This is a fantasy series written by Big D. The events are depicted as being in the timeline of the
actual Rooming story, however they do not really happen and have no impact on Wasputz’s future chapters
whatsoever. We hope you enjoy the following chapters.

“Will you stop fidgeting?” Corey said to Matt as they drove along a country road.

“I’m sorry, I’m just excited. It feels like six months since we saw Kris and Colt,” Matt replied.

“It’s only been a few weeks.”

“I know, but Kris and I have been around each other for so long that when we’re apart it feels like
something is missing.”

“Am I not enough for you then?” Corey asked coldly, keeping his eyes on the road as he drove.

“Of course you are, you know that’s not what I meant,” Matt said, reaching over to put his hand on
Corey’s leg.

“You two aren’t gonna start fighting are you?” Scott asked from the back seat. “That’s not really the
way we want to kick this weekend off.”

“No, I’m sorry,” Corey said. “I miss Kris and Colt too.”

“We all do, especially Kris,” Scott said. “He has a way of making things happen. If he was living near
us we’d all be together a lot more often. Do you think we need to make more of an effort?”

“Maybe,” Matt replied. “Then again it will make moments like this that little bit more special when we
can be together.”

“I agree there,” Corey smiled. “I love us all being together, but I also love what we have now and that
I get Matt all to myself, even with the ups and downs.”

“It is really nice,” Matt beamed. “It makes it all the more clear that I love you and want to spend my
life with you.”

“Oh come on now, no soppy shit,” Scott laughed. “I was hoping for a weekend of fun, not a lovefest.”

“Why can’t we have both?” Corey smiled, looking at Scott in the rear-view mirror. When they made eye
contact Corey winked.

“Does that mean you and Matt are gonna be fucking all the time?”

“Maybe not all the time, just most of it,” Corey smiled.

“Great,” Scott sighed. “You two are gonna be shacked up together in your tent while I’m alone in mine?”

“Who said anything about the tent?” Corey laughed. “The website said the plots are pretty secluded so
I’m planning on fucking Matt out in the open at least once.”

“Yeah? I would have thought you’d have preferred been out in the woods so no one will hear you scream
when Matt’s nailing your ass with his big dick.”

“Oh, don’t think I haven’t thought of that,” Corey said, licking his lips.

“Damn babe, I know we didn’t fuck last night but are you really that horny?” Matt asked, looking at

“I didn’t think I was, but I guess I am. Seeing Kris and Colt naked won’t help things either.”

“We don’t know they’ll be naked,” Matt said.

“Who the fuck are you kidding?” Scott laughed. “Kris will have his clothes off before he’s even put his
tent up.”

“So will Matt,” Corey smiled. “Kris really rubbed off on him.”

“Yeah, enough to cum on Matt’s leg.”

“Scott!” Matt laughed as Corey turned into the entrance of the park where they would be camping for the

As they drove further into the grounds, entering the parking lot where the rangers’ offices were, Matt
spotted Kris’s SUV and was almost bouncing up and down in his seat, looking around to see if he could
spot his best friend.

“Will you relax?” Corey said. “He’s here, that should be enough. We’ll find him soon. God, you’re
starting to get as excitable as him.”

“That’s a scary thought,” Scott said.

“You’re telling me,” Corey replied. “He’s getting so much like Kris I’m starting to worry he’ll leave me
for a girl.”

Scott laughed but Matt just frowned. “That’s not fair.”

“Why? It’s been over a year and I still don’t really get what happened with Kris and Colt,” Corey said.

“Me neither,” Scott said. “I understand being bisexual, but I honestly thought those two really loved
each other and would be together like the two of you are.”

“They did what’s right for them and they’re happy now,” Matt said. “That’s all that matters.”

“True, but I still think they belong together,” Scott said.

“Why?” Matt asked.

“There’s just chemistry between them. I see it whenever they’re together. There are bonds between best
friends, like you have with Kris, and then there are those special bonds that come from love. That’s the
kind I see between Kris and Colt.”

“So what? You think they’re lying to themselves about who they want to be with?” Matt asked.

“Not necessarily lying to themselves, just going for the easier option. They love their girls, I can see
that too, but they do love each other, whether they’re together or not.”

“Can we just drop it and enjoy the weekend?” Matt asked. “They’ve got to decide for themselves what they

“You’re right. Sorry I mentioned it,” Scott said.

Corey parked his car next to Kris’s SUV and they climbed out. Matt went straight over to it to see if
there was anything inside. Looking through the window he could see there was still a backpack and a
cooler on the back seat.

“We should go check in,” Corey said. “They can tell us which plot we’ve got. That’ll be where Kris and
Colt are.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Matt said.

“When am I not?” Corey grinned, earning a shove to the shoulder from Matt as they crossed the parking

After their argument a few weeks earlier and their trip to the naked beach, Matt and Corey tried not to
take things too seriously, getting playful with each other and taking whatever opportunities came along
to enjoy themselves.

Entering the ranger’s office, Scott grabbed on to Matt’s arm and squeezed tight. Matt turned his head to
see what was wrong. Scott motioned over toward the ranger and then leaned in to whisper in Matt’s ear.
“Fuck me, he’s hot.”

Matt took a good look at the ranger, who was in his mid-20s and had his brown hair nicely cut and spiked
up away from a face that was covered in a neatly trimmed beard while his ranger shirt seemed like it
could barely contain the muscles underneath. He had to admit the ranger was handsome, but to Matt he was
still no match for Corey.

“Down boy,” Corey said, pointing at Scott’s bulging crotch with a smile.

“Oh fuck,” Scott said. “I’ll wait outside.”

As Scott disappeared back out of the office the ranger looked up and spotted Matt and Corey. He stood up
from his desk and Corey felt his own stomach tighten a little. The ranger was 6 foot 2, if not taller,
and was the definition of a man. Corey wished he was a member at his gym so the other members would have
something to work towards. He was a true muscle hunk.

“Hi, how can I help you?” the ranger asked in a deep voice that made Corey’s cock twitch.

“We’ve booked a plot for the weekend,” Matt said. “It should be under the name Stanton.”

“Ah yes, two of your party are already here. You’re in plot 18, which is three plots down on the left
trail. I’ll give you a brief summary of how things work, though you probably read most of it on our
website. We’ll give you a cart to get around, your friends already took one so I’ll give you the keys to
another. You can use the carts anywhere within the park but you’re not permitted to take them outside
the perimeter. One of your friends already gave me his credit card so any damages done will be charged
to that. Is that okay?”

“Yes,” Matt and Corey said together.

“Great. Each plot is almost completely surrounded by trees for privacy. A lot of people come here to
escape from the city so we like to keep things as quiet as possible. In your plot there’s a small hut
with a toilet and a sink, and there’s a waste disposal unit attached to the back for any trash you have.
If you want a shower you’ll have to come up here to use the shower block, which is the third building
along. You have a small man-made beach and lake in your plot for you to sunbathe and swim in. If the
weather turns or you just want to use the inside facilities like the pool and gym, along with a few
other activities and a small grocery store, then they can be found in plot 10, right in the middle of
trail, which goes in a complete circle. There’s a hiking trail that takes you up into the hills and you
can also hire bicycles from the gym. There’s a stone barbeque in your plot for any outdoor grilling and
a circle where you can build a campfire. Please don’t light anything on the grass or you’ll be billed
for the damage. Our canteen is in the fourth building along here so you can go there to get food during
opening hours since that’s part of the package you paid for and we offer laundrette services as well.
Other than that I hope you enjoy your stay.”

“Thank you,” Corey said as the ranger moved to get a set of cart keys.

“Sorry if that was a lot of information to take in. I have to cover everything or I can get in real
trouble. It’s like reading from the world’s most boring script.”

“We understand,” Matt said with a smile.

“Here you go, these are your keys. Your cart is number 38. You can pick it up just around the back of
this building. Your friends have cart 18 and the cart numbers correspond to the plot you have so you can
use either of those but take care of them since you’re liable for any loss or damage. And try not to
lose the keys.”

“We won’t,” Matt said, taking the keys and handing them to Corey.

“And I can tell you that’s the truth. Matt’s quite erm… obsessive when it comes to these things,” Corey

“I’m not obsessive, I just like to know where things are, that’s all,” Matt defended himself.

“Well I’m glad to hear that. You’d be surprised by how many people misplace them and then complain when
we have to charge them to order in another set. Do you want to ask me anything?” The ranger asked.

“Not that I can think of,” Corey said.

“Do you do patrols?” Matt asked.

“Yes, we do. We like to check up on things and make sure nothing is happening that shouldn’t be. It
takes a lot to keep this place as beautiful as it is.”

“I can imagine,” Corey said.

“Anything else?”

“Just one thing,” Matt said. “What’s your policy on nudity?”

The ranger took his time to study Matt for a moment and Corey saw his eyebrow rise a little at the
question before he spoke.

“Within your plot it’s fine. You can walk around naked, go skinny dipping in the lake, all that kind of
stuff. But to ride the carts and to leave your plot you need to wear clothes, even if it’s just some
shorts, both for our other visitors who can be walking the trails at any time and for your own safety
since we don’t want you burning your balls or something.”

“That’s great for Kris then, thanks,” Matt chuckled.

“You’re welcome,” the ranger said, with Corey sure the ranger was checking them out as he spoke.

“See you later,” Corey said, turning and taking Matt’s hand in his as he walked out of the office. Just
before the door closed behind them, Corey glanced over his shoulder and sure enough the ranger’s eyes
were fixed firmly on his ass.

Outside they met back up with Scott.

“You missed your chance there, Scott,” Corey said.

“What do you mean?” Scott replied.

“That ranger was totally checking us out, especially when Matt asked if we could go around naked. You
could have been in with him there. He’s hot,” Corey said.

Matt softly punched Corey’s arm.

“Not as hot as you though, babe,” Corey smiled.

“Good save,” Matt chuckled. “You go around and get the cart. We’ll start getting the things from the

“Yes boss,” Corey laughed and dodged away from Matt’s playful fist again as he jogged around the side of
the building.

“You two seem to be going strong again,” Scott said as he and Matt walked back towards Matt’s car.

“We are,” Matt replied. “I was really worried a few weeks ago when we had our big argument.”


“Yeah. I thought that was it for us. It was bad.”

“What set it off exactly?” Scott asked.

“Not seeing each other enough and Corey getting pissed off that when we did have some time together I
was always reading and studying manuals for work,” Matt said. “Corey works some tough shifts patterns.
There have been days when we barely saw each other. He comes in late from work and is so tired he wants
to go to bed almost straight away, then I’m up and off to work before he wakes up and by the time I get
in he’s already left. We can’t help that, but when we can spend time together and I wasn’t giving him
the attention he deserved I think he felt neglected or like he wasn’t the most important thing in my
life. It really tested us.”

“Is it that bad?”

“It can be. You know, we’ve been together for nearly four years now and we’ve lived together for three
of that in various ways, but I don’t think anything can ever truly prepare you for living completely
alone, just the two of you. We always had Kris, Colt or you around so we always had someone to talk to
instead of sitting alone in the apartment with nothing to do but wait until the other one gets home, and
the same happened when one of us needed to study. And if things were hard we could get away when we
needed to, we could talk to someone who was there and we had someone to work out or swim with when the
other wasn’t around. I know you and I still try to swim when we can, but now it’s pretty much just me
and Corey it can be tough.”

“How has it been since you got away for the weekend?”

“Really good, in fact it’s been almost perfect. I guess it’s opened our eyes a bit. Yes, we bicker and
have stupid little arguments, but it’s just trivial stuff. I think if we never got irritated with
something or with each other then it would make for a boring relationship. Not agreeing on everything
actually strengthens our relationship because we have to compromise or talk to make things right.”

“And the make up sex must be pretty good,” Scott winked as they reached the car.

“Honestly, it’s some of the best sex of my life. Although…”

“Although what?”

“Well, the hottest sex I think Corey and I have ever had was about two weeks ago. When we came back from
the nude beach we said we’d try to be a little more spontaneous and just go with it. So Corey came in
from a really long day at work and I could tell he was frustrated and tense as soon as he walked in the
door. He was cussing up a storm and was slamming the cupboard doors in the kitchen when he was making
himself a shake. I wanted to try to calm him down so I went and stood behind him and massaged his
shoulders. He did relax a little but he was still ranting so I turned him round and planted my lips on
his to stop him talking for a second. It was like it flipped some kind of switch in him and he kissed me
back harder than ever. He took all the anger and frustration he had from the day and turned it into
sexual aggression as he backed me up against the fridge, pulled down my pants, lifted me up and just
shoved his raw dick inside me. It hurt like a motherfucker at first going completely bare but he was
leaking so much precum and grabbed some cooking oil that was on the counter so soon he was just sliding
in and out of me and he really pounded me up against the fridge. I don’t think his mouth ever left my
skin. It was either on my neck or my lips the entire time. Just when I thought he was gonna cum he
slowed down and carried me across the kitchen, laying me down on the counter. Then he picked up the pace
and was drilling me again. I was so fucking hard. It felt incredible. He was so forceful but at the same
time he never hurt me after the initial penetration. Just before he came he climbed up onto the counter
with me and fucked me really deep. I came so hard without ever touching my dick and then he filled me so
full of cum it was running out all over the counter while he was still buried inside me.”

“Fuck!” Scott moaned, reaching down to reposition his throbbing cock.

“Tell me about it,” Matt said, gripping his own dick.

Matt opened the trunk of his car and grabbed the bag he packed for himself and Corey, holding it over
his crotch. Scott laughed as he pulled out his one man tent just as Corey approached them on the cart
with a huge smile on his face.

“This is awesome,” Corey said. “Kris has got to love riding one of these bad boys.”

“I bet he is,” Scott smiled.

“Are you still hard from seeing that ranger?” Corey asked, pointing down to the tent in Scott’s pants.

“No, I’m hard because Matt was just telling me about you fucking him in the kitchen the other week.”

“Oh man, that was hot. I don’t even know where that came from. It was the most animalistic sex I’ve ever
had. I hope he said good things about it.”

“Oh, he did, as you can probably see from the big snake sneaking down his leg.”

Matt blushed and held his bag over his crotch.

“Will all three of us fit on that cart with our stuff?” Scott asked.

“No, we’ll have to do multiple trips. I say just grab a few light things and we’ll all get on so we can
find our plot, then I can come back and get our tents and things while you two cook us some lunch,”
Corey said.

“Sounds good,” Matt smiled. “Kris is gonna want to come back for that cooler too so you can ride

“Come on then,” Scott said, throwing his tent back into the trunk of the car and instead grabbing the
bag of food they packed.

They locked the car and climbed onto the cart, with Matt sitting next to Corey and Scott jumping onto
the luggage rack behind them. When Corey set off Scott almost when flying off the back since he wasn’t
holding on, only just managing stay balanced long enough to grab on to the back of Matt’s seat.

The cart was surprisingly quick for what it was and seemed to be very quiet, which they thought was a
good thing when the place was supposed to be a bit of a sanctuary.

Reaching the sign that announced they were at plot 18, Corey slowed and turned down a small dirt track
that led through a thick gathering of trees before opening into a nice hundred metre square plot.

“Damn, this is nice,” Scott said, looking around to see that they were completely surrounded by trees
and not too far in front of them was the man-made lake with its glistening blue water and the strip of
golden sand that would act like a beach.

Corey’s eyes also scanned the area, taking it all in. There was freshly cut grass all around them that
was greener than a Wimbledon court before the start of play. The small toilet hut was almost buried in
the trees at one side of the clearing and the stone barbeque was accompanied by a picnic table easily
big enough for the five of them to sit around.

Matt too let his eyes roam over his surroundings but they soon came to a stop on the other cart that was
identical to theirs. A little further past it was his two other best friends, Colt already with his
shirt off and Kris butt naked as they worked on putting their tent up.

“Wassup motherfuckers!?” Scott shouted as Corey drew close to the other cart and came to such an abrupt
stop that Scott tumbled over the back of the seats and landed in Matt’s lap.

Kris and Colt laughed hard but then threw down their things to walk over and greet their friends. Corey
was first off the cart and walked straight into the big arms of Kris while Matt was still trying to push
Scott off him. Scott jumped down off the cart and helped Matt down too as they walked toward Kris for
their greeting hugs. Corey was surprised when he hugged Colt and their mouths came together in a kiss.
When they pulled apart Corey watched as Colt moved to Matt and Scott and kissed them both on the cheek
as he hugged them.

“We were wondering when you were gonna get here,” Kris said. “We’re only here for little more than a day
and we wanna make the most of it since we’re not gonna be at yours for the first football game.”

“Yeah, we waited around for you and then decided to just check things out so we went to plot 10 to see
what they’ve got,” Colt added.

“You’ll love the gym they’ve got, Corey, it’s surprisingly good for a place like this. We only had a
quick look around but I’ll definitely be going to it later.”

“The pool is great for you two as well,” Colt said, pointing to Matt and Scott.

“Awesome,” Scott said, “although I plan on swimming in that lake as often as I can.”

“Sounds good to me,” Kris said. Corey was chuckling to himself. “What are you laughing at?”

“You’re naked,” Corey smiled. “I predicted as much earlier.”

“Why wear clothes when it’s just us guys?” Kris said, moving his hips from side to side so his flaccid
dick flopped around in front of him. “I’m still pissed you went to the nude beach without me.”

“Oh suck it up,” Corey laughed.

“What’s the store like?” Matt asked, changing the subject, having heard it all from Kris before.

“They’ve got all the essentials,” Colt answered. “You know, bread and milk, meat for the barbeque, some
tinned stuff as well as some snacks and things. They don’t sell alcohol though. That hot ranger said
we’d have to go to the next town if we wanted a liquor store.”

Corey laughed, “You thought he was hot too?”

“Hell yeah, dude is a total stud,” Colt replied. “I might not actually be fucking guys anymore but I
still see guys I’d fuck senseless given the chance.”

“You whore,” Kris laughed.

“Oh come on, tell me you wouldn’t?” Colt argued.

“What, guys in general or the ranger?”


“Honestly? I see a few guys in the gym I might have thought about getting with before, but on the whole
I just don’t notice guys anymore.”

“What about that dude you told me about?” Colt asked.

“Which one?”

“One of the kids parents or something.”

“Oh yeah, he’s hot. He’s built like Luke is but he must be early to mid-30s so there’s this mature air
about him while still being young enough to be hot.”

“I take it you’re definitely still bi then?” Corey smiled.

“Damn right we are,” Kris said. “That shit doesn’t change.”

“So what’s the plan?” Matt asked.

“Always with the plans,” Colt grinned.

“I just like to be organized.”

“Don’t we know it?” Kris chuckled.

“I think we need to get the rest of our stuff from the cars and get camp set up. Then we can go off and
do whatever,” Corey said.

“I agree with that,” Colt replied. “We need to get our tent up and there are still a few things up in
Kris’s SUV.”

“Well why don’t Scott and I stay here to help you with the tent and stuff, Colt, and Kris and Corey can
go get the rest of our stuff?” Matt asked.

“Yes boss,” Kris said.

Scott laughed, “That’s the second time he’s been called that today.”

“Boss?” Kris asked. “I assume it was Corey who said that seeing as how he’s Matt’s bitch and all.”

“Hey, we’re each other’s bitch, thank you. It’s equal,” Corey smiled. “Besides, Matt’s made you his
bitch more than once when you were begging for that big dick of his.”

“Ooh burn bro,” Colt laughed.

Kris laughed too and quickly put his shorts and tee back on before he turned toward his cart. He climbed
onto it as Corey did the same on his. They started them up, waved goodbye and drove off, going back
through the trees.

“Seriously Matt,” Colt said as he moved back over to put his tent up. “Is everything good with you and
Corey now? Kris and I were really worried when you told us you nearly split up.”

“It really is,” Matt replied. “I think we needed to go through that for it to open our eyes to each
other’s needs. It’s actually made us closer. What about you and Kris?”

“Same as ever,” Colt said.

“So you still wanna fuck each other but you’re more than satisfied by just being friends now you have
your girls to bang?” Scott said with a slightly mischievous smile.

“Fuck you, Scott,” Colt spat. “I actually love Faith, did you ever think of that?”

Scott held his hands up. “Sorry, Colt, I was just messing with ya.”

“Well don’t.”

“Because it’s true?” Scott asked.

“Can we change the fucking subject?” Colt said, clearly frustrated.

For the next ten minutes the three worked in complete silence, getting the tent up and moving some of
Kris and Colt’s things into it. When that was done Matt decided to get the gas stove going for some
food, but there was still a tense atmosphere as he unloaded what they had brought with them so they
could cook.

When Corey and Kris returned Matt let out a sigh of relief, hoping they would be able to get things back
to normal.

“Awesome. Thanks for putting up the tent guys.” Kris said as he reached behind him and pulled some cold
cans of beer from his cooler. He tossed them to his friends.

“Have you got the sausages in there too, Kris?” Matt asked.

“Yeah and a couple of pre-packed steaks, do you want them now?”

“We might as well. We can go shopping for more later if we need them.”

Kris pulled the meat from the cooler and tossed it to Matt.

“Since Matt helped put up your tent, Kris, I think you should help me put up mine,” Corey smiled.

Kris shook his head, “okay, deal.”

“And I’ll have to put mine up by myself I guess?” Scott signed.

“I’m sure Colt will help you, won’t you, Colt?” Kris said.

Colt shot Kris a look like he wanted to punch him, but instead he took a deep breath and said, “yeah,
sure, why not?”

Kris and Corey got to work on Corey and Matt’s tent and were putting it up quickly and with relative
ease while Scott and Colt walked a little distance away with Scott’s tent. For a moment they worked in
silence, actually doing a good job, before Scott finally spoke.

“Thanks for doing this, Colt. I didn’t mean to offend you back there.”

“You didn’t offend me,” Colt said coldly. “You maybe just hit a little close to home, that’s all.”

“What do you mean?”

“Look, I love Faith and I’m so happy I’m with her. I don’t regret being with her for a second. I could
even see myself marrying her and having kids with her.”


“Like I’m sure you know, I still have those urges, and after the feelings I had for Kris, I try not to
associate him with them because I’m scared of what could happen.”

“If you ended up getting back together you mean?”

“Yeah. I couldn’t do that to the girls. Not now.”

“I understand,” Scott said, putting his hand on Colt’s shoulder. “I’m sorry I brought it up.”

“It’s cool,” Colt said. “It actually feels good to get it out.”

“Yo Matt,” Kris called from the other side of the plot. “Are those sausages ready yet? My ass is

“No,” Matt snapped. “This stove is crap compared to a barbeque but we’ll make do for now. I’m frying
them as fast as I can.”

Kris pretended he was upset so Corey scooped him up and pretended to burp him like they had seen Juan do
to his daughter when she was younger. When Kris let out a huge belch in Corey’s ear, Corey dropped him,
letting him hit the floor hard, and then pounced on him, tickling him as Kris cussed Corey and tried to
squirm away from his probing fingers.

Kris finally tapped out on the ground and Corey rolled off him onto the grass, his body covered in a
light sheen of sweat. As they caught their breath Scott and Colt finished putting up Scott’s tent and
Matt was almost through frying off the first batch of sausages.

When Matt called out to say the food was ready all four of his friends scrambled over to join him and
they sat around the picnic table to eat the sausages with bread and ketchup on their paper plates while
Matt threw two of the steaks into the pan.

“I can’t tell you how glad I am to be here. My job has been kicking my ass recently,” Scott said, part
way through his lunch.

“Me too,” Corey replied. “Working at the Rec doesn’t prepare you for working that kind of job full time,
especially since I almost never get a Saturday off and we’re always busy. Today’s a treat but I’m
getting more of a workout than ever.”

“It’s showing, babe. Your body has never looked better,” Matt said, taking a bite.

“I’ve got to agree there, Corey,” Scott said. “When we were by the pool the other day I couldn’t stop
staring at your abs. I think they’re even more defined than Kris’s now. Your arms are amazing too.”

“No way is Corey more defined than me,” Kris protested.

“I dunno, Kris…” Colt teased.

“Stand your ass up, Corey,” Kris said.

Corey rolled his eyes but still put his plate down and stood up.

“Take your top off,” Kris said, having lost his almost as soon as he arrived back from fetching the rest
of their stuff.

Corey pulled his tee off and moved round the table until he was next to Kris. “What do you guys think?”

“It’s pretty close,” Matt said.

“I’ve gotta agree there,” Colt added.

“There’s only one real way to tell,” Scott said, putting his own plate down and moving so he was in
front of the two hunks.

He dropped to his knees and then reached up to run his hands over Kris and Corey’s abs, tracing each
muscle with his fingers. After a moment he made a sound like he wasn’t sure of the answer and then
leaned in to lick Kris’s abs, making the muscular blond jump. Scott then moved his mouth to Corey’s abs
and repeated the process. When he moved back he studied them both for a moment and then reached forward,
pulling their shorts down and tucking them under their balls.

“What the fuck, Scott?” Kris said.

“I need to check the cuts at your waist,” Scott said, running his fingers over the swirling lines and
following them down until he ran his finger down the length of each of their cocks.

“Yeah right, Scott,” Colt laughed. “What do you think?”

“I think Corey wins, Kris. Sorry,” Scott smiled, pulling back.

“Damn, I can’t believe this shit,” Kris said. “I’ve always prided myself on being the hottest one of us
and now Corey has to go and get even hotter. I do have to admit though, bro, you do look fucking good.”

“Stop it guys, you’re making me blush,” Corey laughed.

“Like you don’t get guys staring at you in the gym,” Scott smiled, moving back to where he was sitting.

“Oh, I get plenty of guys admiring me, even hitting on me, but I’m at work then. In private it’s
completely different.”


“Because when you get me hard this weekend I can just push you down to your knees and make you suck my
dick,” Corey grinned, moving back to sit in his previous seat at the table.

“Don’t say things like that if you don’t mean it,” Scott smiled.

“Why? I thought you were straight now.”

“Just because I’m dating a girl doesn’t mean I still don’t like cock every now and then.”

“Well maybe you’ll get some this weekend,” Corey winked.

“Corey!” Matt exclaimed, though he couldn’t hide the amusement in his voice as he flipped the steaks.

“What? I’m only messing around,” Corey replied, “though I wouldn’t be against getting me some of Scott,
Kris or Colt if the opportunity arose. Are you telling me you wouldn’t, babe?”

“No, of course I would, but that’s not what this weekend is about,” Matt said.

“I agree, it’s about catching up and just enjoying being together again.”

“So does that mean no playtime this weekend?” Scott asked.

“You’d better ask those two,” Corey said, pointing to Kris and Colt who had remained very quiet.

“What do you guys think?” Scott asked. “Do we just let things happen naturally this weekend and if that
means fucking around with each other then so be it?”

“I don’t know,” Kris said, sitting back down.

“Why not?”

“Because it’s not as simple as just fucking around,” Colt said.

“But why?” Scott pressed on.

“Because I haven’t fucked a guy in months and I’m okay with that,” Colt replied.

“Same here,” Kris said.

“Are you two frightened you won’t be able to stop? Is that it?” Scott asked.

Kris and Colt looked at each other in silence for a moment before Colt replied, “yes.”

“Colt and I have talked about this before and we both agreed,” Kris said. “Getting fucked is like some
kind of addiction. It’s like a drug.”

“You get so used to it in your daily life that when it’s gone you really feel the void and you start to
crave it, sometimes really badly,” Colt agreed.

“When we broke up we still wanted to fuck each other so bad,” Kris admitted. “I was fine for a few
weeks, but then I started craving cock and really wanted to get my ass fucked. As much as I was fucking
Melissa it just wasn’t enough and I missed having Colt inside me. It got so bad I almost picked up a guy
one night. I nearly went home with him and was gonna let him fuck me just so I could scratch that itch I
felt inside my ass that only a nice hard cock can get to.”

“But you didn’t?” Corey asked.

“No, I held myself back and just told the guy I was sorry. He tried to talk me into letting him fuck me
but I made up my mind to not fuck anyone because I knew if I let that guy fuck me it would just make me
want more.”

“That makes sense,” Corey said.
“I felt the same thing too,” Colt said. “I wasn’t actually that bad after we broke up. I think because I
had Faith to fuck it kind of took my mind off things a little. But then when Kris and I fucked again the
first time after we broke up back when we did that nudist 5k race, it brought all those feelings back to
us and we saw what we were missing and really wanted it again. We came so close to fucking again when we
got back to our apartment, but we knew we had to stop ourselves.”

“And I felt the same way again after our orgy,” Kris added. “Feeling it again, loving it, remembering
all the amazing times when I had sex with one of you guys, whether I was giving or receiving, made me
question my choices again. I’m happy with Melissa. She meets my needs. I’ve made a choice and I need to
stick to that. If I keep giving in and keep getting fucked I’m never gonna be able to stop myself
wanting it or needing it. I don’t wanna be one of those guys you hear about who sneaks out on his wife
to go get his ass fucked because he can’t help himself.”

“So I guess that’s a no?” Scott asked.

“It’s not a yes,” Kris said.

“Look guys,” Corey said. “We’d all like to fuck around with each other I’m sure, but let’s not put any
pressure on anyone by planning it. I say we just let things happen this weekend. If that means we fuck
around then great. If it means we’re just hanging out as best friends then that’s just as awesome.”

“I agree,” Matt said.

Kris and Colt looked at each other again.

“Just give us some time, okay?” Kris said. “Neither of us had any plans to fuck around while we’re here,
and it’s pretty likely it’ll stay that way, but we’ll agree to see what happens and make our decisions

“Agreed,” Colt said.

“Great, now enough of this shit,” Matt smiled. “The steaks are ready. Who wants one?”