“This water is so fucking cold,” Colt groaned, having jumped into the lake to cool off.

“Aww, is your dick all shrivelled up?” Corey mocked.

“Yeah, but not from the water, it’s exhausted after you fucked the cum out of it,” Colt laughed, splashing
water at Corey who was treading water just a few feet away.

“At least I’m sending you home satisfied,” Corey smiled.

“Oh I think I would have been satisfied just from Kris nailing my ass. Taking your fat cock was an added
bonus,” Colt winked.

“The cherry on the cake?” Corey grinned.

“I think it’s a bit late for you take my cherry.”

“Yeah, about three years too late,” Corey laughed. “Kris was your first on both counts, right?”

“He was the first guy I fucked and got fucked by, yes, but you got my dick wet before he ever did.”

“Oh yeah, after the poker game, I forgot about that. I wasn’t the first guy to suck you though.”

“Maybe not, but one sloppy blowjob from a guy in high school didn’t really prepare me for the number you did
on my dick. You opened my eyes to the pleasure men can give each other and without that I’m not sure I would
ever have fucked around with Kris.”

“I hope that’s a good thing,” Corey laughed, swimming in small circles, turning his head to look at Colt the
whole time.

“The best, I really owe you for that. You were the starting point of the best sexual journey of my life.”

“Great. How’s your sex life with Faith?”

“Apart from pretty much only doing it in bed it’s great. She can actually get kind of kinky sometimes. She
really knows how to ride my dick and she squeezes me just right with her tight little pussy. She might be a
prude in some ways but damn bro, she loves it when I pound her hard and make her scream.”

“You ever thought of going bareback like you did with Kris last night?”

“With Faith? No. Not yet anyway. I see the kind of shit Chase has got himself in by not making sure to bag
his junk. I’m not ruining my life by having a kid before I’m ready.”

“It might not ruin Chase’s life, Colt,” Corey said. “Okay, so it’s not ideal, but we’ve seen from Juan that
having a kid young can be a good thing.”

“Yeah, when you’re with the mom,” Colt argued. “Juan has a properly little family and a plan for more kids
somewhere down the road. Chase’s baby momma is just one in a long list of girls he’s been banging and now
he’s tied to her forever even if he can’t fucking stand her.”

“You’re gonna support him though, right?”

“Of course I am,” Colt said. “He’s my little brother. I’ll be there for him no matter what stupid shit he
gets himself in to. I know once the kid comes I’ll love it to bits too and will love being an uncle, I just
wish he was more prepared.”

“And you don’t think he is?” Corey asked.

“If he didn’t have Tabor with him I don’t know where he’d be, but even Tabor has a hard time keeping him
from spinning out of control. Those two are like Matt and Kris. They need each other to bring out the best
in them, or at least to stop the worst from coming out.”

“That might be true, but look at Matt and Kris now. They’re doing fine on their own.”

“Yeah, because Matt has you and Kris has Melissa. Chase and Tabor don’t have that. They’d crumble without
each other.”

“Was Tabor pissed when he heard?”

“Yeah,” Colt said. “He told me it really hit him hard that things were about to change big time because
Chase was gonna have all kinds of responsibilities and would have to juggle college, working to support the
baby and then caring for it so their relationship might become strained from not spending much time

“I hope Tabor’s gonna be there for Chase.”

“Oh he will be, those two are together for life, it’s just gonna be tough.”

“Has Chase still been fucking around after he found out about the baby?”

“Yes,” Colt said seriously. “He’s a fucking idiot. You’d think his ass would be terrified now, not wanting
to get another girl pregnant but he just doesn’t seem to care. Tabor said he’s out fucking different girls
almost every other night. He comes in drunk off his face and passes out in his bed. It’s getting really bad.
Tabor hates it but he said he doesn’t know if the alternative of Chase sulking in his room and jerking off
all the time is much better.”

Corey chuckled, trying to lighten the mood. “Hey, we all do that, even when we’re with someone.”

“You do?” Colt asked, surprised.

“Of course,” Corey laughed. “Matt and I don’t fuck every night just because we’re living together. Sometimes
I’m too tired for sex if I’ve been working the long shift or we can not in the mood so we just go to sleep.
Then when I wake up with my morning wood and Matt’s gone to work I spend like an hour just jerking off,
sometimes reading these really hot erotic stories online.”

“Yeah? Has Matt ever caught you doing it?”

“He did once,” Corey nodded with a smile. “He came home to have lunch with me and he’d picked something up
on the way. He walked into the bedroom to wake me up and saw me there in the middle of the bed, rock hard,
stroking my thick dick that was covered in lube.”

“What did he do?”

“He dropped the food, pulled his pants down and climbed onto the bed. I hadn’t moved when I felt him sink
his ass down on my cock and then he started to ride me. It was so fucking hot. He was still in his work
shirt and tie and held them up so he wouldn’t get lube all over them. I grabbed onto his naked hips and
fucked my bare cock up into him, bouncing him up and down on my dick until I came deep in his ass and he
hosed me down with a massive load that covered my chest and abs.”

“Fuck that’s hot…” Colt moaned.

“You’re telling me,” Corey smiled. “We got up and ate our lunch together before he went back to work with my
cum dripping out of his ass.”

“Awesome dude,” Colt almost cheered, putting his hand up for Corey to high five him.

“Yeah, it really was. He’s also caught me jacking before when I was in the living room on our sofa and he
walked in the door. He closed the door behind him and stripped off his clothes but he just stood where he
was and watched me, stroking his own big dick. We were calling out to each other, trying to make the other
cum. It was so hot. It was like we were fucking each other without ever touching.”

“Have you never caught Matt jacking?”

“No, but I know he does,” Corey smiled. “I found some cum on the shower wall once that Matt must have missed
when he was cleaning up. Have you ever caught Faith touching herself?”

“I have, yeah,” Colt said, still swimming around. “She was really fingering herself.”

“Yeah? Tell me about it,” Corey said, treading water.

“I was out with a couple of buddies from work about three weeks ago for one of their birthdays. We just went
to a sports bar and played some pool. About half way through the night Faith text me to ask how things were
going so I replied saying I’d rather be with her. She then got really flirty saying she wished I was with
her too. For like the next half hour we just text back and forth and things slowly got hotter until we were
pretty much sexting. I asked her what she was wearing and she sent me a photo of her in this hot little
nightgown she has that’s almost see-through. I quickly ran to the bathroom and took a picture of my
throbbing cock, showing her how much I wanted her. She said it was so hot and she was touching herself
thinking of me.”

“Damn, even though I’m gay I think that’s so hot,” Corey said, biting his bottom lip.

“Yeah. She asked me when I could get home and I said I’d be there as soon as I could. I stayed with the guys
for another beer and then just sneaked out while they were all getting carried away watching a replay of a
football game they had on a big screen. My dick had been hard for nearly an hour and I was so turned on that
I ran all the way home. I think it sobered me up by the time I got back to the apartment and when I opened
the bedroom door there she was on the bed with her legs wide and three of her fingers actually inside
herself. I stripped naked quicker than I ever have before and jumped on the bed. I nearly mounted her then.
I was just gonna stick my raw cock in her, but then I thought about Chase so I dived down and ate her pussy
out instead. By the time I had her begging for my cock she had a condom out so I rolled it down my dick and
fucked the holy shit out of her. She was so turned on she even stuck a finger up my ass while I was fucking
her. It made me shoot almost instantly.”

“Awesome,” Corey said.

“Yeah, we were so turned on we fucked three more times that night. She even made my back bleed she was
digging her nails in that hard.”

“Wow, I didn’t think Faith had it in her,” Corey said, impressed.

“Neither did I to be honest, but she’s full of surprises. She loves sex almost as much as I do when she’d in
the mood, she just loves it in a bed. I’ve gotta admit, I love fucking her missionary. The look on her face
when my dick is hitting all the right spots makes me so hard. She’s never more beautiful than in that

“Maybe you should take a picture,” Corey smiled.

“I don’t think so, I like having my balls attached to my body, thanks,” Colt laughed.

Corey slapped water in Colt’s face, diving quickly under the surface, swimming between Colt’s legs, grabbing
onto his cock and giving it a good tug before Colt even knew where Corey was.

“You fucker!” Colt shouted as Corey resurfaced. “I’m gonna get you for that.”

Corey laughed and quickly dived back under the water, trying to swim away from Colt as he gave chase.

* * * *

On the lawn in front of the ranger’s private cabin and surrounded on all sides by trees, Matt moved in
behind Scott, his big dick pressing up against Scott’s ass, sliding into his crack. Scott moaned and
clenched his butt cheeks, squeezing Matt’s dick between the two muscles. His own dick was throbbing as it
stood up away from his body, glistening with the precum that was flowing from the tip. He reached down and
stroked his hand up and down, letting his cock naturally lube itself as the precum slid beneath his foreskin
making the movement that much easier.

“Fuck me, Matt,” Scott said, feeling Matt’s breath on his shoulder. “Fuck me while we watch them. If I’m not
getting Dean’s big dick again I want yours inside me.”

Matt moaned and pressed his lips against the back of Scott’s neck, kissing along the skin while he slowly
began to thrust against his friend’s ass. He was so turned on he didn’t even think about saying no, wanting
to sink his long cock into Scott’s nice tight hole.

Placing his chin on Scott’s shoulder, Matt looked straight in front of them to where Kris was now on his
hands and knees. Instead of facing them directly they were now looking at the side view as Kris’s huge
biceps seemed to almost pop out of his skin while he held up his body, his stomach was tense, showing the
soft contours of his abs, and the big round bubble butt sticking up in the air waiting to be filled by
Dean’s big dick again. There was also Kris’s dick, rock hard and throbbing, bouncing up and down between his
legs, dripping precum onto the grass beneath him.  

Dean’s huge body was moving in behind Kris, his incredible nine inch cock looked so hard in his hand as he
pointed it toward the already well fucked hole. It looked like he was holding a nightstick, stroking it up
and down ready for action. Instead of pushing straight back in, Dean used his cock to slap Kris’s ass,
making the hot blond squeal and shudder. Part of him wanted to crawl away because it felt like a paddle was
slapping his ass, but another part of him wanted to push back and beg for more.

“You want my dick back inside you, Kris?” Dean asked.

“God yes!” Kris said, his own cock twitching and pulsing hearing the ranger’s deep voice.

Matt bit his lip watching the scene unfold. It was hotter than any porn movie he had ever seen and it was
happening right in front of him. At first he was disappointed that he wasn’t going to get to fuck Kris’s ass
until he came inside it, but now, seeing the show they were putting on, he didn’t care. He stepped back from
Scott, found a condom and the lube and quickly had his dick covered and slick, moving back into place just
as the head of Dean’s dick started to gently kiss Kris’s hole.

“Stick it in me!” Kris demanded, trying to force his ass back onto Dean’s cock.

“Oh fuck,” Scott moaned, watching. “Stick yours in me too, Matt. I wanna feel you fuck me with that big
dick. Try to time it so you’re thrusting with Dean. It’ll be like we’re all fucking each other.”

Matt’s dick jerked up as Scott spoke, slapping against his abs. He could have been insulted at Scott’s
suggestion, but he found it hot that Scott wanted him to fuck him in time with Dean’s assault on Kris’s ass
because then Scott could pretend it was Dean fucking him and he in turn could pretend he was still fucking

Finally, after having his fun with Kris, Dean put his hand on Kris’s hip and held his dick still, pushing
forward, adding more pressure by the second until Kris’s ass opened up for him again and granted him entry.
He groaned and threw his head back as his dick sank into the hot hole for a second time. It felt like Kris’s
ass was actually moulding itself around his cock, wanting it to fit perfectly within the tight confines. He
kept moving until every inch of his big cock was buried deep inside Kris’s ass.

Kris yelped feeling the dick slice back through him. It felt like it shouldn’t fit. The journey into his
depths seemed to take forever, sending shivers up his spine as the big cock pushed against the walls of his
ass, making every nerve ending tingle with pleasure.

“Oh fuck!” Kris screamed. “That dick gets so fucking deep.”

“Oh baby,” Dean said, leaning down to place a kiss between Kris’s shoulders, “you ain’t felt nothing yet.”

Kris’s mouth dropped open at Dean’s words. He was panting so hard, with sweat covering his entire body. It
was one of the most intense fucks he had ever experienced, feeling himself being skewered on the nine inch
cock. He couldn’t believe he had it all inside him but at the same time when he got used to the feeling he
actually found himself wanting more.

Dean continued to kiss Kris’s back while he gently slid in and out of the fine muscle ass, letting Kris feel
the shaft slowly withdrawing, pulling at his sphincter with every inch that left him, before sliding back
in, opening his ass back up.

Matt stepped up to Scott and wrapped his arms around him. His own big dick was back between Scott’s cheeks
and with a little manoeuvring the tip found the hole and started to push inside. Matt forgot that Scott
hadn’t been fucked this session and hadn’t lubed up his ass so the friction Scott felt made the process of
Matt’s dick sliding into him that much more enjoyable, with not a hint of pain thanks to the lube coating
Matt’s cock.

Sinking in deep, Matt continued until he was completely buried in Scott’s ass, feeling his dick curve
upwards like it should be lodged up in Scott’s belly. He slid his hand down Scott’s chest and over his abs,
pressing against the muscles, wondering if he could feel his hard dick poking at the other side of them.

Scott was moaning, feeling Matt inside him. He had thrown his head back onto Matt’s shoulder, closing his
eyes and letting the amazing sensations wash over him. It had been so long since Matt had been inside him
and it felt so good to have him there again.

“Keep taking pictures while I fuck you,” Matt whispered in Scott’s ear.

Scott wasn’t sure his body would be able to function enough to really capture the moment since his whole
body suddenly felt light with Matt beginning to move in his ass, fucking him slowly, just like Dean was
doing to Kris.

Dean leaned back, gripping Kris’s hips with both his hands. He pulled his hips back, sliding his long dick
completely out of Kris’s ass with a pop. Kris moaned, his ass feeling so empty, but then he soon yelped
again as Dean drove his cock back in until it was balls deep.

The sensations overwhelmed Kris as the dick ripped through him. His arms nearly went out from under him and
he had to lean forward, burying his face against his own bicep to stop himself from screaming and cumming at
the same time. His mouth was hanging open, his eyes almost popping out of his head, but there was still a
look of such pleasure on his face that Scott managed to capture on camera as Kris turned his head to look
back at Dean.

“Can you feel that dick own your ass?” Dean asked.

“Fuck yes,” Kris moaned. “Do it again.”

Dean held still for a moment and then granted Kris’s request, pulling his dick back out of Kris’s ass until
it was throbbing in the air. He then rotated his hips, putting on a show for Matt and Scott, and then he
thrust forward, once again slicing through Kris’s asshole until he was balls deep inside the muscle stud.

“HOLY FUCK!!” Kris screamed, his voice unusually high pitched, showing the pleasure he was feeling.

“So fucking hot,” Matt whispered in Scott’s ear just before he took it between his teeth.

“Yeah, it is,” Scott agreed, feeling breathless. “Fuck me harder, Matt. I’m so fucking horny right now.”

Matt obliged, holding on to Scott’s body as he moved his hips faster, fucking Scott with a lot less of his
dick after long dicking him for a few minutes, but the increased speed pushed all of Scott’s buttons,
including his prostate as his balls began to bubble.

After holding still for another twenty seconds or so, letting Kris’s ass twitch and spasm around his cock,
squeezing it so good, Dean pulled back out and looked down at the blond hunk’s hole. It was wide open from
the fucking it was getting from the ranger’s big cock. Dean smiled as his dick throbbed, pumping precum into
the condom. He turned his head to see Matt fucking Scott. Making eye contact he motioned to the camera in
Scott’s hand. Scott quickly tossed the camera to Dean, who caught it with one hand, spun it around, snapped
a shot of Kris’s gaping hole and then rammed his dick back inside Kris’s ass, taking another picture when
his pubes were flush against Kris’s ass cheeks, before tossing it back to Scott.

Matt shoved his dick deep in Scott and looked over his shoulder, watching as Scott scrolled through the
images on the camera to find the shots Dean had just taken. When they saw the picture of Kris’s hole they
both moaned, their dicks throbbing in harmony with each other, Matt catching Scott’s spot to make him

In front of them Dean was done playing around. It was time to fuck Kris properly. He was on a deadline and
needed to cum before he had to head back to work. He was going to take it up a gear and fuck Kris the way he
had always wanted to fuck a hot muscular straight guy, even if Kris was technically bi.

Pulling his dick half way out of Kris, Dean rose up so his feet were planted on the ground. He crouched down
so his dick was still inside Kris, his huge thighs almost parallel with the ground. He leaned his big body
over Kris’s back and wrapped his arms around Kris’s chest, holding him tight as he thrust forward.

Kris’s eyes almost popped out. His breath caught up in his throat and all he could do was whimper. Dean’s
dick had pierced right through him, plunging into him so deep it felt like the head of the big cock was in
his chest, crashing into his pounding heart.

Scott took more photos as Matt slid in and out of him, but the still images wouldn’t do justice to what they
were seeing and hearing in front of them as Dean pulled his hips back and then slid all the way in on the
inward thrust, fucking Kris deeper than he ever had been before.

“I… Oh… Fuck!” Kris panted. “So fucking deep…”

“Yeah? You like my big ranger cock inside you?” Dean asked.

“Yes! I fucking love it!”

“Good,” Dean replied. “Now brace yourself…”

Kris had no idea what was coming, he just locked out his elbows, scared that if he didn’t make sure he was
holding up his bodyweight he would go crashing to the ground in a heap.

Dean pulled up so his back was straight. He put his hands on Kris’s hips and then started thrusting really
hard into Kris, still in the crouching position, driving his dick into Kris so he was now fucking him hard
and deep.

Kris continued to whimper and Dean knew he loved the pounding he was taking. He reached forward and grabbed
onto Kris’s blond hair, pulling his head back and using it as leverage to fuck even harder into the tight

Feeling his legs tiring slightly, Dean pushed his dick into Kris and then pulled them both up so Kris was
back on his feet, six of the nine inches still inside him. In that position, with Kris hunched over, his
hands on his knees supporting himself, Dean did something neither Matt or Scott had ever seen before. He
bent down so only the head of his dick was still in Kris’s ass and then he stood back up, drilling his cock
back in deep. After three of these moves they both realised that Dean was doing squats while he fucked his
big dick in and out of Kris’s ass, driving his dick up into Kris so hard it lifted his feet off the ground
more than once while Kris was yelping and whimpering the whole time.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Kris whined. His eyes rolled up into his head with every thrust Dean made into his ass,
the big dick running straight over his prostate. Between his legs his own dick was so hard it almost hurt,
throbbing and leaking, glistening with the precum that was literally dripping off the tip as he got fucked.

Matt still couldn’t believe the sight in front of him, but even more unbelievable were the sounds coming
from Kris. His whimpers were so high pitched it was like someone else was making the noise. Kris had never
made noises like that in all the times Matt had seen or heard him getting fucked. He was so hard his dick
twitched in time with his heartbeat while he was still inside Scott, running his hand over his hot friend’s
body until he was gripping his shoulders, bending him over slightly so he could fuck him even harder,
feeling the need to get off now Kris and Dean were beginning to get more serious in their fuck.

“Fuck me, Matt,” Scott said over his shoulder.

“Yeah, I love fucking your ass, Scott. You’re such an amazing bottom,” Matt said, never letting up on the
constant thrusts he made into Scott’s ass.

Just a few feet away Dean was again tiring of the position, wanting to try something different. He thought
back to his discussion with Scott the day before when they talked about their sexual fantasies and the wild
things they’d do if they got the chance. Scott had helped him achieve two of those by letting Dean fuck him
in his ranger’s office and on the front porch of his cabin, but there was one more he really wanted to try
and Kris was the perfect guy to do that with.

Pulling his dick out of Kris’s ass, Dean gave the large mounds a quick slap, making Kris jump but still moan
in pleasure. The hot blond turned his head to see why Dean pulled out, wondering if he was just going to
drive his dick back in again like he had before, but Dean was on his feet now, extending his hand out,
hoping Kris would take it.

Kris smiled, feeling his ass empty now the big dick had left it, so he reached his hand up and let Dean take
it in his, pulling Kris up to his feet. Still holding Kris’s hand, Dean pulled Kris in for a kiss and then
turned, walking off toward his cabin dragging Kris behind him, who followed like a child being led by a

Matt stopped thrusting into Scott as they watched Kris and Dean move, wondering what was going to happen
next. Slowly Matt pulled out of Scott as Kris and Dean got further away. He wanted to keep fucking Scott but
he also wanted a front row seat for whatever Dean had planned.

When they reached the cart, Matt stopped, pulling Scott to a halt with him. They stood together, their arms
touching as they watched Dean lead Kris along until they were just around the side of the cabin where he
then pinned Kris back against the wall and attacked his face with a hungry kiss.

“Damn,” Scott moaned, “look at those two go.”

“Amazing…” Matt whispered, pulling Scott back to him, pushing him forward over the cart so he could slide
his dick back in the now slick hole.

As Matt pushed deeper into Scott the two watched as Dean and Kris made out. Scott grabbed the camera again,
trying to focus on the scene in front of him while Matt was lighting his ass on fire as he thrust his dick
in and out.

Scott started snapping photos between moans, usually when Matt was pulling out of his ass since he couldn’t
hold still when Matt’s big cock sawed back through him.

Kris may have been backed against a wall with Dean in firm control of what was happening, but he certainly
wasn’t a passive lover. His hand was on Dean’s chest, cupping and squeezing the big pecs, running down to
trace the cut six pack of abs before moving back up to continue the chest play. His tongue was extended
beyond his lip, meeting Dean’s half way as they danced in the air before darting into one mouth and then the
other. Their lips weren’t quite touching, giving Matt and Scott a clear view as their tongues were ravaging
each other. Kris then pressed his lips hard against Dean’s, digging his tongue deep into the ranger’s mouth.
Finally, Kris pulled his head back just the slightest bit so their lips separated but his tongue was still
in Dean’s mouth. For the next minute he bobbed his head back and forth so their lips met and parted over and
over again as he used his tongue to fuck Dean’s mouth.

When they finally broke the kiss and pulled apart, looking into each other’s eyes as they tried to catch
their breaths, Kris felt his stomach tighten when he saw pure lust and hunger in Dean’s eyes. He knew then
he had truly unleashed a monster and he was about to get fucked harder than ever before.

Dean said nothing. He pressed his lips back against Kris’s and moved in, pressing their bodies together,
letting their sweaty pecs, chiselled abs and rock hard cocks collide. He thrust his still covered dick
against Kris’s and then before Kris even knew what was going on he was lifted from his feet and pinned
against the wall as Dean sank the blond hunk down on his cock.

“FUCK!” Kris screamed, once again feeling Dean pierce him to his core. If it was possible he felt even
deeper again in this position with all of his bodyweight supported only by Dean’s cock.

Dean quickly wrapped Kris’s legs around his waist and hoisted him up as he lifted Kris off his cock and then
dropped him back down on it. Kris threw his arms around Dean’s neck and then buried his face against the
bigger man’s shoulder to muffle his moans as the dick did a number on his insides, fucking him so good and
hitting his spot every time.

Feeling that Kris was used to the position, Dean pressed his harder against the wall of the cabin and moved
his hands down so they were on Kris’s ass. Instead of bouncing the smaller blond up and down on his cock he
simply kept Kris in position and hammered his cock up into one of the best asses he had ever fucked.

Kris let out a high pitched moan every time Dean’s dick plunged deep inside him, clinging to the huge man
who was fucking him. Being basically dominated in a non-aggressive way was so hot for Kris and he really got
a kick out of knowing he was being fucked by a man.

Wanting to try one last fantasy before he came, feeling his balls starting to tingle, Dean pulled back from
the wall, hooking his hands under Kris’s legs so he could hold the stud up. Now they were standing with
nothing holding them up but Dean’s big legs, Dean began bouncing Kris up and down on his cock, really making
him scream.

Just when Kris thought it couldn’t get any hotter, Dean started to bend down, taking Kris with him without
ever letting his dick slip from the nice bubble butt. Kris had his arms wrapped tight around Dean’s neck,
holding on as much as he could without hurting the incredible top, as he felt his back move closer to the
ground. When Kris’s body was almost parallel with the floor and Dean’s legs were also bent so his thighs
were at a similar angle, Dean thrust forward hard, impaling Kris on his cock as the hot blond was suspended
in mid-air, flailing around as his moans filled the plot.

When his legs began to tire again, Dean pulled back up, still with his dick deep inside Kris and he returned
them to the side of the cabin, almost slamming Kris into the wall as he went back to hammering his ass.

Matt and Scott nearly exploded on the spot seeing Kris get his ass not only manhandled but also pounded by
the ranger. Kris was not a small man by any means but he looked like a child the way Dean just threw him
around and plunged Kris down on his dick.

Feeling the desperate need to cum, Matt put his hand in the middle of Scott’s back and pressed down until
Scott bent over the cart. When Scott had braced himself with one arm on the vehicle, Matt reached over and
grabbed Scott’s other arm, pulling it behind his back. He kicked Scott’s legs apart to open up his hole even
more. Scott was hunched over, with Matt’s hand on his hip and the other holding his arm back, using it for
leverage as he made Scott arch his back at the same time as he pulled him back toward him, spearing him with
his dick.

Scott began screaming. His uncut cock was so hard, swinging between his legs. He wanted so badly to reach
down and stroke it but that was impossible since Matt held one arm and he needed the other to hold himself
up. Instead he started clenching his ass muscles, clamping down on Matt’s dick as the same time as making
his own cock jump, hoping he could force himself to have a hands free orgasm.

Kris was really screaming now as he was impaled on Dean’s big dick over and over again. Rather than just
rest back against the wall, letting Dean do all the work, Kris moved so only his shoulders were pressed
against the wood, allowing him to move the rest of his upper body so he could rotate his hips and drive his
ass down even harder onto Dean’s amazing dick.

“Your ass is fucking incredible,” Dean gasped, gripping onto Kris’s ass cheeks.

“Your cock is so fucking big,” Kris moaned. “Feels so good inside me.”

“God, I could fuck you for days,” Dean said, pounding even harder into Kris.

“I’d let you!” Kris groaned as his hard dick ran up and down Dean’s body, sliding up through the deep
crevices between the ranger’s abs and between his pecs before gliding back down again. It felt so good that
along with the pummelling of his ass he knew he wasn’t far off.

“Are you close, Kris?” Dean asked.

“Yes,” Kris nodded.

“Cum with me, sexy. Let me fuck the cum out of you while I unload deep inside you.”

Kris felt his dick get even harder. His balls felt like they were about to implode. He pulled his head up to
look into Dean’s eyes and then surged forward, mashing his lips against the ranger’s.

It was at the exact moment that Kris’s tongue entered Dean’s mouth when the ranger’s dick swelled up inside
Kris and started shooting off into the condom nine inches deep in Kris’s ass.

With the vibrations from Dean’s spewing cock sending waves of pleasure over his prostate, Kris screamed into
Dean’s mouth as his cock exploded between them, sending shot after shot spraying over their abs and pecs,
even catching them both on the chin. They clung to each other as they rode through their orgasms and then
fused their lips together once again as they made out.

Not far away, Matt was furiously hammering Scott’s ass, the scene in front of them just too hot. Suddenly
Matt felt his balls starting to bubble so he ripped his dick from Scott’s ass, pulled off the condom and
with just two jerks blew a massive load all over Scott’s back.

Feeling the first splashes of hot cum blast across his skin, Scott’s eyes rolled back into his head and he
threw his head back, clenching his fists as he focused all his energy on making his dick twitch between his

Matt, who had slumped to the ground after he came and watched as Scott used all of his muscles to tense his
groin, making his dick move up and down, using sheer willpower to send his cum surging up his shaft until it
reached the tip and erupted from his cock, spraying in all directions as his body went into spasm. Matt had
never seen anything like it. Scott had given himself a hands free orgasm without anyone else touching any
part of him.

Scott collapsed to the ground, exhausted, and turned over just in time to see Dean lower Kris back down to
the ground. Dean took Kris’s hand in his again and led them back over to his friends. It was clear to see
that Kris was walking a little gingerly, a clear sign that he had been thoroughly fucked by a massive cock.
Matt, who had slumped to the ground after he came and watched as Scott used all of his muscles to tense his
groin, making his dick move up and down, using sheer willpower to send his cum surging up his shaft until it
reached the tip and erupted from his cock, spraying in all directions as his body went into spasm. Matt had
never seen anything like it. Scott had given himself a hands free orgasm without anyone else touching any
part of him.

Scott collapsed to the ground, exhausted, and turned over just in time to see Dean lower Kris back down to
the ground. Dean took Kris’s hand in his again and led them back over to his friends. It was clear to see
that Kris was walking a little gingerly, a clear sign that he had been thoroughly fucked by a massive cock.

Matt quickly grabbed the camera and took a shot of the two amazing muscle studs with Kris’s cum covering
their bodies. Their hair was a mess, huge smiles plastered across their faces. Their pecs and abs looked so
hard, dripping with sweat and cum as they walked. Their dicks were limp but still looked huge.

“Thank you so much guys, I can’t tell you how hot that was,” Dean said, “but I’m gonna have to go. I have to
be back at work in like fifteen minutes and I need a quick shower and something to eat.”

“That’s okay,” Scott said.

“Thank you,” Kris panted.

Dean chuckled, “You’re more than welcome.”

Dean pulled Kris in for another hot kiss before doing the same for Scott. He was just about to turn away but
he felt bad for leaving Matt out so he grabbed him by the hand and pulled him in for a kiss that left Matt

Gathering his clothes quickly, Dean started heading toward his cabin before he stopped and turned around.
“Come see me before you leave.”

“We will,” Scott smiled as Dean disappeared inside his house.

“What now?” Kris asked.

“I guess we get dressed and go find Colt and Corey,” Matt said.

“Damn right,” Scott said. “I wanna hear about them fucking in the parking lot.”

“And I’ve gotta show Corey some of these pictures of Dean fucking Kris.”

“What? You took photos of him fucking me?” Kris exclaimed.

“Yeah, we can delete them if you want but you’re gonna wanna see them,” Matt said as Scott handed Kris the

“Holy fuck…” Kris gasped, seeing some of the shots. “These are so fucking hot, bro. Colt’s gotta see these,
he’s never gonna believe it.”