Another fantasy chapter written by Andy... posted 7/28/12
Kris had been hitting Colt’s chair for the fifteen minutes.   Colt had been sleeping on the flight, but Kris wouldn’t let him get one minute of it.
“Kris, I know you are excited to be going back to Europe. Please, bro, give it a rest.”
“I am sorry, bro,” Kris said and tried to be quiet.  He was doing his best to be quiet; he looked kind of cute too. When it was closer to land, Colt tapped Kris, who had been listening to music, on the shoulder.
“What?” he asked. “I was being quiet.”
“Oh, Kris, I know. We are landing in a few minutes.” He smiled his most beautiful smile.
“Awesome. I can’t wait to try those wicked canoes out.”
“They are called gondolas,” Colt said.
“You mean those stupid breakfast bars Matt made us eat last semester.”
“That was granola. And no, anyways, I want to try something.”
“Colt, we agreed we would join the mile high club on our return flight.”
“No…no…I want to try and be your boyfriend…Just to see what it’s like.”
“Yeah, we can call it an experiment. I mean we made love a lot lately, and we do have some chemistry.”
“That’s true but you weren’t ready in Holland.”
“Yeah, I am not saying I am ready now either.”
Colt kissed him on the lips, just to show how serious he was about trying this out.
“Okay, but if there is one hot girl there,” Kris began, “our relationship is over.”
They landed at the Venice’s Marco Polo Airport in record time. It is midafternoon, by the time they got their bags and headed to hail a cab. Derek wanted to get them a nice rental car, but they both believed it was something they didn’t need.
However, when they got outside a man was holding a sign saying Stanton. Kris hit Colt on the arm hard.
“Look at that water taxi.”
They got in and gave the driver the address to the small apartment that Derek rented for them.  This place was located in the heart of Venice. They called it San Palo. It was small house right by the canals. The limo drove us to the front door, and the driver had the keys with him.
They went up the stairs to the third floor of their apartment and opened the door. Staring right in front of Colt was big screen TV in the living room. Kris moved into the adjoining room which was the kitchen and outside was the terrace. Kris laughed. “We are home, Bro!”
Before Colt could respond, Kris dropped his clothes on the floor by the stairs and walked up the staircase. “Get your clothes off and come on,” he yelled.
“I think I want to look around the main floor before I jump into bed with you,” Colt laughed. Kris smiled and went to check out the master bedroom.
The bed was a king size four poster, with mirrors. There was smaller big screen TV and beautiful night tables. Adjacent to the bed was a wall length window looking out on the waterway.
“Colt, get your ass down here.”
Colt, who had just sat down in front of a leather recliner, yelled back, “You come up here.”
“Let’s not have a first fight now,” Colt reasoned. Kris decided to appease him and go down to the terrace. Kris moved closer to Colt was. There was the afternoon sun in the sky and canals upon canals below them. The view was nothing more than gorgeous.
“Fuck,” Colt said.
“Tell me about it.” Kris walked up while Colt was taking in the view and pulled Colt’s shorts and boxers down. Colt didn’t resist, and helped by throwing his shirt onto the chair. “I love it here.”
“Yeah, me too,” Kris yawned. “I need a nap before we go exploring.”
“I agree.” Colt picked up his clothes.
“Do we flip a coin for the bed?” Kris said to him, thinking he was serious. Colt laughed and they both got into bed, and fell asleep.
It was about 5 hours later that Kris was antsy to get up. Kris grabbed Colt’s dick and put it in his mouth to wake him up. Kris had about 3 inches in his mouth and saw Colt’s eyes pop open.  Kris began licking and worshipping Colt’s dick.   He knew it would be a long blow job but one he’d enjoy.   Finally, Colt’s body tensed up showing all his firm muscles.   He grabbed Kris’s head and began blasting away.  After swallowing, Kris wiped his mouth and stared into Colt’s eyes.
“Thanks, man. That was fucking awesome,” he said and grabbed Kris for a long kiss. “Can you do me this one favor? Let us just have fun, just you and me, and not go meet up with strangers you find around.”
“I’ll try,” Kris did seem sincere.
“Awesome,” Colt smiled and they got dressed and headed outside to look around. They went out the back way, and there was passing by, a gondolier. The man pointed where they needed to go to request a ride.  It turned out to be a five minute walk to the nearest stop. Kris turned to Colt and became serious.
“Colt, I know you are frugal when it comes to stuff. Please, Derek gave a lot of traveler’s checks, and we are staying in a great location let’s not worry about money on this trip.”
“You are right, Kris,” Colt agreed and smiled. They waited and a gondola showed up.
The elderly man waved his hat, which they took as a signal meaning to get in. Colt got in clumsily at first, and then Kris got in next and nearly tripped into water.
“Americans?” he asked.
“How could you tell?” Kris rubbed his head.  Colt told the gondolier to take them where they could get the best food. They man nodded and they were off to a place called: “A Beccafico Restorante”
They thanked the gondolier and the maître de greeted them in Italian and took them to nice table looking out over the canals. Kris loved the water and enjoyed looking at the people going by. At the next table, Kris saw a guy their age with a friend.
They received the menu. Colt whispered, “I can’t read this.”
“Me neither, just order what is the most expensive.” Colt gave him a seriously look.
“Fine,” Kris said, and asked the two guys next to them if they could help them.
They nodded, and Kris said since they haven’t ordered that they should just join tables.  They let their Italian friends order for them. They had the finest pasta, and seafood they’d ever eaten. Kris was being his normal self and make small talk with the guys. Colt was being polite, but keeping to himself.
After the meal, Colt said he was tired and was ready to go back to the apartment. Before Kris could invite them to their place; Colt rudely took him to the water taxi and they made their way back home. Kris was not saying anything.
The moment the door closed, Kris opened his mouth to speak.
Kris didn’t expect that, and just shut up. “What did I do now?”
“You don’t listen to important things. I wanted to be your boyfriend tonight and for this to be our time, and you were giving those strangers more attention that you showed me.”
“I cannot help it.”
“You don’t have to say hello to any guy or girl who bats their eyes at you.”
“It is who I am, so sue me!”
Colt didn’t want to there anymore. He climbed up the stairs and slammed the bedroom door. Kris was in shock. He sat down on the terrace and tried to think of what he did that was truly wrong. He was always friendly. He thought of calling Matt, but he squelched the thought. He went up to the bedroom and tried to talk to Colt.
“I am sorry.” Kris said.
“Fuck you, Kris,” he said and turned away from him. After a few more seconds, Colt turned around.
“I am sorry, Kris.”
“Why?” he began. “I fucked up.”
“No you didn’t. I just asked you to stop being the guy you are. You can’t help it, being a friendly, bubbly guy.”
“You got that right, Babe,” he smiled and jumped into the bed. “Besides, If I wasn’t the guy I am, we would never have met.”
“That is so true” Colt said as he brought Kris closer to him.
“But, you wanted to pretend to be boyfriends here. And that was kind of rude of me. From now I am only going to think of you.”
“I think an apology is in order.” Colt laughed.
“I am sorry, okay?” Kris played along.
“Not that kind of apology.”  Kris got the message and went to clean himself up. Colt walked up behind and kissed gently. “Let’s do it in the shower.”
“Yes, Master!”  Kris laughed.
The next morning, Kris woke up with his arms around Colt. They made great love the past night. Kris understood that he will never be gay. He will never have the same love for guys that Matt and Corey have for each other. What he does have is appreciation for what love is, and what love can be. Kris will always be Matt’s brother, and be Corey’s best friend, but with this man right here he was both.
Kris got up. It was early for him. He didn’t bother with any clothes. He loved being naked. Nothing made him feel more alive. He went down to the kitchen and opened the fridge. He wasn’t the best cook in the world, but with Corey’s lessons, he was able to make some great egg sandwiches.  After finishing he brought the tray up to Colt.
Colt smelled the delicious food and laughed out loud.
“What did I do now?” Kris asked. Colt pointed to the mirror. Kris was standing, fully naked, with the tray of food and an extremely hard cock. Colt sat up and took Kris’s breakfast. They ate in silence.
“Babe, you made the best eggs. I loved them.”
“The day is just getting started, Love.”  Kris moved the tray away and started kissing Colt, licking his chest and fondling Colt’s dick. After Kris and Colt had some more fun in bed, Colt got up and moved to get dressed for the day.
“Nope.” Kris got to Colt and pushed him away from the closet where they hung there stuff. “Colt today, it’s you and me. We have three more days here until we need to meet the guys in Rome. And, we are spending it together, alone in this beautiful house. The only rule is no getting dressed.”
“That’s fine by me on one condition.”
“What’s that?” Kris asked. 
“I want to make love to you in every room in this house.”
“Done.” Colt took Kris by the hand and they went down to the living room and sat on the leather sofa.
“About time.” Colt stated. “Your dick’s finally got soft.”
“It happens from time to time.” Kris commented.
“Do you go naked at home now too?” Colt asked.
“Yeah, I do. Walt and Jenny don’t really mind. For most of my teenage years I always wore boxers around the house.”
“I go naked in my room at home most nights. But not around the house, I wear boxers too. However, this one time, I jerked off outside in the night air.”
“Yeah, that is fun. I do in the backyard a lot.”
Kris and Colt talked all afternoon. They talked about sports and Kris’s coaching ability. They discussed Matt and Corey’s relationship and the love the two had.  They came the conclusion that, when they go home, they’d go as friends with benefits. Colt couldn’t break up with Andrea and he wasn’t ready to commit to Kris.
While sitting on the couch, the attraction and desire to make out was undeniable between the two.  It started with a long wet kiss.  Kris loved it when Colt took his time and showed his hard body attention. Kris returned the admiration to his vacation lover.   When the time arrived, Kris loved giving us his ass to Colt.  He had grown accustomed to the feeling of being fucked and the thrill associated with it.   He loved riding Colt’s rigid dick and seeing the sexual joy he was giving Colt.   Colt loved the fact he could drill Kris as hard as he wanted and did so often now.   Kris came first and sent his weak load on his abs just before Colt pulled out and came on Kris’s muscular ass. 
Around lunch time, Colt cooked for them, and after that Kris rimmed Colt over the little table. Every time they fucked, it was with passion and love and hot sex. It was Kris’s idea to order pizza since in Italy they must have the best pizza in world.
Colt laughed when Kris had to answer the door naked. As Kris was not allowed to wear clothes to answer it, Kris got him back by cumming on his Colt’s half of the pizza. Colt admitted he liked the salty flavor and didn’t mind Kris’s cum in his mouth. 

Colt kissed Kris on the mouth. “I know, Babe. After all the love making we have done, I know your scent anywhere.”

They ended the day watching the sun go down on the terrace. Kris was holding Colt and slowly, unconsciously stroking Colt’s dick. As the sun went down, Colt said a thank you for the best day of his life.

Colt didn’t know where the next day was going to lead, but they knew it was going to be exciting.
Kris and Colt headed to a nude beach.  Kris is enjoying himself. He is smiling. Colt loved seeing Kris happy.  It is better than arguing with him.  Then again the makeup sex was always good. 

As they arrived at the beach Kris laid out a blanket on the beach. Colt located some beer and they just sat and chatted about their time so far.

"Do you think Matt has fucked Corey all over Paris by now?”  Colt asked.

"Probably." Kris was aware that they have been experimenting with more public sex.   Kris then looked over across the beach looking at the people around.

Colt hit him in head. "What?"

"Look," Colt said, pointing the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.  She had the most magnificent body and great hair.  They couldn't see the details being far away, however, both were thinking the same thing; their 'relationship' is over.

Kris smiled at the Colt, "I am dumping you."

"I wonder why," Colt laughed. He got up to go approach the girl. Kris grabbed his leg.

"I saw her first," Colt said.

"You have a girl," Kris shot back.

"She's not here."

As they continued to argue back and forth the girl, who was approximately their age, dressed and started to leave the beach.

"Oh, fuck!" Kris shouted in Colt’s ear as Colt was on top of him.

"What?" Colt asked, getting off of him.

"She's gone. Look what you did?" Colt argued.

"Who cares? Let's go after her," Kris said and dressed. They assumed she went to the water taxis. They made it to the dock and they could see her miles away turning left towards to the city.  Colt, still putting on his shirt, made it to the boat as Kris told the gondolier to follow the gondola.

However, by the time they got to the corner, they didn't see her.  They decided to head back to their apartment depressed. But Kris was hungry, so they stopped at a cafe to order an espresso. While Colt was paying, Kris saw the girl and chased after her. 

He got to a fork where several canals met and didn't the girl anymore.  When Colt turned up with the espresso, he wanted to know where Kris went. 

Before Kris could respond, he saw her in the distance and slapped Colt to come along. As Kris went after her again, Colt lost his balance and fell over into the canal. He landed on the seat of passing gondola. The honeymoon couple looked him surprised.  Colt tried to get up, but fell into the water. 

The couple fished him out and were nice enough to drop him off at his apartment. An hour had passed when Colt made it back to the apartment.

He was just about to take a shower when Kris entered the front door. He seemed sad. As angry as Colt was at him, he knew something that would cheer him up.

Kris looked at Colt. "I couldn't find her. I thought she turned up one canal but it was the wrong girl. And so I saw soccer match playing in one of the bars and had a beer to try and cheer myself up.  Why are you all wet?"

"Someone pushed me into to the water when you went to chase a girl."

Kris didn't seem to get it and Colt stared at him. "You did it."

"Oh, Babe, I am sorry. I didn't realize. Let's go clean you up."

"Okay. I want to go to Florence early."

"Why?" Kris asked.

"Later," Colt smiled. They took a shower and put on some fresh clothes. Kris stayed naked and gave Colt a massage as an apology.

Colt meanwhile found out when the train to Florence left and they made arrangements to take a water taxi to the station.

Kris was just deciding on what boxers to wear, when Colt yelled down to him that the taxi was there. 

Colt didn't tell Kris that he located the taxi that picked up the girl from the nude beach and spoke to the driver. He said something about going to Florence. 

Just as Kris was picking a hat to wear, Colt saw her. The legs were hard to miss and he told the driver to go after her.  Her taxi was much faster and they couldn't make up speed.  Colt laughed at the thought that he left Kris behind.

Kris was back at the apartment and heard the taxi boat off. Kris ran downstairs and missed it. He wasn't too happy about it. But luck was on his side as another water taxi was near and took him on board.

Kris wasn't mad at Colt. He wasn't quick enough and he did accidentally throw him in the canal. He made it to the train station a little after Colt and found him looking at the board to buy tickets.  Colt laughed at Kris.   "Sorry."

“Nah,” Kris said, “it was funny. I deserved it.”  Colt hugged him to show no hard feelings, and they boarded a train to Florence.
Meanwhile, I was enjoying my day sun tanning on our private balcony. Rick and Samuel decided to splurge on early morning gambling. I took it easy; I ordered a massage, and a nice breakfast.  Things have been great so far.
After we left Matt and Corey in Marseilles, as they were going to continue to drive to Rome. We were heading to our next port of call: Livorno.
The guys came back, and Samuel lost 20 bucks, while Rick won 60 at the slot machine. I was proud of both of them. We decided to head to a buffet for a quick snack before leaving the ship and our afternoon excursion to meet up with Kris and Colt. Colt had texted a few hours before, saying when we would be arriving. They had been there for an extra day.
We said we would meet for lunch at a restaurant Rick had known about.  When we left the ship and headed towards the bus that would take us to Florence, we were all smiles. Rick loved every minute of it. His regret was he couldn’t take his wife to be; Kathy.
As we moved through the small streets of the city, we saw some excellent sights: The first one was the huge church; the doors were tall but when I was close enough I could see depictions of some war drawn in gold.   After that was the streets; the walk way was as wide as the three of us if we stood side by side, there were windows and bikes and cats everywhere.
“Dad,” Rick called out to me. I still wasn’t used to being addressed like that. “Look at these statues.” We were standing in a square of some sort, and in each direction was statute. A man on a horse, but what impressed the three of us was the massive statute of David. It was the real one, but it had many replicas throughout the city.
It was approaching lunchtime, and we headed by small taxi up the few mountains where we came across this restaurant. It was an open concept; there were no doors or windows, the entire thing was outside, with a beautifully crafted ceiling shading us.
While, I was taking in the sights, a hand hit my back. I turned and Kris was there exhausted and out of breath.
Rick was beside me and asked, ``What the hell happened to you?”
“This guy,” he pointed to Colt who had made it up the last flight of stairs, “wanted to race me to the top.”
“Yeah, I thought I could out run you. You are a coach, not an athlete.”
“Fuck that. I am awesome. That is all that matters.”
Samuel who had come over from taking in the panorama of the city, looked at Colt.
“Is there any reason you are standing like that, Colt?”
Colt was holding his legs together in the classic ‘I have to use the washroom’ position. Instead of answering he went inside to where kitchens were and used the facilities inside. While, Rick lead them to a table, Kris explained that Colt was too cheap to use the paid toilets.
“What do you want, cheap ass,” Kris said as a way of acknowledging Colt’s return.
“Order me anything you want, Babe.”
“Babe?” I interjected. “Did I miss something?”
“We are experimenting what it would be like to be boyfriends, is all.”
“Cool,” Rick said, and pointed the menu. “Everything here is great.”
“You sound like you’ve been here before.”
“Nah, but I have been reading the menu and it all looks good,” Rick replied to Kris’s query.
We enjoyed our meal and I explained the story about why left I Paris in such a hurry. Colt and Kris just laughed. They weren’t shocked at all.
“Oh, my god!” Colt yelled in surprise. We all turned to one of the waitresses who was serving the table he was pointing to.”
Kris had the same stunned reaction. I asked, “What the fuck are we missing?”
“Well, we were at this nude beach, and we saw this gorgeous girl, and we spent all day locating her. We knew she was heading to Florence.”
Kris interjected this time, ”We did?”
“Well, I did, Honey, I just forgot to mention it.”
“That’s why we came to Florence so early.”
“Yes.” Colt rolled his eyes and completed the tale of how they gave up on her. And decided to enjoy themselves here until we came along.
Kris looked at his friend. “Go on.”
“No Kris, you haven’t had pussy in a long time. Besides, I still have girl.”
Kris put on his smile, and walked over to the waitress. They spoke for a few minutes and Kris returned rejected.
“Well?” I asked.
“Simply put. She wasn’t my type?”
“What do you mean?” Colt asked and instead of waiting for Kris’s reply he went to see what was wrong with her. We saw Colt get slapped.
Colt came back and kissed Kris on the cheek. “I understand, Bro.”
“I don’t.” I stated. At that Kris and Colt laughed at the same time.
“She is the spitting image of Matt.”
“What are you talking about?” Rick asked this time.
“If Matt were a girl, that would be him. I looked at her, and made some small talk; however, in the end I left before I cracked up.”
“I couldn’t keep a straight face, and she slapped me.” 
“That weird, eh?”
“Let’s say this,” Kris acknowledged. “I am glad Matt is guy and not a girl.”
With that, we ordered food and had a great day exploring the rest of Florence with the guys. It surprised me to believe they actually located some cool haunts and bars. We had a beer, and separated.
Before we departed to the ship, Kris pulled me aside. He looked a little serious. “Have you heard from Jess or Scott?”
Another fantasy chapter written by Andy.   It is during their summer break after their Sophomore year.
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