Kris spread lube all over his hard, bare cock, stroking it up and down, covering every inch. He slowly
worked a slick finger into Colt’s ass, wanting to open it back up after going months without having a cock
inside it. When all Colt did was moan in pleasure, a smile constantly on his face, Kris added a second
finger and in less than a minute he had built up speed until he was fucking Colt’s ass with them.

Colt was throwing his head from side to side, loving the feeling of something being inside him again. When
Kris found the spot he had become so familiar with stimulating, Colt screamed out. “Fuck me, Kris! Shove
your fucking hot cock in my ass and fuck me!”

“Damn,” Corey moaned, still standing behind Matt with his arms around his boyfriend’s chest.

While things between Kris and Colt were getting heated, Corey and Matt had taken the time to strip each
other, slowly pulling off their tees and running their hands over each other’s bodies, leaning in to lick
and suck on each other’s nipples. When Corey pulled Matt’s shorts off and saw the amazing bulge he was
making in his briefs, he dropped down and ran his mouth and tongue up and down the length of Matt’s shaft,
coating the briefs and Matt’s dick in saliva. He then pulled the briefs down, giving Matt’s cock a long lick
before he stood back up and Matt did the same on Corey’s own thick dick. Both naked, they stood up and
groaned at the sight of their hard cocks, wrapping their fingers around them to slowly stroke each other as
they kissed. Matt then turned back around to focus on Kris and Colt as Corey moved behind him and put his
arms around Matt’s chest again, his thick cock nestled between Matt’s cheeks. Corey thrust his hips back and
forth, letting his dick slide up Matt’s crack.

Kris smiled down at Colt as he lifted Colt’s big legs up onto his shoulders and then reached down to take
his hard dick in his hand, brushing the tip against Colt’s ass.

“Ughh, fuck me Kris!” Colt moaned, feeling the bare skin rub against his hole.

“Oh fuck that feels so good,” Kris groaned, rubbing his dick back and forth, teasing Colt’s opening. “This
is the first time I’ve gone bareback since the last time we fucked. I can’t wait to get my raw cock in your
tight little ass.”

“Yes! Stick that bare fucking cock in me Kris! Fuck me! Give me your cum!”

Kris felt his dick throb and his balls tingle hearing Colt begging for it. He didn’t regret that they were
no longer together because he was with a woman he truly loved, but there was something about sex with Colt
that could never be duplicated with anyone else. It was so hot and animalistic. Their instincts always
seemed to take over and their bodies were in perfect sync as they moved together to get each other off.

The spongy tip of Kris’s cock kissed Colt’s hole, even sounding like a kiss with the way the lube and Kris’s
precum squelched between the two sensitive areas. Both guys moaned and then Kris started pushing in harder.

Despite the fingering Kris had delivered, Colt’s ass was still incredibly tight and there was a lot of
resistance as Kris tried to penetrate it. Colt was moaning constantly, trying to push out to accept Kris’s
cock, wanting to get fucked so badly. He couldn’t remember ever being as horny as he was now.

Growing frustrated with his ass not opening up, Colt reached down to put his hands on the cheeks of Kris’s
muscular ass. Giving each a firm squeeze, Colt grasped them tight and pulled hard, drawing Kris toward him.
Kris was so hard his cock speared straight through Colt’s resistance and Colt’s eyes went wide as a piercing
scream erupted from him with the feeling that he was being torn in two.

“FUCK!!!” Colt screamed, his back arching off the ground, only forcing Kris’s cock even deeper.

“Hold still!” Kris commanded, trying to hold Colt down so he could get used to the invasion.

Colt’s ass was so tight around Kris’s cock it almost hurt. The muscles inside seemed to be in constant
spasm, squeezing all sides of Kris’s shaft and massaging the head while it was lodged deep in Colt’s ass.

Kris couldn’t believe the feelings. Not only was Colt’s hole tighter than anything he had fucked recently,
but the feelings of once again fucking someone without a condom were almost overwhelming. Instead of the
slick feeling of the condom there was a slightly rougher texture that came from the walls of Colt’s ass and
it felt like his cock was being caressed.

Giving a final push, Kris buried his cock completely inside Colt’s ass, getting another yelp from Colt. He
then held still, reaching up to take hold of Colt’s ankles, wanting something he could both squeeze and
support himself with as his body threatened to go over the edge. He buried his head against one of Colt’s
hairy calves and gently kissed the muscle while Colt’s ass continued to twitch around his dick.

Matt and Corey were almost as breathless as Colt just from watching the hot action unfold in front of them.
Corey’s dick was leaking like a faucet, still nestled between Matt’s butt cheeks. It was throbbing and
jerking against Matt’s now slick hole. Moving his lips to Matt’s neck, kissing and licking the soft smooth
skin, Corey’s eyes never left Kris and Colt. Kris was buried so deep in Colt that only his balls were
visible and Corey felt a warmth rising in his stomach, but he didn’t know whether it was just because he was
so horny or because he knew it could have been him fucking Colt’s ass at that moment.

Corey’s fat cock pumped even more precum out of his slit, this time directly onto Matt’s hole. Tightening
his arms around Matt’s chest, Corey simply moved his hips so his cock lined up with his boyfriend’s entrance
and pushed his dick inside, sawing through Matt with ease until it was lodged deep.

“FUCK!” Matt groaned, feeling Corey’s cock slice its way through him. He gripped onto Corey’s arm that was
around his chest and closed his eyes, overwhelmed by the feeling that his ass muscles had opened right up
and were now reshaping themselves around Corey’s thick dick.

Corey let his chin rest on Matt’s shoulder as he kept his cock balls deep in Matt’s ass and watched as Kris
began to slowly draw his dick from Colt’s hole only to push back in.

“Oh God!” Colt moaned, his hands clenching into fists beside him as if he was trying to grip onto something
that wasn’t there.

When Kris bottomed out in Colt’s ass again he ground their hips together, rotating them in circles to make
sure Colt felt that he had all seven inches of Kris’s cock inside him.

The feeling was overwhelming for Colt. He felt so full and warmth spread through his stomach, the heat
seeming to rise from Kris’s cock to permeate through him. The slick feeling of the lube and the precum that
he could actually feel drip from the tip of Kris’s cock as it coated his insides clashed so wonderfully with
the rougher feeling of Kris’s bare skin rubbing against his own.

When Kris finally felt like he could continue and Colt’s ass had stopped clamping down on his cock, he kept
Colt’s ankles in his hands and leaned back, drawing his dick from Colt’s ass before easing it back in, each
time going as deep as possible.

Colt moaned in pure pleasure as Kris started sliding back and forth inside him, scratching the itch he had
been feeling and fulfilling a desire that for a while he thought he no longer had. His dick was harder than
it had ever been, leaking its own precum all over his abs as it twitched and jerked, bouncing around in the

As Kris started to quicken the pace on his thrusts just a little so he was no longer long-dicking Colt but
was starting to gently fuck him, Corey pulled his cock completely out of Matt’s ass and then without using
his hands he pivoted his hips and drove his dick back in his boyfriend’s ass.

Matt gasped, unable to form words, biting down on Corey’s arm to stop himself from screaming so loud he
would alert the people in the next plot. It felt so good to have Corey drive his cock inside him, just
slotting it back in like it was meant to be there. Even with the added friction it felt amazing.

Corey sensed that Matt liked what he was doing so he continued to completely withdraw his cock from the
tight confines of his boyfriend’s ass, lubed only with the precum that was flowing out of his cock.

After about twenty deep thrusts, Corey buried himself deep again and stayed there, holding Matt’s back
against his chest as he moved his lips to kiss Matt’s ear.

“I love you, baby,” Corey whispered.

“I love you too,” Matt said. “Fuck me while we watch them.”

Corey didn’t reply with words, instead he just slowly started fucking in and out of Matt’s ass, almost
matching the speed of Kris’s thrusts as he slowly fucked Colt just feet away.

“That’s it, Colt. Open up for me,” Kris said as his slick cock glided through Colt with ease now.

“Fuck me, Kris! Harder!” Colt moaned.

Kris continued to slide slowly in and out of Colt. He had forgotten how good it felt to have his dick buried
in Colt’s ass and he knew this fuck would have to be a one-time thing because he could really get used to
fucking it again and that wasn’t good for either of their relationships.

Wanting to make sure there was no confusion over the fact that this was just a fuck and that they weren’t
making love, Kris started picking up the pace, moving his hips faster so that only half of his cock was
sliding in and out of Colt’s ass but it was fucking Colt faster, raging a constant battle with the sphincter
that tried to hold him inside and stop him from slipping out completely.

“Your ass is fucking incredible,” Kris said, staring down at Colt as the sweat built on his body and drops
began to run down his chiselled pecs while his dick pummelled Colt’s ass.

“Fuck me, Kris! Yeah! Your dick feels so good,” Colt said, rotating his hips and ass in circles, driving
himself onto Kris’s cock, getting moans from the muscular top.

“Work that fucking cock, Colt!” Kris said, going deep in Colt once again. “God yeah! Better than I

“Shut up and just pound my fucking ass,” Colt demanded, pulling his legs off of Kris’s shoulders and
wrapping them around his waist, placing his heels against Kris’s ass so he could pull him deeper.

“Fuck… you really want it, don’t you?” Kris asked.

“I just said that, didn’t I? Drill your hot fucking cock into me, Kris. Fuck me ‘til we both cum.”

“Damn,” Kris breathed.

“Just fuck his ass, Kris,” Corey said with his own fat cock plunging in and out of Matt’s ass. “If you don’t
drill him like he wants I’ll come over there and pound his fucking ass into the dirt myself.”

Matt’s ass tightened around Corey’s invading cock when he heard the lust in Corey’s voice. The tip of
Corey’s throbbing dick was catching him just right, sending chills up his spine. They were both panting,
their eyes fixed on Kris and Colt but their bodies focusing on each other.

Corey lodged his dick deep in Matt’s ass and then pushed him down to the ground, following him closely so
his dick never left the tight confines of Matt’s ass. When Matt was on his hands and knees, Corey leaned
over his back and started kissing it, looking over Matt’s shoulder to see Kris picking up the pace on Colt’s
ass as he started hammering into Matt’s.

With Corey pounding into Matt’s ass and nibbling on his ear, moaning constantly, Kris took hold of Colt’s
ankles again and pulled his legs from around his waist and back to his shoulders. Kris then folded Colt back
so his knees were almost touching his chest and rose up so he was bent over Colt with his feet planted on
the ground, giving him enough leverage so he could really drive off and thrust hard and deep into the hungry

Kris’s balls were soon slapping against Colt’s skin, bouncing off his ass as Kris pounded down into Colt,
rotating his hips so that when he plunged in deep it was in a kind of corkscrewing motion that made Colt’s
eyes nearly pop out of his head and his dick pump out even more precum.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me Kris!” Colt screamed, reaching up so his hand was on the back of Kris’s head,
clutching at his hair, holding him close so he couldn’t get away.

On a backwards thrust Kris’s dick slipped out of Colt’s ass, but instead of stopping or repositioning his
body to align his cock for re-entry Kris just thrust his hips forward, missing his target the first time and
then sinking it straight back into Colt’s depths on the second.

“HOLY FUCK!!” Colt screamed, feeling like his body had just been punctured.

Watching the hot scene play out in front of them had Corey and Matt so hot. Corey had pulled back from
having his arms around Matt’s chest and was now holding on to Matt’s hips as he hammered his cock in and out
of Matt’s ass. Matt couldn’t get enough and was driving his ass back onto Corey’s cock. The slapping sounds
from both pairs fucking grew louder and louder.

“I can’t hold out much longer,” Kris announced, jackhammering Colt’s ass to the point that Colt’s moans were
almost one long scream.

“Let it go, Kris,” Matt encouraged. “Breed his fucking ass. Give it to him hard. Deep.”

“Oh yeah, listen to that dirty talk coming out of my boyfriend’s mouth,” Corey groaned, pounding Matt hard.
“I’m close too, Kris. Cum with me. Let’s fill ‘em up together.”

Kris didn’t answer immediately, instead he fucked Colt even harder, his thrusts desperate as his balls felt
like the cum was bubbling up inside them and was ready to explode out of his cock.

“Oh God! Here it comes!” Kris shouted, slamming his hips against Colt’s ass, pushing his cock as deep as it
would go.

“Yeah!” Corey growled, pulling Matt’s ass onto his cock.

At that exact moment both Kris and Corey began to shudder as their cum rocketed up their cocks, spewing out
of the heads like a volcano firing off, coating the walls of the ass they were buried in.

Feeling the hot cum unloading inside him sent Colt racing over the edge. Kris still had him bent in half so
Colt’s cock throbbed above his face and he screamed, throwing his head back as his dick exploded without him
touching himself. The first shot he fired went straight into his open mouth and the taste on his tongue made
his shoot even more cum all over his pecs and face.

“Sweet Jesus, look at that…” Matt panted, seeing Colt’s cum covered face whilst feeling Corey’s huge cum
load leaking out of his ass even though it was still plugged by Corey’s thick cock.

Holding himself up on one arm, Matt reached down and wrapped his hand around his big cock, jerking it a
dozen times before he sprayed his load all over the grass beneath him. The orgasm was so intense that he
collapsed as soon as he finished shooting, with Corey falling down with him, still keeping his dick lodged
in Matt’s ass.

Kris was still panting when he felt Colt pushing against him.

“Get the fuck off me,” Colt said.

“What?” Kris asked, worried that now Colt had cum he was regretting what they had just done.

“My legs are going dead, get off me,” Colt said.

Kris smiled and chuckled, lowering Colt’s legs back down to the ground as he pulled his softening, cum
covered dick out of Colt’s well fucked ass.

“For a second there I thought you weren’t happy with what we just did,” Kris said.

“Are you kidding me? It felt amazing. I forgot how good it feels to get fucked and to have a guy cum inside
me. It’s the one thing I miss about not being with a guy,” Colt said, wiping some of the cum from his face.

“I’ve missed fucking your ass, bro,” Kris said. “It’s so much tighter than Mel’s pussy, even though I love
fucking that and it feels so good.”

“When have you ever known sex between us to not be amazing?”

“True. It’s always the best.”

Colt smiled and held out his fist. When Kris saw it he smiled too and gave Colt the fist bump he was looking

“Fuck, I’m sticky,” Colt laughed. “I’m gonna have a swim in the lake, wash this shit off me.”

“Sounds good to me,” Corey said, pulling his dick from Matt’s ass, his body glistened with sweat in the
dimming light.

“Last one in the water cooks breakfast,” Matt said, sprinting for the water.

Kris, Colt and Corey all looked at each other and broke out into a run. Just as they were about to get to
the water, Kris kicked his foot out, managing to trip Corey, sending him crashing down onto the sand as Kris
and Colt both hit the water.

“Hey!” Matt protested. “That was totally unfair.”

Kris turned to look at Corey, who was pulling himself up from the sand. “You okay, Corey?”

“Yes,” Corey said, “but I’m gonna get your ass for that.”

Kris barely had time to react as Corey ran forward and took off into the air, bringing his legs up to his
chest and wrapping his arms around them before he bombed into the water, creating a massive splash that hit
Kris and Colt right in the face.

Before Kris could see properly Corey had him in a head lock and was wrestling him in the water. Matt and
Colt shook their heads seeing their friends play fighting. Just as Corey dunked Kris, Colt felt a strange
churning in his stomach and then felt Kris’s cum leaking out of his ass. He chuckled and ducked under the
water, running his hands over his body, washing the cum from his skin.

* * * *

Scott woke the next morning to the feeling of his stomach tightening, only this time it wasn’t the tingles
caused by an incredible guy but rather the smell of fresh coffee, bacon, eggs and toast wafting into the
room, making him realise how hungry he was after a night of action.

He climbed out of bed but before he headed through to the kitchen-diner he went to the bathroom, trying to
piss through his morning wood. When he finished up he walked over to wash his hands and looked in the
mirror. He laughed seeing how messy his hair was after having Dean’s fingers running through it. It was also
the first time it registered in his head that he was still naked. He thought for a moment about putting his
briefs on before he headed out to the kitchen but the mischievous part of him wanted to see what Dean’s
reaction would be to seeing him naked again.

“Fuck…” Dean groaned the moment he saw Scott in the doorway. “You couldn’t put some clothes on?”

“I thought you’d like seeing in all my naked glory,” Scott grinned.

“I do,” Dean said. “But it makes me want to throw you down on that table and fuck your brains out.”

“That’s good isn’t it?” Scott smiled.

“Not when I have to be at work in half an hour. I’m gonna be horny all day thinking about what I’d do to

“Thanks,” Scott smiled. “You look sexy in your uniform.”

Dean spun around slowly like he was modelling, allowing Scott to take in the bulging pecs and biceps that
pushed against the fabric of his green polo shirt, the three buttons at the neck all open showing a hint of
the chest hair that Scott had loved running his hands through. He kept turning and lifted up the back of his
shirt, showing off the incredible bubble butt that brought Scott’s dick up to full mast. Finally returning
to his original position, Dean reached his hand down and squeezed the bulge in his pants, bringing Scott’s
attention to his huge nine inch dick, trapped within the tight pants.

“You are so hot,” Scott whispered, biting his lip as his dick throbbed.

“Lust at first sight, hey?”

“Instant boner at first sight,” Scott giggled and pointed to his dick. “Look what you do to me.”

“You want some breakfast?” Dean asked gesturing to the food he had cooking.

“So no sex?” Scott asked.

“Not unless you can get off to bacon,” Dean smiled.

“Please, I just want to be with you one last time before I leave,” Scott said, crossing the room to lay his
hand on Dean’s chest.

“I’d love to be with you again, Scott, but I can’t. I have to work.”

“Maybe later?” Scott pleaded with puppy dog eyes.

“Maybe,” Dean smiled, taking Scott’s hand from his chest. “Now do you want some breakfast?”

“That would be awesome. I didn’t expect you to cook,” Scott said.

“I cook myself breakfast every morning. I like to prepare myself for the day ahead. Besides, after last
night I need some fuel since I think you drained me dry. I still can’t believe you fucked me for nearly an

“That was your fault,” Scott smiled. “You fucked two loads out of me before that. I was bound to last a

“It was amazing,” Dean smiled, serving up the food.

They sat across the table from each other eating their food, with Scott still naked, chatting about anything
and everything. Conversation seemed to flow so easily between the two of them and they had a lot in common
without actually being too much like.

When they finished eating Dean started washing the plates while Scott went to get dressed. Entering the
kitchen again, he saw that Dean still had his back to him so he went up to the taller man and slipped his
arms around his waist.

Dean spun around so Scott’s arms were still around him and wrapped his own arms around Scott’s neck. Looking
into each other’s eyes, they leaned forward and their lips met in a soft, tender kiss.

“Thank you,” Dean said when they broke apart.

“What for?” Scott asked.

“For an amazing night and a great morning. I’m so glad this wasn’t just a quick fuck and that you stuck
around. I’ve really enjoyed it.”

“Me too,” Scott agreed. “Even if we hadn’t slept together I would have still loved spending time with you.”

Dean smiled and they kissed again before pulling apart and gathering up the last of their things.

“I’ve got to go now,” Dean said, heading out the front door of his lodge with Scott following behind. “Can I
give you a lift to my office?”

“No, you’re okay,” Scott said. “I’ll walk. We wouldn’t want anyone asking questions about what the ranger
was doing with a guy so early in the morning.”

“True,” Dean said. “Thanks for understanding. Come see me before you leave.”

“I will,” Scott smiled and pulled Dean into a final tongue filled kiss before the ranger broke away and
jumped onto a cart, driving away. Unable to stop smiling Scott set off, walking back to the plot where his
unused tent was. He decided to take the long way around the trail, enjoying the morning and basking in the
glow of what truly was a great night.

* * * *

Matt and Corey exited their tent after a nice morning fuck where Matt filled Corey’s ass with his full eight
inches. They both found it liberating to be out in the open, fully naked, just able to walk around and not
worry about anyone seeing them.

“Is Scott back yet?” Matt asked.

“I don’t know,” Corey said. “I’ll check.”

Corey walked over to Scott’s tent and tapped on the side of it with the palm of his hand. When there was no
answer he slowly pulled the zip up and opened the door to look inside. Seeing that no one was inside he
zipped it back up and turned back to Matt.

“He’s still out,” Corey smiled.

“Scott still not back?” Kris asked, emerging from his tent wearing a matching bra and panties set.

“What the fuck Kris?” Corey asked.

Kris immediately cracked up, laughing his ass off as he did a twirl. “I packed the wrong fucking bag.
Melissa is at her grandmother’s again this weekend so she was packing a bag at the same time as I was Friday
night. She put my boxers and socks in one and her bras and panties in the other. I was in such a rush
yesterday that I just shoved my stuff in one of the bags and left.”

“So you have nothing but Melissa’s underwear?” Matt asked.

“Nope, I guess I’m gonna have to go commando again or borrow a pair from one of you guys.”

“I don’t have any clean ones,” Matt said.

“Me neither,” Corey said. “I only packed what I needed.”

“Maybe can borrow some from Scott,” Kris said, slipping the panties off and unhooking the bra.

“You’ll have to wait until he gets back,” Corey replied.

“He’s still not back?”


“Damn, his ass much be royally fucked by now.”

“I’ll be surprised if he can still walk,” Corey smiled.

“Oh come on guys, we don’t know what happened,” Matt said.

“Come off it, babe. Scott spending the night with a hot guy and not fucking him is like Kris keeping his
clothes on. It’s not happening. Hell, from what Colt and I heard after our shower he was already getting
fucked in the ranger’s office within half an hour of meeting up with him. Do you think they got the fucking
out of the way so they could talk the rest of the night?”

Matt laughed, “I guess not. It’s not like we can talk, we all got some last night.”

“And this morning,” Corey smiled with a wink.

“Y’all have already fucked this morning?” Kris asked.

“Damn right we did,” Corey said. “Matt woke me up by sliding his big dick inside me and making love to my
ass. Did anything else happen with you and Colt?”

“Nah, bro, we agreed it was for the best,” Kris replied.

“Wait, so you’re the only one of us to not get fucked this weekend?”

“Yeah,” Kris smiled.

“We might have to change that,” Corey smirked.

“Your fat cock ain’t getting anywhere near my ass,” Kris said.

“What about my long cock?” Matt asked, grabbing his dick and shaking it in Kris’s direction.

Kris smiled, shaking his head. “I’m not sure I can take that big dick after going so long without.”

“Sounds like you want to try though,” Corey smiled.

“Well…” Kris stammered.

“Hey, it’s cool with me if the two of you wanna fuck around,” Corey said. “Go give him what he wants Matt.”

“Woah! Hold on there,” Kris laughed. “I didn’t say I was gonna let him fuck me.”

“Not yet…” Corey grinned. “I guess I better get breakfast started. You’ll need all the energy you can get.”

“Fuck you,” Kris chuckled.

“I’ll help you, babe,” Matt said, approaching Corey.

“You don’t have to. I lost the race,” Corey said, lighting the gas stove.

“Yeah, you did, but we’re partners. I want to help.”

“Okay then,” Corey smiled, leaning over to give Matt a kiss. “Kris, do you wanna get Colt up?”

“Oh, he’s up, believe me, in more ways than one,” Kris said, raising his fist in a jerking off motion.

Corey and Matt laughed as they turned their attention to the food.

* * * *

Matt and Corey were just serving up a breakfast of bacon, eggs and fried bread to a still naked Kris and
Colt at the picnic table when Scott walked through the trees.

“Look who it is,” Kris called out. “What time do you call this young man?”

Scott shook his head and squinted his eyes, holding a hand just above his eyes as if he was trying to focus
on something in the distance.

“Oh, Kris, it’s you. I thought from that hair, those boobs and the tone of your voice that my mom was here.”

“Fucker!” Kris exclaimed. “These are not fucking boobs!”

Scott laughed, sitting down beside his friends “they’re pretty big though, dude.”

“Do you want some breakfast, Scott?” Matt asked.

“No thanks, Dean cooked me breakfast,” Scott smiled.

“Dean? Is that the ranger’s name?”


“So come on,” Kris said. “Tell us what happened.”

Scott smiled as his friends began eating. “I met him in his office and he looked so hot I just couldn’t keep
my hands off him. He protested a bit, saying he was still on duty, but he never actually stopped me so I
ended up sucking him in his office. Just as we were really getting into it someone came in the door so he
was sat there with his massive cock out of his pants talking to a guy who wanted to book in. I had to tuck
his dick back into his pants and crouch under the table until he was done talking.”

“Damn, then what?” Kris said with a mouthful of food.

“He told me he was gonna fuck me on his desk so I thought he was going to be really rough, but he was pretty
gentle at first, sucking my cock and really getting me begging for his dick to fuck my ass. Even when he was
inside me he started off pretty slowly, but then he fucked the absolute shit out of me and it was so fucking
good. He told me it was something he’d always wanted to do, fucking on his desk, so I asked him if he had
any other fantasies he wanted to live out.”

“And?” Colt asked.

“He took me back to his cabin, and I mean his actual cabin, it’s more like a wooden lodge in one of the
first plots. We rode there on his cart but we didn’t even get in the front door. We were barely up the
stairs to the little porch in front of his door when he pulled me into a really hot kiss, pushed my shorts
down, rolled a condom down his cock and put me down on my back right there outside his door to fuck me ‘til
we both came.”

“Nice. Was that it?” Corey asked.

“No. We went inside and showered together. It was so tempting to fuck again but we just fooled around and
then got out. We just hung out and talked for ages. We chatted about college, guys, bodies and how we keep
them in such good shape. It was so easy talking to him and lying in his arms. Whoever ends up with him is
one lucky guy,” Scott smiled. “And then he took me to bed. I thought he was gonna fuck me again, and I was
all for that, but then he told me he hadn’t been fucked in nearly a year and asked me to fuck him, so I did.
But because we’d already fucked twice I lasted nearly an hour. He loved it. One of the best fucks I’ve ever

“What about this morning?” Kris asked.

“He made me breakfast and we just talked. There was a little kissing too before we said goodbye. What did
you guys get up to while I was gone?” Scott asked.

“I got seven inches up Colt’s ass,” Kris smiled.

Colt threw a small piece of bacon at Kris, but Kris caught and ate it.

“Really?” Scott asked, genuinely surprised. “I didn’t think you guys were gonna fuck.”

“We just went with what felt right,” Kris said.

“Cool. I guess I don’t have to ask if Matt and Corey fucked,” Scott smiled.

“Nope,” Corey said. “I fucked Matt last night and he returned the favour this morning.”

“Awesome. So what are we doing today?” Scott asked.

“With work tomorrow we’ve gotta be heading home no later than about five,” Matt said.

“Same here,” Kris sighed. “I can’t believe we’ve only been here a day and we’re leaving already. We’re gonna
have to actually book some time off work next time or least get together Friday night instead of Saturday

“Agreed,” Colt said. “Even without the sex this has been a blast. Although I’m not too pleased that I had to
help Scott put up his tent and the fucker didn’t use it.”

Scott grinned, “With good fucking reason! No way was I sleeping alone in that tiny tent when I could be in a
bed with a hunk like Dean and his gorgeous nine inch cock.”

“Nine inches?” Kris asked in disbelief.

“Yeah,” Scott smiled. “It’s huge. Biggest dick I’ve ever had, sorry Matt.”

“I bet Matt still fucks better than Dean,” Corey said.

“I don’t know about that,” Scott said.

“Well maybe he needs to remind you so you can compare,” Corey grinned.

Scott laughed, “I’m not sure my ass can take another pounding.”

“We’ll let you rest up a bit and see how you feel later,” Corey winked.

“I need a damn rest,” Scott smiled.

“Me too,” Kris said. “I kind of want to just relax this morning. Catch a bit more sun and enjoy being with
my best friends.”

“That’s what we’ll do then,” Matt said. “I would like to go up that hiking trail at some point.”

“I’m up for that,” Kris said. “We can do that after lunch.”

* * * *

After a morning of relaxing and swimming in their plot followed by a trip to the catering cabin for an early
lunch, Matt was ready for his hike, dressed in shorts, tee and sneakers.

“Are we all going?” Matt asked.

“I’m with ya, bro,” Kris said.

“I’ll come too,” Scott said.

“Corey?” Matt asked.

“Do you mind if I stay here, babe? I’ll start packing our things away and then you don’t have to rush back,”
Corey said.

“I’m good with that,” Matt said. “I wasn’t sure if you’d wanna come anyway.”

“Thanks for understanding,” Corey said, kissing Matt’s cheek.

“Colt?” Kris asked.

“I’m gonna stay here with Corey. Hiking and running is more your and Matt’s kind of thing, we just usually
go along with ya,” Colt said.

“That’s okay, bro,” Kris said. “You can get our stuff packed up while Corey does theirs. My car keys are in
the tent.”

“You wish. I’m not your bitch.”

“You were last night,” Kris smiled.

“Fuck you!” Colt spat.

“Relax, bro, I was just messing with ya.”

Colt shook his head but smiled as he flipped Kris the bird.

“And don’t be sniffing Mel’s panties,” Kris laughed.

“Go now before I kick your ass,” Colt said, trying not to smile.

Scott went over to pack some water bottles and some sun cream into a small backpack he had so they could
take them on the hike, wanting to make sure they wouldn’t burn or dehydrate since the sun was really

Matt, Kris and Scott then headed out on foot, leaving their plot and heading down the trail towards where it
veered off and climbed up into the local hills.
Corey and Colt got to work on taking down the tents and packing them away into their bags. Once they had that
done they sat down and shared a bottle of water before they started packing away the rest of their things.

“Do you wanna take some of this shit up to the cars now so we can relax until they get back?” Colt asked.

“Sounds like a good idea to me,” Corey said. “Let’s just load one cart at a time. We can do a few trips and
just take our time.”

Colt agreed and they first loaded the tents onto the back of one of the carts, grabbed the keys to Matt and
Kris’s cars and set off toward the parking lot. When they got there the sun was really beating down on them,
causing them to sweat as they loaded the tents into the back of Matt and Kris’s cars.

“Fuck,” Colt groaned. “We really are gonna have to do this in stages.”

“I know. That sun is intense. Does Kris’s SUV have air conditioning?”

“Yes,” Colt said.

“What do you say we start the engine for a few minutes and cool ourselves down?”

“Sounds perfect,” Colt said, walking to the driver’s door and climbing inside as Corey jumped in the
passenger side.

To Be Continued…

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