Vacation Away

This story is the sole possession and copyrights of me the writer.  No person or person depicted here are real either living or deceased.  This is one of my older stories I found still on my computer.  I hope you enjoy it.

Lance stood at the counter of the nice resort after driving almost 4 hours.  He patiently waited until a young blond haired woman came to assist him.

“May I help you?” She asked.

“Lance Thomas, here to check in.” Lance said.

“I will check for you sir,” she said.  Lance stood behind the counter and waited while the clerk punched up his name on the computer.  “Sir, I am sorry but I don’t see we have you here for this week.”

Lance looked puzzled at the clerk.  He went to his car and dug around his papers until he found the form where he had reserved the resort some 8 months ago. He handed the form to the young lady.  She looked it over and left.  She returned with a tall older man, who was the reservation manager.

“Sir, we are sorry but we somehow lost your reservation.  All we have at the moment for the week is a two bedroom suite, which will run you an extra $450,” the man explained.

Bewildered, Lance looked at the slip, “I don’t understand. I made this reservation over 8 months ago and now you are telling me that it is going to cost me another $450 to stay here.” Lance grew angrier as the moments passed.

“Yes sir. That is the best we can do for you right now,” the man said.

“Is there anyone else I call talk to? This isn’t right. I prepaid for this and I expect a room!” Lance grew loud at the horrible customer service.  Others looked on while Lance stood his ground. 

The clerks left and soon an attractive woman appeared.  “Mr. Thomas, may I speak with you in my office?”

Lance marched off and followed the woman.  “I am getting a room or shall I have to take further action?”

“Sir that won’t be necessary, I can see you are quite upset.  I guess since you prepaid we have no other choice than to allow you to stay in a suite.  I am very sorry for your inconvenience but our clerks aren’t allowed to upgrade without my permission.  We have a new system, but that is no excuse for this inconvenient mishap, sir.  You will be staying on the 9th floor with a view of the beach. May I get someone to assist you with your bags?” she explained. Lance just nodded with approval.

Lance was relieved that the matter was settled in short time.  He met a young bellhop who took his bags up to his room while he found a place to park. Lance made his way and found the luxurious suite with the bellhop waiting for him.  Lance handed him a ten and thanked him.  Lance kicked up his feet on the nice plush sofa.  He was glad that the little interruption had resulted in one of the top suites that otherwise was well out of his price range.  This was just the relaxation he needed after a terrible year so far.

Lance’s now ex-wife had filed for divorce 10 months before after a rocky 9 year marriage.  They were blessed with a cute 10 year boy but Lance now only was allowed supervised visits with him one day a week.  Lance basically drove his wife and son away with his steady drinking and drug abuse.  Looking back, Lance couldn’t blame her after what he had put them through.  He had been demoted at work over the past year as result of his on-going troubles.  He had booked the resort as an opportunity to get away from his troubles and try to relax.  Lance had to save every penny just to make the trip.

He went over and opened the curtains to let the bright sun fill the spacious suite. He looked down and saw a bustling beach filled with various guests of the nice resort.  He dug in his suitcase for his swim shorts and headed down to enjoy what the resort had to offer.

Lance found a chair and kicked back to enjoy the warm sun and nice breeze off the Gulf of Mexico. Lance was thin with dark hair and a dark complexion.  He could see how the abuse had taken its toll on his once athletic body.  He looked around to find the beach service and ordered a drink.  He was used to being alone now after living by himself for the past 10 months in his studio apartment. Lance enjoyed watching all the people comb the beach and enjoy the Gulf.  He watched while 3 young men took chairs near him. He figured them to be college aged.

The one nearest him spoke, “Nice place, huh?”

Lance looked around and realized the guy was talking to him, “Oh yeah it is. I just got here.”

“Cool, where you get that drink, man?”

“An attendant will be back shortly. I could use another one myself,” Lance said.

“So you here with your family?” the guy asked.

“Nah, I am here alone this week to get away. How about ya’ll?”

“We just graduated college. Ferrell’s parents set us up here as a gift to us for 4 long years at college. I am Mike, by the way,” he said.

“Cool, Lance here. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you. That’s Ferrell and the other one on the end is Heath. Where are those drinks?” Mike said.

The attendant finally arrived and they all ordered drinks to have while enjoying the relaxing beach front.  Lance thought the guys were nice looking and all but just your average college kids, who were about to embark on their careers.  Lance sipped on his vodka tonic while the others enjoyed a Corona. Lance wasn’t sure but thought he heard them talking about how cute some of the guys were that were roaming the beach.  Lance didn’t think much of it.  Lance noticed the one on the end get up and start to talk with a guy who was walking the beach.

After taking in as much sun as he could handle, Lance got up and started to leave.

“Nice to meet you guys. I am heading up,” Lance said.

“Dude if you want, we are in room 315 in case you get bored tonight,” Mike said.

“Thanks, Mike. I am in room 902,” Lance said.

“We might call you later if you want to go with us to grab something to eat or scoop out a bar,” Ferrell spoke up.

“I might like that. Just call my room,” Lance said.  He washed the sand off his feet and legs before heading up to his room.  Lance just lay on the bed for a while before dozing off to sleep.  Around 5 or so, Lance was awoken by the phone near his ear.  He answered it.  It was Mike asking if he wanted to join them for something to eat in a little while.  Lance agreed and headed off to the shower.  He sat and waited until the three came knocking at his door.

“Nice place,” Ferrell said.

“Oh, they messed up and had to give me this one,” Lance said.

“I wished they had fucked up our room. This joint is bad ass, dude,” Heath said.

“You ready?” Mike asked.

“Yeah,” Lance headed out with the three guys who were dressed in their preppy shirts and shorts.  Lance had on whatever he could find at the moment, a pullover Polo shirt and shorts.  They dined on fresh shrimp and snapper while enjoying some strong drinks. Lance enjoyed hearing the conversation between the three college buddies while they rehashed stories of their recently completed college days together. They headed back to the resort with a case of beer for the night.  Lance invited them up to his place since it was larger.   Heath brought some cards for them to play while they downed the beer they had bought.  By the end, it was fairly evident that the three guys were gay even though none of them said so.  Ferrell and Heath left early, leaving Mike there with Lance.  Since the beer was gone, Mike and Lance watched some TV together.

“Mike, I’ve got to ask if…” Lance said.

Mike interrupted him, “Yeah, we are gay. Is that a problem?”

“No, I don’t mind. I sort of figured it out on the beach. If I would’ve had a problem with it, I won’t hang around ya’ll so much,” Lance said. “I have a lesbian friend at home who has really been a big supporter of mine and a close friend.”

“That’s cool. We just don’t going around announcing it to everyone but none of us will deny it if someone ask.”

“So are Ferrell and…”

“Yeah, I got to sleep next to that shit too. They will probably be finished by the time I get down there.”

“So you don’t join them?”

“I have but they are lovers and I hate to interfere with them.  It’s cool though sleeping in the same room with them. I knew that shit when we planned this. I just figured I could walk the beach or something while they had their fun.”

“I see,” Lance said.

“You ever messed around with a guy?” Mike asked Lance while eyeing his crotch.

“Not really, Mike. Just some jerking off when I was in college with a couple of buddies after downing a few cold ones. It was just innocent shit, you know.”

“How old are you, by the way?”

“I will be thirty in two months.”

“Wow Lance, I thought you were like 25 or younger.”

“Thanks, Mike. I really do appreciate that or your ass is very drunk.”

Lance felt Mike’s hand on his thigh. Mike looked up at Lance with a big grin. Mike said softly, “I like older guys. I find them so sexy.”

Lance just smiled and figured what the hell. No one would ever find out if he had a little fun with a younger guy. “That’s hot, Mike.”

Mike leaned over taking a big chance and kissed Lance on the lips. Lance didn’t mind and surprised Mike by opening his mouth and letting them swap tongue. Lance ran his hands through Mike’s short brown hair while Mike freely roamed Lance’s back during the kiss. Lance had been curious what it was like to be with another guy for some time but never acted out on it.

“You’re a good kisser, Lance,” Mike said and slumped back on the couch.

“Well Mike I was married for 9 years,” Lance said. “You’re a great kisser as well.  I enjoyed it.”

“So you cool with this? I can stop anytime if you want me to,” Mike said.

“I have been curious any way about guys these last few months any way, Mike,” Lance said.

“Perfect,” Mike smiled and showed his white teeth.

Mike took off his shirt and then took off Lance’s shirt. Lance led Mike to his bedroom.  Lance started to take off his shorts. Mike said, “I want to do that. I want to see what you are hiding in there.”  Mike went over and unbuttoned Lance’s shorts. Mike stuck his hand down Lance’s boxers.  Mike smiled and then took off Lance’s boxers. “FUCK!”

“That’s what they all say. 9 and a quarter inches,” Lance said and saw a tent rise in Mike’s shorts. “My wife loved it until about a year ago.”

“She’s damn idiot for letting you go,” Mike said while holding Lance’s cock in his hand and marveling at its size.

“Well, I guess.”

Mike dropped his shorts and his A&F boxer briefs to reveal his hard 5 inch cock.  Mike kissed Lance before making his way down to Lance’s cock. This was the first time Lance had ever felt another man’s mouth on his big cock. He watched while Mike took it and started licking the underside so gently. Mike took his time with his wet tongue and licked Lance’s hairy balls.  Lance closed his eyes and took it all in while his cock being to rise to its full 9 plus inches.  Lance could feel Mike’s hand grip the base and take it in his mouth.

“MMMMM,” Lance moaned.

“Ya like it?” Mike asked.

“Oh hell yeah Mike. Suck it!” Lance said.  Lance looked down while Mike worked his big slab of meat.  Lance leaned back on his elbows on his nice comfortable bed and continued to enjoy all that Mike was giving him.  Lance moaned feeling Mike’s wet mouth suck his cock and then lick up and down the entire length.  Mike looked up at Lance and smiled for enjoyed servicing Lance.

“Damn Lance, this is one big cock!” Mike said after he stopped and his mouth grew tired of Lance’s monster. “Ya wanna try suckin mine?”

“Sure, Mike. I doubt if I am as good as you were,” Lance slowly made his way down.  Lance licked it to get his first taste of cock.  Lance did his best to imitate the girls he had seen on film and went for it.  Lance heard Mike moan in pleasure while he did the best he knew how.  Lance sucked Mike’s cock as long as he could before coming up for a breath. 

“Not too bad, Lance, for your first time,” Mike said.

Lance went back down on Mike’s cock.  This wasn’t near as bad as he had imagined, but the alcohol sure helped matters.  Mike pulled Lance up and kissed him.

“Damn Lance, you got me so horny now. I am normally not so easy but I sure would love for you to fuck my ass!”

Lance got up and found his bag. He came back holding a box of Magnum condoms and a bottle of Astroglide. “I wanted to use these here but never dreamed I would be fucking a hot ass guy!”

Lance put on the condom and watched while Mike got on his knees and presented his bubble ass for fucking. Lance lubed up the condom while Mike lubed up his ass. “I am hope it will fit,” Lance said.

“Dude, it will, at least I hope so,” Mike smiled. Mike stuck his finger up his ass to loosen up his hole for Lance’s monster cock.

Lance poked his cock at Mike’s pink hole. It rejected it. Lance tried again.

“Oh fuck, it is in!” Lance said and could feel the incredible sensation of being inside another guy’s ass for the first time.

“Fuck yeah, that motherfucker is huge, dude! OH FUCK!” Mike screamed, grabbing the sheets on the bed with a tight grip. “FUCK! Oh fucking bitch!”

Lance had always wondered what it was like to have his cock in a guy’s ass and now he knew the incredible feeling. Lance slowly guided it deeper and deeper.  He let Mike adjust to his size but loved the feeling of Mike’s tight ass as it engulfed his 9 inches. Lance pulled back a little and slowly started fucking Mike’s ass. Lance was overcome by lust and this incredible feeling of gay sex. Lance leaned down and grabbed Mike around the chest.

Mike liked the slower pace of Lance’s fucking, “Just a little harder, Lance. Fuck me!”

Lance slapped Mike’s ass before driving his cock a little faster. “You okay?”

“Fuck yeah, feels so good. You like fucking my ass?”

“Oh fuck yeah. It is so hot and so tight.”

Lance could feel Mike’s ass tighten and release while he fucked him. Lance knew Mike loved this when he heard the constant moans and groans. Lance picked up the pace and heard Mike scream.  Lance now was breathing hard but was thrilled with his first gay encounter.  He had found a guy who could take him. 

Mike wanted fucked on his back and flipped over once Lance’s cock left his ass.  He threw his legs wide while Lance placed them on his shoulders.  Lance slowly guided his cock back into Mike’s hole.  He watched a slight grimace of pain shoot across Mike’s face.  He pushed forward and had his cock buried deep in Mike’s tight ass.  Mike moaned while Lance began breathing audibly with each deep plunge.  Mike reached down and grabbed his cock while taking Lance.  The sounds of moaning, skin popping together and the bed rattling filled the nice room.  Mike pulled Lance close and quickly kissed him.

“Oh fuck!” Mike screamed.  Lance felt Mike’s ass tighten even more.  Shot after shot flew out of Mike’s cock unto his chest and stomach.

Lance pulled out and tossed the abused condom across the room.  “Fucking flood my face with your shit!” Mike instructed.  Lance felt Mike’s hand jacking his cock.  Lance groaned loudly and watched while his load was deposited on and across Mike’s cute face.  Mike licked what he could until Lance presented a towel for the remaining cum.

“How was it, Lance?” Mike smiled.

“Fucking hot as hell, Mike. Thanks for a great fuck!” Lance said.

“Dude, I loved it more than you can imagine,” Mike said. “You felt so good in me.  My friends might be jealous of me once they see the stud I bagged.”

“Oh, I’m sure they are having their own fun together as lovers,” Lance said.

Lance grabbed Mike and began passionately kissing him.  He never imagined being naked in bed with a guy and having hot sex with him but loved that he finally let loose and did.  Lance fell asleep with Mike at his side.

Lance wouldn’t sleep alone the whole week and learned a new appreciation for gay men.  They enjoyed fucking and sucking each other.  Mike busted Lance’s cherry a few nights later but Lance enjoyed fucking Mike more.  Mike and Lance did enjoy a great orgy with Mike’s friend the last night they were together. 

Lance and Mike never saw each other after that one week that they spent having sex at each opportunity.  Lance returned to his normal life after experiencing a whole new world with Mike and his friends.