Corey and Colt were just climbing out of the water when they saw Matt, Kris and Scott emerge from the
trees. They all had huge smiles on their faces and Colt wasn’t sure but it looked like Kris was walking
a little funny.

With the towels all packed away they had no choice but to just try to dry naturally, letting the water
drip from their muscular bodies. When Corey shook his whole body, imitating a wet dog, Colt felt the
spray hitting his body. At first he laughed but then he shoved Corey’s shoulder, pushing him off
balance, sending the muscle boy crashing to the sand.

Colt laughed seeing Corey pull himself up, his entire left side covered in sand. “Sorry.”

“You fucking will be,” Corey chuckled, jumping back into the water to wash the sand from his skin.

Colt started walking towards his friends, forgetting he was naked, not that of the guys cared. Corey
came out of the water again with Colt’s back facing him so he started running, his bare feet making
almost no sound on the grass covered ground. Just before Colt reached his friends he felt Corey land on
his back, which once again sent them crashing to the ground.

With Matt, Kris and Scott watching on, Corey and Colt wrestled, flipping each other over, trying to get
each other in headlock and even grabbing the other’s exposed dick, anything to get the upper hand. When
they were finally exhausted they collapsed back onto the ground and looked up at three smiling faces.

“Have you two been enjoying yourselves?” Matt said, seeing the smile on Corey’s face.

“We have,” Corey smiled.

“Have you been rolling around this whole time?” Kris asked.

Corey and Colt looked at each other and blushed, neither wanting to say a word just yet.

“I see you’ve packed most of the things,” Matt said. “Did you get it all in the cars okay?”

Corey felt his heart beginning to pound, thinking back to how he had fucked Colt in the back of Kris’s

“Yes, everything’s in with room to spare,” Corey said.

“Just like when your dick was in Colt’s ass,” Scott chimed in.

Corey’s eyes went wide. Colt was stunned too, his mouth hanging open. Both boys quickly turned and
pushed themselves to their knees, looking up at their friends who all seemed to have amused expressions
on their faces.

“You know?” Colt asked. “How?”

“We heard the rangers talking about it when they were calling the incident in,” Kris said.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Colt shouted, jumping to his feet.

For a brief moment they all managed to keep straight faces but Kris was the first to crack, laughing

“You fuckers!” Colt exclaimed, punching Kris on the arm.

“Seriously, how did you know?” Corey asked, smiling now he knew they were messing with them.

“Dean told us,” Scott said. “He said he caught you fucking in the parking lot.”

Corey closed his eyes, his cheeks turning red from the fact that not only had they been caught but now
all their friends knew about it too. He had planned on telling Matt and knew Colt would probably tell
Kris, but they wanted to do it in their own words.

“In my fucking SUV!” Kris said, shaking his head. “You fuckers better have cleaned any of your cum up
or you’re paying to get it serviced.”

“Oh please,” Corey said. “Colt told me about how you used to fuck him in it all the time.”

“Colt!” Kris said.

“What? I thought you’d be bragging about nailing my ass on the side of the road or in that old people’s
neighbourhood. You couldn’t stop talking about it when we fucked like that,” Colt grinned.

“It was pretty awesome. Spontaneous sex is the best,” Kris smiled.

“Damn right it is,” Colt said. “So much hotter when you just go with it.”

“We know,” Scott smiled.

“You’re not mad are you, babe?” Corey asked, pulling Matt into a hug and placing a kiss on his cheek.

“How can he be when he just got through fucking Kris’s ass and then mine?” Scott asked.

Corey’s eyes went wide and he pulled back to look in Matt’s eyes, “You slut!”

“Corey!” Kris scolded.

Matt was about to object when Corey smiled and winked. “How were they?”

Smiling in relief, Matt said, “Awesome, though I would have liked to fuck Kris for a bit longer.”

“Why didn’t you?” Colt asked.

“Because Dean caught us too,” Matt said.

“Wait, where were y’all fucking?” Colt asked.

“In this little clearing off the hiking trail,” Scott smiled.

“Damn! At least we fucked inside something. You guys went at it out in the open?” Corey asked.

“Yep,” Scott grinned.

“What happened when Dean turned up?” Corey asked.

“Scott tried to get him to join in,” Matt laughed.

“And did he?”

“Not a first…”

“But he did eventually?”

“I think it was my offer to suck his dick that got him to agree,” Scott smiled.

“More like the offer to fuck Kris’s ass,” Matt said.

“Woah, you let him fuck your ass?” Colt asked, looking at Kris.

“Yes…” Kris admitted. “I was so fucking horny. Like you we just let things happen and I just really
wanted to get fucked. Scott started off banging my ass nice and good and then Matt took his turn. It
wasn’t until I was sucking on that nine inch ranger cock that I knew I wanted it inside me. Fuck bro,
that’s the deepest anyone has ever fucked me, even deeper than Matt.”

“And he fucked your ass up against his cabin too, we even have the pictures to prove it,” Scott smiled,
holding up the camera.

“Pictures?” Colt exclaimed. “Fuck, let me see.”

“Me too,” Corey said. “I’ve gotta see this.”

Scott quickly turned the camera on and opened the photo viewer. One by one they scrolled through the
photos of Kris first sinking his ass down on Dean’s dick, then riding it, to being fucked from behind
and finally being fucked up against the cabin. The last shot of the two muscle hunk walking toward the
camera with their bodies covered in cum was the hottest by far though.

“Fuck…” Colt sighed, unable to believe what he just saw. “I can’t believe you let them take those
photos of you getting fucked.”

“I didn’t know,” Kris said, taking his clothes off. “But they are so fucking hot. You better email me
copies of those when you get home Matt.”

“Send them to me too,” Colt smiled.

“And me,” Scott laughed, also stripping naked.

“You really don’t mind that we took them?” Matt asked, not wanting to be the only one dressed as he
kicked off his clothes.

“I did at first but it’s so hot to see myself in action, I just kind of wish you had your camcorder so
you could have filmed it. I’d love to watch that fuck,” Kris said.

“Maybe next time I’ll bring my camcorder then,” Matt said, not being totally serious.

“Deal, bro,” Kris said. “And maybe then we can film it when you finally fuck me bareback.”

“What?” Matt asked in shock.

“Isn’t it time?” Kris asked.

“You really want me to fuck you bare?” Matt asked.

“Why not?” Kris asked. “It would just be an extension of what we already have, the ultimate statement
of friendship.”

“It would be hot, but it’s a big commitment,” Matt said.

“I know. That’s why we haven’t just jumped into it. We could have fucked bare so many times over the
past few years. None of us bought condoms for months when Colt and I were together, but we’ve always
been careful and we always used them. We’re still careful.”

“I know, but it’s always a risk,” Matt said.

“It is, but I’d like to think we trust each other enough to take all the precautions to make sure we’re

“I can’t believe we’re talking about this,” Matt said.

“Why? It’s not the first time I’ve said I want to fuck you bare.”

“No, it’s not, but it’s the first time I’ve really considered it,” Matt said.

“For real, bro?” Kris asked.

“Yes,” Matt nodded, turning to look at Corey before turning his attention back to Kris. “I trust you
enough that if you say you’re clean then I believe you. And you’re right, it would bring us closer
together than ever before… I’m just not sure.”

“If you’re worried about us, babe, don’t be,” Corey said. “If you’ve both had all the tests and want to
fuck without condoms just once then I won’t stop you. In fact, I’d quite like to be the camera man if
it gets filmed.”

“Really?” Matt asked.

“Yeah, it’s so hot watching you and Kris fuck. Seeing you go bareback, fucking each other raw, cumming
inside each other, would be even hotter,” Corey smiled.

“Hell yeah it would,” Scott chimed in. “I’ll be the director.”

Colt smiled, “And I’ll do the lighting or whatever, anything to be there when it happens.”

“If Matt and I are fucking bare why aren’t you and Corey?” Kris asked.

Colt wanted to speak but nothing came out. He turned his head to look at Corey, who was staring at him.

“We could,” Corey said. “We both wanted to fuck raw earlier even though we didn’t. We were so caught up
in things I think we would have if Kris didn’t have condoms in his car.”

“You’re right,” Colt said. “I would have happily taken you bare.”

“Is it not going too fast for us?” Corey asked. “We haven’t been friends anywhere near as long as they

“Maybe not,” Colt replied, “but I trust you, Corey. If it never happened then I’d be okay with that,
but at the same time I’d really like to give it a try just once.”

“Wait a second,” Scott said. “If Matt fucks Kris bareback and Corey fucked Colt, who do I get to fuck?”

“Your fist,” his four friends all said together before bursting out in laughter.

When they calmed down, Kris asked, “Damn bros, are we really gonna do this?”

“Not now,” Colt said. “I’m all fucked out for this weekend.”

“Me too,” Matt laughed.

Colt smiled. “If talking with Corey about our sex lives and seeing those pictures of Kris getting
fucked didn’t get me hard then nothing is gonna. My poor guy needs a rest,” Colt said, cupping his

“So does your ass,” Kris said.

“Says the guy who took three dicks up his ass just now and probably begged for more…”

Kris’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Colt but then a huge grin broke out on his face and he started

“It has been a fucking awesome couple of days,” Kris said. “I just wish it were longer.”

“We all do,” Corey said. “Next time we book a full week off work rather than coming on the weekend.”

“Next time?” Matt asked.

“Yeah, when we all get together again,” Corey said.

“Oh, I thought you meant next time we come here.”

“I wouldn’t be against it,” Corey said.

“Me neither,” Kris said.

“Make that three of us,” Colt added.

“Four,” Scott said.

“You only want to come back again to get fucked by that hunky ranger,” Colt laughed.

“Among other things,” Scott grinned. “He was fucking awesome though, wasn’t he, Kris?”

“He was,” Kris smiled. “That big dick fucked me so good and gave me just what I needed.”

“It wasn’t just the sex with him though,” Scott said. “I just loved being with him. I wished we lived
closer so I could see him again.”

“Who’s to say you can’t. Get his number, keep in touch and if you get the chance one weekend come and
be with him,” Corey said.

“I might just do that,” Scott smiled.

“I guess we’re all coming back then,” Matt said, “Some sooner than others.”

Scott smiled and nodded, thinking back over how great the previous 24 hours had been.

“What time is it, Matt?” Corey asked.

“Half past two,” Matt said, looking at his watch.

“We said we needed to leave around four, right?”

“If we want to get home before dark, yes,” Matt said.

“I say we just chill here for a while then,” Corey said. “Then we can pack the last few things in the
cars and take the cart keys back to Ranger Dean.”

“Two guesses on who’ll be doing the honors,” Kris smiled.

“He did say he wanted to see me again before we leave,” Scott grinned.

“Yeah, see you, not what your filthy mind is thinking,” Kris joked.

“I don’t think I could take any more,” Scott said. “I’ve cum five times in like 26 hours. My balls are

“I just hope Faith isn’t in the mood tonight when I get home,” Colt said.

“You’ll be fine by then, bro, it’s like another five hours before we’ll be anywhere near home,” Kris

“What if Melissa wants a piece of you?”

“She’ll get more than piece, bro,” Kris grinned, grabbing his cock.

“And I’ll be going to bed alone,” Scott said, sounding upset.

Matt moved to place a hand on Scott’s shoulder when the blond raised his head and looked into Matt’s
eyes, a smile plastered across his face.

“You fucker!” Matt said, pushing Scott. “I thought you were really upset.”

“About sleeping alone? I know it might be hard for you guys to believe but it won’t be the first night
there’s been no one else in my bed,” Scott laughed. “Besides, I can always call Jenna.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot you had a girlfriend,” Kris smiled.

The friends all laughed and Kris noticed that Corey and Colt hadn’t put the cooler away. He went over
to it to get a bottle of water but noticed there were three beers left inside too.

“Woah, we have beer left,” Kris said. “We can’t go home until we’ve drunk it.”

“Listen to Little Miss Boozehound over there,” Colt said.

“You not want a beer, bro?” Kris asked, holding a bottle out for Colt to grab.

Colt shook his head. “One of us has to drive home and I’m not having your ass drunk behind the wheel.”

“Awesome! Matt, Corey, do you want one?”

Corey looked at Matt but it was the latter who spoke, “I’m driving too since Corey drove on the way
here, but you can have one if you want babe.”

“Thanks,” Corey smiled, kissing Matt on the cheek before reaching out to take the beer.

“That just leaves you, Scott,” Kris said, tossing him the beer.

With the alcohol open, the five friends sat down on the grass, forming a small circle. Corey, Kris and
Scott sipped from their beer bottles while Matt and Colt opened two bottles of water from the dozen
they brought with them.

“I’m so happy I had you four as my best friends to get me through college,” Matt said. “I couldn’t have
done it without you.”

“Oh come on, Matt, you’d have got through college with or without us, we just made the ride a bit
easier,” Kris said.

“A hell of a lot easier,” Matt said. “I had my best friend, who brought me out of my shell and forced
me to do things I wouldn’t have done otherwise. I met my amazing boyfriend who I love more than
anything and who still makes me feel warm inside every time I see him. Colt, you were great for so many
reasons. You gave Kris an experience I couldn’t have and were a friend to all of us. You’re so much
more than just the country hick I thought you were at first. And then I have my best buddy and swimming
partner, Scott. I owe some of this body to you.”

“And yet I still didn’t get a letter tattooed on that body with the rest of ya,” Scott said.

“Oh, not that again,” Kris said. “It was ‘cause we were roomies. We can get a damn S added somewhere if
you’re gonna bitch.”

“I was joking, Kris, damn, no need to go all drama queen on me,” Scott said.

“Did you just call me a queen?” Kris asked.

“If the tiara fits, Muscle Mary,” Scott teased, lifting his beer to his lips.

Before he had even swallowed Scott felt himself being tackled to the ground as Kris pounced on him. He
brought his hands up to his head to protect his face but that exposed his sides and soon he was
writhing around, spitting the beer out all over the place as Kris tickled him mercilessly.

“Fuck!” Scott screamed. “Get off me!”

“Say you’re sorry!” Kris demanded, tickling Scott even harder.

“No!” Scott yelped, trying to get out from under Kris.

“Matt, get me another branch, I really am gonna stick this one up his ass,” Kris said, holding his hand
out toward Matt.

Matt wasn’t sure if Kris was being serious until he heard Scott squealing when Kris ran his hand up
Scott’s thigh, moving closer to his ass, and he knew it was all a joke. Kris really had got his temper
in check and Matt was so proud.

“Kris! Get off! I’m gonna fucking piss myself!” Scott yelled.

At first Kris thought Scott was playing around, trying to get him to let go, but when Scott’s body
tensed up Kris’s eyes went wide and he knew he was about to get a golden shower if he didn’t move.

Before Kris had time to let Scott go he felt the first warm spray of Scott’s piss hit his leg. He
jumped up quicker than he ever had before, trying to dodge away from the stream as it flew into the

Scott quickly grabbed his cock, stopping the flow and sprinted across the grass to the toilet inside
the little hut. As the door slammed all his friends were laughing their asses off.

“You fucker!” Kris screamed. “Damn, I didn’t really think he was gonna piss.”

Kris grabbed Scott’s t-shirt from the ground and wiped the piss off his leg. He sat down, tossing the
tee away, and picked up his beer, lifting it up to his mouth.

“Having fun boys?” A female voice called out.

Kris was so startled by the voice he threw arm up, emptying his can of beer all over his head. Matt had
jumped into Corey’s lap and was clinging to him, burying his head against his boyfriend’s neck as his
heart pounded, while Colt crossed his legs quickly, trying to cover his naked cock.

“Um… We’re… I’…” Kris stuttered, wiping the beer from his eyes.

“Relax boys, it’s not like I haven’t seen a naked guy before. Usually they’re just not in quite as good
shape as you four are,” the female said.

It was only when Matt finally pulled away from Corey and turned his head to look over his shoulder that
he saw the women, in her late 20s with her brown hair tied back and a green uniform that was almost
identical to the one Dean had been wearing earlier.

“You’re a ranger?” Matt asked, slowly moving back from Corey, making sure to cover his modesty.

“I am, sorry to startle you. I was just doing my rounds and wanted to check everything was okay,” she

“Everything is fine thank you,” Corey said, not knowing what to do. He had never felt so exposed in his

The toilet hut door opened with Scott stepping out. The moment he saw a woman standing in front of his
naked friends he remembered he was naked too and quickly jumped back inside, slamming the door shut a
little too loudly.

“Is someone in there?” the ranger asked.

“Yes, a friend of ours,” Matt said.

“Embarrassed about being caught naked is he?”

“Not usually,” Corey smiled.

Kris, who usually got such a thrill from going naked and showing off his body also felt self-conscious.
He was fine when he was naked almost anywhere and he didn’t care who saw him, but this wasn’t just any
woman, this was an attractive ranger who had an air of authority about her that made him nervous. It
was like he was back in elementary school and a teacher was glaring down at him. He felt like he was
somehow disrespecting her by not wearing clothes.

“Where are you tents?” the ranger asked.

“Oh, we’re heading home today, ma’am,” Corey said. “We booked the two days so we could hang out today
but we have work in the morning.”

“Okay, well I’m sorry again for startling you. I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay.”

“We have,” Matt smiled.

“It’s great,” Corey agreed.

“I’m glad to hear that,” the ranger said. “It’s nice knowing that young guys like you appreciate this
place just as much as the old ones. To be honest I wish we had more guests like you.”

“What? Naked?” Kris said without thinking.

The ranger laughed, “No, young and more open minded. We get a lot of older people who are a bit stuck
up and want us to do some kind of hotel service. You guys just take what’s here and enjoy it for what
it is. Anyway, I just wanted to check up on things and I see you’re all doing fine. Enjoy the rest of
your stay and get home safely.”

“Thank you,” Matt and Corey said together.

The four friends watched as the ranger left with the sound of the door to the toilet hut slowly opening
as Scott emerged.

“Damn, who was that?” Scott asked.

“A ranger,” Corey said as Scott approached.

“That must be Becky,” Scott said. “She looked pretty hot.”

“Then why did you hide?” Corey asked.

“Because he’s got a thing for rangers,” Kris laughed. “Maybe he didn’t want her to see him bone up over

“Fuck off!” Scott laughed. “How was she anyway?”

“Really nice,” Matt said. “She didn’t seem to care that we were naked.”

“Really? From what Dean said I thought she would be a bit of a bitch who took things a bit too

“Not at all, bro, she was cool. Maybe she’s just his boss,” Kris said.

“What the hell happened to you?” Scott asked, noticing Kris’s wet hair for the first time.

“She scared his ass and he threw his beer all over himself,” Colt laughed.

“You fucking jumped too,” Kris said.

“Damn right I did, she came out of fucking nowhere,” Colt said.

“I’m sticky all over now,” Kris said. “I’m covered in beer and piss.”

“Go for a swim then,” Colt said. “You’ve got time before we have to head off.”

Kris nodded and stood, stretching out his naked body. Matt, Corey and Colt all had to laugh at how
different he was from just a few moments ago. He had seemed so shy in front of the ranger and now he
was showing his body and cock to all who could see.

“I’ll join you,” Matt said. “I’m a bit sweaty after that… erm… walk.”

“Yeah, walk…” Corey winked.

Matt laughed and flipped Corey the bird. They both smiled and Corey sat with Colt as Kris and Matt
headed for the water, quickly followed by Scott.

After ten minutes of fooling around in the water, also washing themselves down, Scott, Matt and Kris
climbed out and lay back on the grass to let the air and heat from the sun dry the water from their
bodies. When they were dry enough they slipped their shorts back on and loaded up the carts with the
rest of their things. Taking a look around the plot to make sure they hadn’t left anything behind, Matt
pulled out his camera and took some shots so he could look back on them later and remember a great

They all climbed onto the carts, with Kris and Colt on one and Corey, Matt and Scott on the other.
After what happened before Scott made sure to hug the back of Matt’s seat instead of just sitting on
the luggage rack.

“Hey, do you think we could go to the parking lot the long way round?” Matt asked. “I’d quite like to
get a couple of pictures of the gym and the play park where Kris got his ass stuck in the slide.”

Corey and Colt laughed while Kris did his best to pout. Corey said, “Sounds like a good idea to me,

“Yeah, that’s fine with me,” Colt said.

“Hey, Matt,” Kris called. “Do you remember what time the catering place opens?”

“3:30 ‘til 7 I think,” Matt said. “Why?”

“I just thought maybe we could go for something to eat before we start on the drive home. We’re not in
any real rush and it’s paid for as part of the weekend package.”

“That’s true, and it would stop us having to cook when we got home or find somewhere to get take out on
the way. We’ll drive round, pack the cars and then eat.”

With everyone in agreement they set off, all wishing they could stay longer. Having jobs dictated their
lives to the point that they had to plan time away around work and other commitments.

Taking the trail south, heading away from the parking lot, Kris led the way on his cart, waving to the
people he had met during his short stay, much to the amusement of his friends.

Reaching the central plot, they pulled up and had a short walk around while Matt snapped photos of the
gym, the little grocery store and the play park where they had so much fun the night before.

“I dare you to go down the slide again,” Colt smiled.

“No fucking way,” Kris laughed. “I ain’t getting my ass stuck with people all over the place.”

“I didn’t think it would bother you,” Scott said. “You normally like the attention.”

“Yeah, I do, but for the right reasons. Not because I look like a dick.”

“Aww, little Kris is a chicken,” Colt teased.

“I’ll give you fucking chicken,” Kris said, marching toward the play area.

For a moment Matt was going to try to stop Kris since there were a few families around with smaller
children, but he knew if Kris was determined to prove a point there was nothing he could do so he just
pointed his camera at the action and got ready to take some photos.

Kris climbed to the top of the slide and stood up proud. Matt snapped a photo with Kris in a pose that
looked like he had just climbed a mountain, his hands on his hips and his chest puffed out. The next
photo caught Kris just as he pushed himself off, to start his descent, with another catching him half
way down.

Matt, Corey and Colt all held their breaths as Kris neared the point where he got stuck the night
before. This time however, Kris kept going and picked up speed. Matt quickly raised the camera again
and took two quick shots. The first showed Kris in mid-air as he flew off the end of the slide and the
second showed a pained look on his face when he landed hard on his ass.

Corey, Colt and Scott were all laughing as Kris got up from the ground and came walking back over to
them, rubbing his sore ass. Matt was smiling and shook his head, seeing the disapproving looks of some
of the people around them, but he didn’t care.

“Damn, that hurt my ass,” Kris said.

“Aww, poor baby,” Colt smiled.

“Fuck you,” Kris laughed.

“Do you need it kissing better?” Scott asked.

“I think that’s why it hurt so much,” Kris grinned. “I didn’t realise until just now that my hole is
fucking sore.”

All five friends burst out laughing and patted each other on the back as they walked back to their
carts and climbed on board, setting off again, continuing on round the trail until they passed Dean’s
plot. Scott and Matt looked at each other with a smile and looked ahead to see Kris looking back at
them with a grin on his face too.

Arriving in the parking lot they pulled up next to their cars and unloaded their things into the
trunks. When that was done Kris and Corey drove the carts back around to where they had picked them up
the day before but they held onto the keys because Scott said he wanted to take them to Dean just
before they left so he could say goodbye.

They all walked around to the catering cabin just as it was opening and were greeted by one of the nice
members of staff. With no one else inside yet they headed straight to the counters and grabbed their
plates, making their way around to get the freshly prepared food.

Sitting down to eat, they talked about their weekend some more and started to make plans for the next
time they would all be able to get away for more than a few days. They all said they would have to
check with work to see when a week off would be available to see if they could all get the same one
off. Kris would have the hardest time booking anything during the coming semester that wasn’t during a
school vaction. The food was even better than it had been the night before and they really enjoyed it.
When they finished they took their plates to a rack near the counter and thanked the staff for the food
as they left.

“I think I’d better pee before we set off home,” Matt said as they walked along the row of cabins.

“I should probably go too,” Colt said, “I need my attention on the road rather than whether or not I’m
gonna piss myself in Kris’s SUV.”

“Well you two go for a piss then,” Kris said, pointing to the shower block where he knew there were
toilets. “The rest of us will go hand the keys in and say goodbye to Dean.”

“Okay,” Matt said. “See you back at the cars?”

Kris nodded, tossing his car keys to Colt since he would be driving. Matt and Colt headed off in one
direction while Scott, Corey and Kris went in the other. When they got to the door of the Ranger’s
office Scott was reluctant to go in.

“What are you waiting for, bro?” Kris asked.

Scott looked at him, “I don’t really wanna say bye.”

“You really like him that much?” Kris asked.

“I do,” Scott said. “I haven’t clicked with a guy like I did with him in a long time.”

“So why not just make it goodbye for now?” Corey asked.

“Yeah, why not?” Kris asked. “I’m sure he’s got the internet and a phone. You can email, text, even use
Twitter or Facebook.”

“Yeah, and it’s not like he’s that far away or you don’t know where he’s gonna be in a few months’
time. He’s still gonna be here,” Corey agreed.

“I never really thought of that,” Scott said.

“That’s because you think with your dick,” Kris laughed.

Scott chuckled too and knocked on the door of the office. He got butterflies in his stomach when he
heard Dean’s deep voice telling him to enter.

“Hi,” Scott said, pushing the door open.

Dean immediately stood up when he saw Scott, a huge smile on his face, “Hey.”

The ranger bit his bottom lip slightly seeing the three blond, shirtless hunks enter his office. They
each had such incredible bodies with varying degrees of muscle definition and were the best looking
group of friends he had ever seen. He still couldn’t believe he had slept with two of them in the past
24 hours.

“We’ve come to give you the keys back,” Scott said, motioning to Kris and Corey who both stepped
forward with the keys in their hands.

“I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay with us,” Dean smiled, putting his hand out so Corey and Kris could
drop the keys into it.”

“More than you could know,” Scott said.

“Oh I think I know how much you enjoyed it,” Dean winked. “At least I know how much I enjoyed you being
here. All of you…”

Kris laughed, “Well you should do, my ass is fucking sore as Hell right now.”

“That’s just what you get for breaking the rules and trying to have sex in public,” Dean laughed in

“I might need to misbehave more often then,” Kris grinned.

“Behave yourself, I wouldn’t want to have to put you over my desk…”

Kris laughed again and extended his hand for Dean to shake. Dean dropped the cart keys onto his desk
and shook Kris’s hand. He was so tempted to pull the hot blond in for a kiss but he was on duty now and
anyone could walk in at any moment, including Becky who had been on her patrol for over an hour.

“It has been awesome though,” Corey said. “And thanks for not reporting us.”

“I guess I can’t be too angry,” Dean said. “It’s not often I get to see two hot guys fucking in front
of me. And then to join in on the threesome these two were having with your boyfriend, probably the
hottest day of my life.”

“Well then I hope you enjoyed the sights and services too,” Corey grinned.

“Believe me I did,” Dean said, “Even if I was a bit pissed off when I first found you. Anyway, Kris…”
Dean said, moving back to his desk to look on his computer.

“Yes?” Kris said, confused.

“Don’t look so worried,” Dean smiled. “You booked the plot and gave me your credit card details. I’ve
just gotta check there haven’t been any charges to it.”

“Oh, okay,” Kris sighed as Dean typed into his computer.

“Nope, there’s nothing here so you don’t owe anything. We will just have to check the plot and the
carts for any damage, but it should all be fine. We’d email you before we tried to make a further
charge in that event.”

“Thanks,” Kris said. “I guess we’d better get going.”

“It was nice meeting you,” Dean said, standing up again and offering his hand to shake.

“It was nice meeting you too,” Kris smiled, shaking Dean’s hand.

“Thank you,” Corey said, also shaking Dean’s hand.

“You’re welcome. And if you ever want to come again we’d be happy to have you,” Dean said.

“I’ll hold you to that,” Kris smiled.

“Have a safe trip home,” Dean said as Kris and Corey headed for the door.

“Give me a sec, guys,” Scott said, “I won’t be long.”

Kris and Corey nodded, waving to Dean one last time as they stepped outside and closed the door behind
them, leaving Scott and Dean alone.

Before Scott could say anything Dean quickly closed the gap between them and pulled him into a kiss.
When they broke apart Dean held Scott close and looked into his eyes, running his hand down over
Scott’s tight abs.

“Thank you,” Dean said. “I know we’ve barely known each other a day but I really enjoyed being with

“And me with you,” Scott smiled, putting his hand on Dean’s cheek. “I wish I didn’t have to go but I
have work tomorrow.”

“I wish you could stay too, but I understand,” Dean said, reaching his hand up to hold Scott’s. “Look,
I hope I’m not reading things wrong here but I’d like to see you again.”

“I’d love that,” Scott said, his heart pounding.

“Here are my details,” Dean said, pulling back and handing Scott a piece of paper from his desk with
various bits of information written on it. “I was wondering…”

“What?” Scott asked.

“Do you have any plans for Labor Day Weekend?” Dean asked.


“Neither do I,” Dean said. “I get the full three days off and I was kind of hoping you could come here
or I could come to you for a few days.”

“I’d love that,” Scott said. “We can talk some more about it later.”

“I’ll count on that,” Dean smiled, moving in to kiss Scott again. “I’ll see you later.”

“You will,” Scott beamed. “Goodbye… for now.”
Dean laughed, “See ya later.”

Dean kissed Scott on the forehead before letting him go. Scott backed away, not wanting to take his eyes
off the hot ranger in front of him.

“God you’re cute,” Dean said under his breath.

Scott smiled as he opened the door to the office, “And you’re so fucking sexy.”

Finally he turned around and walked from the office with the paper in his hand. Just as he got to the
bottom of the stairs he almost crashed into Becky who was coming back from her patrol. She smiled at him
and then winked before wishing him well on his journey home. He watched as she disappeared into the office
and then he walked over to join his friends.

“You ready to go?” Matt asked.

“I am,” Scott smiled.

“No tearful goodbyes?” Kris asked.

“Nope, just a goodbye for now, like you said,” Scott smiled.

“So you’re seeing him again?” Colt asked.

“I hope to. He wants me to come back for Labor Day weekend since he’s got some time off.”

“That’s in like two weeks,” Colt said.

“I know,” Scott smiled.

“Are you gonna?” Corey asked.

“I don’t know, but I want to,” Scott said.

“Just go with the flow?” Kris asked.

“It worked well for us this weekend,” Scott grinned.

“Damn right it did,” Kris laughed. “I’m gonna miss you guys.”

“You’ll see us again soon,” Corey said.

“We’ll still miss each other though,” Matt said, almost tearing up.

“Don’t cry on me, bro,” Kris laughed.

“I’m not gonna, I just hate leaving you.”

“Me too,” Kris smiled.

Matt and Kris met each other in a hug while Colt moved to Corey and Scott to also say goodbye. When they
pulled apart Kris and Colt switched, making sure they got a hug from each of their friends.

With the cars packed they all said a final goodbye, climbed into their seats and set off for home.


I hope you enjoyed Big D's latest fantasy story.   I really appreciate his hard work and effort in giving
us this long story.
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