“Damn it’s hot,” Kris said, feeling the sun warming up his skin. “I thought the forecast was for rain.”

“It was,” Matt said. “Maybe it’ll come later.”

“Or the weather people actually don’t know shit,” Scott said.

“That’s more like it,” Kris said. “Can I get some of that water you’ve brought, Scott?”

“Sure,” Scott said, pulling his backpack from his shoulders and reaching in for a bottle of water that he
tossed to Kris.

Kris stood still with a bead of sweat running down his handsome face. He unscrewed the cap on the water
bottle and lifted it to his lips for a drink. As the water drained into his mouth, glugging down his
throat as his Adam’s apple moved up and down his thick neck, Kris’s bicep was tensed and looked so big,
the dark blond hair under his arm also on display.

“Ahhh,” Kris sighed in satisfaction, running the back of his hand over his lips.

Kris tossed the water over to Matt who took a drink for himself and then passed the bottle to Scott.

“How far up the trail are we heading?” Kris asked.

“The brochure said it’s a three hour trek to the end,” Matt replied.

“Damn! We’re not doing all of that are we?” Kris asked.

“Hell no,” Matt laughed. “That’s like a six hour round trip. I figure we’ll just walk a little ways up
and see if there’s a nice spot to take some pictures and maybe sit down for a while before we head back.”

“Great,” Kris sighed. “You’ve got your camera with you? I haven’t seen it before now.”

“Yeah,” Matt said. “I forgot I had it. I found it in my tent when I went to get dressed after our swim.”

“I take it you’ll be taking as many pictures as you can when we get back then?”

“Yep,” Matt smiled. “Gotta capture what has been a great little trip so far.”

“I wish you’d had it yesterday,” Scott said.

“Why? So you could take some pictures of Dean to jerk off to when you go home?” Kris grinned.

“No, so he could have taken a picture of your fat ass stuck in that slide.”

Scott laughed when he saw the embarrassment on Kris’s face, but that laughter was soon stopped when Kris
tackled Scott into some bushes just off the trail. Matt watched as the bush rustled and swayed. Anyone
walking by would wonder what the hell was going on as grunts and moans rose from the shrub.

Inside the bushes, Kris had Scott pinned to the ground, the branches and twigs sticking into them
slightly. Kris had his hands focused on the bare skin on Scott’s stomach and side that had been exposed
when his top rode up on his fall. Scott was thrashing against him, trying to wriggle away from Kris’s
tickling fingers that also prodded him deep. For a brief moment Kris let up, taking some of the pressure
off and allowing Scott to move as he sat back on his haunches. With Scott panting on the ground, almost
completely limp, Kris quickly shoved his hand up the leg of Scott’s shorts, causing Scott to buck up in
surprise as Kris grabbed his dick and then used his finger to tease and tickle Scott’s taint, even
through Scott’s tiny briefs. Scott was writhing around in both intense pleasure and a little pain when
Kris pulled his hand back and let Scott relax momentarily. Seeing that Scott had his guard down again,
Kris picked up a small branch that was lying beside him and shoved it up Scott’s shorts, making Scott
howl as the pointed end of the wood prodded his balls and the leaves attached to it tickled his thighs at
the same time before moving lower, getting dangerously close to poking his hole. Kris then quickly pulled
his hand back, dragging Scott’s shorts down, backing off and laughing to himself as he reappeared from
the bush to see Matt looking at him with an amused look on his face.

Kris stood up and adjusted his clothes as Matt took a picture. There were tiny little scratches on his
arms from where the branches had caught his skin and Matt was worried that he might be hurt but there
were no signs of pain on Kris’s face so he relaxed. Ten seconds later Scott emerged from the bush,
pulling up his shorts as Matt took another photo and laughed to himself.

“You fucker,” Scott said.

“What bro?” Kris mockingly asked. “It’s not my fault you shave so much you’re not used to having a bush
down there.”

“That branch nearly went up my ass!”

“Oh come on, Scott, I’m not that big,” Kris grinned, grabbing his crotch.

“You fucking wish,” Scott laughed.

When they were all straightened up and the almost empty bottle of water was stored away in Scott’s bag
they continued on, walking down the trail, hoping to see some of the wonders nature had to offer.

* * * *

Corey and Colt sat inside Kris’s air conditioned SUV with the engine running, relaxing as the cool air
flowed around their bodies, cooling them off after being exposed to the heat outside.

“Fuck it’s hot out there,” Colt said. “It’s made my balls all sweaty.”

“So take your shorts off,” Corey said. “I bet it’s not the first time you’ve been naked in Kris’s car.”

Colt laughed, lifting his ass and pulling his shorts and plaid boxer briefs down and off. “Not by a long
shot. We probably fucked in just about every seat in here.”

“Really?” Corey asked.

“Yeah, there are definite advantages to having a bigger car.”

“Damn. I bet if you ran a UV light over these seats your cum would be all over.”

“You should probably run it over the roof too,” Colt laughed.

“You horny fuckers!”

“What can I say? We were in love and we fucked whenever the mood took us.”

“What, so you just pulled up at the side of the road and mounted each other?” Corey asked, feeling his
dick growing hard in his shorts.

“Pretty much,” Colt replied, feeling his own dick plumping up. He looked down and sure enough his dick
was starting to thicken as it lay against his thigh. “We didn’t do it often, but yeah, after we’d been
together about six months, if we were in the car and felt a little frisky we’d pull down a country road
or into a quiet neighbourhood and just let the moment take us. Have you never done something like that
with Matt?”

“Not that I can remember. Not like that anyway,” Corey said, gently rubbing himself now.

“You should,” Colt said. “It’s so hot. Your adrenaline really gets pumping and it’s not just because of
how spontaneous it all is, not being able to keep your hands off each other, but there’s the risk of
getting caught, either by someone walking past or by the cops wondering why you’ve stopped where you

“Fuck man, that sounds so hot. I’ve always wanted to do something like that. Matt and I fucked in that
classroom but I’ve dreamt a few times of me and Matt…” Corey said, breaking off as he drifted into his
own thoughts.

“Of you and Matt what?” Colt pressed.

“Fucking in a parking lot,” Corey finally said.


“Yeah. There’s something really hot to me about the risk involved. Fucking in the back of a car that’s
surrounded by other vehicles, people coming back and forth with their shopping, walking right by you as
you’re trying not to moan too loud or steam up the windows while you’re fucking a nice ass,” Corey
groaned, feeling his cock throb.

“That does sound hot,” Colt said. “Did you ever think of doing it with someone other than Matt?”

Corey turned his head to look Colt directly in the eye after hearing the hopeful tone of his voice, “Yes.
Are you suggesting…?”

“Maybe,” Colt smiled, still staring straight into Corey’s eyes as his hand slowly stroked his now rock
hard cock that was on full display.

“Me and you?” Corey asked, wanting to be sure.

“Yes,” Colt said, still not looking away or even blinking. The intensity of his gaze made Corey take a
deep breath.


“Right now,” Colt said, nodding.

“Fuck…” Corey breathed. “You wanna fuck me out here?”

“No,” Colt said, his voice serious. “I want you to fuck me.”

“What? For real?” Corey asked surprised.

“Yes,” Colt said. “I’m so fucking horny right now and Kris felt so good inside me yesterday that I want
your fat cock in my ass. Besides, you seemed pretty pleased with the idea that you were the last guy to
fuck me. You no longer hold that honour so I say it’s time to reclaim it.”

“Oh shit,” Corey moaned with his dick now rock hard and leaking in his shorts.

“What do you say? You wanna fuck me?” Colt asked, making more of a show of rubbing his throbbing cock,
swirling his finger around the head to capture some of the precum leaking from it before bring it to his
mouth and sucking his juices from it.

“Yes,” Corey said, licking his lips.

“Is Matt gonna be okay with that?” Colt asked, wanting to be sure before they took it any further.

“Yes,” Corey said. “We talked about it last night. We agreed that whatever happens here is fine because
tonight we’re going home together.”

“Good,” Colt said, “now take your shorts off. I wanna see that big thick dick of yours before you slide
it inside me.”

Corey moaned again as he lifted his ass and pulled his shorts and boxers down, kicking them off. Corey
then turned his attention back to Colt and looked down at the amazing abs that tightened with every
breath Colt took and then at the nice seven inch cut cock that he wanted in his mouth and ass so bad. “I
want your dick inside me too.”

“That’s not what I’m here for,” Colt said.

“What?” Corey asked, surprised. “You don’t wanna fuck me?”

“Oh no, I wanna fuck your ass so bad, Corey. It’s just about the hottest bubble butt I’ve ever seen.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“I can sink my dick inside a nice tight hole anytime I want. Right now I want your big, fat fucking cock
to pound my ass. I want you to give me the fucking I need, Corey. Drill me so hard I’ll feel it for days.
Make me moan and scream your name by fucking me until you cum.”

Corey moaned and bit his lip as his cock pumped out a huge stream of precum. The time for talking and for
thinking was over. Colt was consumed with lust and desire and Corey had to admit to himself that he
wanted Colt just as bad and he had an open invitation to get him. Without saying a word he leaned over
and pressed his mouth against Colt’s. Their lips quickly parted as their tongues slipped into each
other’s mouths and they made out like crazy.

While their tongues were waged in battle, Corey moved his hand to feel Colt’s nice pecs, running his hand
around the curves and then teasing each nipple, getting a groan from Colt that seemed to echo around his
own mouth. Every time Corey flicked Colt’s nipple Colt’s mouth would clamp down on Corey’s tongue,
sucking on it like he was giving it a mini blowjob.

Corey then slipped his hand down over Colt’s nice firm abs, tracing each one with his fingers, dipping a
digit into the belly button, getting gasp from Colt, and then moving down so he could take Colt’s hand
off his dick and replace it with his own.

Colt pulled back from the kiss and moaned, throwing his head back against the headrest as Corey’s hand
worked up and down his cock, stroking the shaft and then swirling around the head before dropping back
down to the base to work the whole length once again.

Scooting over so he was facing Colt sideways, Corey leaned in to kiss the skin on Colt’s neck, all the
while moving his hand up and down on Colt’s dick. When Colt turned his head and his lips met Corey’s,
Corey let go of Colt’s throbbing cock, allowing it to slap against the country boy’s abs, instead moving
down to tug on Colt’s slightly sweaty balls.

Colt yelped into Corey’s mouth and his hands came up, gripping Corey’s head with his fingers sliding
through Corey’s hair, pulling Corey’s face against his as his hunger took over and he devoured Corey’s
mouth, probing it with his tongue like he was trying to tongue-fuck it.

When they had to break apart to breathe, Colt reached down to squeeze Corey’s thick, leaking cock. There
was enough precum flowing from the tip to act as lube as Colt began to jerk Corey off. Corey’s own hand
was still wrapped around Colt’s dick and they both moaned as they stroked each other’s cocks.

“Get in the back,” Colt said, almost breathless. “I wanna suck this monster before it fucks me.”

Corey watched as Colt turned off the engine and climbed through the gap in the seats and then proceeded
to unlatch the two clips that put the back seat down flat and covered it with a towel that was in Kris
kept in his trunk.

“You’ve done this before,” Corey chuckled.

“Damn right I have,” Colt said. “Now get your sexy ass back here so I can suck that fucking cock.”

Corey’s dick was so hard it almost hurt as he climbed between the seats into the back. He barely had both
feet on the floor when Colt grabbed him, spun him around and pushed him down onto his back on the flat

Colt dropped to his knees, kneeling in the footwell, and spread Corey’s thick thighs so he could get to
the fat cock that was pointing up at the roof of the SUV, glistening with the precum that was leaking
from it.

Running his hands up Corey’s thick legs, Colt leaned in and buried his face against Corey’s balls,
letting them rest on his nose, breathing in the manly scent rising from Corey’s crotch as he slipped his
tongue out of his mouth to lick at Corey’s taint.

“Oh fuck!” Corey screamed, feeling his body shiver and his stomach twitch, his back arching and his
breathing little more than a rapid pant.

Colt’s tongue ran up Corey’s taint again and then moved up over his balls, searching each one out so he
could roll them around on his tongue, sucking and tugging on them with his lips clamped shut.

When he rose again to run his tongue up Corey’s thick shaft, Colt felt his own dick throb and jerk. It
felt like forever since he had a dick in his mouth after forgoing any kind of oral with Kris the night
before and he wanted to savour the feeling. Corey’s dick felt so hard and yet incredibly soft as he
caressed it with his tongue, sliding up and down the length, coating every inch with his saliva.

Reaching the tip of Corey’s cock, Colt moaned as he tasted the precum, oh how he had missed that salty
yet sweet taste. He dove in, licking as much of it up as he could, both from the tip of Corey’s cock,
dipping his tongue into the slit, and also from Corey’s hard abs where it was smeared all over.

Corey’s eyes were closed and his head was thrown back, a constant string of moans escaping his mouth as
Colt’s tongue worked his body and teased the tip of his cock. He was so turned on now that any doubts
about fucking someone other than his boyfriend and doing it in the back of Kris’s SUV in a parking lot
with more than a dozen cars all around them and a line of cabins less than fifty feet away all but
disappeared. Nothing was going to stop him from nailing Colt’s ass good.

Finally Colt wrapped his hand around Corey’s dick and pulled it towards his mouth, licking his lips
before he slid the dick between them, once again tasting the precum as it coated his tongue. After a few
swirls around the head of Corey’s cock, Colt started bobbing his head up and down, only taking the first
inch at first but slowly progressing so he was letting it slide down his throat.

High pitched moans rose from Corey as Colt deep throated him, letting his throat muscles massage the tip
of Corey’s throbbing cock. Corey was expecting Colt to gag or to have a hard time swallowing all of him,
but Colt’s hunger seemed to drive him on and hold back his gag reflex.

Slowly Colt pulled back, dragging his lips and tongue up the length of Corey’s shaft only to descend back
down until his nose was once again nestled in Corey’s pubes with the dick buried in his throat.

For the next two minutes Corey alternated between throwing his head back in sheer pleasure and lifting it
up so he could see Colt taking his dick balls deep into his mouth. Corey was amazed that Colt was
essentially long dicking his own face on Corey’s fat cock, rising from base to tip and back down again.

As Colt continued to suck on his cock, feasting on it, making Corey feel so good, Corey started to run
his hands all over his hot body. He squeezed his pecs and then pinched his nipples, making his dick jerk
in Colt’s mouth. He then ran his hand over his hard abs and down until he was running his fingers through
Colt’s hair, gently pressing down on his friend’s head to force him further down on the thick cock.

Colt let Corey take over when both of his hands came to rest on Colt’s head and Corey started raising his
hips to fuck his dick into Colt’s mouth. Colt moaned, opening his jaw as wide as he could so Corey’s dick
could plunge inside, flicking his tongue out to further pleasure the hot muscular blond who was leaking
an almost constant stream of precum.

After a minute of fucking Colt’s face, Corey gripped Colt by the hair and dragged him up, letting his
cock slip out of the hot country boy’s mouth, gently tugging on Colt’s hair until they were face to face
with Colt straddling Corey. They stared into each other’s eyes and then dove for each other’s mouths,
smashing their lips together in a long, tongue-filled kiss.

“Stay there,” Colt whispered, barely able to speak.

Corey nodded as Colt moved off him. He lay on his back, panting hard and raised his head to see Colt
leaning over the front seats to reach into the glove compartment. By bending forward and keeping his feet
on the floor in the back Colt exposed his nice round ass to Corey. As soon as Corey’s eyes settled on
those firm butt cheeks he was overcome with desire.

Colt was reaching around in the glove compartment for the condoms and packet of lube he knew Kris kept in
there for what he called ‘emergencies’. Finally he laid his hand on the box of condoms and pulled it out,
seeing that two small packets of lube were also inside. Just as he was pulling back he felt Corey’s hands
land on his ass and his cheeks were immediately pulled apart with Corey burying his head in Colt’s crack,
ramming his tongue into Colt’s hole.

“HOLY FUCK!” Colt screamed as Corey’s tongue unexpectedly penetrated him. The surprise of the move caught
Colt off guard and he lost his balance, reaching out a hand to stop himself from falling over as Corey
darted his tongue in and out of his hole. His hand landed right in the middle of the steering wheel and
the sound of the horn seemed deafening as it rang out across the parking lot.

A terrified Colt jumped at the sound of the horn and pulled his hand away from the wheel. His heart was
pounding so hard, both from the shock and also from the adrenaline pumping through him after he had
alerted anyone nearby to the fact that he was inside the SUV, completely naked and bent over with his
friend’s face buried in his ass.

Corey heard the horn but he was past the point of caring. Colt’s ass tasted so good. It had a clean yet
funky taste; the taste of a man who has worked up a bit of a sweat. All he cared about was opening up
that tight hole, even after it had been fucked by Kris the night before, so he could drill it himself.

Feeling that Colt was trying to stand up, possibly worried that they would be caught, Corey reached up
and put a hand in the middle of Colt’s back, pushing him forward and stopping him from moving as he
continued to devour the ass in front of him. He swirled his tongue around the opening, each time
eliciting moans from Colt, and then he would press forward, fucking Colt with his tongue.

Colt’s moans soon turned from moans into screams. He had had his ass eaten out many times in the past but
he had forgotten how good it could feel and Corey was a pro. He braced himself on the seats he was
leaning over and started pushing his ass back on Corey’s face, trying to drive the tongue deeper. He let
out a disappointing groan when Corey removed his tongue but then the screams returned as Corey shoved a
slick finger straight up Colt’s ass.

“Oh fuck, Corey!” Colt exclaimed, driving his ass down onto the invading finger.

“You like it?” Corey asked as he started to finger Colt’s ass.

“I love it! This is amazing… You’re amazing!”

Corey grinned hearing Colt’s words. By now they had both forgotten about anyone who may have been outside
the car looking in and were focused solely on each other and the way they were making each other feel.

“Fuck me, Corey, please, I’m begging ya,” Colt moaned.

Corey pulled his finger out of Colt’s ass and gave the firm cheeks a good, hard slap. Colt yelped, but it
was filled with pleasure. He grabbed the condoms and pushed himself back up and then turned around in the
small space so he was facing Corey again, having to bend his legs and rest back against the seats so his
head wasn’t touching the roof of the car.

Colt’s dick was so hard and his precum made the head of his dick glisten and sparkle. Corey, who was laid
down on his stomach on the towel, his own throbbing cock pressed between him and the flattened seats,
reached forward, taking Colt’s cock in his hands and pulling it to his lips where he lapped at the precum
and then swallowed Colt’s cock down to the base.

“Oh Corey!” Colt moaned. “So good!”

Colt’s cock was jerking and pumping precum into Corey’s mouth as he placed his hands on Corey’s head and
just kept them there as Corey began to bob up and down, taking all of Colt’s dick in long strokes that
included teasing the very tip with his tongue.

Finally Colt had had enough. He gripped Corey by the hair and pulled him up until he was on his hands and
knees. When they were face to face Colt put his hands on either side of Corey’s head and mashed their
lips together in a kiss that took Corey’s breath away. Colt was like an animal, ramming his tongue into
Corey’s mouth like he wanted to gain possession of it. He was so turned on it almost hurt.

“Fuck me, Corey,” Colt said, breaking the kiss. “I want you so bad.”

“I want you too, Colt,” Corey said, attacking Colt’s lips in another heated kiss.

With their mouths still together and their tongues locked in battle, Corey lowered himself back down so
he was lying on the seats, pulling Colt down on top of him. Never breaking the kiss, Corey ran his hands
down Colt’s muscular back and then let them settle on his nice firm ass. After having a really good feel,
Corey held on tight and used his power to flip them over so Colt was on the bottom with him on top.

“You ready?” Corey asked, gazing down into Colt’s eyes.

“Yes…” Colt panted. “Fuck me.”

Corey quickly moved to find the condoms, picking one up and ripping open the pack so he could roll the
condom down his thick cock. He opened a packet of lube and drizzled it over his dick, rubbing it up and
down the length, making it nice and slick. He poured the rest of the packet onto Colt’s ass and pushed
his fingers inside, rhythmically fucking Colt as the hot country boy jerked himself slowly.

“Now, Corey, now,” Colt groaned. “I need it.”

Corey pulled his fingers from Colt’s ass and watched as Colt pulled his legs up, exposing his ass.
Getting a good look at Colt’s pulsing hole, Corey moved in so he was kneeling between Colt’s spread legs
and lined his thick cock up with Colt’s hole.

“Oh fuck yeah” Colt groaned as Corey rubbed the tip of his dick back and forth over the entrance to his

Without saying anything else, Corey leaned over to hold his body up with one arm while his other guided
his cock into Colt’s ass as it slowly opened up to receiving him.

“Fuck!” Colt screamed. “Your cock is so fucking fat, Corey!”

Corey moaned, feeling the tightness of Colt’s ass wrap around his dick. “So tight, Colt, even after Kris
fucked you.”

Colt’s moans were constant as Corey continued to penetrate him further, easing inch after inch of himself
into Colt’s depths. When he finally bottomed out and his trimmed pubes and balls were pressed against
Colt’s ass, Corey held still, looking down at Colt who had his head thrown back, his mouth open, gasping
for air with his eyes closed.
Corey had to grit his teeth and use all of his willpower to stop himself from cumming. Colt’s ass was so
tight around his cock and it was flexing and squeezing, massaging his dick constantly while he was buried
balls deep inside it.

Still not moving, Corey focused his attention back on Colt’s face, which was not the mask of pain it had
been moments before. He kept his eyes on Colt’s and saw them slowly open until they were staring at each
other. Colt smiled and then reached his hand up, placing it on the back of Corey’s head to pull him down
into a passionate kiss while Corey remained lodged inside him.

When the kiss finally broke after well over a minute, Corey pulled back and ran his hands over Colt’s
legs until his hands were wrapped around Colt’s ankles. He then lifted Colt’s legs so he was holding them
up and apart, almost with Colt’s feet touching the roof of the car. In that position Colt’s ass was
lifted up, giving Corey the perfect angle to fuck it as he slowly withdrew.

Colt moaned and began to whimper as Corey’s cock was dragged from him, seeming to stretch his sphincter
all over again as it tried to pull out. His ass was clamping so tight around Corey’s cock that when only
the head was left in Corey had no choice but to push back in because his dick was being held too hard to

Sliding back in to Colt’s depths, Corey proceeded to repeat the movement over and over, gently
withdrawing and then feeding Colt his cock again.

Colt’s ass felt so good. He had loved getting fucked by Kris again but Corey’s cock seemed to be taking
things to a completely different level. It filled him up so much more, stretching his insides and really
pressing against the walls of his ass as it slid through him. It was such an intense feeling when his
body felt like it was moving out of the way and rearranging itself just so it could accommodate Corey’s
fat cock as it travelled deep into his core.

Their eyes were locked on each other as Corey continued to long dick Colt, finally picking up the pace a
little, which also meant his dick wasn’t going in as deep. That didn’t matter to Colt though because
Corey was beginning to really fuck him, gaining speed, moving closer to what he really wanted with every

“I love fucking your ass, Colt,” Corey said, fucking Colt at a nice steady pace now. “You’re so sexy.”

“You are too, Corey. I love your fat fucking dick inside me. Fuck me harder,” Colt moaned, stroking
Corey’s face.

Corey nodded and let go of Colt’s ankles. He pushed Colt’s legs so they were on either side of him and
Colt instinctively wrapped them around Corey’s waist. Corey never let up on the pace of his thrusts as he
leaned over, letting Colt wrap his arms around his neck.

They stared at each other with lust-filled eyes as Corey drove his cock into Colt’s tight ass,
alternating between fast piston-like thrusts and deep, penetrating jabs that punched through Colt like a
knife and had him clutching even harder at Corey’s muscular body.

Feeling the need to change the pace up a little, Corey drove his dick as deep as it would go inside Colt
and ground their hips together, making sure he was slotted in deep. He then moved back, hooking Colt’s
legs so they were pinned back and draped over his forearms as he began to hammer into the hot ass beneath

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Colt screamed as Corey pounded his ass nice and hard, driving his dick in and then
quickly pulling it out again.

“Yeah, take my dick you hot little slut,” Corey said, caught up in the moment.

“Give it to me, Corey. Make me your bitch.”

Corey’s dick throbbed hearing those words from Colt and he was afraid he was going to cum so he slowed
down. As he shifted position, wanting to get a little more comfortable with the new pace, his dick moved
inside Colt and entered at a different angle, crashing right into Colt’s prostate, making him howl in

Just then they both heard a noise to the side of them that made them freeze on the spot. Corey’s dick was
buried deep inside Colt and they held onto each other, listening to see if they could hear anything else.
Thinking that the coast was clear, Corey gently thrust in and out of Colt again until they heard the
noise again.

Corey looked out of the window and saw a man in his mid-40s loading things into the back of his car,
which was parked just two spaces away from them with nothing in between.

“Fuck…” Corey groaned.

“Honey, are you nearly done?” they heard a woman say from just outside the SUV.

Turning his head, Corey saw a woman, also mid-40s, standing right beside the driver’s door. She was so
close he was worried that if he even moved it would alert her to what they were doing.

“I’m not sure if we need to pump up the tires a little before we get back on the road,” the woman said.

“Just fucking leave,” Corey whispered.

“They’re fine, darling,” the man said.

“Come here and have a look at the back one,” the woman replied.

Corey’s eyes went wide and he glanced out of the window to see the man walking straight towards him. If
he kept his eyes on the SUV he would see Colt’s raised legs and Corey’s muscle ass high in the air.

“Shit!” Corey exclaimed, trying to keep his voice down.

The sound of the man’s footsteps grew louder as he got closer. Colt’s eyes went wide, not wanting to be
caught with a dick in his ass, even if it was just by a stranger. He quickly pulled his legs from over
Corey’s arms and threw them back around Corey’s waist, reaching up to pull Corey down on top of him so
their chests were together and Corey was lying completely on top of him. What he didn’t expect was that
the move would drive Corey balls deep inside him again and he let out a yelp that was quickly muffled by
Corey’s lips as they engulfed his.

The couple continued to talk outside the SUV while Corey and Colt lay in their embrace inside. Their
hearts were both pounding and they were panting heavily into each other’s ears as they pulled back from
the kiss and Corey fell completely onto Colt, letting his head fall over Colt’s shoulder. Colt had his
arms wrapped around Corey’s back, holding him close. It also allowed him to squeeze Corey tight as the
fat cock lodged in his ass kept jumping and jerking inside him as the nerves and adrenaline from being so
close to getting caught surged through their bodies.

Colt let his legs fall and ran his hand up Corey’s back until he had a handful of blond hair while the
other travelled down to Corey’s ass. Corey in turn responded by burying his face in Colt’s neck, kissing
and licking at the skin.

“This is so hot,” Colt whispered.

“I know. I can’t believe how tight your ass is around my cock, especially when you’re nervous.”

“I wish they’d just fucking leave already so you can get back to fucking my ass.”

Corey’s dick once again jumped inside Colt, so happy that nearly been caught hadn’t killed the mood or
made Colt want to end their tryst.

Finally when the car doors closed and Corey looked up to see the couple’s car pulling away, he pulled
back, dragging his dick from Colt’s ass and then rammed it forward, spearing it straight back into Colt.

“YES!” Colt growled. “Hard! Rough! Fuck me like a man!”

Corey took Colt at his word and yanked his dick completely out of Colt’s ass only to drive it back in
seconds later. Colt’s screams were so loud now as Corey drilled his ass, pounding it as hard as he could.
They didn’t care. They had almost been caught once and were determined to get the most out of the fuck
while they had the chance.

In order to open Colt up a little better to receive his dick, Corey pushed Colt’s legs back, but instead
of pressing them against his chest he pushed them up and to either side so Colt’s knees were nearer to
being under his arms, both splayed in different directions.

With Colt’s legs and ass now wide open, Corey pounded Colt’s ass as hard as he could. His balls were
bouncing off Colt’s ass cheeks, making a slapping sound that filled the vehicle as the windows began to
steam up from the heat rising from the hot, sweaty bodies of the two young muscular men locked in a
heated fuck.

At first Corey was worried about hurting Colt, but the pitch of Colt’s moans told Corey he was getting
nothing but pleasure from the deep rutting that Corey was delivering to him.

Corey’s cock was doing a number on Colt’s spot and he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He reached down
and wrapped his hand around his cock, jerking it furiously, knowing that at any moment he was going to
explode. It was one of the hottest fucks of his life and he could sense it was going to be one of the
biggest, most intense orgasms he had ever had too.
“I’m so close, Colt,” Corey said, nailing Colt harder than ever.

“Me too! Cum in my ass, Corey!” Colt pleaded.

Both guys felt their balls bubbling up and their cocks began to tingle with the familiar sensation of
their cum getting ready to explode out of the tip.

“Here it comes, Colt,” Corey groaned, getting ready to drive his dick in deep.

Suddenly there was a loud knock on the side window that made both Corey and Colt jump. Colt jerked his
head round to see Dean the ranger staring at them. Corey on the other hand was caught completely off guard
and lost his balance, falling straight down onto Colt, plunging his dick deep into Colt’s ass, driving the
tip against Colt’s prostate.

Corey groaned, burying his face against Colt’s neck as the feeling of Colt’s ass around his cock and the
twisted excitement from getting caught sent him crashing over the edge and he unleashed one of the biggest
loads of his life into the condom. At the exact same moment Colt’s back arched and his dick fired off
almost a dozen shots of hot white cum, coating both his and Corey’s bodies as Dean watched on. 

Neither could move, their massive loads and the exertion from an incredible fuck leaving them exhausted.
They clung to each other and panted through their orgasms as Corey remained balls deep in Colt’s ass.

Just as they were coming down and Corey’s cock slipped out of Colt’s ass, the door to the SUV opened and
Dean climbed inside, closing the door behind him.

“What are you doing?” he asked sternly. “Do you realise how much trouble you’d be in right now if someone
else caught you?”

“Shit,” Corey said, trying to cover himself and the condom full of cum that still hung from his cock. “I’m

“You’re lucky it was me that caught you,” Dean said, his voice still serious. “Becky would have called the
police and had your asses hauled away. That’s what I’m supposed to do.”

Dean pulled a walkie talkie from his belt and held it up to his face, his finger hovering over the button
to open communication with the person on the other end.

“Please don’t,” Colt pleaded.

Dean silently stared at them for a few moments. He lowered the walkie talkie back down and sighed, “You’re
lucky I’m easy going. We know people fuck here but you’ve got to do it where people aren’t gonna catch
you. That’s why the plots are so secluded. Do what you want in private but not where other visitors can
just walk by. Do you know how much shit we’d have to deal with if someone reported seeing a couple of guys
fucking each other in the parking lot in the middle of the day?”

“We’re sorry,” Corey said.

“We just got caught up in the moment,” Colt said.

“I can understand that, but please be more careful, and damn, open a window, it smells like cum and sex in
here,” Dean said. He turned to look at Corey. “I thought you had a boyfriend.”

“I do…” Corey said, not wanting to make eye contact with the ranger.

“Oh… so are you in some kind of open relationship?”

“Not really…” Corey said, starting to feel bad.

“Just with your friends?” Dean asked. Corey just nodded in reply. “That’s pretty cool if you ask me.”

“Seriously?” Corey asked, surprised by the change in Dean’s tone.

“Yeah, I wish I had a hot boyfriend who didn’t mind if I fucked my equally hot friends every now and then,
but from what Scott said I thought you had a girlfriend,” Dean said, turning to look at Colt.

“I do,” Colt said, his voice sounding almost like that of a little boy.

“So… What? You just wanted to get fucked for a change?”

Colt had never felt so embarrassed. He nodded at Dean and then looked down, only now realising that he was
still covered in cum, making his cheeks even redder.

Dean laughed, seeing how awkward the two young studs felt. Still, he couldn’t help but admire their hot
bodies and nice cut dicks.

“I’ve gotta go. You guys had better get things cleaned up here,” he said, pointing at the cum painted
bodies in front of him, “and put some clothes on before anyone else catches you or I will have to report

“You’re not gonna report us now?” Colt asked.

“No,” Dean said, “as a favour to Scott after an amazing night together I’ll let you both go this time.”

“Thank you,” Corey and Colt both said together as Dean moved to get out of the car.

Corey and Colt smiled as Dean left the vehicle. They collapsed back in both relief and exhaustion. Their
hearts were pounding so hard. Suddenly the door opened again.

“One other thing,” Dean said, popping his head into the SUV. “Try not to sound the horn when you’re
fucking in a car. It’s a dead giveaway.”

Corey and Colt started at each other in shock, wondering if Dean had known what they were doing the whole
time. They glanced out of the window and saw Dean still looking at them. The ranger smiled and climbed
onto a four-seat cart, starting the small engine and disappearing down the trail.