NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: What you are about to read is a simple wedding between two people who love each other. Okay, it won’t be as
simple as that. This is going to be a real time event. The action will begin at 4 in the morning, and will end 12 chapters later at 4 am the next
morning. Due to the nature of the story, there will be reminders throughout the chapter of the time.  Each chapter will contain two hours of
storylines. There are three stories happening at the same time. Firstly, we are dealing with Matt and Corey’s wedding and dealing the
obstacles and trials that occur on such a glorious day. Moreover, we are dealing with the past five years since the guys graduated.
This story takes place five years after graduation of Matt, Corey, Colt and Kris. Throughout this tale, I will be explaining what occurred in those
five years, through some compelling narratives. I would like to remind the readers, that this is FANTASY based on what I perceive the future to
be not what the future will be. There will be some excellent secondary storylines, dealing with the new guys (Tabor, Chase, Reese and Trevor
and their friends). There will be some interesting plot twists, some cool revelations, and unsuspecting character turns with new and old
characters showing up. I will be ending most chapters with a cliffhanger ending.
If you appreciate my Jess storyline, and my Through the Years storyline, then this story will be for you. I hope you enjoy this newest
installment. Although the entire day has been planned out, I welcome your thoughts and suggestions, and will try and add your ideas where
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and their thoughts and opinions on my stories, both the good and the bad. Both comments allowed me to adapt and change my style of writing
for the better.
4:00 AM
Matt was having some bad nightmares, the night before his wedding he was tossing and turning. The nightmares were horrible. He kept
envisioning horrible things happening to his Corey. His latest nightmare woke him. He got up and looked at the night’s sky. The sun was not up
yet, but the Texan skyline was amazing to behold. Matt thought looking out would help put his mind in some perspective. He was about to get
married to the man of his dreams.
Corey and he and been dating for about 7 years now, and they were ready to settled down and start to have family. Corey and he had always
had a trusting and open relationship. Matt thought about all the stuff they have been through, and it all came to the conclusion that Matt would
never love anybody as much as him.
He stared at the clock and as 4:15 am struck, he heard something hit the ground with a smack. Matt went to check on his best friend.
“FUCK!” Kris yelled quietly, “I hate when I do that.” Matt kissed his forehead to make him feel better. Matt loved Kris just as much as he loved
Corey. “Let me guess, you had another one of your Colt sex fantasies.”
“Yeah and just when Colt started slamming into me, I had to fall off the fucking bed.” Kris was not happy these last few days. He hasn’t seen
Colt in many years. They have talked a lot of times, but Colt stayed near home with Andrea, where Kris and Matt and Corey moved back to
their hometown. Sure in the beginning they had the occasional get together. But Kris and Colt’s path never clicked of late. It had been two
years since he‘d seen him. However, all that changed when Matt and Corey announced their wedding.
However, that isn’t why Kris was upset of late. His best friend Matt was leaving him. Corey and Matt had been living together for the past four
years, and Kris had been an occasional houseguest. However, the marriage signalled the end of their friendship and when he and Matt might
split for good.
“What the fuck are you doing up, anyway?” Kris asked a little more rudely that he intended.
“I couldn’t sleep. I had been having these bad dreams.”
Kris got up, naked as usual and walked over to Matt and smiled. “Let me guess. Corey wouldn’t submit to you?”
Matt tried to laugh, but the nightmares have been getting to him. “Worse than that, bro; they had started weeks ago, and have been getting
worse since we got back.”
Kris was startled, as Matt never mentioned these dreams before, especially since they all got back three months ago. “Tell what happened?”
Matt was reluctant to confide in him, thinking if he spoke them out loud the visions might actually come true. However, Kris has never judged
him and listened with an open mind. Kris silently brought Matt to the bed and waited for him to explain the dreams.
“Well, since we got back it was an official. I have been having these nightmares where something happened to Corey. At first they were minor
accidents. A paper cut, stubbed a toe, but then a week ago. They broke bones, blood gushing crunches; and just now I had the second one
where I witnessed his death.”
Matt began to cry when he voiced the last nightmare. Kris held him. Kris knew Matt had been emotional for a long time, and these scenarios
would scare anybody. “Matty, they were just dreams. Dreams happen all the time.”
“Yeah, people winning the million dollars. People having sex with supermodels, not people witnessing their love ones die.”
“Yes, even those dreams occur.” Kris responded. He was speaking from experience. It had been years since he witnessed his brother death in
his dreams, but they do happen on occasion.
“Just tell me that I am just having cold feet.”
“Bro, you are right. I cannot think of it being anything other than that.”
“These dreams might happen, though.”
“We all die. I expect Corey to be around for a long, long time.”
“Yeah, me too.”
They hugged and Kris tried to get Matt to go back to sleep. However, Matt was awake and feared going back to bed, just yet.”
Corey on the other hand was also wide awake. He was sharing a room with Colt. Colt had just got up to go to the bathroom as the hotel room
clock turned 4:23 am. Corey couldn’t sleep. He realized this was the first time in a long time he shared a bedroom with someone other than
Corey loved Kris’s idea of a bachelor night and he was replaying last night in his head. Kris had invited Scott and Jess to join them at a small
bar near the hotel where they currently were staying. Scott was more anxious than anybody because he had some issues with planning this
wedding. However, when Jess and Kris poured beer down his throat he loosened up. Kris had arranged for a private room, so the six guys
could relax and chill.
Corey was the one who jokingly asked for the stripping to come into play. Almost on cue, Colt turned some music on, and Scott and Jess got up
and jumped on the table. Scott had his eyes locked on Matt and while Jess was focused on Corey. They started kissing each other, and slowly,
but seductively they undid each other’s shirts and started playing with their nipples; neither Scott nor Jess took their eyes off their target. Kris
and Colt got up and walked behind them and as Jess and Scott continued to caress each other, they pulled their pants down and threw them at
Matt and Corey.
It was that moment that Jess jumped onto the Corey and started kissing him with so much passion. Jess’s hands were going all over Corey’s
well-built form. Matt enjoyed watching his man experience this level of excitement. However, before he got too involved in it Scott pulled Jess
away. Scott kissed Matt with his tongue enjoying his mouth. Scott had Matt’s shirt off and was straddling him. However, Kris and Colt pulled
Jess and Scott off their friends and pushed them onto the table. They pushed them back and licked their stomach all the way down to the top of
their hips, where their hard tongues undid the guys pants and then Colt yelled for Corey.
“Sorry?” he said, regaining his bearings now realizing he was back in the hotel bed.
“Are you alright?”
“You sure?”
“Yeah, of course.”
“I just thought that you might have some issues.”
“Issues?” Corey wasn’t following Colt.
“You mentioned when we got back, that you had some issues marrying Matt. Now that the day is finally here, I was just making sure if you had
those problems still.
Corey remembered that night, and realized that he was still worried that it might happen again.
“Honestly, they are still here.”
“You mean you still think you might cheat on Matt?”
“Yes. I did it before.”
“That was ages ago.” Colt commented. The little affair he had months in their relationship was nothing, Colt thought. “That was your freshman
“Yeah, but what if it happens again.”
“Corey, why would it happen again?”
“Because, I don’t trust myself when I am alone.”
“Have you told Matt about this?”
“Nope. I can’t he would think I don’t want to marry him.”
“You need to mention this to him. I cannot advise you. Andrea and I had a great thing, but I made a mistake and it ended our whole
relationship. Honesty is the only thing that works.”
Corey was stunned Colt mentioned on their trip that Andrea and he had broken up, they never mentioned that it was Colt’s fault. Corey was
going to press the issue, but Colt spoke first.
“Corey, do you love Matt? Would you willingly destroy your relationship of this many years?”
“Come here.” Colt commanded and Corey walked up to his friend and punched him on his arm.
“What was that for?” Corey asked.
“For being stupid.”
“I cannot help that I might fuck up the relationship.”
“You haven’t yet.”
They didn’t speak for a long time.
It was 4:45 am, and Kris was getting Matt some water. He had calmed down from his dream. Matt was watching Kris closely. They have known
each other long enough to know something was bothering his friend.
“Kris are you going to tell me?” Matt began.
“Tell you what?” Kris asked. Kris had been concentrating on getting Matt comfortable, he had forgotten about his own thoughts.
“What’s troubling you?”
“Nothing, besides, you are about to be Mr. Corey Teller; you have a lot more on your mind to worry about than me.”
Matt knew what this was about. “Is that what you are worried about that I will forget about you?”
Kris just nodded. The last year and half they really hadn’t bonded like they used too. Corey and Matt had their secretive getaway weekends,
and their own lives away from Kris. Kris was fine by himself, but he missed the nightly chats he had with Matt.
“Kris, we grow up and have our own lives. That doesn’t mean our friendship is over. You and Colt haven’t spoken in a long time.”
“I caused that. I just know you will leave me behind.”
“Kris, you are my fucking best man. You are the only one I trust with my life.”
“That doesn’t mean Corey isn’t equally special to you?”
“I share more with Corey than I do with you. Fuck, but I am marrying him. And I’m kind of annoyed that you would think our friendship will end.
It hasn’t ended in the last 15 years. It won’t end now.”
“I AM SORRY THEN! FUCK!!” Kris got up and went into the bathroom, slamming the door. Matt was used to his melodramatics. However, he did
admit of late, he has been so wrapped up with Corey that he hasn’t spent any time with Kris. But what annoys Matt is that Kris would think he
would forget about him, once he moved in with Corey, especially considering what Corey and he discussed a month ago when they decided on
where to move. He looked at the clock and tried to get some sleep; it was nearly 5 am.
Corey finally mumbled something after 10 minutes of thinking. He really didn’t realize it had come out of his mouth.
“What?” Colt asked surprised he would even think such a thing.
“I want to cancel this wedding. I am not good enough for Matt.”
“Because you made some mistakes in the past that you want to cancel the wedding?” Colt assumed it was because of the little cheating that
occurred early on in Matt and Corey’s relationship. “Y’all have been so open about your relationship. Fuck, Kris and I fucked you guys a lot in
our senior year. You remembered the orgasm marathon we did the week before final exams?”
“Yeah, that is different. And I don’t mean cheating. Sure it was bad. That is just the tip of the iceberg.”
“What more is there?” Colt asked.
“Well, what if I turned out like my parents?” Corey thought about his mother who has become such a drunk, and his father who abandoned
“Oh, please. Corey, you barely touch alcohol now.”
“I don’t want to abandon Matt like my father did.”
“Why would you do that?” Corey never told Colt why his father left; he never told anybody. Marie had mentioned to Corey in passing why he
left. He was a drunken druggie who realized he fucked up when he got Marie pregnant and left her. He told Colt this story.
“I don’t see a connection.” Colt concluded. “You are not an alcoholic and you only take drugs when you need to relax.”
“THAT’S THE POINT!” Corey said. “I should not need them; Matt should be all I need.”
Colt pondered that point, while he looked at the sky.
5:00 AM
Colt finally couldn’t think of any words that would get through Corey’s head. So, he tried a more hands on approach. Colt laid a slap across his
face. It wasn’t hard, but Corey still reacted to it.
“What the fuck was that for?” Corey said putting his hands to his face.
“Snap out of it! Matt is your true love your soul mate. You are just having pre-wedding jitters. I had the same thing when I married Andrea.
Kris sat me down and told me everything was going to be alright.”
Corey laughed, “Well, we know how that ended.”
Colt joined him in laughter and slapped his naked back. “Yeah, we do.” Colt started thinking about that horrible night that Andrea left him. He
blamed Kris for the whole thing.
“You are different, Corey. Matt came back in the middle of the night to see you, after you were being a shit to him.”
Corey remembered how drunk he was and how much he hated fucking up his relationship with Matt, he called him in the middle of the night
needing him. Matt came to him and it was better the next morning.
“Corey,” Colt began, “that is true love. He wouldn’t care if were homeless, had no money and had a dick the size of pencil. He would love you
unconditionally. Ever thought that maybe he is not worthy of your attention?”
“No,” Corey mentioned honestly. “Matt is perfect.”
“Bullshit. Kris and I know his faults. He is a whinny control freak who needs and worries too much about people.”
“Yeah, but he’s so much more than that.”
“Of course, and you are so much then what you have been saying to me.” Colt got up and hugged Corey.
“Listen bro; I have had you back since we moved in together. I am confident Matt is the one for you, and you are the one for him. So stop this
bellyaching and let’s get some sleep.”
Corey pondered his comments, and but something else was coming to his mind and he voiced them.
Matt couldn’t sleep for two reasons: Kris was still upset with him, and because he was frightened the nightmares would continue. He got up
and finally came to Kris and spoke to him through the bathroom door.
“Kris? Let’s talk about this.” He didn’t respond. “Kris open up already.”
Kris still stayed motionless. He was sitting on the toilet wiping the tears out of his eyes. He had been crying for the last few minutes. Matt didn’t
understand his position. He loved Matt so much, he couldn’t bare him being away from him.
Matt knocked on the door and tried the handle; it opened. And when Matt saw the Kris crying. He went to him. He held him. “I am sorry.”
Kris looked at him and kissed him tenderly on the lips. “No. I know you would never leave me. But the wedding’s here now; my stupid brain
thought you might use this as an excuse to get rid of me.
“Why? Kristopher. Corey and I love you too much to ever want to see you go away?” Matt used Kristopher so show how serious and intimate
this conversation needs to be.
“I watched my brother leave this world, I lost my friend because of my temper, and we had our fair share of fights that put our friendship to
the test. I honestly thought that since we got back that you and Corey would actually leave me for good.”
“Brother.” Matt said kissing Kris’s cheek. “I would never purposely leave you ever. We keep each other strong. We keep each other whole. You
know this. Nathan may be dead, but he’s right here.” Matt pointed to Kris’s tattoo over his heart. And Derek and you have moved passed that
and have become great friends. Yes, me and you had our share of fights.”
“One year after graduation,” Kris mentioned.
Matt looked solemnly at him. “Yeah, that was bad. We wouldn’t talk to each for almost a year.”
Kris was the coach of the Assistant College football team at the time, and he was living with Colt and Andrea. Matt was trying to find work,
some fulfilling work, the computer programming job he currently had wasn’t working for him. The hours sucked and the pay was shit. Corey
was also not doing so well. He was working two jobs, trying to pull in some more income for them. He was in line to take over the Rec Center
when Trey stepped down. However, bad luck and arson destroyed the Rec Center, and Corey’s major source of revenue. Matt and Corey
decided to use some of Matt’s father’s money and the little money Corey’s stepfather gave him upon graduation, and move closer to Matt’s
home where Corey found a small building to open up his own Health Club, and Matt could help run it while he plotted his course. Matt liked the
idea because he found a rewarding computer programming job near there that suited his talents completely. So, when he told Kris and Colt
about their move, Kris lost it.
Kris thought that Matt was abandoning him, he didn’t think life was that bad where they were, enough to move away. Matt emphasized that
Corey and he needed to leave to find better work. Kris angrily countered that he would rather be with Corey then him. Matt shot back that
people separate and move on; that Matt could not always be there for Kris. Kris listened but could not understand it; he had always believed
that Matt and he would be together. Nothing would make them move. When Corey entered the picture Kris could adjust, but over the ensuing
years Kris had adjusted too much. First by them sharing a room in their second year; now this; it was too much. Corey had manipulated Matt
he thought at the time. Matt listened to Kris’s insane babble, and said point blank that Corey and he were moving back home. They were not
moving to another country or another continent, just moving to find better work. Kris shot back, he would never leave Matt, even if he got
married to a new girl; he would make sure he was in his life.
Matt said that Kris was still in his life, even though they were not physically there. Kris asked about the nightly chats; how would they work.
Matt countered, we don’t have to talk every night, and we can visit each other. Kris only heard what he wanted, that Matt did not want to talk to
him. Matt stopped reasoning with him and changed tactics. He suggested that Kris was being a stubborn, selfish pig, that he would rather see
his friend close by, than to have him successful and financially stable. Kris fired back without thinking, that Matt had the money he needed,
indicating his father’s money that was left to Matt. Matt got mad and told Kris to fuck off. He said now he can have more money, more sex with
Corey and not being burdened with Kris’s friendship. Kris tells him to fuck off and it ended. Ten years of friendship down the drain.
“But,” Matt continued, “we did make it through it. And since then our bond has been even stronger.”
“I am sorry, Matt. I know sometimes my mind goes to crazy places.”
“This time I understand. Stop crying and let me show you how much you mean to me.”
Kris and Matt prepared for what was about to happen. Matt loved the fact that Kris suggested they spend his last night as a free man with his
best friend. Matt knew that Kris and he might make love. But, when they went to bed without so much as Kris offering himself, he thought
again. Now, Kris and Matt were about to make love and enjoy it. Matt can die happy. He had found the man he loved in Corey, and he is about
to make sweet love to his best friend.
As the clock flipped to 5:15 am, Colt listened to Corey’s thoughts, and tried his best to reassure him.
“Corey, all weddings have fuck ups. It is part of the whole thing.”
“I want it to be perfect.”
“It will be. You remember, mine and Andrea’s wedding. She couldn’t hear the fucking music and missed the cue to come down the aisle, so I
had go to get her. And then the cake nearly broke apart when Chase accidentally hit it catching the stupid garter.
“Yeah. It was hilarious, how you were going to kill him.”
“Y’all love it. I know. My point is things happen.”
“I don’t want it to be laughing stock.”
“What precisely are you worried about. Scott has thought of everything.”
“My mother.” Corey shouted out.
“Scott will think of everything; you know it. He directed my wedding. He did Matt’s mother wedding.”
“But!” Corey began to moan a little.
Colt looked at the clock; it’s 5:27 in the morning. “Fuck it. Listen. I will promise you me Chase and Tabor will make sure your mother is taken
care of.”
“You promise?”
Meanwhile, Scott was up, too. He had so much to get organized, he couldn’t think straight. Jess had gone straight to bed after the bachelor
party. He knew Scott well enough that he wouldn’t be in bed until early morning. He got up and went down the get Scott.
“Honey, Come to bed.”
“In a minute,” Scott said, as he always did.
“I am sure whatever you are doing can wait a few hours.”
“Jessie. You know I never sleep before a big wedding.”
“You normally come to bed, though.”
“I don’t want to fuck again,” Scott called back.
Jess came down and looked at his boyfriend. He was sitting in his office with his shirt open. He loved looking at Scott like that. He smiled, then
saw Scott’s face and frowned. “When did you fuck up?”
“When? You saw what happened at Colt’s wedding, and that lead to them breaking up.”
“Scotty. You need sleep. We both know why Colt and Andrea broke up. It had nothing to do with some minor accidents. Besides Linda’s
wedding went off well enough.”
“A fluke.”
“And 26 other weddings you have planned. Not to mention the big parties, and anniversaries and celebrations you created for your clients. You
wanted to become a party planner; after you made Kris’s 21st birthday such a significant event. Now realize mistakes happen.”
Scott smiled at Jess and loved him that much more. “This one is special, my two best friends are getting married, and I don’t want it to fuck up.
That is why I am making a special effort to be sure it goes off perfectly.”
“You had no sleep, Scotty.” Jess wouldn’t take no for answer this time. He pulled Scott away from his computer and he pushed him up the
stairs to their small bedroom in their little apartment. Scott had to admit Jess was right.
Jess slowly stripped Scott of his clothes, leaving his hot briefs. It was 5: 36 am, so he set the alarm for 7:45 am. Jess looked at Scott; he’d
fallen asleep instantly. Jess pulled the covers back down. He loved staring at Scott’s built frame. Scott changed his dirty blond hair style from
one day to the next. It would either be gelled up away from his face to show the cheeky face that made so many hearts flutter, or it was left
more natural where it hung down over his eyes and gave him a more grown up look that made you want to ravish him right where he was. His
blue eyes had a mischievous glint in them that told of his playful nature. Anyone who stared into those cobalt coloured globes knew they were
in for the time of their lives if they went home with the man behind them. His body, though still slim and retaining his swimmers build, was rock
hard and his abs were so tight and defined you could actually bounce pennies off them. His chosen style of briefs were skimpy to say the least,
covering as little of his tanned flesh as possible, showing off the cuts and tattoo at his waist, his muscular legs and the bubble butt that begged
to be fucked, while barely concealing the hot uncut cock that lay beneath the fabric.
Matt and Kris finished preparing and Matt was ready to have some fun with Kris on his last night of freedom. As he tried to get close to Kris,
Kris resisted, and now they just stared at each other. It was nearing 5:40, but every time Matt made an advance, Kris gently stopped him.
Kris had been wanting to have a physical relationship with Matt since he and Colt turned sour 2 years before. Kris didn’t blame Colt for what
destroyed their great friendship, but since then, he turned to Matt for comfort. He didn’t want sex anymore, he needed someone to love. He
hadn’t had a stable relationship with a girl in a long time. They turned out to be one night stands. So, when Matt was willing to commit to a
physical act, Kris new it wasn’t right.
Matt was losing his patience. “Isn’t this what you always wanted? You and me together without any resistance or regret?”
“Yeah, but you always said the timing and purpose had to be right for this to happen.” Kris just spilled out his thoughts. “You are about to get
married in almost 10 hours or so. You cannot fuck me now.”
“Brother. You needed to know that I care and love you.” 
“I know that already, my head it fucked up is all. It has always been like that. Liz, Melissa and Jordy tried to help when I dated them. It ended
badly. I cannot be helped. So, I get jealous of your relationship with Corey. And, I know deep down I am burden on you. That being said, I
know we are rock solid; and I don’t need to get physical to show the connection we have.”
“Wait a second? Jordy?”
“You didn’t know about that. During the year we didn’t speak. Jordy came by to comfort me. He and Brad had been fighting. So, we spent some
time away from our issues and had a little party weekend. The result ended with us sleeping together, and we tried dating. I was convinced
that if I couldn’t make it with girls I had better try the other side. We worked out great for a bit. Jordy came to the conclusion that we were just
fucking and neither of us were committed to a relationship.”
“What about Colt where was he?” Matt was surprised by this tale. Matt had explained what he did during that year they didn’t speak, but Kris
never told him what happened to him.
“Colt and I were just friends. We came to the conclusion that we wouldn’t fuck anymore. We stuck to it. So, Colt tried to get me to talk to you,
but he knew I wasn’t and that put a toll on our friendship. So, I turned to Jordy, while he continued to spend time with Andrea.”
Matt nodded, wishing he could have been there for him. Kris just looked into Matt’s eyes and they didn’t need words. They both knew that that
year apart hurt them both.
Kris broke the silence. “The point is we have a rock solid relationship, I don’t need sex for you to prove yourself to me. I am the asshole who
thought you would leave me when the ceremony is over.”
Matt sighed, but looked at him. He pushed Kris down on the bed and wrapped his arms around Kris. He whispered. “Kristopher. I love you. Now
and forever. You are the one who made me realize I was special, who brought me out of my shell; you made me the man I am proud of. You
helped me with Corey, and most importantly you listened to me. I love you for that. I just thought sex would cement that belief, so you know I
am committed to you. The passion and love we have for each other is different than what I have with Corey, but it’s still as strong.”
“We don’t need to make love, to have love.” Kris turned back to me and said. “Matthew. I …”
Kris just put a finger to his lips; he didn’t need him to speak. Matt kissed him. Their kiss was romantic, yet tender; wet, yet soft; and
passionate that showed they both are one. Neither of them spoke. They just let the moment happen.
Kris pushed Matt down on the bed, and licked his stomach until he rested on Matt’s cock. Matt didn’t resist. He used his two hands and wrapped
them around Kris’s dick. They moaned in unison. Matt exploded first and Kris swallowed every drop, with Kris cumming right after him. He
layed back in bed and Matt wrapped his arms around Kris again. “I love you, bro.”
“Back at you.”
It was 3 minutes to 6 am and a man with grey hair and blue eyes was just leaving his house. He needed to speak to him. He had to explain
things to him. The man walked into his car and put the address in his GPS. He lived a good hour away. All that was going through his mind was
he needed to tell him everything. He was going to make him listen.
Hope you enjoyed Andy's vision of the wedding between Matt and Corey as he chronicles each passing hour.
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