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Nate headed out in his used Civic for the 2 hour drive south.  His sole intention was to surprise his older brother Nick with a visit the Friday after Nick’s 25th birthday.  He jammed out to his Ipod during the trip and spoke to his girlfriend of 8 months on the way down.  He easily found his brother’s street and turned on it just a little excited to pay him a visit.  He drove in the drive and headed to the door.

Just as he was about to ring the doorbell, he saw the front door open.

“Hey Nate, what are you doing here?” Ross, his brother’s boyfriend, asked with a basketball tucked under his arm with typical basketball shorts on and a sleeveless t-shirt.

“I drove down to surprise Nick as my birthday gift and spend the weekend here with you guys,” Nate said.

“Dude, Nick left this morning for an art convention for his job,” Ross said.

“Dammit!” Nate said loudly. “You mean to tell me I drove 2 hours and he’s not here!”

“Yeah, you should have called first,” Ross said almost laughingly and bounced the ball once.

Nate took a deep breath, “I guess I’ll just drive back.  Renee was gone this weekend to her parents’ house, so I just knew this would be a perfect weekend to reconnect a little with Nick.  I just barely saw him at my college graduation two weeks ago and wanted just to hang with him while I had the chance.”

Ross stepped back inside.  “Nate, I suppose you could just crash here for the night and leave in the morning.”

“Since I’m already here, I might as well.  I don’t think Nick will mind and might feel safe with me here,” Nate laughed.

“He will.  You wanna go shoot some hoops with me down at the park?” Ross asked.

“I could do that.  Let me grab my bag and change right quick,” Nate said.  “I still don’t see how you two stay together being so different.  Nick hates sports more than anyone I know where you are one sport after another like a straight guy.”

“They do say opposites attract,” Ross replied while Nate grabbed his bag from his car and headed in to change.  Ross waited patiently while Nate changed.  They got in Nate’s car and made the short distance to a nice nearby park.  They waited a few minutes until a court cleared.  Ross dribbled around and displayed his talents before throwing up a left handed jumper from 12 feet.  The ball hit nothing but the bottom of the net and fell softly into Nate’s hands.

“Are you sure your Nick’s boy?” Nate laughed and fired up a shot from about the same distance as Ross. The ball just rang off the rim and sent Ross chancing the ball off the court.

“Yeah, I thought you were the all-star jock of the family,” Ross gigged Nate and drained another shot.

“Let me get warm and I’ll school your ass in a little one-on-one,” Nate said and continued to try to find his shot.

“I like a little one-on-one with your brother but not on the basketball court,” Ross laughed and swatted away the ball from Nate’s hands.

“Way too much info, Ross,” Nate laughed and finally felt adjusted to the basket.  He tossed off his shirt to a corner as did Ross.  Nate looked at the athletic body of his brother’s boyfriend while Ross did the same.

“I can see by your bod you are the athletic one in the family,” Ross laughed.

“Enough from the gay boy, let’s play some ball,” Nate said.

Half court was the game with make it take it rules.  Ross took the ball first, pumped faked, which got Nate off his feet, and drove to the basket for an easy lay-up.  Nate just looked at Ross and felt his competitive spirit kick in.  The first game ended in a rout with Ross winning 10-3.

“Alright, I’m good and warmed up now,” Nate said after taking his beat down.

“I thought you said that before the first game,” Ross replied with a chuckle.

“I’ll show your ass up these next two games,” Nate said with his knees bent.  Sweat dripped down his chest while Ross dribbled around and made a move behind his back to free himself for an easy 15 footer.  Nate clapped his hands, “No more easy shit for you the rest of the tonight.”

“Keep talking shit, Nate.  It just makes me play that much harder,” Ross said.  The second game was closer but Ross took it 10-7.

Nate was breathing hard and his hands on knees, “I’ll hand it to Ross. You’re damn good.”

“Thanks.  Even for a gay boy?” Ross laughed.

“Gay or not, you’re good,” Nate said. “I think I just got my ass schooled big time.  Let’s call it a night before I break a leg or something.”

“That’s cool with me,” Ross said.  “Hey thanks for coming to play with me.  Nick never does anything like that with me.”

“No problem,” Nate said and wiped his sweaty blond bangs from his face.  They grabbed their shirts and used them to wipe the sweat from their bodies before heading back to his brother’s house.

They both hit the showers the second the walked in.  Ross showed Nate where everything was placed in the little used guest bathroom and left Nate to shower.  Ross headed to his and Nick’s bathroom to do the same. 

Both finished near the same time.  “You care?” Nate asked about his shirtless appearance.

“Hell no.  It beats seeing your brother’s skinny body,” Ross laughed and just dressed in shorts and boxer briefs. 

“Ross, what’s for dinner?” Nate asked while drinking some water.

“I have some T-bones to grill if that sounds appetizing,” Ross smiled.

“Hell yeah.  It actually sounds fire,” Nate replied and eyed the two T-bones.

“So much for having them both nights,” Ross laughed.

“If those were yours, we can always go out and grab something.  I was planning on treating Nick to dinner tonight,” Nate said.

“No this is fine.  I actually like grilling out.  Your brother is a veggie so this is a treat for me,” Ross said.

“I forgot totally about that.  No wonder he is still skin and bones even at 25.  He needs to get some real meat in his body and fatten up just a little bit,” Nate said.

“I feed him my meat all the time,” Ross grabbed his crotch in jest.

“Fucking shit, Ross!  I didn’t come to hear about my brother’s sex life with you,” Nate said. “Here let me tell you about how Renee wore my ass out last night since we were going to be apart.  She moaned for at least a good 20 minutes while I was boning the hell out of her.”

“Alright Nate, I see your point.  Nasty dude!!” Ross slung his brown hair in disgust.  “All I have to go with this is just a green salad.  Is that cool?”

“I’ll eat whatever.  Just cook my steak medium rare,” Nate said.

“Perfect!” Ross replied and began prepping the steaks. “There’s beer in the frig or we have some vodka and gin over here if you want something stronger.”

Nate just looked at him with a blank stare, “I didn’t go to rehab for fun.”

“Oh shit, I totally forgot about that since what’s it been now two years?”

“Yeah, one year, ten months and eleven days if you want to be exact.”

“Nate I’m sorry for even suggesting it.”

“It’s cool.  I guess you could forget something like that.  I think you and Nick just started dating then too.”

“Well we dated for 3 months before that.  That was about the time I moved in with him.”

Ross finally finished preparing the steaks and took them to the grill.  He started the grill and sat down at their patio table with Nick.

“How in the world did you get Nick out here to do all this?  It really looks great out here now,” Nate said and scanned the landscaped area with even a nice waterfall in the back.

“He likes working out in the yard now.  It took some prodding but he’s finally coming around.  He says it gets his mind off his work,” Ross said.

“I know this was some kind of project back here,” Nate commented.

“It took us almost 5 months to fully complete,” Ross said and heard his cell phone ringing inside.  He raced inside to grab just at the last instant.  It was Nick just checking in.  Ross made him guess who was there as Ross signaled in Nate.  Nick guessed everyone they knew until Ross finally told him it was his brother.  Nate got on the line and wished his brother a belated happy birthday.  They talked while Ross started the steaks.  Both were disappointed in the missing of each other.  The steaks were cooked and ready to be eaten when Nate and Nick finished their conversation.

Nate and Ross devoured the steaks and salad while talking about Nick as the sun began to set.  They finished the meal with Ross cleaning up afterwards.

“Ross, it is such a nice night you wanna just stay outside for a little while?” Nate asked.

“Yeah, let me finish cleaning up and we can do that,” Ross replied.  He finished and put the dirty dishes to wash.  He found Nate sitting in a lounge chair and pulled the other close to him on the calm refreshing night with a partial moon peeking out from behind the clouds.

“Ross, this is really great,” Nate remarked with his hands behind his head.

“Yes it is.  Thanks for staying and not going back,” Ross said and stared at Nate’s firm body.

“No problem.  Even though you kicked my ass on the court, it was a lot of fun,” Nate said.

“Probably as much fun as I’ve had in a while,” Ross commented.

“I’m sure you and Nick have your own fun but it different ways.  I’m not talking about in bed either.”

“Sometimes we do.  I guess it was so much fun because it was so different.”

“So are you and Nick having problems?”

“Not really but Nate, I’m…”

“Go on.  Spit it out.”

“I’m bored and about ready to move on.  Nick’s a great guy but that little flame we’ve had is about to the end of its wick.”

“I see where you’re coming from.  I’m actually surprised he had held on to you this long.  Ross, if I don’t mind saying, you’re a…”

“Like you told me, go on.  I need to hear if it’s good.”

“Well, you are sort of hot.”

“Thanks Nate, you are smoking hot yourself.”

Nate saw where this was going, “So, you think its over, huh?”

“Maybe.  I think Nick is fucking around on me with the guy he went to the convention with.”

“I don’t think he would do that.  He adores you to death.”

“Nate, I’ve about quitting caring and worrying about it.  If he is, so be it.  I’ll just move on and chalk this up to experience. Truthfully our sex life right now is shit.  We are lucky to have sex two nights a week.  Either he comes up with a lame excuse or me or one of us falls asleep before the other comes to bed.”

“That is a problem there Ross,” Nate said.  “I just thought Renee and I were going through some rough times.  We do have sex at least 4 times a week that is if you count the back to back nights on the weekend.  Our problem is Renee’s ready for kids and is dieing to get knocked up by me.”

“Wow that is a problem.  Being gay that’s the least of our worries,” Ross laughed.  He put his hand on Nate’s hand to gauge his reaction.  Nate didn’t say a word about it.

“That’s where you gay guys are lucky.  A kid is the last thing I need when I’m still looking for a good job.  So much for a college degree landing me a sweet job.”

“You’ll find one, Nate,” Ross continued to have his hand on Nate’s.

“I can’t believe I’m out here telling my brother’s boy this shit,” Nate said.

“We both have our problems.  Maybe its good therapy for both of us,” Ross ran his hand up Nate’s arm and felt his biceps.  Nate felt it and just smiled.

“If this arm rest wasn’t here, I’d be all over your ass right now,” Nate said.

Ross quickly withdrew his hand, “I just got carried away.  Sorry Nate!”

“No, I liked that shit.  Renee has since stopped telling how hot I was and now just tells me every fault I have.  She does her best to get me off the wagon!”

Ross got up and headed straight for Nate.  Nate grabbed him and pulled him close.  Their lips meet and sparks flew.  Ross was on top of Nate kissing him with recklessly while Nate grabbed Ross’ ass with both hands. He pushed down the back of Ross’ shorts and grabbed his bare ass with a tight squeeze. 

“You wanna go inside to get more comfortable?” Nate asked after a brief pause.

“Fuck no.  This is so exciting.  I can’t tell you the last time me and your brother did anything outside our bedroom.”

“What about…”

“Fuck both of them, Nate. It is just you and me right now unless you aren’t ready for this,” Ross looked into Nate’s eyes.

“I’m so fucking ready for this shit, it’s so unreal fuckin real!  Right now I don’t give a fuck if you do have a dick, I want your ass so bad now!” Nate replied and quickly pulled off Ross’ shorts.

“Is this your first time with a guy?” Ross asked while taking off Nate’s shorts and boxers.

“No, I did some crazy ass shit before I got sober including fuckin around with guys,” Nate said. “This is the first time where drugs or alcohol weren’t in me.”  He looked down and saw Ross with both of their cocks in his hand.  He smiled at Ross when he saw his cock was a good two inches bigger than Ross’s 6 inches.  Ross slid down kissing Nate’s torso until he reached Nate’s cock. He licked it up and down while cupping Nate’s hairy nuts in his hand.  He opened his mouth and sucked Nate’s head for second and tongued it as well.  Nate threw his hands back to enjoy the moment.  He went down further and further until reaching the base of Nate’s now hard cock.

“Son of a bitch!” Nate screamed.  Ross looked up at him and continued to enjoy working on Nate’s cock.  Nate put his hands on Ross’ bare shoulders and slightly massaged them while a slight moan of pleasure escaped his lips.

Ross stopped with Nate’s cock in his hand, “Feel good?”

“Boy does it ever,” Nate said quickly. 

Ross continued to suck, lick and kiss the cock before him.  He stopped and pulled up for a sweet kiss. “You wanna join the fun?” he asked.

“I’m so horny right now.  I’ll give it a try,” Nate said. 

They switched positions.  Nate kissed Ross’ firm stomach and grabbed Ross’ cock.  He closed his eyes to taste Ross.  He wanted to withdraw but continued until he opened his mouth and sucked Ross’ cock.  Ross ran his fingers through Nate’s blond hair.  Nate stopped for a second and caught his breath.

“You’re doing fine,” Ross encouraged.

Nate went back down and sucked him.  He soon felt him pumping his cock in and out of his mouth.  He grabbed Ross’ ass for support while literally getting face fucked.  He endured it for a short time and pulled off.  He climbed on top of Ross and just stared at him.  “Can fuck you?” Nate asked with a kiss that was filled with tongue.

Again they switched positions.  Ross soaked Nate’s cock in saliva.  He reached under him and found the wet cock.  He slowly felt it slid into his hole.  The feeling sent shivers down his spine and raised goose bumps all over his body.  Nate just watched calmly and adjusted slightly for more comfort.  Ross slowly rode the hard cock with the night air filling his lungs.  Nate could now feel his cock being ridden and enjoyed watching his brother’s boy doing so.

“OOOO, this feels so good,” Ross moaned and leaned back on his hands.

Nate continued to watch while his hand stroked his lover for the night’s cock.  Ross rotated his ass while Nate’s cock was deep.  Nate let out his own moan over the sensation.

“You like fucking my ass?” Ross asked and leaned back up to ride Nate’s cock.

“Oh fuck yeah, I know you love my big dick!”

“Oh fuck yeah!!!” Ross screamed while slamming his ass down hard and back up.  Nate grabbed Ross’ thin waist to balance him.  Ross continued his joy ride before collapsing down for a kiss.  Nate grabbed Ross’ hot ass while they kissed under the dark night.

Ross pulled himself off and told Nate to fuck him doggie style in the lounge chair.  Nate got up and waited to see Ross’ hot ass in the air.  He fingered before sticking his cock back in with his feet on the pavers of the patio.  No more than completely in, Ross flung his head back in forth and started screamining, “Fuck me!” at the top of lungs.  Nate loved the excitement and passion Ross showed.  He slammed his hard 8 inches in and out to send his lover for the night into hysterics.  Nate kissed up and down Ross’ back while loving the great feeling that he was receiving.  Ross moaned and groaned loudly and without a care. 

Nate quickly pulled out for the excitement got to him.  Ross turned over quickly and watched Nate shower his chest with a creamy load.  Shot after shot hit Ross’ chest until Ross squeezed one last precious drop out.  He put the cock in his mouth while jerking his own.  Nate felt his knee almost buckle and just sat down.  He took over and jerked Ross until he exploded.  After the explosion, Ross grabbed Nate for a great kiss.

“I know you absolutely loved that,” Ross smiled after breaking the kiss.

“Oh yeah, more than I could have imagined.  You’re a great fuck,” Nate said.

They grabbed their shorts and walked arm in arm inside.  It was just past 11 when they reentered the house.  “Ross, I hate to say it but I’m tired as hell now,” Nate smiled.

“I’m too,” Ross said. “So much for you sleeping in the guest room tonight.”

Nate kissed him and walked back to the nice queen size bed.  Ross pulled him down for a great kiss.  Their hands explored each other’s fit manly bodies while being lip locked.

“I hate like hell you are just staying one night,” Ross said after a great make out session.

“My ass ain’t going anywhere until maybe Sunday,” Nate smiled.

“Awesome!  Nick will be home late Sunday so we got practically two days of each other and this little affair we got going here,” Ross said.

They got up and got under the covers of the luxurious bed.  Nate loved the feel of the sheets on his naked body while Ross went to the bathroom.  Nate was anxiously waiting Ross and loved seeing him walk back to him in dim light.

“Ross, I don’t know what’s come over be but you’re just the fucking bomb,” Nate said.  “I’ve never really felt like this before and it’s almost scary.”

“Maybe the inner gay boy is coming out in you,” Ross laughed quietly.

“Hell if I know but I sure love it.  I feel like I just lost my virginity again,” Nate said, “but this time I didn’t nut in a minute.”

“It’s just the spark of something new and exciting.  We both know this is taboo since we both have someone else at this moment, Nate.”

“Still, I need to be in more affairs then and fuck around more on Renee.”

“Same here,” Ross said.  Their excitement faded shortly thereafter.  Ross scooted close to Nate and pulled his arm over his naked body to cuddle while sleeping.

The next morning Saturday Nate woke first.  He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and stared at Ross’ sleeping so peacefully.  He threw back the sheets and made his way to the nearby bathroom.  He washed his wash and ran his fingers through his hair before heading to the guest bedroom where his bag still laid on the bed.  He dug and found some boxers along with some shorts to wear until Ross woke up.  He quietly shut the door and walked to the living room.  He glanced out the back door and just smiled.  He grabbed a glass of skim milk and headed to the couch.  He sat down and just looked around the room.  He could see his brother’s hand in every corner of the room and on each wall with his brother’s taste in fine art.  He searched until he found the remote and turned on the television.  He watched Sportscenter to catch up on the previous night’s scores and happenings in the world of sports.  He checked the clock and saw it was just past 9.  He then heard the bedroom door open.  He looked up to see Ross standing naked with his hand on the corner of the wall while striking a sexy pose.

“Dude, now that’s pretty fuckin gay,” Nate laughed.

Ross busted out laughing, “Your fuckin brother used to do this shit all the time when we first got together.”

“That sounds like Nick for sure,” Nate laughed and was soon joined by Ross.

Nate put his arm around Ross.  Nate leaned over and kissed Ross on the lips. 

“Any regrets about what we did last night?” Ross asked while taking off Nate’s boxers and shorts.

“Hell no.  I figured the kiss was my signal,” Nate lifted up.

“I was just checking,” Ross said. “Finally someone who doesn’t fight me to hang around the house naked.  Your brother throws a hissy bitch fit now when I go naked around here.  He’s afraid the neighbors will see us.  Like they sit in the window just waiting to see my hot ass naked, well I think one old fart does and the boy next door is curious as hell about us.”

“I wasn’t sure the proper protocol around here.  Renee is the exact same way.  She even sleeps in shirt after we have sex and makes me put on boxers.  She says it is so unsanitary.”

Ross just looked at Nate, “Nate, I feel as though we were made for each other and fate has brought us together.”

“You know just as soon as Nick walks in that door you’ll change your mind.”

“Not exactly Nate.  Do you think you’ll ever look at Renee the same way?”

“I doubt it but, dude, I’m not gay.”

“Keep telling yourself that.  Last night told me something totally different.  You didn’t shy away one bit from anything.”

Nate just looked at Ross, “So you think your hot fuckin ass can change me after one totally hot fuck?”

“I think maybe.”

“I think maybe too.  What are we going to do then?”

“I don’t know but let’s just enjoy your short stay here and figure out something later.”

Nate pulled Ross close and felt they did have a connection.  “Ross, how do I explain it to Renee then?”

“Don’t.  Just leave her.”

“I can’t.  My name is on the lease, plus Nick would never speak to me again for taking his boyfriend over one hellified hot encounter.”

“Fine then.  I was going to ask you to shower with me but since this ain’t going anywhere maybe we should stop and just say that last night was just a one time fling.”

“Maybe I should just get my shit and head back.  You’re totally right.  No matter how much I would love this to continue, we’re just kidding ourselves thinking something more would come of it,” Nate said with a tear in his eye.

“Yeah I think it is best too.  We stop now and no one really gets hurt,” Ross said and wiped the tear off Nate’s face.

Nate got up, grabbed his shorts and headed to the spare bedroom.  He messed up the bed slightly for a cover-up and grabbed his bag.  He headed to the door and saw Ross crying.  He lifted up Ross’ head for one last kiss.

“If this is meant to be, it will be.  Other than that, you will always have a special place in my heart,” Nate said quietly.

“Mine too.  Drive carefully,” Ross said.  He walked with Nate to the door and shielded his nakedness with the door.  Nate got in his car and drove off.  Ross sat back down and finally smiled. As much as he wanted Nate, he knew it was impossible to keep him.  He realized Nate was right and glad it stopped when it did.  He would have the rest of the weekend to recover and pull himself back together.


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