4: 00 PM
Matt was just watching the scene unfold. Corey could be upset, drunk, happy, withdrawn, and very rarely angry. This emotion he was
using was something completely knew.
“Why are you here?”
“To officiate your wedding; Scott hired me on Derek’s recommendation.”
“Hold on,” Matt interrupted. “How do you know Derek?”
“It is long story, Matt; the point is, I made mistakes in my past, and with Derek’s help over the years I rectified some of them.”
This time Corey spoke up, “I want to hear this story. I also want to hear why you want anything to do with me.”
“Believe it or not Corey, I love you; and care deeply about you. When you were born, and I held you, it was the happiest moment of my
life. I knew I had to clean up my act, your mother was picking up my bad traits, and I never wanted to experience that shit.”
Matt was curious, “What traits? How bad could you have been?”
Corey didn’t say anything, but listened. Calvin spoke up, “Corey do you know why your mother started drinking?”
“Yes,” Corey said calmly, hating to relive this part in him. “I was gay, and when I was forced to come out, I ruined her life in the
community. She was ashamed to have a gay son.”
“That may have been true at the time,” Calvin said, “but she started drinking three months after you were born. You see, I was a drunk
back then, and we had a good time. When you were born though, I tried to cut back and be a good role model, but she continued to drink.
I left six months later. Thinking it would help her not having any reason to drink anymore.
“She said you were a druggie.” Corey stated.
“I was at the time, and the day after you were born I gave it up. The day I left was the worse day of my life. Because leading up to that
moment, Marie and I were fighting nonstop; I wanted her to stop drinking for you. But, she wouldn’t stop. Then, we started to fall out of
love with each other. We barely kissed anymore, and then I left. Because, having me around would just make her want to drink. It killed
me because I left you behind; hoping beyond hope she would turn herself around.”
Matt was holding Corey’s hand ready to give him whatever support he needed. Corey looked shocked, but interested. He asked the
“If you really loved me so much, how come you never returned to get me?”
Calvin lowered his head. “The reason is complicated. First, I started to drink heavily again, mainly because I couldn’t handle leaving.  It
was 3 years later when I woke up in an emergency room, that I finally got sober and got better. I had to come back for you Corey. So, I
travelled back to town; and Marie had moved away, she had taken you and moved away. I had no idea where you were. My only hope at
the time was that she would come back. I tried the internet, everything to locate you guys, and nothing. So, I stayed there, and started an
AA group in town, but also, got a job. I knew if I was going to find you, Corey, and have you come back to me, we needed some funds. As
the years passed, and I built a small business; I finally got enough money to hire a private investigator to locate you. It wasn’t until your
10th birthday, that I found out where you were.
“I drove all the way to your new home and knocked on the door. A man answered and when I told him who I was, Larry told me to leave
and never come back. So, I did that. I didn’t want to cause trouble, and I was certain you wouldn’t remember me anyways. With a heavy
heart, I departed. I believed y’all had a great life and I would just ruin it. Larry told me one thing, when I asked. He told me she stopped
drinking, when she found him.
Corey was speechless. “So, you left never to be heard from again, that was 20 years ago.”
“Yes, it was. I quit my job, moved again, and never looked back. I had the investigator keep an eye on you; but that was that. I needed to
find some happiness in my life, so I enrolled in a dramatic program in California, and after some years I developed comedic
improvisational skills. I returned to Texas with three friends of mine and we developed an improv troupe that went all over Texas. I then I
learned where you went to college. All I wanted to do was come to see you.”
Matt just instantly recalled seeing his own father show up out of the blue at a football game their freshman year, and how awkward it was
at first. He couldn’t fathom how Corey would handle a return of his father. At least Matt’s father had showed up from time to time.
“Why didn’t you?” Corey actually felt some sympathy for the guy; he could understand why he left, to help Marie, and why he stayed away,
but it was still hard to forgive.”
“I didn’t come back because I didn’t even know if you knew I existed, and I didn’t know how you would react; and to a smaller extent, and I
didn’t know what would happen to Marie if I did re-entered your life. So, me and my friends travelled around, and I gave up on ever being
a true father to you.”
“If I meant so much to you, and if I were in your shoes, I would have moved heaven and earth to contact me.” Corey stated.
“Maybe, but I didn’t because, more importantly, for all I knew you didn’t even know I existed; I am a coward. I use improv, and comedy
and acting as a way of escaping the pain, the issues, and the darkness which is my life. My biggest fear, and my biggest regret, was what
you would do when you saw me. I couldn’t handle another rejection, and didn’t set my hopes up.”
Corey understood, and respected that. Matt had to ask the next logical question. “How does Derek fit into all this?”
“Well,” Calvin began, “He found me two years ago after my group disbanded. I needed more money and was hired to entertain for small
parties. After one of those events, I walked on the beach to take in the moonlit night, and I saw Derek sitting there looking out at the
water. He was in deep thought. I was going to continue walking, but he heard me approach and we ended up talking all night, mainly
about his problems. The next day, I met him for breakfast and I opened up to him.
Corey was instantly mad at Derek. Why wouldn’t Derek tell him he found his father. Reading his mind, Calvin answered. “It wasn’t his place
to tell you. He tried to get me to come and see you. I wasn’t ready, and I didn’t have the courage to do it. Again, the fear of rejection was
too great. He left me a number where I could reach him. It was the following year that I phoned the number and called Derek.  We spoke
and he told me about his life, and he told me you and Matt were happy. Four months later, he called back and set me up with a job, giving
me a push. I didn’t realize it was y’alls wedding until three days ago, when Scott mentioned it to me during the audition process. I decided
it was time to finally meet, so I drove to your hotel room Corey, and tried to talk to you.”
“But I wouldn’t give you the time of day,” Corey began, “I will be honest, I had everything I wanted; a loving boyfriend, two best friends,
and a great job. Your appearing like that just shocked me, and I reacted without thinking. I am sorry; I should have heard you out.”
There was silence, and Matt was the one who broke it a minute later, “So, we still getting married or what?”
“Yep!” Corey smiled and turned to his father, “If you will still officiate the ceremony.”
“Of course, my son.”  Corey and Calvin hugged, but Matt knew it would take a longer time to forgive and forget after just a 20 minute
conversation; knowing this from his experience with his own father. Matt excused himself to give them some privacy, as he located Scott
to get things started.
At 4:23, the guests were sitting and talking; Cord had given the photography duties to his three assistants as he went to stand near the
podium to take his position. The bridal party was ready in the house. Marie was outside on the first row with her brother Jimmy. When
Calvin walked down the aisle to begin the service, they made eye contact, but neither spoke to each other.
Calvin turned to Cord and he nodded; he got a text from Scott saying they were ready, and so he approached the microphone at the front
and looked at all people; he took a second to gather himself and then spoke:
“Ladies and gentlemen, gays, straights, and bisexuals of all kind; let me be the first to welcome you to wedding of Matthew Alexander
Raymond, and Corey Francis Teller. Cord take it away.
Cord smiled and the band started to play behind him, and he began to sing an appropriate Bruno Mars classic. As he sings:

“It's a beautiful night,
We're looking for something dumb to do.
Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.

Is it the look in your eyes?
Or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares, baby?
I think I wanna marry you.
Chase and Tabor walk down the aisle; followed closely behind by Scott and Jess who were slow dancing down the aisle. Vince and Linda
came next, with Vince and Linda doing some moves from the sixties.
Well I know this little chapel on the boulevard
We can go-o-oh (go-o-oh), no one will know-o-oh (know-o-oh).

Oh come on, girl.

Who cares if we're trashed?
Got a pocket full of cash

We can blow-o-oh
Shots of patro-o-on

Ahh and it's on girl.

Don't say no, no, no, no-no,
Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah,
And we'll go, go, go, go-go
If you're ready like I'm ready.
Colt and Kris tangoed down the aisle; then up it and then down it again; with Colt playing the part perfectly, and Kris smiling. 
“'Cause it's a beautiful night,
We're looking for something dumb to do.
Hey, baby!
I think I wanna marry you.

Corey walked halfway down the aisle, got on bended knee, and held his hand out for Matt.
“Is it the look in your eyes?
Or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares, baby?
I think I wanna marry you.

Don't say no, no, no, no-no,
Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah,
And we'll go, go, go, go-go,
If you're ready like I'm ready.

Corey tired of waiting looked at his watch; Matt ran on up to him, and jumped with Corey catching him; and they ran down the aisle. All
the people took their places at the front and clapped as Cord’s sang.

'Cause it's a beautiful night,
We're looking for something dumb to do.
Hey, baby, I think I wanna marry you. “
“Now that’s an entrance,” Calvin stated, then spoke to the audience at large. "We are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the
union of Matthew, son of Linda and Corey, son of Marie, in marriage. In the years they have been together. 10 years to be exact, their love
and understanding of each other has grown and matured; and now they have decided to live their lives together as husband number 1 and
husband number 2."
He turned to Matt and Corey. “You are surrounded by your friends and family, all of whom have gathered here to witness your marriage
and to share in the joy of this special occasion. Through your commitment to each other, may you grow and nurture a love that makes
both of you better people, a love that continues to give you great joy, and also a passion for living that provides you with energy and
patience to face the responsibilities of life."
“To some people 'marriage' is a word, - to others it’s a sentence, - a life sentence; however, from what I gathered, these two enjoy their
time together, and it is a sentence neither one would object  .
I would like to point out that we find ourselves at a considerable advantage today; this isn’t a shotgun wedding because neither Tom nor
Brian is with child, this isn’t a religious ceremony where we have to thank specific deities or drink wine from a chalice, and I am the
farthest thing from an ordained anything. We are here to celebrate in Corey and Matt everything that makes them unique.  To both Matt
and Corey, this marriage does not make the beginning of anything; it is an acknowledgment and a celebration of the 10 years they spent
together, being there for each other.
What brings you here today, Matt?
Matt knew his line, but the moment struck him to say, “Um, car. “ 
Some laughter was heard, “No, I am here because I love my Corey.”
Calvin looked at his son, “What brings you here today, Corey?
Corey spoke taking a cue from Matt, “A car also; and obviously I wanted to see these old stomping grounds again.”  There was more
laughter, and Matt stared at Corey, “And my love for Matt and my excitement to be his husband.
Calvin spoke, “What was it that made you fall in love with each other. Corey, why don’t you start us off?  I seem to have misplaced the list
of what you told me earlier.
Corey turned to the audience and then looked at Matt, “I loved his hair; when we met in the bathroom oh those many years ago, that was
what did it for me. But the moment I fell in love with Matt was the moment I didn’t have him.” Corey thought to that horrible day when he
cheated on him, “Matt, you are my best friend, and I fell in love you because you supported Kris, you supported Colt and you supported
me; you were the glue that kept the three of us together during our college lives; your ability to care and forgive, your ability to love
unconditionally, and your moves in the bedroom. They are all the reasons that I loved you. “
Matt looked at Corey still with a tear in his eye. “Corey, I loved you because I knew where your heart is, where your loyalty is and most
importantly where your soul is. You may have had a bad life, but when we met in that bathroom, and all you wanted us to be was friends.
You accompanied me to an art museum, your sense a humor and more importantly your courage, brought me to the conclusion, that I can
be happy with no one else; not to mention your charm, and adventurous spirit. I think we both know what I am referring to there.” Matt
thought of all those many sexual encounters outside.  Before Calvin could instruct them further, Matt and Corey kissed with so much vigor.
Kris had to cough very loudly.
They broke the kiss, and Calvin began, “A successful relationship takes more than just love or so I am told. By making this commitment,
your relationship will become stronger and deeper and even more filled with love. Marriage is not going to change Corey’s hatred for plays
and doing the dishes or making the bed neater than Matt. Marriage is not going to stop the fights in the car, but a long walk cures all.
However, knowing what your partner needs to be happy and being willing to provide it is something you both do very well. Right?”
They both nodded. “Now it is time to open this ceremony up to the floor, and see if the audience has anything they would like to say about
Matt and Corey’s special day.”
There was silence, but Calvin waited because this entire thing was planned by Scott and him months ago when he was hired for this gig.
Scott interviewed Matt and Corey to save time, and forwarded the answers to him. He also added this idea of getting guests to speak.

Matt and Corey were not expecting this at all, but took it in stride, allowing Scott to have full control over this wedding was their idea. The
first person to stand up was a surprise to Corey.

JJ Thompson, Corey’s first crush, and high school bully and current friend spoke. “Well, I guess I will get the ball rolling. Corey and I were
in high school together, when it was revealed that he was a gay person; people in our school and in our town didn’t take to kindly to him.
But, what he showed me and our friends over the course of a few years was that there was more to Corey than his sexual orientation.
There was spirit, bravery and courage to stand up to his former peers, but most importantly there was a sense of humor that made me
laugh. I enjoyed every moment I got to experience Corey, from the time he joined us back home in his sophomore year for the first time;
to when I visited Corey up at his school. I was shown humility and I was shown kindness, and most importantly, forgiveness. Corey
deserves this man and I’m glad he managed to stay with him for these 10 years. “

“Here! Here!” came a shout that Matt recognized coming from his own high school bully and now friend, Andy. A light applause followed,
with Matt’s high school buddy, Tanner, standing up next.

“I was asked to represent Matt’s high school crew. Sorry, Kris, but although you were great entertainer and great leader, it was Matt who
held us together. Matt, when I met him, was skinny guy who loved his internet, loved his computer and loved his education. He used to
take us all aside before big tests and help us study. Whenever we needed help, be it because a family member died, a divorce or just
somebody to talk to, Matt was there for us. When one of us ran away from high school, he helped lead the search for him. This man is a
true friend. There are not many of those around. Some of us make friends where ever we go, but only a few of us get to experience a
true best friend. And Matt has that quality in spades.  He and Kris were something else, they fought, they loved and they cared more for
each other than some real brothers do.   When it came to love and sex, it surprised most of us that Matt was the most sexual active of us
all. He had three boyfriends in high school, but until he met Corey he had found his equal.  I am sure his mother will agree.”

Linda smiled and nodded, to Matt’s delight.  Tanner continued, “Anyways, seeing Matt grow and mature and even seeing him in love to the
right man is something I am fortunate to see. “

He sat down, and Johnny gave him a high five.  One person stood up putting his hand on another.  Matt and Corey smiled as the
recognized Ted Wilcox, the NFL Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.  “Hey guys, I really don’t have much to say; it is just a thank you.
Most people see me as a celebrity, as a hero, and too some devil depending on if the team wins or loses. But, you guys have always seen
me as one of the guys.  A normal person, and it’s something I will always appreciate. I will always remember that card game where Corey
played so honorably, letting himself lose to Myles. But, they helped Colt and the other star struck people in his group accept me for being a
guy, and not a football player, and Corey and Matt as a couple, showed me what love is; and that it can be between two guys; All the best
of luck in the future, and thank you.”

Ted tapped his nephew in his chair who spoke up, “Well guys, I am Reese; I am Ted’s nephew and more importantly, I am Matt’s and
Corey’s protégé, unofficially of course.”

That introduction surprised Matt and especially Corey. Before they could respond, Reese continued.  “Before I even went to college, and I
was visiting my uncle; they took time out of their lives to meet me, and they taught me a lot about myself, about being gay, and about
love. As the time passed and I went to college with them, they made sure they were there for me, even if it was to keep me sober and on
the right track. I, for one, modeled my relationships after Corey and Matt’s, and it never steered me wrong. So, you showed us what love
is, and how to be a good boyfriend, and after ten years we should celebrate your accomplishment.”

“I agree,” Stephen piped up, contrary to Calvin’s notes, but he was allowed to speak. “When I started in school I was an arrogant, flirty
jerk, I had no friends and made people uncomfortable. But, Matt sat me down and told me what an asshole I was and eventually, he and
Corey gave me a chance with their group; which led to me and Grayson. So, kind and forgiving may be true, but the compassion and
understanding they have for others is also something to be celebrated.”

After Stephen stopped, Calvin gave the cue, “Anybody else.”

First Brennan stood, then Parker and Yancey and then Garrett. Garrett spoke first, “What Matt and Corey have and showed me is their
ability to listen and advise. During my spring break I was just finding myself and was scared to come out of the closet, but Matt spoke to
me, and helped me understand that I needed to face reality and be me. So, I left that house and learned to accept my gayness.  It lead to
some promising places, he looked to his current boyfriend Austin whom Matt barely recognized from their spring trip, to a longer gaze at

“Yeah, their relationship showed us that we can be happy and in love with our partner, as much as any man and woman,” Brennan said
quietly and turned his attention to Parker and Yancey.

“Their love and commitment and devotion and loyalty to each other through the bad times,” Parker began, “and through the great and best
times is something me and Yancey admire, and mimic in our love for each other. You showed that even in the worst scenarios, your true
love will be waiting for you with unconditional love and unconditional support.”

Yancey added, “Not only did they demonstrate the power of love for each other, they helped others see that love for themselves. They
brought me and Parker together, and that is something I will endlessly be grateful for.”

Roland Strangers spoke next; Corey loved Roland’s humour and had hired him to be lead janitor of his health club. The man was in his
sixties, but was great guy to have around.

“Corey had a hard life being a gay man in a society that didn’t accept him,” Roland began with a rare seriousness, “Corey never let that
stop him as he dealt with bigots and homophobic pricks in the past. He showed extreme calmness and clear headedness when he outbid a
Texas son of bitch out of the property where his Health club sits; but more impressive was how he trusted  the people who hurt him in the
past. Lee was a bastard to him in college, and now they have a great friendship, because Corey gave him a second chance and trusted
that he learned from his mistakes.  And no, Corey did not pay me to say one word of that.”

Next up was Mrs. Feldman-Borelli, she was their Jewish-Italian gay neighbor. “Hello boys! I appreciate that you invited me to this small
affair. I want to say you are great neighbours. When you moved in five years ago, it was just what we needed; two more gay cuties.
However, Matt came over and helped with my growing finances, and Corey was mister fix-it. Their ability to show love is something I
appreciate. We may not always agree about what needs to be done, and we have brilliant arguments, but deep down they have heart.  It
takes a lot to crack an Italian woman, who uses guilt like a sword, but in time I cracked and appreciated their company. Every Saturday
night, they came. To be here is like being invited to my son’s wedding.”

Following her, Samantha Gritty, the young publisher stood up. “We’ll guys, what can I say about you that these folks haven’t said already?
Y’all make a girl gitty with excitement when you are around. “

Samantha was Matt’s publisher and Corey’s receptionist; they loved her because of her quirky nonsense.  Samantha continued, “Y’all let
gave me a chance by hiring me. When I’d been lookin’ for work with my big boobs and blonde hair, them big cats in Dallas wouldn’t give a
lick of a chance, thinking I was some dumb gal. But when I was desperate and needed the dough, I called on this new healthy exercise
palace openin’ up by Mr. Corey; and I thought me future is there.  He looked at my educational background and took me in as his assistant.
However, me thinking it would be the same shit the big boys in Dallas did, I turned them down. Mr. Corey wouldn’t have it and told me that
he didn’t care about my looks or anything; he knew I was smart and told me that if I respected him, he would respect me. And they were
right; three idiot workers in the main gym made fun of me, and they were out the door the next day.  But, my good fortune didn’t end
there, no sir. Mr. Corey took a shining to me and when the gym did well he helped me further my education and got me started and this
year when I just opened my new biz, Mr. Matt came to me as my first yuppie client. That shows me a lot. He could have taken his book to
other people with more experience, but he was loyal to me, and I respect that boys. You sweet kids deserve some happiness, and so after
this, go home and make some cute babies.”

After she sat down Matt and Corey were both tearing up a little, they never knew how much their relationship impacted people, and that
was amazing. 

Calvin spoke up as he continued to officiate. “Thank you all for those enlightening words of love, and recalling those more than personal
accounts; I am personally glad there were no visuals.  It is time for the part in the ceremony where I need to ask if anybody here has an
issue with this marriage, to speak now; but after those great comments I doubt anyone here as an objection.

And at 5 o’clock on the dot, someone stood up in objection.

5: 00 PM

Everybody turned to see Jacob, Matt’s first real boyfriend stand up.  He was alone and single, but Calvin, not recognizing his connection to
Matt, let the man speak.

“I am Jacob. I had fallen in love with Matt in high school, we had a great friendship and loving relationship. Our relationship ended
suddenly, and I tried being happy with other guys; but nobody was ever as good as you Matt. I cannot let this wedding continue, because I
still have feelings for you.”

Matt was flabbergasted, Matt and Jacob had a rocky partnership, and Jacob was a needy character, who showed it not once, but twice out
of the blue. Matt and Jacob became friends their last year in college, and  their friendship grew, but he never realized until now that Jacob
was trying to get back into his life.

“Matt,” Jacob continued, “I still love you, and I know I was wrong all those years ago to let you go.”

Corey and Kris were trying to stay calm, but what came next was a surprise to everybody.  “Shut the fuck up, and sit down.”

Everybody turned to see Cord speaking into the microphone, “You are not going to ruin this special day because you lost the man of your
dreams and you couldn’t move on.  Believe it or not, I loved Matt at one point; he was the hottest guys on campus. My friends told me it
was suicide to pursue it; and eventually with time I let go of my feelings for Matt. I still care for him, but I am not a selfish enough prick to
upstage their wedding. Matt and Corey are the most loyal, trusting, caring and respectful people I know. They grew up both shy and alone,
and they found each other. They found love and happiness, so leave them fucking be, or get out.”

Toni smiled on her best friend, and Timmy applauded his statement, and then the crowd cheered. Matt never knew about Cord’s affection
for him. He walked up standing there by microphone, “Thanks, bro.”

“Never mention it,” Cord smiled and they hugged.

Kris and Corey coughed loudly; Matt realized they still have a wedding to go through. Matt had one more thing to say to Jacob, “Jacob, it is
okay to have those feelings for me, I will not hold it against you, but you should know that Corey and I are already married, and this
ceremony is just a celebration for all the people who couldn’t be there in New York.”

Jacob sat down and hid his head in shame, while Matt and Corey held hands turning back to the officiate.” Calvin, the justice, asked his
son, Corey, in a whisper: “Are you always surrounded by all this drama?”

Corey laughed, “Yep, you should have seen us in college; there was excitement every weekend.”

Matt smiled, “Guys, let’s continue the ceremony.”

Calvin spoke up, addressing all the guests: “Matt and Corey, you have chosen to walk through life hand in hand. There is no truer
statement of love. Your choice to be together was not defined by a single moment, but by countless special ones. You belong together. The
foundation of your love is profound friendship.

Matt smiled at the last part, and looked at Kris and Colt; they have been his brothers for many years and more importantly their friendship
changed and made his life better. He returned to Corey’s eyes.  It was the same look he gave him in New York all those months ago.

The entire event happened faster than Corey and he could imagine. Corey took him to his favorite restaurant in Matt’s hometown, and
while they were eating their dessert, Corey told him to look at the edge of the plate. Matt was hungry at the time, and didn’t notice that
there were four words written in chocolate.  ‘Will you marry me?”

Matt instantly cried and nodded, he kissed Corey full on the lips, and they stayed like that for a minute or two. The waiter walked and
tapped Corey on the shoulder, “I guess he said yes.”

“Corey, my love; of course I will marry you.”  That night after the best sex in world, they discussed when it was going to happen. Corey
and Matt were both eager and since Texas still forbid gay couples to officially marry, they booked passage to New York that weekend.
Corey and Matt called Kris and Colt and got them to go. And within three days, the four of them were in front of the justice of peace doing
a quick service, which Colt and Kris witnessed.

Just then Corey grabbed Matt’s hand and he was brought pack to present moment.  Calvin began again: “Matt, please face one another
other and take each other’s hands:

“These are the hands of your best friend, full of love for you, holding yours on your wedding day,
These are the hands that will drive in the middle of the night to be with you,
These are the hands that will hold you as you walk around the block after a fight,
These are the hands that will throw something at you, if you keep leaving toilet seat up.
These are the hands that will want to strangle you if you take him to see another play,
These are the hands that will passionately love and cherish you through the years,
These are the hands that will hold you for comfort and tickle you for joy,
These are the hands that will wipe the tears from your eyes,
These are the hands that will tenderly hold your children,
And these are the hands that even when wrinkled and aged will still be reaching for yours, still giving you the same unspoken tenderness
with just a touch

Linda was crying through the entire point part, she couldn’t believe that her only child was finally getting married. She had missed the
service in New York, because she had to stay back and take care of Vince’s recovery. He had had a mild stroke.  Matt was kind enough to
set up a camera to view the ceremony in New York though, but it was nothing compared to seeing it live.

Calvin turned the best men, “Colt and Kris, do you have the rings?” They produced them, although Kris put on a show trying to look for
Calvin turned the Matt first, addressing the crowd, “Matt and Corey have prepared their own vows. Corey?”
Corey took Matt’s left hand, held the ring and placed it at the top of his ring finger, “I love you with all my heart. I cannot be without you.
Alone, apart will not be the same without you in my corner. Matthew you make me proud, make me happy and make me great. Your smile
and your loving is so awesome. Matt from the moment I first saw you, I knew you were the one with whom I wanted to share my life. Your
beauty, heart, and mind inspire me to be the best person I can be. Our family and friends first showed us how to love, helped us grow,
and supported us when we found each other. I hope they will continue to love and support us as we love and support them. You are my
husband, my partner in life and my one true love. I will always be there for you.
Matt looked into Corey’s eyes, as Corey pushed the ring down his finger. Matt then took Corey’s ring and placed it on Corey’s finger,
“Corey, we both found what we were looking for. With a friend to call my own, I'll never be alone. When you feel you're not wanted
anywhere, if you’ll ever look behind and don't like what you find, there's something you should know:  You've got a place to go. Most
people would turn you away. Don't listen to a word they say. They don't see you as I do. I wish they would try to. I'm sure they'd think
again if they had a friend like you. You are the apple of my eye, and you’re person that I love and cherish, and will never betray. I will love
you today and tomorrow, and forever.  I will remain faithful to you, and even when we fight, we will remain tight. Corey from this day
forward I promise you these things. I will laugh with you in times of joy and comfort you in times of sorrow. I will share in your dreams,
and support you as you strive to achieve your goals. I will listen to you with compassion and understanding, and speak to you with
encouragement. I will remain faithful to our vows for better or for worse, in times of sickness and health. You are my best friend and I will
love and respect you always. You are my one true and I will always be there for you, first and foremost.”
Calvin addressed the group again, “By the Power vested in me by your many family and friends who love you very much, it is my privilege
standing here, to pronounce you Corey Francis Teller and you Matthew Alexander Raymond as husbands for life. You may kiss your
Matt put his arms around Corey's neck, Corey slid his around Matt's waist, they looked into each other's eyes, smiled and then leaned in for
a gentle kiss that turned a little more passionate before they broke up and get cheered; Kris and Colt looked on and high-fived each other.
The parents were crying, and the guests applauded. Matt and Corey walked down the aisle hand in hand. They walked through the house
with Colt and Kris following behind. The rest of the guests were directed to another location where cocktails were being served.
Corey picked Matt up and carried him up the stairs toward Colt’s bedroom, As soon as the door was closed and locked behind them; Corey
turned to Matt with a mixture of love and lust in his eyes and pushed him back against the door. Matt was still reeling from the impact
when he felt Corey’s body pressed against him, pinning him to the door and Corey’s lips were upon his, capturing him in the hottest kiss
the two had ever shared.
Pushing himself off the door, forcing Corey back towards the bed, Matt never broke the kiss; his tongue duelling with his husband’s the
whole time. Their hands were all over each other, pushing the jackets off their shoulders, pulling at each other’s tie and hastily unbuttoning
their shirts. They were still locked in a deep kiss as they fumbled to undo each other’s pants, pushing them to the floor.
Stepping back from each other for the first time, they pulled off the rest of their clothes until they were standing, facing each other, in
nothing but their boxers. They looked at each other and smiled. They were both wearing the specially made boxers Kris had made for
them, made with the thinnest fabric for the pouch, emblazoned with a special logo combining a C with an M above the date of the wedding,
and an almost see-through mesh made up the rest. Both boxers were tight fitting, hugging their legs, cupping their butts, accentuation their
cheeks and crack, lifting their dicks and showing them as being thick and long respectively, with the waistbands riding low on their hips,
showing off their hard abs and the cuts disappearing beneath the fabric.
When their eyes met again they were both filled with hunger. Someone tried to open the lock door, but they ignored it as Corey picked
Matt up and threw him on the bed, taking hold of the boxers, pulling them off and tossing them across the room. He looked down at Matt’s
hot body and his hard cock and needed to feel that inside him. He pulled his own boxers off and climbed up onto the bed, bending over and
sucking Matt’s big dick into his mouth, getting it as wet as possible as Matt writhed around beneath him, feeling ever so good.
With Matt’s dick nice and slick, Corey pulled back and spat into his hand, rubbing the saliva on his hole and then moving into position,
hovering over Matt’s cock as he reached down and held it up, aligning his ass with the head of the cock and sinking down on it, feeling the
big cock slip inside him, being plunged into his depths.
Corey was hard and desperate. He needed to be fucked. He drove his ass down on Matt’s cock and didn’t wait for his ass to adjust, he just
started riding the cock, pulling it out of him and then forcing it back inside, bouncing up and down on Matt’s cock and fucking himself so
hard he almost couldn’t take it, but it felt so good.
Matt couldn’t believe how hard Corey was impaling himself on his cock, it was almost hurting him with the force Corey was using to drive
the cock back up inside him. They were both screaming, with Matt reaching up to pull Corey’s ass cheeks apart so he could fuck up that
much further into his husband.
The feelings in Corey’s ass were so unbelieveable, and his cock was so hard it was almost screaming at him, wanting release. He pulled
his ass up off Matt’s cock, pulled Matt to the edge of the bed, lifting his legs so he could dive into the crack, lapping at the ass, getting it
wet enough so that when he spat on his cock and pressed it against Matt’s hole it just slipped right in.
They were both so horny they just wanted it hard, so Corey shoved his cock into Matt’s and just started fucking him straight away, using
his strength to power his dick down into Matt’s ass, pounding him hard and almost driving him through the mattress. Corey was like an
animal, drilling Matt harder than ever until he just couldn’t hold back and let his cum fill Matt so full it was dripping out of his ass.
Still needing to get Matt off, Corey hopped back up onto Matt’s cock and rode him hard until Matt screamed and thrust up even harder into
Corey, burying his cock and balls deep and unloading a huge load into Corey’s ass before Corey fell down onto Matt’s body, their sweaty
skin sliding against each other as they embraced and kissed once more, holding each other and feeling so complete in the arms of the man
they had just married.
It was 5:38 and as Matt and Corey enjoyed their sexually bliss, Jess and Cord were talking by the bar.
“I didn’t realize you still sang,” Jess remarked to his friend.
“I dabble here and there, not much to write home about, I was honored when Scott asked me to do it. Scott wanted me to keep it a secret,
so nobody else knew about it.”
“I see,” Jess said, a little upset that Scott couldn’t trust him with that secret, “How have you been doing, we really didn’t have much time to
catch up.”
Toni and Timmy showed up at that moment with Drizzle by their side, “That was beautiful Cordy.”
“Thanks, guys, I am doing quite fine, Reese and I are in love and cannot be any happier.”
Toni smiled and was glad for her friend. She remembered when Cord, in senior year, and Jess were an item. Scott and Cord had broken
up by then. They had had a good relationship, but she hated it, when Cord informed her that Jess was still in love Scott. He told her that
one night over spring break vacation Scott, Jess and he had a wild threesome. During their activities he realized there was still love there.
And, when Cord confronted him on the feelings, Jess admitted to it, and broke up with Cord then to find a way to win Scott back. That had
broken Cord’s heart and she did all she could to help him.
Toni has held a grudge toward Jess ever since. “Jess, where’s Scott?”
“He must be around somewhere, the ceremony may be over, but the events of tonight are just beginning. I still cannot believe Scott agreed
to be the master of ceremonies.”
“If anybody could pull it off, it is Scott.” Cord agreed.
Toni nodded; she recalled how after Jess broke up with Cord, Cord would watch from afar as Scott and Jess became friendly again, and
she was worried that he was making the same mistakes he did with Matt.  She and their friend Simon worked hard to distract him, and
they sent him to this great bar one evening and had a few laughs. It became a monthly tradition. And it was at this bar that Cord actually
first set his sights on Reese.
Scott was actually watching the cocktails and checking on the dance floor and making sure the musicians were ready for the reception. He
was running around so much he didn’t even see Kris and Colt sitting on the stairs.
“Scott!” Colt yelled, and Scott almost fell at the unexpected sound. He turned around, “Hey, guys, what are you doing inside?”
“Making sure Corey and Matt have some privacy.” Kris winked.
“They are still up there?”
“I guess,” Colt nodded. “How is everything going out there?”
“All is well, but…uh… I think Chase and Tabor have some issues.”
“What makes you think that?” Kris asked.
“They haven’t spoken since the ceremony, and they wouldn’t even talk to each other as they walked down the aisle, not mention, earlier
they were fighting.”
“Okay, after Corey and Matt come down, we’ll go talk some sense into those two,” Colt stated.
Kris nodded. Scott looked at them and it looked as if the past few years had disappeared, and Colt and Kris’s relationship hadn’t been
interrupted.  Scott knew exactly what happened to break Andrea and Colt up, and was shocked that Kris and Colt slept together. “I have to
go check up on dinner with Linda and Jenny, but I wanted to say, guys; I am glad you have made up.”
“We are, too,” Kris nodded.
It was a hard road that Kris and Colt had to go on to get back together. Kris and Colt were dead set on never speaking to each other again.
When they were invited to Linda and Vince’s wedding, they sat with Corey and Matt and Jess and it was like the gang was back together.
But, it was just one moment; it didn’t end there. Colt and Kris never spoke to each other once; they either talked other people, or told
stories to the group. However, being with each other again sparked something, so that Kris made an effort to build a friendship with Colt;
however, every time they tried, it lead to a conversation about Andrea, and Colt just blamed Kris again for ruining his marriage and hung
“I still cannot believe Corey and Matt did that to get us to be friends again.”
“Oh come on, Colt; after everything we have been through that shouldn’t have surprised us.
“Yeah, maybe.” 
When Corey and Matt were planning very fast for their New York Wedding ceremony; it upset Matt a lot that his Mother couldn’t make it,
and neither could Corey’s folks. The conversation turned to Kris and Colt.  Corey and Matt agreed they needed their best friends there,
even if they weren’t talking at that moment.  Corey phoned Colt, and Matt contacted Kris and they made the plane arrangements. Since this
was a spur of a moment flight and the four couldn’t get seats together, Matt and Corey used that time to get their friends talking to each
Kris and Matt were in Matt and Corey’s hotel room, where Kris was reviewing Matt’s vows. Matt guided Kris into the bathroom, because he
wanted a straight man’s opinion on the suit he bought Corey for the ceremony. Kris was just about to make a comment, when Colt entered
to look at the suit at Corey’s request.  While Kris and Colt were taking a minute, they made small talk, since the silence was becoming
awkward. Matt exited and Corey blocked the door so it couldn’t be opened.
“Matt, what are you doing?” Kris asked upset.
“You are going to work through your problems,” Matt spat.
“We have no problems,” Colt lied through the door.
“Bullshit,” Corey yelled, “We do not want our best friends to be angry at each other anymore. So, we are putting a fucking stop to this right
now. We know you both care for each other and have a love for each other; find it.”
“Yeah,” Matt continued, “The wedding is in five hours at the courthouse seven blocks from here. You have until then to make up, and
forgive each other, which we both know you should. If you don’t then we don’t want to see either of you at our wedding.”
Kris and Colt inside were shocked at Corey and Matt’s request. They heard Corey and Matt leave through the hotel room door.
“Great!” Kris sat on the toilet. “Now I’m locked in here with you.”
“You are mad at me?” Colt asked.
“Yes!” Kris began. All the pent up rage he had for Colt for throwing him out of the house three years ago was coming back to him. “You
were my best friend, and you hung me out to dry.”
“You fucking ruined my marriage,” Colt yelled back, his own anger coming to the surface. This was the first time since that night that the
guys actually spoken about what happened.
“Colt, I did no such thing, I was messed up out of my fucking head. I was back on the alcohol and I was alone. You took pity on me.”
“You begged me to fuck you.”
“Yeah, but you could have said no.”
“Do you realize how bad you were in that state,” Colt countered. “I bet you don’t remember anything after Matt left you.”
“I do…it was a horrible time. I remembered you took me. Then, we fucked and you kicked me out because Andrea caught us.”
“Kris,” Colt said calmly, “When I married Andrea, I promised I would not sleep with you again; she wanted us to never sleep around, or
fuck anybody else but each other. I said yes. She knew when I offered to put you up, that it would cause trouble, and you know what? She
was right.”
“So, instead of being mad at yourself you took it out on me?”
Three hours later Kris and Colt exited to the bathroom realizing that Matt and Corey were still on the bed asleep. Kris and Colt were
played, and it worked. Kris and Colt had forgiven each other and now it was time for payback. Colt jumped on Corey and Kris tackled Matt,
and the tickling began and it didn’t stop until Matt yelled out, “I am going to pee.”
“I take it you guys settled everything,” Kris looked at Colt and smiled, “Yep,”
Colt nodded and then kissed Kris on the lips. That made Matt and Corey smile and cheer. With that, they headed to get a quick dinner
before they went to the court house. Matt and Corey didn’t ask what was said, as they knew it would be something that would remain
between them.
Kris looked at the time it was already 5:51pm, the reception was about to start. They went upstairs to get the newlyweds. They knocked on
the door, and entered to see Matt and Corey just kissing. They were in the nude.
Colt was about to sit on the bed, when Matt spoke up. “Don’t sit there.”
“Corey left some of his essence behind.” Matt said.
“You guys didn’t even use a towel. What if I was going to sleep here tonight and you never told me. I would be sleeping in Corey’s fucking
“Hmm,” Matt said, “I guess I would laugh, and say payback is a bitch.” Colt instantly remembered how he used Matt’s bed to fuck a girl and
never cleaned up when Matt said that.
“So,” Kris spoke up changing the subject as he always does, “have you fucked him good, or can he take another beating on the
Corey smiled, “I am sure Matt will be ready tonight.”
“You know it, babe.” Matt smiled. “Guys, I am glad you’re here. We both have some gifts for you.  Think of them as best man gifts.”
Corey got up and gave Colt his, while Matt gave Kris his. They eagerly opened the presents and smiled.  Kris received red mesh boxers
with his initials on it that were like Matt’s pair, and Colt had blue ones.
“Thank you, I so want to try them on.” Colt stands up and kisses Corey with a passion on the lips. He moves on to Matt with equal love. Kris
took his turn; taking an extra-long time with Matt.
“Hey,” Corey laughed. “That’s enough.”
“He is my best friend, I can kiss him as long as I want,” Kris smiled back.
“Well, he is my husband,” Corey countered.
“Don’t be jealous,” Kris laughed.
“Anyways,” Colt broke it up. “We have to get going, you have a reception to go to.”
With that Corey and Matt got dressed back into their suits, but no ties, and open shirts with blue vests. Kris and Colt followed suit.  It was
5:59 when they we about to open the bedroom door.
However, at the moment it burst open almost hitting Corey in the nose. “Good, you’re all here. We need to get this party started. Um, Colt,
Andrea also asked to speak to you.”
“I have nothing to say to her,” Colt spoke as they were coming down the stairs.
Andrea was at the bottom, within ear shot. “OH, YES YOU DO!”
Again thanks to Andy for taking his time to write this great story for us.  
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