I wrote this story as a tribute to WazputZ’s story about Matt, Kris, Corey, Colt and
the Gang.  The gang has been a part of my college life and all I could say is thank
you for continuing it and making the story worthwhile.

This story is about an unseen character that maybe some of us can relate to. We all
know someone has to play in the background. Someone has to be underneath everything
and go unseen. Somehow, someone suffers from afar when we think everything is okay
within eyes reach.
And we all know that there will always be a good story behind another good story.

Also thanks to Andy and Big D!!!

Watching from the Sidelines
Summer Sidelines

Chapter 7
Spring in Autumn

By the way he looked... He was surely near passing out, but for a second, he was
sober and he looked at me deep with longingness in his eyes.  I inched closer and
closer to him. Feeling the strong magnetic force that was pulling me in to this angel
I'm looking at. I can't focus on his face as he had a white mask leaving his nose and
mouth exposed. But I was caught in his eyes that longed to be loved. Maybe I his eyes
reflect mine.  The same longingness. I moved and could feel his breath. He was
breathing heavily as our eyes were still locked in each other’s eyes. I used all my
strength so I won’t pass out as all the alcohol I've taken seemed to be kicking in
me. I was really drunk.

Then our lips met. As soon as it did I closed my eyes and savoured the sweet taste of
his delicate soft lips. The kiss was unlike any other and it left us craving for
more. I pulled back a little and looked into his deep eyes. He smiled as his eyes
welled up. I moved in to taste him again and he willingly leaned in. I held his
delicate face in my hands as I kissed him softly, very very softly. There's no sense
in devouring such precious being. As we continued tasting each other's emotions,
which lasted for an eternity, a loud cheer erupted in the room as everyone's eyes was
on us.  I didn't care. That moment I was too caught to do so.

We didn't move the whole time and his hands never left my back. He wanted more and so
did I. I love the taste of his tongue penetrating my lips. The sweet taste of his
honey lips that shot electric shocks throughout my body, leaving my body weak. Then
he gave in and leaned fully onto me.

"Please take me upstairs..." He whispered sweetly.


I carried him as everyone applauded, but I didn't actually hear them. I was focused
on one person and everything just wasn't as important as this guy in my arms. One of
the hosts accompanied me and I asked if I could take him upstairs. He was kind enough
to lead us in an empty room and asked if we needed water or anything. I asked the
angel in my arms and he shook his head with his eyes closed.

"Is he your boyfriend?" The host said.

"No......" I said and looked at the closed eyes of the guy beneath me."He's my better

The host smiled and closed the door. I looked down at the guy and he was looking
right back at me. No words were said as I leaned down and kissed him. Our tongues
dancing and our hands entwined with each other. I wanted to remove his mask but he
stopped me. I leaned down again.

"Please love me." He whispered. "Make love to me..."

I took off all his clothes and was really dizzy now. I didn't know where I got all
the strength and soon we both were naked. I looked deep into his eyes as I eased
inside of him. Slowly, slowly. I know he could feel my care as he was teary eyed but
never winced when I entered him.

"No, we don't have protection." He suddenly remembered.

"You're my first." I said softly.

He was crying now. "Really? You'd give me your virginity?"

"I know you're worth it." I said as I sunk deep inside him feeling his manhood twitch
in between us.

We continued in that position for hours without losing eye contact. He smiled at me
with twinkles in his eyes and I know I was caught.

"Ohhh.. You feel so good in me."

"You're so tight... I can't believe I'm making love to you."

He looked at me again and grabbed me from the back of my head. He pulled me in one of
the best kiss I've ever had. It was so intense I could have came in and come for

"Ohhh. Don't stop fucking me... Don't ever stop fucking me!"

"I won't Ahhhh! Fuck! You want more?"

"Yeah! More please! More! Make me feel good..."

"I will... I will make you feel so good."

"Yeah! Ohhh Yeah!" He leaned in again for a kiss as he stroked his pulsing cock and
shot onto his chest. "AAAAAHhHHHHH! Fuck! I'm Cumming!"

"Me too babe! I'm cumming! Where do you want me?"

He hugged me tight and licked my ear. "Cum inside me."

"Okay... I'm all yours from now on love... UhhHHHHHHH! Fuck! fuCk!!! FucK!" I
unloaded inside him and it was the most intense experience I've ever had. I collapsed
on top of him
and soon he was snoring lightly beside me. I smiled and kissed his cheek and cuddled

"I love you." He whispered.

If I were to describe my first encounter it would be but one word... Perfect..


"Cordy! Cordy! Wake up!" I woke up at Toni's voice banging my ear.

"What? Toni? Simon?" I looked as both of them were standing beside the bed.
Something's weird. This isn't my bed. My head seriously hurt and I have this shadowy
dream that I met an angel. Was everything real?

"What the fuck were you doing?" Toni said as she gathered my clothes.

"I... ah..."

"You should've told me you were planning on going here!" Simon shouted. "You dip
shit! You're a mess! What were you thinking going here and hooking up with just some
gay you dont even know! How stupid is that Cord?"

"I know him... ah... he should be downstairs..."

But he was not... All who were in the house were some cleaning crews, the host, and
the three of us. That moment my heart broke again. My head was pounding but it was
nothing compared to the ache my heart was supporting. I was being consumed from the
inside out.

"My life's a plain mess." I said to no one in particular.

"Don't say that Cord... Were here, Simon's here." Toni said. "Oh, Cordy. What are we
going to do with you?"

"I don't know..." I said.

And that was the moment I gave up.

End of chapter 7

Hey guys. I hope this will do for now. I'm really sorry for the slow writes. God
knows I'm trying my best to deliver but my condition's not getting any better. I know
writing this story will serve purpose and I hope one of it is to make you guys smile.
I've been really really sick lately and am in the hospital at the moment. It's hard
to write with this needle thingy stuck in my hand. Anyways, I will be writing as soon
as I feel well.

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