After enjoying their lunch, Matt wanted to check out what was on offer for them to do while they were
there. The other four agreed, despite Kris and Colt already having had a good look around. Instead of
jumping on the carts they decided to walk since it was a beautiful day with the sun shining.

Unusually for Kris he actually listened to Matt and threw on a wife beater with his shorts. The rest
were also dressed in shorts and small, tight fitting tees that showed off their hot young bodies.

The walk to the plot with the gym and grocery store was very leisurely. The boys chatted away about all
aspects of their lives, catching up on jobs, relationships and possible new friendships. Every now and
then they would see a number of other visitors and Kris made a point of saying hello to them and
wishing them well on their stay.

“Is there anyone you don’t get on with?” Corey smiled.

“Yeah, one of Melissa’s cousins, he’s a total dick,” Kris said.

“Wow, Kris doesn’t like someone,” Scott chuckled.

“There are loads of people I don’t like, I just try to see the best in them is all,” Kris said.

“So what about Melissa’s cousin makes you hate him?” Corey asked.

“I wouldn’t say I hate him, he’s just got a huge ego and thinks he’s right about everything. The last
time I saw him he kept making comments about how he bets Mel has a strap on so she can fuck my gay ass.
I came so close to knocking him out,” Kris sighed.

“Damn, I think I would have too,” Scott said. “Some people just don’t understand what it’s like to be

“I know people have those views I just wish they’d keep them to themselves,” Kris said.

“I’m impressed, Kris,” Matt said.


“Because there was a time when someone saying something like that would have caused you to flip out and
by not doing that it shows that you’ve grown,” Matt smiled.

“I guess it does. Coaching and teaching helps with that too. It’s as much of a learning curve for me as
it is for them, especially when they try to get on my nerves so I’ll shout at them. I’ve had to bite my
lip a few times already, but for the most part, like most people, they’re great.”

“Who would have thought it? Kris is a grown up,” Scott laughed.

“I know,” Kris laughed. “I always had Matt as the first one of us to get serious.”

“Hey, what do you call what Corey and I have going?” Matt protested.

“I don’t think being an old married couple really counts,” Colt smiled.

“Fuck you!” Matt laughed.

“Wouldn’t be the first time…” Colt said, turning around to show Matt his ass.

Matt slapped Colt’s ass and they all laughed as they entered the gym. After having a quick look around,
seeing all of the weights and machines, Kris couldn’t fight the urge and wanted to work out.
Reluctantly the others agreed and signed in to start working out.

After nearly an hour they all met back near the reception desk. Sweat was covering each of their
muscled bodies and their chests were still rising and falling rapidly with their erratic breathing.

“I’m beat after that,” Scott said. “Why didn’t we bring towels? I’m all sticky now.”

“We didn’t think we’d be working out,” Colt said as they started walking out of the building. “Once
again Kris leads us down a path we didn’t intend to take.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Kris asked.

“Oh come on Kris, I would have never tried cock if it wasn’t for you,” Colt said.

“Oh yeah, like I had to force you… You loved it every time.”

“Damn right I did,” Colt laughed. “We used to work up a sweat like this.”

“Getting you in the mood?” Scott asked, winking as they walked past an older couple who gave him a
disapproving look.

“No, it just makes me wanna go back to swim in our lake.”

“Now that’s an idea, Colt,” Corey said.

“I was planning on going up to the shower block to get a proper wash,” Matt said.

“So do that babe,” Corey replied.

“I don’t wanna go alone,” Matt protested with his best attempt at puppy dog eyes.

“I’ll go with you, bro,” Kris said. “I could do with washing under my balls, they’re a bit funky right

“Just what I wanted to hear,” Scott said.

“Why? They’re not getting anywhere near your mouth so you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Scott mock pouted and put his nose in the air, pretending to storm off.

“Oh I’ve missed you, you fucking idiot,” Colt laughed.

Scott turned around and started laughing. He waited for the rest of the guys to catch up and they
continued walking until they were back in their plot. As soon as Colt saw the water he pulled off his
shirt, kicked off his shoes and pushed down his shorts, running toward the water and diving in, still
in his boxer briefs.

After a few seconds Colt surfaced and spat a long stream of water from his mouth, “Damn that water’s

“Is it nice though?” Corey asked.

“Hell yes it is,” Colt said, swimming around.

“I’m just gonna grab my towel, Kris, then we can go,” Matt said, heading into his tent.

“Cool, then we can come back here and sunbathe for a while. I wanna top up my tan and get rid of this
line where I have to wear trunks around the complex,” Kris said.

“Are we all going naked then?” Corey asked.

“I don’t see why not. It’s not like anyone’s gonna see us,” Kris said, heading to his tent for his

“I’m gonna get my lylo,” Colt said, climbing out of the water with his sopping wet boxer briefs stuck
to his skin, wrapped tightly around his big thighs, hugging his nice firm ass and clinging to his seven
inch cut cock, the outline of the shaft and head clearly visible. “I was just fixing to sleep on it but
we can put it in the water so we can float on it.”

“Awesome,” Scott said, referring to both the lylo and Colt’s body as droplets of water cascaded down
his chest.

“You can use mine too if you blow it up,” Kris said, reappearing with his towel. “Matt, have you got
some soap?”

“Yes,” Matt said, coming out of his tent, holding up a small bag of toiletries.

“Cool, I’m gonna need to borrow some. I packed everything else but forgot that,” Kris said.

“Some things never change,” Matt laughed.

“I know,” Kris smiled. “Are we gonna take a cart or do you just wanna walk?”

“I say we just walk if you don’t mind. It gives us a bit more exercise.”

“Yeah, ‘cause we haven’t had enough,” Kris smiled. “Come on then. The sooner we get there the quicker
we can get back and I can tan this beautiful body.”

“Now that’s the Kris I remember,” Scott said.

Kris laughed and flipped Scott the bird as he turned and walked out of the clearing with Matt.

“Where’s Kris’s lylo, Colt?” Corey said. “I might as well make good on his offer to use it. Lord knows
my white ass needs it after being inside so much recently.”

“Here, you take mine and I’ll grab his,” Colt said, throwing the small inflatable air-filled mattress
that could be used to both sleep on and to float in water across to Corey.

Corey looked around and started to strip, first kicking off his shoes and then pulling his tight tee
over his buff body, struggling a little to get it over the mounds of muscle. He dropped his shorts and
tossed them nearer his tent, standing only in a small pair of boxer briefs that hugged his big thighs,
cupped his nice muscular ass and sat low enough on his hips to show the cuts there whilst being
tantalisingly close to showing his trimmed pubes too. Once naked, he turned his attention to the water
and started running, holding the lylo in front of him. Just before his feet met the water he jumped
into the air and moved the lylo so it was beneath him. When it hit the water he crashed down on it and
slid straight off, plunging headfirst into the water.

Scott was bent over laughing when Colt came out of his tent with the other lylo, wondering what was
going on. He looked over to the lake to see Corey’s head come up from beneath the water, shaking his
head like a dog trying to dry itself.

“I told you the water was fresh,” Colt shouted as he walked closer, blowing air into the inflatable as
he walked.

“It’s great,” Corey said. “Just the right temperature, it’s refreshing but not cold. It might be best
if you don’t jump in like we did, Scott.”

“I won’t for damn sure,” Scott said, still laughing.

As Corey tried to get up on his lylo Scott was once again distracted by Colt’s hot body, framed in his
dripping wet, tight, light blue boxers as he continued blowing up the lylo. Looking closer he could see
that the fabric cupped around Colt’s cock and balls, seemingly lifting them up and putting them on full
display. He looked like he was really hung. When Colt turned around Scott nearly gasped seeing the
boxers disappearing into the crack of Colt’s firm, pert butt cheeks with a curve to each one. They also
gave a great view of Colt’s body, obstructing nothing, with the colour complementing Colt’s slightly
tanned skin tone, making his six pack of abs look hard as a rock, his pecs look chiselled and his
nipples look like two ripe berries calling out for a tongue to taste them.

Colt kicked off his boxers, walked up to the water pushing the now fully inflated lylo into it before
running forward to jump on it. Instead of taking his weight it flew out from underneath him and spun
around in the air before landing back down on his head.

“I guess we need to get on them slowly,” Corey said as Colt pushed the lylo from on top of him.

“I guess so,” Colt smiled.

Scott watched from the shore as Colt and Corey tried unsuccessfully to get on their respective lylos.
He couldn’t stop himself from laughing.

“What are you laughing at, twink?” Colt yelled. “You try getting on one of these things. The waters
pretty deep so I can’t get a good enough push off to get up on it.”

“Same here,” Corey said. “Here, let me help ya.”

Corey swam the few feet over to Colt and reached down beneath the water until his hands were cupping
Colt’s bare ass. With his feet barely on the bottom of the lake he pushed off and propelled Colt
upwards and on to the lylo so he was lying on his front.

“Here, hold mine,” Corey said, reaching across to grab his lylo.

Colt held it still as Corey bent his knees, causing his head to disappear under water and then he
pushed himself up and onto the lylo, carefully manoeuvring his big, muscular body up onto it.

“Thanks,” Corey said as Colt pushed him away and they went floating off in different directions.

Because they were on their fronts and their arms were dangling over either side, they were able to
paddle in the water, moving around the lake like they were in small boats. Scott couldn’t take his eyes
off their nice meaty asses as they floated around.

After a few minutes Corey stopped. “Yo Scott, have you got some sun cream?”

“Yeah, do you need some?” Scott replied, having stripped out of his own clothes while drinking a bottle
of water before he got in the lake.

“Yeah, my ass feels like it’s burning already.”

“That’s cos it’s not used to the sun, bro,” Colt said. “We’re definitely gonna need some before we turn
over. I don’t want my cock getting burnt.”

“Damn that would hurt. Every time you got hard you’d be in agony.”

Their conversation was interrupted by a splash in the water as Scott surfaced with a bottle of sun
cream in his hand. He looked between the two hunks floating nearby and smiled.

“Can you do it yourself or do you need me to apply it for ya?”

Corey and Colt looked at each other and smiled.

“I suppose you had better do it for us,” Corey grinned. “We might fall off again otherwise.”

Meanwhile, Matt and Kris reached the shower block near the ranger’s office. The first door they arrived
at said female so they continued on until they came to the male entrance. When they walked in they were
quite surprised to find it was a communal shower, much like in the locker room at the Rec or back in
their high school.

Kris looked at Matt to see if he was okay about it and saw his best friend shrug his shoulders. When
Matt pulled his tee over his head, revealing his still somewhat slim body with the incredibly tight
muscles that Kris himself admired, Kris smiled and reached down to remove his own shirt.

As Matt moved to pull his shorts down he froze seeing Kris begin to undress. Rather than just yanking
his top over his head, he crossed his arms in an X, making his biceps bulge as he gripped the bottom of
his wife beater and pulled it slowly over his eight pack abs and his big round pecs. Unconsciously Matt
licked his lips at the sight of his best friend’s incredible body.

Suddenly realising he wasn’t moving and was just staring at Kris’s muscles, Matt quickly pulled down
his shorts, revealing a pair of tight white briefs that barely contained his slightly plumped up eight
inch cock and pulled tight around his ass. He looked over to see Kris nodding in approval as he pulled
his own shorts off slowly, hooking his thumbs into the waistband on either side of his hips and moving
one hand and then the other, inching his shorts down, first revealing his trimmed, dark blond pubes and
then his hot seven inch cut cock that was definitely thicker than it would have been flaccid. Matt
gasped at the sight, though he didn’t know why Kris going commando under his shorts was such a surprise
but he found it incredibly hot.

After Matt removed his clothes and both he and Kris had placed them on the benches against the wall,
they walked over to a hook by the shower and hung their towels. They used having to share the shower
gel as an excuse to be next to each other as they showered.

As they both turned on their separate shower heads and lightly moaned at the feeling of the water
flowing down their warm, muscular bodies, the only other man in the room finished dressing himself and
headed out, giving Kris a quick nod having met him earlier.

“It feels so good to be here, bro,” Kris said, reaching over to get some shower gel from Matt’s bottle.
“I feel really relaxed.”

“Is that just because you’re with us or because you’re away from Melissa and can just be you?”

“A bit of both I think. I love that girl so much. I always have, ever since high school really, but
there are times when you just need to get away for a little bit. It gives you some space and makes you
want to be together again. It’s good. When she went to see her ill grandmother a few weeks ago I really
missed her and I won’t be able to wait to get back to her tomorrow.”

“I agree with you there. Corey and I have spent a fair amount of time apart because of jobs but after
our problems a few weeks ago things are going smooth and we’re definitely more affectionate when we do
see each other.”

“Exactly,” Kris said, rubbing shower gel all over his pecs and abs.

Matt couldn’t help but stare at his best friend’s beautiful face and incredible body. Kris’s blond hair
was brushed back away from his face, showing off the strong manly jaw and growing stubble that helped
to frame it. The water ran down his thick muscular neck and cascaded over his hard, chiselled chest as
it rose with his breathing. Kris’s long fingers travelled slowly over his eight, tight abs, the foam
from the shower gel disappearing in the grooves between each muscle, making them look rock hard. When
Kris raised his arm to wash under his armpit, placing his hand on the back of his head, Matt had to
hold back a gasp seeing the bulging bicep of the raised arm and feeling the urge to kiss it. It was the
first time since leaving college he had those kind of thoughts about someone other than Corey. It made
him want to turn away and forget about the stud in front of him, but his eyes betrayed him and they
travelled down to the thick supple calves, up to the muscular thighs and then they settled on Kris’s
flaccid seven inch cut cock.

“Yo Matt, will you do me a favour?” Kris asked, pulling Matt out of his daze.

“Sure,” Matt said, quickly rubbing soap over his own body.

“Wash my back, bro. It barely gets done properly these days. Melissa doesn’t like showering with me
because she says I always get frisky,” Kris said.

“I like getting frisky in the shower,” Matt said as he grabbed the shower gel and poured some into his

“Come on then bro, frisk me,” Kris smiled as he turned his back.

Matt shook his head as he rubbed his hands together but just as he was about to step up to run his
hands over Kris’s muscular back his eyes settled on the amazing bubble butt his best friend had and his
dick began to stiffen. He closed his eyes and tried to push those thoughts out of his mind as his hands
landed first on Kris’s shoulders and then started moving around his back, feeling the strength of the
muscles that were threatening to stretch the skin. He moved his hands in circles and made sure to cover
all of Kris’s upper back with soap, but he was reluctant to go lower, wanting to avoid the temptation
to keep going south. Kris was having none of that though and started pushing his back and ass out
toward Matt, moving in a way that made Matt’s hands slip lower.

When his hands found themselves at the arch of Kris’s lower back, where his spine descends into the
crack of his ass, he felt his resolve slipping. He quickly looked around to check that no one else was
watching, though he knew they could walk in at any time with it being a public shower, and seeing that
no one was there to see them, he bit his lip and grasped Kris’s firm ass cheeks in both hands, kneading
them and pulling them apart slightly to get a glimpse of the impossibly pink hole in between.

Kris moaned and pushed his ass back again, only this time he pushed back so hard that he moved back
almost a foot, sending Matt’s dripping dick sliding up his crack.

When his eyes rolled back in his head at the contact, Kris kept moving his hips so that Matt’s cock was
rubbing back and forth between his cheeks, occasionally catching his hole, eliciting big moans from

Just as Matt was really getting into what they were doing Kris pulled away. Immediately Matt lowered
his head afraid that Kris regretted what they had been doing, but instead he saw Kris’s hard dick and
then felt Kris’s fingers as they brushed against his chin, lifting it up until he was looking into
Kris’s beautiful blue orbs.

Closing the gap between them, Kris brushed his lips against Matt’s softly and they shared a tender kiss
that deepened until their mouths opened and they embraced each other, rubbing their dicks together as
their tongues battled and their hands travelled over the other’s body, moving down to cup his ass.

Pulling their mouths apart, Kris leaned his head forward against Matt’s. Staring into each other’s
eyes, they moved apart slightly and reached down at exactly the same time, wrapping their fingers
around their best friend’s cock.

“Are you sure about this, Kris?” Matt asked, moving his hand slowly up and down Kris’s hard shaft.

“We said to just go with what feels natural, didn’t we? This feels right. Jerk my dick, Matt,” Kris
moaned, bringing his lips back to Matt’s as his hand started working Matt’s length.

Matt moaned into Kris’s mouth and continued to pump the hard seven inches that slid through his hand
more easily with every squirt of precum that pulsed out of Kris’s cock.

Feeling the need to breathe, Kris broke the kiss and moved back, standing far enough from Matt that he
could look down at both of their throbbing cocks but close enough so their hands and dicks were still
nearly touching. He reached out and slapped Matt’s hand away, stepping slightly closer until he could
press their dicks together and use both of his hands to form one giant first that wrapped around both
dicks. With just the final few inches of their cocks visible above his hands, Kris lowered his head and
opened his mouth, allowing his spit to slowly dribble from his lips down onto the two cocks,
lubricating them even more so he could pump both dicks at the same time, making them feel so good as
they rubbed against each other at the same time as being jerked. They looked up into each other’s eyes
and their lips met once again.

Pulling their mouths apart, they rested their heads on each other’s shoulders and Kris let go of their
dicks so they could put an arm around each other for stability as their other arms went back to jerking
away on their best friend’s cock. Kris loved the feeling of a hard cock other than his own being in his
hand again, it felt so soft despite being hard and the heat radiated through his palm.

Matt focused his attention on making Kris feel good. He used his precum-slicked fingers to circle the
head of Kris’s cock, tracing around it with his fingertips. Kris moaned and his dick jumped against
Matt’s hand, which then travelled slowly up and down the shaft caressing every inch of Kris’s throbbing
erection. Finally Matt moved his hand down to cup Kris’s balls, rolling them around in his fingers,
squeezing them slightly and tugging on them, hearing Kris pant near his ear, his own hand gripping
Matt’s dick harder as he jerked him.

When Matt closed his hand around Kris’s cock again, Kris began to slowly thrust his hips so he was
fucking Matt’s fist. His lips found the skin on Matt’s shoulder, kissing it and gently nipping at it
with his teeth when Matt’s fingers would swirl around the sensitive tip of his dick. It felt so good
Kris wasn’t sure how long he would last.

Matt’s own lips found Kris’s neck, kissing up and down, occasionally moving up to tease Kris’s ear with
his tongue. He moved his hand down to tug on Kris’s balls again, having heard his moans last time,
before slipping his finger down and rubbing it over Kris’s taint, making Kris shiver and whimper only
to return his hand to Kris’s throbbing cock.

They were both moaning and panting heavily as they continued to stroke the cock in their hand, using
all the tricks they had learned over the years, from both their own dicks and those of others they had
pleasured, to make their best friend feel as good as possible.

Suddenly Matt felt Kris tense and looked down to see all eight of the abs contract, almost popping out
of the skin as Kris’s dick jerked and started spewing cum all over Matt’s cock and hand. To stop
himself from screaming out in pleasure, Kris bit down quite hard on Matt’s shoulder, but instead of
hurting him it only made Matt hotter and with the added lubricant of Kris’s cum all over his cock and
Kris’s hand jerking him frantically as his orgasm surged through him, Matt was soon spraying his own
load all over Kris’s incredible abs with Kris pointing the dick up to coat his own body.

It took them both a moment to regain their composure after their orgasms and they stayed in each
other’s arms, hugging and panting against the other’s neck. When they pulled back their eyes met and
they both smiled, leaning in to kiss once more.

They took a step back had to laugh, especially seeing Kris covered in cum. He reached down and smeared
Matt’s cum all over his abs and then brought his fingers to his mouth so he could taste his best

“Damn, I forgot how good cum tastes,” Kris moaned.

“It’s the best,” Matt said, licking his own hand.

Matt smiled as they stepped up to their shower heads and started washing the cum from their bodies,
just as the door to the shower block opened and a plump man in his mid-to-late fifties walked in with a
towel over his shoulder.

Matt’s heart was beating fast, realising that if the man had just been a minute earlier he would have
seen them in their embrace, covered in cum from having just jerked each other off. He felt such relief
that they hadn’t been caught, but the scent of fresh cum seemed to be rising in the air, smelling
stronger by the second. Looking at Kris he could see that Kris could smell it too.

Quickly washing their hair, they turned their showers off and stepped out, drying themselves as fast as
possible before throwing on their clothes and almost running out of the shower block.

“Fuck that was close,” Kris laughed.

“You’re telling me,” Matt smiled. “I got such a rush of adrenaline when he walked in and I remembered
we were in public.”

“Me too. It was so hot!”

“No regrets then?” Matt asked as he walked with Kris back towards the trail.

“None whatsoever, it was just two best friends helping each other out. There’s nothing wrong with
that,” Kris smiled, putting his arm around his best friend as they continued walking.

Back at the plot, Scott swam over to where Corey and Colt were floating, reaching out to pull the lylos
closer until he had Corey on his left and Colt on his right. He looked at each of his friends with a
huge grin on his face and kicked up his feet, swimming backwards, dragging them both with him until he
could stand firmly on the bottom of the lake with his chest and shoulders well above the water.

Being able to plant his feet on the ground gave Scott the chance to use both of his hands rather than
having to use one to try to stay afloat. He flipped the cap on the bottle of sun screen and squirted a
big dollop into his hand.

Moving to Corey first, Scott used his fingers to smear the cream across Corey’s back and neck. He then
started to massage the muscles in Corey’s shoulders, making sure to rub the cream in deep until the
skin glistened, whilst using his thumbs to rub the cream over Corey’s neck.

Corey was moaning as Scott moved down to his shoulder blades, again using his thumbs to push against
the muscles in Corey’s back, pressing on them quite hard, rubbing the lotion deep into his skin. Scott
ran his fingers down Corey’s spine and got a big groan out of him as the sensation surged through his
body and made his dick jump and grow against the lylo beneath him.

Colt’s eyes had been watching the whole sensual massage and he too felt his cock beginning to thicken.
As Scott finished rubbing lotion into the small of Corey’s back he noticed Colt watching them and
shifted his body so he could focus on the hot country boy.

Squirting more lotion into his hands, Scott gave Colt the exact same treatment as he gave Corey, only
this time when he got to Colt’s lower back he worked it that little bit more intensely. He walked his
thumbs down the skin of Colt’s back, stopping before he got to Colt’s ass and moving around to his
sides, still just using his fingers to feel and probe Colt’s muscles. After that he poured more cream
into his hand and used his fingers to move up Colt’s arms, moving from the wrist, up the forearm and
over Colt’s biceps and triceps, which he spent quite a lot of time on, before moving back down and
rubbing some lotion into Colt’s hands with the tips of his thumbs while their fingers were laced

Corey’s bigger arms then drew Scott’s attention as he moved back to the hot blond. Corey had felt so
relaxed he almost fell asleep when Scott’s hands were working on his back and he nearly jumped when he
felt some cold lotion being poured onto his skin.

After he was done with Corey’s arms, Scott ran his hands over Corey’s back again and continued down,
travelling towards his ass. Once again he skipped over it though, pouring the cream onto the backs of
Corey’s thighs and using his thumbs, yet again, to work the cream into the muscles, really delving deep
as he manipulated the hamstrings.

Corey was moaning and panting by this time, whispering words of encouragement to Scott and gently
humping his hard dick against the inflatable beneath him. Just when Corey thought he was going to have
to tell Scott to stop, the soothing hands left him and he soon heard Colt’s familiar moans rising up
beside him.

Scott again gave Colt the same treatment as he gave Corey, but when he ran his hand against the skin on
the back of Colt’s knee, Colt yelped, not expecting the jolt of electricity that shot through his body,
causing him to jump slightly and almost fall off the lylo. Scott helped to steady Colt and then
continued, moving on so he was running his hands over Colt’s calves.

Colt then really groaned when Scott moved further down and took his foot in his hand. Scott pressed his
thumbs against the sole, using a nice amount of pressure as he moved his thumbs from Colt’s heel to his
toes, never breaking contact with the skin on the forward movement. Colt too was soon panting and
couldn’t believe how good it felt to have Scott’s hands working him so thoroughly.

Corey was watching intently as Scott moved back up Colt’s legs, moving painfully slow over Colt’s
trembling thighs until his hands were cupping and kneading Colt’s hot ass. Scott drizzled more sun
cream onto Colt’s cheeks, even letting some slip into his crack, and then began the process of rubbing
it in, moving in small circles, digging his fingers deep into the muscles and the sliding a finger into
Colt’s crack.

“Holy fuck, Scott!” Colt screamed as Scott’s finger slid across his tight hole. “That feels so fucking

Scott smiled and pulled his hand away, slapping the ass for good measure, making Colt jump once more.
While Colt was panting and trying to catch his breath, Scott moved back to Corey, who leaned to the
side and pushed his ass up, waiting for Scott’s hands to land on it. Instead what he felt was Scott’s
warm, wet tongue, probing deep between the cheeks and he almost came right then, letting out an
almighty squeal.

Letting Corey calm down for a moment, Scott laid his hands on Corey’s bare ass, an incredible muscle
ass that had a perfect curve from his back and over the large cheeks. Scott then moaned as he pictured
grabbing those firm mounds in his hands and holding them apart as his hard dick slipped in and out of
Corey’s ass.

Scott’s kneading got the desired moans from Corey and he continued until every inch of Corey’s back and
ass were covered in lotion. He then reached down beneath the water and gave his own hard dick a few
quick jerks before turning his attention back to Colt.

“Okay, I need you to turn over now so I can do your fronts,” Scott smiled.

“Fuck…” Corey breathed. “What can you do to us that you didn’t do on our backs?”

“A lot,” Scott grinned.

“I can’t turn over,” Colt said. “I’ll fall off.”

“No you won’t. I’ll hold you still, just be careful when you turn,” Scott said, holding Colt’s lylo
tight against his body.

Colt slowly started to turn over, lifting up slightly and turning so he was on his side and then doing
the same again so he was lying on his back, his hard dick pointing almost straight up from his body.

Scott smiled and turned to do the same for Corey, finding himself equally as pleased when Corey’s fat,
throbbing cock came into view. Looking at the two hot studs’ faces, Scott could see the lust in their
eyes and knew he was pleasing them. He had wanted this kind of time with Corey and Colt since he first
met them.

Moving to Colt again, Scott poured cream into his hands and saw Colt’s chest rise as he held his breath
in, expecting Scott to start on his pecs. Instead, Scott moved down and started at Colt’s ankles,
working up his legs until he was using his fingers to knead Colt’s thick quadriceps. He was pushing
hard on them, moving from up near Colt’s crotch down to just above his knee. Every time his hands
accidentally brushed against Colt’s balls the country boy would moan, but Scott made no effort to touch
them, or Colt’s cock, which was resting on his abs now, rock hard and leaking precum.

After he had done Colt’s legs he moved over to Corey and repeated the process, only this time he took
Corey’s balls in his hand and tugged on them, making Corey groan and bite his lip. He then moved up to
Corey’s shoulders, much to Corey’s disappointment, wanting nothing more than for Scott to wrap his hand
around his thick cock. Instead Scott used his fingers to probe beneath Corey’s skin, pushing them into
the muscles on his shoulder just above the clavicle bone.

Corey threw his head back and moaned as Scott moved down to his chest, using his three fingers and then
his palm to move around Corey’s big pecs, rubbing and kneading them, pouring more lotion onto them and
then rubbing that in. Moving in even more, Scott cupped Corey’s pecs in his hands, squeezing them and
rubbing the nipples with his thumbs. Every time he rubbed over Corey’s nipples he saw the thick cock
jump and jerk, leaking a little more precum with each twitch.
Thinking that Corey was maybe getting close, Scott moved over to Colt and focused in on his chest.
Colt was nearly growling and purring when Scott was flicking his nipples and then moved his hands down
and started tracing Colt’s abs with his fingers, pushing against each one and really digging his
fingers into them to massage them deep. As he reached the bottom of Colt’s abs he went to work on the
cuts at his waist, using the same three fingers and circular motion he had been using on most of the
body to firmly rub the flesh beneath and coat it in lotion before digging his thumbs into the creases.
When he was doing that his hands kept brushing against the head of Colt’s cock, making him moan as it
jerked against Scott’s hand.

Scott laughed and turned back to Corey, running his fingers over the even more incredible abs on the
blond’s stomach. He thought Colt was ripped, but he was nothing compared to Corey and Scott felt his
own dick throbbing and bouncing under the water as his fingers rubbed the muscles and caught the tip
of Corey’s thick, cut cock.

Pulling Corey and Colt as close as possible, Scott squirted a large amount of lotion into his hands
and rubbed them together, getting them nice and slick as he reached out in different directions until
his hands were each wrapped around a throbbing cock.

Corey and Colt were moaning almost constantly now, lying back as Scott gently jerked them. Scott moved
his hands slowly, running them up and down the shafts in perfect sync, circling the heads and making
sure to combine the sun cream with their precum as he took them in his hands and ran his thumbs up the
shafts from the base to the tips, over and over again. The dicks were so hard he knew it wouldn’t be
long before they exploded.

Surprisingly Colt was the first one to start trembling so Scott pulled his hand from Corey’s cock and
spun so he could focus solely on Colt, jerking the length of his cock with one hand and cupping his
balls with the other, smearing them with the little lotion still left on his hands. Sliding his finger
down, Scott brushed the tip against Colt’s hole and watched in amazement as Colt’s cock seemed to get
bigger in his hand and with a near deafening scream, Colt erupted, firing a huge load all over his
chest and abs, which Scott then rubbed into the skin.

When Colt collapsed back on his lylo, Scott spun around and saw Corey slowly jerking himself with his
eyes closed. He reached over and slapped Corey’s hand away, taking it back into his own hand and
stroking the big dick faster than before, pounding away on it furiously as he fondled Corey’s balls
and reached down, actually slipping his finger into Corey’s ass in search of his prostate. The second
Scott found it Corey screamed, arched his back and blew a load as big as Colt’s all over his body.

Even though Colt was lying spent on his lylo, covered in lotion and cum, he reached down under the
water while Scott admired his and Corey’s amazing bodies so he could wrap his hand around Scott’s
hard, uncut cock. He only had to stroke it five times before Scott tensed up, moaned and shot his load
into the water. Satisfied Colt lay back, still panting for breath.

Scott pushed Corey and Colt back out into the water and relaxed back, letting his own body sink into
the water. He was so satisfied his body felt weightless and he was floating on top of the water with
his now soft uncut cock on full display.

After a few minutes of silence, just enjoying the afterglow of their orgasms, Corey, Colt and Scott
heard someone approaching through the trees. Assuming it was Kris and Matt coming back from their
shower they didn’t think anything of it. Corey and Colt continued to float around and Scott climbed
out of the water to lay naked on the sand.

“I take it you’re enjoying your stay?” A deep voice interrupted the silence.

Scott was so startled he jumped up and ran to the water, exposing his tight ass that was slightly
whiter than the rest of his body and jiggled a little as he ran and jumped into the air, disappearing
under the water. He came back up spluttering. Colt was surprised too and jumped so far he fell off his
lylo and plummeted into the water while Corey quickly covered his dick with his hands.

“Sorry for startling you,” the man said as Scott’s eyes focused on the gorgeous ranger who was smiling
down at him.

“We just… we were expecting our friends,” Scott stuttered.

“Well I’m sorry either way. I just wanted to check that everything was okay,” the ranger said as
Scott, Corey and Colt stared at him and his body that looked like it could barely be contained by his
uniform, his green shirt clinging to his pecs with the arms wrapped tight around his huge biceps.

“Everything is fine,” Scott said, almost climbing out of the water until he realised he was naked.

“It’s alright that you’re naked,” the ranger smiled. “I’ve seen plenty of dicks and naked bodies
before, and from what I can see none of you have anything to be ashamed off.”

“Thanks,” Corey laughed, moving his hands from over where his thick cock was lying against his leg.

“That’s more like it,” the ranger grinned. “We like things natural around here.”

“I bet you do,” Colt chuckled, swimming over to the shore and climbing out of the water, letting the
ranger see his firm pecs, tight abs and nice cut seven inch cock swinging between his legs. His whole
body was glistening as water dripped from his muscles.

Scott watched in amazement as the ranger turned to watch Colt walk over to the cooler for a bottle of
water, his eyes following Colt’s hot ass the whole way. Seeing that the ranger wasn’t bothered by
their naked bodies he climbed out of the water again, trying to shake the water from his body before
he lay back down on the sand, this time lying on his front so he could continue staring at the ranger,
who in turn ran his eyes over Scott’s body until they settled on his ass as it stuck up in the air
like an enticing treat.

“Well, as long as everything is fine I guess I can head out to check on the other visitors,” the
ranger smiled.

“Everything is awesome,” Kris said as he appeared with Matt through the trees and headed over to the
cooler to get a bottle of water.

“Well I’m glad to hear it. Your friends here seem to be enjoying the relaxed nature we allow here.”

“Good,” Kris said, noticing that all three of his friends were naked in front of the ranger, “because
I’m fixing to join them.”

Kris slowly removed his clothes, making a show of revealing his body knowing that ten eyes were fixed
firmly on his hard muscles as they came into view. He really did get a kick out of knowing that other
people appreciated the work he put into getting such a hot body.

When he was standing naked, Kris turned to the ranger, “You’re welcome to strip off and take a dip
with us too if you want.”

“Kris!” Matt exclaimed, pushing his best friend’s shoulder.

The ranger chuckled, “maybe if I wasn’t on duty.”

“When do you get off?” Kris asked with a smile.

“Normally when I’m in bed with someone,” the ranger smirked.

Kris almost choked on his water and was coughing and spitting it up as the rest of the guys laughed.

“Sorry,” the ranger said. “That wasn’t really an appropriate thing for a ranger to say. I haven’t been
doing this long.”

“How long have you been doing it?” Matt asked.

“About seven months now,” the ranger replied.

“If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?”


“Two years older than us then,” Matt smiled.

“What made you want to become a ranger?” Kris asked.

“Well, I love nature and I came here a few times with my grandparents as a kid so it has really good
memories for me,” the ranger answered. “Other than that I needed to get away from my hometown and this
was the first place I thought of. I didn’t get a job right away, but I volunteered and then when a
vacancy came up they didn’t even interview people for it, they just gave it to me.”

“That’s awesome,” Kris said. “Can I ask why you had to get out of your hometown?”

“I came out,” the ranger said, making all five guy’s eyes widen. The ranger chuckled and then
continued. “I moved away to go to college and that’s where I realised I like guys. I did all the
exploring while I was away and even had a boyfriend for a while, but then when I graduated I had no
money and had no choice but to move back home. I hid my sexuality for a few months but it was making
me miserable, so finally I plucked up the courage to tell my parents and my dad went mad, throwing
things at me, trying to punch me and then he threw me out of the house. After that I didn’t really
have much choice.”

“That’s crap,” Kris said.

“I guess it is in a way, but in another it was the best thing that happened to me. It forced me to
leave home and find something I love doing. I’m truly happy for the first time in my life and I’m not
hiding anything to anyone. Okay, so I don’t broadcast my sexuality, but I don’t hide it anymore. I’m
just me and that makes me happy.”

“Good for you, bro,” Kris smiled and held out his hand. The ranger smiled and accepted, shaking Kris’s

“Thanks. I don’t know why I told you that. I usually keep it all quiet.”

“Probably because you knew we wouldn’t mind,” Corey said from the lake.

“Maybe. I did see you and your boyfriend holding hands.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Scott chirped up, looking embarrassed as soon as the words left his mouth.

“No,” the ranger laughed.

“Damn Scott, you don’t waste any time. If you hadn’t already gathered, my friend here thinks you’re
gorgeous,” Kris smiled.

“KRIS!” Scott blushed, jumping up and quickly diving back into the water behind him, wanting to cool
down his face that was burning with embarrassment.

The ranger laughed. “To be honest I think he’s pretty hot himself. Look, I’ve got to go, but when he
comes back up for air, tell him I finish at 8 if he’s interested in having a drink later. I know it’s
not really professional but he really is cute.”

“Will do,” Kris smiled as he shook the ranger’s hand again.

“You guys take care of yourselves. You know where to find me if you need anything.”

“Thanks,” Kris said as the ranger turned and left.

When Scott finally surfaced, gasping for air, he looked around and sighed with relief when he saw the
ranger was gone.

“Dude, what is with you?” Colt asked, splashing water into Scott’s face as he jumped back into the
lake. “That ranger just asked you out on a date.”

“Fuck off,” Scott said.

“He’s not kidding, bro,” Kris said.

“For real?”

“Yes,” Matt said. “He asked us to tell you he finishes at 8 if you’re interested in meeting him for a

“Shit man, this is like some kind of awesome dream. That guy is pure perfection. I just don’t know if
I should.”

“Why?” Corey asked.

“Because I haven’t been with a guy in ages,” Scott said, “And I’ve got a girl at home.”

“You just got through jerking me and Corey off and you’re acting like some kind of prude? Get a
fucking grip,” Colt said.

“He jerked you off?” Kris asked.

“Yeah,” Colt said. “I came so fucking hard.”

“Me too,” Corey admitted. “Is that cool, Matt?”

“I could say no, but then I’d be a total hypocrite since Kris and I just jerked each other off in the
showers,” Matt smiled.

“What?” Colt exclaimed. “In the public showers?”

“Yeah,” Kris smiled. “They’re like the ones in the Rec. It was so hot.”

“Damn,” Scott laughed. “We’ve been here less than five hours and we’ve all already bust a nut and I’ve
got a date with a ranger. How fucking crazy is that?”

“Real crazy, bro,” Kris smiled. “And I’ve got a feeling it’s only gonna get worse.”

To Be Continued…

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