Posted:   June 28, 2009

A little departure from most of my stories...

Mason left his girlfriend’s apartment in shock and terror.  He slammed the door to his car and slammed his fist into the dashboard.  He was beyond pissed off at both himself and at her.  She had just finished telling him that there was a good possibility she was pregnant with their child.  It was Mason’s deepest fear, getting a girl pregnant.  He loved sex and had since he lost his virginity 3 years ago at the age of 16.  He had multiple girls over those 3 years and even more so out on his own and holding a full-time job.

If anyone is listening, I’ll be fucking gay if there’s any way Dena is not pregnant!” Mason cursed and shook his fist to the sky.  “I promise with everything I own if only she’s somehow is not pregnant!!

He started his car and drove to his apartment.  He was proud of his place and happy to have it even though it wasn’t much.  He felt so independent living on his own and doing whatever he saw fit to do.  He slammed his car door and headed inside.  He kicked garbage from the floor and pushed open his bedroom door.  He slung off his clothes to try and sleep this Friday night.  He missed having Dena with him and having her next to him that night while he attempted with all he had to go to sleep.

After sleeping for a few hours, he woke in a cold sweat and his eyes shot wide open.  He looked around his dark bedroom and sat up in his bed.  He wasn’t sure if it was a dream or exactly what but he had a ‘vision’ of a being telling him that his girl wasn’t pregnant.  The worst part was the vivid instructions with his cured dilemma.  He scoffed at his vision or dream and paced around his apartment for the next 20 minutes in the dark and naked.  He looked down at his cock and held it.  It was a good 8 and half inches when hard and gave Dena many moments of deep pleasure along with numerous other females he had fucked or let suck it.

Mason was able to return to sleep an hour later and slept until noon the next day.  He was waked by the sound of his cell phone ringing.  He missed the call and heard a loud knock at his door.  He found some shorts and went to the door.  Dena was there with a big smile.  Mason’s blue eyes grew wide when he heard her exclaim she wasn’t pregnant.  He didn’t know what to think or do.  He grabbed Dena and held her close.  Mason didn’t speak a word and vividly remembered the vision.  He let her go and looked at her.  The attraction was gone just as the vision had promised.  They sat down for a short chat before Mason was finally able to get rid of her with a lame excuse.

Mason was in a quandary for the remainder of that Saturday.  He was confused to say the least.  He saw his neighbor climbing the stairs in only shorts and lusted for him before slapping his own face as hard as he could.  He trembled in fear when he harkened back to his plea of desperation followed by his vision in his sleep.  The mysterious guy spoke in his vision. He told him he would now be attracted to men of all varieties and no longer have the desire to be with or have sex with women.  

Mason woke the next morning, Sunday to head off to his job at the plant.  The job offered an opportunity since he had no aspirations of college.  He knew the work was routine but still loved every moment of it.  He did his best to focus on his work and would eye some of his fellow male co-workers.  He wanted to cry but knew he was paying the price for his desperate plea. 

He came home from work and found his desktop computer.   He logged on and tested his attractiveness and to see what was going on.  Normally the sight of females topless with huge tits would give him a hard on instantly.  This time, his cock sat flaccid until he discovered the multitude of pages of guys in various states of undress.  His 8 ½ inches rose instantly with the images in his face.  He lightly stroked his cock until finding movies/videos showing man sex.  He found those very interesting and entertaining even to the point his cock was rock hard.  He stroked his cock watching guys do things he once thought to be disgusting and downright nasty.  He logged off after stroking his cock and was surprised he was able to not cum.  He achieved orgasm in his bed with fantasies of guys.  He tasted his own cum and enjoyed the taste.  He fell asleep within a few minutes.

He woke the next morning and looked around his cluttered bedroom with his eyes wide open.  He again had a vision during his sleep.  He showered as normal.  He grabbed his razor and shaved his pubic hair off just like the vision had said he would.  While driving to work, his mind flashed back with clarity to his most recent vision.  He knew there was little he could do to change things now.  He hated accepting the fact he was no longer attracted to females but waited in excitement to see if gay sex could be just as satisfying.

After work, he headed to Dena’s salon for a haircut he scheduled the week before.  He walked in the salon and gave his name.  The receptionist looked over the list of customers and found Mason’s name nowhere to found but Dena did have an opening anyway.   He sat and waited until he saw Dena appear.

“How’s it going?” Mason asked.

Dena’s eyes darted to and fro, “Alright I guess.”

“Sorry I haven’t called you back,” Mason stated and sat in the chair.

“How do you like it cut, sir?” Dena asked without a reply to his statement.

“Oh just like I always do,” Mason replied.

“And how would that be?” Dena asked.
It hit Mason right there.  It was another part of his vision.  It clearly stated none of his past girlfriends would know him or have any recollection of their past relationships.  He sat there a minute stunned before telling Dena how he liked his dark blond hair cut.  He sat through the entire cut in silence with an occasional glance at his old girl. 

He left the salon and headed to his apartment.  He opened the door to see it cleaned but nothing missing.  He sat down on his sofa and looked around in amazement.  Aloud, “What the fuck is going on here?”  He called the manager’s office and found it was part of a huge mix-up in apartment numbers with a local maid service.  He laughed and was relieved since this was not part of his vision but sheer luck on his part over the great mix-up.

True to his most recent vision, he headed off to a nearby park that was a short walk from his apartment.  Mason didn’t mind the walk and enjoyed the nice weather though humid.  He sat on a bench and watched the people doing their own thing from jogging, skating or just taking a leisurely stroll.  He walked to the nearest restroom to use it to find it oh so familiar and eerie at the same time. He used the closest urinal and heard the door open.  He glanced over his shoulder to see a sweaty runner coming his way.  The runner used the urinal next to Mason and stared at Mason’s nice cock.  Mason returned the glance and looked at the runner’s uncut cock with piss flowing from it.

“You like what you see?” Mason asked.

“Ummm… what?” the runner replied.

“You want my cock, don’t ya?” Mason asked.

The runner looked around the restroom.  “I do!”

“You wanna blow me?”

The runner walked over and locked the door.  He returned, dropped to his knees on the concrete floor and jerked down Mason’s shorts and boxers.  The runner grabbed Mason’s cock, “Very hot cock.”

Mason watched and felt the guy’s warm mouth take a small part of his cock.  The vision was dead on again and told Mason this exact event would occur.  Mason stood in the rather dirty restroom and let the guy suck his cock until pulling him up.  Mason dropped to his knees and pulled down the runner’s shear shorts and jock.  Without a second thought, Mason took the uncut cock in his mouth.  Mason didn’t mind sucking the cock and enjoyed his first attempt.  He seemed to be a natural and soon felt his mouth being filled with cum.  He swallowed the load and stood.  The runner dropped to his knees and finished off Mason in short order with Mason shooting his load down the guy’s throat.  Mason watched the guy rise and was greeted with his first man kiss. 

“That was great,” the runner said.

“It was,” Mason replied and pulled up his shorts.

“You live near here?”

“Yeah a few blocks away,” Mason replied and pointed in the general direction while looking over the runner.

“I would love to do more with you. You’re very sexy and attractive.”

“I would too,” Mason said.

The runner unlocked the door.  The two walked outside together and sat on a nearby bench.  Mason gave his name and number to the guy.  Mason found out the guy’s name was Tommy and lived a few blocks in the opposite direction.  Tommy said goodbye after they chatted a few more minutes.  Tommy jogged off and continued his run while Mason sat on the bench a little while longer.  He sat there on the bench to assess what had occurred with Tommy.  He found he enjoyed the blow job and was shocked to see how much he liked sucking dick.  He went back to his apartment with a renewed burst of energy and jogged back with his shirt off.

The next few days Mason fully expected a call from Tommy to really try full out gay sex.  He was surprised when no call came until Friday afternoon.  He readily agreed for Tommy to come to his apartment. 

The moment he heard a knock Mason was ready and not the least bit nervous.  He opened the door and smiled seeing Tommy dressed in shorts and a nice tee.  Mason welcomed Tommy into his place. Tommy was about 6 foot tall in his early 20’s with short dark hair, dark complexion and fit.  Tommy leaned over and kissed Mason to start the encounter. 

“Thanks,” Mason said. “I was starting to wonder if…”

“I know… I know but I was tied up,” Tommy said. “My girl hasn’t let me out of her sight.”

Mason laughed, “I see.”

“Dude, I need some action every now and then.  She’s waiting for our wedding night but fuck that!”

“I too had a girl not that long ago,” Mason stated.

“You did?”

“It’s history you might say after I thought her ass got pregnant,” Mason said.

“That can never happen between us,” Tommy said and kissed Mason again.  Mason grabbed Tommy.  He loved the feel of his lips and hands while they explored his body.  Mason ran his hands up Tommy’s shirt.  Tommy stopped and threw off his shirt.  He helped Mason get rid of his shirt as well.  Tommy pushed Mason down against the arm of the couch and started ramming his tongue in his mouth while groping Mason’s crotch.  Tommy undid Mason’s shorts and pushed them off.   He kissed down Mason’s average body with extra time exploring his nipples.  Mason threw his head back and enjoyed Tommy’s actions.

“Damn dude!” Mason said. “You know what you’re doing there.”

“I love a guy’s body,” Tommy said.

“What the hell you doing with a girl then?”

“I love both,” Tommy stated and rammed his lips against Mason’s.  “Forget about that bitch for now.  I want your ass! You are just too hot!”

Mason felt Tommy’s hand fish out his cock.  Mason rose up and pulled off his boxers.  Tommy licked Mason’s thighs and balls.  He moved up and licked up the shaft of Mason.  Mason let out a sigh and loved the attention.  He put his hand on Tommy while Tommy went down on Mason’s cock.  Mason ran his hand down Tommy’s spine and put his hand in Tommy’s shorts.  Tommy stopped long enough to get out of his shorts and boxer briefs to be naked on the couch like Mason.  He resumed sucking and licking Mason’s cock while Mason ran his finger down Tommy’s ass crack.

“OOOO man that feels so good,” Mason moaned.

Mason continued to feel Tommy’s ass and loved how it felt with a little hair on and around it.  He stopped Tommy for a kiss.  He smiled and worked his way down his new friend’s body.  He enjoyed the feel and taste of his skin.  He leaned over and licked Tommy’s cock before starting to suck it.  He felt a hand push his head down and went deeper on Tommy’s 6 and half inch uncut cock.  He could smell Tommy’s scent with his nose planted in his pubes.  He realized he had all of Tommy’s cock in his mouth and without any problems.  He sucked and licked Tommy’s cock like a champ.  He could hear his moans and groans.

Tommy pulled Mason up, “Fucking great, dude! I would love to have you fuck my ass!”

“Oh Tommy I would love it too,” Mason said.

Tommy found his shorts.  He dug in his pockets to find the condoms and a small packet of lube.  “Never can be too safe these days,” Tommy said, holding up the condoms.

“Yeah,” Mason said and hated wearing condoms despite his fear of pregnancy.

Tommy jacked Mason’s cock a few times to get it rock hard.  He ripped open the condom and put it on Mason’s long cock.  He kissed Mason before leaning over on the couch to get fucked.

Mason leaned over and licked Tommy’s asshole.  He did so without a thought and out of instinct.  He licked up and down and thrust his tongue into Tommy’s hair hole. 

“MMMMM,” Tommy moaned. “I definitely wasn’t expecting this but damn!”

Mason kissed both cheeks and tongued the hole a little longer.  He grabbed Tommy by the hips and lined up his cock.  He put it at Tommy’s entrance and felt it slide inside.  

“OOOOO fuck!” Tommy screamed. “Take it easy!”

“I’ll try,” Mason said and watched his cock go deeper.  With each slight movement, he could hear a whimper coming from Tommy.  “Does it hurt?”

“Hell yeah!” Tommy said. “I still love it though.”

Mason saw he was almost fully inside and waited.  He started slowly fucking him.  He could hear the groan and slight scream.  He went slow and could feel the difference in fucking a girl and guy.  He loved the tightness of an ass but missed the wetness. 

“Nice ass,” Mason commented.

“You like fucking my tight little ass?” Tommy jerked his head around.

“I do,” Mason replied.  “You like getting fucked!”

“OOOOO yes!” Tommy groaned.

Mason picked up the pace with his hands holding Tommy’s hips.  He could hear the sound of Tommy’s moans and groans along with the sound of his cock in an ass.  He leaned forward and kissed Tommy’s back.  Tommy turned his head and found Mason’s tongue. 

“Fuck me!” Tommy stated in his sexiest tone.

Mason pulled back up and felt his cock escape.  He grabbed his cock and put it back in.  He watched his cock going in and out of a guy’s ass.  He knew it felt so good.  With each plunge, he could hear Tommy’s grunts.

“You okay?” Mason asked.

“OOOOO yes I am!” Tommy said.

Mason fucked a little harder and was getting the hang of fucking a guy.  His cock would slip out occasionally.  Tommy suggested they changed positions.  Tommy lay on his back with one leg on the back of the couch.   Mason got behind him and slid his cock back inside.  He watched Tommy’s face and saw complete ecstasy on his face.  He fucked Tommy’s ass hard and could hear their skin popping together along with Tommy’s increased breathing.

“Fuck yeah!” Mason groaned and was enjoying this encounter.

“Just keep fucking my ass!” Tommy stated with his hands now on Mason’s chest. 

Mason leaned forward and felt Tommy’s hands pull him deeper.  Mason fucked Tommy into frenzy with loud screams and lots of great dirty talk to heighten the sexual excitement. Tommy reached down and found his cock.  He jerked it while Mason was punishing his ass.  He continued to scream, moan and curse. 

“OOOO fuck, I’m...” Tommy couldn’t finish with cum shooting from his cock.  Shot after shot volleyed high in the air and landed on Tommy’s body.  Mason moved Tommy’s hand and milked the final drops.  Tommy pulled up for a kiss with Mason still buried in him.

Mason pulled out and sat on his couch.  Tommy slung off the condom and started pumping Mason’s cock with a fury. 

“I’m close,” Mason said.  Tommy leaned over and waited for the onslaught.  Mason bucked and groaned.  He shot his milky load across Tommy’s chin and onto the floor.

Mason smiled seeing Tommy’s chin plastered with cum.  He put his arm around him while Tommy held Mason’s deflated cock.  “That was great!” Mason said in his bliss.

“Was it ever.  You’re a great fuck,” Tommy said and kissed Mason. 

They kissed for a moment.  Tommy needed and wanted to shower before he left.  Mason led him into the bathroom and crammed into the shower with him.   They showered together with Tommy kissing Mason all over.

They finished the shower with Tommy dressing to leave. 

“I’ll definitely add you to my list of fuck buds,” Tommy stated.

“Great,” Mason said. “Anytime you need that ass fucked holler.”

“I will,” Tommy said. “You like groups?”

“Sure,” Mason said but never had enjoyed that experience.

“I might bring someone next time.  He’s so cute and would a shot at your big cock.”


“I better run,” Tommy said.  “See ya.”

Mason kissed Tommy passionately before Tommy left.  Mason flopped on his couch and knew if gay sex was always this hot he might not miss fucking pussy. 

Mason woke in the middle of the night after another vision in his sleep.  He sat straight up in bed.  He replayed the vision that told him to enjoy life now but love wouldn’t come easy.  He was disappointed in a way since it said the visions were now complete but he would never enjoy sex with a woman again.  He knew he asked for it out of desperation but knew life wouldn’t be so bad.


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