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Spring Break had been great so far. Pretty much all of our friends were with us, including a few extras who were fast becoming part of the group as well. We were all having a great time and there was a really cool atmosphere when Cody got out his guitar and started playing songs that most of us could sing along to.

I loved having Jordy with me and I was so glad that I had convinced him to come with us. He wasn’t isolated at all, which I had kind of feared, and most of the guys really took the time to involve him in things and to speak slowly so he could read their lips without me or Brad having to translate for him.

Speaking of Brad, he was so great to have around. He could speak to Jordy so I didn’t feel like I had to spend all of my time with him, even though I really like the guy and love being around him. Brad also taught me some new words in ASL that Jordy had tried to but, without him really being able to explain what they meant, it had been hard for me to pick it up. Now I understood almost everything that Jordy signed to me.

As the night wore on and Jordy and I kept talking and joking around; he really is a funny guy with a great sense of humour, even if he can’t really show the others that as well as he could show me and Brad, we started to draw closer together until our bare arms were touching. 

We sat next to each other for the rest of the night but Jordy kept bumping my arm with his playfully and so I kept doing the same back to him. He would wait for a few minutes in silence and then he’d do it again and I had to hold back a laugh as I nudged him back.

When it came time for the group to break up and for us all to head off to our individual tents I noticed for the first time that all of the gay guys had pitched their tents next to each other. Mine and Jordy’s tent was nearest to the straight and bi guys, with Matt and Corey’s next to ours and Garrett and Brennan sharing the tent right on the end, on the other side of Matt.

I looked to my right to see Kris and Colt stripping down naked before they went into their tent. I couldn’t help but wonder what they might get up to since it was on Spring Break last year that the two of them fucked for the first time. That thought alone had my dick hardening in my shorts, with the view of their tight bodies and their hot asses as they entered their tent just adding to the pleasure.

On my left I saw Matt and Corey start to strip down and decided that I might as well do the same since I knew that Jordy wouldn’t mind. As soon as I dropped my shorts Jordy smiled and dropped his so we were both naked. Then I noticed that Brennan and Garrett were also naked and had their hands all over each other, kissing quite passionately before they entered their tent. That made me smile, having been with both of them, thinking that they could be great for each other, whether just on this trip or when we got back to the dorms as well.

Before we entered the tent Jordy stopped me by placing a hand on my arm. He looked deep into my eyes.

“Thank you,” he signed.

“What for?” I signed back.

“For being here with me and helping me join in with everyone else. I can’t tell you how much it’s meant to me. You’re a special guy.”

I thought I saw the hint of a tear at the corner of Jordy’s eye but it was too dark to be sure. He was definitely smiling though as he stepped up to me, put his hand on my chest and the reached behind my head with the other, pulling me into a hot kiss and slipping his tongue into my mouth.

I threw my arms around him and embraced him, kissing him back with passion, having wanted this moment for quite a while, ever since I met him really. We continued to kiss, with our hands all over each other, until Jordy broke away from me, took me by the hand and led me into the tent.

Once we were inside I zipped up the doorway to make sure we had that little bit of privacy, and also because I knew some of the straight guys might not appreciate us keeping our tent open in case they got up to go for a piss and saw us sucking or fucking or whatever it was we were about to do.

When I turned back to face Jordy, I realised that with the door closed on the tent the light from the moon and the lanterns we had been using outside was almost completely blocked out and, while I could make out Jordy’s outline in the darkness, I couldn’t actually see any expression on his face and I definitely wouldn’t be able to use sign language to communicate with him.

That didn’t seem to matter though because Jordy felt his way through the darkness and took hold of my hand again, pulling me to him with his hand slipping around my waist, coming to rest on my ass. I heard what I thought was a faint chuckle and then his lips were back on mine.

He was such a good kisser. He was so passionate, moving his head in different directions, letting his moist lips slip over mine, occasionally trapping my bottom lip between both of his lips and almost sucking on it, once or twice actually taking it between his teeth. When he ran his tongue along my lips I shuddered and instinctively opened my mouth, allowing him inside so our tongues could intertwine, dancing around each other and making love as they moved from one mouth to the other.

Then, when he had my tongue in his mouth, he pulled back and closed his lips around it, actually sucking on it. He used his own tongue to tease mine, but he was definitely sucking it, it was like he was giving my tongue a blow job. I could do nothing but moan into his mouth and pull his body closer to mine so our hard, throbbing dicks came into contact and rubbed against each other.

Jordy then started grinding his dick harder in to mine, letting it run up my stomach, with the tip occasionally finding its way to my belly button and almost pushing inside it. As he did that his lips travelled down from my mouth to my neck, where he placed loving kisses just below my jawline as his hands came up and caressed my chest.

I wanted to tell him how good it all felt and how much I was enjoying myself, how hard my dick was and how badly I wanted him, but he wouldn’t hear me. There was also no point in pulling away from his embrace to try to sign to him because he likely wouldn’t see in the darkness and I didn’t want to do anything that could stop what he was doing.

Instead I let out a soft moan and I don’t know if it was through his hands on my chest or through his lips that were kissing my neck but Jordy somehow knew what I had done, maybe feeling the vibrations and it only made him work harder, gently squeezing one of my nipples, producing even more moans from me.

My mind could barely process the pleasure that was running through my body as my skin tingled all over with Jordy slowly moving his lips and tongue down to my chest, while his fingers started running around the grooves of my abs.

I could hear a light humming coming from him as he placed kisses all over my pecs and gently licked at my nipples. Unless he had better eyesight than I did in the dark, he couldn’t see a thing, so he was using his hands and his mouth to navigate his way around my body, sucking my nipples into his mouth and gently sucking on them a bit, like he had done with my tongue earlier, getting them really hard and then gently biting them, which made me arch my back, take deep panting breaths and have to bite my lip to muffle the scream of pure pleasure that was trying to fight its way out of my throat.

He seemed to really love my body, kissing and caressing it. I know he had admired me at the swimming pool and during our workouts, just as I had him, but somehow I had never felt sexier than having Jordy worship my body when he couldn’t actually see it. My dick was throbbing and I felt it brush against Jordy’s chest, catching one of his nipples, causing us both to moan.

Jordy then must have knelt down because I felt his tongue run down the space between my abs and then his hot breath was being blown onto my cock. His hands came to rest on my thighs and he softly ran them up and down, moving them up in a sort of arching shape so when he reached the top his fingers were just teasing my balls and then the ran them back down to just above my knee.

He used his mouth to blow warm air first onto my balls and then slowly up my shaft to the tip. My dick was pulsing at the sensation and I could feel the precum oozing out of it. I had to reach forward in the darkness until I could rest my hand on the top of Jordy’s head to steady myself. He was so good.

I was breathing really hard, almost doubled over as my dick really jerked in the air, when I felt the first flick of Jordy’s tongue on the tip of my uncut cock and I nearly blew my load right there.

I groaned so loud and felt my legs shaking, hearing Jordy chuckle as he took another lick and then moved one of his hands off my thigh, wrapping it around my cock so he could pull back my foreskin, leaning in to suck the head of my cock into his mouth.

My chest was heaving and my abs were tightening so much I felt like they were about to rip their way out of my skin. Jordy’s tongue swirled around the head of my dick and then I felt the tip of his tongue gently slide under my foreskin as he then brought his hand up, pulling the skin over his tongue.

He continued swirling his tongue around the head, inside the skin, almost tickling it until he moved back, just slightly, and took it between his teeth, pulling on it gently until it covered my tip, collecting the precum that was now flowing steadily out of my cock.

Jordy then pushed the skin back with his hand and lapped at the juices that had accumulated under it. Fuck! He was working my dick to perfection. With his hand he jerked me off, moving the skin back and forth, while he took the head of my cock into his mouth again and used his tongue to probe into the piss slit, wanting to taste more of me.

When he had almost licked me dry he removed his hand from my dick and his mouth just enveloped my cock. He had barely even been bobbing up and down before but now he just kept moving down, his tongue running along my shaft, until I felt the head of my dick slip into his throat and his nose was in my trimmed pubes.

I wanted to scream, wanted to tell him good it felt as he swallowed around my cock, which made the muscles in his throat massage my dick, sending shockwaves all through me, but he wouldn’t hear, so instead I gripped hold of his head even tighter and thrust deeper into his mouth if that was possible. I couldn’t be sure in the darkness but I could have sworn he was smiling around my cock.

He pulled back with my cock popping out of his throat, licking the tip and plunging back onto my dick and swallowing it whole again. He did that maybe five times before it was just too much and I had to pull him up off me or I was going to blow.

With my hands on his head I bent down to kiss him and then moved one of the hands to his chest, slowly pushing him backwards until he was flat on the ground with me on top of him, our lips locked in a passionate embrace, his hands running up and down my back, and our dicks once again rubbing together, though I had to pull my hips back quickly because it was still too sensitive and I didn’t want to shoot yet.

My dick was still tingling so I pulled back from Jordy’s lips and from the body contact, but I kept my hand on his chest and ran my hands up and down his pecs, feeling the muscles beneath the skin and just grazing the nipples with my fingertips.

I couldn’t see Jordy’s body at all, well I could see a dark shape, but I didn’t need to see it to feel how hot he was. Then again I had spent my fair amount of time admiring his hot body whenever I saw him shirtless. It was a lot like mine and Matt’s in that he wasn’t massively built like Corey and Kris were but he was very toned and his pecs were rock hard, just like the cock that was rubbing against my abs.

Moving down his body a little, I bent down and placed my lips against his warm skin. I heard a short gasp, followed by a moan, with Jordy arching his back just a little at the contact. It was good to know he liked what I was doing to him.

I kissed his hot pecs and managed to find his nipples with my tongue, giving them the same treatment he had given mine just moments before, kissing, licking and sucking on them.

I wanted so much to tell him how hot he was and how much I loved what we were doing, but with little light and him unable to hear me I didn’t know how to do that. Then I got an idea.

Poking just the tip of my tongue out of my mouth I started to run it across Jordy’s chest in the shape of letters, spelling out the words “so sexy” across his chest.

Jordy’s hand then came to rest on the top of my head, slowly moving down until it was on my own chest, pushing me up slightly so he could use his fingertip to trace two digits across my skin, “U 2”.

My cock throbbed at that and I reached down, taking Jordy’s arm by the wrist and lifting it until it was at my lips. I kissed the back of his hand and then let go as I moved back down to place my lips against the skin on his body, this time focusing on his tight abs.

I ran my tongue through the ridges between them until I felt his hard cock poking me in the face, leaving a trail of precum on my cheek. I turned my head immediately and took his dick into my mouth.

It was so hot feeling another uncut cock sliding past my lips. I didn’t get to experience that anywhere near as much as I would have liked because so many guys I had been with recently were cut. Not only was Jordy uncut but he was huge too.

As I wrapped my hand around the shaft and pulled the skin back, exposing the head for my tongue to start lapping at, I realised that my hand was barely covering half of his cock. Seeing it flaccid and hanging between his legs is one thing, but having it hard, disappearing into my mouth is another.

I kept bobbing my head up and down, alternating between working the length and working the tip, slowly going lower and lower. Finally I felt the head of his cock slipping past the entrance to my throat and I still had two fingers wrapped around it. Damn, I wish I could have measured it, but my guess is around 8 inches, similar to Matt and Brennan.

As I was thinking about those two hot cocks, and while I finally deep throated Jordy, my nose settling in his trimmed pubes, I felt my asshole twitch. Matt and Brennan felt so good inside me and I just knew from the way it felt in my mouth that Jordy’s hot cock would fill me just as good as those two dicks had and would fuck me long and deep.

I let Jordy’s wet cock slip out of my mouth and crawled back up his body to his chest where I once again used my tongue to tell him what I wanted. Again it was six simple letters but the words were very different.


Jordy’s fist closed around my hair and he pulled me up until our faces were level and his lips were on mine in a kiss that was even more passionate than the others. He ran one hand through my hair and with the other travelling down my back until it was cupping my ass and then he went even further and slipped his finger inside me, with just a bit of friction since there was no lube.

I moaned and instinctively thrust my hips forward, rubbing our hard cocks together. I felt Jordy’s lips curl into a smile while they were still pressed against mine and then he took charge and rolled us over until I was on my back with him between my legs.

The next thing I felt was a shift in Jordy’s weight and it took me a moment to realise he was leaning over me and reaching out in the dark trying to find something. Before I could move to help him he shifted back into position and I gasped as I felt something rough run along my skin. It was a condom wrapper.

I heard the top being popped off the bottle of lube and then I tensed up as Jordy’s slick finger slid back into my ass. He pushed it deep and twisted it slightly, feeling around inside me until he caught my spot and my ass tightened around his finger.

That seemed to act as some kind of signal to Jordy because he pulled his finger out of my ass and then I felt him slowly push two into me, stretching me just a little. He gently moved them in and out until her felt that there was little resistance and then he started fucking me with them.

The pleasure running through my body was almost too much, my cock was throbbing against my abs and I was leaking more precum than I can ever remember. I squeezed my ass around Jordy’s fingers again, this time on purpose, and he withdrew his fingers.

He bent down to kiss me once more and then he pulled back so that no part of him was touching me and for a brief moment I felt lonely in the darkness. That quickly changed though when I felt the tip of Jordy’s covered cock pressing against my hole.

I took a deep breath and pushed out as Jordy pushed forward and his cock sank inside me. He didn’t give me time to get used to the invasion, he just kept pushing forward until he was balls deep in my ass.

My breath was caught up in my throat and my chest felt tight. My ass was stinging, but it was that good kind of pain that is actually kind of nice and can only come from a hot cock burying itself in your ass.

When Jordy bottomed out he didn’t move, finally giving me time to adjust to his size. He leaned down and started kissing my neck and I threw my arms around him, holding him close as his cock throbbed inside my ass, which was still in spasm around his cock.

Eventually I felt relaxed and ready so I used the muscles in my ass to squeeze Jordy’s cock again and he knew he could continue. His hips started moving back and forth but I didn’t let go of him and his lips never left my neck. He was just moving slowly inside of me, pulling back as far as he could and then pushing back in deep. I wrapped my legs around his waist and threw my head back in ecstasy. He felt so good inside me.

After a few, almost painful, minutes of those slow thrusts, painful only in that I wanted him to pound me but was completely at his mercy, Jordy pulled back, pushing my legs from around his waist and started thrusting into me harder and faster.

He quickly built up a nice rhythm and then reached down, grabbing my ankles and pulling them up, bringing them together so he held both ankles in one hand, forcing my body to turn just slightly, altering the angle of his thrusts so he hit my spot every time he fucked his big cock into my ass.

I was panting, my stomach tightening, my heart beating fast as Jordy continued to pummel my spot, driving me crazy and keeping me constantly on edge. It was almost maddening.

Finally I reached down to grab my cock so I could jerk off, needing to cum so bad, but Jordy must have felt the movement or something because he quickly let go of my ankles, pulled his dick out of my ass and reached out through the darkness, pinning my hands to the ground and forcing me to lay flat on my back.

He kept my arms pinned to the floor for about twenty seconds and then he slowly loosened his grip. I didn’t move and that seemed to satisfy him because he pulled his weight up off me and I felt his hands on the backs of my thighs, pushing my legs up and exposing my ass.

At first I thought he was just going to raise my legs a little but he kept going until his arms were on the floor either side of my chest, with my legs draped over his elbows. I was almost bent in half.

Without using his hands, he gently started moving his hips, poking me with his dick until it found my hole and slowly pushed inside. His weight on top of me pushed his dick deep on the first thrust, going even deeper than he had been before.

I threw my head back and relaxed into the fuck as he started to draw his dick up out of me and then plunged it back inside, drilling me hard. My eyes were wide, staring up into the darkness, just being able to make out his silhouette as he drove on and continued to pound my ass.

The moans that were escaping my mouth were getting louder, but I didn’t care who heard. I wanted to scream as loud as I could about how great Jordy’s dick felt inside me in the hope that he might hear me somehow. Instead I settled for squeezing my ass on his cock again, hoping he would get the message and pound me even harder.

Jordy knew exactly what I wanted and drove his dick down into me so hard I thought my back might break from the position we were in. He was fucking me so hard I almost couldn’t take it, but the harder he went the more I actually loved it.

On a backward thrust Jordy’s cock slipped out of my hole and I thought he would have to stop to slip it back in. He didn’t. He just pulled his ass back and then drove his hips forward, plunging his dick back inside me in one move. I couldn’t help myself I screamed so loud I felt my ears ringing afterwards. I knew the guys in the closest tents must have heard that one.

Oh my God. I felt like I was going to pass out. My whole body was tingling, my ass clenching and my cock was throbbing so hard I wished I could have seen it because I know I would have been able to see it expanding and contracting, almost as if it were breathing.

Yet again, just as I thought I was about to cum, Jordy pulled his dick out of me and lay me back down on the ground. He positioned me so that I was mostly on my back, just leaning slightly to the side. He then rose my leg up and draped it over his as he moved in behind me, his chest rubbing up against my side and back as his dick pushed its way back inside me.

This time Jordy was gentle. He wrapped his arms around my chest as he started long deep thrusts into my ass, moving his head to kiss my cheek until I turned my head so that our lips met in a heated kiss.

His hands then started moving, always holding me close, but running up and down my body, feeling my pecs and abs, stroking my cock, and on occasion reaching down between my legs so he could feel the point where his dick was sliding in and out of me.

Jordy broke away from my lips to move his mouth down to my chest, where he started to suck my nipple, always keeping his hand running up and down my abs and stroking my cock just enough to keep my on edge without letting me cum.

When he moved back to up my head this time his tongue licked just behind my ear, sending a shiver down my spine and making me clench my ass. Jordy groaned and gripped me tight with one arm while with his other he reached down, pulled his dick from my ass, threw off the condom and, with just a few strokes of his cock, he came all over my ass and balls, coating me with his cum.

He was gasping as he rested his head on my shoulder and I felt the movements as his chest rose up and down rapidly, trying to draw in air. I just lay still letting him recover while my dick continued to twitch against my abs.

Jordy pulled back from me when his breathing had returned to normal only to bend down to kiss me, forcing his tongue into my mouth.

I reached between us and wrapped my hand around my cock, needing to cum desperately, but, once again, Jordy knocked my hand away from it. He licked his way down my body until he sucked my cock into his mouth and started bobbing up and down, fucking his face on my dick.

I was really getting in to his hot mouth being on my cock when he let it slip from between his lips. I almost groaned in frustration when my dick slapped back against my abs because I wanted to cum and it just felt like he was teasing me. Little did I know he had other plans.

There was a slight rustling sound and I wondered what he was doing, straining through the darkness in the hope of being able to see him, but it was no use. Then his hand gripped my dick and my whole body tensed as he slid a condom on my cock.

I barely had the condom all the way down my dick, Jordy’s hand still holding it tight, when I felt his weight shift and he just climbed on top of me and sank his ass down on my cock.

My eyes were open wide and I was instantly panting as my dick was plunged into his tight ass, which was really gripping my cock.

Without even resting to get used to it being inside him, Jordy just started riding me, going slowly at first, but quickly speeding up until he was really fucking himself on my cock, bouncing up and down. I had never heard so many sounds come out of him as I did as he moaned when my dick sawed its way in and out of his hot ass.

He placed his hand on my chest to try to get more leverage but I was done with the games and I just needed to fuck him. I grabbed his arm and pulled him forward so he had no choice but to put both arms out to brace himself and support his weight. In that position he was leaning fully over me and it just opened up his ass to be pounded really hard.

I moved my feet so they were flat on the ground, with my legs bent and I took hold of Jordy’s arms as I thrust up hard into him. He let out a little scream of his own, but I just continued to fuck him, getting faster and faster until our skin was really slapping and I was driving my dick in and out of him, impaling him deep.

The noise that started to come out of Jordy, seemingly out of his chest, was like a purring sound and it only turned me on more. I pumped up even harder into him and suddenly I felt something wet spraying my chest. Jordy was cumming again, only this time it was totally hands free.

The orgasm sent his ass into spasm and it tightened around my cock, milking it so I just couldn’t hold back any longer, plunging my dick as far up Jordy’s clenching ass as I could, and exploding inside the condom.

Jordy collapsed onto my chest, actually falling onto me, his heavy breathing in my ear as we lay chest to chest, my hard cock still leaking cum deep in his ass. We were both exhausted and even though it was a bit uncomfortable, being trapped under his body, we both fell asleep in that position with my dick still inside him and my arms wrapped around his back, holding him tightly against me.


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