Posted:   March 21, 2009

Zane and Connor headed back to Zane’s bedroom.  It was late after 1 at night when the two entered his bedroom from one long crazy day and night.

Zane went to his bed with Connor on his heels.  He pulled Connor close to him and could smell his scent, “Shit this is so fucked up.  Why me, Connor?  Tom will probably be after the rest of his life.  I’ve never done shit to him.”  Zane held it in as long as he could and began crying quietly.

Connor held his boyfriend tight against him and ran his fingers through Zane’s long dark hair, “I know you haven’t done anything to bring this pain and terror on you.”

“I feel awful now and reality is we both did something neither of us wanted to do by coming out to our parents,” Zane cried.

“It just happened.  Nothing we can do now about it.  Your end is now over where my end starts anew tomorrow.  No telling what my mom is going to do,” Connor stated.

“I’ll go with you if you want me to,” Zane wiped his face.

“No, I’ll handle it my way but be on standby just in case,” Connor said.

“I will,” Zane said and kissed Connor.  The two made out for a minute.  Zane broke the kiss and looked at Connor, “Connor, I wanted like hell to have sex with you after Dad knew.  I just can’t right now.  My emotions are fucked up.”

“Mine too,” Connor said. “I totally understand.”

The two lay close together and rehashed the night.  Both shared their true feelings and emotions to each other.  To sleep, Connor held Zane tight and both were in their underwear.

At ten the next morning Saturday, Zane woke up.  He lay there a minute and saw the whites of Connor’s eyes.  They kissed each other good morning.

“Hey the best we can do is now shower, huh?” Zane smiled.

“I can definitely go for that,” Connor stated with a smile and a little excitement.

They entered the bathroom and delighted in stripping off each other’s underwear to get naked.  They lightly stroked each other for a moment while kissing.  Zane started the shower and welcomed Connor in with open arms.  They delighted in cleaning each other’s bodies with lots of contact.  They exited the shower and saw Zane’s dad there in the doorway.

“Great night, huh?” he smiled.

“No dad, we didn’t do shit,” Zane commented.

“Zane, your mouth needs to be a little more under control from now on,” his dad stated. “A few words here and there are fine but watch there, son.”

“Yes sir,” Zane said.

“Your mom is cooking you boys a late breakfast when we heard the shower running,” his dad said.

Connor threw back on his clothes while Zane donned only a pair of shorts which he pushed low on his hips.  Connor smiled at Zane and told him how sexy he was to him.  They walked into the kitchen together and could smell the omelets almost ready.

“How’s my man?” Zane’s mom asked.

“Okay I guess,” Zane replied. “It was a rough night to say the least with a little bit of reality setting in.”

“Son, do you think maybe you need counseling after this?” his dad asked.

“What for?”

“For the trauma you had last night,” his mom stated and finished the omelets with cheese and country ham.

“No, I’ll be fine for now, I think,” Zane said.

“You think Tom would have actually pulled the trigger?” his dad asked.

“I don’t want to think about.  He was trying to scare and did a darn good job at it. I was shaking like a leaf while all this drama and nonsense was happening,” Zane said.

“He was and so was I.  I was scared too,” Connor commented before taking a bite.

“Crazy night, one crazy night,” his dad said and sipped the warm coffee. “I’m glad it is over and life can continue now though a little bit has changed to say the least.”

“Yeah a lot has changed.  This wasn’t my plan for sure to come out like that but now that it is over, we all can move on with life,” Zane said.

“So about Valentine’s night when you two stayed here alone?” his dad asked.

“Best night of my life,” Zane smiled.  He told his story about finding the candy with Connor all smiles as he told it.  He beat around the bush on the sex part.

“I get it.  It was the night you both became men,” his dad smiled.

“Exactly,” Zane smiled. “Now dad and mom when did you lose your virginity?”

“For your knowledge, our wedding night,” his dad smiled. “That’s all I’ll say about that subject for now.”

“Okay,” Zane winked and continued eating.

Connor and Zane finished up eating.  Connor knew it was his turn and headed to the door.  They closed the door and shared a kiss.

“Call me and let me know how it went,” Zane said.

“You know I will,” Connor said.

He got in his car and headed home.  A million bad thoughts went through his head.  He drove and put his head against the steering wheel seeing his dad’s car in the drive.  Connor walked slowly to the door and opened it to see his family sitting in the living room for another family meeting.

“There you are!” his dad said loudly. “I heard all about last night, you little son of a bitch!”

“Darren, you said you would be nice,” his mom said.

“Nice is out the door.  So you are fully fledged faggot now, huh?” his dad said to Connor as he entered the living room. “Jennifer, our son you coddled for years is coming back to haunt us.”

“Dad, calm down!” Connor said.

“Calm down, my ass!” he said. “You’re over there corn holing some faggot all night and thinks there’s not shit wrong with it. I think there is.”

“Fuck you Dad,” Connor boldly stated. “I’m gay and it doesn’t have shit to do with your sorry ass now.”

“It doesn’t, huh?” his dad stated. “You are a damn disgrace to me and this family for what you are doing and this faggot lifestyle you think is so great and grand.  No way in hell would I have ever let you sleep with that boy if I’d known you were fucking him or sucking his dick!”

Connor was shaking now and tried to remain calm, “At least he won’t get pregnant and I have to marry him.”

“I loved your mother then!” his dad screamed with his mom’s eyes open wide in amazement.

“Do you love that 25 year girl you’re fucking now at your apartment?  Dad, you ditched Mom to be with that slut,” Connor said.  The next thing he knew his dad was charging him like a bull.  Connor balled up his fist and swung as hard as he could. He nailed his dad’s fat gut with all he had.

“OOOO!” his dad moaned and doubled over in pain. He looked up at Connor to see him standing there in front of him.

Connor’s mom and sister watched this all unfold in horror.  “Connor, you did something I’ve wanted to do for years,” his mother said.

“Jennifer, fuck you,” his dad said, still in pain for the sharp blow.

“I wish you would have some time in the past five years, you sorry bastard!” his mom shouted in her soon to be ex husband’s face.

“I’m leaving.  You deal with this queer!” his dad stated and stumbled to the door.

“Don’t come to swim meets until you apologize to me,” Connor said, following his dad and still raging mad.

“I hate swimming.  I was right.  Swimming is for goddamn faggots and have a faggot of son to prove it,” his dad said.

Connor charged his dad this time and drew back his fist again.  His dad flinched. “Get the fuck out!”  Connor shouted, pushed his dad out the door and slammed the door behind him.  He wiped his hands and smiled at his mom. “Now is there anything you would like to say?”

“Whoa Connor!” Emily said.

“I love you and thank you so very much.  So how was last night?” she smiled.

“We had a nice talk with Zane’s dad and got a few things straight.  After that, there’s not much to tell after Zane broke down,” Connor stated.

“Maybe Zane needs to be on the pill now, too,” Emily said.

Connor laughed, “I’ll suggest it to him and find one for me too.”

“Oh sicko!” Emily shouted. “Brandon thought something was up.”

“Oh well, right now, I don’t care what anyone thinks.  Mom, Emily, do you accept that I am gay?”

“Connor I wasn’t sure and quite shocked when I heard you plainly say it.  There’s not much to do about it now.  You showed you were a real man and stood up for yourself when your father wanted to bash you for being gay.  I accept it if you are happy and satisfied with your choice,” his mom smiled.

“I guess I have no choice. Don’t ask for makeup advice though,” Emily laughed.

“I won’t.  I’m not a drag queen, sis,” Connor smiled. Connor kissed his mom, “I’m very happy hearing you accept me.  I don’t care what Dad thinks.  I think we saw the real Darren Gentry today.”

“You did and saw what I had to live with in silence for years,” his mom said.

“Did he ever hit you?” Emily asked her mom.

“No, he knew better than that.  Now he knows better than to charge your brother in a rage,” his mom laughed.

“He wasn’t going to beat my ass for being gay.  I defended myself the best way I knew how,” Connor said.

“Son, what a way to come out, huh? I’m sure it wasn’t your way to come out to me or anyone else.”

“Yea mom it was,” Connor smiled.

“Connor, how did you know about your dad?” his mom asked.

“I stopped by there this week to say hi and saw this girl there.  Dad was all nervous about it.  Mom, I knew something was up then.”

“I never knew,” his mom said. “It does explain a few things.”  She mumbled a few words under her breath as well in anger

“I didn’t think you did.  I would have kept my silence but he went way too far.  I’m glad that’s over now,” Connor breathed a sigh of relief.

“Aren’t we all?” his mom stated.

They sat the three of them, to discuss the night and all that had occurred.  Connor told all he witnessed from his prospective.   After he finished, he climbed the stairs to call Zane to fill him and ask him on a true date.  Zane hated to hear things didn’t go so well with Connor’s father.  He did take Connor up on the date.  Connor’s idea was to go somewhere to eat and then go anywhere to be alone after eating.

Connor dressed in his favorite shirt and jeans along with flip-flops and was ready to leave the house for his 6 o’clock.  He went downstairs and found Cookie there waiting on his sister. 

“Weird night, huh?” Cookie stated.

“Ask Emily.  Today was just as weird,” Connor said.

“I heard,” Cookie said.

“Connor is my hero now,” his mom said.

Connor pulled his mom aside in the kitchen away from Cookie.  “Is there any way I could stay with Zane tonight since you know now what is going on?”

His mom rolled her eyes, “If Marty and Debbie will let you, then I’m okay with it, I suppose.  Connor, don’t make a habit of this since I know what you’re doing with him. By the way, tell them to call me.  We need to have dinner or something together to get all this straight and have some sort of agreement between us for the future.”

“See ya,” Connor said to his mom and repeated it to Cookie on the way out the door.  He called Zane to tell him he was on his way and to ask if he could stay the night.  Zane said he had asked already but they said no.  Connor was disappointed but understood.

Zane was waiting on the front porch when Connor drove up.  He was smiling when he walked to the car in tight Affliction tee shirt and very low jeans with a necklace as well. 

“I need to come inside for just a minute.  My mom wants to talk to your parents.”

“Okay,” Zane said. 

The two held hands and walked inside.  Connor told them what he needed and left after talking very briefly.

“Dude, is that eyeliner?” Connor noticed Zane’s eyes.

“Yeah, looks good, huh?”

“Ummm… not really.  Looks fucking gay!” Connor laughed.

“Duh, I am gay and now want to show it,” Zane said. “My mom did it for me.  I think it looks sick.”

They got in the car.  “Zane, please don’t try to bring more shit on us.  It’s going to be hard enough as it.”

“I want to explore new things and be the person I really am,” Zane said. “Mom ordered me some of the hottest underwear you’ve ever seen today off the internet.”

“Now that I can live with and look forward to peel those bad boys off your sexy ass,” Connor laughed.

“Fine, I guessed you would go for that,” Zane said.

They drove across to be away from their regular spots.  They stopped at a nice hamburger place to eat and enjoyed filling their bodies with the juicy burgers and fries.

After eating, Connor drove just outside of town to a state park. 

“You said you wanted us to be alone and you meant it,” Zane stated.

“I want it to be just me and you.  I need to get away from everything and be alone with you with no interruptions,” Connor smiled.

Connor found a parking space in the park.  He pulled out a blanket that he been in his car for some time now.  The two walked to an open field with very little daylight left.

“I like your thinking,” Zane said after they sat down.

“My goal was for us to be together,” Connor said. “I don’t care if we say one word.  I want to hold you and you to hold me.”

“I can do that,” Zane said and wrapped his arms around Connor.

“Zane, I’m so in love with you right now.  I hope this feeling never ends,” Connor said and kissed Zane on the lips.

“I love you too Connor,” Zane said.  They kissed again and continued to kiss with the sunset setting behind them. 

With darkness now upon on them, the two continued and ignored the darkness.  “Zane, I would die to have hot sex with you right here right now.”

“I wish you would,” Zane said.

“I am prepared,” Connor said and pulled out a condom.

Zane laughed, “I was too.”  He pulled a condom from his pockets.

They groped each other and let their jeans fall off their hips.  Connor was instantly hard and wanted to fuck Zane right then.  Zane lay on his back with almost a full moon over head and little sound around them.  Connor got between Zane’s legs and fingered his ass for a moment.  He tore open the lubricated condom and unrolled on his throbbing 7 inch cock.  He lifted Zane’s up slightly.  He put his cock at Zane’s hole and pushed inward.  Zane flinched just a little feeling Connor’s cock penetrate his hole.

“OH yes, Connor,” Zane moaned. “This is so fucking great!”

“It is,” Connor replied. “So perfect for us.  We both need this shit.” 

“Oh Connor, fuck me,” Zane moaned with his head spinning now. “Fuck your boyfriend’s ass good.  I want to feel that fucking cock so deep in me.”

“I will Zane, I will,” Connor pushed hard.  “Damn your ass is so hot. Damn I love this shit.”

Zane and Connor built up a steady pace in the field on the blanket.  They kissed constantly with Zane pulling Connor deeper into him.  Connor leaned up and fucked Zane hard with Zane’s legs spread wide and high in the night air.  Zane and Connor were moaning and groaning with each deep plunge.

OOOO fuck yea!” Connor said.

“Keep fucking that ass!” Zane screamed. “MMMM, yea babe!”

Connor continued to go deep and stopped for a second.  He wanted it to last.  He rolled Zane to his side and continued to pound him in the darkness in the park.  He reached down and found Zane’s hard cock.  He stroked it while fucking him.  Zane turned his head for a tongue filled kiss. They continued to kiss with both going crazy over the insane moment of fucking in the dark and in a rather forbidden place.  

“Oh fuck!” Connor moaned and filled his condom full of his jizz after a good 6 minute fuck.

Connor slowly pulled out and kissed Zane.  He moved down and took Zane’s hard cock in his mouth. 

“I’m cumming!!!” Zane shouted and filled Connor’s mouth.  Connor took the load down his throat and saved a small amount to share with Zane. 

Connor leaned up and kissed Zane to let him taste his cum.  They made out and were in total bliss from the sex and the excitement.  They finally pulled up their jeans and stumbled back to the car.  They were barely able to see the sticks and branches while they walked.

They arrived at Connor’s car.  A patrol car pulled up next to them while they were putting the blanket in the trunk.

“What are you boys doing?” the ranger asked with a light shining brightly on the two.

“Leaving sir,” Zane replied. “We got lost back in the woods after walking back there.”

“Alright, empty your pockets.  We hear that you guys have been smoking pot out here,” the ranger stated.   Zane and Connor emptied their pockets.  They pulled out their wallets, keys, mints and condom.  “What is this?” the ranger held up the condom.

“You can never be too safe.  Our girlfriends will be waiting on us,” Connor said.

“Okay then.  You better get a move on it then,” the ranger said.  They put the items back in their pockets. “Have a good night and it looks like you boys plan on it.”

“We will.  Thank you sir,” Connor smiled.

The ranger drove off.  Connor and Zane busted out laughing.

“Great thinking there,” Zane said.

“Like he believed us with your eyeliner shit on and this fucking blanket under my arm,” Connor laughed.

“See if get to tap this eyeliner wearing ass again,” Zane laughed.

They started the car and headed back to Zane’s house.  Connor checked his phone and saw he had 6 missed calls, two from his sister.  “Wonder what she wants?” Connor spoke out loud.

“Cookie may have dumped her ass,” Zane laughed.

Connor dialed his sister.  She didn’t answer so he hung up.  They continued driving down the road until Connor saw his sister returning his call.  He answered it and his mouth dropped open.  He was near a car wash and pulled into the lot.


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