2:00 PM
Everybody in the front yard was looking towards Derek for some kind of response; this was surprise to both Samuel and Rick, but more of
surprise to Melissa who had pulled Kevin away from his supposed father. Before Derek could reply, Melissa spoke to Kevin, with everybody
“Kevin, that is not Daddy.”   Melissa turned to Derek, “Sorry.”
“It’s okay,” He turned to Samuel who was still shocked, “He is not my kid.”
“I know that,” Samuel came over a kissed him.
“I didn’t.” Rick smiled; “I assumed you fathered a lot of children on your travels.”  Samuel and Derek both slapped Rick at the same time.
“For one thing, I am gay Rick; for another I travel to help people, not to plant my seed.”
“I am sorry about showing up all of sudden,” Melissa stated, “I just need to talk to Kris before the wedding begins.”
“Well,” Samuel began, “He isn’t here; something about misplacing the wedding rings. If you come inside; he should be back anytime.”
“Okay, I guess I can use the time to get Kevin and me dressed for the wedding.” They all moved into the living room. The house was
deserted on the main floor with people either getting ready, or outside waiting for the ceremony to take place.
Upstairs was a different story, Chase and Tabor getting changed into their suits, dressing smart. However, across the hall the two grooms
were separated. Matt was stunned sitting on the bed still naked, and Corey was standing by window.
Matt cautiously after a minute walked up to his husband to be. He slowly but his arms around his stomach and whispered into his ears.
“What do you want to talk about? What is wrong?”
“There is nothing wrong, but before this wedding takes place, I need to tell you something. That is positively shocking.”
“What is it, babe.” Matt turned him around so Corey was facing him. “You can tell me anything.” Matt was secretly glad that Corey opened
this conversation, because he had some things to say. Corey on the other hand didn’t know how to approach his thoughts.
“Well, early today when I was with Colt; someone came to the room. We thought it was room service, but it turned out to be an elderly
man by the name Calvin. The man, according to him, is my father.”
Matt didn’t know what to make of this at first, millions of thoughts were going through his head, but all he said was, “And?”
“Well, I wasn’t expecting this to happen and let my instincts kick in and I slammed the door in his face. I told him I didn’t need him, and
obviously, how do I even know he is my real father.”  He was echoing the sentiments he made towards Colt earlier.
Matt was his understanding self.  He didn’t judge Corey for his rash action, nor did he ask him to explain anymore. Matt was aware that
Corey’s true father left him a long time ago. All Matt did do was stand up and hug Corey.
“Matt…I just regret what I did. I had so many questions, and with everything that was going on today; I didn’t have the time to find you.”
“I am here now, but there is really nothing I can say. If he is your father, then we can try to locate him, and you can ask him those
questions you seem to have.”
“But,” Corey worried, “How would we find him?”
“We will. I know that he found you on your wedding day. We can find him.”
“I guess, the first question is not where has he been or why he left. The question I have for him is why he showed up today.”
“Well,” Matt ventured a guess. “The wedding is in the paper; Scott always puts announcements in the paper, as he believes the world
should know about it. Maybe he found it out there.”
“Okay, that makes sense, but then how would he have known to look for it.”
“I don’t know.” Matt said, after a pause.
“Do you think this a bad omen; I mean you add this to the rings Kris lost and stuff I said to Colt this morning?”
Matt didn’t follow. “What stuff did you say to Colt?”
“Fuck. I didn’t mean to say that. I just thought something was going to go horribly wrong. I was this close to cancelling the entire thing.”
“Because of a potential glitch the wedding plans.” Matt was confused. “I am not buying this Corey, what aren’t you telling me.”
“I cheated on you before. I almost cheated on you again with Charlie. I have a shit load of baggage; I don’t deserve you. I was telling Colt
all of that. And, he calmly and told me that none of that shit matters. That, you loved and trust me.”
“Colt’s right. You really think after ten years that I would think you’ll cheat on me, or do something I’m not proud of. Never, I trust you, I
love and will always love you. I told you that time when I was drunk our summer here, that you were lucky to have me, and all that shit.
Do you remember that?”
Corey remembered that day vividly. He tried to get Matt to bed and he was so drunk that he was stripping naked, and asking him to fuck
him right there. Then Matt said that horrible shit to him.”
“Yeah, what of it?”
“That next day; I knew how stupid I was for saying that, more importantly I knew how much I loved you. You cared more for me on that
day. I will never forget that. That’s how I knew without a doubt it was the first time I thought I wasn’t worthy for you.  The next semester
when I came back in the middle of the night to be by your side; that’s when I knew we were soul mates. And for the record, I never cared
where you came from, or who your parents were. I just cared about you.”
With that, Corey had all the confirmation he needed and they kissed. Matt on the other hand had something on his chest.
“I will be honest, Corey. I had some doubts about the wedding. Remember the dreams you used to have of us fighting and getting
together, and then fighting again? Since, we got back from New York, I have been having dreams about you. Where something would
happen to you, and last night was the worst one yet. You died”
“How come you never told me about this?”  Corey was worried, not because of the dreams, but because of how they would make Matt
“I didn’t want to worry you.”
“Matthew, they are just dreams; nothing will come of them. We’ve been through far worse, and we have been able to stay together. Even,
heaven forbid, we do break up. I would die.”
“Mom thought the same thing. She convinced me it was cold feet and wedding jitters.”  Which is weird, Matt thought considering what they
did in New York.
“She is right. That is all it is.”
“Yes.”  I am sure when Colt got married he had similar issues.
“The thing is; in every one of these dream, I said one sentence. ‘At least I never cheated.’ Do you think there is anything to that?”
Corey put his arms around Matt. “Nope, remember when I told you about those dreams I had ages ago. That was what the argument was
about, cheating”
“I just thought maybe on a subconscious level you might actually do it again.”
Corey stared Matt. “Why would I ruin us like that?  We both know how close I came with Charlie. I stopped short. I need to be honest too.
I had been thinking all day that maybe I cannot be faithful to you.  You remember in college how after the Holland trip you had to give me
the okay to fuck around with Colt and Kris.  I just don’t know….I came close with Charlie.”
“But you didn’t. We both had faith in each other. More importantly, if you recall with Charlie; I was more mad that you held back that
information, and not about the act. Most people would be concerned with you fucking around.”
Corey smiled recalling that, “I guess when we decided to open our relationship in college; we kind of understood that we would always be
faithful to each and it was just sex with them.”
“Exactly,” Matt agreed. He looked at the clock it was nearing 2:15. “I also think, the reason I was concerned with your cheating, on a
purely subconscious level, is maybe now that we are committed to each other through marriage, you might actually cheat on me.
However, I never actually thought you would. We are committed to each other.
“Well,” Corey said, “Is that is a correct assumption that tonight after we make passionate love and we go to sleep, the dreams will end
because you have now brought the thing up to your conscious level. And yes, I never would cheat on you ever.”
Matt laughed at Corey’s continual use of trivia. “You are right. I hope.”
Corey grabbed Matt’s butt. “Besides, the dream you might be having could be about something else in entirely. Dreams by their very nature
are vague.”
“So, true.” Matt now had no more worries about their relationship. We have one more thing to discuss.
Corey smiled, thinking he knew what Matt was thinking. “I am not going to get my nipple pierced; I don’t care how much a turn on it is for
“Damn,” Matt played along, “No, we need to think about how many kids we want. I am so looking forward to being a daddy.”
“I agree, and considering the father figures we had, I know we will do better.”
“And when we tire of them,” Matt laughed, “we can give them to Uncle Kris.”
“I take it you are not mad at him anymore.”
“Hmm.” Matt didn’t follow. Then it clicked. “The rings. I will kill him when I see him.”
As fate would have it Kris knocked on the door at that minute. He was smiling; Colt was right next to him. Matt who was still naked got up
and went right into his face. “WHY ARE YOU FUCKING SMILING? DID YOU GET THE RINGS?”
“Yes. Why wouldn’t I?”
“You forgot them at the store, remember!” Matt was trying to keep the anger out of his voice. “How can you be so fucking stupid, and ruin
my wedding like that.”
Corey coughed and Matt corrected, “Our wedding.”
“I am sorry, Matt. It was an honest mistake. Andrea should….”
“I don’t want to hear any fucking excuses. “
Kris turned to Colt and smiled again. “He really is mad.”
Colt loved every minute of this. At that moment Colt laughed, and Kris joined him.
“What is so fucking funny?” Corey was now mad. “Do you really know how serious you guys fucked up?”
Colt and Kris laughed harder than ever. After a minute they controlled themselves. Kris fished out the rings still in their boxes and placed
them on the table. Then he stood next to Matt and whispered into his ear, loud enough for Corey to hear.
“I got you. The prince of pranks is dethroned.” He raised his voice a little, “Long live the king. That’s for the prank earlier.”
With that Kris and Colt left laughing hysterically and Kris went to get changed. It was 2.20 pm.  But Matt wouldn’t have them leave so
easily; he took a pillow of the bed and whipped it at Kris. Kris walked up with the fury in his eyes at Matt, and then playfully hit him in

As Matt and Corey, Kris and Colt went to the bedroom where Kris’ suit was laid out. He quickly put it on, while Colt fixed his tie in the
mirror. “I feel too dressed up,” Colt complained.
“Bro, you look hot,” Kris told him. They looked into the mirror, and staring back at them was two best friends, who looked fucking hot. Colt
kissed him on the cheek, and Kris returned the favor. Kris was glad they had their little talk in the car.  Then, he remembers something. He
checked his hair one last time, and hurried to the living room. Colt wasn’t sure what his hurry was as they had still some time before the
guests arrived.
Kris ran upstairs and into the living room. Derek, Samuel and Rick were situated on the coach, and a young child was sitting next to them,
talking to Rick. Rick noticed Kris first.
“Well…well…well, if it isn’t the best man himself?”   Kris hugged his former RA and then looked at the kid some more. He kind of reminded
him of Mike and the kids he used to help at hospital back in the day. 
“Hello, I am Kris. What is your name?”
“My name is Kevin.” He was very mature for his age and shook his hand, then he hugged Kris. Kris was not sure what this all was about. 
Then, Melissa came into the room. “My god Melissa, you look so beautiful.”
“Thank you Kristopher, you look dashing yourself.”  Derek looked on at this reunion, and thought back to why these two never got together
after high school. They were best friends in junior high, and finally after Nathan’s death and Kris changed into a more outgoing person. Did
he have the courage to talk to Melissa? Now, Derek thought, it was like they haven’t missed a beat since they last saw each other, which
was about four years ago.
Melissa looked over to Kevin who was watching the scene unfold, and then she turned to Kris and spoke: “I see you meet my son, Kevin.”
“Your son?”  Kris was speechless, he looked towards Derek and Samuel, “Is she pulling my leg?”
Derek nodded, and Kris did still not know what to say; finally he took Melissa by the hand, “He looks just likely you.”
Melissa giggled, more because of the nervousness of what she had to reveal next. “Guys would you take Kevin into the kitchen and fetch
him a snack.” Melissa looked at her former boyfriend and lover, “Actually, Kris he looks more like you.”
Kris was still so surprised that he didn’t grasp the comment at all.
“Um…sorry…what did you say?”
“Kris…please sit down.”
He did so; from the look she was giving, this was serious.
“Kris, I really don’t know how to say this. I have been too nervous before, and I really didn’t want to burden you with this before. But now I
need to tell you this. I guess I will just blurt it out. Kris you are the father.”
Kris heard it and stood up and walked out the front door. The entire move caught Melissa off guard, but she followed him. When he left
the porch, she grabbed him.
“Kris, let me explain.”
“Why did it take you four YEARS to tell me? Would you like to explain to me HOW it happened?  And why are you telling today.”
Melissa lead him over the rocking chairs out front, “Firstly, I waited because I didn’t know how you would react; I knew you were going
through your troubles at the time, and more importantly I didn’t have the courage to admit it to you. When, you finally returned home, I
had been building up the nerve to tell you and I couldn’t. I just couldn’t because deep down, it would mean the end of our friendship.”
Kris got up and started pacing; he tried to understand her comments, but his brain was more focused on how this whole thing occurred.
All he heard was excuses.
“Melissa, I HATE YOU….I need to know when this occurred.”
“That summer you returned after graduation; we were all celebrating, and we made love. You were single at the time.”
“Stop,” Kris began, “I remember that entire night, we were both coming of a bad relationship, and in the heat of the moment we fucked;
however, I seem to recall you giving me a condom.”
“It was defective,” Melissa acknowledged, looking down on herself.
“What do you want me to with this information? You show up here and tell me I am the father of your baby, something you neglected to
tell me before. Huh, why are you telling me this now?”
Melissa was trying to take the conversation very slowly; she had played it out in her mind for many months.  She went off her script and
said, “Kris, I want you to raise him with me. I want us to be a family.”
“NO.” Kris didn’t even think about it. “NO!  I couldn’t even look at you. You have lied to me for four years. You kept him a secret. Forget it.” 
Kris needed to escape from this entire thing; he just got in his car that was parked closed to where he was and drove away. He didn’t even
know where he was going. A minute later his phone rang.
“Where are you going?” Colt had come up stairs after Kris and saw Derek in the kitchen, and he told me to go look out the window and
heard the entire conversation. He then called Kris as he drove off.
“I need some time alone, bro,” Kris stated, “I will be back, please just let me go.”
“Okay, Kris,” Colt replied, “I am here for you. Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it?”
“I love you like a brother, Colt.” Kris was honest and really appreciated Colt’s concern. “I will talk you about it later. Now I just need to
think.” Kris hung up and turned off his phone. 
He hated himself for fucking up again; he placed the blame on Melissa for not saying anything. He stopped the car and got out of it. He sat
on the hood; he tried to rid his mind of Melissa. A technique Derek showed him once. 
But, it didn’t work another woman entered his mind Sammi, the girl he slept with when he cheated on Jacee, and caused the rift between
him and Matt his sophomore year.  Sammi was who he turned to after Colt kicked him out his house. Kris had nobody; all his college
friends have moved on. Matt and he still were not talking, and Colt kicked him out. He needed a cure, he went to Market Street and started
drinking.  After a week, the drinking didn’t help him, but someone did. Sammi noticed him sitting all alone and they got to talking, and
eventually that lead to them sleeping together.
With Sammi being single, and still attracted him, and knowing the despair that Kris currently was in; she suggested he move in with her.
From then on, Kris got better; she listened to him and gave him advice. Kris started smiling again, and before long they were in a
relationship. They had a great relationship; however, Kris learned that she was pregnant. It turned out in a moment of pure passion, they
forgot protection.
Kris didn’t know what to do; he was pretty young and not ready to be a father. Sammi was equally frightened, but after much
consideration they decided to continue with it. They tried looking for a house that would suit them, as her apartment was so small. They
couldn’t find one in their price range; and with Sammi about to be laid off from her temporary secretarial position, they seemed to be in
dire straits. Kris did his best to stay calm in this situation. When the baby was born, he was in the delivering room; and he was the first
one to hold little Nathan. He kissed his forehead, gave him to Sammi and started to cry happy tears.
Kris wanted to call Colt, or Corey and especially Matt to tell him what happened, but he believed those friendships were done. Matt and he
had drifted apart, and although Kris knew deep down, he loved Matt; they couldn’t get past this fight. Things didn’t help when Sammi fled
three months later, unable to handle being a mother. Now, Kris was alone and with child. He had nowhere else to go. So, he went home
to his parents out of pure desperation. In retrospect, Kris should have turned to Derek, but he didn’t know where he was anymore. 
Jenny was livid to learn what had occurred; Walt was angry too, but after the shock wore off he sat his son down and told him they we will
get through this. He also strongly suggested that he needs Matt and Colt. Colt was out of the question, but after two nights of painful
thought; he called Matt.
Matt told Kris to come him, and that night, they talked about Kris’ situation, and had a nightly chat that went into the next morning. Corey
was glad when this happened; he knew that Matt missed Kris more than he would ever admit. The next day Matt and Kris were best
friends, and it was as if the year of them not talking never happened. Matt even gave Kris money, but Kris turned him down. Kris applied
and got a job as a football coach at their old high school, and eventually in the years that followed Kris made a decent living and became
the head of Physical Education department.
Kris decided he needed to go back to the house and talk with Matt about Melissa. As he drove back he thought of good times he had with
her. He arrived back at the house and outside was Derek, Walt and Jenny, Melissa was not there.  They all sat on chairs on the porch and
It was 2:45 pm; Reese and Cord were outside in chairs waiting for the guests to arrive. They had just finished talking to Linda, but Reese
seemed a little upset.
“You okay?”  he asked his boyfriend.
“It was hard, I really wanted to tell people about what we know.”
“It is hard and I won’t stop you if you really want inform people about it. I just want to make sure we are doing the right thing to here. We
don’t want to upstage Matt and Corey’s day.”
“That’s true,” Reese agreed, “We both heard how happy Linda is.”
Cord smiled, “Why don’t we tell them after the wedding, when it is all over?”
“Okay…”  Before Reese could finish the sentence Jess came round and had a serious expression on his face. “Have you seen Kris?”
“No,” Reese answered for both of them. “Not since the wedding photos. I thought he went to pick up the rings he forgot. I think that’s what
Jenny mentioned to us earlier.”
Cord nodded. “Yeah, but he returned and left again. Do me favor, if you see him tell him to find me. Scott had ordered me to locate him.”
Cord got up, “Do you need help searching for him.”
“Nah, I am sure it isn’t that important and he went to a washroom or something,” Jess stated. Jess located Scott sitting at the dining room
table. He seems beside himself. “Are you okay?”
“No, I am not, Jessie. Our best man is missing; the justice got lost, and Matt and Corey are still getting changed. I tried to get them, but
they were talking in a deep conversation. I told you the shit was going to hit the fan on this one.
Jess, being his loving partner, took Scott by the hand and kissed is gently, “Scotty, everything will work out. Let’s go get the guys and make
sure they are in position, or ready for the position. I already asked Colt to tell me as soon as Kris comes back. Even after all the stuff Kris
has been through; he wouldn’t miss this wedding… “
Scott got up knowing that Jess was right, accidents do happen. They walked up the stairs and went to the first room on the left. Tabor and
Chase were changing in the room. Jess called, and but there was no answer.  He opened the door and Chase and Tabor were both staring
at each other.
“IT IS THE FUCKING TRUTH!” Tabor yelled back. Before Scott or Jess could react, Chase was on Tabor. The first punch was thrown and
Jess nearly got hit by Tabor’s horrible aim. Scott grabbed Chase. Tabor was being restrained.
Scott could not believe these two friends would be coming to such blows. Scott was under enough pressure getting the wedding on track;
he did not need this right now. “SIT DOWN!!”
The shout caught everybody off guard, and even Jess sat down at Scott’s authority. Scott regained himself and spoke directly and clearly,
“I don’t care what the deal it between you two. I care about Matt and Corey. So, either settle this little disagreement or leave right now. I
will not have you two fucking this wedding up. Do I make myself clear?”
Chase and Tabor were shocked by this; in all of their years, they have never seen Scott act like this. Chase looked into Tabor’s eyes, and
they agreed that the wedding will come first and this little thing will end right now. “Yes, sir.”
Chase piped up, “It is, sir.”
At that moment, Colt barged into the room, followed by Matt and Corey, both of them were still not fully dressed. Scott was back to being
“What was that shouting?” Corey asked.
“Nothing, Tabor and Chase were having a little disagreement, and it’s over, right?”
“Yes,” the both said and left the room to get ready for the guests.
Scott turned to Matt and Corey, “Why aren’t you guys ready?”
Matt had his shirt opened and his pants undone; while Corey was in his opened shirt and tie and boxers. They both smiled, with Matt
blushing. Colt laughed knowingly, “Guys, that’s what the honeymoon is for.”
This time Corey and Matt blushed red for being caught, “Sorry, we couldn’t help it; after we talked about our fears and issues that we
were having, Matt jumped me.”
“Don’t blame this on me,” Matt smiled, “You had your hand on my dick, and kissed me first.”
“Okay, we get the picture; Matt’s a horny sex craved lunatic and Corey’s a dick whore,” Jess joked.
“Y’all, the guests will be starting to arrive in about ten minutes; can we hold the making out until after the ceremony, please?” Scott asked.
Corey and Matt nodded and returned to their bedroom to finish getting ready.
Colt was still there, and Jess asked the question that was on Scott’s mind, “Where is Kris?”
“We found him, he returned about six minutes ago; he is talk to his family?”
“Do we know why he left?” Scott asked, “It just seems so out of the blue.”
“Nope,” Colt reported, “I suspect it has something to do with Melissa.”  Colt went to explain what he witnessed earlier and Kris leaving to
be alone.
Scott was shaking his heads, “Does he have the rings?”
“Yeah, and he his dressed and ready to greet the guests. I should go and help him out.”
“Okay,” Scott said, “Thank you.”
Colt left and Scott was about to leave too. “Scott, one moment please.”
“What!” Scott snapped so fast, that he was surprised by it, “Sorry.”
“Talk to me, Scotty.” He sat Scott down on the bed, “I have never seen you this tense before? Let alone blow your lid like that with Chase
and Tabor.”
“You told me before that the way to get those to listen was to scream at them and be direct.”
“That was when I was an RA” Jess acknowledged. “Please tell me, we have been through weddings that had more mishaps, and you have
never lost your cool.”
“I don’t know Jessie; I think it is because it is Corey and Matt; they were my first best friends in college, Matt especially. They had some
rocky times, and I just want them to be happy. That’s why I stayed up all night, to make sure it was perfect.”
Jessie rubbed Scott’s shoulders. “Fuck, you are so tense; no wedding is perfect, Scott.”
“That is true, but I really think….”  Before Scott could finish, a call came for him. Jess listened to Scott’s one-sided conversation, he was
getting more tense all through two minute phone call.
“What is it?”
“That was the Justice; he said he wants to talk to Corey before the wedding begins, and he said it is very important, and it may impact the
wedding if he doesn’t.”
“Okay, so we’ll let them speak; gimmie the phone.”
“I am not letting you leave here until you calm down, and I know how to do it.” He went over to bedroom door and locked it. He took
Scott’s pants and pulled them down an off. Scott wasn’t wearing any underwear. Jess put his mouth around Scott’s dick.  Scott wasn’t
about to complain with all the headaches right now this will help a lot. He doesn’t even know why he was so tense, but that didn’t matter,
he focused on Jess’s actions and moaned quietly.
It was three minutes before 3 o’clock, Kris and his family were just finishing up their conversation; Kris didn’t inform the family of all the
facts, just that Melissa brought him another son.  Colt had just arrived outside, and Kris asked his parents and Derek to keep quiet about
this for now. Derek and Jenny went inside. Walt lingered, Colt sensing a private conversation stood away.
“Son, I just want so say; if you ever need me. I will be here for you. In the last five years, I’ve seen you make some questionable choices,
but in the end, you have me and your mother in your corner always.”
“Thanks, Dad.” Kris’s blue eyes had a tear in them.
“Your mother, Derek and I support you, and more importantly, we love you. When I was your age, I had to make some tough choices, and
from my perspective, you are doing alright. I am proud of you, and I know Nathan is, too.”
“Which one?” Kris joked, noting his dead brother, and his son.
“Both, I think.”  With that, they hugged and Walt went inside. 
Colt came over and before he said anything Kris hugged him. They bond had been rough, but Colt was glad it was back to normal. He
knew Kris would talk to them when he was ready.
3:00 PM
Kris and Colt were at the front of the house and waiting for the guests to arrive. There were about 200 friends and family coming to this
wedding. Kris’s job was to look after Matt’s friends, while Colt handled greeting Corey’s. Chase and Tabor’s main job was to ferry both
groups through the side toward the seating area.
The first to arrive were Noel and Kendall; they came together and so Kris and Colt greeted them kindly. Colt took them around to the seats
personally. Next to show up were Tanner and his girlfriend, and Tanner’s father. Kris had a long history with Tanner Johnson; they had
been friends since Junior high school, and was the one who helped him and Matt get back together after their high school fight. Before he
could engage them, out came Brady and Johnny Kramer. Kris loved seeing his old high school buddies again. However, he was not
prepared for the next arrival: Alison and Don, they seemed to be joined at the hip. Alison had helped Kris when his brother died, and Don
had always been sort of a loner in the high school crew. Another high school crew member showed up was Andy Fredericks, who had
stayed in contact with Matt over Facebook, and they became good friends.
Tabor and Chase were smiling as Kris introduced them to his high school buddies. As Tabor ferried this group to their seats, Kris tapped
Tanner on the shoulder, “Where is Kevin?”
Kevin Smith was the guy who never really liked gay people, and always made belittling jokes towards Matt. “He’s in jail; unfortunately he
made his homophobic remarks at the wrong moment and it led to a fight, which led to the cops investigating him, and throwing his ass in
Kris asked: “Because of his homophobic comments?”
“Nah, because he had four pounds of drugs on him,” Tanner answered. Kris was not surprised, but didn’t like that outcome. He is glad that
Corey and Scott had abandoned their drug habit a long time ago. He escorted him to a seat as they chitchatted.
Colt was waiting for the next group of people to arrive, when in came Juan, Felicia with Britney, who was close to eight years old. In Juan’s
arms was his second child, Randy. Chase asked to hold him, and Juan carefully let his son go. “I am surprised that Matt and Corey have
waited so long to finally tie the knot.”
“Well, this isn’t a gay friendly society we are living in now.” Colt stated with a sigh.
“Even so, they were the first ones the find love out of all of us.”
Robert and Michael showed up together. Michael was Corey’s second roommate after Lee. Robert roomed with Jess and had a huge porn
“Yeah,” Robert began, “they were the first couple.”
“If I recall,” Michael suggested, “They were the only stable relationship that occurred our freshman year.”
“What about Alex and Elise?” Colt countered.
“What about us?”  Alex said smiling, patting Colt on the back.
“We were just talking about who had stable relationship the first semester other than Matt and Corey.”
“Well,” Elise smiled, she was obviously five months pregnant, “Kris and Liz, Colt and Monica, me and my Alex here and you and Brianna.”
‘Monica,’ Colt thought, ‘that bitch; I hope she wasn’t invited.’ They all moved their seats with Chase, as Tabor returned and was smiling
brightly, because next to arrive was Luke, Ted and Myles. They all were on the college football team back in the day. Tabor turned to Colt,
“Don’t you piss you pants, now.”
“Shut up Tabor, I think I am over that.” Colt and Chase had both been star struck by Ted Wilcox and his friends when they met them, and
now things couldn’t be better.
“Where’s you lovely wife?”  Colt prodded.
“Colt, I am still single.” Ted offered, with Myles laughing. Myles asked a question. “Is it true Cord’s doing the photography?”
“Yeah, I think he is also playing a special piece for Matt and Corey tonight.”
“He really is a great piano player,” Myles offered.
“Either way,” Ted smiled, “he makes Reese happy, considering what he’s been through.” Colt took them personally to their seats, and
Tabor and Chase waited for more arrivals. They still were not speaking to each other. Bryson and Garrett showed up next, they both had
dates, and probably at the most awkward moment Toni shows up to see her ex. She was alone.
Bryson smiled at Toni and she smiled back. “How’s it going, Toni?”
“Good, and you?”
“Can’t complain, Oh, this is my date, Bree.”
“Nice to meet you,” Toni extended her hand.
Kris returned and talked to the group at large, extending pleasantries, then had Tabor show Garrett and Bryson and their dates to their
seats while he talked to Toni.
“It’s alright, Kris. I knew I would see him here.”  Kris talked with her as he took her to her seat.  Tabor and Colt were there, greeting a lot
of strangers, most of them Corey’s friends from his Rec Centre and Matt’s neighbours and colleagues from work. Tabor handled them.
Colt was surprised to see Gail and her son, Jacob show up. Jacob was Matt’s ex from high school. Gail was Linda’s friend. It terms out
Linda had invited them. Colt knew Jacob and Matt were on speaking terms, but they hadn’t seen each other in years.
Chase had returned and ferried Jacob and his mother, and a new arrival, Stephen and his partner Grayson, to their seats while Colt
handled next group. Colt smiled and greeted JJ Thompson, Teague, Josh, Ben, Philip and Freddie who had all arrived together, Kara and Jill
were there too. They were Corey’s friends from home. Ben and Josh seemed to have mellowed, but Colt smiled remembering something
about them.
“How’s life, JJ?”
“You know, same old same old. We are treating Corey’s party as a kind of reunion. It has been three years since I have seen my old high
school buddies seen each other.”
“I guess that’s good, where were you?”
“Oh, here and there; I had taken a job at the newspaper and part of the job required me to travel a lot, as I am covering most of the
football and baseball games on the national level.”
Colt remembered that his name was on a few sports articles from time to time. Lane and Heath arrived just then, Heath had a two year old
boy with him. Colt smiled at the kid as he played with Colt’s face for a minute. “What’s his name?”
“Corton, his mother is at home with the flu, so I brought Lane instead.”
“He is adorable. Corton, not Lane.”
Colt escorted everyone to their seats while Kris arrived back to greet two people he didn’t think were coming; Melissa with Kevin and
Andrea. He refused to acknowledge Melissa and Kevin, and Tabor took them to their seats, while he tried to talked to Andrea, but she
wouldn’t respond to him.
Chase was alone to greet Parker, Yancey, Bishop and Shawn. They were all single without anybody with them. “How’s it going Colt Jr.?”
“Fine, Frankie, just fine.” Chase never liked being called that, so he returned the favor and called Bishop by his first name. Chase turned to
Shawn who looked a little down. “You alright, Shawn?”
“Yeah, just been missing my daughter; she was born three months ago, but I wouldn’t miss this wedding for the world.”
Colt and Kris returned to hear Shawn’s comment, “Terra?"
“I didn’t know they invited Andrea?”
“Me neither,” Kris stated, “She could have at least mentioned it to us today.”
“I agree.” 
“How many more people are coming, it’s already 3:20?” Colt questioned, looking at his watch.
“Don’t know, we got another 25 minutes of usher duties to handle.”
Brennan arrived next, he looked unhappy. He was alone. “Where’s your date?”
“No date today, Kris; I heard Garrett brought one. We broke up four months ago and now him sleeping with that shit.”
“You know him?” Colt asked his friend.
“Yeah, and so do you. It is Austin, that fucking asshole we met on spring break together those many years ago. The one he lost his virginity
“Fucking hell,” Kris had no idea. “I still cannot believe you guys broke up; you were so happy together.”
“Yeah, it was kind of my fault.” Brennan didn’t open up anymore and just walked on the seats alone. Kris went with him. Chase and Tabor
returned, and Colt was still wondering what was up with them, neither of them were talking to each other.
Just then, Tom, Justin, Joe and Antonio showed up.  Justin used to do everybody’s hair in freshman year, and Tom was a great guy who
joined the extended crew their junior year; Joe and Antonio disappeared after the sophomore year. Colt assumed that Kris kept in contract
with everybody, or at least knew where they were. Tabor took them, while Chase waited with his brother.
Next to show up were more surprises to Colt and Chase: Charlie and Trey and Towson.  Charlie was Corey’s number one trainer, and Trey
handled the management of the Rec Centre, and Towson was his boyfriend. Mike and Aaron were there, too. Colt remembered that
Charlie’s brother was Aaron, and Mike’s best friend. Mike was also Kris’ best friend, who was always at the college games.
Kris returned to say hello to Mike, and he and Chase ferried them in. Next to arrive was an elderly man whom Colt didn’t recognize. Colt
introduced himself, and learned that the man was Corey’s uncle Jimmy. Colt carefully walked with him to the seats. Tabor and Chase
returned and there was a lull in the arriving guests.
“Talk to me, Chase,” Tabor said, “I am tired of all this fighting.”
“Then accept Britney. I don’t care what she may have done in the past, I love her and I care about her.”
“She tried to break us up, she caused Reese’s accident. It is like I am talking to a brick wall.”
“I don’t care; like I said before while we were changing, “Fuck Off.”
“Well, I cannot. I care too much about you.”
“Tabor, it is simple: I love Britney and I want to spend my time with her. So either you support me in this decision, or I don’t have a best
friend anymore.”
“Fine,” Tabor stated. “We are no longer friends!”  Colt returned to hear Tabor’s comment.
“What the fuck is going on? What is this, you are no longer friends?”
“Leave it alone, brother,” Chase responded.
“Yeah,” Tabor agreed, sounding defeated; He left to go get a seat with his friends. Colt looked at his brother, but Chase wasn’t talking.
However, before Colt could talk further, the entire Trenton family showed up. “Roy and Charlene, how are you guys?”
“Great. How’s Scott holding up?”
“He is doing well, you remember Scott’s sister, Sammie.”
“Of course.”  Chase talked with her and he escorted the Trenton’s to their seats.  Kris returned.
“What took you so long?” Colt asked him.
“The seating area is packing up and, you know me, I can’t resist a crowd. You know it’s like going down memory lane. There are so many
old faces.”
Colt agreed, “It’s sad how we lost contact with everybody. I’m surprised Scott was able to locate them.”
“Actually, Matt had a list of their old contacts and Scott took it upon himself to find them all. Matt said he wanted this to be a reunion,
considering the event in New York was small.”
“That was a good idea.”  Colt smiled and turned to see Scott’s old friends show up. Hayden and his boyfriend Chazz, and Jordy and his
boyfriend Brad arrived. Jordy and Brad seem happy, and Kris instantly started talking to his elementary school friend Brad. Another long-
time friend of Kris’ should up: Marty. Marty was the guy who helped Kris transform from a shy kid to the guy he is today.  Kris was about to
ferry the group, when his old time flame showed up in the form of Liz. She looked happy with her partner Patrice.  Kris walked backwards
taking the entire group to their seats.
Chase was back and nobody was there to ferry. He really didn’t like how dating Britney was affecting his friendship with Tabor. Even if she
did do those things in the past; she was nothing but nice to him. Tabor has never steered him wrong when it came to love. Chase doesn’t
know which relationship to continue. Chase let that drop and smiled because about half a dozen girls showed up.
He remembered most of them: Holly, Morgan, Jill, Kat and Jocelyn, and Heather. The first three he recalled were part of Corey and Matt’s
sophomore apartment friends; Kat and Jocelyn were Liz’s best friends, and seem to be girlfriends now, and Heather was Bishop’s
girlfriend. Chase was surprised to see Heather there because she had a bumpy history with Corey.  Chase gladly walked the girls to their
seats when Kris returned and found a group of guys there, including Ethan and Cody, Madison, Kyle, Kell and Terry, and Gage. They were
all friends Kris had made during the summer before junior year began. Terry was Matt’s friend already .
After taking them their seats, Colt and Chase were back up front and looked ready to go inside to locate their on seats. “I cannot wait to sit
“Bro, we are the best men, we aren’t sitting down; you remember our part that Scott is making us play.”
Colt rolled his eyes, and nodded. It was nearly 3:35, and Chase told Kris and Colt to go inside, as he will look after any remaining guests.
They left Chase to his work, but before they left towards the house two more people showed up. They took them quite by surprise. Kris
knew he had changed, just never realized he was invited to the wedding.
“Hey, Kris how are you doing?” Lee smiled and extended his hand; Kris took it and gave a feeble reply. Colt still had his mouth open.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” Chase took the words out Colt’s mouth.
Kris turned to Chase and Colt. “Guys, this is Corey’s gym accountant. He is also one of Corey’s best friends, and Preston is his brother.”
“What?” Colt still couldn’t believe this. “Does Jess even know he is here?”
Lee answered the question: “Yes, and no we haven’t spoken since that day.”
“You mean when your fucking cronies beat the shit of him; and then when we beat the shit out of you?” Colt was mad.
Kris took Colt aside and Chase took Preston and Lee to the seating area. “Bro, I can understand what you are feeling, but jail changed him.
It made him a better person. He spent two years there, the way Corey tells it, a guy there befriended him, and showed him the way of the
world. When the old man admitted to Lee that he was gay, Lee understood what he did was wrong, and realized people are more than
sexual orientation. The first thing he did to change was contact his brother, and finally accepted him for who he was. The change didn’t
happen overnight, but by the time he was let out. He appreciated people for who they were.”
This was a lot for Colt to take in, but what Colt didn’t understand was how Corey and Lee became friends again, so he asked Kris.
“Well, again, I only learned about this when I used Corey’s gym two months ago, and I was just as shocked as you are now. Honestly, Jess
still thinks he’s a rotten person, and wants nothing to do with him. I don’t. You see, while in jail he finished his education and became a
financial accountant, and when Corey placed an ad, Lee showed up. Corey was wary of him to begin with. However, Lee earned his trust
and took him on. Over the course of a few months a friendship bloomed, Lee saw Corey more as person and less as gay. Corey and
Preston tried to get Lee to open up to Jess, but Lee couldn’t do that. He hurt Jess more than he ever hurt Corey. Anyways, so that’s what
Colt looked into Kris’s blue eyes, “Has Lee really changed?”
“Yes, he is a really a great guy; I went bowling with him last month.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Bro, it wasn’t my place to inform you. Lee has to be the one.” Kris took Colt’s hand and they went into the house get ready for the
ceremony as Chase returned.
Meanwhile in the backyard where all the guests were mingling near the seating area and having cocktails and hors d'oeuvre, Cord was
restless. He was just sitting in one of the chairs and Reese was off talking to Trevor. Cord was confident that Trevor and Reese were
done; he cannot deny they had a strong bond.
He saw Toni and called her over.
“Cordy,” she smiled and kiss his cheek. “How are you doing?”
“I am doing okay. Reese is over there talking to his ex,” Cord admitted.
Toni knew Cord so well that she knew why Cord was a little upset. “Cordy, they are just talking. Reese chose you.”
“I know, but sometimes I don’t know if I am strong enough party for him. We still haven’t even done it yet.”
“Yeah, so; sometimes it is better to wait. You told me how Scott and Jess wanted to do you back in sophomore year, and you waited.
Besides my ex and I didn’t do too well because our relationship was all about sex.”
“You mean Bryson,” Cord stated, “Yeah, did you see that tramp he was with.”
“Her name is Bree.”
“He is dating a cheese?” Cord laughed and enjoyed Toni’s company. They had been friends for about seven years now. They haven’t seen
each other in a few months, and they picked up their conversation as if they never were apart.
“Besides, I bet Reese gets that way when you are near Jess.”
“I cannot believe you brought him up?”  Cord and Jess had a close relationship in their senior year. Cord still was hooked on Matt, and Jess
had lost Scott recently, so they decided to get together and try a relationship to make themselves feel better. “That was barely a
“You loved him.”
“Briefly, maybe; but he wanted Scott, not me. Sure it was great year and a half.”
“You can’t fool me, Cordy, you had more sex with Jess than you had with anybody else.”
“That was because there was nobody else to have sex with. I am no whore like some people.” Cord had fucked that special sex with a
stranger, but had never fucked Reese because of his injury.
Toni punched Cord playfully, “So you and Reese, how is he doing?”
“Honestly, he is doing well; he really did enjoy our trip to Sweden, and meeting my cousins and my grandma. Grandma loved him. I
wheeled him around everywhere.”
“You love playing nurse, don’t you?” She smiled.
Cord blushed, knowing it was true. “He loved the entire trip; one day I will take you there. I just wished I could take Reese under the stars
there.” Toni laughed and nodded. She had missed her buddy.
He realized that he had better start taking pictures of the guests. A new arrival entered with Chase, it was Matt’s grandparents, he guessed
because Linda went to greet them.
“Where is your boyfriend of three years?”
“Timmy is running late like always. How did you ever put up with it?”
Cord appreciated his best friend, and all his quirks. “Don’t know, it never bugged me that much, but then again very rarely were we in the
same place for long periods of time.”
At that moment a hand touched Cord’s shoulder and Timmy was there. He kissed his wife to be, and hugged Cord.
“Sorry I’m late. I had to do some last minute things at the office.”
“Well, no sex for you tonight,” Toni joked.
“Like you could resist me.”
“Enough of that imagery, Tim,” Cord said.
“Bro, where’s Reese.”
Cord pointed towards Trevor.
To take his mind of Trevor for a second, she said: “Thank you, by the way.”
Cord stopped taking pictures of the main family then and turned to Toni and Timmy, who had his hand on her shoulder. “What did I do?”
“You set me up with you hot best friend.”
“Well, I can’t take all the credit, you were both bitching at me at being single, so I thought why not put you guys together.”
“That’s my Cord. I guess we can add matchmaker to the list.” Toni smiled, and held out her finger, “Pianist, singer, chief, photographer,
painter and now matchmaker.”
“A Jack of all trades,” Timmy agreed, and grabbed Cord’s camera and snapped the photos of him and Toni.  Cord gabbed it back.
“I will talk to you guys later.” He turned as Jonas and Frederick entered with Chase now. Jonas was looking after Drizzle with Reese
recovering. Cord, Timmy and Toni went to say hello to them. Drizzle jumped on the Cord and licked his face.

Reese had heard Drizzle’s arrival, he had missed him. However, right now he needs to be a friend to Trevor. Trevor wanted to talk and
they spent the last fifteen minutes chitchatting around the issue. It was now 3:45.

“Look, Trevor, I think it’s about time you told me what’s on your mind.”

“I don’t know how to put it.”

“Just put it!” Reese said more harshly than he intended.

“Three weeks ago; my friend, you remember Roger from my hometown. We were just hanging out with Sarah, his girlfriend and few of
her friends. We were getting pretty drunk, and playing some stupid truth or dare game. And, it was getting intense. I had to fuck Mimi.
Mimi was Sarah’s single friend. So, well not stepping away from the dare, I did it.”

“I take it they knew you were gay.”

“Yeah, but I wanted to see what a girl was like. We both knew nothing would come from it.”

“So what happened?” Reese had an inkling where it was going.

“It was weird. And what was worse, I got turned on by it.”

“So, you liked fucking a girl; big deal. We both know Kris and Colt like fucking guys.”

Trevor learned from Chase and Tabor long ago about Colt and Kris’ sordid past. “I shouldn’t like fucking girls if I am gay.”

“Bro, it is just curiosity,” Reese said. “Nothing more.”

“How can you be so sure.”

“Well, have you thought about fucking Mimi again?”

“Uh…no. I thought about having a go at Sarah, to see what Roger was gloating about.”

“But you are not attracted to any of these girls, right?”

“Well. How do I know?”

“Fuck,” Reese said quietly, “I knew we should have had you do some experimenting in college. So, go do it. You are single, and you said
Mimi was, too. Go. Explore, experiment. Only you can know if it right or wrong. However, from experience with being with you, Trev, you
are just a little curious, that’s all. You have been very gay since we met.”

“Maybe you are right,” Trevor agreed.

“However, I am not the right person to talk to about this. I have always been sure about myself. Your brother, Kris and Colt are the
bisexuals, and Kris had gone through this type confusion when he was in college.”
“Okay, but why is it happening now, shouldn’t it have happened in college like it was with Kris?”
“I don’t know. Some people develop their identities later in life.”
Trevor smiled, “Thanks, bro, I knew you would help me out. And by the way Cord is a great catch.”
“Thanks, I do love him a lot.”
“Have you guys been able to have sex yet?” Trevor asked.
Meanwhile, inside the house Walt was sitting in a chair working a crossword puzzle in the guest bedroom they were using. Jenny came out
the bathroom.
“Do you like these earrings?” She asked.
Walt looking outside at the guests gathered, “I do.”
“You want to look at them first?” She stated.
“Are they new?” Still looking outside.
“You’ve worn them?”
“I love them.” He said without looking, more concerned with his puzzle, ‘Always late.” 5 letters.’”
Jenny goes back into the bathroom, “tardy”
“Well I was thinking ‘Jenny’, but I guess ‘tardy’ works in crunch.”
Calling from the bathroom, “I am going to be ready in two minutes.”
“Take your time,” he said.
“Passive-aggressive is not gonna get me out the door any faster.” Jenny announced
“I don’t know what that is,” Walt stated, “I gave up on getting you out the door in the late 70s. Plus, you’re old, and you don’t move around
that fast.”
“Three letters. ‘It may be bitter.’ ‘Tea,’ right?”
“Why tea?” Jenny asked, confused.
“Because woman doesn’t fit.”
“’End,’ you idiot, ‘bitter end.”
“Hey, when Corey and Matt ready for the ceremony, and they are looking for you; do you want me to say. ‘Sorry, guys Jenny is still busy
doing her hair and makeup.’”
“That’s funny. The other 23 jokes weren’t funny. Well, it’s not that they weren’t funny. It’s just they weren’t haha funny. But me holding up
their wedding, that’s comedy. 
“See, I know it sounds like you’re praising me, but…” Walt began.
“Oh, shut up.” Jenny suggested. “How many people are at this wedding?”
“About 200, but that was five or six hours ago when it started.”
“One more with the passive-aggressive.”
“Once again, I don’t know what that means.” Walt shot back. In a nicer tone, he spoke: “Come here, Tonight is Matt and Corey’s wedding,
your earrings are great, so are your shoes. So can we get out of this room?”
“Hey,” came from the door, “What is taking so long, the wedding is about the start.”
“Talk to your mother, Kris.” Walt got up.
Kris wondered what the argument was about, but then thought better of it. His parents were always communicating like that.
“Walt, I am ready; anyways, now that you’re here, Kris, there is something I want to talk to you about.”  Kris really didn’t have the time or
energy to upload anymore information; however, he listened.
“We just wanted to tell you,” Walt began, “your mother and I got some great news this morning.”
“Mom, you’re pregnant,” Kris interrupted with his smile of his, “Congrats.”
“No, Kris; but it is the next best thing. Little Nate is ours. We got the finalization from the adoption agency.”
“Kris, in weird way,” Walt said, “Nathan has entered our family again.”  Kris’ smile just got bigger and bigger.
“This is fucking fantastic.” Kris said, without noticing his swearing, “I know you two wanted to have another child around; and as much as I
act like one, this so much better. Besides, y’all practically raised him after Sammi left and showed up.”
“Daddy?” Kris turned around quickly; he could never mistake his son’s voice. Little Nate ran up and hugged his father. Kris loved his son,
and was glad that he was here for this day. Walt and Jenny smiled at this reunion, as Jenny went to thank their neighbour for bringing him
“Nate, how are you?”
“Awesome, daddy.”
Scott knocked on the door, and smiled at them, “Kris, who is this little guy?”
Nate answered, “I am Nathan Walter Stanton; how the hell are you?”  Scott was little taken aback by the response, but laughed. “I am the
wedding planner, Scott; and if I don’t get your daddy outside, the wedding won’t happen.”
“Dad,” Kris asked, “Can you take Nate outside while I go with Scott?”  Walt nodded and grabbed his wife, who was still fiddling with her
“Scott, are the love birds ready?”
“Yep, well; there was one more hiccup; I had deal with the justice who wants to meet with Corey before the ceremony.”
The justice of the peace was no ordinary officiate; he was also an entertainer who commands crowds big and small. Scott had auditioned
him for the role, because he was engaging and brought some great fun to the ceremony, and he was glad that Derek had recommended
He had arrived about 30 minutes before, and had prepared himself for the wedding service, but on his mind was Corey. He had hated how
things went earlier, but knew that it was only right that he be here for it. It was two minutes to four o’clock; and he had just received word
that Corey and Matt were ready and would be down in a minute.
Matt and Corey came down the stairs. They walked hand-in-hand into the kitchen and saw the man standing there looking out the window.
“Scott mentioned, you needed to speak to me; something about one of the vows?”
He turned around, and Corey was staring at the man he had seen nine hours ago in his hotel room; his father.
“You are officiating at my wedding?” Corey demanded an answer.
“Only, if your okay it.” Calvin Rork responded calmly.
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