10:00 AM
It was now 10 in the morning. Reese and Cord arrive at the house. Chase and Trevor were outside, back from their swim, to greet their
friend Reese. Reese was excited to see them, and was wondering where Tabor was. Chase mentioned he would be back soon, claiming
not to know where Tabor was. As they went inside, Scott and Jess came out of the house to help their photographer with his equipment.
Cord was honored to be allowed to do the photography for Matt and his friends. They weren’t exactly the photos he normally did. Cord
was a photographer now, taking pictures of landscapes and portraits. He owned a successful small photography business, and was happy
with the simple lifestyle it afforded him. Growing up in a rich life style made him remote from the simple things in life.
“So, Mr. Dawson; are you ready to take some pictures of Matt?” Scott winked.
“Firstly, stop calling me Mr. Dawson, Scott. Secondly, these are featuring Matt and Corey and their best men. And thirdly, stop fucking
winking,” Cord added jokingly.
Scott, like he, had yearned for Matt early own. Scott was well aware of Cord’s ability to shy away from meeting Matt. It wasn’t until their
junior year and they were introduced. Scott and Cord became fast friends in their love of Matt. Though, both eventually got over their
crush, and with time their friendship faded and Scott lost track of Cord altogether.
“Oh, come on, Cord. Have you ever seen Matt naked before?”
“No. I haven’t, bro. I noticed you were not requested in the photo. I guess they forgot about you again,” Cord shot back playfully.
Scott thought back to their Holland trip, and how jealous he was at not being able to go with them; and the trip to New York being fresh
in Scott’s mind, only brought it up again.
“Someone has to keep this show on the road.”
Jess was already walking away from their conversation, he looked back at Cord and is glad that he looked so good, especially after their
past. “You guys coming? Or do you expect me to bring all this shit myself?”
“Coming, Jess,” Scott rolled his eyes at Cord, who made the universal sound of a whip. Scott slapped him on the back and they moved
into the backyard to get set up.
Linda was inside looking at the clock timer, she was putting in a batch of her famous cookies, and it said 10:09; just five more minutes.
Bob entered the kitchen.
“Is it safe to come in? No pots flying around?”
“Nobody is here, Bob.”
“So, what’s with the cookies?”
“Scott suggested it to me when the plans were put in place that some snacks would be appropriate while Mr. Dawson adjusted his shots,
and the guys can chill while they wait.” Linda was well aware of the type of photos the first set would include, but decide not to mention
that to Bob.
Bob was only just getting settled with the information that his son first born had gay sex. It was hard for him to accept at first, but he
finally was able to acknowledge Colt and being coached by his wife, Kris’s mother and Matt’s mother. It was during these informal
conversations that three wives became better friends.
“How are you coping with this wedding?” Linda was curious if this was too much for Colt’s father.
“Honestly, it is hard to deal with. I know Matt and Corey are great guys, and they the same as anybody else. But, I had been brought up
to think that gay people and their lifestyle are different. Now, with the announcement being made months ago; I was able to be more
understanding about it.”
“That is good.” Linda smiled. “I will admit, although my love for Matt has never faltered, Larry my ex-husband couldn’t handle it at all. It
wasn’t until he was near death that he could handle it, and accept him.”
Bob thought about that; Linda mentioned early on about Larry Raymond and how it was hard for him to accept his son; even before he
learned he was gay. He was a horrible father at the beginning Linda admitted. But, when Larry met Gloria and encountered Matt
unexpectedly, it allowed him to be a better father and in time the best father for Matt.
“It is just hard. I am glad that this wedding is happening and I am glad that they are happy. It’s just a small part of me will always think
of it as wrong.”
“When Larry and I divorced I thought all men were evil pigs who cared only about their lives. But, that changed. I got over it. Not all men
are like that. Vince is not like that; he is great man. He cared about me and my son first and foremost more than he cared about his
needs. The exceptions are always the key. From my experience Larry was the exception. That being said, at the end, Larry was not that
evil and self-absorbed; he loved both me and my son, and I am glad I was able to say goodbye to him, on friendly terms.”
Bob smiled and understood. After his horrible encounter on Parents Day during his son’s second year at college; his wife yelled at him for
being an asshole. She said: “Why couldn’t you keep your fucking mouth shut. Why is being gay such an abomination.”
Bob tried to reason with her, but she told him no, and deflated any argument he had. She said if he acted like that again, she would leave
him. Bob knew that would occur. He did his best to keep an open mind.
Before Bob could think more on this subject, Walt and Vince entered, smiling. Vince kissed his wife on the lips, and Walt got a smack for
trying to eat one of the freshly baked cookies that were setting on the side.
“Where’s Jenny?”
“Getting ready?”
“Ah, I guess I should go and spruce up myself too.” She made her goodbyes and took the cookies with her and placed them outside
where the photos were going to be shot.
Walt, Bob and Vince were just sitting around the table making small talk. Walt, like his son, was steering the conversation, he turned to
Colt and Andrea’s wedding.
“I was against it from the start.”
“We all were,” Vince piped up in response Bob’s statement.
“Matt did try talking them out of it.”
“Yeah, but it didn’t work, and now look at Colt and Andrea.”
Bob remembered when Colt mentioned that he was engaged to Andrea. They had only been living together for a few years. So, he really
thought it was rather sudden. They married in a quiet setting here at the lake house. There wasn’t a big ceremony like Scott had
orchestrated for today’s celebration. It was small and romantic. However, the men agreed that it wouldn’t last, and Bob surprisingly was
the most upset with it when Colt told them the news the following year. Colt never mentioned the reason behind it, as Colt realized Bob
would not understand the reason.
Scott was always thinking of that wedding as he was helping Cord with the camera. It was the first wedding he ever planned and was
honored when Colt and Andrea thought of him. They told him, they wanted a simple service with their close friends and family. That’s
what resulted.
Scott also thought the wedding was serving another purpose. Matt and Kris had not been talking for 6 months. They were living in
separate cities, and Matt and Corey were coming back for this wedding. Matt had tried early on to talk some sense to Colt and Andrea,
thinking they were moving too fast, but they liked how Felicia and Juan married quickly. Both were eager to start having children, too.
So as the wedding progressed, Scott wanted Matt and Kris to talk and try to re-establish their friendship. Kris was leading the
conversation and talking about some of the best times Colt and Andrea had. Their trip their senior year to Mexico was the best time of
their lives. At the end of the day Kris and Matt talked about what was new in their life, and chitchatted about the past. Scott could see in
their eyes that they both missed each other. However, they parted ways without even saying goodbye to each other. Scott talked to Matt
about it, and he said they had nothing to say to each other, and they had moved away from their friendship. Scott hated to hear that.
Scott turned and out the back door came Matt holding Corey’s hand, with Kris and Colt coming up behind them.
Scott loved how Kris and Matt were now. They were laughing and joking and Scott stepped back as Corey and Colt were the first to
arrive at the lake side. They greeted Cord as Kris and Matt pulled up and quickly joined them. Scott just stood back and watched the
show that was about to take place; however, he was called to deal with a minor problem with the band and left them.
“Can we get this done?” Kris asked, impatiently.
“Why, what’s up?” Colt asked.
“I’m in a full suit and it’s hot as hell,” Kris replied. “I already feel like stripping off.”
“Bro, you’d strip off in winter, it doesn’t need to be hot for that,” Colt laughed.
The rest all joined in with the laughing, too, and gathered around Cord and the camera.
“So how do you want to do this?” Corey asked Cord.
“I thought I’d take a couple of Matt and Corey in their suits first and then I’ll have the two best men join them,” Cord said. He was glad his
love for Matt was over, and their friendship was strong.
Matt and Corey smiled and Corey took Matt’s hand to lead him over to the edge of the lake. When they were there they turned so their
backs were to the lake and the trees behind, which were beautifully lit by the natural light from the sun, creating a warm glow that
penetrated the trees and reflected off the water.
“I’ll just take a few test shots so you can do whatever,” Cord said.
Corey took Matt by the arm and spun him around so they were looking into each other’s eyes. Corey then put his arms around Matt’s
waist as Matt reached up and placed his hands on Corey’s chest. They heard the first click of the camera going off but didn’t even think
about it as they smiled and moved their heads in for a gentle kiss.
“That’s awesome guys,” Cord said. “I could even use some of these as the proper shots. Just keep acting natural.
Matt moved his arms up and put them around Corey’s neck, gazing into the eyes of his husband. It was such a special moment and they
both had tears in their eyes as the camera continued taking photos. The setting could not have been more perfect.
“Okay, now turn and look at me for a moment.”
Matt and Corey both let go of each other and turned toward the camera. They each slipped an arm around the other’s waist and then
smiled at the camera as more photos were taken.
Corey’s suit was tailored especially for the occasion and was made to fit his muscular body perfectly. He continued to work out as hard as
ever and his bulging muscles wouldn’t fit in a normal suit, but in this specially designed one it accentuated every curve of his body, from
his big biceps, to his solid pecs, all the way down to his muscular ass that pushed the fabric out, giving greater shape to the perfect
Matt’s frame was still rather slim, though he kept his body nice and trim with his muscles tight and compact. His suit was a little looser
around his body, but it too was tailored, fitting his body shape and helping to show that there was not an ounce of fat on his body.
“Okay guys, I think that’s it,” Cord announced. “The best men can join you now.”
“Hang on a second,” Corey said, putting up a hand to keep Kris and Colt back. “I just want one more of me and Matt.”
With that Corey scooped Matt up into his arms as if he was about to carry him over the threshold. He held Matt in that position and Matt
threw his arms around Corey’s neck, looking deep into his eyes. They heard the camera click away as they held each other and then,
without breaking eye contact, they leaned in to kiss.
“Wow, that was beautiful, ”Cord said.
“It really was,” Colt added.
“Made me kind of jealous, though,” Kris said.
“Aww, baby,” Colt replied in a mocking voice that sounded a bit like a child. “Come here, I’ll make you feel better.”
Before Kris could react to what Colt was saying Colt scooped him up so he was holding Kris the same way as Corey was holding Matt and
he walked over so they were standing beside their two best friends. They all giggled as Cord continued to take photos.
“Alright, put me down now,” Kris laughed.
Colt carefully lowered Kris to the ground, knowing none of them could risk their suits getting dirty. Then they turned to Cord who was
looking at them with a strange expression on his face.
“You okay, Cord?” Corey asked, lowering Matt back to the ground.
“Yeah, I just don’t think I’ve ever seen four guys look so at ease with each other before. You’re like naturals in front of the camera and
this is just so effortless,” Cord replied.
“How do you want us next?” Matt asked.
“Well, you and Corey should be in the middle with Kris on your side, Matt, and Colt on Corey’s side.”
Kris and Colt moved into position and they all huddled together, putting their arms around each other as Cord started to take pictures.
They just smiled at the camera for the first few photos before Colt turned slightly to look at Corey and then Kris did the same to look at
“That’s great guys,” Cord said. “Just keep acting naturally, this is great.”
All four guys then started to make small talk with each other about anything and everything that came into their heads. They were just
interacting naturally, but through the camera lens it was incredible. The sunlight streaming through in the background and the bond of
affection on show between the four guys shone through and melted into one scene that looked like pure happiness. It showed off the
connection the four had and made them look more like a family than any blood related siblings could ever achieve.
“Okay guys, I think that’s all we need. You were awesome,” Cord said.
“Great!” Kris exclaimed. “Now I can get this suit off.”
Kris didn’t even wait for the others as he stripped out of his fitted suit jacket and carefully laid it down over the back of the buggy so it
wouldn’t get dirty. The others just stared on as he pulled off his shoes and socks, followed by his pants and his shirt, leaving him in
nothing but his boxers.
All eyes were on Kris with his lengthening blond hair falling around his beautiful face and his bright blue eyes glistening in the sunlight. He
had a slight 5 o’clock shadow from not shaving that morning that made his jaw seem more defined, giving him a rugged look that
somehow made him look even hotter. His thick muscular neck led the way down to his hard and chiselled chest as it softly rose up and
down when he took a breath, the ‘N’ tattoo standing out from the tanned skin on his pec as a symbol of the caring heart beneath it. As he
exhaled, the muscles in his stomach tightened, making each of his eight abs look like they were about to jump out of his skin. His big,
powerful arms were bulging, with a prominent vein running down each bicep. When he turned around the thick supple calves merged
almost seamlessly with his muscular thighs, coming together to emphasise his muscular bubble butt that stuck out provocatively from the
curve of his strong back and filled out the tight boxers he wore to such a degree that it looked like they were specially designed to cup
each cheek, and then disappear slightly into the crack, further showcasing his incredible ass.
“Damn,” Corey said, “still as hot as ever.”
“Damn right, I am,” Kris laughed, strutting over to the lake’s edge so he was standing next to the other three who were still in their suits.
Kris then heard the camera click. “Did you just take a photo of me like this?”
Cord looked up, his face going red. “Yes. Sorry, I couldn’t help it.”
“That’s okay,” Kris smiled. “Take some of this.”
Kris started posing, moving his arms and legs to make the muscles tense up so they looked even bigger than they did before. The other
three moved away as Kris flexed his muscles and made his pecs bounce and dance, pulling his stomach in tight to make his abs stand out
even more, all the while Cord was happily clicking away. Kris then lifted his arms up and placed both hands behind his head, causing both
of his biceps to bulge and giving a great view of the thin scattering of hair that lined each armpit.
“I can’t tell you how hot these photos are going to be,” Cord said. “You guys should strip down and join him.”
Matt, Corey and Colt all looked at each other and shrugged. They each went over to the buggies they came on and stripped out of their
clothes, until they were in nothing but their boxers, and then walked back over to where Kris was.
“Do you think I can get some shots of you all one by one?” Cord asked. “Then I can get a few of you together.”
“Okay, cool,” Corey said. “Colt can go first.”
The other three stepped aside, giving Colt the spotlight against the backdrop of the lake, as they all looked at him with lust in their eyes.
Colt’s growing brown hair looked almost perfectly groomed to the shape of his head and it swirled at just the right moment to leave his
hazel eyes visible. His neck was thick, framed by the two perfect triangular trapezius muscles that smoothly blended in with his broad
shoulders, each adorned with a tattoo that ended just as the big biceps began; a vein ran over each muscle like a river running through a
mountain. The pec muscles spanning his chest were hard and defined, capped off by the pointy nipples symmetrically placed on each
muscle. His tight abs huddled together in a group of six around his deep belly button. The cuts at his waist swirled around his hips in a
smooth sideways S shape disappearing into his boxers that were the focus as Cord continued to take photos. Colt then turned around to
give a view of his back with the perfect V shape that also disappeared beneath his boxers, down into the crack of his ass. The boxers
themselves were tight fitting and hugged his upper thighs, cupped his cock and balls, creating a bulge and supporting his ass like two
hands were holding it. He was even hotter than he had been in college.
Instead of going in to full posing mode like Kris, Colt instead just struck a few poses that showed off his muscles, tensing and flexing them
to make them bigger, and then he went for some more provocative shots, running his hand down over his chest, rubbing his abs with the
tips of his fingers and then hooking his thumb into the waistband of his boxers, pulling it down just slightly to reveal a hint of pubes as he
looked up to the camera with a seductive look on his face.
“Okay, I think I’d better get Corey done before I lose all control,” Cord laughed.
Colt chuckled and walked over to where Kris and Matt were standing as Corey took up his place by the water’s edge and all attention
turned to him.
Ready for the wedding, Corey’s neatly cut blond hair was gelled up into spikes on the top of his head exposing his face and his gorgeous
light blue eyes. The stubble on his face was neatly trimmed and the earrings in both ears helped to shape his features and give him a
manly look that betrayed the cuteness of his bright smile. With a thick neck and broad shoulders his large pecs sat perfectly on his chest,
looking like they had been sculpted out of stone. His hard abs ran down his stomach to his belly button and the curving cuts at his waist
disappeared into the tight boxer briefs that hugged his hips and his large thighs, whilst cupping his thick cock and his big balls. His ass
was framed beautifully in the back of the boxer briefs that clung to each cheek, giving definition to the muscular butt beneath as well as
the strong back they left uncovered. His huge powerful arms were bulging with muscles with prominent veins running down each one and
the Chinese lettering tattoo only made the muscles seem to pop that a little bit more.
Much like Colt, Corey took the more natural approach and put his hands down on his hips, showing off just how big his arms really were.
He tightened up all of the muscles in his upper body so they looked like they were about to burst out of his skin and Cord just kept taking
pictures as Corey slowly rotated, showing off every side of his body.
“Your turn now, babe,” Corey smiled as he looked over to Matt and started to walk toward him, feeling like he had posed for long enough.
Matt smiled and walked over to take his place where the others had all had their photo taken. He never thought he would have felt as
comfortable as he did having his photograph taken in nothing but his boxers but he felt completely at ease and just wanted to enjoy the
He stepped in front of the camera and immediately heard it click. His hair was trimmed neatly, but he didn’t really style it, preferring to go
for the more natural look, though he tended to keep it pushed away from his face, which still had a look of youthfulness about it, whilst
also showing signs of being the man he was in his mid-twenties. The piercings in his ears and his eyebrow added an extra edge to him
that said he was a little more unpredictable than one might think just by looking at him. The muscles all over his body were hard, but they
were still compact, not giving him the size of the others but easily matching them in definition with his pecs being a nice rounded shape
and his rock hard abs standing out against his skin and tightening every time he took a breath. The tight mesh boxers he wore gripped his
waist, resting just below the stars tattooed there. The mesh material showed the skin on his thighs and ass with the only solid material
being the pouch as it cupped his big eight inch cock, outlining the head through the fabric and enticing anyone who looked close enough
to run their fingers over it.
Matt was more subdued than the others but he did pose a little, turning around, trying to make his muscles appear as big as possible as
he showed off his entire body. When he was finished the other three all joined him by the water and embraced as Cord took more
“I think there’s only two more photos we need to get,” Kris announced.
Everyone looked at Kris as he reached down and pulled off his boxers. Matt, Corey and Colt all laughed, looking at each other and then at
Kris, who had a huge smile on his face.
“Okay,” Matt said, “Just this once.”
Matt then pulled his boxers off so Corey and Colt quickly followed. Corey took all four pairs in his hand and ran over to the buggies,
putting them down on top of the suits before returning to his friends. Cord had seen Matt’s dick before, but this was the first time he got
to take its photo.
“What’s the plan now, Kris?” Cord asked.
“Just two more photos,” Kris replied. “First, one of us all with our backs to the camera showing off our incredible asses and looking over
our shoulders, and then the second with us facing the camera.”
All four guys turned around so their backs were to the camera and put their arms around each other, showing their bond and unity whilst
also giving a great view of their muscular backs and their nice, round bubble butts as Cord took some shots.
Kris then got a little more physical and moved his hand down to cup Matt’s ass. Matt turned his head and smiled and reached down to
feel Corey’s bubble butt, which then lead Corey to slip his hand down so it was resting on Colt’s as Cord took more photos.
Corey then moved his hand from Colt’s ass and slid his other arm around Matt’s waist. Matt did the same, putting his arm around Corey.
Kris still kept his hand on Matt’s ass, which Colt saw, doing the same to Corey. Matt and Corey then leaned their heads in so they were
touching as they looked out over the beautiful lake and then Kris resting his head on Matt’s shoulder, with Colt resting his on Corey’s.
Then they all turned around and again put their arms around each other’s shoulders for the final shots of them in all their glory, all four
bodies and all four cocks on display as the camera clicked a few times and then Cord stepped back, readjusting his cock, which was hard
in his pants.
All of their bodies were hard and toned, glistening with just the slightest bit of sweat from the heat. Kris brushed his abs as he played
around, flexing and tightening his abs to make them look even more defined. Corey then did the same, quickly followed by Colt. Matt
reached out and ran his fingers over each body, feeling the muscles rippling beneath the skin, he still couldn’t believe how hot his lover
and his best friends were and his big dick started to stir.
“It looks like touching our hot bodies has Matty a little excited,” Kris grinned, reaching down to wrap his hand around Matt’s rapidly
growing cock, giving it a few strokes until it was rock hard and throbbing in his hand.
Colt reached over and also took hold of Matt’s big cock, going a little lower than Kris so he was playing with the base and the low hanging
balls beneath.
Cord continued to take pictures as Corey leaned in and shared a passionate kiss with Matt, his own thick cock stiff and demanding
Kris moved back but kept Matt’s cock in his hand as he leaned in to kiss Matt on the neck. Matt groaned and broke the kiss with Corey,
resting his forehead against that of his lover as Colt moved to take Corey’s cock in his hand and lean in to kiss Corey’s neck just like Kris
was kissing Matt’s. All four amazing bodies were on show, as were four very hard cocks, and every second of it was being capture on
Finally Matt and Corey kissed again and then they turned to their best man, each still holding their chosen groom’s cock in his hand,
pulling him in for a deep kiss that was fully embraced. Matt’s tongue danced with Kris’ and Corey’s tongue battled with Colt’s as they held
each other and made out, completely naked and forgetting that the camera was still clicking away, capturing everything, as they switched
partners and enjoyed their unique bond.
Breaking away from an incredible kiss with Kris, Corey said, “Okay, I think that will do us. I’m rock hard and really want to fuck at least
one of you, but Matt and I need to save it for tonight.”
“He’s right,” Matt reluctantly agreed.
“I know he is,” Kris said, sounding upset as he stepped away.
“There we are then guys, all done,” Cord said. “I think it’s safe to say I got some amazing shots. I do two albums. One you can show your
parents and the other that will probably just be for private use.”
Everyone laughed at that and headed over to the buggies to get dressed again for the journey back to where they needed to be next.
As the first rounds of pictures were wrapping up and the guys were putting their suits back on. Another situation was unfolding in the
front of the house. Reese was talking to Chase and Trevor. Trevor was thinking about their relationship.
Their breakup was mutual, and needed. Although Reese and Trevor didn’t start college together, their relationship hit off well. They were
having sex a lot, more often than Trevor would have expected. But during Reese’s second year in college and Trevor’s first, they had very
little too talk about. Sure, they met with Chase and Tabor and hung out, but as a couple they found less and less in common with each
other, and the only thing that kept them together was the amazing sex. Trevor needed advice and he turned to Jess and Matt. Matt had
always given Trevor before great advice on what to do about relationships. And, Trevor had developed a great friendship with Jess.
They both suggested that it might be time for the relationship to end if there was no more chemistry between them. Jess had broken up
with Scott during their junior year because the relationship wasn’t working; the time wasn’t right for them to be dating. But they both
ultimately agreed that he and Reese needed to come to that conclusion themselves. So, after some deliberation and talking, they both
mutually decided to break up. Reese and Trevor used the remainder of their school year having one night stands and exploring gay
cultures. Reese dated Tad briefly, but Reese said he wasn’t his type. Eventually, Trevor located the man of his dreams at a party thrown
at Colt’s three years ago; Chance was his name. He was Colt’s high school friend who came to catch up with Colt. They hit it off and have
been together until recently.
Trevor was now looking at his watch and it was 10:50 am. “Reese, how is Cord doing?”
Reese had decided not to bring up Cord because of Trevor’s current split with Chance.
“We are doing fine,” he smiled. “Actually, I couldn’t be happier. He took me to Sweden three weeks ago, to see his roots, and his family.
It was an enlightening experience.”
Chase and Tabor, who just arrived, looked at him. “You were able to go?”
“Of course, the wheelchair only stops me from doing small things. But, I can still function.” Reese knew there was another reason, but he
wanted to keep that a surprise for now.
“Why didn’t you tell us that?” Chase asked.
“Honestly, I completely forgot. It was spur of the moment thing. I was complaining about being in this chair and how I couldn’t do
anything. Cord said I could, and before we knew it we were in Sweden.”
“That was some vacation,” Tabor grinned. “Too bad you couldn’t get laid.”
“Tabor, my young friend; I could have fucked his eyes out if I wanted to.”
“But the chair,” Tabor began, “how does it work?”
“Well,” Chase stated, “first you take the person’s dick and you stick it up the ass of the other guy.”
“But you are in the fucking chair? He can’t exactly stand up.”
“True.” Reese admitted. “The truth, it would have required a lot of work on Cord’s behalf, and we just wanted to wait until I was fully
“Wait? So you and he?” Trevor asked.
“Nope, we had lots of blowjobs; but no sex. Just like these guys over there.” He pointed to Chase and Tabor.
“Yeah, I think everybody knows you two have experimented.”
“He jerked me off once.” Tabor admitted, “But no sex.”
Trevor and Reese looked at each other and laughed. “We know you guys fucked. Chase admitted one night when he was hung over and
out of it.”
Tabor didn’t know what to say. Trevor got up and put his arm around Tabor. “Bro, we don’t care if you did it. We love you and Chase the
“Yeah,” Reese piped up.
Changing the subject Trevor piped up, “Chance and I are not doing well right now. It’s nothing major just small disagreement.”
Nobody was shocked by this announcement. “About what?”
“He thinks after all this time that I still have feelings for Reese.”
“Do you? “Reese asked, with a serious face.
“Nope, we broke up and although you have place in my heart, you are not the love of my life.”
“What did you say to him?”
“I said he was crazy and that I only loved him. We haven’t talked in two weeks.”
“I am sure you will come around, bud.” Chase said wrapping his arms around Trevor for support.
Trevor smiled wickedly, before Chase could realize what was happening Trevor straddled him, and started tickling him in his arm pits.
Chase was laughing hard.
“Tabor…help me…”
Tabor and Reese were laughing themselves silly. “I kind of like you like that.”
Chase grabbed a hold of Trevor’s ankle and rolled him over on the floor and got his hands up his chest and tickled him like mad.
“Take that Trevor.”
“I don’t think so,” Trevor smiled and rolled Chase over. At this point Tabor was laughing hard. Tabor controlled himself enough to go over
there and get Trevor off Chase, but Trevor just smiled. Chase saw Tabor coming and screamed through his laughter, “Get him off of
“No.” Tabor joined Trevor, Trevor pushed down Chase’s shorts and Tabor pulled up his shirt and they both tickled him like crazy. Reese
loved the show. Tabor always loved seeing Chase’s package, even if it was covered is black and red boxers as they were now.
They were in Chase’s bedroom, so there was no risk of the parents coming in, however, someone else did slip in unnoticed. The guys
were so into their little wrestling tickling match they didn’t even notice her.
“I am going to pee,” Chase stated. He recalled that Matt had got into similar situation, and he warned his ticklers that he was going to
pee, they didn’t relent and Matt peed, so he thought the situation called for a similar strategy.
“Go ahead then,” the visitor said quietly. At that moment, the tickling stopped and all four pair of eyes turned to the woman in room.
Nobody spoke.
“What the fuck are you doing here? You have no right to be here.”
Britney didn’t say anything; she just smiled, as Chase’s boxers were still on display.
“You bitch! Leave now!”
“Don’t ever call her that again.” Chase demanded pulling his shorts up.
“This bitch put me in my wheelchair. We all know what happened. She has no right to be here.”
“I said don’t call her that.”
“Stop me then!”
11:00 AM
Britney had just come to talk to Chase and Tabor and try to work this mess out between them. Britney was not aware that Reese would be
there. Tabor just said he had to go and meet someone. She was speechless because she was staring at Chase’s package.
Now, being called a bitch twice in the span of minute, didn’t sit well with her. Chase was understandable upset with Reese’s offensive term. As
much as she hated Reese for doubting her; she didn’t want to see any harm come to him, and Chase and Reese were about to come to blows.
“I will!” Chase yelled. He didn’t like how this was happening; first Tabor questioned his choice of girlfriend this morning, and now Reese is.
“Guys,” Trevor started. “Stop it!”
“Not until Reese apologizes.”
“She caused my fucking accident, and you want me to apologize?”
“There is no proof that she did.”
“She left him in the fucking car. What proof more do you need?” Reese asked.
“Guys, I didn’t come here to start a fight. I wanted to talk to Tabor because he left so suddenly.
Tabor looked at her with daggers in his eyes. “I have nothing more to say to you.”
Chase was annoyed with Tabor. They had some disagreements and such over the years, this is first time they had a fight over a fucking girl.
“Let’s go, Britney. I will walk you out.”
They left them there. “I just want you to know I believe your story.”
Britney took Chase’s hand. “Thanks, I do appreciate that. I just wish Tabor and those guys could see that I don’t mean any harm.”
Chase lead her to the kitchen where Victoria’s preparations for lunch were set out on the table. They both grabbed some sandwiches and
walked outside to lawn chairs at the side of the house. Chase didn’t understand where Tabor’s insecurities came from.
“I know, love. Tabor is still jealous that we found love, and you guys didn’t.”
“It’s more than that. Tabor and Reese were almost as close as you and he were in College. When it happened and he got injured he stood by
me, but after our breakup, it ended horribly as you know. I still don’t know what I did. And then he planted stuff in Reese’s ear. And he began
hating me, too.”
“What happened between you two? You guys had so much love.”
“I don’t know. We had one year of great romance. And, then something changed. He changed.”
“He told me it was because you were trying to drive a wedge between him and me.” Chase had always tried to get Tabor to explain more, but
Tabor wouldn’t.
“I would never do such a thing.” Britney lied; she didn’t know how to convince him that she had Tabor’s best interest at heart. “I think once
Tabor believed that I was this cruel person who breaks you guys up, he would believe I caused the accident with Reese.”
“Honey, you never did explain why you left him in the car.”
Britney knew it would look bad any way she said it, but she wanted to be honest with Chase. “I left because I thought it was the right thing to
do. The car broke down, and the gas station was only 10 minutes away.”
Britney didn’t admit the whole truth though, hoping Chase wouldn’t pry too much.
“You said that, but what I never understood was why you guys didn’t go together, or why he didn’t go.”
“Someone had to stay with the car, and he didn’t want me to stay there by myself.”
Chase believed her, he believed her when she first told her side of the story; that she was going back to for help, and how it was such traumatic
experience that happened to Reese. He never pushed her for more information. “I just hate that Reese cannot walk again, and it is all because
of that fucking guy.”
“I know, love. I know. I am sure they will come around eventually.” They shared a tiny kiss, until Chase looked at his watch; he and Reese were
in the second round of pictures and he still needed to put on his suit. He got up and headed out the front way.
It was 11:15, and Corey’s mother and father were exiting the house going to other photo shoot where the more traditional poses would occur;
Linda and Vince were at their elbow. Matt and Corey and their best men were already waiting, dressed in their suits again.
“Okay,” Cord commended. “I would like Matt and his mother and stepfather first. Then we will do Corey’s family.”
Corey stopped Matt. “After this I want to have a quick word with you.”
“We can hold the pictures up. If it’s important.”
“Matt come on.” Vince called out.
Corey ushered him to the photo.
Kris and Colt came over to Corey. “That must be something?”
Corey turned to Kris. “Huh?”
“Your father showing up out of the blue, like that.” Corey stared at Colt.
“What? Don’t tell me you wanted to keep that a secret.”
“No, it’s just I haven’t told Matt yet.” Corey looked at his lover and his mom and Vince. “He is so happy right now I don’t want to ruin it.”
“By sharing something this important? Yeah, let’s keep him in the dark about this,” Kris said sarcastically.
“I mean it, not one word to him about this.”
“We won’t say anything,” Colt stated. He punched Kris in the ribs, and Kris promised also.
“But tell me how are you feeling about it?”
“I have no idea. I was surprised he was able to be fine, let alone, all the other million questions that have been popping up in the last few
“Like?” Colt asked.
“Guys, I appreciate your support, but I really don’t want to process this right now. I want to focus on this wedding today.”
“Corey, you’re up.” Cord motioned for him to join his mother and stepfather, who have been placed in chairs.
Matt walked over to Scott and Jess.
“How are all the plans coming along?”
“So far, so good. I don’t think anything will ruin this day.”
“Y’all think we can have the reception outside.”
“Yep, the weather is beautiful. The guys will be setting up the tent and everything during lunch over there.” Scott pointed to the flat land near
the lake to left of the house. Two trucks were already there.
“Um, Scotty. We have a problem.” Jess had received a call. On the day of the event Jess was deputized to be Scott’s assistant and handled the
phone calls when Scott was busy with other things.
“Fuck!” Scott said quietly. “I knew I shouldn’t have jinxed myself.”
On Matt’s worried look, Scott stated. “Don’t worry stuff happens all the time. Excuse me.”
Scott and Jess went some distance away, and Scott was not pleased by the announcement. “Get the guy on the phone now. Nobody cancels on
me and gets away with it.”
Jess couldn’t believe the guy would do that, the day of the job. However, before he could process it, he received another. It was Brad. Jess and
Brad had remained close since they both graduated from College. Brad had become closer to Jess and Scott and they talked a lot over the
intervening years.
The problem was Brad had gone through fifteen guys since he broke up with Jordy. Now he was living alone and pretty lonely. But Jess believed
there was hope, and that Jordy would finally come to his senses. Three months ago, it looked promising when he Jordy showed up out of the
blue one day.
“Hey Brad,” Jess said happily.
“How are things going over there? Did Scott even go to sleep last night?”
“Yeah, I made him come to bed a little before 5 in the morning. However, he’s doing a great job right now. Is there something you wanted to
talk about?”
“Actually there is. I found the love of my life.”
“Jordy and you got back together?”
“Yep, we tried being friends, and now last night we made love for the first time.”
I was cautious about him getting his hopes up. “That means you guys are good?”
“I think so. I wanted to take it slow this time around. We both know how I fucked up the first time.”
“You didn’t fuck it up, you both parted ways because it was just going too fast, and when you slowed down there was no chemistry there; just
sex. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just hope there’s chemistry now.”
“I think there is, but you can ask him at the wedding.” Jess smiled, and realized he would be seeing them both again. He turned to Scott and it
looked like he was in deep conversation. He checked his watch; it was closing on 11:30.
“Yeah, have you guys talked about Kris?”
“Jordy and Kris are over.”
“No, I mean the fact that you were attracted him, too. And how you told me four years ago you wanted him.”
“I do want him. Kris and I have grown a lot since our junior year in college. Kris and I formed a tight friendship. I was accepted into the group,
and, yes, there was that night in the summer where we fucked; but he is straight now.”
Jess nodded, and realized that was true, too. “Yep, he is playing for that side again. But, if you had to choose.”
“Between Kris and …” The line went dead. Jess checked the batteries and swore to himself. Then, Scott tapped him on the shoulder startling
“You okay?”
“Yeah, how’s our justice of the peace working out?”
“I am on hold. He wants to consult someone.” Scott spoke in the phone. “Are you there?”
The voice came back a minute later. “Yeah. I am sorry I can’t do this.”
“The fuck you can’t. We have paid you a handsome sum of money. Derek had recommended you. You are the best comedic mind that does
these types of things. Why can’t you do it?”
The man responded, annoyed. “I told you before….I have another commitment that just came up.”
“All of sudden?” Scott was mad now. “Just admit the truth?”
“That is the truth.” The man lied,
“Then fuck off who needs you...” Scott was past angry. He stared into his lover’s eyes, and calmed down.
“You have until 12:30 pm to reconsider. Or else you’re fired.” Scott hung up the phone.
“I told you this wedding wouldn’t be free of problems.” Jess hugged Scott for support.
“Oh, Scotty; he will reconsider.”
“If he doesn’t then what; I do the unthinkable and let Kris conduct the ceremony.”
“I am sure he would go for it.” Jess smiled and they returned to photo session. Cord was commanding Chase and Tabor to be with Matt and
Corey. The parents were watching. Walt and Jenny, and Bob and Victoria, along with Derek and Samuel came out to watch the picture taking.
Since Corey and Matt didn’t have any true siblings, Corey considered Tabor and Chase honorary brothers, and so they brought them into the
pictures. Vince and Linda were very happy today.
“I still cannot believe this is happening? It was just yesterday that I was worried that he would never have a friend in college.”
“Matt is a strong guy, and he is also a forgiving soul.” Vince knew Matt was shy and timid around him, when they first met, so long ago. But now
Matt and he have a good relationship; he would classify it as father and son, and the is bond there. Vince remembered when it began. It was
the year Corey and Matt moved closer to home, to find better work. After they were settled into their small apartment, they invited him and
Linda over for dinner. Then every Friday night, the four of them would sit for dinner. After a month of this Vince realized Matt was not as happy
as he was in college, so he took him aside and asked him what was wrong. Eventually, Matt opened up and explained how much he missed Kris,
and regretted it.
He told him about how they talked at Andrea and Colt’s wedding, but they were too stubborn to try reconnecting the bond. Vince listened and
that lead to the start of their friendship. When Kris and Matt’s friendship was repaired, Matt was happy again.
Now, Kris and Colt joined their college brothers and all six of them took hilarious as well as serious pictures. Linda turned to Vince, “Matt really
has grown.”
“Maybe a foot,” Vince agreed. She slapped him. “No, he has grown so much. I still cannot believe my little boy is getting married.”
Linda thought back to Matt’s high school days, and how, with Kris’s help, he came out of his shell. Then, when she visited him her first time out
for their tailgating party at the start of the season, and saw how he was surrounded by friends, including Corey. She didn’t recognize him, and
again then when Larry died and she saw all those people come to support him at the funeral. Matt not only came out of his shell, he developed a
great circle of friends, and not one of them cared he was gay.
“And soon you will be a grandma.” Vince smiled.
“So, true; to think in high school he had a crush on Kris for the longest time.”
Vince looked at her, this was the first he heard of it. She nodded.
“A mother knows when her son is in love; remember, I knew he was gay before he could admit it to himself.”
“So true.”
Derek and Samuel were just talking to Walt. They were just chatting, until Walt said out of the blue,
“I am sorry, Derek.”
Derek was caught off guard. “Why?”
“I blamed you for Nathan’s death, and then you show up and find Kris. I threatened and yelled at you at the high school graduation. Now, you
help pay for the wedding. I understand you helped Kris with his temper and going through his phase; and you’ve been here ever since. You
never hurt Nathan, and I know now you never hurt Kris. He adores you, and I thank you for everything you’ve done.”
Derek was blown away about this. He remembered Walt’s threat that he would hurt him if he hurt Kris. And, in all this time they haven’t said
even hello to each other. Derek gave Walt his space, and couldn’t blame him, for believing he caused Nathan’s death. For years, Derek believed
that himself.
“I appreciate it, Walt. Thank you. That means a lot to me,” Derek said sincerely. Walt stuck his hand out; Derek grabbed and pulled him into a
Derek and Walt had come into contact a few times since that high school graduation, the last time was when Kris was home for Christmas
break, and Derek learned that Kris was a father. They made chitchat, and Derek had the impression Walt wanted to say something.
Samuel smiled as they broke their hug and took Derek aside. “I am happy you guys could finally reconnected.”
“Me too, especially considering.” Samuel knew what Derek meant and that brought to mind another question.
“Did you tell Corey or Kris yet?”
Derek shook his head. “I had every intention of telling Kris earlier, but I was more concerned with his well-being. And I can’t tell Corey yet.”
Samuel understood and nodded. “I think you should tell them, they would want to know.”
“I will just after the ceremony. I just don’t know how?”
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