Written by Big 'D' to tie with Ch 48 of 'Rooming-Sophomore'

Posted:   January 5, 2011

Entering their hotel room, leaving Matt and Corey alone to enjoy a night together, Kris, Scott and Colt pulled out the remaining beer they had and each grabbed a bottle. Kris and Colt had drunk a lot more than Scott already, but Scott decided to at least get a buzz going, trying to drink away the horniness that had been lingering since the night before when he thought he was going to get laid.

Kris pulled his shirt off, dropping it on the floor. He sat down on one of the beds, grabbing the remote to turn on the TV. Scott and Colt both took notice of Kris’ ripped body, thinking how hot he was. They looked at each other, smiled and pulled their own shirts off.

They each finished off their beers before all settling down on one bed to watch a late night movie on TV. They cracked open the last of the beers, there were only two left so they kept handing them around.

It wasn’t long before Kris started fidgeting and was soon on his feet pulling off his pants and boxers and kicking them across the room. His cock was semi hard, bobbing up and down. He reached down and gave it a few strokes, looking toward the bed.

Colt did nothing other than look, but Scott lifted his ass and pulled off his own pants and briefs, tossing them off the bed.

“Damn I’m horny,” Kris said, still stroking his cock. “Those girls last night were such cock teases. I was so ready to pound one of them until she begged me to stop.”

“Same here, man,” Scott said, his own dick quickly rising. He reached down to stroke his cock.

“If you’re so horny why not just fuck each other?” Colt said. “You’ve done it before.”

“And you wouldn’t mind?” Kris asked, staring at Colt.

“Not if it’s what you want to do. Corey and Matt fucked with me in the room last night, it wouldn’t be any different with you two” Colt said.

“Cool!” Scott exclaimed.

He got to his knees on the bed and leaned over, extending his tongue, running it over the tip of Kris’ rock hard seven inch cut cock. Kris moaned and moved closer to Scott, pushing more of his dick in to Scott’s warm mouth.

Colt watched as Scott ran his tongue around the head of Kris’ cock, running it up and down the shaft, taking the whole thing in to his mouth and bobbing up and down on it, taking more and more until his nose was buried in Kris’ pubes.

“Oh fuck, man, that feels so good,” Kris moaned. “Colt, you sure you don’t want any of this?”

“I’m fine watching,” Colt said with a wink.

Kris smiled and nodded, placing a hand on the back of Scott’s head as he started to move his hips back and forth, thrusting in and out of Scott’s sucking mouth, sliding across the lapping tongue until the head poked at the opening of Scott’s throat.

Scott reached down with a hand to cup Kris’ balls as they swung toward his chin, rolling them around between his fingers and gently tugging on them as he continued to bob his head.

“I forgot how good a cocksucker you are,” Kris said, looking down at Scott and running a hand through his hair.

Scott smiled but didn’t stop his movements, loving the taste of the precum flowing from Kris’ cock as he continually lapped at the head and ran his lips up and down the shaft. Kris’ dick kept flexing and jumping in Scott’s mouth which only made him suck harder.

Finally needing to pull back for breath, Scott looked at Kris’ rock hard cock, dripping with his spit, and felt his ass twitch. He needed that cock inside him and on this night he was going to get what he wanted.

Getting up from the bed Scott pulled Kris closer to him by his cock and then wrapped his arms around him as their lips collided. Their tongues met half way as they started to make out with each other. Scott put one hand back on Kris’ cock, stroking it slowly, while Kris moved his down to Scott’s ass, slipping a finger into the crack and gently probing at Scott’s twitching hole.

Scott pulled back from the kiss and looked in to Kris’ eyes, “fuck me.”

Kris smiled, “with pleasure.”

Scott gave Kris a quick peck on the lips and headed to his bag. He pulled out a big bottle of lube and a box of condoms.

“Fuck! You came prepared!” Kris laughed.

“Well, you never can be too careful,” Scott smiled.

“Too true,” Kris laughed, looking over toward Colt who was still on the bed with his pants on, though there was a clear bulge in them, “how you doing, bro?”

“I’m good. Fuck his ass hard, Kris,” Colt smiled.

Kris looked back over to Scott who was already lubing up his ass. Kris walked over to him and took a condom, ripping open the wrapper and rolling the condom down his throbbing cock. He poured some lube in to his hand, stroking up and down the length of his cock as Scott climbed up onto the bed on his hands and knees.

“Fuck your ass is hot,” Kris said, staring at Scott’s pucker.

“Yeah, well slide that hot cock deep inside it, Kris,” Scott said, waving his ass at Kris. “Fuck me hard.”

Kris smiled and stepped up behind Scott. He held up his hard cock, shaking it a little as he looked over Scott to where Colt was still sitting, just watching them. Kris didn’t break eye contact with Colt once as he ran his cock up and down Scott’s crack, letting it push gently against his pucker without slipping inside.

Scott pushed back hard on Kris’ cock when he felt the head rest against his hole forcing the head inside. Scott threw his head back and moaned as he pushed against Kris even harder, the dick sliding inside him and burying itself deep in his depths.

“Oh fuck, your ass feels good,” Kris panted as the muscles squeezed his shaft.

Colt was focused on Kris, watching the look of pure pleasure wash over his face as he bottomed out in Scott’s ass and then started pulling his cock out and thrusting back in. As much as he wanted no part of the sex taking place in front of him he couldn’t stop his dick from getting hard.

As Scott continued to rock back and forth, impaling himself on Kris’ cock, forcing it all inside him and loving the feelings created in his ass, he noticed Colt stroking himself through his pants. He pushed himself up on to his knees, freeing his hands so he could move them to the legs of Colt’s pants, gripping them tight in his fists and pulling on them, dragging Colt down the bed until Scott could get his hands to Colt’s zipper.

“Damn Scott,” Colt laughed.

“You can’t sit there with a rock hard cock I haven’t sucked and expect me not to do anything about it!” Scott smiled, licking his lips.

Colt just chuckled as Scott pulled open his pants, almost ripping them off Colt’s legs. His hard, veiny cock was released from his boxers, slapping against his toned stomach, splashing precum across his abs.

Scott quickly pulled the pants and boxers all the way off with Colt’s help and threw them away from the bed as Kris continued to fuck his ass, picking up speed to really pound Scott’s ass as he held on to his waist tightly.

Colt moaned as Scott’s hand wrapped around his cock, pulling it up and toward his mouth so he could get his first taste of Colt’s throbbing cock. He couldn’t believe he was finally getting his lips around Colt’s dick. He had wanted a piece of Colt since he first met him but he never thought it would happen.

That wasn’t the top of his list of fantasies he thought would never become a reality, however, that number one fantasy was him being on his hands and knees, getting fucked by Kris and bobbing his head up and down in Colt’s lap, sucking his cock deep. Only now that wasn’t a fantasy, it was really happening and it had Scott’s dick harder than it had ever been, dripping precum all over the sheets beneath as he was pounded from behind.

Kris felt so good inside his ass. He was one of the hottest fucks of Scott’s life and getting to feel that cock pulling out of him and plunging back in deep, stretching his ass and brushing against his prostate again was something that kept Scott right on edge as he started to deep throat Colt.

“Man, you can really suck a dick,” Colt said, pushing Scott’s nose down into his trimmed pubes.

“His ass is fucking amazing too,” Kris said, emphasising his statement with a hard thrust that made Scott jump.

In response, Scott squeezed his ass muscles, milking Kris’ cock.

“Oh fuck!” Kris moaned. “That’s the shit, Scott. Do that again.”

Scott gladly kept using his ass to squeeze the cock fucking him, loving the moans coming from Kris, behind him as he started to pound his ass harder, and Colt, in front of him, hands running through Scott’s hair as the dick was thrust in and out of his mouth.

“How’s it feel, bro?” Colt asked.

“Oh shit, so good…” Kris panted. “Hey, I’ve got an idea…”

Kris slowed his thrusts down as he reached over and grabbed another condom. He tossed it to Colt and the two made eye contact.

“Put that on, dude,” Kris said. “I want you to fuck my tight ass.”

“Hell yeah!” Colt exclaimed, excited, his dick jumping in Scott’s mouth. “How do you want me?”

“Get over here and slide that hot cock in me right now while I’m fucking Scott. When you did that while I was fucking Andrea it was awesome; fucking someone while I got fucked. I want to feel that again.”

Colt smiled and pulled his cock out of Scott’s mouth. He bent down to kiss Scott, slipping his tongue in his mouth, tasting his own precum. He climbed off the bed and got to his feet, grabbing the bottle of lube, the condom still in his hand.

His cock was throbbing as he opened the bottle of lube and poured some in to his hand. He stepped up behind Kris, who leaned forward, burying his dick inside Scott’s ass, to offer his own up to Colt, who ran a finger up Kris’ crack.

Kris shivered, his cock throbbing and jerking inside Scott, as Colt’s fingers traced up and down his crack before pushing gently on his hole. After a minute of teasing, with Kris’ moans increasing by the second, Colt slipped his finger inside Kris’ ass to lube him up.

Instead of prolonging the foreplay and teasing, Colt pulled his finger out and quickly opened the condom, rolling it down his cock and lubing it up. He placed the head against Kris’ hole, letting it kiss it for a moment before the ass seemingly opened up and swallowed his cock.

Kris moaned and threw his head back as Colt’s cock moved deeper inside him. He was still buried deep in Scott’s ass, which was tensing around his cock, trying to milk a load from his balls.

When Colt bottomed out in Kris’ ass, he wrapped his arms around Kris’ chest and kissed his neck, running his tongue up to tease his ear. Then he let go and pulled back, his cock sliding almost all the way out of Kris’ ass. Then he thrust forward, his dick plunging in to Kris’ depths. Kris’ own cock went balls deep inside Scott and all three grunted as the force of the thrusts sent the bed crashing in to the wall.

They all froze, realising that Matt and Corey would have heard that so Colt quickly pulled out of Kris, grabbed hold of the bed and pulled it off the wall before shoving his hard dick back inside Kris’ ass. Kris buried his face in Scott’s neck to muffle his scream.

Colt moved his hips, taking hold of Kris’ to pull him back a little, drawing Kris’ cock out of Scott’s ass, only for Colt to then thrust forward sending his own cock back in to Kris and forcing Kris to fuck Scott.

The three built up a nice rhythm with Scott still on his hands and knees, rocking back and forth onto Kris’ cock in time with the thrusts Colt was making in Kris’ ass in a motion not unlike a swinging ship at a fairground.

Kris was leaning back so his back was against Colt’s chest. Colt wrapped his arms around Kris again and used his hands to caress Kris’ hard muscles while he continued to fuck his ass. Colt loved feeling Kris’ hard pecs, his cut abs and sliding his hand down further to touch Kris’ shaft as it disappeared inside Scott, occasionally looking down to see his own dick slide in and out of Kris.

Soon Colt became overwhelmed with desire. One thing he loved about fucking Kris was that Kris was so built. When Kris gave up his ass to him it made Colt feel like such a man and he loved it. Dominating Kris in the threesome with Andrea was the hottest fuck of his life.

With that in mind, Colt pulled his dick out of Kris and forced Kris to withdraw from Scott, much to Scott’s disappointment. Colt turned Kris over so he was on his back and pulled him to the edge of the bed. He pulled off Kris’ condom and tossed it aside, putting Kris’ legs up on to his shoulders and plunging his cock back inside Kris’ twitching hole.

“Fuck!” Kris moaned as the dick stretched him wide and started drilling him.

Scott’s ass felt empty without Kris’ cock inside him but he couldn’t feel disappointed for too long as he watched Colt flip Kris over so he could really fuck him. It was the most amazing thing Scott had ever seen, the two studs fucking, with Colt literally dominating Kris and Kris loving every second.

Moving his hand down to his throbbing, leaking cock, Scott jerked himself off, watching the incredible action in front of him. Kris was moaning and panting, staring up in to Colt’s eyes with Colt slowly bending over, pushing Kris’ legs back toward his chest, lifting Kris’ ass off the mattress for easier access as his dick sawed in and out of the hot hole.

“Yeah, fuck me, Colt,” Kris moaned.

“You like my dick inside you?” Colt asked.

“Fuck yeah! Harder! Fuck my brains out!”

Scott was amazed watching the two fuck. He had heard about them having sex with each other, he had even fucked Kris, but he never expected to actually see them going at it, nor how much they would love it.

Colt had a constant smile on his face as he stared down intensely in to Kris’ eyes, hammering his cock in and out of Kris’ ass. Scott was surprised to see how hard Kris could take it.

Kris had his head back, his mouth open, moaning, his back slightly arched, trying to push back against Colt to drive the dick deeper inside him. Then he did something Scott didn’t expect, he pulled his legs from off Colt’s shoulders and wrapped them around Colt’s waist, reaching up with his arms to pull Colt close to him until their lips met.

Scott continued to watch as Kris and Colt waged a war with their tongues while Colt continued to fuck Kris’ ass. Kris had his hands all over Colt’s back, trying to pull him closer to him as if he couldn’t get enough. It was so passionate.

“Fuck…” Scott breathed.

Kris and Colt turned their heads, having gotten so caught up in the sex they forgot Scott was even there.

“That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Scott said as Kris still had his arms around Colt. “It’s just like watching Matt and Corey. Are you two sure you’re not in love with each other?”

Colt laughed, “Nah man, we just love fucking each other,” a point he made clear my driving his cock as far inside Kris as he could.

Kris didn’t answer he just turned his head away from Scott as if refusing to answer, only a moan escaped his lips. Scott thought that was strange but didn’t get a chance to say anything as Kris’ moans started to fill the room again because Colt was back to pounding his ass.

This time however they didn’t make out. Kris’ head was thrashing back and forth as Colt continued to pound his ass, rotating his hips to fully drive the cock home. Colt then took Kris’ hands in his and linked their fingers together, pinning Kris’ hand to the bed, changing the direction of his thrusts to clearly his Kris’ spot because Kris jumped and groaned and Scott saw his dick pulse and throbbed as it bobbed up and down between the two hot sets of abs.

Kris’ moans grew higher in pitch as Colt fucked him and then seemed to get caught in his throat. Scott watched amazed as Kris threw his head back, his mouth hanging open, with no noise but the panting of his breath, arching his back as Colt pulled away from him and Kris’ cock exploded totally hands free with the biggest load Scott had ever seen.

Colt had buried himself as deep in Kris as possible and the ass muscles were really doing a number on his cock, squeezing him tight as they went in to spasm but he managed to hold off as he watched Kris writhe around beneath him, his cock firing off shot after shot of cum all over his chest and abs.

Kris was completely out of breath and totally spent as his orgasm overwhelmed him and his body went limp, the dozen shots of cum and coating of sweat made his body glisten.

“Kris?” Colt asked as he pulled his cock out of Kris’ ass and took off the condom.

“Damn, Colt!” Scott laughed. “Not only did you fuck the cum out of him, literally, but it was so good he passed out!”

Colt chuckled too. “I can’t fucking believe that. He’s actually out cold, isn’t he?”

Scott climbed up on to the bed and gently tapped Kris on the cheek. He leaned in to check he was still breathing and then started laughing. “I know the drink must have had something to do with it but you actually fucked him in to a coma!”

“Why do you think he loves my cock so much?” Colt smiled.

“Now I need to feel it in me,” Scott grinned, moving toward Colt but Colt stopped him. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing… it’s just… when I was watching Kris fuck you I kind of wanted that to be me.”

“You wanted Kris to fuck you?”

“Yeah… can I ask you a question?”

“Of course.”

“Did you mean it when you said ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’?”

“Yeah, why?” Scott asked, curious, his dick still hard.

Colt pulled Scott to him and planted a hot, tongue-filled kiss on him before pulling apart and leaning in to whisper in Scott’s ear, “Because I want you to fuck me.”

Scott was taken aback and just stared Colt in the eyes. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah, man,” Colt said. “I wanted Kris to fuck me, but since he’s out and you’re here, I’ve kind of got to admit that I’ve always wondered what it would be like with someone other than Kris fucking my ass.”

“And you’re not yanking my chain?” Scott asked.

Colt reached down and wrapped his hand around Scott’s hard uncut cock. He pulled Scott back into a kiss and then said, “No… I want you to fuck me.”

Scott shivered at the words and watched, his eyes wide, as Colt sank to his knees in front of him. Colt ran his hand up and down Scott’s shaft, moving the foreskin back and forth over the head of the cock. He was mesmerised.

Leaning forward, Colt extended his tongue to lick the tip of Scott’s cock, tasting his precum for the first time. He liked it and wanted more so he ran his tongue under the hood of Scott’s foreskin, loving the feeling against his tongue. He took more of it in to his mouth and started bobbing up and down.

“Fuck, Colt… you’re a natural!” Scott exclaimed.

Colt smiled and continued sucking on Scott’s cock, using his tongue on the shaft and head until Scott pulled him up for another tongue filled kiss. When they pulled apart Scott led Colt to the other bed and pushed him up on it so Colt was on his hands and knees with his hot bubble butt hanging over the edge of the bed.

Scott grabbed the lube and the box of condoms, putting them on the floor as he dropped to his knees so his face was just inches away from Colt’s tight hole. Just from looking at it, Scott knew Colt hadn’t been fucked many times, and probably not for quite a while. That thought made Scott’s cock throb. He couldn’t wait to push his dick inside that tight, warm hole, but he knew he would need to prepare it first.

He placed his hands on Colt’s muscular ass and pushed the cheeks apart, getting an even better look at the hole. He licked his lips and bent forward until his lips met Colt’s pucker.

Colt jumped at the feel of Scott’s lips and had to bury his head in the blanket on the bed when Scott’s tongue started probing and lapping at his hole. He wasn’t used to having his ass rimmed but it felt incredible and he soon found himself pushing his ass back on Scott’s tongue.

Scott lubed up a finger and slowly slipped it inside Colt, feeling the ass open up to take the intruder, making Scott even more eager to fuck it. Soon he was finger fucking Colt, adding a second finger and twisting them around, changing direction until they ran directly over Colt’s prostate.

“Fuck me!” Colt exclaimed, arching his back and pushing harder against Scott’s hand.

Scott smiled and stood up, running his hard, leaking cock up and down Colt’s crack. He wanted to just slip it in but he knew he couldn’t. He pulled back, grabbed a condom and quickly covered his cock, lubing it up and returning it to Colt’s hole.

Gently Scott pushed forward. Colt’s ass didn’t give way easily and Scott had to really apply some pressure before the head popped in. Scott held still as Colt groaned and gripped at the blanket beneath him.

Scott remained still, letting Colt get used to the feeling of his hard uncut cock filling his tight ass. As Colt started to feel more comfortable he would push slightly against Scott’s cock and Scott took it as a cue to push forward.

After another few minutes Scott bottomed out in Colt’s tight, twitching ass, which was really gripping his cock. It felt incredible. It was like fucking a virgin.

Slowly he started to withdraw his dick, almost to the point of it slipping out, only really kept inside by the tightness of Colt’s sphincter not wanting to let it go, and then gently pushed it all back in until his balls were pressed against Colt’s ass.

Colt groaned and stuck his ass out, pushing it back, wanting more of the cock inside him. He already had Scott’s seven inch uncut cock inside him, reaching just a tiny bit deeper than Kris ever had but his desire to be fucked as deep as possible just increased.

Scott continued to rock back and forth, slowly sliding in and out of Colt’s ass, but he started to pick up speed as Colt pretty much threw his ass back to fuck himself on Scott’s cock.

“Fuck me, Scott!” Colt moaned. “I mean really fuck me.”

Scott smiled and reached down to grab Colt’s ankles. Gently he pulled Colt’s legs off the bed so Colt had no choice but to put his feet down on the floor. Scott’s cock never left his ass the whole time and the new position, with them both standing up, allowed Scott to bend his knees to withdraw his cock, only to stand back up, drilling his cock up in to Colt.

Colt soon bent over the bed, taking hold of the blanket as Scott gripped his hips and picked up the pace, really fucking Colt until their balls were bouncing off each other, sending shockwaves all over their bodies.

“Fuck… fuck…” Colt panted as Scott continued to pound his ass.

Scott’s entire body was tingling. The feelings in his dick, being squeezed so tight by Colt felt amazing, but it was the vision of his cock sliding between Colt’s ass cheeks, disappearing up inside him that had Scott buzzing.

Reaching forward, Scott put his hands on Colt’s shoulders and pulled him back, really impaling Colt on his cock. Colt was moaning and yelping as Scott’s cock worked his ass over, rubbing against his prostate and creating the most wonderful friction on his insides.

With his hands still on Colt’s shoulders, Scott pulled Colt up until his back as against Scott’s chest. Scott moved his arms under Colt’s and crossed them over his chest, holding him close. He kissed Colt’s neck and shoulder, never letting up on the thrusts that drove his cock in and out of Colt’s ass.

Colt leaned back against Scott and moaned, feeling Scott grip him tightly around the chest and using that position to pull the two together, pulling Colt down and ploughing his cock into Colt’s ass.

Colt couldn’t believe how good a fuck Scott was, he felt like his orgasm was growing closer but he could feel it throughout his entire body, not just his dick.

Scott continued to thrust in to Colt and kiss his neck, placing a kiss on his cheek until Colt turned his head so their lips could meet. Colt snaked his tongue out of his mouth, which Scott quickly accepted, making out with the hot country boy.

Breaking the kiss, Scott felt Colt’s ass start to twitch around his cock, gripping it tighter. He knew Colt was close so he ran his hands down Colt’s hot pecs, over his hard abs, down to the throbbing cock that was leaking precum that soaked Scott’s fingers. He wrapped his hand around the cock and started jerking it in time with his own cock as it pumped in and out of Colt’s ass.

When Scott felt Colt’s cock twitch he let go and started to fuck even harder in to the hot, muscular ass, rotating his hips until Colt yelped and he knew he had found Colt’s prostate so he concentrated his thrusts on that spot.

Colt’s breathing was very erratic and he reached around, taking a fist full of Scott’s hair and pulling on it slightly as he bit his lip to muffle the scream that accompanied one of the most intense orgasms of his life, his cock firing massive shots of cum right across the bed, soaking the sheets.

When he finally stopped cumming Colt fell down on to the bed, taking Scott with him, his cock never leaving Colt’s twitching ass.

Scott moaned as Colt ass really squeezed his cock, trying to milk a load out of him but he wasn’t quite there so he climbed up on the bed, with Colt lying flat on his front, and pounded down in to Colt’s ass harder than he had ever fucked anyone. His flesh and balls were bouncing off Colt’s ass cheeks and he soon found himself on the edge.

He quickly pulled out of Colt, took off the condom and jerked his cock furiously until he erupted, covering Colt’s back and ass with his seed.

When he was done, Scott lowered himself down on top of Colt, placing kisses along his back and up to his neck as his still hard cock was resting in the crack of Colt’s ass.

After another minute, Colt pushed Scott off of him, only to pull him close, wrapping his arms around him and planting a long, wet kiss on Scott’s lips.

“Thank you, Scott,” Colt smiled.

“No need to thank me for that. It was incredible,” Scott said, initiating another kiss.

The two made out for the next five minutes, enjoying each other’s lips, running their hands up and down each other’s body and gently stroking the hard cocks that still throbbed between them.

Colt pulled back from the kiss and looked at Scott, “this will stay here in Vegas right? No need to talk about it when we get back to college.”

Scott smiled and pulled away from Colt, climbing up off the bed. “Like I said, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but you know, Colt, we’re still in Vegas right now, and we’re both covered in cum, so what do you say we not talk about this AFTER you fuck me in the shower?”

Colt smiled and felt his dick throb watching Scott’s hot ass as he walked away from the bed. He jumped up, grabbed another condom and the bottle of lube and chased Scott into the bathroom…


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