With the heat beating down on their bodies, Kris had already taken his shirt off with Matt and Scott
tempted to do the same. They had been walking for maybe thirty minutes on an uphill climb and were
beginning get tired.

“Do you think we can find somewhere to sit down for a few minutes?” Scott asked. “This heat is
kicking my ass.”

“Take your shirt off, bro,” Kris said, swinging his in the air, “it feels much better with it off.”

“I will in a minute. I’m not as much of an exhibitionist as you.”

“Oh please, you love getting your body out just as much as I do. You can protest all you want but
when you don’t own a single pair of board shorts and only ever wear briefs or bikinis, even in
public, you can’t say a thing.”

Scott smiled and shook his head. “Damn, I really need to piss.”

“Go in the bushes then,” Matt said.

“I will, but you’d better keep your best friend here under control.”

Matt and Kris both laughed, looking at the scratches on Scott’s arms. As Scott disappeared into the
bushes Matt turned to Kris.

“So how are things?” Matt asked.

“How do you mean?” Kris said.

“With you and what happened last night.”

“With Colt?”

“Yeah,” Matt said.

“I’m great.”

“So no regrets?”

“None at all. It was awesome. I loved fucking his ass.”

“That’s good…” Matt said.

“What were you thinking? That I’d wake up this morning and regret it?” Kris asked.

“Maybe,” Matt said. “I didn’t know how you’d feel. You and Colt haven’t fucked for months and with
your history I didn’t know if it brought back some old memories that might have played on your

“It did,” Kris admitted. “But they were good memories. Being with Colt was an awesome time in my
life and I grew so much from being with him. I don’t think I’d be able to commit to Melissa the way
I have if Colt and I didn’t get together.”

“I understand that and I know you don’t regret anything that happened with Colt.”

“Not for a second,” Kris confirmed.

“But like you said, you’re committed to Melissa.”

“Just like you’re committed to Corey,” Kris said. “You still jerked me off in the shower, and I
think it’s a safe bet that you’d do more with me if you had the chance. It doesn’t mean you love
Corey any less or you don’t want to be with him, does it?”

“No,” Matt conceded.

“Bro, I love Melissa, really I do. We’ve been back together over a year. A couple of years from now
I see myself proposing to her. But she understands me. We’ve talked about me and Colt and I’ve even
told her about having sex with you, Corey and Scott. It took her a while to accept that, especially
with you given how close we’ve always been and how she used to think I always put you first. She
doesn’t really get it because she’s never felt an attraction towards women, but she actually told me
that if I want to satisfy those urges every now and again, and she made a point that it had to be a
rare occurrence, then she doesn’t mind as long as it’s with one of you guys and it’s just sex.
Really though, bro, she is all I really need. If I never had sex with anyone else again then I’d be
happy with the one person I still fuck being her. And once we’re married I plan on being completely
faithful to her.”

“So will you tell her what happened here?”

“I don’t know. I won’t keep it from her or lie. If she wants to know I’ll tell her, though I think
she’d prefer not to know the details.”

“Okay, I just wanted to make sure you weren’t beating yourself up about it.”

“Not at all,” Kris said. “I came to terms with being bi and everything that it entails a long time
ago. I loved fucking Colt and I would have loved to fuck any one of you, but that’s all it was, a
fuck. It hasn’t changed anything between Mel and I and it’s not going to. I’m going home to her
tonight, we’ll sleep in the same bed and tomorrow things will be just the same as they were on

Matt smiled, “So nothing else happened with you and Colt then?”

“Well…” Kris said.

“What? You both said nothing happened.”

“It didn’t really. We went to our tent and were chatting about fucking again and how good it felt.
After that we made out for a little bit and ran our hands over each other’s bodies, just enjoying
the feel of a man again. We were both hard and I asked Colt if he wanted to fuck me since I’d fucked
him. He said no. What he really wanted was for us to just sleep together, spend the night in each
other’s arms. That’s what we did. My hard dick was nestled right in the crack of his ass and I was
so tempted to stick it back in him, but in the end I just put my arms around him and went to sleep.
It was really nice.”

“And everything was good this morning?”

“Yeah, we woke up still cuddled together and we made out again. Our dicks were rock hard and we
humped them together for a little while and then decided to just jerk off. I came pretty quickly,
but you know what Colt’s like, it was taking him ages so when I heard you and Corey were up I
decided to play with you by putting on Mel’s panties. You know the rest.”

“Hey guys!” Scott called. “Come over here.”

“I’m not watching you piss,” Kris said. “Why aren’t you done yet? We’ve been waiting for ages.”

“I finished that minutes ago,” Scott answered. “Come here.”

Kris looked at Matt, who shrugged his shoulders, and they headed into the bushes, trying to go in
the direction of Scott’s voice.

“Where are you?” Matt asked as the bushes gave way to trees.

“Keep walking forward,” Scott called, just ahead of them.

Kris and Matt followed the voice and soon found the trees parting into a tiny clearing no more than
twenty feet across. It was beautiful. It was surrounded on all four sides by the tall, green trees
that reached up toward the blue sky and the bright, shining sun. The ground was covered in short,
green grass with various flowers dotted around it.

“Wow, this is cool,” Kris said.

“The perfect place for us to take a break,” Scott said.

“I agree,” Matt smiled, spotting a felled log to sit on.

“I really wish we were here longer,” Kris said, lowering himself to the ground so he could lie back
on the grass and stare up at the sky and the few clouds that drifted by.

“Me too,” Matt said. “Thirty six hours isn’t long enough to be together in a place like this.”

“Maybe we can come back sometime. I know Scott would like to see Dean again,” Kris smirked.

“Hell yeah, I would,” Scott smiled. “He’s gorgeous, funny, sweet and hung. What more could a boy

“You’re so poetic,” Matt laughed.

“I just tell it like it is,” Scott said, sitting down on the ground.

The three friends sat in silence for a moment, enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the beautiful
setting around them. Scott then pulled out two bottles of water and tossed one to Kris and another
to Matt. They both had a long drink and then Matt passed his bottle back to Scott, who drank some of
the thirst-quenching water too.

“This is the life, bros,” Kris said, relaxed back against the ground, his hands behind his head,
exposing his huge biceps and the hair under his arms.

“Kris, did Colt put sun cream on you before we left?” Matt asked after admiring his friend’s hot

“No. Why?” Kris replied.

“Your shoulders are starting to get red and I don’t want you to burn,” Matt said.

“Really?” Kris said, sitting up and turning his head to look at his shoulders and then reaching up
to place a hand on one of them. “I guess you’re right. My skin is pretty warm.”

“Have you got the lotion with you, Scott?” Matt asked.

“Yep,” Scott smiled. “Can you do it yourself or do you want me to apply it?”

“That depends,” Kris smiled.

“On what?” Scott asked, somewhat confused.

“On just exactly how you apply it… Colt spoke quite highly of your… massage ability…”

Scott laughed, “Oh, so you want the special full body application?”

“Hell yeah, I do!” Kris smiled.

Scott grabbed the sun cream from his bag and walked over to Kris, popping open the cap and squeezing
the bottle so the lotion squirted out all over Kris’s chest and abs.

“Fuck that’s cold,” Kris said as the cream splashed against his warm skin. He was still lying on his
back with his arms up when Scott dropped to his knees and placed one hand on Kris’s abs and the
other on his pecs.

Slowly, using the tips of his fingers, Scott spread the cream all over Kris’s skin. He pressed a
little harder as he moved his hands in circles, gently working the cream into Kris’s flesh. Unlike
when he had massaged the lotion into both Corey and Colt, Kris was on dry land and Scott was
directly above him, giving him all the access and leverage he needed.

Matt watched on, finding the scene in front of him to be incredibly erotic. The look on Kris’s face,
which was pleasure filled while he kept his eyes closed, told Matt that Kris loved the attention
from Scott, who used the palms of his hands to rub the cream deeper into Kris’s skin, adding the
movement of his thumb to make sure none of the white liquid remained.

“Is this what you did to Corey and Colt?” Kris asked.

“Pretty much, though I didn’t do this,” Scott said. Seeing that most of the cream had been rubbed in
he raised his leg and straddled Kris’s waist, sitting back as the reached down, placing a hand on
each of Kris’s pecs. He cupped each large mound in his hand and used his thumb to caress the skin as
he gently squeezed the muscle and the now erect nipples.

Reaching over to the bottle of lotion, Scott squirted some more into his hand. He held his position
but leaned even further forward so he could run his hands up over Kris’s chest and on to his neck
and shoulders. Kris was moaning with his head thrown back as Scott worked over the sensitive skin on
his neck.

Kris was so caught up in the amazing feelings that Scott was sending through his body that he didn’t
notice Matt moving towards him. The first time he registered that him and Scott weren’t alone was
when he felt another set of hands land on his big thighs. He moaned and arched his back a little,
pushing his hardening cock up against Scott’s ass. Matt paid no attention however as he pushed
Scott’s ass up enough to pull down Kris’s shorts, removing them completely to reveal a pair of
really tight boxer briefs with the American flag emblazoned on them. Matt took a moment to admire
the underwear and then returned his hands to Kris’s legs.

Scott looked over his shoulder to see what Matt was doing and he immediately smiled. He reached down
and passed Matt the sun cream, giving him a quick wink when they made eye contact.

Matt said nothing. He just poured some of the cream into his hands, rubbed them together and then
placed them firmly on Kris’s thighs. Kris began moaning and groaning as Scott worked his shoulders
and started to move down his arms to his incredible biceps and Matt was massaging his thighs,
putting both hands together and digging his thumbs into the muscles as he moved them up and down.

“Those boxers are so tight on you, Kris. They show off your body and your cock so good,” Matt said.

“Talk about Old Glory…” Scott teased.

“I thought you didn’t have any with you,” Matt said.

Kris smiled, even though he couldn’t see Matt. “I don’t. They’re not mine.”

“What?” Matt and Scott said together.

“I told you I forgot to bring a spare pair so Colt let me wear a pair of his, that’s why they’re so

“That is so hot,” Scott said.

“You look so sexy in them,” Matt moaned.

“And out of them,” Scott chuckled.

As Scott moved onto the other arm, Matt travelled down Kris’s legs and lifted them up onto his
shoulder so he could work the lotion into Kris’s slightly hairy calves and along the shins.

In a move that surprised even Matt, he pulled Kris’s socks and shoes off the feet that were on his
shoulders and began kissing up them from the heel to the toes.

“Oh fuck, Matt!” Kris gasped. “What are you doing, bro?”

Instead of giving an answer, Matt let his tongue slip out of his mouth just a little and then he
licked his way over the sole of Kris’s foot, making the muscle hunk shiver and tremble beneath him.

“That is so fucking nasty,” Kris moaned, “but so good.”

Matt smiled and lowered Kris’s legs back down to the ground. He was so turned on he was doing things
he wouldn’t usually dream of.

“Time to turn over,” Scott said, “we need to do your back.”

Kris groaned, not wanting the awesome feelings to end. He lay on the ground panting, his arms now
stretched out above his head.

Rather than lifting himself off Kris, Scott started to grind his ass against the bulge that was
almost tearing through of Kris’s tiny boxer briefs. Kris moaned feeling the contact and reached up,
putting his hand on the back of Scott’s head to pull him in for a hot kiss.

When Matt had enough of watching the two make out and hump against each other, he pushed Scott off
of Kris. Putting his hands on Kris’s sides he forcibly turned his best friend over so he was lying
on his stomach with his throbbing cock trapped beneath him.

“Oh fuck…” Kris moaned, feeling Matt straddle his body, sitting down on the back of his big thighs.

Scott looked at Matt and he could see the lust in his eyes. He never thought Matt would get so into
this since he was always the one who seemed to be overly cautious and thought about things much more
than he needed too, but here he was, astride Kris with a massive bulge in his shorts from his rock
hard cock.

Matt bent down to pick up the sun cream but instead of pulling straight back up he lowered himself
further and placed a kiss between Kris’s shoulder blades. Keeping his lips close to the skin he
licked his way down Kris’s spine until he had to pull back and sit up.

Kris was panting heavily, his hands balled in fists in the grass like he was trying to grab onto it
to stop himself from screaming out in pleasure. His dick hurt so good as it throbbed beneath him,
still trapped behind the material of his borrowed boxer briefs.

Looking down at Kris’s muscular back, Matt licked his lips and then popped the cap on the bottle of
sun cream before turning it upside down to let it drizzle over the big shoulders and then down
Kris’s spine, tracing the line of saliva that sparkled in the sunlight.

Leaning forward slightly, Matt pressed his hands, palms down, at the point where Kris’s back curves
into his amazing bubble butt and then slowly slid them up, spreading the cream all over Kris’s back.

Kris moaned feeling the pressure of Matt’s hands against him, caressing his muscles, rubbing the
lotion into his skin and sending tingles up his spine at the touch of the surprisingly smooth hands.

Unconsciously, Matt started to move his hips back and forth, grinding his big dick against Kris’s
ass as he firmly massaged the muscle stud’s shoulders. Kris then started pushing back to meet Matt’s
thrusts so they were soon sliding together with Matt’s hands all over Kris’s back.

Scott had no real choice but to look on with envy as the two best friends enjoyed each other. After
a few minutes of letting Matt have his fun with Kris, Scott moved back over and grabbed Matt by the
face, bringing their lips together in a hot kiss.

Feeling Matt’s hands slip from his skin, Kris looked over his shoulder to see Matt and Scott making
out. It was so hot and his dick was harder than ever, leaking a constant stream of precum that
soaked through Colt’s boxer briefs and left him lying in a small puddle of his own juices.

Wanting to capitalise on Matt’s momentary distraction, Kris moved his body and pushed Matt off him
so he fell down right on top of Scott. The two stunned friends looked up and both gasped when they
saw the blond god staring down at them. Kris’s whole body seemed to glisten, his big round pecs
dotted with dark pink nipples that stood out from the muscles, begging to be licked and sucked. His
tight eight pack abs seemed to be constantly flexed despite the fact he was breathing normally. His
huge thighs and his nice, big muscle ass pulled his boxer briefs so tight around not only the
muscles but the throbbing cock that looked bigger than ever as it threatened to break out of the

Reaching down, Kris took hold of Matt’s hand and pulled him to his feet. He immediately drew him
into a kiss that took Matt’s breath away but left him wanting so much more. Kris then repeated the
move on Scott, making sure to drive his tongue deep into the other blond’s mouth.

Focusing back on Matt, Kris ran his hand over Matt’s nice firm body and moved closer so he could
grip the bottom of Matt’s t-shirt, slowly pulling it over his head, revealing two, then four, then
all six abs and the hot pecs that weren’t particularly big but had great definition.

Kris ran his hands over Matt’s naked torso, enjoying the feel of the cut muscles beneath his
fingers. He pulled Matt into another kiss and moaned as Matt’s tongue invaded his mouth and his long
fingers wrapped around Kris’s leaking dick.

Not wanting to leave Scott out, Kris pulled him close too but this time moved behind Scott, putting
his arms around him to pull his shirt off from behind. When the top was discarded, thrown off
somewhere behind him, Kris squirted some sun cream into is hands and slowly ran them up and down
Scott’s back, making the smaller man moan as the powerful hands kneaded his muscles and rubbed the
cream into his skin. For a moment Kris settled in on massaging Scott’s shoulder, stepping so close
his elbows were pointing in opposite directions while his dick slid up and down against Scott’s ass.
Kris then wrapped his big arms around Scott. Using soft, slow, circular motions, Kris ran his hands
over Scott’s pecs, making sure to tease the nipples as he rubbed the cream into the warm skin. He
slid his hands up and down the perfect swimmers body that had started to more closely resemble a
diver’s incredible physique, making sure to spread the lotion over every inch of Scott’s torso,
delving into his abs and pushed his hands low so they slipped inside Scott’s shorts and were almost
in his briefs. 

“So sexy,” Kris growled in Scott’s ear as he ran his hands down Scott’s sides, held onto his hips
and thrust his throbbing cock against Scott’s hot little ass cheeks.

Moving back around so he was between his two friends, Kris got down onto his knees and reached
forward, moving one hand to each of his friends’ bodies. At first he simply ran his hands over their
muscles, appreciating the work they put in to making their bodies so hot. The temptation soon proved
to be too much, however, and his hands travelled down to caress the big bulges in his friends’
shorts. When his fingers found the shafts of the two dicks he gave them a squeeze, feeling the dicks
twitch in his hands.

Letting his hand slip from Matt’s big dick, Kris turned to face Scott, leaning in to kiss his
stomach, placing his lips over each of the abs and then gently kissing down the slight trail until
his head was pressed against the shorts. When he felt the hard seven inch uncut cock resting on his
face and was hit with the scent of precum rising from a warm dick he was overcome with desire and
pulled Scott’s shorts down, moaning when he saw the little briefs that had driven Dean so wild, only
these were red rather than blue.

“Damn,” Matt and Kris said together as they took in the sight of their smoking hot friend.

“Your turn,” Kris said, turning back to Matt.

Again Kris used his lips and tongue to worship Matt’s muscles, so proud of the body his friend had
been able to develop through hard work and dedication. The abs were so cut now that the space
between them felt more like a crater as Kris’s tongue dipped into them.

When he descended down onto Matt’s dick, feeling it throb beneath the shorts it was still trapped
in, Kris opened his mouth and ran his lips along the eight inch shaft. Hearing Matt moan made Kris
even hotter and so as he travelled back down the length of Matt’s cock he used his teeth to gently
bite the solid column of flesh.

“Pull my fucking shorts down, Kris,” Matt said, almost in a daze.

Kris grinned, using his teeth to scrape the head of Matt’s cock, causing a gasping shiver to pass
through Matt’s body, threatening to make his knees buckle. Within seconds Kris had Matt’s shorts
down and threw them away from them. He leaned back in to lick at the huge cock that was now covered
in nothing but a thin layer of precum soaked fabric.

Tasting the precum as it slid across his tongue, making all of his taste buds tingle, Kris felt his
own dick jerk, pumping out untold amounts of precum into his own boxer briefs, which now felt far
too tight around his pulsating cock.

He stood up and embraced Matt with a passionate kiss where Matt could taste his own precum on Kris’s
lips. Kris then pulled Scott in to join them, leaning in so all three tongues could weave together
as they passed from one mouth to another. Hands were roaming all over the various bodies, caressing
pecs, abs, asses and rock hard cocks. Unable to take the strain any longer, Matt’s briefs made an
audible boing noise as his big dick sprang free and slapped against his abs.

“Damn…” Kris moaned, dropping to his knees, pulling Matt’s briefs down with him as he went.

Before Matt even realised what was happening he felt Kris’s warm mouth engulf his cock. The tongue
swirled around the head of his dick, pushing deep into the slit and then tickling the underside with
the very tip. Then Kris started to bob his head up and down, taking more and more of the big cock in
his mouth, taking a few moments to get used to giving a blowjob again, but once he did he had Matt’s
eyes rolling back into his head.

Kris swallowed Matt’s dick hungrily. It had been so long since he had sucked a cock that it almost
felt like something new to him and it was a thrill. It was so hard and yet so soft at the same time,
the protruding veins gliding over his tongue with the spongy head feeling so slick from its coating
of precum.

Scott thought it was so hot watching Kris suck on his best friend’s cock, but then he saw an even
better sight; Kris’s ass. It seemed to be framed so perfectly in the tight boxer briefs and it was
calling to Scott’s tongue. He dropped to his hands and knees, yanked down the back of Kris’s briefs,
pulling them down until they were round his knees so he could bury his face in Kris’s ass.

“Oh fuck!” Kris screamed, letting Matt’s dick fall from his mouth as Scott’s tongue assaulted his
hole and tried to prod its way inside.

Kris buried his head against Matt’s crotch as the feelings in his ass overwhelmed him. He felt his
dick jerking and twitching and even though it was still held, just barely, in his underwear he was
convinced it was going to start firing off any second but he couldn’t find the words to tell Scott
to back off so instead he just pushed his ass back and started to ride Scott’s face.

Matt’s hand came down to rest on Kris’s head and Kris looked up into the eyes of his best friend.
Matt stroked Kris’s cheek for a moment and then he took a handful of Kris’s hair, pulled his head
back and shoved his dick in Kris’s open mouth, holding on as he began to fuck it.

“Oh God! Oh fuck!” Kris screamed when Matt pulled out to let him breathe.

“Hello?” A voice called from not too far away. “Is anybody there? We heard a scream.”

The three friends all froze, their bodies heaving, their hearts pounding and their breaths coming
out in strangled pants. They held perfectly still, not wanting to make even the slightest movement
in case it gave away their position.

After a moment of silence they heard the voice say, “No one’s there, honey, it must have come from
somewhere else. Let’s keep going.”

The three friends remained still, looking at each other and sighing when they realised how close
they had come to being caught.

“You nearly got us caught,” Scott said, slapping Kris’s ass.

“Like it’s my fault when you were shoving that fucking talented tongue in my hole,” Kris defended.
“Anyone would have screamed.”

“It was really that good?” Scott smiled.

“I was just about to tell you to fuck me,” Kris said.

“Damn…” Scott breathed. “No joke?”

“No joke, bro. You made my ass feel so good. I need a dick in me so bad right now. I want both of
you to fuck me.”

“Not at the same time?” Matt asked, concerned.

“Hell no!” Kris exclaimed. “Ain’t no way my ass can take your two cocks at once. I want Scott to
fuck me while I suck on your big dick and then I want all eight inches of you inside me, Matt.”

“Aww yeah… Let’s fuck his ass, Matt. Let’s show him what he’s missing,” Scott said.

“Yeah, nail my fucking ass. Give it to me hard,” Kris groaned, pulling his borrowed briefs off and
tossing them at Scott.

Scott caught the briefs and brought them up to his nose, smelling the pure manly scene of Kris, who
had stood up and was bending over, pulling his cheeks apart, giving both Matt and Scott a nice
glimpse of the tight hole that was begging to be fucked.

“Okay,” Matt said. “Have you got condoms, Scott?”

“Is the Pope a Catholic?” Scott smirked.

“Okay, stupid question,” Matt laughed as Scott quickly retrieved his backpack and pulled out a small
box of condoms and a nice little bottle of lube.

Kris grabbed the condoms from Scott and pulled one out of the packet. Both Scott and Matt were
amazed by how hungry for a pounding Kris really was as he got on his knees in front of Scott and
reached up to caress the first dick that was going to fuck him.

“Yeah, stroke that dick, Kris. Get it ready to fuck your perfect ass,” Scott said.

Kris moaned as he leaned in and gently nibbled on Scott’s shaft, just like he had Matt’s big cock.
When he felt the dick throbbing between his teeth he pulled back, hooked his fingers into the
waistband of Scott’s briefs and pulled them down. Before Scott’s dick managed to slap up against his
abs it was in Kris’s mouth. Scott threw his head back and held on to Kris’s head as the hot blond
stud plunged his face down on his cock, coating it in saliva. Kris looked up at Scott with a huge
grin on his face and quickly went to work on ripping open the condom wrapper so he could roll the
contents over Scott’s hard, uncut cock.

When Kris pulled his mouth off Scott’s dick, needing a breather, Scott opened the bottle of lube and
poured some over his cock. Kris grinned and wrapped his hand around the shaft, stroking it up and
down to make sure every inch of it was coated. As Kris continued to jerk him slowly, Scott tossed
the lube to Matt, who immediately poured some into his hand and then reached down to rub it into
Kris’s ass. When the fingers first touched his entrance, Kris’s body gave the instinctive reaction
of trying to move away, but Matt dropped to his knees, held Kris steady and gently pushed a slick
finger into the gorgeous muscular ass, soon after adding a second.

“Yeah, Matt! Fuck me with your fingers,” Kris moaned, pushing his ass back onto Matt’s hand.

“Is he ready?” Scott asked.

“Yes,” Matt said when his two digits slid back and forth with ease.

“Good, because I’m ready to fuck his sexy ass. How do you want me, Kris?”

“Doggy,” Kris panted. “It always feels so good.”

Scott and Matt watched as Kris got onto all fours and pushed his ass out towards Scott.

“You really want this, don’t you?” Scott asked.

“Yes,” Kris said through gritted teeth. “I want your dick in me so bad. Fuck me.”

Hearing the desperation in Kris’s voice made Matt and Scott’s dicks jump. They were both so ready to
fuck Kris, no matter which end it was from, despite them having both cum multiple times in the past
24 hours.

Scott dropped down to his knees and moved in behind Kris. He reached his hands forward to stroke the
gorgeous butt in front of him that he was about to sink his dick into. Even though he had already
had sex with Kris and had got to fuck his ass before, he could still hardly believe that the muscle
hunk was positioned in front of him ready to take his dick.

Moving a little closer, Scott ran the tip of his covered, uncut cock against Kris’s hole. When Kris
gasped and arched his back Scott thrust his hips forward, burying his cock half way up Kris’s ass in
one go.

Kris screamed so loud from the harsh penetration that it both startled Matt and also made him worry
that anyone nearby would come to investigate. To stop himself from screaming again, Kris buried his
head in his arms and bit into the skin whenever he felt the need to scream.

Scott held still, feeling guilt for being so rough with Kris. His dick was being clamped down on by
Kris’s ass, which seemed to tighten around his cock in time with Kris’s panted breaths.

“Fuck!” Kris groaned. “You were supposed to go easy on me, Scott. I haven’t been fucked in months.
Damn, it feels like you’ve split my fucking ass open.”

Looking up, Scott could see the concern on Matt’s face from Kris’s words so he gently pulled out,
leaving Kris’s hole empty. Matt moved in and checked on Kris’s ass to make sure there was no damage.
When he was almost certain there wasn’t he slid a finger back inside Kris’s slightly looser ass and
then pulled it back out checking for blood.

Not finding anything wrong with Kris, other than the pain of a rough entry, Matt slapped his best
friend’s ass and said, “Do you think you can still take it?”

Kris nodded but he was still unable to speak.

“I need you to say yes before I let him continue,” Matt said.

After a brief moment of silence, Kris looked up at his best friend and nodded. “Yes. I want it. Just
make him go slow.”

Matt felt a strange sense of power hearing the childlike quality to Kris’s voice. Kris was asking
him to protect him, much like Kris had done for Matt many times over the course of their
relationship. He was going to make sure Kris enjoyed this fuck.

“Slide it back in slowly,” Matt commanded with an authoritative tone that made Kris and Scott’s
dicks throb.

Scott rubbed the head of his cock against Kris’s hole, feeling it twitch against his tip. Biting his
lip, Scott started to push in, gently this time, feeling Kris’s ass slowly open to accept him. This
time as the head slipped in past the sphincter Kris let out a moan of pleasure and threw his head
back as Scott slid deeper into him.

“Yeah, that’s it. Feed him that dick, Scott. Make his hot ass love it,” Matt said, watching as Scott
disappeared inside Kris’s big bubble butt.

Kris moaned again, both from the feelings in his ass of being stretched open again by an invading
cock and also from the words spewing from Matt’s mouth. Rarely had Kris ever heard Matt so lost in
his lust, speaking so openly about what he wanted to see or do. The whole thing made Kris want to
make sure Matt joined in, reaching out to place his hands on Matt’s ankles, squeezing them and
pulling on them slightly so Matt had to step forward.

With Matt nearer to him, Kris started running his hands up Matt’s legs, pushing himself up off the
ground, still feeling Scott make the slow journey inside him until he was buried balls deep. When
Kris felt Scott’s balls against his ass his whole body jerked and his face collided with Matt’s
crotch with the big dick slapping against Kris’s forward.

Placing his hands down on the ground and arching his back to push his ass back against Scott’s dick,
Kris moved his mouth forward and wrapped his lips around Matt’s big cock. At first he simply let his
tongue play with the head but then he started bobbing up and down, taking more of the huge shaft
into his mouth as Scott carefully pulled out of his ass.

Feeling Scott pushing back in slowly, Kris moaned around Matt’s cock, sending vibrations up through
the dick that made Matt’s body tingle. He ran his hand down his abs and let it settle on the top of
Kris’s head, just holding it there, playing with the blond hair between his fingers.

“Your ass is so tight, Kris,” Scott said, sliding back in and then slapping Kris’s ass.

Scott felt that Kris was open enough now and was used to a cock being inside him again so he started
to speed up his thrusts, pulling back just a little before shoving back in. Kris’s moans told Scott
that he was really feeling the dick slicing through him, but he kept pushing his muscular ass back
on the invading cock so Scott kept up the pace.

Seeing how much Kris was starting to enjoy being fucked again, and feeling it by the increasing
enthusiasm with which Kris sucked his cock, Matt reached down, taking Kris’s head between his hands
and started thrusting into the open mouth of his best friend.
“This is so fucking hot!” Scott cried, burying himself inside Kris again, their skin slapping

“Hell yeah it is,” Matt said, “Fuck his ass while I fuck his face, Scott.”

Scott quickened the pace even more, gripping onto Kris’s hips so he could pound his hard, uncut cock
into Kris’s ass, feeling and hearing his balls slapping off Kris’s hot cheeks.

Kris could barely believe how much he enjoyed being fucked again, having not one but two guys use him
for their pleasure, fucking him from both ends. It was such a turn on. He pushed back hard against
Scott’s dick as it hammered his ass and then lunged forward, trying to devour every inch of Matt’s
big cock as it hit the back of his mouth and tried to slide into his throat.

“Yeah, Kris, suck my fucking cock,” Matt said, pulling his dick out of Kris’s mouth, slapping him
twice on the face with it and then shoving it back in.

“Oh God,” Scott moaned. “This ass is so good I’m gonna fucking cum soon. Let’s switch Matt. Fuck his
ass with your big cock.”

Kris pulled Matt’s cock out of his mouth and looked up into his best friend’s eyes. “Yeah, fuck me
Matt. Give me that amazing cock.”

Matt groaned and watched as Scott slid his nice uncut cock out of Kris’s ass. Scott then pulled his
condom off and slapped his bare cock against Kris’s ass cheeks, making the big mounds giggle. That
was all Matt needed to see to be convince that he wanted to fuck it.

When Scott moved back, Kris spun around and presented his ass to Matt. Licking his lips, Matt reached
over and grabbed a condom, quickly taking it from its wrapper and rolling it down his long cock.
Kris’s ass was so hot and when he bent down to pull the cheeks apart Matt saw the twitching hole,
slightly open and glistening with lube.

As much as Matt just wanted to sink his dick into Kris’s ass, he also wanted to see his best friend’s
face as his eight inch pole travelled deep inside him. He put his hands on Kris’s hips and flipped
him over so he was on his back.

Kris stared up at Matt, slightly stunned from the impact of landing on the ground. He looked up at
the lust-filled expression on Matt’s face, his eyes then travelled down Matt’s hot body with a layer
of sweat covering the hard abs, until they reached the huge cock standing away from Matt’s body, so
hard and ready to fuck his ass.

As Matt got down on his knees, Kris pulled his legs back and hooked them behind his elbows, exposing
his hole to Matt. He looked down between his own legs at his dripping cock, lying against his rock
hard abs, and at Matt who was moving closer to him.

Kris’s breath caught up in his throat when he gasped at the contact of Matt’s dick on his hole. His
body convulsed and he moaned, throwing his head back as the breaths that did finally manage to escape
his lips came out in erratic pants.

“So fucking hot, Kris, I can’t wait to fuck you,” Matt said.

“Do it then!” Kris pleaded. “Fuck me!”

Matt smiled and pushed forward, feeling some resistance from Kris’s ass at first until he felt the
muscles relax and Kris pushed out. Suddenly the head of his dick popped inside, along with the first
two inches of Matt’s big cock.

Kris yelped in pleasure feeling Matt’s hard dick penetrate him, sliding through him and rubbing
against the walls of his ass. He had a huge smile on his face, staring up at Matt, letting his best
friend know he loved what was happening.

“Yes,” Kris moaned. “You feel so good in me, Matt.”

“Your ass is so fucking hot, Kris,” Matt said. “Feels awesome wrapped around my cock.”

“Fuck me, Matty, fuck me,” Kris said, calling Matt a name he used to use in high school.

Hearing that turned Matt on even more. He had loved hearing Kris call him that in school at a time
when all he wanted was for Kris to declare his love for him and for them to end up in bed together.
Now he was inside his best friend and it felt so special, even though they had fucked each other a
good half dozen times already.

Never breaking eye contact with Kris, Matt continued to slide his dick deeper inside Kris, placing
his hands on the backs of Kris’s legs, holding them up and putting some of his weight on them for
added leverage.

Kris’s eyes rolled up into his head when Matt was about half way in and the tip of his dick ran
straight over his prostate. He arched his back and let out a little scream, fearing he was going to
cum already. Seeing that Kris was distracted, Matt used the opportunity to drive the rest of his dick
fully into him with just one thrust.

Now balls deep inside his best friend, having all eight inches of his cock buried in Kris’s depths,
Matt held still and Kris slowly lowered his legs, getting used to the feeling of being pierced by
Matt’s massive rod.

Matt’s gaze never left Kris’s and he soon bent down, keeping his dick buried to the hilt as his lips
met Kris’s in a hot passionate kiss. Kris wrapped his arms and legs around Matt while they made out.

Scott, who was beginning to feel left out of the incredible scene going on in front of him, got down
on his knees beside Kris’s head and when Matt pulled back from Kris’s lips to look into his gorgeous
blue eyes, Scott slid his dick between their faces, letting it slide across both of their lips.

Without saying a word, Matt and Kris opened their mouths and let their lips and tongues travel over
Scott’s uncut cock, moving up and down the length and playing with the head as their tongues met
around the tip and then slid down the shaft together.

“What the fuck are you doing?” A voice demanded, startling them so much that Scott fell backwards and
Matt froze with his cock lodged deep inside Kris.

To Be Continued…   CLICK HERE

There are 2 more chapters for you from Big 'D'.  I hope you are enjoying this long tale of their
weekend.   Shortly, the other part of the story will continue with their weekend of football back on
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