“Dean!” Scott gasped.

All three friends stared up at the ranger who had a very stern look on his face. Matt and Kris were still
frozen in place, but even though they had been caught with Matt balls deep in Kris’s ass, they were both
still rock hard.

“Seriously?” Dean asked. “Can you guys not control yourselves? Anyone could catch you here.”

“We’re sorry,” Scott said, climbing to his feet and walking towards Dean, his semi hard dick swinging with
every step.

“Sorry isn’t good enough. Do you realise the kind of trouble you’d be in if someone else had caught you? I
know this spot is pretty secluded, but if you found it then so will other people,” Dean said, shaking his

“I’m sorry, okay? We just got caught up in the moment,” Scott said as Matt slowly slid his dick out of Kris,
even though it wasn’t any softer.

“Are you guys all insatiable or something?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Scott asked.

“We fucked three times last night and yet you still want more.”

“I can’t help it,” Scott said, sounding like a scolded little boy.

“Neither could your friends,” Dean spat.

“We’re sorry,” Matt said, suddenly conscious that he was naked and hard in front of the ranger. He tried to
cover himself up but was unsuccessful since his hands weren’t big enough. His body was trembling and he
backed away.

Kris’s heart was pounding and he slowly scooted backwards across the grass, willing his hard dick to go down
without any success as it stood straight up into the air.

“I didn’t mean you,” Dean said, looking at the two best friends.


“I mean your other friends,” Dean said. “I caught them fucking in the parking lot.”

“WHAT?!” Kris exclaimed, jumping to his feet now with no thought to being naked and rock hard.

“Corey and Colt?” Matt asked, stunned.

“If that’s their names then yes,” Dean said. “They were fucking in the back of an SUV. Anyone could have
seen them.”

“My SUV?” Kris questioned. “The dirty fuckers. They better not have got cum on my seats.”

“You should be more worried about yourselves,” Dean said. “I’m supposed to report you for this.”

“Fuck!” Kris cussed, feeling his lip tremble. He was terrified of what this could mean for him and the life
he was building for himself. If he was arrested for having gay sex outside it could ruin his relationship
with Melissa and his career was probably gone before it ever really got started.

Matt’s mind was on overdrive, trying to process everything from the adrenaline of being caught, the lust
still racing around his body from having just been inside his best friend and wanting to finish, the fear of
being reported to the police and the shock from finding out that his boyfriend has been caught fucking in
the parking lot and could have been in just as much trouble.

“No, Dean, please,” Scott said. “I’m begging ya, please let us go this one time. We’ll get dressed and go
back to our plot.”

Dean stood silently, looking at Scott and then turning his eyes to see the amazing bodies and the hot cocks
on Matt and Kris as they stood in front of him with pleading eyes.

“I could lose my job for not reporting you,” Dean said.

“But no one saw us,” Scott said. “Can’t you let it slide?”

“This isn’t a nudist resort, Scott. You can’t just strip off and fuck anywhere. You could have really landed
yourself, me and the resort in deep shit. It’s bad enough that we fucked in my office. Becky’s sat at that
desk right now where I fucked you. I couldn’t look at her before I came out here.”

“I’m sorry. We got caught up in the moment, just like we did last night. Don’t you understand?”

“Of course I understand, but that’s not the point. Sometimes you have to stop yourself, you’ve got to have
some self-control.”

Matt and Kris didn’t know what to do. They just stared at the interaction between Scott and the ranger, not
knowing what to do. They felt helpless, leaving their fate in the hands of Scott, their only solace being
Scott had spent the night with the ranger and probably had some influence over them or they would all be in
a lot of trouble.

“Please babe, don’t report us,” Scott said, putting his hand on Dean’s chest and slowly running it down his
muscular body.

“You can’t just seduce me to get out of this, Scott. You and your friends could have really caused me a
whole lot of problems.”

“Yeah, but we didn’t.”

“And that makes it better?” Dean asked. “Just because no one caught you so far doesn’t mean they wouldn’t

“How did you catch us?” Scott asked. “How did you know we were here?”

Dean looked down at the ground, “I didn’t.”


“I didn’t know you were here,” Dean said with a slight smirk.

“Then how did you find us?”

“I’m about to go on a late lunch break. This is where I come when I’m on patrol and want somewhere quiet to

“So this is just some big fucking wind-up?” Scott asked.

“Kind of,” Dean grinned. “Everything I said is true though. I’m just not gonna report you.”

“You asshole,” Scott said, slapping Dean’s chest playfully.

“I think you should be saying thank you,” Dean laughed.

“Wait… So you’re not technically on duty?” Scott asked with a grin.

“I am, for now…” Dean admitted, smiling even more as he looked into Scott’s eyes.

“How long do you get when you take your break?” Scott asked.

“Forty-five minutes for this one,” Dean said.

“That’s plenty long enough…”

Before Dean could say another word Scott pulled him down into a kiss. For a moment he didn’t kiss back but
then when Scott’s tongue ran over his lips he opened his mouth and rammed his tongue into Scott’s mouth,
kissing him passionately and deeply.

“You’re the devil,” Dean gasped as their lips parted.

“I know,” Scott smiled.

Matt and Kris watched on in shock, reaching down to stroke their still hard cocks, as Scott and the ranger
kissed, their hands going all over each other. Moving his hands up under Dean’s polo shirt, Scott felt
Dean’s incredible body before he pulled the shirt up just enough to let Kris and Matt see the awesome
muscles for themselves and then pushed it up further, slipping the front over Dean’s head so it was hooked
behind his neck, exposing his body for all to see.

“Fuck,” Kris said, “Look at that body!”

“You’re one to talk,” Dean said. “You’re fucking sexy as hell.”

The lust was now clear in Dean’s voice and all three friends knew they had him on their side and were in the
clear. Matt and Kris continued to watch as Scott ran his hands all over Dean’s body and then began to
unfasten his pants with one hand so he could pull them down.

With Dean now standing with his pants around his ankles, Kris, Matt and Scott all took a moment to admire
the Adonis in front of them. He was truly a beautiful man with his spiky brown hair, deep brown eyes and
finely trimmed stubble helping to accentuate the masculinity in his jaw and what Scott thought was a very
cute if not slightly small nose set above his perfect light pink lips. His body was incredible, even when it
was covered by the shirt the muscles were clear through the material. His large, rounded pecs stood out,
looking like they grew with every breath he took and his nipples looked like two tiny beacons calling out to
their tongues. The light dusting of hair that covered his pecs added to his already masculine look and his
abs were rock hard, looking like they had been chiselled out of his flesh, with a trail that ran down from
his belly button into the incredibly tight designer boxers that looked like cycling shorts wrapped around
his big thighs. They wished they could walk over and pull his shirt off completely but then they saw the
biggest eye-catcher of all, which was the bulge in those boxers as nine hard inches of cock threatened to
make the fabric holding it back explode at the seams.

Scott dropped to his knees and moved in, wrapping his lips around the still covered cock, moving up and down
the shaft, letting his saliva soak into the boxers, just like the precum that was flowing out of Dean’s cock
was doing where the tip of his dick strained against the material.

“No, wait,” Dean said, pulling Scott up off his knees.

“What?” Scott asked confused.

“Not here,” Dean answered, bending over to pull up his pants and then pulling his shirt back down.

“Come on, no one will find us,” Scott pleaded.

“And what if they do? I’ll lose my job. As much as I wanna fuck you again it’s not worth the risk. Sorry,
Scott,” Dean said, trying to brush the creases out of his uniform.

“But you wanted me a second ago,” Scott said.

“I still want you,” Dean said. “But we can’t fuck here.

Scott tried to kiss Dean but he grabbed Scott by the wrists and held them up, forcing Scott to look into his

“Get dressed,” Dean said.

“What? Please, Dean,” Scott pleaded.

“No,” Dean replied firmly. “Get dressed, all of you. I’ve got my cart on the other side of those trees.
We’ll all climb on, go back to my plot and we can do whatever the hell we want there.”

“For real?” Scott asked.

“Yes,” Dean said, letting go of Scott’s arms. “I wanna fuck you again before you leave.”

“And I want your big dick inside me again,” Scott moaned.

“Let’s go then,” Dean said.

“What about your break?”

“It hasn’t started yet. I was just about to call in but it can wait ten minutes. I’ll see you back out
there,” Dean said, turning around and walking back through the trees.

Matt and Kris still stood in shock, not knowing what to do.

“Come on bros, get dressed,” Scott said, hurrying around the clearing trying to find his discarded clothes.
He quickly found his briefs and then continued looking until he found his shorts and tee.

Matt reluctantly pulled the condom off his still hard cock and searched out his own clothes. When he had
pulled them on he turned to see Kris had also pulled on his clothes, including his tee. They looked at each
other and smiled.

“I guess that’s one way to ruin the mood,” Matt said.

“Is the mood ruined?” Kris asked.

“You mean you still want me to fuck you?” Matt asked, surprised.

“Hell yeah I do, your dick felt so good inside me and I still need to cum or it’ll drive me crazy.”

Matt smiled seeing the grin on Kris’s face. They quickly followed Scott back through the trees until they
emerged back out on the trail and saw Dean waiting in his cart, which unlike the one they had been driving
had four seats, two facing forward and two facing backwards. They quickly hopped on and set off down the
trail towards Dean’s personal plot.

* * * *

Corey and Colt collapsed on the ground in front of their tents with exaggerated grunts after taking almost
all of their things to the two cars and loading them into the trunks. They had left the windows on Kris’s
SUV open enough while they made their next few journeys back and forth in the hope of letting the smell of
sex and cum escape into the country air.

They sat back, panting a little, sweat covering their muscular bodies and reached into the cooler for a
bottle of water each, even though there were a couple of beers left.

“It’s so fucking hot,” Colt said.

“I know,” Corey replied. “I’m wiped out.

“Me too. Why’d we have to be the ones to pack all that shit up?”

“Because we didn’t want to go on some boring ass walk to see some more trees,” Corey said.

“True,” Colt chuckled. “And maybe it’s our punishment for fucking in Kris’s car.”

“Oh man, I nearly shit myself when that ranger knocked on the window,” Corey said.

“I might have shit myself too if your fat cock wasn’t plugging up my asshole,” Colt laughed, taking a drink.

“I was so scared we were gonna get arrested or something,” Corey said.

“Me too. The last thing I needed was to go home and tell Faith I got charged with indecent exposure or
something by being caught getting my ass fucked in a parking lot.”

“Can you imagine if the female ranger saw us?”

“Or that couple,” Colt grinned.

“That was so close. Remind me to thank Scott for fucking that ranger or we’d be in serious shit right now.”

“Yeah, for once him being a slut pays off,” Colt laughed.

“You can hardly talk,” Corey smiled. “The only person who hasn’t had your dick in their hand this weekend is
Matt. You’ve been fucked by two different dicks in as many days.”

Colt laughed and playfully pushed Corey. “They were both awesome fucks though. You fucked my ass good,
Corey. I think I’m gonna be feeling that for the next few days.”

“Good,” Corey grinned.

“You worried what Matt’s gonna say when you tell him?”

“Nah,” Corey shook his head. “We agreed last night to just go with it and see what happens.”

“Still, I doubt him and Kris are getting it on somewhere right now.”

“You never know,” Corey said.

He looked at Colt and they both started laughing, thinking it would never happen. Colt then climbed to his

“I think I’m gonna take a dip in the lake to cool down,” Colt said.

“But we just took all our towels up to the cars,” Corey said.

“Who said anything about needing towels?” Colt grinned.

He pulled off his shorts and threw them right in Corey’s face. By the time Corey pulled the shorts down so
he could see, Colt was naked, his hot ass that Corey had fucked not half an hour ago bouncing as he ran
toward the water.

With a smile on his face Corey stripped off and ran after his friend.

* * * *

As soon as they pulled up inside Dean’s private plot where he had spent the night with Scott, the ranger
hopped off his cart and was on his walkie talkie, relaying the message that he was taking his lunch break.
When he got the confirmation that his break had started he grabbed Scott by the hand and pulled him in for a
passionate kiss that left them both gasping for breath.

“Where were we?” Dean asked.

“You were half naked and I was about to suck your cock,” Scott smiled, dropping to his knees.

“Oh yeah, now I remember,” Dean said with a wink, reaching down to pull off his shirt while Scott unfastened
his pants and started pulling them down.

This time Scott wasted no time in stripping Dean naked, knowing they had a limited amount of time before
Dean had to be back at work and that he still had to eat. He held the briefs to his nose for a second before
burying his face in the real thing, letting Dean’s balls rest against his nose as the shaft lengthened
against his forehead.

Extending his tongue, Scott lapped at Dean’s balls and then ran his tongue all the way up the rapidly
growing nine inch cock.

“Oh yeah, suck that dick, Scott,” Dean moaned, placing a hand on the back of Scott’s head to push his lips
over the head, swallowing it down. He looked up at Matt and Kris who were staring at him in shock and lust.
“What are you waiting for? Take those clothes off and get back to fucking his hot muscle ass.”

Matt’s cock jerked hearing Dean’s deep voice. His words sounded so commanding as though he wouldn’t accept
anything other than Matt fucking Kris’s ass again.

Kris reached out and took Matt’s hand in his. “You heard him, bro. Fuck my ass.”

Everything seemed so surreal to Matt and he couldn’t believe he was about to fuck his best friend in front
of a guy who was almost a complete stranger. For a moment he thought about backing out but then he
remembered what Dean has said about Corey and Colt fucking in the back of Kris’s SUV so it was only fair
that Matt had his chance to fuck his own gorgeous friend.

Matt ran his hands up under Kris’s tee and kept pushing it up until it was gathered around Kris’s shoulders.
Gripping it by the neck, Matt pulled the tee over Kris’s head and returned his hands to the incredible body
of his best friend, running his hands over the round pecs, down over the hard abs and further still until he
hooked his thumbs into the waistband of Kris’s shorts, pushing them down so all Kris was left in was the
American flag boxer briefs he had borrowed from Colt that were probably a size too small and cupped his hard
dick like they were moulded to go around it.

Kris then returned the favour, snaking his hands down to Matt’s hips, slipping his hands slowly around the
skin at Matt’s waist, pushing Matt’s shorts down. Instead of his hand slipping under Matt’s shirt, Kris
ducked his head down, squeezing it into the tight space between Matt’s hard body and his tight tee so he
could run his tongue over Matt’s muscles. When Matt was moaning and his cock was jerking against Kris’s
chest, confined once again to his tight briefs, Kris pulled his head out of Matt’s top and almost ripped the
tee as he yanked it off over Matt’s head, bringing their still covered dicks together, in a slow, sensual
dry hump.

Matt reached down to grab Kris’s hand, lacing their fingers together as his other hand pulled Kris to him
for a tongue-filled kiss. With their dicks rubbing together they both groaned and matched each other’s
movements as they slid their hands into each other’s underwear, grabbing the other’s ass before pushing the
briefs down and mashing their lips together again as they made out and Matt’s hands travelled down Kris’s
muscular back until they were cupping his butt cheeks again, kneading them and squeezing them. When Kris was
moaning into Matt’s mouth, their hard dicks rubbing together, Matt took the opportunity to slide his finger
between Kris’s cheeks, searching out his lubed hole and quickly penetrating it. Kris threw his arms around
Matt’s shoulders and buried his head against Matt’s neck to muffle the scream of pleasure when Matt’s finger
collided with his prostate.

“Damn that ass is so hot,” Dean whispered to Scott.

“Yeah it is,” Scott said, “but so is yours.”

Dean smiled and pushed Scott back onto his cock. He placed his hand on the hot blond’s head and pushed him
harder against his crotch, trying to get all nine inches to slide down Scott’s throat, all the while
watching Matt finger the other blond stud’s ass.

When Scott pulled back, needing some air, it allowed Matt to see the monster cock that stood up from between
the ranger’s legs for the first time. In the bright sunlight it looked even bigger than it had before and
even Scott gasped, wondering how he ever had all of that inside him.

“Holy fuck!” Matt gasped. “Look at that cock.”

Kris let his grip on Matt go and turned around to see Dean’s hard nine inch pole standing straight up from
his body, rising past his belly button. Kris’s eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open.

“Shit bro,” Kris exclaimed. “Biggest fucking dick I’ve ever seen.”

“Thanks,” Dean said, “His dick’s a bit of a monster too. I bet that feels good in your ass.”

“Hell yeah it does,” Kris said. He turned his head to look his best friend in the eye. “I want it back in
me, Matt. Fuck me.”

Matt was consumed by lust and he wasn’t sure if he had ever been hornier in his entire life. His dick was
throbbing and he felt the precum leaking from his cock in anticipation.

Scott quickly reached into his bag and pulled out the box of condoms and the bottle of lube. He tossed a
condom and the lube to Matt, who had his dick covered and lubed in record time after already having had it
inside Kris’s tight hole not long ago. He reached down and stroked his dick, making sure it was nice and
slick. He stepped up behind Kris and pushed hard between Kris’s shoulders, forcing him to bend over.

“Grab your ankles,” Matt commanded.

Kris shivered hearing Matt’s instruction but he quickly did as he was told. When he had a firm grasp on his
ankles he looked back through his spread legs to see Matt moving in even closer behind him. Suddenly he felt
totally exposed and knew that his ass was in the perfect position for Matt’s re-entry.

Instead of just shoving his dick back in, Matt slapped his big cock on Kris’s ass a few times. “How bad do
you want my dick, Kris?”

“So fucking bad, Matt. Fuck me, please. I need to feel you back inside me,” Kris begged.

Without so much as another word, Matt slammed his hips forward, driving his dick back into Kris’s hole,
bottoming out with just one thrust.

“HOLY FUCK!” Kris screamed, gripping onto his ankles so hard he almost fell over.

“Damn,” Dean moaned. “Look at how that hot straight boy takes that cock.”

“He’s not straight,” Scott said, looking up at Dean from his position on his knees, still holding Dean’s big

“He’s got a girlfriend though right?”

“Yes,” Scott said.

“That’s fucking hot,” Dean said. “Just like that other guy, Colt was it? Letting his gay buddy fuck his

“Wait, Colt bottomed for Corey?” Scott asked, stroking Dean’s cock, having imagined it would be the other
way around.

“Yeah, Corey nailed his ass,” Dean said.

Matt slowly withdrew his cock until only the tip was left in Kris’s ass and then he pushed it back in,
sliding back into Kris’s depths. Kris let out another loud moan and started pushing his ass back against
Matt, leaning up slightly to brace himself on his knees.

“Man that boy really moans when he’s getting fucked,” Dean said. “I think we need to give him something to
suck on so he doesn’t make too much noise.”

Scott smiled, letting Dean take his hand and pull him to his feet. They walked over to where Matt was
picking up the pace on Kris’s ass, holding onto Kris’s hips as he drove his dick in and out of the nice
tight hole. Kris was so turned on and caught up in his feelings that he didn’t hesitate for a moment when
Dean’s big dick came close enough to his face for him to suck it into his mouth. He attacked the head first,
tasting the nice sweet precum and then started bobbing up and down on it.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, suck that dick, blue eyes,” Dean said, stroking Kris’s head as he went further down on
his big cock.

Not wanting to let Scott be left out, Dean reached down and wrapped his long fingers around Scott’s uncut
cock, stroking up and down the shaft and moving down to play with Scott’s balls.

“Push him to his knees,” Dean said, pulling his cock from Kris’s mouth.

Matt didn’t ask why, he just pressed down on Kris’s lower back, pushing him to his hands and knees, and then
got down behind him, shoving his dick back into the tight ass. With Matt pounding into Kris’s ass and Kris
moaning as he continued to push back onto Matt’s dick, Dean dropped to the ground and moved forward until he
was lying with his big legs spread, his crotch directly under Kris’s face.

Seeing the huge dick again so close made Kris’s mouth water and he immediately opened his lips, bending down
to wrap them around Dean’s big, veiny shaft. He used his tongue to circle the head and then pushed his head
down, trying to take Dean as deep as he possibly could before pulling back up, dragging his tongue up the
underside of the incredible cock.

Dean lay down so he was flat on his back, gently thrusting his hips up to fuck Kris’s mouth. “Get over here
and fuck my face, Scott.”

Scott’s dick was so hard. Seeing Matt’s big cock fucking Kris’s hot muscle ass would have been more than
enough to get him leaking, but with Kris also bobbing his head up and down on Dean’s nine inches, using his
hands to rub Dean’s abs and tug on his balls while he continued to suck on the shaft, it was the biggest
turn on ever.

Listening to what Dean had said, Scott closed the gap between them and dropped to his knees. Looking down at
Dean’s face, which was a mixture of lust and pleasure as Kris continued to slurp on his cock, Scott swung
his leg over Dean’s huge body and sat on his chest, pushing his hard uncut cock down just enough so the head
was running over Dean’s lips.

The big, muscular ranger could barely move, pinned down by the weight of Scott’s body on his chest and
almost paralysed by the feelings being created in his cock as Kris used all the skills he had learnt over
his years in college to give Dean one of the best blow jobs he had ever had, slowly taking more and more
into his mouth. Still he managed to raise a hand, wrapping it around Scott’s own seven inch shaft so he
could pull the dick closer, opening his mouth to suck the head in.

Matt had a hard time believing what he was seeing. He looked down to see his covered eight inch cock
disappearing inside Kris’s hot ass, spreading the large butt cheeks and piercing through the hole. Letting
his eyes travel up Kris’s muscular back he came to Kris’s head, bobbing up and down between the enormous
thighs of the ranger, whose abs were so tight as his stomach twitched and his breath caught in a throat that
was now being plundered by Scott’s cock as he fucked Dean’s face, his nice, pert little ass on full display,
tensing with each thrust.

Feeling more turned on than ever, the slapping sounds of his hips crashing into Kris’s ass and the moans of
all four hot young men engaged in a feverish sex session rising in the air, Matt shoved his dick as deep
into Kris as it would possibly go. He leaned forward and put his hand on the back of Kris’s head, pushing
down hard, forcing him to take more and more of Dean’s dick into his mouth.

Kris’s eyes went wide feeling the pressure of Matt’s hand on the back of his head. He wanted to protest but
he wasn’t in a position to push himself up. Instead, his head was pushed further and further down Dean’s big
pole, taking in six, then seven and finally eight inches into his mouth and down his throat. He was panting
so hard with the ranger buried in his mouth. He couldn’t believe he had sixteen inches of cock inside him,
but that thought only turned him on more. Without any encouragement or help from Matt he held his breath and
plunged his face down the extra inch, fighting his gag reflext to take all that Dean had to offer as he
buried his nose in the trimmed pubes.

“HOLY FUCK!” Dean cried, pulling Scott’s cock from his mouth. “Suck my fucking cock, Kris!”

As much as Kris wanted to keep Dean’s dick lodged in his throat he found it difficult to breathe so he
quickly pulled off, letting his tongue trail up the huge shaft, gasping for air when his throat was finally
clear. Only now did he realise there was saliva all over his chin and tears streaming down his cheeks.

“Are you okay?” Matt asked, now gently thrusting his hips into Kris after he felt his best friend’s body go

“Yes,” Kris gasped. “Fuck this dick’s amazing.”

Kris dropped back down and ran his tongue up and down the length of the shaft again. Amazed by how long it
seemed to take to get from the base to the tip and back again. He loved that it was rock solid and didn’t
suffer from being so big. Using his lips he focused in on the head, surrounding it and kissing it.

“Oh man,” Kris groaned, stroking the nine inch cock. “I want this inside me.”

“What?” Matt and Scott both said together, freezing where they were.

“I want this big fucking cock inside me,” Kris said, licking at the precum leaking from the tip of Dean’s

Dean pulled Scott’s dick out of his mouth, unsure if he heard right. “You want me to fuck you?”

“Yes… Please,” Kris pleaded.

Matt shook his head, now in actual disbelief that Kris wanted to get fucked by the ranger’s huge cock. He
slowly pulled his dick out of Kris, eliciting a moan from the blond stud. Scott too pulled back, moving from
Dean’s chest and standing up, making eye contact with Matt before they both looked down at the two muscle
hunks lying on the ground, one flat on his back with his legs spread, the other bent over, his ass stuck
high in the air, ready to get penetrated by an even bigger cock than the two that had already been inside

Kris continued to stroke Dean’s dick, staring at it in amazement. He had never seen a cock so big. Even
Garrett seemed small in comparison, though they were probably about the same size.

“Are you sure you want this?” Dean asked, sitting up to look down into those gorgeous blue eyes that
sparkled on Kris’s face.

“Yes,” Kris nodded. “I want it.”

“Okay,” Dean said, reaching down to stroke Kris’s head, running his thumb over the hot blond’s cheek.

Scott tossed a condom down onto the ground next to the two as he moved over to Matt who had taken off his
condom and was stroking his dick now.

“Are you okay with this?” Scott asked.

“Whatever Kris wants is fine with me,” Matt smiled. “Besides, I wanna see those two muscle gods fuck.”

“Me too,” Scott smiled, watching as Kris retrieved the condom and started to tear open the wrapper. “Say
Matt, do you still have your camera on you?”

Matt turned to look at the mischievous grin on Scott’s face. Normally he wouldn’t entertain the idea of
taking pictures of his friends fucking unless they knew about it but something about the situation and
catching Kris in the heat of the moment made the whole thing sound so hot. He pointed over to his shorts
where they lay on the ground and watched as Scott ran over to grab his camera from the pocket.

Kris tossed the condom wrapper aside, taking hold of Dean’s big cock so he could roll the condom over the
head and down the long shaft. He stroked the covered cock up and down, loving the feel of the hard rod in
his hand. When his fingers reached the tip he pinched them together, making Dean gasp and moan as he thrust
up, fucking his dick into Kris’s fist as it wrapped back around his length.

Almost feeling desperate now, wanting the enormous cock inside him, Kris searched around for the lube. Scott
quickly moved and tossed him the bottle, which Kris flipped open and poured directly onto Dean’s dick, once
again running his hand up and down the shaft, coating the entire thing in a thick layer of lube, making sure
it was nice and slick.

Kris reached back and slid a finger into his already lubed and pretty well fucked ass, but having Scott and
then Matt inside him had only made his desire stronger. They had reopened that part of him and he wanted
nothing more than to get fucked, having a hard dick inside him, pummelling his ass when his own dick

Unable to wait any longer, Kris didn’t wait for Dean to get to his feet, instead he put his hands on the hot
ranger’s legs, pushed them apart even further, exposing the huge dick that pointed up toward the blue sky,
and then lifted himself up, positioning his ass over the throbbing cock.

“Fuck…” Scott moaned, his mouth hanging open as he watched Kris descend towards Dean’s dick, his asshole
seemingly opening, ready to take the hard rod inside.

Matt was stroking his own dick furiously, so turned on by what was going on in front of him. He had been
with Kris before when he was horny and wanted to fuck or get fucked, but this time his best friend seemed
like an animal, needing to satisfy a natural desire that burned inside him.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity, Scott quickly pulled the camera up, flicked it on, pointed it at the
action and started clicking away. The first photo captured the moment when Dean’s dick wasn’t quite touching
Kris’s hole, the two only millimetres away, getting ready for contact. The second featured the tip of Dean’s
cock brushing against Kris’s ass, with Dean’s hands on Kris’s bent knees while Kris had his head thrown back
mid moan.

Scott continued snapping away but he took his attention off the little screen on the digital camera to focus
in on the action with his own eyes as Kris’s ass slowly gave way to Dean’s dick and the head popped in,
followed by the first inch of the hard shaft.

“Oh fuck yes!!” Kris screamed.

“AHH!” Dean also screamed, gripping onto Kris’s legs tight with his own head thrown back. “Such a tight
fucking hole! Sink your ass down on it boy.”

Kris shivered hearing the ranger call him boy. There was only two years between them but it was still
incredibly hot. Having already been fucked he felt next to no pain in his ass, but the invading dick still
felt huge inside him, pushing against the walls of his ass and filling him up so good. He emitted a constant
stream of moans and whimpers as he lowered himself further onto the cock, letting it slide into him, feeling
it caress every inch of his ass, searching out every nerve ending he had inside him and making them all

Matt and Scott’s eyes were nearly popping out of their heads watching Kris sink his amazing ass down on that
huge pole. Seeing the dick disappear into Kris’s depths almost had them both ready to shoot and Scott
grabbed Matt’s hand, squeezing it as his dick throbbed and his cum started bubbling up in his balls.
Seeing that Scott had the camera pointing to the floor, Matt grabbed it and aimed it back at the action,
wanting to capture the moment that was only seconds away from happening. When it did he snapped the photo, the
resulting shot showed Kris’s ass sitting completely on Dean’s monster cock, the ranger’s balls pressed firmly
against the mounds of Kris’s ass.

“Holy fuck, look at that,” Matt moaned.

“Hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Scott said with his eyes focused on the point where Kris and Dean’s bodies
joined while his hand slid up and down his hard, uncut cock.

“I wish Corey and Colt could see this,” Matt said.

“That’s why we’ve got the camera. We can show ‘em,” Scott said. “Keep taking photos, Matt. I don’t wanna miss
a second of this.”

Matt looked at Scott, wondering why Scott would miss any of it. His question was soon answered when Scott
dropped to his knees, looking up at Matt as he licked his lips and reached up to grab onto Matt’s leaking
cock. He pulled it slowly toward his mouth and gently sucked on the head.

“Oh yeah, Scott, suck my dick,” Matt groaned.

“Grind that ass on my cock,” Dean’s deep voice growled as Kris rotated his hips, driving his ass down onto the
big dick, making sure all nine inches were deep inside him.

“Oh god… feels so good…” Kris moaned, his voice sounding a little high as he felt Dean’s dick moving around
inside him, rubbing against the insides of his ass, filling him so completely, going deeper than anyone ever
had before. He felt like Dean was fucking him to his core.

“You’re so tight,” Dean said, holding on to Kris’s legs and thrusting up against Kris’s grinding ass. “Now
ride me.”

Kris moaned as he lifted his ass up, feeling Dean’s dick glide against his insides as the big cock withdrew
from his ass. It felt like forever that he was sliding up the long shaft, like the dick would never end, until
finally he felt the ridge around the head tugging on the inside of his sphincter. As soon as he felt that he
sat back down, a little faster than he intended, driving the dick back inside him.

“FUCK!” Kris yelped, feeling like the dick just ripped through him. He sat down completely on the giant cock
once more, resting with his ass pressed against Dean’s crotch, his head thrown back, panting for breath.

Scott slid his mouth up and down Matt’s dick, playing with the balls in one of his hands. He loved sucking on
Matt’s dick and there was one time during the first year at college when he would have given anything to be
with the hung hottie, who was even sexier now than he was then with all the work he had put into his body.

Matt ran his fingers through Scott’s blond hair and gently started thrusting his big cut cock into his
friend’s mouth. He kept his eyes moving between the two incredible sights of his dick disappearing down
Scott’s throat and Kris riding the ranger’s big dick.

“You better be taking pictures,” Scott said, licking up the shaft of Matt’s dick.

“I am,” Matt said, his dick throbbing. “It’s incredible.”

Scott smiled and sank his face back down on Matt’s dick. It felt so similar to Dean’s in a lot of ways, the
length wasn’t all that different, but it was also a completely different sensation because of Matt being cut
where Dean was not. The hard, pulsing shafts and the sweet spongy heads were very alike though and he wondered
if Kris could feel a real difference in his ass after being fucked by both cocks.

Dean looked up at the blond stud who was now rising up and sliding back down his cock slowly. It was an
incredible sight. He had never fucked someone who was built like Kris and it gave him such a thrill. Normally
he attracted smaller guys who liked him to be the much bigger guy in control, but even though Kris was on the
receiving end of his dick, getting fucked, he knew Kris could easily put up a fight against him. At the same
time the idea of having a guy as big as Kris submit to him and let him have his way with him was also one of
the biggest turn-ons ever in his life.

Moving his hands from Kris’s thighs he ran them up over the incredible eight pack abs that stood out against
the tanned skin. Each muscle was so hard to the touch with just the slightly hint of sweat beginning to cover
them. He continued onto Kris’s firm pecs, kneading them in his hands and giving them a good squeeze. He
couldn’t help but lick his lips, thinking how sexy Kris was, but he was beautiful too. Those blue eyes were
phenomenal and as they looked down at him, making contact with his own eyes he knew that he could stare into
them for hours as he made love to the incredible body they were contained within. The final masterpiece was
the gorgeous seven inch cut cock that was rock hard between Kris’s legs and was bouncing up and down now as he
picked up the pace and began to ride Dean’s dick.

While Dean’s hands ran back down so they were moving back and forth over Kris’s muscular thighs, Kris slid his
hands down and linked their fingers together, grasping on to Dean’s hands. Dean too clenched his fingers
around Kris’s so they were holding hands tightly and then Kris leaned back, letting Dean take some of the
strain from him having to hold up his bodyweight, allowing him easier movement so he could really start moving
his ass faster, fucking himself on Dean’s cock.

“Oh God yes!” Kris moaned as the dick sliced through him.

Matt clicked away with the camera while Scott still sucked his dick but he couldn’t let Scott miss the live
action that was happening in front of them so he pulled the blond up to his feet, planted him with a deep kiss
and then spun him around so he could watch Kris drilling his ass on Dean’s dick.

“That’s fucking amazing,” Scott whispered, his whole body twitching with his panting breaths. “I wish you had
your camcorder.”

“So do I,” Matt said, handing the camera to Scott. “Keep watching them.

It was Matt’s turn to sink to his knees, dropping right in front of Scott’s hard uncut cock that was pointing
out from his body at a 45 degree angle. He wrapped his hand around it, stroking it up and down, pulling the
foreskin back and forth, letting the precum lubricate it. He then leaned in, licking some of the clear fluid
from the tip before opening his lips and sucking it inside.

Scott moaned feeling Matt’s tongue on the head of his dick, followed by the heat of Matt’s mouth surrounding
his cock as he swallowed him, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from Kris’s big round ass looking like it was
being split in two by Dean’s monster cock.

The pleasure on Kris’s face was clear and Dean found great joy in knowing how much the stud was enjoying his
cock. He knew Kris didn’t get fucked often these days from what Scott had told him the night before, so he
wanted to make sure this was one fuck that Kris would remember.

With Kris’s hands still gripped in his, Dean pulled Kris toward him, catching Kris off guard and making him
fall off balance, pulling the dick from his ass as he crashed down onto Dean’s chest. The ranger absorbed most
of the impact so Kris wasn’t too stunned and soon pulled his head up to look in Dean’s brown eyes. Their gazes
were so intense as they met, holding each other for ten seconds before they lunged for each other’s lips,
mashing them together in a hot kiss, Dean’s hands coming up to travel over Kris’s back and down onto the ass
he had just been inside.

“I want you on your hands and knees,” Dean whispered into Kris’s ear just before he licked it.