After spending most of the day chilling by the lake and sunbathing on the small beach, the guys decided to
take a final dip in the water and then head up to the catering cabin to see what they had to eat there.

They decided to walk rather than taking the carts because it was a nice evening and they wanted to make the
most of it with some possible rain showers forecast for the next day. It didn’t take them too long to get
there, being only three plots away, and they were happy to see that the catering cabin wasn’t too full when
they arrived.

Matt and Corey went to secure a table while Colt, Kris and Scott went to the counter to get their food. When
they came back, Matt and Corey went for theirs. The food wasn’t the greatest but it had a nice home-cooked
feel to it. Each of them gobbled down their mains and then headed up for their desserts. As they left they
saw it was almost 7:30pm.

“How long does it take to get back to the plot?” Scott asked.

“About ten minutes,” Matt said, “why?”

“Well if I walk ten minutes there and have to walk ten minutes back it seems kind of stupid. Maybe I should
just stay here and see what our ranger friend is doing,” Scott smiled.

“Yeah right,” Kris laughed. “The only thing you want to see him doing is you.”

“So what if it is?” Scott asked. “Where’s the harm in it?”

“I don’t see any,” Corey said.

“Me neither,” Matt agreed. “You’re both adults who clearly have the hots for each other. At least see where
it leads.”

“I’m guessing on his desk,” Colt suggested.

“I’m not that bad,” Scott protested.

“Who the fuck are you kidding, Scott?” Kris laughed. “You’d fuck wherever it was available.”

“And you wouldn’t? You’ve been just as much of a whore as me, Kris. You’ve been with more guys than I have
in the past few years. You too, Colt,” Scott said.

“Maybe we were quick to fuck around before but we’re different now,” Colt said.

“You say that and yet the moment opportunity presents itself here you take it. You’re still as horny as
ever, you just calm down when you have a regular outlet.”

Seeing that Kris and Colt didn’t have a defence or argument against that statement, Scott smiled and said,
“I’ll see you later guys. Don’t wait up.”

“We won’t,” Corey laughed. “We won’t count on you making it to breakfast either.”

Scott stuck his tongue into his cheek and looked at Corey like he wanted to say something but didn’t know
what. Instead a smile crept onto his face and he let out a little laugh as he waved and turned away, heading
toward the ranger’s office.

“Did anyone notice what time the store was open ‘til?” Matt asked.

“8pm, I think,” Colt said, “Why?”

“It was just with Corey mentioning breakfast. I don’t think we have anything. I mean we can come up to
catering again but I’d prefer to just lounge around and cook something on the stove.”

“Like bacon and eggs?” Kris asked.

“Exactly, we could buy some at the store and keep it in the cooler overnight.”

“Let’s do it then,” Corey said. “If we walk quickly we should be able to get back in time to grab the carts
and get down there before it closes.”

They all agreed and set off at a fast walking pace that wasn’t quite a jog. When they reached their plot
they jumped on the carts and headed down to the store where they purchased some bread, eggs, milk, oil and
some pre-packed bacon.

Before heading back to their plot they spotted a play park close by and Kris and Colt couldn’t help
themselves, running over to it, even though it stated it was not for use by anyone over the age of twelve. 

They ran to the swings first, jumping on and pushing themselves off to start swinging. Kris’s big body
barely fit between the two chains but that didn’t stop him from swinging as hard as he could, kicking his
legs back and forth trying to gain the necessary momentum. Colt did the same thing and it became a race to
see who could get the highest.

Matt and Corey watched on from the small roundabout nearby. Matt still had their food in his hands while
Corey pushed them round slowly with his foot.

After a few minutes, when Kris nearly went over the bars on the swing from going so high, they jumped off
and ran over to Matt and Corey. They grabbed onto the bars on the roundabout and started spinning it around
as fast as they could despite Matt’s protests as he tried to hang onto the bags as well as the bars so he
didn’t fly off.

Kris and Colt let go and this time headed over to the slide. When the roundabout stopped Corey tried to
stand up but he was too dizzy and fell straight back down, which had Kris and Colt laughing hard as they
climbed the steps to the top of the slide.

Colt went first, with Kris giving him a strong push that sent him flying down the metal shoot and off the
bottom onto the padded ground. He got up, rubbing his ass from the impact, and turned to watch as Kris stood
at the top of the slide preparing to throw himself down it. He propelled himself forward and sat down in
mid-air before landing on the slide. He made a quick descent until he was almost two thirds of the way down
and then he suddenly came to stop.

“What the fuck?” Kris yelled.

Colt was bent over laughing and Corey had to cover his mouth as he started laughing too.

“Oh my God, Kris!” Colt screamed. “Your ass is so big you got stuck on the damn slide!”

Kris moved from side to side, gripping onto the little sides of the slide to try to push himself up, but his
body wouldn’t move.

“It’s not fucking funny!” Kris shouted. “I can’t get out!”

“Come on, let’s help him guys,” Matt said, laughing now too.

Kris covered his eyes with his hand as his friends each grabbed one of his limbs and pulled repeatedly on
him, trying to free his ass from the slide.

“Get us some of that oil you just bought, Matt, maybe that will get his fat ass out,” Colt giggled.

“Fuck you,” Kris snapped.

“That’s what you get for going on something designed for kids,” Matt said.

“Don’t you fucking start!”

Matt, Corey and Colt all started laughing again and this time Kris joined in. When they tried to pull Kris
out again his ass came loose with an audible pop that had them laughing even harder.

Kris stood up and moaned, rubbing his ass in pain. “Fuck that hurt!”

“Serves you right,” Colt smiled.

“Your ass didn’t get stuck,” Kris said.

“No, because my ass isn’t as big as yours.”

“More like you’ve got an ass like a twelve year old girl,” Kris said.

“You weren’t saying that when you were fucking it all the time. You loved my ass,” Colt grinned.

“Yeah, and if you don’t watch yourself I’ll be pounding that fucker tonight.”

“Promises, promises…” Colt teased, sticking his tongue out of the corner of his mouth.

Kris pushed Colt’s shoulder and they both laughed again. “Come on, let’s get back so we can stick the food
in the cooler and get some beer down us.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Corey said. He looked at his watch. “Say, I wonder what Scott’s doing right now, it’s
a quarter past eight.”

“My guess would be that he’s on the end of that ranger’s dick,” Colt said.

“You never know, Scott might be the top,” Matt said.

They all looked at each other and laughed as they headed back toward their carts.

* * * *

Scott knocked on the door to the ranger’s office.

“Come in,” the ranger’s deep voice said from inside, giving Scott a warm feeling in his belly as he reached
for the handle.

“Hi,” Scott said, opening the door.

“Hey,” the ranger replied, flashing that gorgeous smile at Scott as he stood up from his desk. “I didn’t
know if you’d come or not.”

“I couldn’t really turn down such an appealing offer, could I?” Scott grinned, stepping into the office and
closing the door behind him.

“Appealing, hey? Is that just the offer or is it me as well?”

“What do you think?”

“Judging by the colour of your cheeks I’d say it was me as well,” the ranger winked. Scott put his hands up
to his face and the ranger laughed a deep laugh. “Do you always blush like that or is it just when you’re
around me? You looked so cute earlier when you jumped into the water to avoid me.”

“You think I’m cute?” Scott smiled.

“Yeah, especially that cute little ass of yours, it looked so firm, like a couple of ripe grapefruits that
could do with a good squeeze just to check they’re ready for eating…”

“Fuck…” Scott moaned, feeling his dick twitch.

“You are a bit early though,” the ranger said. “I’m not done yet.”

“I’m sorry. I was just up here eating and thought I’d stick around,” Scott said.

“I didn’t say I had a problem with it, did I? I just wasn’t expecting you so soon. I’m glad you’re here. The
windows in this office are too high when you think of how beautiful this place is, you’d think they’d be
lower so I had a nice view. I could do with something nice to look at while I work.”

“Like this?” Scott smiled, turning around and pulling down his shorts, shaking his ass at the ranger.

“Damn that’s edible, it’s a shame I’ve already eaten,” Dean groaned.

Scott shook his head and pulled his shorts back up. “What work do you have to do?”

“Paperwork mostly,” the ranger sighed, rolling his eyes. “There’s also a party who reserved a plot who
haven’t arrived yet. They have until eight to get here or I sign off for the day and they lose their place.”

“What if they’re just running late?” Scott asked.

“Then they should have called us. The terms and conditions are very clear when you book. Anyway, we’re still
half an hour away from that yet so they may still arrive.”

“Is there anything I can do for you in the meantime?” Scott asked.

“Behave yourself,” the ranger smiled. “You look like you’ve got a little of the devil in you.”

“Yeah? By the end of tonight I’m hoping to have a little of you in me,” Scott grinned.

The ranger shook his head but smiled. “You’re really gonna use that line on me?”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“It’s cheesy as hell!”

“Yeah? What line would you have used?”

“None. I didn’t need a line to get you here, did I?”

“No,” Scott laughed. “You didn’t even give me your name.”

“Neither did you.”

“Okay then, I’m Scott.”

“Nice to meet you, Scott. I’m Dean,” the ranger said, holding out his hand.

Scott shook it and immediately felt the power in it, which only turned him on even more. Rather than letting
go the two continued to shake hands until their eyes met and they both froze, hand in hand, before Dean
couldn’t fight the urges anymore and pulled Scott to him for a hot, tongue-filled kiss that felt even hotter
to Scott from the beard rubbing against his chin. He was kissing a real man. When they pulled apart they
were both panting and clinging to each other for support.

“Fuck!” Scott exclaimed.

“Hot, huh?” Dean asked.

“Such a good kisser…” Scott sighed, reaching up to pull Dean back into a kiss. With their lips locked Scott
began running his hands over the ranger’s hot body, feeling the bulging muscles underneath his shirt that
almost made Kris and Corey feel small in comparison. His dick was so hard. He started to drop down to his

“Scott, no,” Dean moaned, taking hold of Scott by the wrist and trying to pull him up from the floor.

“I know you want it,” Scott whispered.

“I want you so bad, Scott, but not here. I’m working,” Dean moaned as Scott ran his hand over the growing
bulge in his pants.

Despite his protests, Dean was so turned on that he did nothing as Scott pulled down the zipper on his pants
and reached a hand inside, searching for his now throbbing cock.

With his hand pressed against the fabric of Dean’s boxers, Scott found the covered shaft and squeezed it
hard, gaining groans from the hunk above him. Snapping the button fly open on the boxers, Scott wrapped his
fingers around what felt like a column of flesh as he pulled the still growing cock through the opening and
out in front of his face.

“Holy shit,” Scott breathed, seeing the nine inch cock of the ranger in full view.

“You like?” Dean asked, rubbing the back of Scott’s head.

Scott just nodded, unable to find the words he wanted. He looked up at the amazing guy in front of him. Dean
was staring down at him with a twinkle of lust in his deep brown eyes. His brown hair was spiked up away
from his forehead, letting Scott see the manly face that was framed by the thin beard covering the chin.
Dean’s face twisted with desire and he ran a hand over his body that was nearly bursting out of his green
polo shirt, his pecs straining against the fabric, his two pointy nipples clear through the material, his
arms dangerously close to splitting the sleeves.

Placing his hands on Dean’s incredibly thick thighs, Scott licked his lips and leaned forward, pressing his
mouth against the purple tip of Dean’s hard uncut cock.

“Oh God,” Dean sighed, feeling his dick twitch.

Scott pulled back and admired the beautiful cock as he pulled back the foreskin and leaned in to run his
tongue around the head, tasting the first drop of precum that was leaking from Dean’s cock.

Opening his lips, Scott took the first two inches of Dean’s big dick into his mouth, bobbing up and down on
it slowly, making sure to bathe the shaft in his saliva. The hand on the top of his head tightened its grip
on his hair and then Scott’s eyes went wide as Dean started pushing his cock into his mouth, going deeper
and deeper until Scott started to gag.

“Fuck!” Scott groaned, wiping his mouth as Dean looked down at him.

“You wanted to suck my cock when I told you no so don’t blame me for giving you what you wanted,” Dean

“Did you hear me complain?” Scott asked. “Biggest fucking dick I’ve ever had.”

“Damn right it is,” Dean smiled. He walked back around his desk and sat down on his chair with his dick
still on full display. He held his cock in his hand and waved it from side to side. “You want this or not?”

Scott licked his lips again and moved around the desk, dropping back down to his knees. Instead of going
straight for the cock he moved lower and buried his face in the zipper, pressing against the still covered
balls that felt warm against his nose. He felt the big dick slap his face, leaving precum smeared on his
forehead. The scent of male musk filled his nostrils, filling him with desire and hunger and he ran his nose
up the underside of the shaft and then took Dean back into his mouth, sucking the dick down as deep as
possible, getting seven of the nine inches between his lips.

Just then the door handle to the office started to turn. Dean’s eyes went wide and he shoved Scott off his
cock, pushing him under the desk, thankful the back was completely enclosed so the man wouldn’t see Scott on
his knees. Scott was slightly stunned and wondered what had happened when he heard the door open and a man
began to speak.

“Hi,” the man said. “I’m sorry we’re so late. We had a bit of car trouble.”

“It’s no problem,” Dean said, trying to keep his breathing steady while his hard dick still throbbed outside
his pants, covered in Scott’s saliva.

While Dean continued to talk with the man Scott moved his head forward and sucked the tip of Dean’s big cock
back into his mouth, quickly bobbing up and down on it. Dean immediately tensed up and his dick jerked in
Scott’s mouth, springing free. Scott tried to hold back a laugh when he saw Dean shiver and then he reached
forward to give the hard dick a couple of jerks, pumping precum from the tip and feeling it twitch before he
tucked it back inside Dean’s pants and slowly pulled up the zipper, trying not to make a sound. The bulge
still looked insanely big so Scott tried to rearrange it, but every time he touched it he felt Dean tense up
and try to pull away.

When Scott finally let go Dean pushed him under the desk with his foot, also pushing his chair back so he
could stand up and continue addressing the visitor as professionally as possible, conveying all the
necessary information as well as handing over a set of cart keys and taking down his credit card

When the man finally left, Dean walked straight to the door of the office and clicked the lock in place. He
turned around to see Scott’s grinning head appear from beneath the table.

“That was so fucking close. You could have got me fired if he’d seen you sucking my dick,” Dean said.

“Are you going to punish me?” Scott teased.

“No, but I am gonna fuck you. Right here on my desk.”

* * * *

“So what’s the plan for tonight?” Kris asked.

“Well since this is our only night here I kind of just want to relax and enjoy being here together,” Matt

“I agree,” Corey said. “It’s still not too late; we can run to a liquor store and get some beer, come back
here, start a campfire and just chill.”

“Now that sounds like a plan to me,” Colt smiled.

“Me too,” Kris grinned. “Who’s gonna make the run?”

“I would,” Corey said, “but I really want a shower right now. I’m feeling a bit sticky.”

“Me too,” Colt said, “letting Scott rub that cum all over me is really making my abs itch.”

“Okay then,” Kris said. “You two go shower and Matt and I will go on a beer run.”

“Deal,” Colt smiled.

* * * *

“You fucker,” Colt moaned as he walked out of the shower block rubbing his ass.

“You whipped me first!” Corey protested.

“Yeah, but I only got you once. You must have whipped my ass at least three times with that fucking towel.”

“Oh shut up you pussy,” Corey grinned.

Colt’s jaw dropped open in mock disgust. “Oh I’m gonna get you for that.”

Corey laughed but then saw Colt moving towards him with a serious look on his face. Having no real choice he
turned and ran, running to the end of the line of cabin’s and rounding the corner. He heard Colt’s quick
steps following behind him.

Just as he was about to turn another corner he felt Colt’s hand land on his shoulder and then Colt’s whole
body was on him, jumping onto his back and throwing his arms and legs around his torso. Corey was caught off
guard by having Colt’s weight on him and went crashing to the ground. Luckily the impact was soft so neither
felt much pain, but Colt took the opportunity to roll on top of Corey to start tickling him. Corey wriggled
and writhed, trying to get Colt off him but he couldn’t and so gave in, going completely limp as Colt
straddled him and pinned him to the ground.

They were both breathing hard when they came to a sudden stop, staring at each other’s faces, their eyes
locked. Heat seemed to be emanating from their bodies and there was complete silence with not even the
nature around them making a sound.

Colt’s face slowly crept towards Corey’s, their mouths inching closer together. Corey closed his eyes as
Colt’s nose brushed against his and he felt his friend’s hot breath dance across his cheek. Just as their
lips were about to meet they heard a noise and quickly pulled apart, jumping to their feet and trying to
brush their clothes off.

Neither said a word as they walked back around to the front of the cabins, both fully aware that they were
about to kiss and that it would probably have led to more, which they weren’t sure they wanted.

The tension in the air was only broken when they walked past the ranger’s office and heard what they thought
was a scream. They shot each other a questioning look and then slowly approached the office, trying not to
make a noise. When they finally made it up the steps they pressed their ears to the wood and could hear deep
groans coming from inside.

“Oh yeah! Fuck me!” A voice screamed.

Corey tried to see if there was a window he could look through but the only windows in the office were too
high for them to see through unless one of them got on the other’s shoulders. Just as they were about to
walk away Colt spotted the key hole in the door and bent down to look through it. He had a hard time seeing
anything but it looked like someone was lying back across the desk getting either a blowjob or his ass eaten
but he couldn’t tell which or who was who. Pulling back, Colt motioned to Corey and they backed away from
the door, moving down the steps before they burst into laughter.

“One of them was getting either their cock or ass eaten. Which one do you think that was?” Colt asked.

“Probably Scott, but then you never know. That ranger might look like a top but so do we and look at how
much we enjoy getting fucked,” Corey replied.

“It does feel damn good,” Colt said as they began walking toward the trail.

“Been a long time, huh?”

“You were the last guy to fuck my ass believe it or not.”


“Yeah,” Colt smiled.

“So if you never get fucked again I will have been your last…”

“Yeah,” Colt admitted as they continued to walk. After a few minutes of silence he added, “Although to be
honest, bro, I can’t see me holding out forever.”

“Starting to crave it?” Corey asked as they started down the trail towards their plot.

“I don’t know if I’d say I crave it, but it’s like a luxury I haven’t had in ages that I kind of feel I

“You mean like a treat?”

“Well I would enjoy it.”

Corey laughed, “So how you gonna play it?”

“What do you mean?”

“If you’re wanting to get fucked.”

“I wouldn’t say I want to get fucked, I just wouldn’t be against the idea.”

“So if things happened with one or all of us tonight you probably wouldn’t say no?”

“Probably not. I’m not saying it’ll definitely happen.”

“Of course not, you just wanna see how things progress.”

“That’s how Kris and I always used to play it in the early days when we fooled around. It’s much more fun
that way.”

“I agree,” Corey said. “Matt and I do that too, even more so after our near miss. Now we live alone we can
fuck whenever the mood takes us, no matter where it is in the apartment.”

“That sounds awesome. Even though we don’t live with Kris and Melissa anymore I don’t think Faith would be
up for that.”

“Is she a bit of a prude?”

“Not really. When she’s in the mood she can be really wild, but she only ever wants to have sex in bed.”

“Just in bed? Not around the room?”

“Nope, just in bed. I got in the shower with her a few weeks ago and tried to start something but she wasn’t
having it. Maybe that’s why I feel like I maybe need to be with a guy. More than actually wanting to be with
a guy I just want something different from sex.”

“That could be it.”

“I just hate the feeling that I’m cheating on her.”

“Then don’t do it. You’ve proved you’re strong enough to go without.”

“I have,” Colt said as they approached their plot. “It’s funny because I’d never dream of sleeping with
another girl. Fucking a girl seems wrong. It’s like by putting my dick in someone else I’d be betraying her.
So why does it seem okay to sleep with guys?”

“I can’t answer that one. Maybe because you know nothing will really happen with any guy you sleep with,
even Kris. Not now. It would just be sex. With a girl there would be a lot more involved, and probably a lot
more risk too,” Corey said as they walked through the trees.

“I guess you’re right. I really don’t want to be with anyone but her.”

“Colt, you don’t have to explain yourself to me. I’m still attracted to other guys and I’d still love to
sleep with them, even though I’m with Matt. Those urges never go away, we just have to learn to control them
and not act on them. You’ve done so well and I know I shouldn’t encourage you to be with anyone else but if
it stops you from actually cheating then I don’t see the harm in being with a guy every now and then, just
don’t make it a regular thing.”

“I wouldn’t,” Colt said. “The only guy I could have regular sex with was Kris and we both know how that
turned out.”

“We do,” Corey said, arriving back to their camp.

“Fuck!” Colt screamed. “Why am I overthinking this?”

“Because you’ve got a conscience and you know what’s right and wrong. All you can do is be true to yourself
and if fucking around with us is going to mess with your head then it’s not worth it. Our friendship isn’t
about sex and we can all go without it.”

“I agree there,” Colt said. “I really fucking miss you Corey. I forget how good a friend you are sometimes.”

“Just look down at your chest,” Corey smiled, placing his hand on Colt’s pec where his KMCC tattoo was. “I’m
always here.”

Colt smiled and felt a tear rising in his eyes as he looked at Corey, whose hand was still on his chest.
Once again silence fell between them as they stared into each other’s eyes and their faces inched closer
together until their lips finally touched in a soft kiss.

“Fuck…” Corey breathed. “That was so much more intense than I expected.”

Colt nodded, panting loudly. “Are you as hard as I am?”

“Yes,” Corey groaned. “I think we need to do something before we can’t control ourselves.”

“Yeah…” Colt said, quickly moving away. “We need to get some wood for the fire.”

“Yeah,” Corey agreed, repositioning his hard cock in his shorts.

They walked in separate directions and started gathering twigs and branches from the ground around the
nearby trees when Matt and Kris returned with Kris carrying a case of beer.

“Yo bro, you not got the fire started yet?” Kris called across to Colt.

“No, so get your ass over here and help me bitch,” Colt teased.

Kris put down the beer and charged over to where Colt was. “Did you just call me a bitch?”

“Yeah, what are you gonna do about it?” Colt said, stepping up and pushing his chest out toward Kris, almost
begging him to do something.

A smile crept onto Kris’s face and he reached forward, using his fingers to pinch Colt’s nipple. Colt’s
whole body jumped at the contact and he felt his cock throb. He dropped the wood he had collected and put
his hands on Kris’s chest. Thinking that Colt was going to return the favour, Kris relaxed, and it was at
that moment that Colt pushed him backwards, causing him to lose his footing and go sprawling out onto the

Colt was laughing as Kris lay stunned on the ground. He picked the wood he gathered back up and gently
tossed it toward Kris, making sure not to actually hit him with it. He then walked over to his friend and
put out his hand to help Kris to his feet.

Kris smiled and reached up, placing his hand in Colt’s. Just as Colt started to pull upwards, Kris shifted
his weight and pulled down on Colt’s arm, pulling him down on top of him and locking him in a headlock.

Colt struggled against Kris, twisting and turning, trying to get out of his grip. Finally, when he couldn’t
escape, he straightened his fingers and jabbed them into Kris’s side, getting a yelp from the muscle stud
and buying himself enough time to escape.

Jumping to his feet, Colt turned and ran from Kris, but Kris was already on his feet giving chase. Matt and
Corey watched as Kris tackled Colt to the ground with a spear and their play got a little rough.

“I think we should step in,” Matt said, moving forward.

Corey quickly grabbed Matt and threw his arms around Matt’s chest, pressing his own chest against Matt’s
back. He whispered into Matt’s ear, “Look at them. They’re not really fighting.”

“But they look like they’re hurting each other,” Matt said, trying to loosen Corey’s grip.

“Look again. We’ve seen them fight for real. Neither of them is throwing a punch.”

Matt looked again and he saw that Corey was right. Kris and Colt were rolling around on the ground, pulling
on each other’s arms, legs, hair or whatever else they could get hold of. They were wrestling, trying to get
the other to submit but they weren’t brawling.

Kris managed to flip Colt onto his back, pinning his arms down against the ground and straddling his waist.
They were both panting hard and were happy for the rest as they stared into each other’s eyes.

“Do you give?” Kris asked.

Colt studied Kris’s face for a moment and then smiled. “Right now I’d prefer to receive.”

Kris looked down at Colt in shock but at the same time he felt his cock beginning to grow. He continued to
stare into his friend’s eyes and then thrust his hips forward to grind his hardening cock against Colt’s,
which was already throbbing in his shorts.

“Are we really gonna do this?” Kris asked.

“I want to,” Colt replied.

“Me too,” Kris admitted.

As Kris leaned down to press his lips against Colt’s, Corey let his grip on Matt loosen and then he stepped
away, going back to his tent to get the bottle of lube they had with them. When he returned Matt was still
watching Kris and Colt make out with his hand down his shorts, rubbing his eight inch cock.

“It’s getting pretty hot,” Corey whispered in Matt’s ear, rubbing a hand down his boyfriend’s back.

“Yeah…” Matt groaned, feeling Corey’s thick cock pressing against his ass.

Kris pulled back from his kiss with Colt, needing to take a breather. Colt had collapsed back against the
ground, panting hard. Kris slowly reached down, taking the bottom of Colt’s t-shirt in his hands and tugging
on it until Colt lifted his body and let Kris pull it off.

Leaning up so he was on his knees, Kris removed his own top and tossed it off to the side. He looked back
down to see Colt staring up at him. Colt’s hands then reached up, his fingers running over the incredible
muscles on Kris’s chest and stomach as they glistened with the light sweat that had formed from their

Their lips were soon back together as their hands ran all over the other’s body. They were moaning and
groaning into each other’s mouth, rubbing their hard, leaking dicks together.

Finally Colt had had enough. He took Kris by the hair and pulled his head back so their lips separated. Once
again their eyes met and then Colt leaned in, licking Kris’s ear before he whispered, “fuck me.”

“You don’t wanna…”

“No, skip the foreplay and all the other shit. Just fuck me.”

Kris nodded and leaned back. He turned his head to see Corey and Matt looking on. He smiled and then saw
Corey throw something towards him. Instinctively Kris caught it before he even knew what it was. He smiled
once he saw it was the lube.

“Fuck his ass, Kris,” Matt moaned, feeling Corey’s cock throb against his back. “Stick it in him and fuck
him hard.”

“Hell yeah, I wanna see that,” Corey agreed.

“How are we gonna do this?” Kris asked, looking down at Colt. “Do we need condoms?”

“Just fucking stick it in him, Kris,” Matt said through gritted teeth. He was so horny he didn’t even know
what he was saying he just wanted to see his best friends fucking in front of him while he got nailed by his
hot boyfriend.

“Matt’s right. It’s us, Kris. Fuck me bare. Cum inside me.”

Kris shivered and then started to remove the rest of his clothes.

* * * *

Scott was moaning so loud as he lay back over Dean’s desk that he knew anyone walking by the office would
hear him and would know what was going on inside. He couldn’t stop though. Even biting his lip didn’t
quieten the sounds of pure ecstasy he was feeling as Dean deep throated his hard uncut cock.

Knowing that Scott was getting too loud, Dean bent down and scooped up Scott’s tiny briefs. They had been so
hot when they were on Scott’s body, clutching his tight ass, lifting the cheeks and even seeming to pull
them apart a little, teasing Dean because he knew that Scott’s twitching pink hole lay beneath the fabric.
Scott’s dick had been rock hard, leaking precum into the pouch that was stretched almost to the point of
splitting. Now Dean held them in his hand and brought them up to his nose, inhaling Scott’s manly scent and
then extending his tongue until he was lapping at the precum that had soaked into the material. Hearing
Scott moan and seeing the look of pure lust on his face made Dean grin. Knowing what he was about to do he
quickly shoved the briefs into Scott’s open, panting mouth before going back down and sucking Scott into his

Dean’s nose was nestled against Scott’s shaved crotch and his throat muscles were tightening around Scott’s
stiff shaft and the tip of his throbbing dick. Scott knew Dean really did get used to gay sex at college
because he was one of the best lovers Scott had ever had and he’d only sucked him so far.

With Scott lying flat on the desk, Dean was between his legs, bobbing up and down, clamping his mouth down
on Scott’s cock to really get some suction. As he continued to suck, Scott drew his legs up, exposing his
tight little asshole. Dean moaned, feeling his cock throb as the hole seemed to wink at him. He licked his
way down Scott’s cock until he was lapping at the shaved balls and then continued down so his tongue was
swirling around Scott’s hole.

“Oh yeah! Fuck me!” Scott screamed, pulling the briefs from his mouth.

“Yeah? You want me to fuck you?” Dean asked, immediately dropping back down to push his tongue into Scott’s

Scott nodded, his words seeming to fail him. The only thing that came out between his panted breaths was the
same words. ”Fuck me… Fuck me… Fuck me…”

Dean found it so hot to hear how much Scott wanted him. He thrust his tongue back and forth, feeling Scott’s
ass open for him. He would pull out to tease the tender skin with the tip of his tongue before diving back
in, burying his face between Scott’s cheeks.

Making his way back up, over Scott’s balls and up his hard seven inch shaft, Dean sucked Scott back into his
mouth as his long finger began circling the entrance to Scott’s ass, gently pressing until it slipped in up
to the first knuckle.

Scott bucked up off the table, pulling his cock out of Dean’s mouth so it slapped against his tight abs,
leaving a trail of precum smeared across them. When he did that it also forced his ass down on Dean’s finger
so it was deep inside him. With a few movements Dean found Scott’s prostate and flicked it with his finger.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” Scott screamed, breathless. He reached down and grabbed Dean by the hair, dragging him
up until they were face to face. “Fuck me now you fucking hot ranger stud. If you don’t shove that gorgeous
cock inside me I’m gonna throw you down on this desk and ride you ‘til you cum.”

“Fuck…” Dean moaned, seeing the lust in Scott’s eyes.

Their lips collided in a hot passionate kiss and Dean did his best to reach down into his drawer for the
condoms he always kept in there in his spare wallet. When he finally found it, his tongue still in Scott’s
mouth, he tore open the packet and rolled the condom down his long cock. Thankfully it was pre-lubricated and
as the kiss continued he rose up and pressed the tip against Scott’s hole, pressing forward until it started
to give way and he sank inside.

“Oh fuck,” they both moaned together as Dean’s cock slid in further.

“You’re so fucking tight,” Dean groaned as he bottomed out in Scott’s ass.

Scott moaned, “Your dick feels so big. It’s so deep.”

“Been a while since you got fucked?” Dean asked.


“So you’ll want me to go slowly?”

“At first…”

“And then?”

“Then I want you to pound my fucking ass,” Scott said, squeezing his ass muscles around Dean’s dick.

Dean smiled and leaned down to kiss Scott, slipping his tongue into Scott’s mouth as he pulled his dick out
of Scott’s ass and then slowly slid it back in, grinding his hips into Scott’s.

Running his tongue over Scott’s lips, Dean gently nibbled on the bottom one before pulling back so he was
standing up with Scott laid out in front of him. He reached down, taking Scott’s ankles in his hands and
holding them up, spread-eagled, opening Scott up so he could fuck him.

Instead of driving his dick in, Dean eased out of Scott’s ass and then slowly pushed back in, long-dicking
him, bending his knees and pushing forward to really drive his cock in deep on the inward thrusts.

Moans filled the office while Scott did his best to work Dean’s cock with his ass as it slid in and out of
him. After about five minutes, during which time Scott started to raise his ass off the desk, trying to fuck
himself harder on the cock, Dean finally gave him what he wanted and started to fuck him harder, picking up
the pace until he bent Scott’s legs back against his chest, leant over and drilled his cock down into Scott’s

“Oh God yes!” Scott screamed. “Fuck me!”

The desk started to creak under the weight of the two men now on top of it, fucking hard, the passion and
force of the thrusts increasing by the minute. Dean was hammering into Scott’s ass, fucking him like he

“I love fucking your ass,” Dean groaned in his deep voice.

“Yeah, fuck me! Pound my ass!” Scott said, throwing his head back as Dean’s cock started assaulting his

Dean drilled Scott even harder, hammering his dick down into the ass, his balls slapping off Scott’s butt
cheeks with the sound echoing off the walls of the office.

Scott’s breath became erratic and his moans turned to whimpers as the tingles started to take over his body
and he arched his back, pushing his ass onto Dean’s cock so it was buried in deep as his own dick exploded
without him having to touch it.

With Scott’s ass in spasm around his cock, Dean drove in even deeper, wanting to get as far inside the hot
blond as he could as his cock throbbed and jerked, growing bigger before it erupted, spraying a massive load
into the condom.

Dean fell down onto Scott, both of them panting and covered in sweat. They were silent for a few minutes,
clinging to each other in their post-orgasmic bliss. When he regained his breath, Dean moved so he could look
into Scott’s eyes with his semi-hard cock still inside Scott’s ass.

“Fuck… that was amazing. I’ve always wanted to fuck someone on my desk,” Dean said, brushing a piece of
Scott’s hair away from his face.

“Yeah? What other fantasies do you have?”