Posted:   March 24, 2009

With his sister’s call on his cell phone, Connor pulled over at a car wash and was in complete shock.  “Brandon, hold on.  I’m going to put you on speaker to let Zane hear this.”  Connor sat down his phone on the console between the seats and hit it to where Zane could hear this.

Brandon:  “Dudes, they found Tom dead this morning in jail.  He hung himself after breakfast.”

Zane: “No shit!”

Brandon: “No shit dude.  I’ve tried calling you all night.  Where have you been?”

Connor: “I turned off my phone for a little peace.”

Brandon: “Now you have more, huh?”

Zane: “Like we needed more drama but it is really sad and depressing he would even consider doing that.  Thanks for the info, Cookie.”

Brandon: “Peace out, bros!”

Connor hung up the phone.  He looked over at Zane. “Well?”

“As I said, it is quite sad that he would do such a thing,” Zane said.

“Everyone will blame it on you but he was evidentially a very fucked up person.”

“Very fucked up to hang himself in jail.  How pathetic is that?”

“I guess we can look on the bright side.  He can’t torment you any longer.”

“Yeah you’re right but still! It might take some of the heat off you at school next week and have everyone’s mind on something else now.”

Connor restarted his car and drove to Zane’s house.  Both were in shock and continued to talk about the continuing drama that was becoming their life since Valentine’s Day. 

Zane and Connor entered Zane’s house holding hands.  Zane’s parents were in the living room, talking and sharing a glass of wine. 

“I guess you guys heard about Tom, huh?” his dad stated.

“Yeah we did,” Connor said.

“It plain sucks,” Zane said.

“He must have really had problems,” his mom said. “People do snap all the time.”

Zane’s dad shook his head, “Jail is depressing and must have been a harsh reality when he came to his senses.”

“Still there are other ways out,” Zane stated.

“We heard the police were going to charge him with a lot of things that could have resulted in extensive jail time,” his dad said. “Zane, whatever you or Connor do, don’t blame yourselves for this.  Tom must have had a lot of issues that came to a boiling point and exploded.”

“I know, Dad,” Zane said. “I knew his life wasn’t great but still to hang yourself. We heard and knew he was messed up on drugs.  He really must have been so f-ed up in the head to do such a thing.”

Connor pulled Zane aside, “I better head out.  Looks like another pow-wow at my joint as well.  I’m sure your parents will have more to say as well.”

“I gotcha,” Zane said. 

Connor grabbed Zane’s hand and led him out the door.  “Despite all of this, tonight was special for me,” Connor said and tried to put a positive spin on the gloomy situation.

“Me too but what a real downer,” Zane said. “I didn’t care for Tom but damn.”

“I know how you feel,” Connor said.  He and Zane kissed out on the porch.  Connor got in his car and headed home.  He did his best to remember when Tom was actually a good person and all the great moments from last year’s swimming team. 

Connor entered his house with Cookie and Emily on the sofa. 

“Blows, huh?” Cookie stated to Connor.

“Yeah it does,” Connor replied and sat down across from them.  His mom heard Connor and entered the living room to join them.  “I really don’t know how to feel right now.  As much as I wanted to dislike the dude and the crap he pulled last night and everything else he was pulling, I do remember Tom when he was a good fun loving person back in the day before he got mixed up with the wrong crowd.”

“How does Zane feel about it?” his mom asked.

“He feels the same way.  Tom was one messed up guy,” Connor stated.

“I heard he had really been doing some hard drugs since he quit the team and wanted to quit before all this went down.  He was running with the wrong crowd for sure,” Cookie stated.

“This really puts a lot of things into prospective for all of you,” his mom said. “Life is precious.  It is sad when a teen takes his life and thinks that’s the way to escape the problems.  I’m sure his parents are beside themselves right now no matter what he was into.”

Connor didn’t feel like talking much longer and headed up to his room.  He turned on his computer and went to his Facebook page where Tom was a friend.  He read the things the others had written about their deceased friend.  Connor found the words depressing and turned off his computer to try to go to sleep.  He lay in his bed staring at the ceiling for a solid hour trying to sort everything out in his head.  He texted Zane to see if he was up.  He received a reply instantly and called Zane to talk with him to maybe help each other out.  About 3 in the morning, he hung up and was able to finally drift off to sleep.

Connor woke the next day Sunday around 10.  He went down to eat first before leaving his house.  He drove to Zane’s house so they could be together and check on the welfare on his boyfriend.  He drove up and saw Kevin’s car in the drive.  Connor knocked on the door and was let in by Zane’s mom.  He found Zane, Kevin, Ben and Wolf, a teammate, sitting in the living room.

Connor walked over and freely put his arm around Zane since their secret was out, “Did I miss anything?”

“Nah, we just stopped by to check on Zane,” Ben said.

“Yea, they came by to tell me that a suicide note was found,” Zane said.

“Really?” Connor said in surprise.

“The best part was he mentioned in the last part to tell Zane he was sorry for all the trouble he caused him and this wasn’t his fault,” Kevin said.

“Wow!” Kevin said. “What else?”

“Just crazy stuff like how messed up he was and now useless.  He didn’t want to go to prison for being stupid,” Ben said. “I’m censoring it a little. He said he knew no way out and not to worry about him.”

“Weird, huh?” Zane said.

“No, at least he took the blame off Zane and put it all on himself,” Zane’s dad stated. “I wondered if he left a note.”

“Yea, Rob called me this morning after Tom’s mother told him about it,” Wolf said.

“Connor, you think we should go over to his parent’s house and offer our condolences?” Kevin said. “We were his teammates last year.”

“I think that would be great guys,” Zane’s mom stated. “It would be a real classy move on your part and show you guys hold no grudges, especially you Zane.”

The guys all looked at each other and agreed it may be the right thing to do.  They loaded up in Connor’s car and made the short trip to Tom’s parent’s house.  They arrived and saw a horde of cars parked along the street.  They got out of the car and made their way to the door.  Tom’s older sister let them in and remembered them from swimming. They could see both old and young people were crowded into the middle class home to offer their sincere condolences to the grieving family. 

Connor spotted Tom’s grieving father in a corner and the group made their way to say something. 

Tom’s father spotted them and instantly gravitated to Zane.  He grabbed Zane and gave him a big hug. “I heard what terrible thing he did to you.  He wrote to tell you he was sorry about everything,” Tom’s father cried on Zane’s shoulder. “Please find in your heart to forgive him.  I know how scared you must have been at the time.”

“I…I do,” Zane said with tears in his eyes.

“You are a good person, Zane,” Tom’s dad said with Tom’s mother right behind him to offer her apologies as well and how grateful she was to see him and Tom’s ex teammates being so considerate. 

Tom’s mother grabbed Zane’s hand and led him back to their bedroom.  She opened her dresser drawer to show Zane the suicide note.  Both Zane and Tom’s mother cried there together while Zane quietly read Tom’s writing.
Zane wiped his eyes and gave Tom’s mother a sincere hug.

The toughest part was over for Zane and now glad he had come.  Inside, he felt a lot better about the situation and was at peace.  He returned to find his friends gathered around viewing photos and being able to laugh some and remember the good things and times that was an earlier part of Tom’s life.

They stayed about 45 minutes and spoke with most of their classmates, who had stopped by.  They got back in Connor’s car to head back to Zane’s house.

“I’m really glad we did that,” Zane said. “That note was spooky.”

“You saw it?” Kevin asked.

“Yeah, his mom let me read it.  He was really fucked up in the head and talked about demons that were telling him to do all sorts of shit,” Zane replied.

“He sure changed a lot from last year,” Wolf said.

“Oh won’t school and practice be fun,” Ben lamented.

“I can’t wait,” Connor said sarcastically. “I’ll take my medicine now that told the whole world I’m gay.”

“Oh shit, you did,” Ben laughed. “I forgot all about that.”

“I feel for you, dude,” Wolf said.

“It wasn’t on purpose,” Zane said. “We were both frightened.”

“Still there will be a lot of people give you shit about that,” Wolf said. “Now we have two gay swimmers on the team.”

“Yeah but I’m still cool, right?” Zane said.

“You are.  Now I don’t think anything about it,” Kevin said. “Who gives better head, Zane?”

Zane turned to the back seat, “I do but Connor is getting better.”

“Fucking sick, dude,” Wolf said. “I don’t want to hear that shit.”

“Wolf, no one could find your dick in all that hair,” Ben laughed.

“Fuck you, I’ll shave it all off then,” Wolf laughed.

“Shave that goatee while you’re at it too,” Kevin said. “You look like you should be in college.  Coach has been after you to shave.”

“Hey, it helps when I need it,” Wolf laughed. “I bought beer two weeks ago and wasn’t even carded but it would be so hard.”

“Well, keep the goatee then,” Kevin laughed. “Sounds like it comes in handy at times of need.”

They arrived at Zane’s house in a different mood when they left.  Wolf headed off while the other four went into Zane’s house.  They told Zane’s parents about the visit and the letter.  After a few minutes, Kevin and Ben headed out.

“Connor, we are having dinner with your mom tonight,” Zane’s dad said.

“Cool, I guess,” Connor said.

“We need to talk a few things over such as where to go from here,” Zane’s mom said. “We are clueless though in how to handle certain things.”

“Your mom is being nice and polite.  We need to decide things like sleeping with each other and dating.  I know how the 18 year old brain works,” Zane’s dad smiled.

“Whatever you decide, we can live with, right Zane?” Connor said.

“We don’t have much choice, dude,” Zane laughed. “You can deter us but you can’t stop us from being together and having sex.”

“Zane!” his mom shouted.

“The boy’s being honest with us, Deb.  I rather him be open and honest now than shut us totally out even though he is getting rather blunt with this,” Zane’s dad stated.

“Yeah Marty but he’s too young to be really involved with someone at that level,” his mom said.

“I know I was at his age if not younger,” his dad openly admitted. “You told me…”

“Marty, we don’t have to be so blunt about our past,” his mom said.

“Deb, we can either force them to find other ways or treat them like the men they have shown us they are.  We’re dealing with mature guys here who seem to have a good handle of things,” his dad said while the two sat quietly and listened.

“If we were talking a heterosexual relationship, your tone would be entirely different.  Jennifer has a 15 year old daughter to consider as well in this equation,” his mom said concerning Connor’s situation.

“You’re right as always, Deb.  I forgot all about Connor’s sister.  It really won’t be a great example to set for her,” his dad said.

“You know we are talking about living together in college.  We can wait until then,” Zane said.

This came as a surprise to Connor since they never have talked about.

“Thanks for really messing with us now and throwing that into consideration as well.  I don’t mind you two living together and really think it would be great for both of you,” his dad said. “Deb, we better go get ready.”

“Can we stay here or do we have to leave?” Zane asked.

“Do whatever you think is right, Zane,” his dad said and left with his mom to get ready.

“What’s all this about us living together in college?  I thought you were going out of state,” Connor said.

“If things go like this, there’s no way we are going to separate schools.  I’ll go wherever you get in.  I want to be with you,” Zane said.

“Awesome, I do take my ACT again Saturday.  Now the pressure is really on me to score well,” Connor said.

“You better,” Zane smiled. “Now we need to discuss spring break.”

“What about it?”

“I was thinking you and I could go to my grandparent’s lake house about an hour and half from here.”

“I would love to but you think our parents will go for that,” Connor said.

“We can ask Kevin and Ben to go as well.”

“They aren’t going with us gay guys.”

“You never know,” Zane smiled. “I’ll go tell them to discuss that as well.”  Zane jumped off the couch and headed to his parent’s room.  He opened the door and heard a scream.  He quickly shut it.  He came back shaking his head.  “Remind me to knock again.  That was fucking sick.”

“No way!  You walked in on them…”

“Yes way!  I will definitely need therapy to get that imagine erased from my memory bank,” Zane said and shook his long dark hair. “Damn!”

“At least they are having sex and not getting a divorce,” Connor said. “I take they have a good relationship.”

“A very good relationship from what I saw,” Zane smiled.

They turned on the television and sat with their arm around each other.  A good thirty minutes later, Zane’s parents walked out.

“Sorry Zane,” his dad smiled.

“No problem! I should’ve knocked before walking in,” Zane smiled back.

“Marty, that was so embarrassing,” his mom said.

“Think about from Zane’s prospective,” his dad laughed.  “Now he has to get that shit out of his head.  Good luck, son!”

“Thanks Dad!” Zane said. “Oh I almost forgot.  Can Connor and I go to Gramps and Gran’s lake house over spring break?  We might ask Kevin and Ben to go too.”

“We’ll think about that as well,” his dad said. “Throwing Kevin and Ben in the mix will make easier except I think they were part of that big party.”

“Crap! They were,” Zane said. “Oh well, have fun!”

Zane’s parents left through the garage entrance.  Zane peeked out the window and watched his parents drive down the street.  He turned to Connor and gave him a wide smile.  He walked back to Connor and flipped back his bangs, “You want this shit?” he asked, grabbing his crotch.

“What do you think?” Connor smiled.

“I think you do,” Zane reached out his hand and pulled Connor from the couch. “I need some good sweaty loving.”

Walking down the hall, the two came out of their shirts.  They entered Zane’s bedroom with Zane locking the door, just in case.  Before he could turn around, Connor was on his knees and pulling at Zane’s jeans and boxer briefs.

“I want your cock, Zane!” Connor said.

“It’s all yours,” Zane said and felt his jeans and boxer briefs hit the carpeted floor.  He stepped out of them and put his cock at Connor’s mouth.  Connor licked Zane’s cock and balls with his watering tongue.  His saliva was covering Zane’s growing cock.  He opened his mouth and felt Zane push his cock in it.  Connor grabbed Zane’s hot muscular ass and began sucking his boyfriend off.  Zane leaned against the locked door and pushed Connor deeper.  Connor did his best to inhale as much as he could.  He pulled off and continued to worship the cock in his face.

“MMMM Connor!” Zane moaned.

“Taste so good!” Connor said, looking up at Zane.  He put Zane’s hard dripping cock back in his mouth.

“Fuck, you’re getting better each time,” Zane moaned. “Suck that dick!”

Connor groaned with his mouth full and kept servicing his beloved Zane. He moved his hands up and down Zane’s abs while blowing him.  After a good five minutes, Connor worshipped Zane’s thinning body that was getting more defined each passing day.  He tongued the groves in Zane’s abs and licked his nipples before finding Zane’s mouth. 

“You wanted this as much as I did, huh?” Zane asked while the moved to his unmade bed against his bedroom wall.

“Yes I did.  We both need this for our sanity,” Connor emphatically stated.  Zane pushed Connor onto his bed and quickly removed Connor’s jeans and boxers in one swift motion.  Zane kissed and licked Connor’s Adonis cuts at his waist and each defined ridge of Connor’s washboard abs, thanks to a hell of a lot of swimming.  Zane opened his mouth and took Connor’s 7 inches in his mouth. 

“Urggghh,” Connor moaned, feeling the wet mouth on his cock.  He leaned back on the bed and watched Zane suck, lick and practically make love to his cock.  He had no thoughts other than the ongoing action on his cock.  He leaned up and massaged Zane’s shoulders while Zane cast his eyes upward. 

“Damn I love sucking this motherfucker!” Zane stated.

“Feels so good!” Connor complimented him.

Zane returned his mouth for a few more minutes.  He pushed Connor back on his bed and spread his legs.  “Fuck what a nasty ass!” Zane stated.

“I wasn’t prepared,” Connor said and went to the bathroom to clean his nasty ass the best he could.  He hated the break but knew it allowed both to calm down. 

Zane inspected Connor’s ass and gave his approval.  He spread Connor’s legs wide and went down on his ass with his tongue.  He heard Connor’s moans while he licked and fingered Connor’s ass.

“Damn Zane!” Connor screamed.

“Feels great, huh?”

“I’ll say!”

Zane pulled Connor for a kiss. “Can I fuck you?”

“Hell yeah, I really wanted to get fucked.”

Zane smiled and reached for the condoms and lube.  He pulled out a new box and ripped it open.  He took out a fresh condom.

“Been shopping I’ve seen?” Connor asked.

“I needed some more for us, babe,” Zane said and unrolled the condom.  He lubed it up and Connor’s ass.  Connor lay on his back and spread his legs to take Zane.  He watched Zane scoot behind him and marveled how fucking hot his boyfriend really was.  He felt the pressure of a hard cock and pushed out to take him.  He groaned loudly feeling Zane go deeper.

“OOO Zane,” Connor said.

“Your ass feels so good,” Zane commented while slowly going deeper and deeper.  He felt his nuts against Connor’s skin.

“Fuck me!” Connor screamed.

“You want this shit?”

“Fuck yeah, fuck your boyfriend!”

The two enjoyed the magical next fifteen minutes while Zane fucked his boyfriend to both of theirs delight and ecstasy, which at times the loudness could wake the dead.  Zane did get a little rough and fucked Connor hard at times but perfectly in Connor’s mind.  They did kiss a lot and enjoyed the incredible overwhelming sensations that came with great intercourse between two guys in love.  It took both a few minutes to come down from the bliss and held each other closely.

“Damn!” Connor said with his arm around Zane.

Zane exhaled, “If we smoked, now would be the time.  That was incredible.”

“I know, dude! That was off the charts!”

“Way off the charts.  I guess we both needed that outlet.  Who knows we might not be able to do that much,” Zane said.

“I know!” Connor said. “We will definitely find ways to be together and fuck!”

The two dressed and headed back to the living room to try to get back to normal before Zane’s parents and Connor’s mom finished their meeting.


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