A follow up Story to Wrong Visit


Nate entered his apartment after a long day at the home improvement store.  He looked around for his girlfriend, Renee, and found her nowhere in the small apartment.  He threw off his shoes and socks and put his feet up on the old couch to watch television.  Fifteen minutes later, he heard a key in the door.

“You’re home early,” Renee, a dark blonde, said to Nate. “Pick up your shoes out of the floor.”

“Yes dear,” Nate said and went to kiss Renee.  He smelled beer and smoke from her breath.  “Why Renee?” he asking stepping back from her.

“Nate, I am 23 years old and there’s no law against me drinking,” Renee said and sat her purse down.  “I do it when you aren’t around.”

“What about last night and the night before and the night before that?” Nate asked.

“Some of us can handle our alcohol and don’t have to go to a rehab to get our life straighten out,” Renee said.

Rage flew all over Nate with that cutting comment. “Fuck you!”

“I wish you would sometimes!” Renee shouted.

“I try but your twat now has some kind of lock on it,” Nate replied quickly and smartly.

“Fine, just fuck me now!” Renee said and dropped her pants and panties.  She stood in the middle of the small living room with her hands on her bare hips and was barely able to stand.

Nate got up to take her up on the offer.  He looked down and noticed the front of her panties were wet and stained.  He lifted them up to get a closer look.  She quickly snatched almost tearing the silk panties from his hand and ran to the bedroom and locked the door.

“Renee, open this door!” Nate shouted.


Nate sat down on the couch.  He gathered his thoughts and smiled.  Finally this was his chance to leave and end this relationship since she messed up.  “Renee honey, please open the door. Please,” Nate said in his sweetest voice. “We really need to talk.”

He sat down and waited.  Five minutes later, she came out with her eyeliner and mascara smeared.  “It’s over, isn’t it?” he looked at her.

“Yeah Nate, it’s been over since I got back from my visit.  I don’t know what has gotten into you but you’ve seem so changed and not the Nate I used to love and adore,” Renee said quietly. “I am not sorry for fooling around on you though.”

It took all Nate had not to jump up and down.  “You should be, Renee.  I’ll just go rent a van in the morning and move my things that I want to take with me.  I need a change of scenery in the worst way.  Actually, I think we both saw this coming.”

Renee walked quietly back to her room.  Nate followed her and began immediately throwing his clothes in his suitcase.  He looked at all the hand-me-down furniture in their bedroom.  “Renee, just keep all of this shit.”

“What will do about the lease?”

“It’s up in two weeks anyway.  Do whatever you want,” Nate returned to the couch and watched television.  He wanted to call his brother but the hour was late.  He finally dozed off on the couch with the television still going. 

The next morning, a Saturday, he found some sacks and a box down at a convenience store and forewent the van.  He threw what he wanted to take with him in the sacks and boxes while Renee just watched in silence.  He took a few personal things like some pictures but left the rest to Renee.  He got in his car, withdrew all his money, quit his meaningless job and headed south to his brother’s house.  It was early somewhat when he got on the road and another surprise visit was in order.  He mostly was anxious to see Ross, his brother’s boyfriend, since he missed him each time he called.

He cussed to himself when he drove in brother’s drive since Ross’ old SUV was gone.  He fixed his hair, gathered himself and headed to the door.  He knocked softly.

“Nate, what are you doing here?” Nick asked in shock with the surprise visit.

“I came to see my older brother,” Nate replied and pushed his way in.  He saw a guy sitting on the couch.  “Where’s Ross?”

“Your boyfriend and I split about 3 weeks ago,” Nick said with his nose in the air.

“Where is he?”

“Like I care.  You got a lot of nerve showing up here unannounced.  The last time you did it, you stole my boyfriend,” Nick said.

“I didn’t steal him,” Nate replied.

Nick laughed finally and stopped the acting, “Who am I kidding? I was glad to get rid of him since I was seeing Chris here on the side.  He told me all about your friendly visit, you tiger.”

“He did?”

“Yeah, every detail after he found I was sneaking around on him.  Nate, we were just so different any way.  He’s perfect for you if you are into guys now,” Nick said.

“Well maybe, but I hope you didn’t run your big mouth to mom and dad,” Nate said.

“Get real, boyfriend.  Mom and Dad just call and keep it short.  You know how they feel,” Nick said.  “So are you staying for the weekend or just the day?”

“Tell me where Ross is,” Nate said without answering the question.

“He’s probably working at the hospital.  Other than that I have no clue.  We haven’t spoken since he left,” Nick said. “Can I get you some water?  Chris, Nate is the reformed one I told you about.”

“I gotta run,” Nate said.

“I hope you find him,” Nick said at the door with Nate heading to his car.

Nate drove straight to the hospital.  He found the employee parking lot and then drove slowly until he spotted Ross’ blue SUV with the distinct sticker on the back windshield.  He found a spot to park and waited patiently.

At 6:15, he looked up and saw Ross in his dark blue scrubs heading towards his SUV.  He nervously got out of his car and walked at a swift pace to Ross’ SUV.  Ross walked with his head down.  He looked up and saw Nate standing there.  He rubbed his eyes.  Nate smiled.

“What the..?” Ross said.

“I’m so glad to see you,” Nate said.

“I’m too,” Ross grabbed Nate and they embraced right there in the parking lot.  They looked at each other and kissed while others walked pass them.  “Don’t tell me Nick told you where I was.”

“He did in a way.  I finally was able to get away from Renee and came straight here to find you.”

“I guess he told you everything.”

“No but if you’re free, then you can fill in the blanks,” Nate said. “Where are you staying now?”

“With a friend actually.  She’s a co-worker here and was great to offer me a place to stay for a while,” Ross said. “So you still have feelings for me.”

“Worse than ever.  The few times I was with Renee sexually, it paled to what we had.  I called Nick but every time he said you were at work or away.  Now it makes perfect sense.”

“Follow me and we can go from there,” Ross said.

Ross got in his SUV while Nate got in his loaded down car.  Nate followed him until he pulled up to an older house in a neighborhood.  Ross got out and motioned for Nate to follow him.  They stepped into the house and the old smell of the house filled Nate’s nostrils. 

“If you want, we can stay here, unless you are going to stay with Nick,” Ross said.

“Are you kidding? I came to be with you.  I don’t know how I would have worked it if you two were still together but I was willing to take that chance,” Nate said.  “Ross, I called this motel near your work.  They rent rooms out by the week.”

“I bet you planned this on your way down,” Ross smiled.

“No, I planned it sitting in the car four fucking hours,” Nate laughed.

“You really did want me, didn’t you?” Ross laughed.

“More than ever,” Nate said. They gathered Ross’ things and Ross left a nice note on the frig thanking his friend for her kindness.  Nate led the way and found the motel without any problem.  He gave the clerk a credit card for their weeks’ stay in the extended stay motel.  He grabbed the two keys and handed one to Ross.  Both were anxious to see their new accommodations and opened the door.  It had a nice king size bed with a kitchenette and a decent bathroom.  They both carried their minimal belongings and laughed at what little they possessed.

They fell on the king size bed in their room.  It was rather hard but both knew it would do for the time being.  They held each other and began telling their story to each other while both got more comfortable and were just down to their boxers by the end. 

“You mean to tell me I had such an impression on you that you quit your job, packed up your things and drove straight here,” Ross said with Nate’s hand on his firm abs.

“No, I did it to come live with you and Nick.  I just wanted to be around you even it meant having to endure my brother for a few weeks,” Nate said.

“What if we had patched things up?” Ross asked.

“I was willing to take that chance.  I would have probably just moved on and moved away if you were still with him,” Nate smiled with his hand on Ross’ chest.

“Nate, you have been on my mind night and day since you left,” Ross kissed him again.

“Mine too.  I just thought it would eventually fade but it grew stronger the more I was with Renee.  The second I found out she was fucking around I actually relieved and knew what my next step was,” Nate said.  “So is this cool with you?”

“Get real.  I love it and with someone I dearly adore,” Ross said. “I feel like my Prince Charming has come to save me.”

They both laughed at the corny reference and kept laughing at the shear insaneness this actually was.  “You know this is really some shit.  We’re shacked up here in a room with neither of us knowing what lies ahead.  I don’t have job right now but I don’t give a fuck either.”

“Look here Nate.  I’m not supporting your ass no matter what.  I did that with my boy before Nick.  I’m not doing that again,” Ross said seriously and pulled away from Nate.

“Ross, I didn’t come here to mooch off you.  I’ll just find a minimal job until something opens up.  I have a degree in marketing but so far nothing has opened up that is to my liking back at my other place.  I will keep submitting apps and something will come up eventually.”

“Alright, I think I trust you.”

“Ross, we can split just as easily as we came together.”

“I hope it never comes to that,” Ross said. 

The moment they wanted finally occurred when Ross slipped off Nate’s boxers.  Both were ready for sex and wanted to enjoy being with each other again sexually.  They sucked each other’s cock before Ross spread his legs on his back to take his lover.  Ross had lube handy and prepped both of them for the encounter.  The second Nate was back inside him, he just knew it felt so right this time and not like it was cheating.  Nate slowly fucked Ross to start.  When their lips met again, they rarely parted their wet mouths and enjoyed the passion and romance for the night.  Ross could feel the love while enjoying the heated moment of two hot guys having sex. 

Both climaxed almost together on Ross’ fit chest.  After the heated sex, Nate collapsed on top of Ross.  “That felt so fucking right!” Nate said.

“Did it ever,” Ross said.

“Ross, I really think I’m in love with you,” Nate said.

“I think so too or else you won’t have done what you did.  I love you too Nate!” Ross confessed.

“You really think this might work?” Nate asked while still on top of Ross.

“We can give it a try.  I think you want it to work and I do too,” Ross said.

They held each other close and continued to kiss each other softly.  They finally returned from their cloud of bliss and just talked softly until Ross was asleep.  Nate got close to him and snuggled like they did 6 weeks ago.

Ross woke the next morning and felt for Nate.  He jumped up and ran to the bathroom but no sign of Nate.  He saw it was 9:45 by the digital clock.  He didn’t know what to think at that moment.  He sorted through his clothes and organized them to where he could find his scrubs for the next day’s work.  He then heard the door and in walked Nate with a bag, two cups of coffee and a paper.  Ross smiled and was relieved to see Nate.

“I was worried there for a minute,” Ross said.

“I just let you sleep and ran down to the corner store for a few things.  I talked to Nick so he would know where I was,” Nate smiled and stole a short sweet kiss.

“I take it he knows you and I are together,” Ross replied and looked at breakfast in the bag.

“Oh yeah, he knows.  He’s actually cool with it and knows you are with a great guy,” Nate sipped on the hot coffee and opened up the bran muffin.

“I take him and Chris are doing okay now,” Ross asked and opened his muffin.

“Yeah I think Nick is happy again.”

“I’m too!” Ross stole a quick kiss.

They ate together and Nate poured over the classified ads in the paper hoping something would appeal to him in the job section.  Ross looked over the housing section with Nate circling job opening that had potential.

“Any luck over there?” Ross asked.

“There are a few but I bet I have no shot at them,” Nate said.

“You can still put in resume’ and see what happens.  You never will get a job if you don’t apply.”

“I’ll try but my resume’ sucks balls.”

“If you have it, I can pull out my laptop and spruce it up some.”

“I think it is still posted online at one of those job sites.”

“Cool, you were desperate, huh?”

“Hell yeah.  Those didn’t work.  The only sniff I got from those that were way out of town and offered very low pay.”

Ross just looked at him, “Nate, no one is going to offer you one grand right out of college.”

“I know that.  They were offering less than twenty but said the potential was there to make more.”

“You know you might have to start at the bottom just to get on somewhere and work your way up.”

“I know.  If I don’t something then I’ll look at those.”

They finished up with Ross finding very little in the way of housing.  Nate had a few that appealed to him.  “You wanna hit the shower with me?” Ross smiled.

“Hell yeah.  I was waiting to take one with you,” Nate stood up and tossed his clothes in the floor.  Ross started the shower.  They kissed while waiting for the water to warm up.  Once it was warm, they jumped in together.  Ross took his time and enjoyed soaping up his new lover.  After rinsing off, Nate took the same liberties if not more in soaping up Ross’ fit hot body.  Showering with each other was so erotic that Nate grew hard.  Seeing this Ross turned around and placed Nate’s hard cock at his clean ass.  Nate knew what to do and shoved it in.  He grabbed Ross around the chest and slowly fucked him with the water splashing off their bodies.  Ross turned his head and kiss Nate while feeling the cock going and out of his ass.  He leaned forward with his hands on the tiled walls. 

“Fuck that ass, Nate!” Ross screamed.

“I will,” Nate replied.  He grabbed Ross’ slim waist and rammed his cock in and out under the flowing water. 

“OOOO fuck me, Nate,” Ross now moaned constantly with the sound of water hitting their bodies and the sound of their wet skin popping together.  He felt for his cock and grabbed it.  His hand was pushed away by Nate’s hand.  The shower continued flowing until the hot water ran out. Nate continued to fuck Ross faster and harder. 

Ross moaned and watched his cum shoot to the tub below.  Nate pulled out and shot his down to the tub as well.  They immediately locked lips and felt each other’s limp cocks.  They stepped out of the shower as one and dried each other off with the cheap towels offered.  They exited the bathroom and Nate pushed Ross to the bed. 

“Nate, please tell me you are gay now,” Ross said after a long kiss.

“I’m fuckin gay Ross but just for you.  I’m so in love with you it’s fucking unreal right now! I love holding you, seeing you, touching you and having sex with you.”

“Being in love with the same sex is the definition of gay,” Ross laughed.

“Well, then I’m then,” Nate said kissing Ross’ chest. “Right now I don’t care whether I am or not.  I just love you and being with you.  Nick was right we’re perfect for each other.”

“I think so too but time will tell.  We are just getting started here but I love it so far,” Ross said. “What you do if a friend of yours walked in right now?”

“If he was hot, I might ask him to join us,” Nate laughed. “Who am I kidding?  I might freak out at first and then lie out my ass.”

“Nate it is easy here alone but the world sees us a different breed.  I’m not sure you are equipped to handle it,” Ross said.

“I’m not either but I’m willing to sacrifice that to be with you.  Ross, I sacrificed a lot of shit just to be with you.  I will handle things as they come.”

“I appreciate all you’ve done to be with me.  Let’s not get too carried away here.  Sure I do love you.  I just don’t know about all of this since you are just beginning.”

“Ross for six fucking weeks I wanted to be with you in whatever capacity that was.  Now that we are together, let’s not get too philosophical here now.  I won’t be perfect but I’m willing to try.  So far in my life, girls have gotten no where except in fucking rehab and a lot of broken promises.”

Ross smiled, “I willing to try as well.  It will be so different.  So far, all my other boyfriends have been more or less a little feminine.  I don’t why I gravitated to them but I just did.  Maybe so I could feel like the dominant male in the relationship.  Now the tables are turned where I’m showing the way and not the other way around.”

“Ross, I just want someone I can be happy with who enjoys sports and guy things like camping, hiking, etc. I’m definitely not looking for a pussy boy.  If so, I would go back to the bitches I was dating.  I want a guy who is a guy.”

Ross kissed Nate, “I want a real guy too.  I guess you are just what I’m looking for in a relationship.  I’m fucking tired of art galleries, ballets, plays, fancy restaurants and that other shit.  I want someone who shares my interests and enjoys them with me as well.  Honestly, I hated that other shit and just endured it to get my ass laid.”

“Cool then.  I don’t think you have to worry about me wanting to do that other shit.  I don’t see in the world you put up with that.”

“I honestly thought it was what gay guys did.  I can be gay and still enjoy sports and getting outdoors.  I can do all that with a great guy as well that I dearly love having hot sex with.”

“Ross, you put it best.  Being gay is loving the same sex, not all that other shit that is associated with gay guys.  I wonder if Nick really has a dick.”

“Trust me he does but it pales to yours.  You actually know how to use yours,” Ross said with his hand on Nate’s cock.

They spent the rest of the day and night with each other naked on the bed except for going to grab a quick bite to eat and printing up Nate’s resumes’.  Their sex continued to be hot as ever for both were enjoying the newness and the pure excitement of their relationship.

Ross was up at 5 the next morning, Monday for his 12 hour shift as an LPN at the local hospital.  He hated leaving Nate and trusted he would be out on the hunt for a job as promised.  He left a quick note on the hotel stationary and was out in good time. 

Nate got up and dressed quickly around 8:30 after missing the morning rush.  He had a stern determination and will to make Ross proud along with himself.  The first attempt was met with a pleasant rejection of ‘not what we are looking for’.  Not too dejected, he drove to the second place on his list with ‘we’ll get back to you’ response.  By now, he knew the responses and fully expected them but knew one would open up for him.  He ate alone and then waited until 1 for the next attempt.  Once there, he looked around the office while waiting patiently at the retailer.   He met with the human resource person and did his best to put on his best face for her. 

“When can you start?” she asked after the interview. “From all you have told me. I think you will be perfect for the job.”

“Ummm… today if necessary.  I just moved into town.  Well, just got here and living with a friend until we can find a place,” Nate replied.

“Fine, see Ms. Hagood to fill out the paper work.  I have your number here and when you are processed, I will call you,” she said.

Nate closed his eyes, “Thank you so very much!  I won’t disappoint you.”

He followed her out and began filling out the necessary paper work for employment as an assistant in marketing at the athletic wear company.  Finally, his patience paid off and he got what seemed to be a great job though the pay wasn’t what he wanted. 

Nate let it sink in and wanted to call Ross in the worst way.  He wasn’t sure about the policy of personal calls at the hospital, so he would just wait to tell him the good news face-to-face.  Feeling energized, Nate went back to his room and decided to hit the road for a while to release his enthusiasm.  It was a hot muggy late July day for a run but wanted to funnel his energy into something productive.  By the end of the long run, Nate’s body was soaked in a good dripping sweat.   The room was now actually cold to him when he undressed and took a shower.   The next hour or so passed slowly for him watching ESPN in his boxer shorts.  

At twenty after six, Nate heard the door.  He put on his best face and waited for Ross to enter.  Ross entered and looked beat down.  He managed a smile seeing Nate lying shirtless on the bed.

“Don’t tell me you stayed here all day while I worked my ass off,” Ross said and undid his clothes.

“I tried,” Nate said.

“Fine, how many places did you try?” Ross said and slipped on some shorts to join Nate on the bed.

“Three places that I marked in the paper,” Nate said and put his arm around Ross.

“Keep trying.  Until then, I hope you will find some temporary work around here unless you are flush with cash,” Ross said.

“I’ll see,” Nate said.

“You promised me,” Ross said.

“Look Ross.  I just got into town.  The job market is tough out there,” Nate said. 

“Fine I see where this is going.  I told a friend about us and he said it sounded too good to be true,” Ross said. “He might be right there.”

“I see now how you really are, Ross.  You have the fuckin patience of a three year old along with the trust of one too,” Nate said.

“I’m sorry Nate.  I’m just tired,” Ross said and laid his head on Nate’s chest.

“You can stop worrying though.  I think I got hired by this sweet ass company today,” Nate smiled.

“I’m going to fuckin kill you,” Ross lifted up his head and punched Nate in the arm.  “Here I was worrying about nothing.  You didn’t call or nothing.”

Nate told him all about it and finally showed his excitement.  “When do you start? When do you start?” Ross said with his excitement now after hearing about Nate’s new job.

“They are going to call when the paper work is finished.  I hope very soon but Ross it’s not a real high paying job right now but I went with what you said with hopes of advancement.”

“You’ll do great.  I knew you would find something.”

Nate laughed. “Not more than twenty minutes ago you doubted me.”

“I’m sorry.  I’m starting to learn never to doubt you after you came to find me.”

“I just love you so much now Ross.  I want this feeling to last my entire life.  I was alone a lot today and just told myself I loved a man more than I have ever loved a woman.  I’m going to enjoy life and learn from the past.”

“Nate, I wish we could go celebrate this moment.”

“We can do that still and stay sober. Ross, just because I can’t handle drinking, doesn’t mean you have to abstain from it.”

“Nate, I am fine just the way I am.  If nothing else, you have shown me a great inner strength and determination.  There’s no way am I going to jeopardize your sobriety knowing you struggle with it each day with tempting you with a stupid alcoholic drink.”

“Ross, with you, I’m glad to hear someone’s on my side.  Renee tempted me every way she could but I stayed strong,” Nate said. “Now you wanna go celebrate or just stay here and fuck?”

“Let’s go celebrate. Then you come back and fuck my brains out,” Ross smiled.

“Now there’s a plan!” Nate said.


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