Note:   This is a tie in to Chapter 23 and written by Big ‘D’.


Man, I was buzzing. I had just finished a kick ass session at the Rec with my friends. Matt and Corey didn’t come, they decided to stay at the dorm, no doubt wanting to fuck, so the rest of us went to work out and had a great little friendly competition to see who could do the most, which I won, but Colt wasn’t too far behind and neither was Shawn, who was really coming along and it was beginning to show.

Just like the night before when I was out with Colt I noticed that there were all kinds of girls who were looking at me and giving me the eye. I had never really noticed the looks that much until I went to the club when Matt and I were fighting and I met Sammi. She opened my eyes to how some women can be and to how easy I can get one in bed if I wanted to.

When we finished our workout we all went back to our rooms to shower and Colt and I joined Matt and Corey in doing some studying before we all met up again and went out to eat. We really have a great group of friends and I can’t imagine how boring college life could be if they weren’t around, although I’m sure I’d be doing my best to have fun regardless of where I was or who I was rooming with.

When we got back from eating, some of the guys came back to our room while the others went off to do their own thing, especially those with girlfriends. Matt and Corey went off to some study group or something and soon the rest of the guys all headed out, leaving me alone, with Colt getting ready for a date with Andrea.

I sat down in the living area to watch some TV but there was nothing good on. I started to think about who might not be doing anything for the evening who I could do something with instead of being bored. I wanted to do something fun. Maybe I should get dressed and go back to that club. I got in last time and met a hot girl I fucked twice. Maybe I’d get lucky again if I went back.

Damn! I shouldn’t have started thinking about that because it made me picture Sammi and the amazing sex we had together not long after meeting her. Another reason that sex probably stuck in my mind was that other than the blowjobs I had given Matt, Corey and Colt to say sorry for being a dick, I hadn’t had any form of sex since then (unless Colt really did fuck me, but I still can’t remember, and neither can he) and I was starting to feel it.

There are only so many times you can use your hand before you need something else, whether that’s someone else’s hand or mouth, it really doesn’t matter. Hell, since I’d come to college I’d learnt that it doesn’t matter if it’s a pussy or an ass, my cock doesn’t care, they all feel great wrapped around it as I fuck them.

My dick was hard and was making a tent in my shorts. Usually I would get naked after we came back from eating but I guess I still hoped I’d be going out and doing something instead of just sitting in the room on my own jerking off. My hopes hadn’t been answered though.

I was so horny and started stroking my dick through my shorts, loving the sensation as the fabric ran across the cut head of my cock. I really didn’t want to have to settle for my hand again but I couldn’t be bothered getting up and putting a shirt on in an attempt to go out and pick someone up so I could fuck them, even though it would probably be quite easy.

My sexual frustration finally got the better of me and I went to my room and fired up my computer, deciding to just settle for jerking off to some good porn since I was alone, not that any of my roommates would have cared if they caught me.

I put on a video I had downloaded to my computer that usually did the trick and sat down in the chair, pulling the waistband of my shorts down so it was tucked under my balls, revealing my seven inch cock that had a big drop of precum on the end. I ran my finger through it and brought it to my mouth. There was something exciting about the taste, which I had only just come around to tasting thanks to my recent encounters with Colt and Corey. It really wasn’t bad.

I ran my hand up and down the length of my shaft, stroking it as the couple on the screen got into the action, the man teasing the woman’s hole with his big cock. Usually watching that scene had my balls bubbling and ready to shoot, but it was doing nothing for me and I felt an overwhelming need to take a leak, so I groaned and without even putting away my cock I headed for the bathroom.

Pushing open the bathroom door I stopped in my tracks. Colt was standing with his back to me, he was shaving in the sink but he was butt naked and as he bent over to get a good look at what he was doing in the mirror it pushed his ass out toward me and made my dick jump with excitement.

Try as I might to deny my feelings I was looking at one fucking hot dude with a kick ass body and a hot ass that was so good to fuck. I thought about the last time I had my hard cock up between those cheeks just a few weeks ago in the shower. It felt so good. I wanted that again.

Moving to the toilet to take care of my business, which was tough with how hard my cock was, I couldn’t help looking over my shoulder back at Colt whose dick hung limp between his legs. He almost seemed oblivious to me even being there, just humming away as he shaved.

I finished up at the toilet just as Colt was wiping his face with a towel. His smooth cheeks seemed to glisten and I was getting hornier by the minute. I walked up behind him and stepped in close, wrapping my big arms around his chest, stroking the hard muscles. Giving in to my temptations I kissed his cheek, running my tongue down to his neck so I could kiss that too.

My cock, still out of my shorts, was throbbing as I hugged Colt closer, running my dick up and down between his hot ass cheeks, getting right in his crack. Fuck it felt so good. I just wanted to push inside and fuck him.

Colt pulled my arms apart and turned around to face me. I leaned in to peck him on the lips but after one kiss he stepped back and gave me a strange look that was a mix of confusion, shock, intrigue and lust.

“What are you doing, Kris?” Colt asked.

“I’m just kissing a hot guy.” I said, smiling and taking a step toward him.

Colt put his hand on my chest to stop me. “Listen to what you just said.”

“What? You are hot. We both know we’re attracted to each other, Colt, what’s the big deal?”

“The big deal is we’re supposed to be fighting those urges, but you seem to give in so easily, I’m starting to wonder if you’re turning on me.”

“Fuck you! I’m not turning. I still love pussy as much as the next guy, I just know how good fucking a hot ass can be, especially when it’s the ass of one of my best friends.”

Colt smiled. “I can’t argue there, but I’ve got a date with Andrea and I’m saving all my energy for her.”

“Oh, come on, Colt. I’m so horny, I just want a quick fuck is all, my hand is getting boring.”

“So go out and pick someone up, the amount of girls… and guys, who have been mentally undressing you recently is unreal.”

“Yeah, but I’m horny and hard right now and can fuck your hot ass right here. Or we can go to your bedroom.”

I was so horny and all I could think about was how good Colt’s ass felt around my cock. Hell, I’d settle for his mouth, he was pretty good at giving blow jobs too. I stepped forward and kissed Colt again.

“Come on, you know how good it feels when we fuck. It’ll be just as good this time.” I said.

Colt chuckled, “Kris, I know you’re horny and just want to fuck, but you’re not sticking that thing in my ass. The last time I let you fuck me before a date with Andrea I was late and nearly lost her, I’m not risking that again. Hell, I had a hard time even walking to her room to meet her you fucked me that good.”

We both chuckled at that, but I still moved forward, wanting him to give in and let me fuck him like he had in the shower. I felt almost drunk with desire.

“Can you not just suck my cock?” I asked. “At least that way I’ll get off and you’ll still be able to walk.”

“I’m not doing anything with you, Kris. I have no reason to. Besides I’m pretty much guaranteed a piece of Andrea, and no offense dude, but her pussy is the best thing I’ve ever fucked.”

I felt myself getting desperate. I just wanted to get off but in a more exciting way than another go with my hand. I slowly turned around and bent over, showing my muscular ass to Colt.

“You mean it’s better than this?” I asked. “You know the last time you fucked me I loved it and came so hard. How about I let you fuck me right now? As long as you get me off it will be more than worth it.”

“What’s come over you today, bro? Are you that fucking horny you’re offering your ass up to be fucked?” Colt asked, staring at me.

“Yes!” I blurted out. “I just want to fuck someone.”

“So go find someone. Walk naked down the hall and knock on people’s doors offering them sex and someone will soon invite you in. As for me, I’m going to get ready for my date.”

Colt pushed past me and went to his room, leaving me standing in the middle of the bathroom with my hard dick bouncing up and down in the air. Without tucking it back in my shorts I walked to Colt’s door and turned the handle, hoping to convince him in his bedroom that we should fuck, but the fucker had locked his door. He knew I would follow him!

Damn! That really killed my buzz. I had a shot at a hot ass and got knocked back. It reminded me of Jacee all over again. I tucked my softening cock back in my shorts and sat down to watch TV until Colt unlocked his bedroom door and walked across the living area looking really hot in his country boy clothes. He smiled at me, gave me a quick wink and walked straight out the door. I couldn’t help but laugh, remembering why I loved the guy so much. He was a great friend, even if he didn’t let me fuck his ass whenever I wanted.

Since I was alone I decided to jerk off again. I really wanted to fuck someone but I just didn’t want to go out and pick up some random person. Okay, so I didn’t want a relationship either but if I could have sex with someone who wouldn’t expect anything in return but would be great in bed I would have jumped at it.

I pulled down my shorts again, this time slipping them down until they were just below my knee. It didn’t take long with me stroking my cock for it to be rock hard again. I jerked off with one hand and flicked through the channels on the TV with the other. I knew I wouldn’t find any porn but if I could find a hot looking woman to jerk off over that would definitely help.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

I groaned, standing up and pulling my shorts back on. Usually I wouldn’t have bothered, most of the people who came to our room had seen me naked, even the girls, but it was different when I was hard, especially if it was one of the straight guys.

I tried to position my cock so it wasn’t too obvious in my shorts, but not wearing boxers beneath meant it was tough to keep it held in place without tucking it into the waistband of my shorts, but then the tip of my cock would be visible. I repositioned it as best I could and pulled open the door to see Scott smiling back at me.

“Hey,” Scott said, looking into the room behind me. “Are you alone?”

“Yeah,” I said, trying to mask my annoyance at him interrupting me.

“Where have they gone? I was hoping to hang out for a bit.”

“Colt’s with Andrea and Matt and Corey have gone to some study group.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Shit. Do you mind if I come in for a bit? I just don’t want to be in my room if Garrett comes back, he’s such a drag.”

“I guess…” I said, not really wanting company while my dick was still hard.

“Are you okay?” Scott asked looking at me, his eyes traveling down my near naked body until they reached my shorts. “Oh… was I interrupting something?”

Scott smiled and nodded down to my crotch. I looked down to see that my dick was really pitching a tent in my shorts. Scott laughed and playfully slapped it, making me moan since his hand connected with the head and made it jump.

“I can leave you to your… alone time.” Scott said.

“You might as well come in now I’ve been found out,” I said, walking back into the room.

Scott followed me in and closed the door behind him. I sat down on the sofa to watch TV and Scott joined me. He started to chuckle so I turned my head to look at him but his eyes were looking down at my shorts, which now had a huge wet patch on them from where my hard cock was leaking precum.

“You know I really can go if you want to take care of that,” Scott said.

All of a sudden it hit me. My dick was hard and I really wanted someone to take care of it and make me cum. Scott was gay, or bisexual with a craving for dick at the very least, Brennan was fucking him often enough so surely he’d let me have a go at his ass. If I was honest I thought Scott was pretty damn hot too and I just knew he’d love a chance to be on the end of my dick.

With those thoughts running through my head and my cock throbbing, I leaned over and pressed my lips against Scott’s, kissing him hard. I had my eyes open and saw that his were really wide, probably in shock because he didn’t kiss back.

When I didn’t pull away and ran my tongue along Scott’s lips he opened them and let me in, grabbing hold of me and pulling me closer to him, his own tongue starting to attack mine as our hands caressed each others body, mine having to slip under his shirt to feel his tight little muscles, and we really got into the kiss, which was hot, wet and passionate. He was a damn good kisser.

Finally needing to pull back for air we were both breathing hard and I saw that, like me, Scott was also rock hard and tenting his pants.

“Holy shit!” Scott exclaimed, reaching up to touch his lips like he still couldn’t believe we kissed.

Catching my breath I spoke, “Fuck, Scott! That was hot! I was jerking off before you got here. I’m so fucking horny and I really wanna fuck someone.”

Scott was silent for a moment, looking at me as if he was trying to figure out if I was being serious, so I leaned back in and kissed him again, moving my hand down to his cock, giving it a good squeeze.

“So, what do you say? Can I fuck you?” I asked, being more direct this time.

“Fuck yes!” Scott screamed, launching himself at me.

He pushed me back onto the sofa, his lips attacking mine. He was such a good kisser. There was a lot of force behind his kisses, so it really felt like kissing a man, but his lips were so delicate and soft that it was almost like kissing a woman as well. It was so hot and only made me kiss him harder.

Pulling back from my lips, Scott started kissing my neck. He focused on a spot on my neck that drove me wild and made my dick jump. I put my hand on the back of his head as he held me there and I couldn’t stop myself from whimpering as his tongue worked its magic on my skin.

He moved his mouth down and was worshipping my body, loving the feel of my hot muscles as he ran his hands all over my chest, using his lips and tongue to kiss and caress the pecs, focusing on my nipples, sending tingles throughout my body and making me want him that much more.

“You are so fucking hot, Kris. You’re the sexiest guy I’ve ever been with. Your body is incredible, feels so good.”

When he reached my abs he ran his tongue along every groove, tracing them with the very tip, making my back arch and pushing my dick closer to his face. He gave my cock a hard squeeze through my shorts that had me moaning but instead of moving down my body he stood up and stepped away from me.

I sat back on the sofa, softly stroking myself through my shorts that now had a huge patch on them from my leaking cock, as Scott slowly rotated his hips, almost hypnotically and started to unbutton his shirt. He was doing a strip tease for me. I almost wanted to laugh at how absurd the situation seemed but as soon as he got the shirt undone and I saw his hot, muscled swimmers body all thoughts of laughing left my mind, the only thoughts that remained were about how hard I wanted to fuck him.

I had always admired Scott’s body and thought he looked good but it wasn’t until he was stripping in front of me, moving his hips, making his abs tighten, that I realized just how fucking hot he was. I had some smoking hot friends and Scott was definitely one of them. I was going to enjoy fucking him.

Scott then moved his hands down to his pants and started to unbutton them, still dancing in front of me. When he pushed his pants off so they fell to the floor my dick jumped in my shorts, throbbing harder than I can ever remember, really stretching the fabric. Scott stood in front of me in a tiny pair of briefs that showed off his impressive hard cock and were cut low enough to show the V at his hips, exposing all the hard muscles in his body. Fuck! He looked incredible.

He turned around and bent over slightly, the briefs hugging his ass and really showing it off. I wanted to reach forward, rip those briefs off him and plunge my hard cock right into him but he moved before I had the chance.

With me still sitting on the sofa, Scott backed his ass up until it was in my lap. He was sort of hovering over my cock as he started to move his hips again, grinding his briefs covered ass against my cock that was still trapped inside my shorts, threatening to burst free at any moment.

I lost all control, seeing Scott’s hot ass in my lap and feeling him rub it against my hard cock. I needed him so bad. I can’t remember ever being so turned on. I grabbed hold of Scott and turned him around, pulling him in for a kiss, driving my tongue into his mouth.

When I let go I pushed him off me and forced him down on the sofa, pinning him beneath me as I leaned down to kiss his beautiful body. I had kissed Colt’s larger muscles before but feeling Scott’s smaller, yet rock hard muscles against my lips and tongue was a new kind of thrill.

I kissed his chest, focusing on his nipples, kissing them, licking them, sucking on them, biting them slightly, making Scott moan constantly. I moved down to his abs and started working them with my tongue, slipping it into his belly button as I felt his hard cock pushing against his briefs as my chest pressed down on his crotch.

Still using my tongue I turned my attention to the dolphin tattoo just above the waistband of those hot briefs, tracing the shape of the tattoo with my tongue. Scott was bucking up into me, arching his back and moaning as more and more precum leaked from his cock and started to soak through his briefs so I could feel it against my chest.

I got to my knees on the sofa with Scott still on his back. He was looking up at me, breathing heavily, a smile on his face. He looked so fucking hot. I gripped his briefs in my hands and nearly ripped them off, pulling them down his legs. His hard cock sprung up and slapped against his abs.

When I saw it I was mesmerized. I had seen Scott’s cock plenty of times in the showers after a workout, hanging around the dorm, or when we were away over summer, but I don’t remember ever seeing it so hard. Not only that but he was uncut. In all my sexual experiences with Matt, Corey and Colt, their dicks had always been cut, Scott had foreskin covering the head of his cock and I was so eager to see how different it felt in my hand and in my mouth.

I reached down to feel it, watching almost with awe as the skin slipped back and forth over the glistening head. Scott was groaning beneath me as I continued to look on with fascination. It was like he had his own sheath that he could fuck when jerking off, something perfectly made for his cock that slipped back and forth over the head, giving him such pleasure. It must feel a lot more like fucking someone when you jerk off than it does for me and other cut guys who only have their hand.

I held his cock up and leaned down to kiss up the length of the shaft. I went back down to the bottom and licked my way up. When I reached the covered head I pulled the skin back and ran my tongue all around the tip of his cock. It didn’t really feel any different from the other cocks I had sucked.

When I started moving my head more though, bobbing my head up and down, running my tongue and lips up and down the length of his cock that was inside his mouth I could feel the skin moving, trying to cover the head, even trapping my tongue between the head and the skin. It was so exciting and I was throbbing even harder, if that’s possible, still wearing my shorts.

I continued to work his cock for another few minutes, loving the feel of it in my mouth and loving the moans that I got from Scott who had put his hand on the back of my head to guide my head up and down without actually applying any pressure to it.

“Damn, I wish I was uncut,” I said, pulling off his cock. “Even if just for one day so I could feel what it’s like.”

Scott smiled up at me, “I can’t really help you there, but I can do something that might give you an idea.”

I didn’t know what he was talking about so I just nodded my head. Scott slid off the sofa onto the floor, pulling me into a standing position so he was on his knees in front of me. He leaned in and licked my shorts where the precum had soaked through before pulling them down and taking my cock into his mouth.

He bobbed up and down and swirled his tongue around with such precision you could tell he was a regular at sucking cock, but because of that he was so fucking good. My dick was leaking so much and he was just lapping at it, swallowing it down, he seemed to love the taste and couldn’t get enough.

Seeing how into sucking my cock he was and how much of me he could take in my mouth I decided to test his limits a little bit so I put my hand on the back of his head and started moving my hips, thrusting back and forth until I was fucking his face. He loved it.

I continued to fuck my hard cock in and out of his mouth for another few minutes, enjoying the feeling of Scott’s tongue caressing the underside of my cock, his lips creating a tight seal around my shaft as I plunged into his warm mouth, until he pulled off and stood up, pulling me in for another hot kiss.

When he pulled back he smiled at me and I wondered what he had in mind. He reached forward, gripping my dick and giving it a few strokes. Using the hand not on my cock, he took hold of his own and pulled the foreskin back. I took a deep breath as he stepped forward so the tips of our cocks were touching. A jolt of electricity surged through my body, making my cock jump and my body shudder.

Scott moved one hand so it was underneath our cocks, holding the heads together. With the other he slowly rolled his foreskin forward and I watched in amazement, gasping as I saw the skin roll over the head of Scott’s cock and continue on until it enveloped mine too.

The feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced. My entire body was tingling with the sensation of having the warm skin wrapped around my cock, the tips of mine and Scott’s cocks rubbing together. I almost came on the spot, having to bend forward and bury my head against Scott’s shoulder to muffle a scream of absolute pleasure.

Scott then started jerking us both with my cock still inside his foreskin. His hand rubbed over my shaft, traveling over the head of my dick, pushing the sensitive skin against Scott’s cock head, with us both moaning, before running down the length of his shaft. He kept that up for about a minute before I couldn’t take any more.

I pulled away and kissed Scott deep. “I have to fuck you now.” I growled, gripping his dick and pulling him to my bedroom.