Matt was having dreams about Corey dying, and Kris was feeling that he would be forgotten about by the married couple. Kris turned
down sex from suggesting that it wasn’t need for their relationship to be whole.  Colt was comforting Corey about his feeling that he
may not live to Matt’s standards, and that his mother may ruin the wedding. Scott was staying up late making sure details for the
wedding go smoothly, but Jess makes him go to sleep.Tabor is concerned that Britney is wrong person for Chase, siting that she is
Monica’s sister, and she caused Reese’s accident. Chase on the other believes Tabor is jealous that he has Britney. Kevin’s mother is
ready to tell Kevin’s father that he has a soon, and Corey’s own long forgotten father shows up unannounced.  Corey greats him a
stranger, telling Colt later that he had no need for him in his life. Colt leaves deal with Corey’s mother. At the Landerham house, with
Bob finally getting over his homophobic, he has agreed to host the wedding and offered the big country house for Kris’s and Matt’s
and Corey’s parents to stay for the wedding.  After talking with Bob about the food fighting between the three wives, Walt received
news that they can finally adopt Little Nate or Nathan. Colt arrived at located Chase and Tabor; they searched for Marie Teller who had
gone missing. Eventually they found on the trails and brought her through the cellar doors to Larry’s basement room. Tabor and Chase
went off to make their hangover drink for her.  After dispensing the drink, Chase went to speak to Colt, who was working on his
speech, and rehashing Colt and Corey’s past. Then Kris and Matt finally arrived at house to get ready for the pictures. Kris and Linda
talked about the bachelor party the previous night, and Kris’s connection to Nathan/Little Nate. After thinking about being alone and
drinking with Matt and Colt abandoning him a few years back, Derek shows up and talks to Kris about his current situation and not
having anybody in his life. Derek wants Kris to be happy and thought about reconnecting with Megan or Melissa, and tells him to open
up to Matt and Colt again.
Corey arrives at the house after catching up with Derek; he speaks to Matt, who tells him about the blowjob with Kris. Kris sees Corey
drive off and falls prey to Matt and Corey’s little prank.  Meanwhile Scott and Jess were waiting at the train station to pick up Scott’s
brother. Trevor learned when arrived, that Scott wasn’t invited to Matt, Kris, Colt and Corey’s quick trip to New York. When he learned
about Kris’s son, Scott admitted to wanting with Jess. Tabor went to get answers from Britney at went to her house, telling her to stay
away from Chase because of what slapping some guy and leaving him in the car, which in turn caused Reese’s attack; but what
annoyed Tabor more was how she tried to break him and Chase up. Cord had fallen in love with Reese after the dreaded attack that
left Reese in coma. When Reese woke up, Cord never left his side. Now on the way to Colt’s house, and Cord promised to marry him one
day. They arrived at the house with Cord helping him out of the wheelchair. They with Jess and Scott helped him set with the pictures.
Inside after Bob talked Linda about his accepting Colt for being himself, Linda went to get ready. Vince and Bod thought Colt and
Andrea were not ready to be married though. Scott also thought about Andrea and Colt’s wedding and was Scott saw how much Kris
and Matt missed each other. As Cord was directing the grooms and best men on how to pose for the pictures, Reese, Trevor and Chase
were catching. Britney showed up and the Reese told her to leave.  After some heated words were exchanged, Chase defending Britney
walked her out. The second round of photos took place and Cord directed the more traditional photos.
Derek and Samuel were just talking to Walt. They were just chatting, until Walt said out of the blue,
“I am sorry, Derek.”
Derek was caught off guard. “Why?”
“I blamed you for Nathan’s death, and then you show up and find Kris. I threatened and yelled at you at the high school graduation. Now, you
help pay for the wedding. I understand you helped Kris with his temper and going through his phase; and you’ve been here ever since. You
never hurt Nathan, and I know now you never hurt Kris. He adores you, and I thank you for everything you’ve done.”
Derek was blown away about this. He remembered Walt’s threat that he would hurt him if he hurt Kris. And, in all this time they haven’t said
even hello to each other. Derek gave Walt his space, and couldn’t blame him, for believing he caused Nathan’s death. For years, Derek
believed that himself.
“I appreciate it, Walt. Thank you. That means a lot to me,” Derek said sincerely. Walt stuck his hand out; Derek grabbed and pulled him into a
Derek and Walt had come into contact a few times since that high school graduation, the last time was when Kris was home for Christmas
break, and Derek learned that Kris was a father. They made chitchat, and Derek had the impression Walt wanted to say something.
Samuel smiled as they broke their hug and took Derek aside. “I am happy you guys could finally reconnected.”
“Me too, especially considering.” Samuel knew what Derek meant and that brought to mind another question.
“Did you tell Corey or Kris yet?”
Derek shook his head. “I had every intention of telling Kris earlier, but I was more concerned with his well-being. And I can’t tell Corey yet.”
Samuel understood and nodded. “I think you should tell them, they would want to know.”
“I will just after the ceremony. I just don’t know how?”
“Be honest. Let’s go and we can discuss it over lunch.” They said a quick goodbye to the assembled group and said they would be back for the
start of the wedding. Kris and Corey left the picture taking and hugged Derek goodbye. Derek left them with a tear in his eye
Cord was now directing his last shot with the parents, the couple and their ‘brothers’.
“Okay guys just a few more shots.” Two minutes later and the time was 11:41, Cord smiled.
“Okay everyone, for this last picture I want a funny one not a serious shot.”
“Hold on, Cord,” Matt stated. “Jess and Scott, come join us, everyone come in on this shot.”
Cord liked the idea, he quickly positioned, Victoria and Bob, Walt and Jenny and Scott and Jess where to stand. Just before Cord took the
picture Derek came running back looking for something; then he found his car keys.
“They must have fallen out of my pocket,” He told everybody.
“Get in this picture, right now,” Corey ordered.
“Okay guys,” Cord said. “I want a few wacky shots.”
Everybody made faces, and Vince and Walt looked like they were going to punch each other. Linda was hugging Jenny. Scott and Jess were in
a kiss, while Kris just dropped his pants, letting his silk boxers show.
Cord laughed with his last shot away. Finally the pictures were completed, and Victoria said it was lunch time, and Derek made a quick exit to
meet Samuel in driveway. Reese and Trevor came up and touched Cord on the shoulder.
“Hey, love. Have you been here long?”
“Nah, we just arrived few minutes ago. I wanted to watch the master at work.”
“A Master am I?”
“You are one of kind. Even Trevor thinks so.”
“Yep,” Trevor smiled. They helped Cord pack away his stuff, as the rest of the group headed into the house. “I bet you enjoyed looking at
Cord slaps Reese, playfully. “What was that for?”
“You told him about my crush on Matt?” Cord wasn’t angry
“He didn’t say anything. You should know my brother has a big mouth.”
“Yeah, Yeah. I know. And to answer your question: Matt was hot, but I am over him. I only love Reese, and we both know why.”
Trevor nodded.
Kris was sitting at the table looking at the food. He wasn’t too happy; he loved the pictures and it was good to have fun with his friends.
However, now he was stuck in these clothes until the wedding which is almost three hours.
“Why did we have to do these pictures so early?” Kris asked to nobody in particular.
“Because, I didn’t want my guests to have to wait while we had photos done,” Matt stated. When his mother got married, they had pictures
during the ceremony and it took a long time to get the images, and the guests waited too long.
“Fine,” Kris was not happy with that answer. “What am I going to do?”
“Change,” Corey suggested, “Why are you annoyed Kris? is something on your mind?”
“Not really. I just didn’t get a lot of sleep last night?”
“You and Matt had a little action?” Colt asked, the parents had all gone to eat in the main dining room, while Colt’s friend stayed in the kitchen.
“Nah, Matt offered, but I said no.” All eyes turned to Matt, expecting an explanation. “It wasn’t right. Anyways, I’m getting out of these clothes.”
Kris being Kris stripped out of his clothes in the kitchen; he no longer cared if anybody saw his dick. Actually, the guys were so used to Kris’
parts, they barely batted an eye.
Scott and Jess entered; Scott was smiling because the band had made the special arrangements that Corey requested. They told the happy
couple the good news. Kris stepped out at the moment to hang up his suit and grab some clean shorts he left the basement room he and Colt
used to change. Colt noticed his absence and followed him.
“Kris, are you okay?”
“I am fine.” Kris said. He didn’t really want to talk about it.
“You, regardless of what happened to us; you can still talk to me about what is bugging you. I thought we agreed we would be open with each
other after that conversation in New York.”
“It’s nothing Colt.”
“Bullshit! Kris, tell me what’s up your ass right now.”
“I miss my fucking son!” Kris yelled, as he put on his shorts.
Colt understood, Kris told him how his parents took up primary care of little Kris, because he couldn’t handle being a father. He walked up to
Kris and hugged him. Colt whispered, “Call him.”
At that moment the phone the main house rang, and Kris remembered something. “Fuck! We got to go.”
He grabbed Colt and dragged him up the stairs and out the front; Colt was asking them where they were going. “I forgot the rings at the store,
let’s go.”
“I can’t go like this.” Colt was still in his suit. Kris smiled, “You look hot come on.”
They got in the car and drove.
Meanwhile at 11:58 am, the justice was pacing in his hotel room. “What the fuck am I going to do?”
On the other end of the phone was his brother.
“You have to do it. You made a commitment.”
“It will freak him out if I show up out of the blue.”
His brother listened; he asked how he didn’t know when he committed. He told him it was just a job, and he made excuses when he learned
who he would be marrying. Not because they were gay, but because of who they were. He needed the money, so he took the job, with every
hope of talking to him. He never got the nerve to talk.
“Maybe so, brother. But you need the money, and more importantly you need him. I know how hard your life has been. I trust you will make
the right decision. Tell Scott you will do the job.”
Calvin realized he’d made a mistake with Corey all those years ago, he may have failed at the hotel room earlier today, but now he will do the
job and connect with his son. He called Scott.
Kevin and his mom were nearing their destination; it would be about two more hours until they get there. However, Kevin demanded to be fed,
and so she relented. She was reminded of Kevin’s father; how he needed attention all the time.
They pulled into the McDonalds and bought a small lunch, she tried to give Kevin a sensible meal, as she didn’t want his weight to become an
issue in the future. Kevin had been asking all morning more about his father. She really wanted to be honest with him, but found it difficult;
however, she never lied to him.
“We are going to meet Daddy? Does he know we are coming?” Kevin looked up from his grilled chicken sandwich. 
“No, honey; he would be too preoccupied with the wedding, and a call from me may just annoy him.” She spoke the truth. She hasn’t spoken
to him in years. And she knew the face to face conversation was   the only way it could happen.  
“What was he like?” Kevin asked him.
“Well, honey. He was a kind man, a handsome guy, and had loved his friends completely.” She continued to explain how they met.
“Your father wasn’t the brightest man in the world, but he had a heart of gold. During our high school days, he had to deal with harsh truths
about himself, and about his friends. But when we graduated, our relationship ended, with him going off to the university and I was stuck here.
He couldn’t wait to leave.”
“I am sorry, mommy. Did he break your heart?” It was surprising how understanding and compassionate Kevin could even be at four years of
“No, it was just geography; he was leaving and I was staying. He needed to leave and see the world; he needed to find more friends.”
She was more nervous now than ever. She was about to show up at this wedding, although invited, and probably destroy the event with this
news. She didn’t know how he would take this information. How do you tell someone that you had their son? You can’t.
Kevin smiled and put his arm on his mother’s shoulder. “Mom it will be fine.” Before she could respond, Kevin eyes turned and followed a
young boy around his age out the door. His mother knew what this meant, Kevin will find out in about 10 years or so.
She hated herself though, she hated that she didn’t tell him sooner. The truth was that he used her because of the shit that was going on in his
life, and they had sex. She wanted to see this baby come to term, and so she kept it. She raised Kevin by herself, with her mother’s help. They
had screaming matches over the years, on how she would tell the father about the child.
This last month, she finally talked to a mutual friend of hers and the father, and with his kind words, he helped her come to the decision that
telling the truth to the father is the most important thing right now.
Kevin kept quiet. Even at the young age of four, he understood the pain she was under; how she loved him, but kept this from him. Kevin was
a gifted child; he was smart, highly emotional, but very creative and empathic. He could sense when people were in pain, or needed
She smiled at Kevin.
“Tell me more about him,” he commanded, and she did.
At 12:12, Linda noticed that Matt wasn’t there eating lunch with the entire household. She went in search for her only son. Finally, she located
him sitting in the bedroom eating by himself in a pair a shorts and open t-shirt.
Matt saw her at the door and smiled. They had such a great relationship, and she was one of the few people he could turn to for advice. She
was by far the most important woman in his life. She was there when his father died; she honored him by asking him to MC their wedding.
And when he wasn’t speaking to Kris for that whole year, she worried about him constantly.
“Are you okay?” She sat down at the desk chair opposite him.
“I’ve just been reflecting on my life, and I wanted to be alone for a bit.”
“Are you sure there isn’t something else. I’m you mother; I have sense about these things.”
Matt nodded. He really didn’t know how to say this; he talked to Kris about it early this morning, about his dreams of the future.
“Well, I have been having these crazy dreams lately; ever since I came back from New York. It was almost like a sign.”
Linda listened to her son explain about the how Corey died in one of his dreams. She thought back to when two years after Matt graduated and
Kris and Matt were not on speaking terms. Corey had privately told her about how Matt was sad, and how he had dreams about Kris. How Kris
and Matt were together, sometimes sexually, sometimes just talking, but each time they were exploring their friendship. It was obvious to her
that Kris and Matt needed to re-establish their friendship. She started contacting Kris and talking to Matt, but they wouldn’t listen.
“I don’t think so son. Sometimes a dream is just a dream,” she said positively.
“What if this is a bad thing? What if we did this and something bad happens to him. I couldn’t live without him.” Matt actually put his head
“Matt. That is not going to happen. What you are going through is cold feet? I went though it with your father and your stepfather.”s
“I know, Mom. But, when you approached your wedding did you have dreams about horrifying things happening to dad.”
She thought back, and shook her head. Inside, she secretly hoped it was just a dream, and nothing more. She knew Matt had these dreams
before and they were proven accurate with Kris and Matt.
“Do you think he will cheat on me again? Do you think he will do something horrible that would make me hate him?”
Linda was taken aback by these questions. “Is that was you are worried about? Matt he hasn’t cheated once since your first semester almost
nine years ago.”
“Mom, I need to tell you something. Two years ago, he strongly had the urge to do it again. He hired a new guy to run the gym. Charlie was
his name. Anyways, they spend many days and nights together, to make the gym as profitable and efficient as possible. One night as they both
were fixing a huge staffing problem. Corey kissed him and they started making out. Corey stopped and Charlie quit two weeks later.
This was all a shock to Linda, she knew nothing of this. However, lately being consumed with her relationship with Vince, she didn’t take that
much interest in Corey and Matt’s relationship.
“He felt really guilty about the whole thing, I didn’t learn about it until four months later when I accidentally ran into Charlie at the shopping
center. Corey and I had a huge argument about it, but he admitted it on a three hour walk, that one, it was horrible mistake on his part, two,
he regretted the moment it happened, and three, that he was scared to tell me because I would leave him.”
Linda asked, “Were you upset?”
“Not really. I was committed him, I was more angry about the fact that he didn’t tell me about.”
“Then what’s the problem? You know you guys are okay.”
“These dreams, and the fact in course of our relationship, he cheated on me once, he broke up with me and had a meltdown, and he lied to
me about almost cheating; all lead me to conclude this may be a mistake.”
“Matthew. I have not made the best choices when it came to marriage, Larry and I had great years and it ended horribly. Vince and I had
some minor conflicts like pushing me into marriage before I was ready. But, I learned two things. One: Trust you heart. Yes, Larry and I may
not have ended right, but he was a brilliant man and I don’t regret falling in love. And most importantly, two: We all fuck up; it takes a kind,
sincere, and pure heart to not let minor shit get in the way. You and Kris had some mighty fights in the past, but now you are strong as ever.”
“Mom!” Matt began. “You swore.”
“Only to make sure you listened. We have dreams; sometimes they are true; most times they are not. I know you loved Corey, and he is better
than Jacob and Daniel and Jack, and Kris and all the other guys combined. You know that, too.”
“You were more mad that he lied to you, than his make out session with some guy. Most people would be upset about the physical part more. I
am sure when you told Kris about this he said the same thing.”
“Only Corey and I know about it.”
“Okay then. Stop worrying and come join the rest of us.”
“Yes Ma’am.” Matt hugged his mother and grabbed his plate as they left the room. He entered the kitchen, and Corey smiled and kissed him
hello. Corey had also changed out of his suit and was in a loose pair of shorts that showed off the tops of his boxers. “What happened to Kris
and Colt?”
“Something about needing to buy some rings; not sure, Colt and he left quickly, even before Colt could change.”
“I love you, Corey.” Matt was sincere and kissed him again on the lips. They passionately kissed for a long time, as Reese and Cord looked on.
Scott and Jess smiled and joined them with a kiss to each other. Reese and Cord shrugged and joined too. Chase and Tabor had left.
“How can you fucking forget the rings, Kris?” Colt shouted at his friend.
“Leave me alone, I am sure when you married Andrea, that day didn’t go off perfectly.”
“It went fine,” Colt admitted.
“So, when you fucked up your vows, and accidentally stepped on her during your first dance; that was fine?”
“That was Chase and your fault.”
“I didn’t name you.”
Colt was right, his father and mother were arguing over what Colt’s name would before he was born. They agreed that Colton would be his
name if it was a boy, but they were undecided about the name if it was girl. She wanted to be named after her mother, and he wanted to
name it after his mother. Victoria never wanted a child called Beulah. So, when it was announced it was a boy, and seeing how Victoria was
slightly upset, they changed Colt’s middle name. When, Chase came around he received Colt’s original middle name, Robert.
“Yeah, well,” Colt shot back, “At least my best man didn’t forget the fucking rings.”
“That was because you glued them to my fucking pockets.” Colt laughed remembering that. Kris smiled and laughed too.
Colt remembered the wedding like it was yesterday. He was at the altar waiting for his bride to come down the aisle. Kris was happy for him
and smiling. Andrea was beaming as she was walking hand in hand with her father. Colt loved the way she looked as she came up to greet
Colt, he pulled the veil up and kissed her passionately on the lips. Kris hit him in the ribs as the guests laughed at Colt’s eagerness. Matt was
sitting with Corey and Chase, as the ceremony began. As neither Colt nor Andrea were religious, they had the minister conduct a more modern
service, with the couple reciting their vows. However, when the time came to for Colt to repeat after the minister, he knew something was
going to happen.
The minister just finished with Andrea’s vows and turned to Colt, “Colton Hillary Landingham, do you take…” He couldn’t finish as some started
to laugh softly. Even, Kris tried to hold in his laughter, and when Chase looked into Colt’s eyes, Chase’s laughter could not be contained,
Chase couldn’t resist, whenever he heard Colt’s middle name it made him laugh, a butch handsome macho man like Colt, with a girl’s name.
When, Chase erupted, Kris started going and even the minister chuckled. Eventually the whole room burst into laughter.
“Okay, I was named after my grandmother, so sue me,” Colt said seriously. Finely the laughter subsided and the minster asked again, “Do you,
Colton H...,” he stopped and Kris and Chase looked at each other starting to laugh again, but the minister instantly restarted. “Colton, do you
take Andrea to be your wife.”
“I do…,” Colt said still thinking of his middle name.
“You have vows you would like to present to Andrea?”
Colt looked into her eyes and smiled, as he remembered the entire vows. “Hillary….I mean Andrea…Andrea…” At that moment, Chase erupted
again, and Colt left the altar and chased his brother out the church. 12 minutes later, Colt and Andrea were married.
Colt chuckled about the whole affair now as Kris was making the turn on the next street. Kris new what he was thinking, “Next time, Colt make
sure you approve the minister’s script; and most importantly, don’t let your father choose a name after someone he had a crush on.”
“My father didn’t have a crush on Hillary Clinton!” Kris just nodded as they approached the store.
“I can’t believe you didn’t let me change. I look so out of place.”
“So take it off,” Kris suggested.
“Unlike you, I don’t go commando everywhere I go.”
“Too bad. You looked so hot in the pictures we took earlier.”
Before Colt could respond, Kris sped up and reckless parallel park in front of the store.
“Jesus, you want to kill me?”
“The name is Kris not Jesus,” Kris said, “and no, I wanted a killer parking space.”
They left the car and walked into the air conditioned room. Kris went to speak to one of the guys at the counter to see where the rings were,
while Colt waited around. A woman mistook him for a sales clerk, and punched the back of his shoulder.
“I was wonder…,” She began, but stopped when Colt turned around.
“Andrea?” Colt was shocked. Kris heard Colt’s comment and raced over to see her, too.
“Of course, you two are here together and you are buying engagement rings for each other,” Andrea spoke in a serious tone.
“No! Andrea, this idiot forgot Matt and Corey’s rings, so we came to get them. What are you doing here?”
“Looking for a Christmas tree. What do you think I am doing here? I am shopping for rings, too. I want to ask my boyfriend to marry me.”
“Well, congratulations,” Kris said sincerely. “I didn’t even know you lived here.”
“Kris, you are stupid; I was born in the next city, as you know. And if you must know, my boyfriend lives here.”
Colt was curious and jealous, and asked, “Who is he?”
“Bryan Fuller.” She smiled, knowing that would hurt Colt.
“I don’t believe that.”
“You’re right, it’s not Bryan, your former high school friend; it’s nobody you know, his name Kelly Stevens. I met him two weeks after we
“I am happy for you.” Colt began.
“Bullshit, you and lover boy over here don’t care.”
“No, Andrea, I am actually happy for you. I am glad you found a new guy.”
“Firstly, Kris fuck off. You broke up my marriage the first time around, I don’t want to hear from you. And secondly,” she turned to Colt, “it was
hard to find someone new. I loved you, Colt.”
“I am sorry I broke my word; I am sorry our relationship ended the way it did.”
“Colt, you did nothing, it was your asshole friend who moved in that started it.”
“I will not have you say such things to Kris.”
“Let’s go Colt.” Kris motioned for the door.
“Did you get the rings?”
“Yeah,” Kris turned to say something to Andrea, but she was talking to another service person. Colt was in his own head again. He wasn’t mad
about Andrea; she had every right to hate them.
They got back in the car as the clocked turned to 12:43. Kris knew Colt was thinking about the night Andrea left him, and how heartbroken he
was, so he kept quiet. Although, Kris and Colt moved passed that night, they agreed not to speak of it. He thought of their wedding instead.
The wedding, was not just a union of Andrea and Colt, it was also the first time in six months that he and Matt had seen each other. Kris and
he were both too stubborn at the time to even try to engage each other in conversation alone, both felt hurt from how their friendship ended.
Kris had believed Matt chose him over Corey and their friend, and Matt believed that Kris didn’t understand that people drift away. As Kris was
giving his speech to Colt, almost everything he said could apply to his relationship with Matt.
“Colt, you have been a rock, you have been a friend, and you have been the guy I could turn to when I needed something. You were the one I
could come to about anything; you are kind, caring and have always listened. Sure, like most brothers we had our fights, or you would tell me
when I was wrong, but through all that our bond got stronger,” Kris spoke, the interesting thing as he continued his speech he would picture
Matt almost the entire time, and when he made a joke at Colt’s expense he would imagine Matt reacting with laughter.
Kris had written the speech to tell Matt that he missed his friendship, and that missed him. When Matt later heard the speech, he cried a little
as he instantly knew it was a speech not just to Colt, but about him. However, just as in high school; he couldn’t be the one to come to Kris’ aid
and forgive him this time. He had chosen the path with Corey, and a stable financial future, and if Kris couldn’t see that, then their friendship
was dead. Kris was heartbroken after giving the speech again and Matt barely acknowledged him. He seriously doubted this friendship could be
“Kris!” Colt yelled, and Kris put his foot on the breaks before he skidded across the intersection on a red light. “Sorry.”
Kris put that night out of his mind, and continued to concentrate on the road.
Britney was sitting outside the front door of Colt’s lake house, and she was going to continue her talk with Chase, who agreed to meet her
there 5 minutes ago. She was waiting and then, out came Reese.
“Fuck...Why are you always here?” Reese asked with such anger.
“Reese, go back inside, I am here to be meet with Chase.”
“He isn’t coming; I was the one who borrowed Chase’s phone to text you.”
“What do you want then?”
“I want to know what your plan is for Chase. You and Tabor broke up, and you physically broke me, I want to know how you’re going to hurt
my other friend.”
“Listen, you fucking cripple. I didn’t cause your accident, I didn’t attack, and I didn’t put you into a fucking coma.”
“You bitch, I don’t care what you think, we both know what happened. Now tell me what hidden agenda you have with Chase?”
“Reese, you have no idea what you are fucking taking about.”
“Fine, what am I talking about?” Reese was in no mood to listen to her, but his curiosity was piqued. He looked down at his watch it 12:49,”you
have three minutes to tell what I am talking about.”
“Fuck you, Reese. You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you what really went down.”
“That’s because you’re a lying bitch, who deserves nothing but a quick death.” At that moment, Tabor and Cord entered the scene through the
front door, and Chase was with them.
“I did not cause your stupid accident.”
“YES, YOU DID!” Tabor and Reese shouted at her. Reese spoke, “We were at the bar and this guy shows up; you started leading him on with
your stupid flirty moves, and when he decided to kiss you, you slap him! You used him, like you used everybody else.”
“That is not what happened. I did not lead him on,” she said honestly. Reese continued ignoring her. “After that, I said I was tired and wanted
to go home, and you had been the designated driver; so we go to the car and drove a few blocks home.”
“Did I cause the fucking car to stall?” she asked, looking at Reese with daggers in her eyes. “Did I?”
“For all I know you could have punctured the fuel tank or did something to it. Anyways, it stalled; you ran away ‘to get help’. After that, the guy
and his buddies take their car and ram it right against the back fender.”
Cord held Reese for support, and spoke. “You didn’t even see what happened to him; you didn’t have the fucking courtesy to visit him in
hospital. From what the doctor said, the guy and his buddies ripped him from the car and threw him out into the street, and before he gained
his balance a car going the opposite direction smashed into Reese. He went flying, the driver died instantly.
“That is not what happened, Cord. I didn’t run away.”
“I don’t care what happened, you slapped the guy, and my boyfriend paid the price.”
Reese spoke up now, “Tell us, then why did you slap him.”
As Andrea was leaving the ring store, she was still thinking of the encounter she had with Colt. He was still hot as ever, and she hated how
things ended. She remembered THAT conversation that started it all word for word.
They had just made love for the third time on the second night of their honeymoon. Colt and Andrea were happy, but something was still on
her mind. She needed to approach the subject carefully. So, the next morning at breakfast, they walked on the beach holding hands.
“I love it here,” she began.
“I love it here, because you are here.” Andrea loved Colt’s cheesy lines; it was one of the things that made her love him. It was then that she
decided to have the conversation.
“Colt, I want to talk about something with you,“ she began. “I want to you to promise me something.”
“Anything you want, Andrea.” Colt was still happy to be married to her.
“Now that we are officially married, I think it is time for you and Kris to stop sleeping together.”
Colt had been thinking that subject for long time and the week before his wedding Colt and Kris agreed never to have any physical contact. They
had 5 years of great lovemaking, but it was time to stop.
“You are so right.” Colt then told her about Kris’s conversation.
“So, will you promise me that you and Kris will stop, and you will only make love to me?”
“I do.” Colt thought at the time it was truth.
Andrea just stopped her car and cried, “Why did the man I love, have to break the most important promise he ever made to me?”
The clock turned to 1 pm.
1:00 PM
“Come on we are waiting,” Reese said Britney again. Britney just stared at them, and didn’t know what to say to them. She knew the truth but
nobody would believe it, except maybe Chase.
“I have nothing to say to you,” she stated. “You wouldn’t believe the truth even if it hit you in face.”
Cord stood by Reese and Tabor. “Try us?”
“Okay,” Britney thought maybe it would be right to explain, even though they wouldn’t believe her.
“In the bar the guy came over to me and then he made these rude suggestions about how we could hook up and do stuff.”
“Then, you slapped him,” Tabor concluded.
“Yes, I slapped the guy; because not only was he making these advances, he touched my breast. So, yes I slapped him. That was the honest
truth. The guy retreated and I went on talking with my friends until Reese needed a ride home.”
“You are right,” Tabor shouted. “I don’t believe you? You have been known as flirt ever since we met in our last year of college. Not only that, it
was my aggressiveness that made you like me in the first place. Why would you now feel the need to slap someone for doing something you
approve of?”
“Tabor,” Britney reasoned, “I cared for you, and I wanted your advances. So when you did it, I was happy. I wouldn’t feel same way if a strange
guy did the same thing.”
“Fine, then,” Reese wanted to move on, “Why would he come up to you in the first place; I am sure you did something to grab his attention.”
She stared at Reese and Cord, “Do I really need to explain this. He came to the bar next to where we were and he found me attractive; just like
how Trevor found attractive, and how Brax did and a number of other gay guys you fucked at school.”
“What bullshit?” Tabor announced.
“What the fuck do you think happened, Tabor? You were there, so you know everything.” Chase stood beside her.
“Go on, Tabor; let’s have it.”
“Okay,” Tabor began. “You with your attractiveness brought the guy over…You started flirting with him, and when he took more control of the
situation you slapped him. Now mad about being rejected, he waited until he saw you leave. When you and Reese went into the car, he followed
“And let me guess, I fucked up the car, so they could catch us.”
“No,” Tabor stated, “obviously, either it was by accident or they somehow got to the car. Whatever the case, you left him by himself.”
“I LEFT HIM! TO GET FUCKING HELP!” Britney shouted and ran away from this. Chase went after her, but she stopped him. However, Tabor
wasn’t done and chased after her.
Britney arrived at her car first to see Tabor right there. She turned, “Tabor, really I cannot believe you would think I would want Reese hurt.”
“Oh come on,” Tabor suggested, “You are not fooling me again. It’s bad enough you tried to break me and Chase up.”
“Tabor, I wasn’t trying to break you up; I wanted you to succeed on your own. You won’t get there with Chase by your side.”
“No, you did that to get Chase in bed.”
“Okay, you believe that bullshit if you want.”
“Yeah, I also believe you wanted Reese hurt, and that you caused that accident on purpose. We both know you resented him for being the
smartest in the class, how he was always getting A’s; not to mention he was amazing eye candy.”
“Oh please,” Britney rolled her eyes, “Reese is gay.”
“You cannot have him; therefore, no other man could have him.”
“Yep; I am psycho, like Monica?”
“I didn’t say that.”
“Let us talk about why we broke up, Tabor.”
“We broke up because, you thought that I was hanging around with Chase too much, and not giving you enough attention.”
“No, asshole; we broke up because you learned who my sister was. In that deluded mind of yours you concocted this belief that I was ripping you
apart; and then after we broke up you thought I would hurt one of my best friends.”
“Let us not forget why we went celebrating that night,” Tabor shot back. “You and he were up for an amazing job opportunity that was starting
after you graduated. He got it, and you were upset.”
“So, I met up with a total stranger and arranged for him to die.”
“To be seriously beaten up, and you would get the position, yeah.”
“You’re a fucking lunatic,” Britney stated and got in her car and started to drive. Britney wouldn’t admit to Tabor or anybody else, that there was
some truth in Tabor’s theories.
They were minutes away from Colt’s lake house and they were arguing. “I want to do it.”
“Give me one reason, why we should.”
“It would look good there.”
“How would a small wall screen TV look good in our kitchen?”
“You know the small space between the window and the chalkboard we write our messages on; it would go great in there.”
“Until, somebody sits down in the chair and bangs their head on it. Why do you think we don’t have something in that space?”
“Because I haven’t thought of putting something there,“ Derek said.
“Fine, but you still haven’t explained to me why we need a TV there.”
“Why don’t you give me a reason why we don’t need one?”
“Um, money.”
“These are cheap,” Derek offered.
“You have a huge big screen TV in the basement for your guys to play poker.”
“My guys?”
“Ronald Roark and Steve McKeen are your friends.”
“You join us.”
“This way if we have TV in the kitchen; there would be no mess that we would have to clean up.”
Samuel nodded, “First of all, you would be cleaning it up; and second of all. There is a reason there should be no TV in kitchen.”
“Yeah,” Derek asked, “Why is that?”
“Because, then we will get fat, because as you watch more TV, you don’t know what you are shoving into your mouth.”
“I am sure we can control ourselves. Why are you being so unreasonable?”
“Me?” Samuel quizzed. “Let’s put it this way; we are not doing it.”
“I believe we are,” Derek smiled.
“The day you pick up your boxers off the floor in the morning, is the day I give you that TV.”
“You have never picked up your clothes, as long as we’ve been together,” Samuel commented.
It was 1:18 pm as they pulled into the lake house drive.
“You are the one who keeps putting them there before we fuck?”
“And a nice husband is supposed to pick them up.”
“I pick up the groceries.”
“Which I appreciate,” Samuel smiled. There was a knock at the window. Derek opened the it and Larry was looking at him sadly. Derek looked at
Samuel and got out of the car.
Derek was dressed in his suit, and motioned for Larry to come and sit in the chairs on the front porch. Larry was still in his dress pants and wife
“Are you okay?” Derek asked him.
“No, that’s why I’m glad you came back. I need some advice, and Corey mentioned how helpful you were to him in the past.”
Derek nodded, and smiled. He was glad that Corey and his stepfather were on good speaking terms. “That’s true; what advice can I give?”
Larry just moved his head toward the house, “Marie.”
“You want to leave her don’t you?” Derek instantly knew that was true.
Larry nodded, glumly. “Well, why haven’t you.”
“I still love her; and Corey loves her, too.”
“Let’s leave Corey’s feelings aside for the time being.” Even though, Derek believed there was some truth in it. Why else would Corey invite her to
his wedding?
“I just hate how she keeps drinking; it has been over 25 years, and she keeps on drinking. We tried to get her into rehab, but it still didn’t
happen; we threatened to leave, but I couldn’t do it.”
“You love her, and you had seen her like that.”
“Why do you think she drinks?”
“She had a horrible life, her husband left; Corey was an accident, and then he becomes gay, and the whole town hates her.”
“They don’t hate her because of Corey’s life choices.”
“Trust me, Derek; they don’t take too kindly to Corey’s lifestyle; more to the point, she blames herself.” Larry had been feeling these issues about
leaving Marie for a long time now, and could leave her.
“Okay,” Derek began, “So she drinks herself for how Corey turned out, and she blames herself for how she treated him of late. But what about
you, why do you stay? If you truly loved her you would have sought help for her.”
“Are you trying to tell me I am to blame for her drinking?” Larry had wondered that he and Marie started drinking around the time of their first
year together.
“I am not making any suggestions, but I know the reason you stayed is because you want to see her become the person she was. She needs help
to become that.”
“You are right, Derek; maybe some tough love is in order, years ago Corey and I threatened to leave her if she didn’t fix herself, but I didn’t leave
her. Now, on the day of her only son’s wedding, she got drunk and ran away.”
“Larry, I will tell you what I told your stepson when he was dealing with serious issues. Don’t run away, stay with her and make the appropriate
steps for her to improve. We can work out a plan to help her.”
“I don’t know.” Larry thought about it. She hasn’t been able to stay with any program. She always finds the alcohol.
“How about after the wedding, I talk to her.”
“Maybe that could work. Anyways, thanks for your help? I am going to make sure she is ready.”
“Do you want me to come?”
“I’ve got it.”
They have been driving in circles, and Colt just realized it; they were nowhere near Colt’s place. He looked into Kris’s eyes and he was tearing up.
Colt touched Kris’s hand and slowly caressed it. Kris calmed down and pulled the car over. The two of them had been through so much.
“Kris, what is it?”
“It’s nothing.”
“Colt leaned over and kissed him on cheek softly and tenderly, “Bro, talk to me.”
“I love you, Colt, but I feel so guilty. All I could think about is what I did to you.”
“Kris,” Colt turned his head so Kris was facing him, “You didn’t do anything to me.”
“Colt, I am talking about what we discussed in New York, I am talking about me breaking up your fucking marriage. Seeing Andrea just now,
made me relive my actions.”
“Kris, we are both to blame, me more than you.”
“I know and we forgave each other in New York, but I need to tell you right now; something I didn’t say then. I saw in your eyes how much you
loved her. How much you cared for her. Let me say this, I love you, and more importantly. I am sorry Colt.”
Colt smiled and hugged Kris, “You don’t need to apologize. We were both there in that bathroom, and I know how much guilt you were under
then. I do appreciate it, though.”
It was a horrible night for Kris, thinking back on it. Matt had just left with Corey to pursue their dream jobs, and he was left alone in the
apartment. He had nowhere to go. Colt knew about the fight Matt and Kris had and how it destroyed the two of them, and he went to see Kris.
Eventually, against Andrea’s objections and after Colt and Andrea’s talked, he offered for Kris to move in with them in their guest room. Colt
never wanted to see Kris suffer like that.
Each night Colt watched Kris shrink from the man he was in college. He stopped hanging out with the friends he made as the coach of a college
football team. He would just go to work, come home, open a beer and watch the television. Andrea and Colt tried to engage him in conversation,
but Kris kept to himself a lot.
Andrea loved Kris, but now she just knew he was a moocher; he wasn’t getting any better, and she knew the unavoidable would occur. Colt was
reminded of the promise he made to her on their honeymoon. Colt never loved Kris that way; however, one night Colt came home late from
beers with the boys. He entered and Kris was still awake holding a vodka bottle in his hand. He looked horrible, his beard was three months old,
and he was getting a beer belly.
He tried to take the bottle away from him, but Kris stopped him, and just brought Colt into a kiss on the lips. Colt backed off and saw the stare in
his eyes. Kris just spoke one word, “Please.”
Colt thought about it for a second, and knew he shouldn’t, but maybe physical love is what he needed now, maybe that would help Kris. He only
cared about Kris’ wellbeing at the moment. Colt moved forward and kissed Kris with passion, and Kris returned it, they were on the floor making
sweet passionate love. Kris felt something, felt love, felt someone close to him.
What neither of them knew was Andrea had come down to get some water, and she witnessed the two of them making love. She could
understand that they were just fucking, given Kris’s current state. She went back up the stairs and cried herself to sleep.
The next day, she kicked Colt out of bed literally, and confronted him on what he had done. Colt never denied it, and asked for forgiveness. She
couldn’t accept it and by that night, she had left him. She didn’t say goodbye to Kris, all she did was leave a note on the Vodka bottle that was left
on the floor. “You broke one fucking great marriage.”
She left, and when Colt came home and found her gone, he put two holes in the wall. He waited until Kris returned. Kris was coming in happy,
with some new life in him. He saw Colt, and instantly changed.
“What happened? Are you okay,” He asked.
Colt showed him the bottle, “Andrea left this for you.”
Kris took the note, read it, and smashed the vodka bottle on his head.
“You fucking asshole.”
“SHUT UP KRIS! You fucked up your life with Matt and I took you in. I cared for you! NOW you do this! YOU COME HERE AND BREAK UP MY
“You agreed!” Kris defended himself.
“Yeah, well; the fact that YOU ASKED, sorry BEGGED FOR IT! Didn’t help much.”
“I am sorry,” Kris went over to where Colt was standing, before he could move another foot a vase smashed near his head again.
“I AM SORRY!!! Fuck, Derek was right. He said my actions would destroy my friendships.”
Colt was so mad; he just got up not needing any more words. He punched Kris in the face twice and kicked him in his groin. Kris just took it.
“When I get back, you better be gone, KRIS! IF I SEE YOU AGAIN, I WILL NOT LIKE IT!”
Colt walked out the front door and slammed it. Kris just sat there and cried, not from the pain; but from the regret. Eventually, he left,
determined to fix his life. Then, Sammi entered it.
Colt looked at Kris again, back in the car. “Kris, I love you. It took me a long time to realize that it broke Andrea and me apart. I was wrong.”
“We both were. I just needed to tell you how sorry I am.”
Colt smiled and kissed Kris on the lips, “I really do love you, Kris.” Kris returned the kiss, as Colt wiped Kris’ eyes.
“Better?” Colt asked.
“Yeah, let’s go get our friends married.”
“Let’s go.” Colt looked at the clock and it was already 1:32. “We owe them a lot, though.”
“That we do.” Kris smiled and started to drive again, “If they hadn’t done that in New York.”
“Then, we wouldn’t be here,” Colt thought, but something else was bugging him about this whole thing with Andrea. “Do you think I made a
mistake in promising to give up guys?”
“Nope, not in the slightest; it would have been cheating. Even Matt and Corey stopped sleeping around with us when they got engaged.”
“But, you and me are different,” Colt suggested.
“How? We fucked around in college, and we had a great friendship, and I trust you like a brother; but we are not different than you and Corey; or
even me and Matt.”
Colt looked at Kris; he had to agree, that ever since they moved into those apartments, his friendship with his three friends were very tight; he
couldn’t distinguish it one from the other.
“Colt, listen to me,” Kris began, “what you and Andrea had was magical, she let your sleep around in college, and even gotten off on us fucking
each other, but now it’s time to move on; we need to move on.”
Colt turned his head rapidly, “Kris, you and Matt stopped talking because he wanted to move on with his life, and you couldn’t handle it.”
“That was a fucking mistake on my part, of course it was. I just hated how he wouldn’t want to spend time with me. My point is we agreed before
your wedding we would stop, and on that horrible night we both gave in to temptation. We both made the mistake; I shouldn’t have moved in and
you shouldn’t have offered it.”
“Yeah, I wouldn’t want my best friend to be on street somewhere. I love you too much,” Colt acknowledged.
“You are my favorite Redneck,” Kris replied and they motored back Colt’s place.
Linda and Jenny had finished all the preparations for the food, and let the rest of the details for the chief caterer to handle. Now, they were
dressed and ready for the wedding to begin. Linda suggested they walk out and see where the ceremony was to take place. They walked over
there and the front arch was finally being put up. Linda sat on the back row and looked at the scene. Jenny sat next to her and smiled also. Her
son wasn’t getting married, but she remembered her own wedding, and was happy for Linda all the same.
“I just love weddings,” Linda said, “They are some of the happiest times in our lives.”
“Even your wedding to Larry?” Jenny ribbed
“The marriage wasn’t so good, but the wedding was beautiful.” Linda joked. “I know Matt has finally found the right person to be with.”
“If that were the case, he would have had Kris,” Jenny offered.
Linda smiled, “Jenny, if memory serves me right, Matt already had Kris.”
Jenny laughed at that, they both knew that their sons had a physical relationship; Walt had told Jenny years ago, and when Jenny mentioned in a
conversation with Linda; Linda had assumed they did, too.
“Linda, I am convinced Matt and Corey are right for each other when you told me he went all the way back in the middle of the night to be with
him, and sort out their problems. That to me is all the proof there needs to be.”
Linda recalled that, “I assume you are right.” She put the conversation with Matt out of her head, “Besides, there is one good thing that will come
out of this.”
“I think Matt and Corey getting married is the good thing.”
“Well, I guess you are right there,” Linda agreed, “I get to finally have grandchildren.”
“Hell, if you want grandkids,” Jenny smiled, “Take mine.”
Like you would give him up, you love Little Nate.”
“That is so true,” Jenny stated, “I don’t like how he came to us, however, now that the adoption is finalized, I am glad Nathan is back in our
“Is this wedding hard for you?” Linda asked seriously.
“I little, I always thought when Nathan died, I wouldn’t get to have a wedding for my son. And seeing this does hurt, because my oldest boy will
never experience happiness like Matt and Corey.”
“That’s not true, Jenny. Nathan and Derek were happy, and Kris told me that they were engaged already.”
“What? I knew he was happy, and he did love Derek; but nothing of the engagement. Then again we weren’t talking at the time of the accident,
so…And now with Kris and his seemingly inability to settle down; I doubt he will be walking down the aisle soon.”
“I doubt that…”
“Maybe…Anyways, Linda, Corey and Matt will make wonderful parents and you will be the best grandmother there is.”
“Yeah,” She smiled, “I will spoil him or her rotten.” They both laughed at that and didn’t even notice Jess coming up see them. “Hey, Ms. Linda
and Ms. Jenny.”
“Hello, Jess, how are you holding up?”
Jess looked at Jenny perplexed and with a raised eyebrow. On that look, she clarified, “With Scott barking orders and everything like that.”
“Ah, yeah; don’t worry about that. He can order me around all he wants on the job, but at home I show him who is boss.”
They laughed at Jess’s humor, and Linda asked how things were going and Jess mentioned that he was just asked to supervise the arch being put
into position; he then asked what they were talking about and Linda mentioned being a grandmother.
Jess couldn’t help but smile at that news. “Matt’s pregnant?”
“No, smart guy, I was just thinking about down the line. What was that smile for…There is goes again?”
Jess had smiled and blushed, that time. He had just proposed to Scott about starting a family and needed to tell somebody.
“Okay, well I guess people will know eventual. Scott and I are going to start a family.”
Linda got up and hugged Jess, and then Jenny followed with her congratulations.
“I just know it is time for us to start it; now that we are finally together forever.”
Jess had doubts that he and Scott could last, but every time they parted they found each other again. The first time in freshman year after he
attacked Scott because he didn’t want him to be with another man; the second time after his attack, Scott had come to him to his hospital bed
and never left him; and then again in junior year they broke up again.
Jess still remembered how they got back together; it was eight months after graduation, when Colt was seriously thinking about marrying Andrea.
Scott had moved back home to spend some time with his family and his present girlfriend who lived nearby. Jess had planted the seed in Colt’s
ear that Scott would be great at planning the wedding. They liked the idea, and Jess offered to drive down with them and speak to him about
doing the job.
It took some convincing, but Scott had agreed, and Jess offered to help him with budgets and administrative support, so he could stay with the
vision. They spent an entire two weeks arguing about what Colt and Andrea’s wedding would look like. In that time, Jess and Scott also talked
about each other’s life, and Scott mentioned one evening, that he missed him. Jess didn’t respond. After the wedding, Jess went over to Scott to
congratulate him, and he smiled and kissed Jess with all his might.
Jess asked about Tracy, but Scott said that two nights ago they had a long talk and separated. “She knew that I loved you more than her.”
Jess was happy, he didn’t have an ulterior motive when he suggested to Colt that Scott plan the wedding, but deep down, Jess only loved one
person. That night Scott made slow love to him and the next day Scott and Jess looked for an apartment to move into.
Jenny spoke, “Jess, I have to admit, I like seeing how much you’ve changed since the start of college, and seeing you and Scott as couple, you
guys are so great together.”
“Thanks, Ms. Jenny.”
“JESS!!” Scott had bellowed from somewhere, “Well, thanks again, I got to run.”
They both laughed as Jess departed and talked some more of old times.
Rick was driving fast into town, we was about two minutes away from the lake house. He couldn’t believe the traffic to get here, and he was so
sure he was going to be late. He had started speeding up again; he went through two red lights and finally he arrived at the house. As he got out,
two older men were outside on the little swing that was built in main yard.
“Rick?” Samuel stood up and went toward his nephew. “Why the hell were you driving so fast?”
“You could have killed someone,” Derek added.
“There was traffic and I thought I was going to be late, the invitation said 1:30pm. It is now 1:45.”
“Oh, you’re an idiot.” Samuel smiled, “It is at 3:00pm, and the guests aren’t supposed to arrive for another fifteen minutes.”
“I’m sorry, for being an idiot.”
“I am glad you are,” Derek began, “so I would know how to recognize you.”
“Very funny,” Rick stated, “what are you guys doing out here?”
“We wanted some fresh air.”
“What he means is, he didn’t want to fight in front everybody else?”
“Did Derek try to leave again,” Rick joked. Derek slapped him on the head. They both knew Derek had left them both once and it nearly broke
“No, I didn’t try to leave.”
“But, it is his fault,” Samuel interrupted.
“That is not surprising,” Rick said, and received another slap. Then Samuel playfully slapped Derek,
“Hey what was that for?”
“For making me angry with you and for hitting Rick.”
They told Rick about the TV argument they just had, and Rick laughed and told Derek how wrong he was. They chatted some more about Rick’s
life and his new promotion.
“Where is Kathy? I thought she was coming to the wedding?” Samuel said.
“Nope, I told you she couldn’t make it.” It was obvious to Samuel and Derek he was hiding something, but before they could venture a guess.
“Okay, what are you not telling us?” Derek asked. As Rick continued to deflect Derek’s questions about Kathy, another woman was arriving in a
car; she was Kevin’s mother.  Kevin’s mother opened the door, but her young son leaped out the front seat and charged towards to Derek. 
The mother called out, “Derek!”
Derek turned and saw Melissa, but coming towards him, was a four year old Kevin. He hugged Derek’s leg. Kevin looked up, “Daddy.”
Rick and Samuel looked at each other, “Daddy?” and then they looked to Derek for an explanation.
It was 1:54 pm, and Matt and Corey were shooting the breeze, they were having a relaxing afternoon; they were still in shorts, but shirtless.
Tabor and Chase were sitting with them just chatting about old times.
“Do you remember the first time you were here, Matt?” Chase asked.
“Oh yeah, Kris lost his temper and spanked Brennan, and Scott was looking for condoms, and Colt was trying to hide the fact that he was
bisexual…Good times.”
Corey laughed, “Oh, come we had some great sex here.”
Tabor smiled, “When don’t you have great sex?”
“When I piss him off,” Corey said, “Or he drags me to fucking a play.”
“It’s called culture,” Matt argued.
“I enjoy art and sculpture; we had fun looking at the museums in Holland and Paris.”
“That’s true, but theatre is just moving art.”
“No it’s a boring waste of time.”
Chase watched the guys, “You just sound like and old married couple.”
Corey and Matt looked at each other with a knowing glance and smiled, “Well ten years of being is a loving relationship will do that to you.
Corey’s phone rang, and he answered it. “Oh Fuck!”  Corey handed the phone towards Matt. “Kris needs to talk to you and you aren’t going to like
Matt picked up the phone worried as hell, “Kris?”
“Hey Matty,” Kris began, “There was a problem with the rings.”
“Colt fucked up big time.”
“Leave me out this. It was all you. You did it.” Colt shouted on the phone.
“Um…I kind of lost the rings again. You see as Colt and I were getting into the car. I thought I put them in my pockets, but…”
“YOU LOST MY WEDDING RINGS!!” Matt was bedside himself. “How could you do this!!”
“It was an accident,” Colt said trying to defend Kris. “Kris was in a hurry and took the ring boxes without checking to see if the rings were in them.
“WHAT!!” Matt yelled. Chase and Tabor were listening closely now. “Kris of all the stupid things you could do. SO GO BACK!!”
“It’s not that simple; we got back there and the guy can’t find them anymore.” Kris said very quickly.
“FIND THEM NOW!!! OR DON’T COME BACK HERE.”  Matt threw the phone away, and Tabor went to retrieve it.
Corey sat next him and held him. “Matt, don’t worry. I know Kris will find them.”
“How can you not be mad about this?”
“We have time.”
At that moment Jess came out, “Guys, it’s time to get ready; I have you both situated in Chase’s room.”
Matt got up and Corey held his husband to be, as they followed Jess. Matt was holding out hope that Kris would find them.  Corey gave him a little
smile as they left.
Tabor turned to his friend, “Chase, can we please talk about Britney.”
Chase’s whole demeanor changed, “No!”
“Don’t you get it, what Matt and Corey have, that is what I want for you?”
“I know that, Tabor, now let’s drop this.”
“NO!” Tabor yelled, “I care about you too much for us not be open and frank about this.”
“You’ve told me numerous times what you think about Britney.” Chase got and walked towards the door, “I have nothing more to say about this.” 
He thought for a second.
“Now bro, come on; I trust your judgement, but let’s forget about this and get ready, too.”
Tabor smiled and walked with Chase. While Jess opened the door for Matt and Corey as they walked in the room.
They both got out of their shorts and Corey couldn’t help but admire Matt’s beauty. Matt caught him staring and smiled.
“Come over here, Matt.”  Matt walked to him and sat next to him; they stared into each other’s eyes. Matt knew that Kris would find the rings, but
then Corey’s eyes changed. He stood up and walked to the window. “Matt we need to talk.”
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