Posted:  June 1, 2014

My eyes opened wide on my wedding day with Kris snoring away in the bed next to me. I smiled knowing last night was so fitting for us. Now, I began wondering how Corey’s night went with Colt and his high school friends. My hope was no one landed in jail but then again they only had to walk across the street.

After showering, I came out with Kris sitting up in bed. He suggested we start our day off by taking advantage of the free breakfast offered at our hotel. He didn’t shower but threw on some clothes before we headed downstairs. 

The breakfast was nice and filling with lots of fruit and some cereal. Kris and I couldn’t believe my dream day was finally here. The only problem was going to be waiting around until one. 

Back in our room, Kris sent Colt a text message to see if he was up. We had to wait a few minutes before Colt called back. Kris stepped into the bathroom to talk, knowing Corey and I didn’t want to talk to or see each other until the moment of our ceremony.

Kris came out with a big smile, “Corey will be lucky if he makes it today.”

“Good deal. I’m glad he had fun,” I said.

“I think we missed a really good time, bro.”

“I don’t think we missed a thing,” I said. “We did exactly what we wanted and they did exactly what they wanted. It was perfect to me.”

“I wouldn’t have traded what we did for what they did. I think they had a really good time though. Colt said they all got pretty shitfaced, including Corey,” Kris laughed.

“He’ll have time to recover. The main thing is he had a good time and got his mind away from today,” I said.

Kris and I did our best to occupy our time. We watched TV or tried to watch TV with Kris’s habit of changing the channels. Kris talked to Melissa some while I chatted with Mom to coordinate the day. We talked about his upcoming vacation to the beach with Colt as well as my honeymoon.

Just before it was time to start getting ready, Kris’s phone started ringing. It was Colt. After answering, Kris said, “Hey, Corey can’t find the wedding rings.”

“Ummm… I have them. They’re in my suitcase,” I stated.

Kris laughed and told Colt what I said. I walked over and found them right where I knew they were. 

“I think Corey’s about to lose his mind,” Kris said.

“It doesn’t surprise me,” I replied.

Kris walked into the bathroom to shower. He came out with a towel around his waist. Slowly he began put on the parts of his suit until he was finished. It was a dark gray suit that looked very nice on him. 

“Is it new?” I asked.

“Of course, and so is Colt’s,” Kris laughed. “Seriously, do you think I’d have one hanging around?”

“Corey and I didn’t either,” I said.

“Bro, Nathan will be smiling down on you and Corey today. I had to pause in front of the mirror and talk to him a minute. I don’t know if he would have ever got to this point in his crazy life,” Kris said.

“He might have,” I said. I leaned over and kissed Kris’s cheek before heading off to prepare for the day. I took my time and wanted everything to be exactly how I wanted them, especially my recently trimmed brown hair with my earrings in both ears.
My dark suit with a vest was on, with my stomach in knots and my hands getting sweaty just thinking about what was about to transpire. Once I came out, Kris approved and told me how handsome I looked for my big day.

Kris took our picture together with my phone before we left the hotel. I checked out with the rings in my pants pocket and tossed our bags in the trunk. I let Kris drive my vehicle and wasn’t sure I had the focus necessary to drive. 

We arrived at our wedding place just before one. Kris parked close to the reception area. It was a picture perfect day with few clouds and temperatures in the low 80’s. I walked into the reception hall and spotted Scott and Jordy with Leslie. 

“Matt, the cake will be here any minute,” she said.

“How’d you guess what I came to see about?” I replied.

Kris walked up and hugged Scott and Jordy. Scott was dressed sharply in a three piece suit while Jordy had on a tie, dress shirt and slacks.

“Kris,” Jordy said slowly.

“Oh my God! Matt said you could speak. It’s fucking amazing, dude,” Kris said and hugged him again.

“He’s getting better,” Scott said after signing to Jordy.

“Scott, can you handle signing to him for our ceremony?” I asked.

“Piece of cake,” Scott said.

“I’m just amazed,” Kris said. 

I looked around and saw the framework of our reception. The room looked old but it fit our needs. There were a few flowers, red and blue tulips, placed in various places. I saw our napkins with our names and the date imprinted on them. The punch bowl was out, as were a few trays for some appetizers we were having. Leslie took me to a room here at the small hotel after we finished seeing everything. She explained that Ms. Caldwell, who was officiating our wedding, would be by shortly to go over the ceremony. 

Kris and I were sitting in the room. It too was old with dark panelling on the wall and an old bed in the center. Just a few minutes later, someone knocked on the door. It was Mom and Vince. Mom looked great in her gray dress and her hair looking very nice while Vince was dressed in a nice black suit. Mom came in and attached a white boutonniere to my jacket.

“Matt, I brought you something old, too. Like they say, you need something old, new, borrowed and blue,” Mom said and pulled out a handkerchief. “It was one I found and had been keeping for just the perfect day like today. I believe it was my dad’s but I couldn’t swear it was.”

“Sweet,” Kris said with Mom stuffing the handkerchief in my coat pocket. 

“I’ve got the blue covered, my underwear,” I laughed. “Now I need something borrowed.”

“Here, you can borrow my belt,” Kris said and undid his belt.

“It wouldn’t match,” I said. 

“Here you go,” Vince said and took off his watch. “You can borrow my watch.”

“Perfect,” I said and put it on since I rarely wore one.

“Kris, I need you to show me around a little bit,” Vince said.

“I get the hint. Linda wants a little time with her boy,” Kris said.

“I do,” Mom said with the two leaving out the door. Once the door shut, Mom grabbed me, “My little boy is getting married.”

“Mom stop it or you’ll have us both in tears,” I said and stepped back a step or two.

“Matt, I want you to know how proud I am of you and Corey. I told some people at work about your wedding. They couldn’t believe I was so on-board for such a deal. I just flat out told them I was happy for you and how you and Corey deserved this. I don’t have to tell you just how special it is to be marrying someone you truly love and are devoted to.”

“Ah thanks, I appreciate that. You don’t have to tell me, but it is nice. Mom, I really don’t know what to expect out there other than I’m nervous.”

“I had two of these days, son. I actually believe Larry would be just as proud of you and would approve of you and Corey getting married. I just hope this is your only one. I was nervous on both occasions and maybe more so with Vince.”

“I hope this is the only one too and it better be,” I said. “I just wish Dad was here. Days like today make me miss him and really wish he was still around.”

Mom stood back and looked at me. “Wow, you look stunning and so handsome. Your dad would be just as proud of you today as I am. I know Vince is really proud of you too.”

I kissed her on the cheek just before we got another knock at the door. It was a lady who introduced herself as Ms. Caldwell. She looked slightly older than Mom with short reddish hair.

“You must be Matt,” she said and extended her hand.

“I am. This is my mom, Linda,” I said, shaking her hand.

“It does my heart good to see a handsome young man like you getting married. Here, let me go through what will take place,” she said.

We walked over and sat down on the bed. She began saying how Corey and I would walk out together.

“Ummm… I have another idea. This is old fashioned but I was thinking of either Corey or I walking down the aisle with our Mom first. Then have the other one doing the same. We really don’t want to see each other until we’re standing together.”

She smiled, “I really like that idea. I haven’t done many formal same sex marriages but I might suggest that in the future where appropriate.” She continued on and explained how she’d say some words before we took hands and said our vows. She read them to us. They sounded fine to me but I said Corey could change them if he wanted to. She did ask for our marriage license. I had to run to the car and grab it.  

Kris came in the door after I was back inside. “Hey Matt, they need you for a few pictures. Corey just had them made and is in his room. He promised he wouldn’t peek.”

“Okay,” I said.

I walked out and walked to find our photographer. I came to find out it was Ms. Caldwell’s partner, Ms. Adams. I posed for a few pictures alone before posing with Mom and Vince. Then Kris and I had one taken before Colt joined us. Colt had things under control and would keep Corey hidden until the moment he walked down the aisle. I did hand him my ring and handed Kris Corey’s ring. While walking back and looking at the white chairs I saw Marie walking around with Larry. She looked very nice as well in a bright blue dress while Larry was wearing a nice shirt and slacks. We exchanged hugs before I went back to my room with Kris.

“It’s about that time,” Kris said.

“I know. Just shut up,” I said.

I began pacing the floor with Kris. I checked the old mirror a few times to make sure everything was perfect. We started laughing before we got a knock at the door. “Showtime, Matt,” Scott said. “Corey is going down the aisle right now. Matt, your Mom is waiting on you while Kris follows behind you.”

I walked out and saw a nice crowd. There was music playing over the speakers but I didn’t know the song or care what it was. Mom greeted me at the back with chairs lining both sides. I heard Ms. Caldwell announce my name. I gripped Mom’s hand tightly and began walking down the aisle. Corey had his back turned to me. I saw just faces and was focused on making it to Corey while the music played. I made it to the front where Ms. Caldwell was standing with some tulips on both sides of her. I smiled when I saw Corey’s face.

“Who gives this man to marriage?” she asked.

“I do,” Mom replied.

I kissed her cheek and watched her walk away. Corey took my hand and smiled. His hand was trembling and sweaty but he wasn’t alone.

“We have gathered here today to unite Matthew Raymond and Corey Teller in marriage. If anyone has any objections, say so now,” she said.

“Y’all better not,” Kris said loudly and got a lot of laughs. It took some of the tension away from the moment.

Ms. Caldwell began speaking again about marriage and the equality of love. It wasn’t that much over the top and fit us perfectly. It wasn’t very long but just long enough that I was ready for it to be completed. We listened to a short version of ‘Same Love’. It was short but still far too long. 

“Face each other,” she said.

Corey turned to me and we took hands with both of our hands so sweaty.

“Do you, Corey, take Matt to be your husband and partner for life?”

“I do,” Corey said.

“Do you, Matt, take Corey to be your husband and partner for life?”

“I do,” I replied.

“May I have the rings?” she asked.

Kris reached in his pocket and produced a ring while Colt had mine in his pocket. Corey took mine in his hand and looked into my eyes.

“Place the ring on Matt’s hand and repeat after me,” she said.

Corey slipped the ring on my finger. “With this ring, I take you as my husband and partner,” she said with Corey quietly repeating it. “I will love you forever… from this day forward… We will walk… together through life… in the good times and bad times… in sickness and in health… until death do us part… I will always be there for you no matter what happens… in our lives from this day forward.”

Finished, I took the ring and slid it on Corey’s big finger. I looked him in the eye and repeated the exact same vows. Corey had sweat running down his face and was barely able to look at me.

“By the power vested in me by the State, I am proud to announce that Matt and Corey are now legally married. You may kiss,” she announced.

I kissed him with tears running down his face. Tears came out of my eyes while I heard pictures being taken.

“Turn around,” she said to us. “Folks, I present to you, Matt and Corey, now husband and husband.”

With music playing, we walked down the aisle holding hands with the photographer walking backwards in front of us. I looked over and saw Mom wiping her eyes. I think Shawn held up his hand and high fived me as we walked to the back. 

At the end, Corey grabbed me and flung me around. “We did it. We did it,” he said with relief written all over his face.

“We did,” I said and kissed him.

We got big hugs from Kris and Colt who walked behind while Ms. Caldwell announced the reception, how we’d take some pictures and thanked everyone for coming. We walked a little further and stood together. First Marie came down the aisle with Larry before Mom came with Vince. They both hugged and kissed us before everyone else began filing by. 

The first person I saw was Ted. He quickly pulled me aside. “Matt, I heard you were having a cash bar. Just forget about it. Luke and I are going in together and paying for all the drinks today. Is that okay?”

I smiled and hugged him. “Thanks.”

Next were Luke, Myles and Reese to congratulate us since they were sitting in the rear. I saw Mr. Jackson and his partner Kevin waiting behind them. I was able to thank them quickly and was pleasantly surprised at their appearance. 

Ms. Adams came walking up and took us away, thus leaving many that wanted to congratulate us. I knew that we would be able to do that after the pictures. Corey and I returned to the front. She quickly got a few pictures of us. Then we posed with our families together. Next was posing together with Kris and Colt.

“I guess that’s it,” she said.

“Hey, how about we get the gang together for one big group picture,” Kris suggested.

“I love that idea, Kris. You and Colt go round them up,” I said.

Corey and I stood together in the sun and waited until slowly everyone began coming out. It was Shawn, Bruce, Aaron, Grady, Jess, Scott, Jordy, Ted, Myles, Luke, Ethan, Cody, Kendall, Noah, Juan, Bryson, Sergio and Dillon. The only ones not here that I could think of were Garrett and Brennan. Counting Kris, Colt, Corey and me, there were 22 of us. It really made me feel great seeing everyone and especially those like Kendall and Noah who had travelled some distance to be a part of our day. Ms. Adams aligned everyone and stood back. She got a few pictures of us before Corey and I were able to greet everyone. It was such a pleasure to do so privately before we headed in for the reception.

Just before we left, Corey wanted to get one picture in with JJ, Teague and Phillip. She took a few before we were finished. I grabbed the photographer and asked her to keep taking pictures at the reception if she could. She said it was no problem and she would be happy to do so. Corey and I walked back inside with Scott directing us to the cake where Melissa was standing and was serving the cake while Faith served some punch for those that didn’t want to drink. It was such a relief to see the cake and how nice it looked. Kris came walking up and whispered in my ear. “I’m gonna wait until the end to propose.”

Corey and I cut the cake. We smiled at each other before we fed each other the cake. Then we began shoving it in our faces until it was all over us. We wiped off the mess and were handed two glasses of champagne.

“I really want to thank everyone for coming to our big day. It is great to see everyone here,” I said holding the glass high. “You don’t know how it makes me and Corey feel seeing all of you here. We know it wasn’t the most convenient place so we appreciate your effort and time coming to be a part of our big day. I hope no one leaves before Corey and I get the chance to say hello. I hope everyone will enjoy this.”

“I second that,” Corey said. We entwined our arms and sipped the champagne with everyone holding up their glasses before taking a drink.

Corey and I moved out with people sitting at various tables before going to grab some cake and our eats. Our first stop was to see Colt’s mom, Victoria, and Hunter, who she was proudly holding. Victoria gave us a hug before we shook Chase, Tabor and Deer’s hand. We walked over and saw Walt and Jenny.

“I really liked that, Matt,” Jenny said. “It was simple and very sweet.”

“I’m just glad you’re here. It means a lot to me,” I said.

“Ah, we wouldn’t have missed it for the world,” Walt said and patted my shoulder. “It’s Kris’s turn next.”

“Maybe,” I said.

Jenny hugged me with tears in her eyes, “Nathan would be very proud of you and Corey.”

“Thanks, I’m sure he would be and is smiling down upon us today.”

Corey and I stood back while people lined up to enjoy the cake, along with some wings, finger sandwiches and fruit we had for them.

Juan came walking up to us with Felicia and his little girl.

“Thanks for coming,” Corey said and hugged him.

“We had to come since you came to our wedding,” Felicia said.

“I can’t believe how big Britney is getting,” I stated seeing their little girl looking so cute in a dress. “How old is she?”

“Three,” Juan replied. “The big news we have is we have another one the way. We just found two weeks ago.”

“Congratulations,” Corey and I said together.

“Thanks,” Juan said. “Y’all are the last ones we told and had to wait.” 

We walked around and meet Grady and his girlfriend. We thanked them for coming and found out they didn’t live that far away. 

Corey and I stood around and took it all in with soft music playing in the background. We looked up and saw Rick, our old RA, coming in our direction with his wife. We shook his hand.

“What a reunion you have going here,” Rick stated. “Man, it’s unreal to see all you guys.”

“Matt and I are shocked that so many were able to come,” Corey said.

“We are. Thanks for coming,” I said.

“No problem at all. It’s a testament to how well you two are really loved by all the guys. I saw all of you having your picture made. It was a real nice ceremony, too,” Rick said.

“He loved it since it was short and sweet,” his wife said.

“That’s how we wanted it,” Corey said. “This is what I was looking forward to the most.”

“Have fun. I’m sure all the guys will want to see you,” I said.

“I spoke to some of them,” Rick said and was grabbed by Kris. 

They talked a little for a minute until Mr. Jackson and Kevin came up to us again. They shook our hands again.

“So when’s the big day for you two?” I asked.

Mr. Jackson smiled, “Since getting your invitation it has got us to thinking seriously about it.”

“If you can do it, we can too,” Kevin said.

“I’m really glad you could make it,” I said. “Have you got to speak to Ted?”

“I just was talking to him,” Mr. Jackson replied. “It is really nice to see fame hasn’t gone to his head. I brag to Kevin every time we see him on TV.”

“He’s one great guy and we are proud to say he’s our friend,” Corey said.

“You should be,” Mr. Jackson said. 

“Thanks again for coming,” I said.

They walked away before Marie and Larry came up with a man and woman. It was Corey’s aunt and uncle. They were very nice and congratulated us on our big day.

It seemed we had our spot. Now everyone was coming up to say hi and speak to us. Next were Kendall and Noah with their girlfriends. 

“We’re honored y’all made it,” I said.

“It just worked out for us,” Noah said.

“It was a chance for us to see everyone again,” Kendall said.

“Any plans for y’all?” Corey asked.

“There could be for me,” Noah answered with a drink in his hand. 

“We just started dating so it might be a little soon for us,” Kendall stated.

We talked to them for a minute before Reese came up to us. 

“You’re next,” Corey said and pushed on Reese.

“I hope so,” Reese said.

“Where is Latham?” I asked.

“He was working so I came with Teddy,” Reese replied. “I do hope someday I’ll have a wedding just like this. It was awesome.”

“I hope so too,” I said.

Corey and I continued to stand until our feet couldn’t take it any longer. We grabbed some chairs to sit at a table. 

“Bro, I told you there would be more than 30 here,” Kris said with a beer in his hand.

“I’d say there’s about 50,” I stated.

“Ted came through in the clutch,” Colt said and held up his beer.

“Naturally, your tight ass would say that. I didn’t have a problem with a cash bar…” Kris stated.

“That’s some bullshit right there. You bitched as much as I did,” Colt argued.

“I said I hated it but totally understood. This shit’s expensive,” Kris said.

“Tell me about it. It’s worth every dime,” Corey stated.

“The only thing missing is dancing,” Kris said.

“We figured everyone would just be talking,” I said with Scott walking up.

“Newlyweds we need you for a minute,” Scott interrupted us.

“Okay,” I said with Corey and I standing up. We walked to the end of the tables and stood. 

“Can I have everyone’s attention for one second?” Scott said. He walked behind and came back with something about two feet tall and covered. “Since these two didn’t want gifts, you know we couldn’t let them get away that easy. I want to thank everyone who contributed.” He pulled off the sheet. It was a tree with money attached to it. Corey and I smiled seeing the tree loaded down with cash.

“Exactly what we needed more than anything,” Corey stated.

“Thank you very much!” I said.

Mom came over and took the tree for safe keeping. I was shocked and amazed after seeing many twenties attached to the tree. 

Kris came walking over with Melissa while we had everyone’s attention. He dropped down to one knee, took her hand and pulled out the ring. “Would you marry me?” he asked.

“Yes, Kris! Yes!” Melissa shouted with tears coming to her eyes. Kris slipped the ring on her finger.

“I think she said yes,” Colt said.

Kris stood and kissed her forever. “Unlike Matt and Corey, I wanted to propose to Melissa in front of all my friends. I hope you didn’t mind.”

“Who’s next?” Myles asked loudly. Fingers pointed at Colt.

“Maybe I’ll do it at Kris’s wedding and steal his thunder,” Colt laughed.

“I think it is awesome,” Corey said. He leaned over and whispered in my ear. “You knew this was coming.”

“I did. He asked me last night,” I said back quietly.

Walt and Jenny came up and gave them a hug. It was nice to see and I didn’t think it took away from anything. 

“Matt, I’m gonna walk over and talk to JJ,” Corey said.

“Go ahead,” I said. I was a little disappointed Tanner, Brady or any my other high schools weren’t able to attend but I understood.

I walked over to Bryson and his girlfriend. 

“This is nice, Matt,” Bryson said.

“Thanks. Alright, where are Garrett and Brennan?” I asked with a smile.

“They’re on a cruise. They were really pissed that they couldn’t come and send their regrets. It would have been a good example for them,” Bryson said before introducing me to his girlfriend. He looked nice with a shirt and tie. I could see he had really gotten into getting tattoos with his right arm covered to his wrist.

I left them after talking to them for a few minutes. I went over and spoke to Dillon for a minute and then to Sergio. Next I headed over to Ted, Myles and Luke. “Thanks again,” I said.

“No problem. It was the least we could do,” Luke stated. “The only problem is that everyone wants to know how we’d feel about a gay teammate, especially since that dude came out before he was drafted.”

“It was easy for me,” Ted laughed. “Hell, we’re at a gay wedding and my nephew is gay.”

“I said the same thing,” Luke said.

“I guess we have another wedding to go to, huh?” Myles asked.

“I think so. Kris has told me they are getting married back at home and are maybe moving back too. Melissa would now but Kris wants to wait,” I replied.

“How about Colt?” Luke asked.

“We’ll see,” I said.

Ted stuck a beer in my hand. It did taste good and was refreshing. I was able to see everyone having a good time and really enjoying visiting, especially all my old college friends. Scott came walking up to me with Jordy. 

“Matt, it’s about time you and Corey got away,” Scott said.

“We’re fine,” I said.

“You don’t understand. Everyone wants to see you leave and throw seeds at you,” Scott said while signing to Jordy.

“I’ll go grab Corey since you want us to leave,” I said. I grabbed Scott and hugged him. “Thanks for everything you’ve done. This wouldn’t be possible without you.”

“I’m happy to do it and have really enjoyed it. Now go get Corey and get the hell out of here,” Scott said.

I hugged Jordy and felt him kiss me on the cheek. “Happy,” he said and smiled at me.

“Very happy,” I said.

I began walking to get Corey. I found Corey talking with Ethan, Cody, Kris, Colt and Juan.

“Corey, they’re kicking us out of here,” I said.

“Damn,” Corey stated.

“Bro, don’t worry. We’ll make sure everything is taken care of after you’re gone,” Kris said.

“See ya since we’re being told to leave,” I said.

Corey and I walked out and saw our vehicle decorated. Across the back window was written ‘Just Married’. Cans and condoms were tied to the back with my name on the passenger and Corey’s on the driver’s side. We headed off to change out of our suits in my room. Corey and I changed into shorts and tee shirts with flip flops for our ride to our hotel. We came back out and tossed our things in our vehicle. 

We walked inside and began saying goodbye to everyone and thanking them for coming. Mom handed me a big wad of cash from our money tree. She said her and Vince would be at the reception until the end. Kris and Colt grabbed both of us for one final hug. Everyone walked out and lined up on our way to our vehicle. Corey and I raced out with seeds being tossed at us. Corey started our car and drove away. I looked back and saw everyone fading off into the distance. Corey stopped at a stop sign. I leaned over and kissed him.

“We’re married,” I said.

“We are,” Corey said.

“All that planning and worrying are now just a memory,” I said with Corey pulling onto the highway.

He reached his hand across and took mine. “It’s a great memory. Now I wish our hotel wasn’t so far.”

“Me too, but we’ll survive. We have lots to talk about for the next two hours,” I said and held his hand while looking down at my wedding ring.

“At the first car wash I see I’m pulling in and washing this shit off the windows. It’s really hard to see out of them,” Corey stated.

We found a car wash and were able to get all the stuff off our vehicle, plus give it a good needed washing. We went down the list of guests and talked about each one. Doing so really made the time pass in a hurry.

“Corey, what didn’t you like about the wedding?” I asked after we finished going over everyone.

“I’d have to say the wait,” Corey laughed. “That really was a killer.”

“I didn’t like how after the wedding the time just flew by. I wish we could have been able to enjoy it just a little more,” I said.

“I think we spoke to everyone though. It was really fun seeing everyone. We had just about the entire crew there…”

“Except for Brennan and Garrett. Bryson said they were on a cruise,” I added.

“The picture with all of us was really fitting. I hope we can email a copy to everyone to have. Damn, imagine how much we’re gonna spend on pictures.”

“To me, it’ll be worth every dime,” I said. “Alright, what sort of trouble did you get into last night?”

Corey laughed, “We didn’t get in trouble. It was exactly what I needed. I was able to put our wedding in the back of my mind and really enjoy being with those guys. I think Colt really enjoyed it as much as I did.”

“That’s why I left. You’ll never guess what Kris and I did,” I said.

“Let me guess. You sat in bed and talked like you did in college?” Corey laughed. “Kris told me how fitting it was.”

“It was just like old times and was really fitting for us. I think the way we did things worked out perfectly,” I said.

“I think they did too,” Corey said.

Corey drove faster than usual until we reached the hotel. He parked the car with both of us getting out. I grabbed our bag from the rear. He took my hand and walked into the lobby. We gave our name and were given the card for our room. We took the elevator to the third floor. Our room was next to the elevator and in a corner. Corey opened the door but asked that I wait. He propped our bag against the door. He came over and lifted me up in his arms. He kissed me and carried me into our room. He carried me and placed me down softly on the bed.

“Fuck, I need to shower,” he said.

“We both do,” I said.

We began kissing and slowly removing each other’s clothes. Once nude, Corey walked with me and turned on the shower. We stood in the bathroom kissing while the shower heated up. Once the water was warm we stepped into the shower with my back turned to the showerhead. We continued to kiss with Corey reaching down to grab my cock. His wet hand felt so good while my hand moved down his body until coming to his cock. We stayed lip locked with our tongues fighting and stroking each other. I broke the kiss and washed his body with special attention on his ass. He did the same for me until we finished. We stepped out with our cocks very hard. We dried off in a rush and ran to the bed. I did manage to find our lube.

“Fuck, sucking each other…”

“I know. I need inside of you Corey,” I said.

Once we were lubed, Corey’s legs were on my shoulders with a towel under him. I moved close to place the head at his hole. He opened up and let me inside of him to consummate our marriage. Slowly my hard cock penetrated his body. The head was rubbing against the walls and going deeper. Emotions filled my body like never before while inside of Corey. Tears began coming forth from my eyes. I was going to make love to not just to my boyfriend or my fiancé any more, I was going to make love to my husband and life partner.

I looked at Corey with my eight inch cock fully in his ass. He too had tears in his eyes. “Fuck Matt, you’re making me cry,” he said.

“I’ve never felt this type of emotion. Corey, I’m making love to my husband,” I said with tears rolling down my face.

He grabbed me and pulled me down until our lips were mashed together. His hands spread wide. My hands went to his and were locked with his. We were as one with my cock slowly moving in him with no more tears.

I broke the long kiss and stayed near his face. “I love so much, Corey.”

“I love you so much too,” Corey said and moved to kiss me again. We were locked together while really enjoying the moment as a married couple. My biggest fear was ending the moment far too soon. Whenever the tingle hit me, I stopped. 

I leaned up and grabbed his hard six and half inch thick cock with my hand. My cock was slowly moving with soft moans coming from his lips. Our eyes stayed locked together. I felt a tingle and stopped. I leaned over and kissed him again until the feeling subsided. His hand moved down my back to my ass while my cock was deep in him. I thought Corey and I had made love in the past but it was doubtful that any moment in the future could ever surpass the feeling of making love to my husband after just being married. 

Time didn’t matter to me. I could feel him pushing back ever so slightly and squeezing his ass around my hard cock. We continued to make love to each other until my cock began bursting forth inside of him. I grunted and shook all over with Corey pulling me to his lips. The friction caused with my body rubbing Corey’s cock was too much. He started shooting his load between us while we kissed. 

Corey broke the kiss with me hovered over him. “That was the best fuck ever. All those other times were just practice for that right there.”

“Yes it was. Corey, I’ll say it again. We’re fucking married. I can’t believe it!”

“I can’t either. I still think this is a dream.”

“I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. To think we met so quickly in college. I’d have laughed in someone’s face if they’d told me I’d marry the first person I was with in college.”

“I’d laughed just hearing someone saying I’d be married. Things are changing so quickly around us. Matt, I’m honored to be your husband.”

Even though we were a mess, we continued to be passionate with each other. My cock never shrunk and stayed hard as rock deep inside his wet ass. Once wasn’t enough, so I made slow love to him again with our lips rarely coming apart and my hand cradling his head, holding him close.  The bed did shake and rattle with our fucking.  We did moan like always and began breathing hard.  The look on his face was nothing but pure joy.

Corey looked at me and asked, “Can I make love to you?”

“Of course you can,” I replied and slowly pulled out of his wet dripping ass.  I lubed up his hard cock and my ass before mounting him.  The feeling was like no other in the world. 

Eventually I was on my back and receiving so much pleasure.  My mind was now cluttered with so many emotions after the long day and the weeks before.  Corey gave me his love just as I had done earlier.

I thought being married wouldn’t be any different but it was. It was the best feeling ever!!


There's the conclusion of their wedding.  I hope you enjoyed it!  In all honesty, it's very hard to believe I've made it to this point.  When I started 5 years ago, I didn't foresee this coming.  Matter of fact, when I ended the regular series last year, I didn't foresee it either.  Thanks to all my readers for the interest plus the changes that are occurring in the US, it happened.

I'm not sure about the future of this series.  I'll continue if the demand is still there.  

As always, I welcome and enjoy your comments. 

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