the
moment Chase came into view.
“What do you want?”
I need to apologize to you for being an asshole to you all day.”
“And for not listening to you.”
“That’s it.” 
“How about for the little fight we had earlier on the dance floor.”
“I am sorry for that, too, bro. Can I sit?”
“I guess.”
“You could be right about Britney.”
Tabor was not sure where this was coming from, but listened to it nonetheless. “But?”
“But, I still love her. And regardless of what she may or may have done in the past, she hasn’t hurt me and has been nothing but nice to
“Chase,” Tabor said calmly, “that could be an act to fool you. She may not care for you at all.”
Chase replied also with more calmness, “If that were true what motive would she have.”
“The same reason Monica fucked with Colt’s head, to fuck with you. She did it with me.”
“Tabor, that could be true; however, maybe she was looking out for your best interest. Remind me, at the time you met Britney, where
was I?”
Tabor didn’t like thinking about that time in his life when he became the third wheel in his and Colt’s relationship. “You and Colt were
brothers, and I was in the way.”
“You weren’t in the way. You went to Market Street and found Britney there, and you guys started dating. Around that time Colt finally
moved and got his own place. So, me and you were reconnecting as friends again.”
“Yeah, I remember all this. What is your point, Chase?”
“Britney saw what it was like when you did and then didn’t have me in your life. So when I entered your life again, she decided to put
some distance between you and me, because in the long run, she wanted you to be your own person away from me. And I cannot fault
her for that. We have been friends for so long; it’s very rare that we do things apart.”
Tabor was speechless as there could be some truth in that statement. “She was looking out for my best interest?”
“Maybe,” Chase suggested. Tabor stood up and hugged his best friend. “I am sorry, bro, for being an ass to you.”
“It’s nothing; you were just looking out for me. I am sorry for attacking and for putting the fight on YouTube.”
“You did what?”
“Never mind.”
Before they continued the conversation Reese and Trevor found them and ask them to come inside the house. Chase and Tabor
followed them. Sitting in the family room were three people.  Tabor hadn’t seen Brax and David in years, but Britney, he knew all too
“Guys,” Britney began, “before you start yelling at me. I want to clear the air once and for all.”
“If you haven’t noticed,” Reese stated, “there is a wedding going on right now and our time should be focused there.”
“Yeah, but Brax and David have something that you want to hear.”
Brax spoke up. “Britney was not to blame for the accident or the attack on Reese”.

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