Posted:  April 2, 2009

Zane and Connor entered Zane’s house after sharing a great kiss. 

“Son, next time, you and Connor be a tad more discrete out there,” Zane’s mom stated. “I don’t want the neighbors calling.  I am really starting to see something special between you two though.”

“Mom, the best part is I feel it can continue to get better,” Zane smiled.

“Let’s all hope it does,” his mom smiled.

Zane grabbed Connor’s hand and pulled him to his bedroom. “I have something to show you,” Zane said.

“What?” Connor asked walking down the hallway.

“You’ll see,” Zane said.  He opened the door to his bedroom.  There was a box sitting on his bed. 

Connor walked over to it.  Zane jumped in front of him.  “What’s the big surprise?” Connor asked.

“I’ll show you,” Zane said.  He dropped his shorts and displayed his low rise Andrew Christian red briefs. “What do ya think?”

Connor’s mouth was agape at how hot Zane looked in the briefs, “Fucking hot!”

“They look good, huh?” Zane posed for Connor.

“Oh yes, they do.  You look so hot, Zane,” Connor said.

“The best part is I bought you some as well,” Zane smiled.  He pulled out 2 pair, one Andrew Christian and the other Clever.  “Try em on.  I’ve been waiting to see you in a pair.”

Connor grabbed the two pairs.  He dropped his khaki shorts and boxers with Zane smiling at him.  He tried on the first pair, blue Andrew Christian.  “I like em!” Connor said.

“Take off your shirt so I can really tell,” Zane requested.  Connor pulled his tee over his head.  He put his hands on his hips.  “Damn, you’re a fucking god!”

The door flew open.  Connor froze for an instant when he saw Zane’s dad standing there.  “Who’s the fucking god, Zane?”

“Connor!  Look at him,” Zane said.

His dad gave a look with Connor a tad bit embarrassed, “He is a nice looking guy, Zane.”

“Look how it really makes his abs stand out and those cuts, MMM!” Zane said.

“Stop it! You’re embarrassing me,” Connor said.

“Both of you look nice,” his dad said. “Zane, I have some bad news.  Your mom just got off the phone with your Aunt Lisa.”

“And?” Zane asked.

“It’s your Uncle Mike’s 50th birthday.  You know how your aunt waits to the very last minute on everything.  She wants us to join them at the lake house to like right now to celebrate his birthday with Mom and Dad,” Zane’s dad said.

“Oh great!” Zane lamented.

His dad smiled, “Its adults only!  You are not invited.”

“Thank goodness!” Zane said and was relieved.

“We are leaving here as soon as Deb gets us packed.  We are staying the night and be back late tomorrow.  Can you men handle that?” his dad asked.

“We might just able to,” Zane smiled. “You have fun.”

“We’ll try but you know how your Uncle Mike gets,” his dad said.

“Yeah and you’ll be right there with him every drink of the way,” Zane said.

“It’s no fun to drink alone,” his dad smiled. “I’ll leave you two alone.  Connor, you do look nice.”  His dad shut the door and left the two.

“Was he serious?” Connor said.

“I hope so,” Zane said. “My aunt does have a habit of doing things last minute. This is not the first time she’s done something like this.”

Within a few minutes, the door opened again. “Guys, we are leaving and hope you will not ruin this opportunity,” Zane’s mom said.  “Connor, Marty was right you do look nice in those.  I bet the girls hate you now.”

“Maybe some but I don’t care anymore.  Guys are my thing,” Connor smiled.

“Yeah, mine too,” Zane said.

“It may be true.  All the best looking guys are now gay,” his mom said. “I know two which it is so true of.”

“Thanks,” Zane replied.

“You have fun and we’ll see you two tomorrow,” his mom said. “There’s money on the table if you find the time to leave and want something to eat.”

“See ya.  Take care of Dad,” Zane said with his mom at the door.

“I’ll try my best,” his mom winked, gave Zane a big motherly hug and shut the door.

“Do we have the fucking coolest parents or what?” Connor said.

“I think we do,” Zane said.

Connor retracted, “I have the coolest mom not the coolest dad.”

“Has he even spoken to you since that day?”

Connor shook his head no, “I don’t care if he does.  He’s out of my life as far as I’m concerned. Mom and I are closer than ever.  As long as I have you, I’ll be great.”

Zane ran to the front still in his briefs.  He opened the door to the garage and saw his parents were gone.  “Connor…” Zane turned and was face to face with Connor. “You scared me.”

“So it’s just us huh?”

“Yeah you and me, babe,” Zane smiled. 

The two kissed and made out while in the kitchen.  Zane reached down and pushed off the back of Connor’s briefs.  “This is going to be a hell of lot better than last weekend.”  Zane kissed down Connor’s body.  He loved kissing and licking Connor’s smooth tight skin.  He dropped to his knees and took Connor’s cock in his mouth.  Connor stood there motionless yet enjoyed the feeling of Zane’s mouth. 

“Fuck my face with this shit,” Zane pulled off.

“Good with me,” Connor said.  He grabbed the back of Zane’s head and shoved his hard cut cock in Zane’s mouth.  “MMMMM!” Connor moaned, feeling his cock slide in and out.  He looked down and saw Zane was nearly deep throating him.  Zane inched down further and was pleased to have all Connor’s cock in his mouth and throat.  He pulled back and worked the head.  “Damn Zane, stop right now before I nut!”

Zane pulled his mouth off and found Connor’s mouth.  Connor pushed down Zane’s briefs and returned the favor of kissing and licking down Zane’s taut torso.  He opened his mouth wide and took his boyfriend’s cock.  Zane moaned loudly and grabbed Connor’s head.  He tested the boundaries and wanted to see how much Connor could handle.  He heard Connor gag.

“Fuck!” Connor coughed. “I want to take it all but damn.”

“You got to open your throat up.  I read it on the internet.  Swallow and let my cock go in,” Zane instructed.

“I’ll try,” Connor said.  He put his mouth back on Zane’s hot hard cock.  He slowly slid deeper.  He swallowed and felt Zane’s cock in his throat.  Zane moaned and knew Connor had succeeded.  Zane’s eyes instantly grew wide and felt his cock explode.  Connor tightened his lips and took Zane’s load down his throat.

“Fuck!” Zane screamed in anger. “I didn’t want to cum yet.

Connor cleaned every last drop of sweet cum. “It is okay.  We have all weekend, dude.”

Zane dropped down and instantly started sucking again on Connor’s cock.  Connor warned first before he shot.  Zane didn’t move an inch and took Connor’s cum down his mouth.

Zane stood and was instantly met by Connor’s mouth and tongue.  The two kissed and held each other.

“Fucking insane, huh?” Zane asked.

“Yea, it was,” Connor said. “You wanna just stay naked for a while.”

“I don’t see why not.  We prance around in the locker room naked all the time,” Zane said.

“That’s one cool thing about our team, you know.  Really no one is that shy about being naked in our locker room.  I’m used to it after all these years and really don’t see a thing wrong with it.”

“I hate to say it but since Tom left the tension level went to about zero in there.”

“He did have everyone on edge and even before you rejoined.  The sophomores were almost frightened of him.”

Zane went to the refrigerator and found them something filling to eat.  Both needed to ingest calories during the season and could see where both had lost a little weight but had toned up nicely.  They ate at the bar before retreating to the living room. 

“I now can’t wait til everyday is like this,” Zane said.

“I can’t either.  I still can’t believe you are foregoing a great scholarship.”

“Connor, the way I look at is a college diploma from one college is as good as another unless we’re talking Ivy League here.  Dad told me the other day there really wasn’t much difference in where I went.  It would be nice to go somewhere different for the change of scenery but I can see we have something going here.  If either one of us was to leave, we would never recapture what we have going right now.”

“Did you honestly believe we would be like this?”

“I hoped since we both admitted early on we had crushes on each other,” Zane stated.  “Did you?”

Connor shrugged his shoulders, “No I didn’t.  I’m glad though things have worked out the way they did.  I seriously love you to death and hate being away from you.”

“I feel exactly the same way,” Zane said.  They kissed briefly before hearing Zane’s cell phone ringing.  He raced back to his room and answered the call.   It was Ben wondering what the plans were for the night.  Zane was vague with his plans and wanted to be discrete.  Ben wanted them to hang out and see a movie if possible since Kevin was no longer grounded.  Zane agreed and set a time.  Connor overheard the conversation and didn’t mind them going out with their friends.

At 6, Zane and Connor headed over to Ben’s house to pick Ben and Kevin up.  They were there waiting on their friends and jumped in Zane’s car.

“Where to?” Zane asked.

“Like we care,” Ben said.

“How about real Mexican or real Italian?” Connor suggested.

“As long as it ain’t expensive,” Kevin said.

They found an authentic Mexican food that they all agreed upon since the prices were right.  They waited for a table and sat in the bar area until they were called.

“We really need to get fucked up over spring break,” Kevin said.

“Yeah we do,” Ben said. “We deserve a break after last week.  What do you guys have planned?”

Connor and Zane looked at each other.  “We’re going to the lake on Wednesday if you want to join us for the rest of the week,” Zane offered.

“Sounds great but I don’t know,” Kevin said. “Are your parents going Zane?”

“No just me and Connor,” Zane said.

“I don’t think so,” Ben said.  “I am cool with this but not with you two going at it every night.”

“Do what you want,” Connor said.

“I bet both of you don’t want us to go so you can get on all weekend,” Kevin said. 

They heard their name called over the intercom section.  They were shown their tables in the back corner and waited for the hot chips and salsa.  When it arrived, they dove right in.

“Zane, you and Connor really don’t mind if we go?” Kevin asked.

“No we don’t.  I think it would be fun,” Zane said. “Mind you we will be having sex while we are there.”

“No shit!” Ben said, right as the waiter approached the table.  They each gave their orders for dinner.

“We’ll think about it and get back to ya,” Kevin said.

They promptly finished off the first basket of chips and waited for another basket.  Their hot meals soon arrived and ended all conversation for the time being with each stuffing their mouths.

They finished eating and were stuffed with good Mexican food.  “Where to now?” Kevin asked.

“I thought we were going to the movies,” Ben replied.

“We can or we can rent one and watch at my house,” Zane stated.

“Let’s go to the movies.  I hate watching a movie when my parents are there,” Kevin said.

“My parents are gone,” Zane said and started the car.

“For damn sure, let’s rent one then.  We can kick over there,” Ben shouted.

They went to the movie store near Zane’s house and found an action/chase movie that suited everyone’s taste.  As they were leaving the movie store, Rob, Calvin and another friend Adam drove up.  All three were casually dressed in tees and shorts.  Zane always thought all three guys were hot, especially Adam with his curly blond hair.  He knew all three were jocks and played football. 

“Hey guys, wassup?” Rob greeted the group.

“Not much, just renting a movie,” Connor replied.

“Hey you guys wanna come over and watch this with us?” Zane asked and held up the movie. “My parents are gone.”

Rob looked at his friends, “You guys want to?”

“I guess.  We were going to do the same thing,” Adam stated.

“See ya there then,” Zane said and got back in his car.  “Connor, you don’t mind do ya?”

“Of course not now that they know about us,” Connor replied.

“Connor, your ass got off easy compared to Zane.  No one has really given you much shit, huh?” Ben asked.

“I’m lucky,” Connor replied.

They dropped off Ben and Kevin so they would have a ride before heading off to Zane’s house.  “Connor thanks a million.  I know this isn’t your ideal weekend with me.”

“Zane, I’m just as happy as you are now seeing how I think my friends have accepted me now and maybe doing the same for you after a rough start,” Connor stated.

They drove into the drive and found Rob and the others there waiting on them.  Zane knew his parents wouldn’t mind if nothing major occurred.  Zane opened the refrigerator and handed out water and soda. 

“Zane, I want to personally apologize to you in front of all of us here.  I was a complete asshole to you earlier.  I’m sorry bro,” Adam said.

“It’s cool now and thanks Adam,” Zane said. “I hated that everyone dissed me but I understood.”

“I’m sorry too bro,” Calvin said. “From what I can see you are still the same Zane as always.”

“I’m different now since Connor here is my boyfriend,” Zane said and put his arm around Connor.

“Bros, it’s still weird but both you are some cool dudes,” Rob said. “I still have a hard time believing ole Connor likes guys.”

The door opened.  Ben and Kevin walked inside.  “We miss anything?” Kevin asked.

“We were just apologizing to Zane here is all,” Rob said. “This is totally weird in that there are 7 guys and not one girl.”

“My girl is out with her friends tonight,” Adam said. “It’s as good of time as any since she’s on the rag right now.”

“Yeah that what sucks about girls,” Ben said. “I hate it when I think I going get some and the bitch is on the rag.”

“Now there’s something Zane and Connor have no worries about,” Calvin laughed. “Ben, though you should try fucking a girl during her period, it is kind of hot.”

“Nasty Calvin,” Rob said.

“Yeah dude, that’s fucking sick as hell,” Adam said. “Kendra and I tried that shit once.  It was beyond nasty.”

“Zane throw in that movie you got,” Calvin said. “I hope there’s lots of T&A in it.”

“I picked out so there better be,” Ben laughed.

Zane put in the movie.  He went to pop some popcorn in the microwave while the intro ran.  He had 2 bags to share and sat in the floor with Connor while the others occupied the seating in the living room.  Zane put his arm around Connor without worry.  He was glad to have them all there and enjoyed the talking as the movie progressed. The others did get their wishes with a few topless scenes during the movie. 

After it ended, Rob and Adam raided Zane’s refrigerator for something more to eat.  They started talking as a group like a bunch of teen guys would do.

“Zane, what are you and Connor doing about prom next month?” Calvin asked.

“We haven’t talked about it but I’m not going,” Zane replied.

“You should now as a couple that you are,” Rob commented.

“Thanks Rob but I think it would really cause a stir,” Connor said.

“Just say you’re going stag, dudes,” Adam said.

“Everyone there would know what was up,” Zane commented. “We’ll do something together and miss it.”

“You should really go and fuck what everyone else thinks,” Ben said.

“We’ll think about it,” Zane said.

“Hey do gay guys really give head better than girls?” Adam asked.

“I don’t have a clue.  I’ve never had a girl suck me off,” Zane said.

“Me either,” Connor stated, right behind him.

“Trust me they do,” Calvin smiled. “I got drunk one night last summer at the lake and this dude blew my shit.”

“You suck his dick, Calvin?” Rob asked.

“Hell no!” Calvin exclaimed. “I would let a guy suck me again though.”

“Zane, Connor, here’s your chance,” Kevin laughed.

“I’ll stick to Connor,” Zane laughed. “He’s a challenge as it is.”

“Fucking sick,” Adam said. “Do you guys really?” He made a butt fucking motion with his hands.

“Yeah, do you fuck your girl?” Zane replied. “We’re gay.”

“He got you there, Adam,” Rob laughed.  They continued to talk and laugh at each other while Zane’s friends continued to help themselves to food and drinks.

About 1, the others started leaving.  They each told Zane they had a good time before heading off. 

After everyone was gone, Zane grabbed Connor and kissed him passionately, “I feel somewhat normal again.  That was like old times when we all used to sit and bullshit all night. Mom will be so surprised there’s no food hardly left around here.”

“Yeah, that was cool, huh? I think they accept us but don’t really understand what we have going here.”

“We did our best to explain our side but their straight minds couldn’t comprehend we do love each other and enjoy sex together,” Zane said. “I seriously think we’re in it for the sex and nothing else.”

“I damn sure am,” Connor laughed.

Zane playfully pushed him, “I like it too but I’m so in love.”

“We better clean up a little before we get busy,” Connor said.  They threw away the empty soda cans and plastic water bottles.  Zane wiped down the granite countertops.

They finished cleaning and headed to Zane’s bedroom.  Both were so ready to have sex and did so for almost an hour that night with Zane slowly making love to Connor for over 20 minutes after extended foreplay. Both could feel the love and was overjoyed with how great it actually was.  The room was now filled with the scent of cum.

“That right there was love,” Zane commented in his afterglow and stroking Connor’s chin.

“Fuck yeah it was,” Connor stated. “Our friends should have witnessed that shit and they would have totally got us.”

“I bet not a one of them fucks their girlfriend as passionately or as long I did you tonight,” Zane commented.

“I bet not either,” Connor said. “I loved every minute of it too.”

“I did too,” Zane kissed Connor.  Shortly the two lovers were asleep next to each other.


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