It was a big party after the big game and everyone was so loud you can barely hear anything. I was talking to
David since Brax was out to get some more beer with Kaitlyn and her boyfriend Allen. Jess stopped by and was
cool enough to let us party and gave us some few rules like toning the party down a bit. It was fun... or was it.
"Is this fun or what?" David said leaning a bit because of the noise.
"Hell yeah! If college will be like this then consider me in it for life." I said and laughed.
"Too bad Peter said he can't come."
"Why? Is there something wrong? I saw him enter his room a while ago." I asked concerned. Peter is our next
door friend who's also a freshman and is gay too. We hang out a lot in our dorm room.
"He's been invited to this house party and is damn excited to go. He asked Brax and I but I said that we're cool
here and that he should enjoy it."
"Cool. Maybe next time we could ask him here."
Trevor came next to me and was rather excited about the party. But I've noticed something was off since he was
particularly quiet during the game. I don't know what this is between Trevor and me. He's okay and we get along
fine. I think you could call it dating but nothing's official yet. But I like him. He's cute, and sweet and a damn good
kisser. We went to get some chips on the cupboards. When Trevor turned his back, his cellphone rang and he
picked it up. I couldn't see anything so I guess it isn't real bad if I peeked. I looked over his shoulder without him
noticing me.
'Damn, I wish you were here with me tonight, I miss you - Dan'
I instantly regret what I did and was now breaking.
"Who's Dan?" I asked keeping my emotions in me.
Trevor was startled and he surely was nervous and caught off guard.
"Why the hell were you peeking??!!" Trevor shouted at me.
"Who's Dan?" I repeated.
"He's just a friend. Why the fuck are you asking me that?"
"Don't I have the right?" I said my eyes welling up.
"Look! As far as I know, were not together, so why are you acting all jealous? Fuck! Give me a break!" Trevor spat
back at me.
"Then why did you even bother going here?!!" I was shouting now and David was behind me now pulling me
back. "You know what? Fuck you!"
I stormed out the room and went to Peter's room. It was a good thing that the door was unlocked and Peter was
clothing up wearing only a pair of jeans.
"Dude, what's wrong?" He asked when he saw me crying.
David came to the room. "He had a fight with high school loverboy."
"Where's the shit?" Peter asked instantly.
"Guys, let's just not talk about it okay?"
"Tell you what. You're coming with me." Peter said.
"Where?" David and I said together.
"Were going to party! I'm bringing you with me."
I looked back to David and he nodded. "I'll tell Brax where you went. But Trevor seems sorry about it when you
"Fuck him!"
"Wait, you're not going there with that on, are you? Here wear this." Peter handed me a white long sleeved shirt
that fit me perfectly.
"Hot damn!" David said. "Look I better get back. Peter, you take care of him. Call us if anything came up okay?"
"Will do boss." Peter said.
We rode Peter's car to a nearby house who I can tell was hosting a big party.
"Fresh meaties... Welcome!" A guy in the porch greeted.
We entered the house and I was shocked at what I saw.
"Peter? Exactly what kind of party is this?" I asked him.
"This, my friend, is a gay house party." Peter said proudly. Two hot guys passed in front of us and one looked at
me and winked. I smiled back.
"Well, we're here now... I wanna get fuckin drunk!" I shouted.
"Easy tiger! Are you sure I'm not in trouble with Ted if I get his precious nephew drunk?"
"Shut up.." I laughed.
We actually had fun and I was drinking a lot. And I say 'A LOT'. Peter was busy flirting with two older guys who
were toned and hot as well. I didn't care.
"Hey! Look what I found in the condom box!" Peter said who came near to me with the two guys tailing him.
"What's that?"
"A mask doofus! Now wear this! So you have plausible deniability!" Peter said and laughed. "Oh, by the way, this
is Julian and Ferdie." He mentioned to the Hispanic and Asian guy behind him. "I'm going to the pool and party a
bit, you okay here?"
"Of course. we have our own program here." I said as I wore the mask he asked me to.
"You look great with the mask on.. Twink!" Peter said. "I'll pick you up later buddy."
"You better!" I said and sat back on the chair.
The floor soon was filled with lots of people. I wouldn't have believed a lot of people would fit here if I haven't
seen it myself. I got up with a drink in my hand and started dancing towards the dance floor. It was a nice feeling
just to let go and have fun.
"Alright!" One of the hosts said. "Turn around and hug the person behind you!"
I did and laughed when a chubby girl hugged me. We laughed and cheered. The host shouted numerous
directions that had the crowd going.
"Okay.. Last one! Turn to your right step back three times and then face the person nearest you and give each
other a sweet kiss on the lips!" The crowd started cheering.  I turned to my right. I saw a cute lesbian in front of
me and I smiled at her. She smiled back. I stepped back and saw a geeky looking guy who was cute. I stepped
back another step and an guy was beside me.  I was starting to get nervous now and I heard the announcer shout
'3' and I stepped back and saw the most handsome set of eyes  I've ever seen in my entire life. If this is because
of too much drinks well damn I'd be drunk everytime just to see these sparkling eyes that are looking deep into
me with such admiration. I can't believe he's looking back at me with admiring eyes as if I was his soul mate. But
who was to blame? I'm probably looking back at him with the same expression and I don't give a damn.
His eyes smiled sweetly as his face came closer, and closer, I closed my eyes and in no time, my lips grazed the
sweetest taste I've ever had in my life.
His lips molded with mine as we became one. It was like in the movies, when the lead star kisses his girl, and
then there's a slow music playing in the background and all the other sounds will are muted. That's how I felt. I
felt goosebumps when he pulled back just a little. I smiled at him and he smiled back flashing his cute dimples. I
can’t seem to get my memory to recall his whole face as I kept remembering his eyes whenever I close my eyes.
He leaned down and I reached and kissed him back. The crowd errupted into a loud roar as they turned out to be
watching both of us. But I didn't care. It was like I'm with my knight in shining amour. His copper hair brushed the
side of my face as our tongue danced in a passionate way. I was nearly out of breath when our lips parted and
electric jolts shot through my veins down to my knees and I fell into his waiting arms.
"Please take me upstairs..." He whispered sweetly.
"Ok.." He said as softly and in no time I was up in his arms.
A moment later I heard the door open and some talking. "Do you need anything?" He asked with the sweetest
voice. I shook my head and someone from afar asked.
"Is he your boyfriend?"
"No......" He said then he paused."He's my better half..."
Better half. Why didn't I feel angry when he said that? He's assuming and pretentious but instead, I found it
sweet and honest.
He looked down at me and I was looking right back at him. No words were said as he leaned down and kissed me.
Our tongues dancing and our hands entwined with each other. He wanted to remove my mask but I stopped him.
He leaned down again. This was such a strange attraction as I never believed in love at first sight. But...
"Please love me." I whispered. "Make love to me..."
He took of my button up shirt and in no time I was naked with him stripping down. By the light outside the
window I could see he was well built.
He looked at me without any hint of lust or hunger, but with pure admiration or if I dare say it... love. My eyes
welled up because this is so wrong yet it feels so right. It's like digging into your own personal chocolate cake.
He lubed me then eased ever so careful inside me... I can feel the pressure of his manhood inching inside me...
All this time he was looking at me with concern and care. I looked back at him and I could look at him forever.
Then I remembered.
"No, we don't have protection."
"You're my first." He said softly.
That did the trick. No way would this guy be a virgin. But his eyes were as honest as a child.
"Really? You'd give me your virginity?" I asked in a whimper.
"I know you're worth it." He said and my cock twitched in between us.
We continued in that position for hours without losing eye contact. He smiled at me with twinkles in his eyes and
I know I was caught. He slid in and out of me and I felt like I was going to explode anytime.
"Ohhh.. You feel so good in me."
"You're so tight... I can't believe I'm making love to you."
He looked at me again and I grabbed him from the back of his head. I pulled him in one of the best kisses I've
ever had. It was so intense I could have come and come for more.
"Ohhh. Don't stop fucking me... Don't ever stop fucking me!"
"I won't Ahhhh! Fuck! You want more?"
"Yeah! More please! More! Make me feel good..."
"I will... I will make you feel so good."
"Yeah! Ohhh Yeah!" He leaned in again for a kiss as I stroked my pulsing cock and shot onto his chest.
"AAAAAHhHHHHH! Fuck! I'm Cumming!"
"Me too babe! I'm cumming! Where do you want me?"
I hugged him tight and licked his ear. "Cum inside me."
"Okay... I'm all yours from now on love... UhhHHHHHHH! Fuck! fuCk!!! FucK!"
He unloaded inside me and it was the most intense experience I've ever had, I could feel his cock flood me with
his spunk. He collapsed on top of me and I closed my eyes. He kissed me on the cheek and felt him cuddle with
me. I didn't know if I had control over it or what came over me then.
"I love you." I whispered.
If I were to describe this experience and this guy beside me it would be just one word... Perfect..

I woke up and it was still dark and my head is pounding heavily.
I removed my mask and was instantly nervous. 'What have I done?'
I was so scared as I looked back to the guy beside me, I couldn't make up his face as it was dark inside and the
light from the window was glaring in my eyes. I got my clothed up and was really scared now. 'What would Trevor
think of me? Who is this guy?'

I really would have wanted to stay but a lot of things were running in my head. Have I gone too far? I reached for
the door and looked back to the sleeping figure. 'I hope I'd see you again.' I thought as tears welled up in me
It's so strange how much feeling I have for this guy. I'm scared and messing up now and letting Ted know would
be much worse.
I got out of the house that was now quiet.
I got my phone and dialed Brax.
"Hello?" A groggy sound greeted me.
"Brax? Could you come get me?" I said between sobs..
"Reese? Where are you man?"

_The End_
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